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Chateau Sheree Update for 2015!

House bought in December of 2010 by Sheree's mama, This is August 2012

House bought in December of 2010 by Sheree’s mama, This is August 2012

Another holiday season has passed with no Chateau Sheree open house Christmas party. Last night on WWHL, Andy asked Miss Lawrence if Sheree was living in her Chateau and he hemmed and hawed and said he thinks she might be he’s not sure. Um, I’m sure.

Click through for a picture taken today by a neighbor. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Don’t Nobody Want to Fuck Chuck Now

Gif Courtesy of: RealityTVGIFs a GIF blog by T. Kyle MacMahon | The best source for animated Real Housewives GIFs

Gif Courtesy of: RealityTVGIFs a GIF blog by T. Kyle MacMahon | The best source for animated Real Housewives GIFs

I already recapped the first ten minutes of this episode here.  The predominant theme was, “who hasn’t fucked Chuck?”  Oh and Mallory is back to stir up trouble for Peter and Cynthia as if they need more shit in their marriage. I’m taping seven hours worth of shows tonight. I am hoping to get through this recap, and the new Blood, Sweat & Heels, which sadly looks promising and then zoning out with JUAN CARLOS.  I loves me some Juan Carlos. Don’t judge.

Kenya’s giant gold hoops look real from where I am sitting.

Okay, on with the new stuff.  Porsha is shopping for dog crap she doesn’t need. Why do people feel the need to dress their dogs like they are actual children? Porsha is moving out from her mother’s house. Porsha gets her mama to pay the $43 for dog clothes, and for some reason places a couple folded benjamins on the counter as if to say, “See? I can afford this forty-three dollar dog dress.” Continue reading


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Nene Leakes One on One Interview With Andy Cohen

WWHLNENEAndy Cohen is trying his hand at primetime tonight with a one-on-one interview with Nene Leakes under the umbrella of his Watch What Happens Live show. This will get great ratings and likely result in more Andy during primetime. Which could be a good thing if he has really good guests and let’s them talk about production.

One of the first things out of Nene’s mouth is, “Is this going to be girl talk?” Let me just stop here to say that there are all types of gay men. Almost every type is wonderful. Almost. But all of those types can be divided into two broad categories. Let’s call the first type the “Miss Lawrence” type. Lawrence refers to himself as Miss Lawrence and dabbles in cross-dressing, at least when it comes to footwear. The other type is the Anderson Cooper type, more masculine than feminine, educated, refined, successful. Andy is in the latter category. He wishes he was Anderson Cooper. He wants to be respected even when he is playing pin the boobies on the housewives with D list celebrities. You don’t refer to him as a girl. He was visibly offended by her remark (although she surely had no intention to do so) and it took him a minute to recover and resume the ass kissing opening dialogue he had prepared. Continue reading


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Iyanla Tries And Fails To Fix Sheree Whitfield’s Angry, Bitter,Life

bob-and-shereeI am so excited! It is time for Sheree to make a fool of herself on national TV again! The first thing I noticed is that they put the accent in the right place on her name. Does this mean Sheree has finally learned how to spell her name? Was the Speak and Spell Andy Cohen gave her a factor in this vast intellectual growth?

In the car on the way to Chateau Sheree, Sheree says she did not have a marriage from day one. That as soon as the got home from their destination wedding in the Caymans, he spent the first night back somewhere else. Sheree is a really bad fake crier. I know, I’ve seen her try to force out tears in person. And now the hilarity begins. They pull into a driveway to visit Chateau Sheree. But Chateau Sheree doesn’t have a driveway. They have managed to get the neighbors right behind them to allow them to film in their driveway, outside where they will interview in winter sitting in little chairs. Because, Sheree can’t have Iyana seeing her apartment with the blow up mattresses especially on TV. Sheree seems to think this show is the bash Bob program. She is very defense and has “the face” already. That, why are you not agreeing with my bullshit face. Continue reading


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I Need Y’all To Plan to Watch Iyanla Fix My Life On Saturday

Youtube Courtesy of Click the link for her exclusive story.

