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Review of Premiere of Don’t Be Tardy

RHOAKimDon'tBeTardyTonight is the night you have all been waiting for! Especially you, Not a Kim Z Fan! It’s the premier of Don’t Be Tardy! My screener only has the first episode so I will be tuned in tonight to see the second one and probably write another post with a recap. I promise not to spoil you too much so you can enjoy the show tonight!

Here we go with episode one of Don’t Be Tardy!  This is a very rough cut so I imagine there will be some changes in what you guys see tonight. I am assuming this will be the opening with Kim in the “Falcon’s Jersey” that is nothing more than some red body paint. The theme of the opening seems to be, to borrow a phrase from Phaedra’s show, “Rich People Problems.”  The intro begins with, “My mother ruined my wedding, my friends have turned on me and me dream house turned out to be a nightmare…” The wedding eviction, her walkout from RHOA and the rental house move are shown in the opening during the voiceover. Poor Kimberleigh. Poor, poor Kimberleigh. Bless her heart. Continue reading


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Tamara Tattles 2012 Year in Review (June)

blue_bay_village_beach3_willemstad_netherlandsantillesMostly what I remember about June is going to Blue Bay Beach for my Birthday. Curacao was lots of fun. I am so ready to go back!

While I was relaxing on the beach. Kim Zolciak was forced to move back to her condo with her brood and at the same time RHOA was filming scenes for this season. The stress apparently got to her to the point that she walked off the show mid-filming.  Bethenny Frankel was denying marital problems on her new talk show that she was filming for the test market. Nene wanted us all to know that some chick named Pam was not banging Gregg. Or Bryson.  Click through to see what you missed. Continue reading


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RHOA Recap: Best Show Ever.

Better late than never on this recap. Sorry. I had to watch The Amazing Race.  Um wait, hold up. Gregg is going to open an L.A. office? In what universe? Does he even have a job because he has been in Nene’s hip pocket for the past year everywhere she goes, he’s right there with her. I’m supposed to believe this man has a job? I love Gregg but that right there is just some straight up bullshit. They sure do have some fancy pedicure chairs up in this place. I love Gregg. Lawrence looks healthier in this episode but that belt? Gurrrrl! Just no.

Speaking of house husbands and their jobs. Apollo apparently doesn’t repo cars anymore. He’s going to be a personal trainer and nutrition specialist. Honey, I may get my fat ass up off this couch and go to the gym myself. Unlike the RHOA though, I want a smaller butt. What the hell is he eating and where did it come from? You know nothing has been cooked in that kitchen. He’s microwaving food from somewhere. Continue reading


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Kim Zolciak and Her Brood Return to the Condo Big Pappa Bought Her

As I told y’all briefly here  the Biermanns have returned to their humble beginnings in Johns Creek returning to live in the townhouse that Big Pappa bought her in 2006. Kim tweeted yesterday that they have spent two nights in their own home. Kendra Davis tweeted “Adios Beverly Hillbillies.” It  is clear that we won’t see any more filming at the Davis rental.

Kendra provided TMZ with an email from Kroy stating that although they were interested in purchasing the home they needed to give notice on their lease that they would not be renewing. He did that in March causing the lease to terminate the last day of May. In the interim, something happened with the purchase. Kendra claims they never made an offer on the house. Kim claims the asking price of $3.25 million was way out of line and the Davis’ refused to negotiate. She also says the house failed inspection and recently tweeted that the house is full of bad energy. However, the house is on the market now for just under $3 million. As long as the house has been on the market you would think the Davis’ would be willing to negotiate even in this housing slump just to get out from under the payments.

I think two things happened. Kim has been proclaiming that house was her dream house and she was going to buy it for as long as she has lived there. Don’t think for a minute she suddenly stopped liking it. I also think Kroy could qualify for that house fairly easily on his own if need be. The problem may have occurred when the bank went to qualify to the loan and determined the asking price was out of line with the sale of comparables in the neighborhood. That meant that the amount of the loan was well above the actual value of the property. Despite what some of my readers think, reality stars don’t have special celebrity banks with special celebrity rules. It’s simple economics. All the bank cares about is income and credit history. But, those problems could have likely been solved with a motivated seller.

Which brings me to the second big problem. Kim bad mouthed Kendra both on the last season of RHOA and on her spin-off. While I believe Kim has been paying her rent on time the entire year she lived there, she herself admits that she did not pay Kendra for her interior design services.  Both Kendra and Kim agree the bill was for  $54,000.  Kendra paid upfront for some of the furniture involved in the design stage and the bill was due in early November.  Kendra states she has still not been paid. About that same time Kim planned a wedding on the property that had a high level of liability and considerable construction involved  without getting the permission of the Davis’ and then dodged them about it right up to the day of the wedding.  A wedding she uninvited them too. Basically, she pissed of the sellers to the point that they no longer wanted to do business with her. I think the comment she made on the DBTFTW about the house never looking better than when she moved in was that one toke over the line for Kendra. The next thing you know, they are not willing to extend them a short term lease, they are finished being nice and they want them out of their property.

