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Is Kim Fields About To Become The New Phaedra Parks?


Photo Credit Walter Michot  Miami Herald(

Photo Credit: Walter Michot Miami Herald

From Kim’s Blog Have you ever had to travel with the kids without your husband before?
Kim Fields: Yes. We do have sitters who have travel with me or we get assistance when we get to a city, when we are provided enough lead time to coordinate. There are unfortunately crazies out there, I can’t just call anybody. What was going through your mind during the meeting with Congresswoman Wilson?
KF: I thought she was engaging, insightful, and passionate about her inspiring work not only in Congress but with her foundation. THE FUCK? You got all that before you stormed out with your boys? Do you regret going on the D.C. trip?
KF: Not at all!! Nothing but wonderful things have come from the DC trip! I’m delayed getting this out today because I was just with Congresswoman Wilson at her event where she honored me and my family.

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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: With Friends Like These…

RHOA Demetria party with Kandi


I’m going to be honest – this episode of RHOA , titled “There’s No Business Like Friend Business” should have just been called “There’s No Business Watching This Mess.”  I understand not every episode can be filled with Porsha getting cooter-punched, but this certainly was a filler episode if I’ve ever seen one. We open up with a quick montage of Kenya perfecting her online-dating profile, Kim on a Skype call, Porsha hosting at Dish Nation (I gotta give it to her, I’m usually not the biggest Porsha fan – but the girl does a good job over at Dish Nation.) and finally Cynthia receiving YELLOW roses from Peter. Per Google, yellow roses symbolize friendship, joy & good health. Real good look for someone in the midst of a potential cheating scandal. I’m not a flower guy myself, but I’d say red is typically the way to go in this situation. Cynthia is generally unimpressed. Maybe she googled the meaning of yellow roses too.


We cut to Kandi & DonJuan in a meeting with Demetria (!!!) & Roger Bobb about producing new music together. Demetria must really need that day-rate. The two ladies have recorded a single called “Unnecessary Trouble” – they want to start promo for the song, and film & release a music video. DonJuan steps up as mommy (PS where is Mama Joyce this season?!) and announces Kandi’s high-risk pregnancy and that she must not be over worked. OK mommy. Kandi comments in her talking head if J-Lo had a baby over 40 with no time off, so can she. DonJuan continues to come for his Peach. Watch out, Papa Smurf – you’ve got some competition!

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Cynthia Bailey Talks About Being Assaulted by Porsha on The Boat

RHOA Lanier Cynthia and the hoodrats

Cynthia’s Bravo Blog is up. She basically recaps exactly what happened just like I did. Imagine that. It must be frustrating to not be able to discuss things that were not shown. I know for a fact we are missing a lot of events in editing.  Also, I’ve heard claims today that Porsha’s PR team was behind a lot of the Porsha support on social media. I’m not sure I believe that. There are a lot of idiots in the world that Porsha clearly appeals to. I always thought the reality shows with all the violence were popular because of the entertainment value of watching morons fight.  Now I believe that a large percentage of people who watch those show think it is admirable behavior and that the victims somehow deserve to be attacked. Sad. How do you know Tammy?
CB: Tammy and I have a mutual close friend in New York City, who thought we should meet. (cough Andy Cohen cough) I love meeting new people, so I decided to invite her to Lake Lanier. I thought this would be a great opportunity for us to hang out and introduce her to my friends. That was our first time hanging out, and we are still getting to know each other. (Translation: Don’t blame me for her pestering Kandi, I don’t even know the bitch.)

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Cynthia Bailey and Leon Spend Thanksgiving With Noelle

RHOA Leon Cynthia Noelle

For those of you routing for Cynthia and Leon to be back together…. I am starting to think that the scenes with her and Leon were filmed after the fact.  The last production filming I know about was last Sunday and I am pretty sure the season wrapped with Porsha wearing some slutty red dress over to Phaedra’s.  I think that was the last thing on the production slate.

Anyway, both of Noelles parents were serving up Thanksgiving dinner in a church. And Peter was flying off too…. somewhere on Thanksgiving Day.

But it doesn’t mean post production is done and they won’t come back to shot Cynthia and Leon reunion… Who knows?

They do look totally in sync.


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Felons By Bravo Update Apollo Nida Edition: The Feds Are Headed to Kandi and Todd’s House

RHOA Kandi pissed About Apollo


On last week’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi Burruss stood in her garage and deliberately taped an episode about all the crap they have in there. She said that a lot of the crap including a pricey motorcycle and ATV belonged to Apollo Nida.  It took me about ten seconds to say that the FEDs should be by to pick that up shortly.


Today, TMZ is reporting that is exactly what is about to happen. According to their sources, the  Feds went to court on Tuesday for the warrant to go pick them up from the Burruss-Tucker residence.  Assuming he purchased the motorcycle and didn’t steal it, he paid about $15K for it, as for the ATV it retailed at about $8K. Whatever they can get from the reselling of the items will go toward the millions of dollars in restitution he owes the people he stole from including many Delta retirees.

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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Duking it Out

Gif by T. Kyle

Gif by T. Kyle


It’s time for the latest episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta and I am already irked by Phaedra Parks tagline. I think I am going to cringe every time I hear that.  And Sidenote:  RHOA’s uber Christian was filming post production stuff on a Sunday morning today.  And aint none of her neighbors seen Jesus there as they tried to maneuver out of the cul de sac to get to church. Allegedly.  My pet peeve is people who are offended on behalf of another group, but I feel like my years of faithful attendance at Southern Baptist Churches from Atlanta to Tripoli Libya and my extensive study of both the Bible and the Koran allow me to be justifiably outraged by Phaedra’s mockery of religion. Seriously, this is going to bug me all season. Apologies in advance.  I also hate Kenya’s twirl crap.  Hated it and her in season one and now that I love her I hate it even more. It’s so played out. We got our first Kim Fields’ intro today, and I love it even thought I know she hated mentioning Facts of Life.

We start back with the totally uneven sparring between Kenya and Sheree. Kenya  apologizes for calling Sheree a bitch….ass.  And Kenya steps away so Sheree can apologizeto Cynthia  and so we can get a talking head of Phaedra who is thrilled that Sheree tried it.  Lord knows all Phaedra can do is threaten Kenya  with her pocket book like Thelma on Mama’s FamilyContinue reading


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