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Nene Leakes Gets Some Furniture


It’s been over a year since Nene Leakes bought her new house in Atlanta. There has been a lot of discussion since the move about her lack of furniture.  She even got really pissed off while on The View  when someone asked where her furniture was during her appearance. Nene was claiming for a while that she was going to be a furniture designer and sell her own line of furniture.  You really should click on that link, it’s a great post if I do say so myself. And as usual I was right, there is and never was a furniture line.

Someone has been sending me lots of Nene related interviews lately. It seems as though Larry King has taken his cancelled TV show to the  Internet and one of the people he has interviewed was Nene. When she was asked what she liked best about being famous, she said, “The perks.”  Even though she is still striving to receive some perks.

Leave it to Nene to find a way to get free furniture, at least for one room.

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Who Is Ready for More Nene Leakes On Your TV? PLUS #RHOA Tea Roundup!

RHOA Nene on Family Feud

If a half dozen episodes of To Tell The Truth is not going to be enough to give you your Nene Leakes fix,  I have great news for you!  Nene Leakes just posted the about photo with this caption, “All you Game show fans get ready to cheer on The Leakes Family! We’re taking over Celebrity Family Feud June 26th…Meet my hubby Gregg, my sons Brice & Brentt and my brother Anthony. Playing for one of my fav charities! Broadway cares equity fights Aids @bcefa”

I can hardly wait for this.  Why? Because people make total fools of themselves on this show. Steve will say something like, “Something you might do with a cucumber..” And one member of this family brain trust will say, “Shove it up your butt, Steve!”  And then Steve will fall down in convulsions and roll around on the floor laughing.  We should make up a game out of this.

Name something you would go to Wal*Mart for!  “To steal some razor blades, Steve!”
Things that you pull! “A bitch’s weave, Steve!”
Something you might drink out of! “The toilet!”
Name something you might find in a purse! ” My son’s hands!”
Name a place women go to meet men! “Down to da Skrip Club!”
Name something you have to replace often! “My nose!”

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FOLLOW THAT CAR! Was Peter Thomas Involved With Apollo Nida’s Crimes?

Dude, you fucked up.

Dude, you fucked up.

When Apollo Nida was indicted for all of his felony fraud charges back in, January of 2014, Peter Thomas’ name was bantered around as being involved in the criminal activity online.  So was Todd Tucker’s.  To me that seemed like just a bunch of blogs trying to make the story related to the show.  I mean Apollo was a known felon.  Phaedra had a suspicious past.  But Peter? Todd?  Not likely.

This week Cynthia made a really odd blog comment that basically said that she had nothing to do with the situation where it came to pass that the FEDs came TO IMPOUND A CAR THEY HAD FOR “years.”  I found that interesting and unimaginable considering where they lived.  They live (or at least Cynthia does) in a townhome which basically has parking for two cars. I doubt they are even allowed to have a third vehicle  not in the garage by the condo association.  None of this made sense to me.

I’m still trying to work it out.  So who wants to work it out with me, because Peter is looking guilty as sin to me.

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Real Housewives of Atlanta Finale: A Not So Happy Ending

RHOA Christmas


It’s the last episode of  RHOA before the three part finale and I’m okay with that. This Christmas party we are going to see tonight was filmed a couple weeks after all the other filming wrapped. I thought that was weird at the time. Let’s see how we end this.

OMG!  Phaedra is calling in Dwight to plan the Christmas party! I love Dwight!

For some reason we are going to a cemetery with Todd and Kandi to put flowers on Todd’s mother’s grave.  I’m just not feeling all the death and dying stuff that seems to be everywhere lately.

Porsha and Phaedra are talking about how the FEDs magically appeared at Kandi and Todd’s house to seize Apollo’s big boy toys. Phaedra is acting like she doesn’t know a thing about that.

We are ten minutes in and I haven’t had anything to say. Part of me was mesmerized trying to watch Phaedra make a sweet potato soufflé.  At one point she got a lemon out of the refrigerator. A lemon!  And she started out using a frying pan. Sigh.

Matt’s presentation of Twirl and King to Kenya was cute. She didn’t seem surprised at all, but then she says that they had picked out the puppies and watched them on puppie cam until they were weaned from their mother. I took the opportunity to let the dog out during the crying over the dead dog scene. Enough with the death and dying storyline! Continue reading


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RHOA Reunion Sneak Peek and Random THOTs


RHOA REunion Kenya to Porsha.


Bravo can be a real pain in the ass when it comes to giving them free advertising for their programming. I have been working on a decent link to this video for days. I still  don’t think the video will play on Internet Explorer.  Sorry if it doesn’t work for everyone, but honestly, all you really need to see is captured in the photo above.  This may be my favorite thing anyone has said on a reunion show ever.  On the other hand, I wish someone else was saying it. I’m afraid we are getting season one Kenya back.  We already have a sea of ratchet behavior and I like Kenya best when she is above the fray.

There was a lot of chatter that the reunion was scheduled to be on two parts this year, which I took as a bad sign, but there are in fact three parts as usual. According to the PR, “The three-part reunion kicks off on Sunday, March 20 at 8pm ET/PT. Tensions rise between Kenya and Phaedra when Kenya accuses her of being the ultimate shade thrower. Kandi and Phaedra address their deteriorating relationship but with new grievances in the mix, will these two ever be able to put the past behind them and move forward? Shereè joins the ladies to discuss her experience returning to the show and Kenya and Kim go head-to-head when they confront their rocky relationship.”

As we already knew, Kenya gets into it with Kim , Porsha and Phaedra and will likely be the primary shit stirrer for this reunion.

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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Turning Over A New Peach

RHOA All Cast
I can’t remember the last episode of RHOA and I actually had to click the link remember why. Last Sunday was the Oscars and we didn’t have any Bravo nonsense to discuss. This week we finally get back to Atlanta and hopefully can keep some of the ladies separate for this episode. Like Kim and Kenya. Kim will be on WWHL tonight. I’ll recap it for you either tonight or tomorrow.

I guess we will see Phaedra take the boys to college to see their daddy.  I’m really surprised that Bravo was able to force her to do that. I’m also not sure if it will be the best thing for the boys.  They are awfully young.


Todd and Mama Joyce got with Kandi for a pregnancy checkup. The doctor gives Todd and Kandi some suggestions on sexual positions during this stage of our pregnancy. Isn’t this one of the doctors from that other Bravo show? Clearly the storyline is in full effect. Kandi announces the baby name she wants, Ace Wells Tucker.  Mama Joyce seems to love Todd these days.  Todd actually paid attention to the doctor visit this time and didn’t get on his phone.

Phaedra stops over to Kandi’s house dressed to the nines. Kandi says she is so ready to have the baby. Phaedra gives Kandi some nipple cream. Phaedra catches her up on the Jamaica trip. This scene is starting to seem like an episode of the people’s couch. Phaedra and Kandi are on the couch talking about the last episode. Continue reading


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