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Don’t Be Tardy Is Back! Afterbirth: It’s What’s For Dinner!

It's the twins!

It’s the twins!

I really hate half hour shows, they fuck up the schedule for everything. So I am just now getting to the Don’t Be Tardy Season premiere.  We finally get to see Kim and Kroy living in their new house and it is beautiful. It’s time for Kim to head to the hospital and spit out two more babies. That’s a total of 6 with four in diapers and two teenagers. Who does that to themselves voluntarily?

Sweetie is back!!!

The house is decked out to the nines. It’s 17,000 square feet, seven bedroom and ELEVEN BATHROOMS. Who the hell wants eleven bathrooms? There are fifty some odd security cameras in the house. This place is balling!

Kory’s ankle injury is doubly  problematic because he’s basically another human who needs waiting on in that house. Kim gained 50 pounds with her twin pregnancy. Baby B is breech. It really doesn’t matter because I think Kim was going to do a C-section anyway.  Well, I am wrong. Kim has never had a C-section. Kroy says the babies are smaller than the other ones and they didn’t get stuck. It seems like the doctor didn’t make clear the real threat which is that the cord could get wrapped about baby b’s neck and strangle him to death. Kroy says God did not intend for babies to come out of belly buttons. They opt to try delivery the regular way. Continue reading

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Don’t Be Tardy Premieres July 17th and It Looks Great!


Don’t Be Tardy premieres on Bravo on Thursday, July 17, at 9 p.m. and it looks FANTASTIC.  The twins are adorable. Kim is wackier than ever. They go on a camping trip!  Finally, we will get to see the new house finished. It seems that Brielle has had FOUR car accidents. Ariana has her eye on the pool boy.  SWEETIE IS BACK!  Kroy is recovering from ankle surgery so he is able to keep a close eye on Kim’s spending.  It just looks like a lot of fun. I hope they don’t edit Brielle too badly, from all accounts she seems to be a pretty solid kid. Continue reading


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Kim Biermann Has Lost The Baby Weight!

article-2518229-19D7F00F00000578-240_306x650 Continue reading


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Kroy Biermann Had Ankle Surgery Today

Photo : Twitter

Photo : Twitter

According to Kim’s Twitter, the surgery went well. She also commented on Kroy still smiling through the whole thing.  Apparently Brielle took this picture and posted it on twitter today. So sweet.


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Brielle Biermann Walks the Runway for NY Fashion Week

Photo From Brielle's Twitter

Photo From Brielle’s Twitter

I was hoping to find out more of the story about how Brielle was selected to walk in the Michael Kuluva show for New York Fashion Week. I guess it’s a connection with Perez Hilton who is friendly with Kim. Brielle  looked fabulous. She does need to work on her walk.  But in those shoes? The fact that she didn’t fall is a major accomplishment. Congrats to her.


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Kim Zolciak Confirms She Will Not Be on Next Season of RHOA!

RHOAkimshittodoKim has always sort of hinted that the door was left open for her to return to the season of RHOA that is filming now. She just said on HLN that she will not be on the season. I am guessing since she is pregnant again, Kroy doesn’t want her to have the same pregnancy issues she had during filming last time. She also talked about Brielle having conflict at school about the show. That was back when they were living in Roswell and I blogged about  her going down to the school and pulling her out. Continue reading


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Season Finale of Don’t Be Tardy Recap

kimtardyNote: This recap is out of order with the last half hour first. Sorry.

The season finale begins with a court date for Kroy to adopt Brielle and Ariana. I can’t recap the adoption scene because my allergies are acting up or something. Kroy is such a good guy.

In the very next scene Kim is complaining about being extremely tired. Kroy thinks she is pregnant. They call Shun to go get the pregnancy tests but then they all three go and wait for her in the car. There is a camera crew. The store is magically empty. Sigh. Come on Bravo. Anyway these three are clearly not going to be consultants for NASA any time soon. There is much arguing and discussion about how to simultaneously use a dozen or more pee sticks. Everyone has a theory. In true Kim from they all involve red solo cups. The girl has Versace tableware and she drinks wine out of plastic cups. Kroy makes the executive decision for Kim to pee in the cup first and shove all the test in the cup of pee. Um, duh. I won’t bother to explain the other options. We are treated to hearing Kim pee in the solo cup. A lot. And she is pregnant. They are both hoping for a girl. Continue reading


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Don’t Be Tardy Recap: Mommy Issues

RHOAkimkroybrielleI’m just getting to recapping Don’t be Tardy… Sorry for the delay. First of all, can I just say that I love that Kim is in sweatpants and that the kitchen is not exactly pristine. With four kids in the house, nannies or not, it just makes it seem so much more real than on Real housewives where the kitchens are all staged for someone housewife to cut fancy cheese and create a fruit plate in a sterile environment. Brielle tries to talk to Kim about her school issues but she is distracted by the boys. Brielle is having a hard time getting time with her mom because two under two is so time-consuming. Continue reading


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Don’t Be Tardy…For Santa!

