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Is Kenya Moore Pregnant?

RHOA Kenya Moore pregnant!


Nope. She just went maternity shopping with Kandi, and this happened!  Too funny. Click through for the real pregnant RHOA. Continue reading


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Kandi Discusses The Tension At Her Sex Party

Kandi Burruss Tucker


Kandi Buruss posted a rare RHOA blog this week to catch us up on her life and give her side of this season’s sex party gone wrong.  At least there was no all out brawling like last year. Kandi explains how hard it is to see herself fighting with Sharon after she passed away. She also explains why she did not go see Nene in Cinderella. As for the party, she was surprised that Nene seemed so unfriendly to everyone since she believed they had all patched up their differences.

Here is an excerpt from her Bravo Blog:

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I haven’t blogged for a while. The end of my year really sucked to be honest, and I didn’t feel up to blogging. Every time an episode aired someone in my family was upset about something. It’s crazy doing this show, because whenever a disagreement happens although you get past it, you end up having tension all over again when it airs on TV. Continue reading


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Claudia Jordan Goes In On Nene Leakes

Thought y’all might enjoy this short video where Claudia reads Nene Leakes for filth.


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WWHL With Kandi Buruss!

white party on WWHL with Kandi and Tiny?

I swear to God you guys try to work me to death on Sunday nights! But for once on a Sunday I am feeling really good. The sun has come back to the ATL finally! So I can handle an episode of RHOA a 90 minute Blood Sweat and Heels Reunion and now whatever this  WWHL  turns out to be. I’ve just seen the pic so far and it seem a bit odd that they are both dressed for a white party when spring has only sorta kinda started to have sprung.

Oh. You might have noticed I didn’t buy into the whole Housewives Awards bullshit they are trying to make happen. Likewise I will not be reporting the results of things like best hair flip and most memorable outfit. It’s all ridiculous. I will say that Kenya is winning like Charlie Sheen so you can be assured she will be returning next season. You can take that to the bank. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Throw Mama From The Crazy Train

Kandi Burruss & Todd Tucker - 1Carmon who is Kandi’s never before mentioned BFF and personal assistant arrives at Chez Kandi to find Kandi conveniently looking at bridal “books” and thinking about wedding dress shopping. She seems to think her mother is coming around on Kandi and Todd’s marriage.

Kandi has more framed pictures and art on the wall than most museums.  I like it! Todd tries to tell Kandi to stand up to her mother like an adult. No need to be disrespectful to her mother, but she can’t let her mother be disrespectful to Todd.

Nene, Gregg and Brentt go over to Mynique Smith’s house. Mynique is a new “friend of a housewife” this season.  She was brought in to give Nene someone to play with because Nene’s “Hollywood” storyline fell through after The New Normal was cancelled and her role on Glee is rarely recurring anymore.  He husband is a retired NFL player, Chuck Smith. Chuck was a groomsman in Nene’s second marriage. Nene claims she grew up with Chuck in Athens.  Chuck admits to dating Kandi but not Phaedra.  When did he date Kandi?  Nene, who has sworn up and down she did NOT know Phaedra when they were in Athens, not claims that Phaedra had a bad reputation in Athens.  She says  Phaedra was known as a “head doctor.”  Nene is the kind of friend who will bring you on national television with your wife and immediately start an interrogation  on who you have or have not slept with.  Isn’t that lovely? Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap


What do you mean that picture is not of the Real Housewives of Atlanta? Does it really matter at this point? Aren’t all these shows interchangeable by this point?  Kenya really wants to be provocative. I was just talking about this very thing today.  She LOVES saying things like, ” I am not stranger to having my legs in the air upside down.” because she WANTS us to call her a whore. When, I suspect by the way she acts, she has been laid since she won her Miss USA crown in 1972.  So call her a whore. She will love it.

Poor Kandi. Kandi is on this show for two reasons. She was a wildly successful musical artist who invested well and  has more money than the rest of these bitches put together and because she is willing to play nice with everyone. She may have some drama later this season, but that is a rarity. She’s rich, she’s grounded and she is above this nonsense. But she likes to make an easy dollar and this show gives her that (in addition to her other enterprises, which unlike the others give her a very cushy lifestyle).  So she is for that reason stuck with filming with Kenya.  She, like the rest of us would like for Kenya’s Gone with the Wind Fabulous crap to be over. Kandi claims her ankle is hurt so she can’t ride the silks.  Kandi is also on the wedding diet and she is cranky.  Continue reading


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