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Kenya Moore Sums Up Nene Leakes Pretty Well

nene bitchIf you haven’t been over to read Kenya’s Real Housewives of Atlanta blog you probably should. It’s a bit lengthy for those with short attention spans, but it’s well-written and makes a lot of good points. If you would to just read my thoughts on the blog, here are five bulleted points that came to my mind as I read her blog.

  1. Nene cannot give or receive an apology.  Kenya has apologized to Nene for “her part” in the Pajama Brawl on numerous occasions, despite being treated rudely by Nene from the moment she arrived. AND despite the fact that a lot of us don’t think she did anything to apologize for and was merely sticking up for herself when being attacked by a man! Nene on the other hand ranted at her guests like a caged animal and continues to deny any blame for what happened. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes One on One Interview With Andy Cohen

WWHLNENEAndy Cohen is trying his hand at primetime tonight with a one-on-one interview with Nene Leakes under the umbrella of his Watch What Happens Live show. This will get great ratings and likely result in more Andy during primetime. Which could be a good thing if he has really good guests and let’s them talk about production.

One of the first things out of Nene’s mouth is, “Is this going to be girl talk?” Let me just stop here to say that there are all types of gay men. Almost every type is wonderful. Almost. But all of those types can be divided into two broad categories. Let’s call the first type the “Miss Lawrence” type. Lawrence refers to himself as Miss Lawrence and dabbles in cross-dressing, at least when it comes to footwear. The other type is the Anderson Cooper type, more masculine than feminine, educated, refined, successful. Andy is in the latter category. He wishes he was Anderson Cooper. He wants to be respected even when he is playing pin the boobies on the housewives with D list celebrities. You don’t refer to him as a girl. He was visibly offended by her remark (although she surely had no intention to do so) and it took him a minute to recover and resume the ass kissing opening dialogue he had prepared. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Insults Her Twitter Fans; Bravo Claims She is Divorced

Well last night’s finale of Real Housewives of Atlanta was a total snoozefest. I had absolutely no desire to see yet another Kandi storyline with her sex toys and blue conversations. My freak number is pretty high, truth be told, but I just can’t imagine having explicit conversations about my sex life with my girlfriends on national television. It’s just not done.  As for Kim’s scenes, I already knew she bought Kroy a Porshe so there was nothing remotely interesting about those scenes. Cynthia’s model auditions were shown on Bravo in the previews and were still the most interesting thing to happen this episode. For once, when Cynthia called out for “Peter Thomas” he was in fact still in the building. I’d actually be interested in more of Cynthia next season if we get some genuine scenes of her new enterprise. Phaedra and Sheree had no story line. last night. Basically, Sheree went out with a fizzle bemoaning her lack of romantic seduction. That of course leaves Nene.

I have a ton of Nene fans that swoop down on my site every time I mention her name without a exalting her numerous virtues. But last night the twitterverse went buckwild about her behavior at the sex toy party. Was Nene any more rude and condescending than usual? Nope. She showed up at a party, plopped herself down in a booth likely reserved just for the talls and never acknowledged her hostess, Kandi at all. Nene and Marlo both seemed to think they were at a club with servers, despite it being clear the club had been rented out with a cash bar that guests had to get up off their big fat and waddle to for their beverages. Parties are for mingling after all. So of course Marlo sends Derek off to get them some drinks which some production assistant most likely ended up fetching as Derek was never seen again. Yep, typical Nene behavior.

But then, while the camera focused on the attendees and their low budget weaves and unfortunate clothing choices, Nene did the unthinkable. She degraded the guests as “twitter people.”  Now a large percentage of people who follow me are not fans of Tamara Tattles. They are huge fans of Nene who follow me for the sole purpose of telling me I am a Nene hater who is simply jealous of Nene and her fabulous life.  But last night, they were pissed. And for once it I was not the target of their displeasure. There were some people in denial like  the @neneleakesarmy account. I honestly think Nene could crap on their heads and they would find a way to spin it as if they were chosen by Nene for the honor, but the run of the mill deluded Nene fan went nuts. Those comments will go down in history as one of Nene’s biggest PR blunders ever. Check out the results from a search on “nene twitter” it ain’t pretty.
The other thing that caused somewhat of an uproar after the most boring finale in the history of Bravo was the update portion at the end that said Gregg and Nene are officially divorced but remain friends with benefits.  Here is what I know. I’ve been checking the public records site in Nene’s county ever since this divorce talk began. I have never seen the first shred of evidence that any legal document was filed. What I do have evidence for is Nene and Gregg spending a lot of time together. Nene was in NYC for Upfronts last Wednesday and talked about being on vacation over Easter weekend. Where was she on vacation? NYC according to the picture at left is of Nene, Gregg and Brent shopping over Easter weekend. They look cozy enough to me. Gregg and Brent have been out to LA many times with Nene lately. And then last night after the show aired and Nene had worn herself out retweeting every positive comment about her she could find, she posted this:

