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Don’t Be Tardy Recap

Kim Zolciak's Mama Bear is Out in Full Force!We pick up on episode 2 with Kim’s Mama Drama. Remember when I was the first to break the story on Karen suing for grandparent visitation and then those buttfaces at TMZ sold my story and I sent them a cease and desist and they just laughed and laughed? Well that is where the story is starting on episode two. Also, they want to put a gag order on Karen because she is shopping a tell all book. They are meeting with a lawyer to discuss all of these rich people problems. The lawyer is not Phaedra, it’s real lawyer with big ole lawyer books and degrees on her wall and stuff. Kim is a bit freaked out having to go to court. She says she has never been. I’m surprised as long as she has known Sheree that she hasn’t dragged her in by the wig to court for something. I’m just saying. Kim decides not to tell the girls about Karen’s lawsuit. Countdown to Brielle reading it on TMZ in five, four, three… Sorry Kim, I guess this one is my fault. But it would have come out sooner or later!

It’s Arianna’s Birthday. She is getting so cute. It takes two vehicles to get the tribe to the birthday party. They all go to Sky Zone, a trampoline park. Brielle asks Arianna if she has heard from her grandparents she says Poppi (? I may have that wrong) called and left her a message while she was in school, nothing from Nana. Yes, it did seem staged. Continue reading


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Review of Premiere of Don’t Be Tardy

RHOAKimDon'tBeTardyTonight is the night you have all been waiting for! Especially you, Not a Kim Z Fan! It’s the premier of Don’t Be Tardy! My screener only has the first episode so I will be tuned in tonight to see the second one and probably write another post with a recap. I promise not to spoil you too much so you can enjoy the show tonight!

Here we go with episode one of Don’t Be Tardy!  This is a very rough cut so I imagine there will be some changes in what you guys see tonight. I am assuming this will be the opening with Kim in the “Falcon’s Jersey” that is nothing more than some red body paint. The theme of the opening seems to be, to borrow a phrase from Phaedra’s show, “Rich People Problems.”  The intro begins with, “My mother ruined my wedding, my friends have turned on me and me dream house turned out to be a nightmare…” The wedding eviction, her walkout from RHOA and the rental house move are shown in the opening during the voiceover. Poor Kimberleigh. Poor, poor Kimberleigh. Bless her heart. Continue reading


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Kim Zolciak and Kandi Burruss Both Have Spin-offs Premiering in April

kim-zolciak-kandi-burrussBravo sent out a press release today about Kim and Kandi’s spin-offs. They will both be on Tuesday nights starting in April. I will copy the whole press release after the jump because it is sort of interesting. Meanwhile, I’ve been hanging out a bit with my lawyer friends around town lately. You know, just socially…and I managed to find out that Kim’s show will show the adoption process and that the Fulton County Court allowed the cameras in the courtroom for the entire proceedings. Since it is my understanding that the adoption is officially completed, this most likely means Kim’s Mother’s request of the court to be granted visitation rights probably will not happen. It is also likely that Fulton allowed that courtroom drama to be filmed as well. We all know Karen is not exactly camera-shy. Click through to see the official show descriptions. The Kandi Factory has A TON of participants so it seems the show will be a full on season. Continue reading


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Filming Wraps for Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s SpinOff’s Second Season

KimZwiglessKim Zolciak Biermann and all the other Biermanns paid a tearful farewell to her crew yesterday as filming for Don’t Be Tardy… finally came to an end. I am surprised that it doesn’t end with moving into their new house. Well, I mean with Bravo, who knows, they might use a stunt house, but her house is not finished and I doubt they will move until school is out at this point. Kim is still tweeting with her interior designer and occasionally talks about the remodeling process. Earlier this month, she had her contractor remove a window and sheet rock over it. Why would anyone ever remove a window?