So Kim began to lie and spin the story ten different ways. First, she took a page from Sheree Whitfield’s book saying she was building a bigger better dream house with skating rinks and liberries and it’s own private Pinkberry store. She claimed she was renting Buckingham Palace and going to live with the Queen of England for four months at which point Chez Biermann Castle would be completed. Then finally she said they were moving into one of the two houses that they already own while their castle was being constructed by magical elves.

Let’s talk about the two properties. Kroy’s house is in Hoschton, Georgia.  It’s a lovely house and certainly large enough for comfort but it is in the North Georgia mountains. In a tiny little town with no Saks or Neimans far away from the girls friends and well civilization in general. I don’t see all her hair people traipsing up there to style her wigs. I don’t see Kim shopping for groceries at the Piggy Wiggly or the Bi-Lo or whatever the local grocer is called. Also, when I searched the property records I could find no record of Kroy still owning any property in Hoschton. Their tiny little website is not really conducive to searching by name or street address though, so I’m not saying he doesn’t still own it. Tax assessor website property searches are notoriously difficult to search and often inaccurate. So that house, if in fact Kroy still owns it, is not going to work. Especially with Kim seven months pregnant. It’s too far from her OB/GYN.

So, they have moved back into the townhouse in an effort not to be homeless. It’s a temporary move to keep a roof over their heads while they figure out what to do next.  This is all happening while RHOA is filming. I believe that the fourth month lease extension that Kim asked for was not about waiting for a magical castle to be finished. You never know how long new construction will take, so a month to month request would have made more sense there. She wanted to stay in the house until RHOA filming was over and to give herself some time to figure out what to do next. Kendra was not having it. I wonder how Kroy feels about living in the house Big Pappa bought?

So now in addition to getting tossed to the curb from her dream house while filming a reality show for the world to see, she has another issue. It was almost guaranteed that DBTFTW was to be picked up for another season. Ratings were excellent. However, if there is one thing Bravo hates, it is a broke housewife. Just ask Sheree Whitfield, or Lynne from Orange County or any of the other wives that started having trouble keeping up the pretense of wealth and were not renewed. This could be the kiss of death for a sequel to the spin-off.

When DBTFTP started bringing the ratings Bravo was rerunning the show like gangbusters. It was on dozens of times a week. Now that Kim is making news with housing drama, the last two episodes of the show are being shown back to back tomorrow night rather than spread out over two weeks. What’s up with that?  Be sure to tune in at 9 rather than the usual 9:30  to see the wedding. You can expect to see the po-po show up to help show Kim’s mother to the door, as well as bottom feeders like Patti Stanger and Perez Hilton show up. Please note Perez’s attire. It’s hideous. Oh and helicopters show up. You will be led to believe they are paparazzi, but they are Bravo camera crews shooting all the overhead shots you will see on TV. Wedding by Bravo.


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Kim Zolciak’s House is on the Market Again

Breaking news. Kendra has just placed the house on the market. It’s a brand new listing with Harry Norman Realtors. The new asking price is $2.999 million. Click here for the listing.  Is it too soon to say I told you so? Kendra ain’t playing. This ain’t not PR stunt. The house has been moved to active listing status just today.  I know y’all thought the house was for sale before, but it was removed from the market when Kim leased it. It has just now been placed back on the market. She’s gonna be evicted y’all. Watch for it.

Oh wait, within minutes of my posting this, Kim says on twitter. “Due to a horrible inspection report with many defaults, & an appraisal done that came in 1.25m less then asking price Kroy & I didn’t buy the Roswell house its that’s simple #notstupidwithourmoney”

Reek of I’m not fired I quit to anyone else?  A horrible inspection report on your dream house that you have spent the last year crowing about? Now it is just not good enough for you so you are suddenly calling 2 guys with a truck?

Mmmmhmmmm. Even I don’t believe you Kimberleigh, and I’ve been one of your biggest supporters to hear my readers tell it.  You got put to the curb by Kenya. Own it.


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You Can Expect to See Kim Zolciak in a New Dream Home Soon

Wedding guests

NEW UPDATE: Kendra apparently went on TMZ live just now… And  did more than produce the documents. She slammed her!

New Update, apparently Kendra responsed to TMZ and their “source close to Kim” with a recent email from Kroy. It’s clear in the email Kroy wants to buy the house but Kendra is done.done.done. with the Biermanns and they are being shown the door. TMZ is using Kendra terms and calling Kim a squatter. ooooooooooh!