NeNe Leakes@NeNeLeakes

My man is sayin I gotta get off twitter b4 I say way 2 much (like I haven’t already LOL)
Gif courtesy of RealityTVGifs

I know for a fact Nene is not dating John. I know for a fact that Nene has never seen a camera she didn’t stop and pose for. If Nene has a new mystery man as she would so much like for us to believe SOMEONE would have captured it on film. Nene would not be able to keep a low profile if her life depended on it. Then again, not too long ago Nene tweeted about being free and able to move forward. Bloggers wondered whether she got out of her RHOA contract or divorced Gregg but neither was proven out. Sometimes it seems Nene likes to tweet things just to stir up attention. Shocking, I know. So was the above post just Nene messing with us, or was she with Gregg?

Up until today, all signs pointed toward Gregg and Nene still being together. The story line with John Kolaj was a diversion. Even on the show Nene makes it clear they are not dating. So that was a red herring that most of us recognized right away. Gregg and Nene are together a lot and the tea here in Atlanta is that they’ve actually been living together all this time. Some say they have “an arrangement” of sorts that is for the benefit of Brent always having someone home while Nene is gone. Nene is gone a lot. Nene herself admits she and Gregg are still sleeping together. When the two travel together they go to great lengths to take different flights and stay separated yet still they are caught by the paparazzi. It seems like they want to hide the fact that they are together.
Why would they do that? Well the RUMORS have been around for awhile now that Nene actually did have a spin-off offer from Bravo.  The story goes that Nene was fed up with Gregg and in an emotional reaction approached Bravo telling them she was getting divorced suggested a spin off on the divorce, and Nene’s return to dating. The show was to be shot in LA not Atlanta. There were less credible rumors that Nene would guest on RHOBH while shooting the spin off. According to this rumor, scenes were actually shot in LA. Everything was going along just fine until Bravo found out Gregg was out there and the divorce was off. No divorce, no story line. Again, these are Atlanta rumors.  I have no solid source on this. That said, I heard these rumors well before season four so it was very interesting to me that Nene was acting like she was divorced all season and the theme was Nene’s desire to date. It began on the beach in Miami and continued all season. That made the rumors somewhat credible to me. I fully expected last night’s episode to be Nene coming clean about not divorcing Gregg. But that didn’t happen. So I went back to the public records for her county. Not only is there still no evidence of a divorce filing but some of Gregg and Nene’s records no longer show up. That is interesting. Is it possible to have public records removed from the database? It is starting to appear so. Someone should have told Sheree about that trick.
So for those asking me today if Nene and Gregg are really divorced all I can say is, “I don’t know.” There is no concrete evidence either way. I suppose I could investigate further, but really at this point does it matter? I think that is exactly what Nene would want me to do. Nene is a clever opponent and right now she’s holding all the cards in this game. Dammit.

Edited to add: Concrete evidence is now here. Nene IS divorced.


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Random Thoughts the Penultimate Episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta

Is it me or does this show somehow manage to be more fake with every episode?

Nene needs to learn how to dress for a business meeting. HINT: Your breasts should not be hanging out all over the place. This is the second week in a row we’ve had to look at her old boobs flopping about. And as the picture at left shows, THIS ISN’T A NEW PROBLEM! Also, I don’t think there is anyone on planet Earth who believes any of the divorce storyline. ONCE MORE WITH FEELING, divorce filings are a matter of public record. There are no court records at all for any filing from either Gregg or Nene. Never have been. Gregg is never too far away from Nene. She made sure to parade around with John Kolaj the weekend she was on WWHL because her divorce storyline was coming up. It’s ridiculous and draws poor John back into the spotlight again. Andy Cohen knows the real deal and yet made sure to announce to the WWHL audience that John was there and he was her boyfriend. Neither one of them as the least bit of concern about using people to further fake storyline. It’s a shady thing to do even if the person is for whatever reason willing to play along.

Oh Lord, now we have Nene at the therapist. She starts right off with her divorce lie. Oh gee… guess what they decided? LOL oh lord… were the housewives shows always complete and utter bullcrap or have they just all turned out that way after the first couple of seasons. I guess when the show if filmed in your town and you hear the real story, watching the made up version is just irksome and ridiculous.

The Kim and Kandi “makeup scene” was another ridiculous staging. Bravo has given Kandi a crappy edit this season trying to make her out as this big pot stirrer. Now we are going to far as to show Kim “being willing to move past the black baby nonissue” out of the kindness of her heart. Just another thing that has no shred of truth to it.

Tierra is beautiful and seems like a nice hard-working girl. I felt sorry for her telling her mother she was getting engaged and Sheree launches into a financial discussion and goes right into how horrible marriage can be. Did I miss where she said congratulations and I’m so happy for you? The again with Damon, talking about how ugly the divorce was. Guess whose fault that is Sheree? Then Sheree goes in on the kid talking about three carat rings. Good God in heaven.