I know we talked about Iyanla being on WWHL and seemingly saying that Sheree just doesn’t get it. DUH! And pointing out that Chateau Sheree is a monument to her stupidity. (I paraphrase) But I am DYING to see Iyanla Fix My Life on Saturday. Here is something I have not mentioned on the blog. Bloggers and mainstream media entertainment writers and producers talk to each other behind the scenes a lot. So before Sheree even knew she was going to be on the show, I was contacted by the producer from OWN. I won’t get in to what we discussed, but  I wonder how much that played in to the whole rampage of legal action Sheree went on toward me and other Atlanta bloggers. The only regret I have about this whole legal circus with Sheree is I sometimes feel like if it were not for me, the other bloggers would not be in her sites. Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live With Iyanla Vanzant and Julie Benz

Apologies for not introducing Funky Dineva, the darling in the post above. I must have been thinking no introduction is necessary! Check out the Funky Dineva blog here for hilarious blawgin’. Miss Dineva was also on Sheree’s whackdoodle list of people who are stalking her. Thankfully she was not sold out by a competitive blog so was never served.

Tonight’s poll question is, “Who is the shadiest of the RHOA?” Much ado about Kim and Nene hugging it out on the reunion. Stop the Presses! Andy says he likes the verbal arguments but he does not like the physical. No lightning strikes. But let’s see what Iyanla has to say about Sheree Whitfield. Continue reading


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Sheree Whitfield Was Just on HLN Talking About Bloggers

Bravo Posts Statement about Sheree Whitfield's Departure...Sheree Whitfield is on HLN this morning looking NOTHING like she looked in court yesterday. Is  that a wig or did she go to Derek J this morning? Sheree is saying that her kids were not shown a lot on the show because she wanted to make sure they had a sense of normalcy. She says we all know that well-balanced kids don’t make great TV. (She left out the part about how well-balanced adults don’t either which is why she was on for so many seasons.) She says it was important to keep that balance with her kids of “school, family, friends.”

They ask her about the divorce “where he (Bob) didn’t want to pay.” What were the other kids at school saying about that? Sheree said, ” It was hard, even if they didn’t see it at my house, because I did not talk about what their father was doing, they did get it at school.”  Continue reading


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Sheree Whitfield Loses Another Court Case. How Will This Affect Chateau Sheree?

shereecourtOctober was a bad month for Sheree Whitfield. On October 5th TVGuide online accidentally used a picture of Sheree on their site with an obituary for a drag queen. Just one week later on October 12th, Bob Whitfield was successful in getting a major reduction in his child support payments from Sheree saving himself more than $20,000. This was difficult for some of you to follow because there was lots of math involved, but if you care for the details you can read it all here.  That case was handled by an attorney named Nicol Hanyard. Bob was not required by the court to pay Sheree’s legal fees so Sheree is still in debt to Atty Hanyard for at least $25,000. So that will be added to Sheree’s long line of debts.

That brings us to the court case that TMZ reported on yesterday…, Continue reading


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Sheree Whitfield Discusses Life After Real Housewives of Atlanta On HLN

Sheree tweeted this photo from the HLN interview.

Sheree tweeted this photo from the HLN interview.

Sheree Whitfield may not be a housewife anymore, but she still managed to get an interview this morning on HLN Weekend Express with Natasha Curry. Sheree was asked to talk about how real (or unreal) the Real Housewives of Atlanta and other reality shows are in the wake of the Storage Wars controversy over storage units being seeded with interesting finds. There was some RHOA footage of the “used” house getting bulldozed in preparation for the erection of Chateau Sheree but nary a word was spoken about the new house with the roller rink and a “lieberry.” That’s because there as been no more work done since my last update here. She did talk about Bob Whitfield, the pros and cons of being on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, whether she would do it all again, and of course, She By Sheree. Click on through for the tea! Continue reading


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Bob Whitfield Wins Child Support Case Against Sheree Whitfield

There is a rather simplistic report floating around the Internet today concerning the child support case between Sheree Whitfield and Bob Whitfield. This case has always been a complicated one ever since Bob filed the case back in June of 2011. Before I begin, it is important to remember that Sheree did not take Bob to court for child support issues because he was in arrears. Bob took Sheree to court for her contempt of previous court orders (namely stealing $200,000 worth of furniture), and for a child support reduction since she was, at the time he filed, making more money than he was. The long version of all this can be read here. Again, remember Bob Whitfield is the plaintiff in this case. Continue reading


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Exclusive: Chateau Sheree May Be Ready By Christmas!