RHOAKimDon'tBeTardyKim is off to her skin doctor for some Botox and Thermage. Kim is going nuts over Christmas decorations and Kroy wants to string popcorn and have a Montana mountain cabin sort of Christmas. Kim is the poster child for materialism, and Kroy is a simple man, with simple needs. Let’s see how this all works out. Kroy wants to buy a real tree and make sentimental ornaments and string popcorn with the kids. Continue reading


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Don’t Be Tardy…Random Thoughts on Two Episodes

RHOAKimDon'tBeTardyWhy did I stop watching this show? It sort of slipped off my radar for awhile. I haven’t seen the last several episodes. Whut I miss? Tonight’s episode centers on Brielle. She continues to make poor grades despite being grounded. So somehow Kim convinces Kroy that the best parenting move is to take away all the punishments. I wish my Mom was as bad at the whole parenting thing as Kim is.  Kroy suggests taking away her fancy clothes and Twitter and Kim thinks that is downright cruelty! SMDH So Kim pushes Brielle by bringing in a glam squad to do her hair and makeup for Homecoming. Tell me Kroy had to agree to this because it was a planned filming and that he has not lost his damn mind as well.

Kim and her BFF stalk Brielle on her first date. They are so cute. Brielle doesn’t know what trout is. How to pronounce Filet Mignon or THAT SHRIMP USED TO BE ALIVE. Nick, her date is doing his best Rico Suave. Kim is concerned that Brielle is double dipping. Kim and her BFF are like Lucy and Ethel in this scene!

Kim is trying to learn Spanish. She asks the waiter what the Spanish word for taco is. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta: Secrets Revealed! Okay, It was Pretty Awesome!

RHOANNENEPARTYThe previews for Rea Housewives of Atlanta: Secrets Revealed! are such to make us think this is going to be good. I am of little faith. I was not impressed by the Beverly Hills version. Let’s watch what happens…

Cynthia says that she was so thankfully that a lot of Nene’s scenes were in LA so that the fans would stop attributing her every action to Nene. I get that. It’s true that this season we sort of judged Cynthia based on her own motives and I think overall she came off well. Cynthia is so drop dead stunning, I’d hate to lose her from the show. Cynthia and Kenya went to “play golf.”  Really? Neither of these women strike me as the golfing type.  But okaaaay. Kenya is accusing SOMEONE ELSE of being gay now? For Kenya to be such dear friends with Lawrence, you would think that the whole gay thing would be more understood by here. To be fair, Atlanta has gay rumors about almost everyone from football players to musicians. But, still shouldn’t Kenya have some sort of functioning gaydar? I could see Porsha not having any gaydar, but Kenya has to know better, right? I can’t see Porsha saying that or Cynthia taking it seriously. Continue reading


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Don’t Be Tardy Recap

Kim Zolciak's Mama Bear is Out in Full Force!We pick up on episode 2 with Kim’s Mama Drama. Remember when I was the first to break the story on Karen suing for grandparent visitation and then those buttfaces at TMZ sold my story and I sent them a cease and desist and they just laughed and laughed? Well that is where the story is starting on episode two. Also, they want to put a gag order on Karen because she is shopping a tell all book. They are meeting with a lawyer to discuss all of these rich people problems. The lawyer is not Phaedra, it’s real lawyer with big ole lawyer books and degrees on her wall and stuff. Kim is a bit freaked out having to go to court. She says she has never been. I’m surprised as long as she has known Sheree that she hasn’t dragged her in by the wig to court for something. I’m just saying. Kim decides not to tell the girls about Karen’s lawsuit. Countdown to Brielle reading it on TMZ in five, four, three… Sorry Kim, I guess this one is my fault. But it would have come out sooner or later!

It’s Arianna’s Birthday. She is getting so cute. It takes two vehicles to get the tribe to the birthday party. They all go to Sky Zone, a trampoline park. Brielle asks Arianna if she has heard from her grandparents she says Poppi (? I may have that wrong) called and left her a message while she was in school, nothing from Nana. Yes, it did seem staged. Continue reading


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