Why does Cynthia only have a backbone when it comes to being a bitch to her sister? And why did Mal bring her suitcase into the building? Mal needs to just write Cynthia off until after the divorce. She’s done all she can do and she shouldn’t have to continue to be around Peter at this point.

How great was it to see Dwight? I love Dwight. Best gay ever on RHOA. Well, you know, out of the ones that are out.

Did Marlo really say that Niemans was holding the door open late for her? BWAHAHAHA. Lord have mercy.

The only scenes that seemed even marginally authentic this weekend were Kandi’s and SOME  of Phaedra’s. Am I wrong?


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Nene Leakes and the Mysterious Gifts of Jewelry

When it comes to Nene Leakes, there is one thing we know for sure. Nene likes to flaunt it. Over the Christmas holidays Nene was tweeting pictures of all her fabulous gifts, a fancy handbag, some Louboutins, a pair of earrings, and this necklace pictured on top of her new Birkin.  Nene tweeted this picture on Christmas day with the following tweet, “OMG he gave me an amazing all Diamond Letter N necklace! I love it!”. So of course, we all wondered who “he” was.

Wetpaint recently interviewed  John Kolaj and this is the quote they included in the article regarding his gift giving, “Absolutely, I gave her that ring! It’s 8 carats. I gave her a set of diamond earrings, too.” They also quote him  as saying he gave her “a few pairs” of Louboutins. 

First of all, all precious stones are measured in carats, the standard measurement of weight.There was no mention of the type of stone in the ring. Secondly,  if Nene received an 8 carat ring, of any sort, she would  surely tweet a picture. That is what Nene does.  Color me skeptical about there being any 8 carat diamond ring, total weight or otherwise.  This necklace was Nene’s big Christmas gift “from him”. 

She also tweeted a picture of “diamond  earrings” that were also “from him” on her birthday.  I know enough about jewelry to know these earrings are not from Cartier or Tiffany. It’s odd to me that there is no jeweler name on the inside of the lid of the box. It is impossible to authenticate diamonds from a picture on the Internet but if they were from a major jewelry company, I think it would be obvious.

I am not making this post to call out Nene’s gifts. I am pointing out some inconsistencies between John Kolaj’s interview quotes and Nene’s tweets. And also to  question why neither Nene nor John will state for the record what their relationship is. Nene is trying very hard in her tweets to appear as though she is in a relationship with someone that is serious enough to warrant expensive gifts. John certainly has plenty of money. If it IS him, I would think Bravo would want Nene to admit it. I mean after all that is the “storyline” right?  Yet Nene remains married to Gregg. For whatever reason, Nene seems to be pretending to be in a relationship with John. Perhaps John didn’t quite have the gift list straight when he interviewed with Wetpaint?  It’s all very strange to me.  What do y’all  think is going on?


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John Kolaj, Pizza Guy

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Okay, I’ve been doing a lot of research without a lot of interesting tea for y’all today.  Mostly, I’ve been checking into John Kolaj. Lots of my commenters seem to think he is married with kids. I simply cannot find anything out there that verifies this information.  I have found his primary residence of record in Armonk, NY where he lives in a modest 2,000 sq ft four bedroom, two and a half bath home with his mother, Rosa.  It seems he travels a lot with work, and works a lot. I have found no evidence of John having any children.  It seems he is just a Pizza Guy.  Franchises for Famous Famiglia are in the top 100 franchises in the country. The Kolajs own about half the Famous Famiglia’s and sold the other half as franchises. The franchise startup costs are about $300,000 -$500,000 depending on location. His family is Albanian and immigrated to Italy in 1969 when John and his brothers were small children. His father died within a year of moving to Italy and his mother Rosa took the five kids and moved to New York. The sons saved money and opened a pizza joint in 1986. There are no skeletons or anything interesting.


Donald Trump took an interest in Famous Famiglia at some point and became acquainted  with John Kolaj. Which brings us to last June when The Donald was considering running on the Republican ticket for President. On June first of this year, Sarah Palin was doing this crazy bus tour pretending she was going to run for President as well. There was this big luncheon thing with the two of them that the media was covering as if it were a Royal visit. The two of them out out for some NY pizza. And the entire city lost their ever lovin’ minds because… well just watch the video above. It takes place at Famous Famiglia in Times Square.  In other news today, The Donald announced today if he doesn’t like the Republican candidate he will run as an Independent.

So that’s it. The storyline is what it is. I believe that it was a publicity arrangement between Nene and John; however, I also don’t think John gets out much and that Nene and John have formed an actual friendship. Nene, who is in LA again filming something (more Glee? something else?) was tweeting about the Pizza Guy all morning.  Do I think they dated in a serious romantic fashion? Nope. But I think they do have a friendly business arrangement and genuinely like each other.

So that’s what I believe to be true. Anything else posted in comments in the opinion of the commenter and not verified by me.  That said comment all you want and tell me what you think and I’ll keep looking into things if something interesting pops up.


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