As y’all know, I’ve been slacking off on the blogging lately due to some personal issues that need dealing with, but I wanted to update the Kim Zolciak story one more time. First, today on Wendy Williams this morning, we got to see another example of her really bad reporting. I’m actually starting to think Wendy is using again. She can’t make it through a single sentence without interrupting herself to address what she looks like, and fidgeting in her chair. It’s very distracting. Anyway today she wants us to believe that Kim told her that she was moving out when she was on her show a month ago. This reminds me of the time that Sister2Sister conveniently remembered they knew Kenya Moore was going to be on RHOA because she had told them weeks before and that Straight From the A’s exclusive just seemed to jog their memory. Wendy’s job is to report the dirt. Yet we are supposed to believe that Kim moving, all on her own with no drama involved was some top secret thing she could not share? Since when is voluntarily moving out of your rented dream house into another house a big deal? I don’t believe a word of what I heard this morning, Wendy. And really, Kendra’s mugshot was the only picture of the landlady you could find? Does your hot topics crew have access to the Internet?

Kendra and Antonio at Strippergate Press Conference

Next issue. I believe Kim has been paying her rent. Kendra never alleged that Kim did not pay her rent. Kim tweeted that she thought Kendra was saying that but Kendra never said it. What Kendra said is that Kim did not pay her for her design work. These are two separate issues. I think Kim lies a lot. Kim wants us to think the problem is related to Kendra’s bill. It is not. The falling out happened back in November when Kim refused to notify Kendra about the huge wedding on the rental property. Antonio was there to inspect the massive construction on the site, not to collect on a bill for design work.

Why is this all coming out now? And on twitter of all places? After all the wedding happened in November. Simple. Kim pays her rent and had a lease through May 31. Kendra has been living for the day she could get Kim out of the house and that time is now. Kendra has a mouth on her. Always has. She had a falling out with Kim in November and now is the time she can finally kick her to the curb.

Is this some PR move to get ratings for “Kim’s failing show”? Hardly. Kim had really great ratings right out of the box. She pulled a 1.5 million on opening night and continued in that range until the episode that caused all this that pulled a 2.0.  She has higher ratings than Bethenny Ever After, Shahs of Sunset, and pretty much anything on bravo other than the housewives franchises. The idea that Bravo would somehow be pulling a PR stunt to drag readers in to the spin-off is absurd. They didn’t do anything to try to save It’s a Brad, Brad World when it was actually tanking. Kim’s show has gone beyond their wildest expectations. This is not a PR stunt, sorry @atlien. Love ya, but we’ll just have to agree to disagree on that.

Here’s more proof it’s not a publicity stunt. Ask yourself this question, why would Kendra Davis who clearly is unhappy with Kim agree to do the deed? How does this benefit Kendra in any way? Why would Kendra want to help Kim’s ratings for any amount of money? Also, if it were a PR stunt, Kim would be fueling the fires rather than trying to avoid the issue and tweeting furiously that nothing is wrong. And finally, Kim blocked me on twitter today.  Why, if you are playing a Bravo game with your twitter followers would you suddenly block someone giving the story legs?  You wouldn’t. In reality all blocking someone does is keep you from seeing that persons tweets to you in the Connect Timeline. I can still see her tweets she just can’t see mine. I’ve never mean tweeted her, or tweeted anything about this other than links to these posts.

This is not a publicity stunt. I actually kinda like Kim. I don’t see her as a role model or the best person ever, but I have often been accused here  by Nene fans of thinking she is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I watch her show, I like her show. But at the same time, she has pissed off the owners of her dream home. She has been saying rude things about  Kendra on national TV for quite some time. It’s not rocket science that Kendra is pissed.

Finally let’s talk about the value of the property. Kendra bought the house for $3.25 million back before the real estate market bubble popped. She listed it before Kim moved in for $3.75. That was a ridiculous amount based on the market at that time. It didn’t sell. My guess is she approached Kim with a rental deal that she now regrets. I don’t know where y’all are getting that  Kim made some lowball offer on the house. I don’t believe that happened. I think that Kim, once again tried to not pay Kendra for the design work. It’s her pattern. Kendra knows Kim loves that house. And Kendra is about to take it away from her.  The house is work around $2.5 -2.75  million based on current estimates. The Atlanta area is the hardest hit area in the country when it comes to declining home value. I know, I am a homeowner here, my house took a 40%  hit.  So it’s a bad time to sell if you don’t have to, and Kendra doesn’t have to. Kendra has money. Way more money than Kim does. She can afford to be as vindictive as she wants to be.

Would you let someone stay in a property you own that disparaged you on national TV? Two things will happen to prove that this is not manufactured Bravo drama. Kim will be moving out of her dream house, and she will also get a second season. Kim doesn’t need this to give her a “storyline.”  Her pregnancy will be the storyline. Her crazyassed parents are a storyline. Her pretending to be richer than she is it Bravo’s most favored storyline. She’s good on storylines.



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