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Exclusive: New Apollo Nida Tea !

All The Tea From Andy Cohen's Book Party Last Night has  a new source on Apollo Nida that is not related to the Phaedra Parks v Angela Stanton case. I found out a few interesting things although the details are hazy. It involves someone who was depositioned in the Parks v Stanton defamation case, the father of one of Angela’s children, Justin Cody.

Justin is an interesting character in the defamation case, because initially it was believed that because of some ill will between Justin and Angela over visitation and such, that Justin was going to be a witness for Phaedra.  But according to Justin’s Deposition here he had a change of heart and decided to do the right thing for his kid, and testify truthfully. At the time of the deposition, Justin was being held in the Robert A Deyton detention facility for pre-trial prisoners and/or pre-designation felons awaiting their prison assignments.

Justin  was at some point assigned to Lexington , Kentucky and that is when the story gets interesting. First I should note that it is very common for prisoners to be transferred within the Bureau of Prisons for a variety of reasons, most commonly to maintain the proper ratios of prisoners to guards, but there are many other reasons. The fact that both prisoners have been moved doesn’t necessarily prove that anything I am about to share actually occurred. However, I am confident in my source. Continue reading


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So Apollo Allegedly Called TMZ Again? #SideEye

RHOA Kandi


What the hell is going on with TMZ? I swear, sometime they have great, factual exclusives and other times it is nothing but whatthefuckness. Almost all of the Bravo related posts fall into the last category lately. I posted their Teresa Giudice story with a healthy dose of side eye. It was a slow day for good tea, and it was fun to think about Teresa going back to the pokey even though realistically that is never going to happen. At least not on the current offense.

Lately,  TMZ has been obsessed with Apollo.  In the past 24 days they have published five stories on a Z list “celebrity” who has been sitting in prison. Can he really be that interesting? In one story, they falsely claimed that Apollo didn’t want to see his boys while he was in prison. Someone tweeted on his behalf that was bullshit.

Then he called TMZ FROM PRISON to tell them, he did want to see them in prison and that Phaedra would be bringing them up “soon.”  On last week’s RHOA he also told Ayden that daddy would be home  “soon” so clearly “soon” is a very relative term.

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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: With Friends Like These…

RHOA Demetria party with Kandi


I’m going to be honest – this episode of RHOA , titled “There’s No Business Like Friend Business” should have just been called “There’s No Business Watching This Mess.”  I understand not every episode can be filled with Porsha getting cooter-punched, but this certainly was a filler episode if I’ve ever seen one. We open up with a quick montage of Kenya perfecting her online-dating profile, Kim on a Skype call, Porsha hosting at Dish Nation (I gotta give it to her, I’m usually not the biggest Porsha fan – but the girl does a good job over at Dish Nation.) and finally Cynthia receiving YELLOW roses from Peter. Per Google, yellow roses symbolize friendship, joy & good health. Real good look for someone in the midst of a potential cheating scandal. I’m not a flower guy myself, but I’d say red is typically the way to go in this situation. Cynthia is generally unimpressed. Maybe she googled the meaning of yellow roses too.


We cut to Kandi & DonJuan in a meeting with Demetria (!!!) & Roger Bobb about producing new music together. Demetria must really need that day-rate. The two ladies have recorded a single called “Unnecessary Trouble” – they want to start promo for the song, and film & release a music video. DonJuan steps up as mommy (PS where is Mama Joyce this season?!) and announces Kandi’s high-risk pregnancy and that she must not be over worked. OK mommy. Kandi comments in her talking head if J-Lo had a baby over 40 with no time off, so can she. DonJuan continues to come for his Peach. Watch out, Papa Smurf – you’ve got some competition!

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Apollo Nida Moved From Kentucky’s FMC Lexington to New Jersey’s FCI Fort Dix

RHOA Mexi-Loco


From the things I keep meaning to tell you department, Apollo Nida has been moved from Kentucky’s FMC Lexington to New Jersey’s FCI Fort Dix. And yes, Fort Dix is where Joe Giudice will be headed in March.  Small world, huh?

Remember when I told you about the RDAP Apollo was admitted to?  The federal system has a program called the 500-Hour Residential Drug Abuse Program.  If you ever find yourself heading to federal prison, first hire Tom Bever, then you need to immediately  begin doing drugs or at least tell the court you have a drug problem.  Because if you can get a coveted spot in this program (a judge has to grant your admission, which means you need to know about it before you get to jail and do what it takes to get yourself in it), you can earn up to 18 months off your sentence. PLUS! You get to do your last six months in a half-way house.  So that is two less years in the actual prison. Since Bever got Apollo in the program, he could potentially be released in FIVE YEARS and TWO MONTHS!  And six of those months would be in a halfway house.

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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Don’t Rock The Boat, Bitch!

Gif by T. Kyle

Gif by T. Kyle


This should be a very interesting episode of RHOA . I’m dying to know if Kenya got taken to court for showing up at Chateau Sheree. But I am even more interested to see how things went down exactly on the boat party on Lake Lanier. Sadly, I’m sure that will be a cliffhanger over to next week’s show.  I’m dying to see how it lines up with what I have heard.

Looking for the latest update from Chateau Sheree?

We start with Kenya walking down the street headed to Chateau Sheree.  Unless the gates are open, you really do have to walk over from the street behind the monstrosity because it is a super busy intersection. What whut? Have they CGIed that house and added grass and made the trees green? Why yes, yes it sure looks like they have.  And Sheree is there conveniently sweeping the construction site. The back of the house is gorgeous. There is a giant living room on the back side that has no ceiling on the first floor, it just goes right up to the roof and the whole thing is windows. It’s really nice. And ALMOST makes up for the windowless front of the house. Sheree is NOT going to let Kenya into the house. LOL. She still has no flooring in there. But she got electrical this year!  Notice how the back of the house is slap up on the house behind it. That is the person who moved. I am not sure if  anyone new has moved in. The street that the house backs up to is the most pissed off of all the neighbors in that area.  Also please note, there is no one there working on the house.  Oh the boat party is for Cynthia! Which makes the two hoodrats going after her even more ratchet. Sheree and Kenya place a friendly wager over who will have their certificate of occupancy by Christmas.  Fun fact, my attorney informed Sheree what a certificate of occupancy was in court. It would seem like Shereee, the contractor, would have been familiar with that term. I have no idea where Moore Manor is as far as construction, but there is no way in hell Sheree will have a certificate of occupancy by Christmas. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Party in a Sweatbox

RHOA at the Bravo version of Kandi's baby shower

RHOA at the Bravo version of Kandi’s baby shower

It’s time for another episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta and I feel like I have sleep 90% of the time since the last one.  I think we will see in this episode that Kenya Moore reevaluates her position with Sheree Whitfield. But the relationship I am most interested in at this point is the one between Phaedra Parks and Kandi Burruss. I am dying to know if the Feds came and picked up Apollo’s toys from Kandi and Todd’s garage. That is a very interesting situation.

Phaedra Parks

Oh lawd I am already tired of seeing Phaedra Parks on my TV screen. It looks like the religious hypocrite is going for some sort of baptism at a place called Clean Start Total Body Cleansing.  It’s going to take more than that, Phaedra. Okay I am not about to watch Phaedra and Porsha get colonics. No mam. Sorry.


We catch up with Kandi and Todd in their PJs in bed talking about Kandi’s conversation with Phaedra. Todd says that Apollo asked him to store his toys. It has nothing to do with Phaedra. Todd is also still waiting on his check. Continue reading


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