She has also been tweeting pictures of Brielle and Ariana and both of the are very pretty. Brielle looks full-grown and is beautiful. Kroy is going to have his hands full with her. Ariana’s hair has gotten super long and she has leaned out and gotten taller since the first season of the show.  Speaking of hair, the picture above is Kim’s last talking head scene for the new episode and Kim says it is her real hair. It looks real to me, and she looks great. Photo Credit: Kim Zolciak Twitter Continue reading


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Did Kim Zolciak Ask the Courts for a Gag Order for Her Parents?

Kim HairThe Kim Zolciak family drama continues to make the tabloids. I broke the news exclusively at Tamaratattles that Karen Zolciak was suing her daughter for visitation of Brielle and Ariana.  Karen filed the motion with the court stating, Plaintiff is seeking the right to regularly see her granddaughters, who are the daughters of Kim Zolciak Biermann, who is a star on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The girls live such a crazy, abnormal life being on T.V., they need a normal haven to relax and unwind and just be kids. Plaintiff was portrayed as a bad person on defendant’s show Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding which featured defendant’s wedding to Kroy Bierrman. In addition, plaintiff claims she has not seen defendant’s new baby since he was born.”

Since the filing, Kim has responded by asking the judge to throw the case out of court. She was unsuccessful. The girls have both given affidavits saying, “We both love our grandparents, but due to their actions at the wedding of we have grown apart.”  Next I gave y’all the exclusive tea that Karen was approved by the courts to file forma pauperis after filing the paperwork proving that paying the court costs for the filing would be a financial hardship for her.   Continue reading


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New Articles on Zolciak Visitation Case Are Full of Misinformation

So there are some weird things happening with the Zolciaks today. First TMZ posts a story just after midnight that claims to quote Kim’s Dad. This is a quote from Joe Zolciak according to TMZ, “Kim is a pathological liar PERIOD. I will not tolerate her trying to  make a mockery of my wife or our family any further. We are completely  humiliated by all the lies she has put in the media. She has been married twice  and has three different fathers of her four children. Let’s face the facts.”

Um what? TMZ has been weird lately. Up until recently most everything they post has had believable sources. Now I often find myself reading over there wondering if someone else is in charge. So that quote was posted at 3:20 a.m. Do we really think Joe just picked up the phone to call TMZ to call his daughter a liar? Where are these lies Kim is putting in the media? I must have missed them. Why would he make a comment to TMZ about the fathers of Kim’s kids? This make no sense. So I ignored the whole story.

According to  TMZ, Kim’s attorney gave them a statement that said, “[Kim is] heartbroken and saddened by the derogatory and spiteful statements made by her  mother and father, Karen and Joe Zolciak. [Kim]  cannot comprehend for what rational purpose her parents have decided to  humiliate their grandchildren’s mother in such a public display of hatred and  fabrications.”  Okay, are they referring to something Karen said in court? Because she said nothing on TMZ. Does this guy sound like a lawyer to you? Continue reading


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A Bit More Tea on Karen Zolciak’s Petition for Visitation

Hey ‘member when I gave y’all the exclusive tea on Karen Zolicak seeking grandparent visitation for Brielle and Arianna (and TMZ totally stealing my story)?  I have a bit more information. If you have time you can click through to read, or just wait a couple of days for it to turn up on TMZ. :) Continue reading


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EXCLUSIVE: Karen Zolciak Sues Daughter Kim Zolciak Biermann for Visitation Rights

Attn: Bloggers/Media This post is a Tamara Tattles EXCLUSIVE which is independently sourced. Please do not copy my work in its entirety. You may include excerpts with a link and proper attribution. Thanks!

I’ve got some Breaking News from the ATL regarding Kim Zolciak, ya’ll. As you may recall, Kim’s show Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding gave us a peek into Kim’s relationship with her mother, Karen Zolciak. Karen seemed to have her feelings hurt when she was left out of the wedding planning process and was ultimately ejected from the wedding as seen on the finale.  I had hoped that the rift between the two was amplified for the show, but that unfortunately does not seem to be the case.

I now have an update on what has occurred since the Wedding… Click through for the tea.

Continue reading


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