I know how you guys love a good Chateau Sheree update so, since I haven’t done once since last month,  I have some exclusive pictures for you taken just moments ago.  My on-site source tells me that things are moving along nicely. The roof is on and it’s a very high-quality, attractive roof. The fancy black windows are in and the house is wrapped up tight ready for… wait for it….the facade.  If there is anything that Sheree knows something about, it’s facades so I expect it to be glorious!  It’s starting to look like Sheree could be settled in by Christmas, y’all! Perhaps she’ll invite me to a grand holiday gala!

Click to page two for more…


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Why Sheree Whitfield Got Fired From Real Housewives, A Tribute

There is a whole ton of false information floating around regarding the firing of Sheree Whitfield. Some sites seem to think that Sheree found out last night. Others think she was in NYC last night and left when she found out she was fired. Not true. Some of those sites found out last night. Sheree and all of Atlanta have known for weeks. Way back in this post I was trying to let my poor little knuckleheads down easy telling them to prepare for Sheree’s exit. Word has been all over Atlanta since the week before the reunion aired.  It was said that Sheree was trying everything to stay.  Sheree is one of the few housewives that doesn’t appear to have anyone negotiating for her. That was one of her problems. Another problem she has is that she is broke as hell and has no storyline. Let me break it down for you…

Bravo shows are all about people with money or people pretending to have money. As we saw this season, Sheree could not even fake it anymore. Production was  not happy filming at her house with the air mattresses on the floor and the disappearing TV and game console. Blogs everywhere picked up my Chateau Sheree stories where it was made clear the property where the huge house with the roller rink was to be built was purchased in her mother’s name because Sheree has the worst credit on the planet.  Her “contractor” is not licensed to design homes and is one of the many people with legal problems she tends to attract. Also her (alleged) property theft after being evicted from the marital property came to Bravo’s attention.  She has also been sued by lawyers and others for outstanding debt and even had her Bravo paycheck garnished at one point. Despite my initial thinking that Bob Whitfield should have kept his kids in a house, the reality turned out to be that Sheree spent all the money from the divorce on an Astin Martin (until it was seized by the courts for outstanding debts) and Birkin Bags and clothes leaving the kids with no beds and some bologna sandwiches. Which reminds me of Sheree saying she did not eat processed foods on twitter the other day despite feeding them to her kids on the show.  Speaking of Bob, no one wanted Sheree to be picked up again more than Bob. This could hurt him in their upcoming court date to reassess child support in June now that Sheree is unemployed.
Then there is the storyline problem. They tried the Chateau Sheree crap up until they realized that was not going anywhere. Yet another lie by Sheree. They even filmed Phaedra and Kandi out there looking at the dirt mound. Then there was the faked courtroom scenes and other appearances by Bob.  Even Phaedra had trouble playing along with that one. Then she had a falling out with Lawrence (apparently he caused her hair to fall out) so they couldn’t do the gay friend scenes anymore.  Then she remembered she had an adult daughter. Despite referring to Tierra as a “friend of the family” in the media and in previous seasons, she realized, probably after watching RHOBH Lisa planning a wedding for Pandora (who is rumored to be pregnant by the way), that if she could get her engaged she could do a wedding storyline. Suddenly she was best friends with Tierra and her boyfriend. But that didn’t work out.  The only thing that worked out fairly well was the staged party in Africa and the shit stirring that she did there. Her shining moments were the fight with Nene on the first episode, the great race debate, and her fight with Marlo.
Where it seems to have broken down is during that week before the reunion when contracts were negotiated and finalized. There was some shred of hope for her staying up until that week. Apparently, she went into negotiations with an ego oblivious to the obvious fact her days were numbered. Instead of begging to be kept she acted like a diva and began making demands. Kim, Sheree and Nene were the only original housewives left. In general these three should have been able to negotiate from a place of strength. However Sheree had no strength because over the course of the show she lost her house, spent all her money, and had no social ties. If they were recruiting today (which they are/were) Sheree would not even be considered. So she blew it and she’s out.  Sorry Sheree fans. You can look forward to her losing her mind on the reunion though, so there is that. Meanwhile, it looks like the answer to Sheree’s question, “Who gon’ check me boo?” is …Bravo.


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