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Nene Leakes Goes to Wardrobe to Get Fitted for Evil Stepmother Role on Broadway

RHOA Nene Cinderella fittingI keep meaning to post this picture of Nene being fitted for her Cinderella costume. I meant to do it yesterday because you will never guess what Nene Leakes does on Wednesdays. For those of you unfamiliar with Twitter, there are all sorts of stupid little days like, Follow Friday (where people spam your timeline with a bunch of people’s twitter IDs with no explanation of why you should follow them) or Throwback Thursday (where you posts pictures from back in the day before saggy breast and random chin hair robbed you of your beauty) or Woman Crush Wednesday where you post a quote or a picture of a woman who inspires you or moves you in some way, or maybe you’d like to take a dip in the lady pond with…). Nene Leakes is really big on #WCW.  Pretty much every Wednesday she participates, and each time, she chooses the same woman. Herself.

That is all.

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Is Apollo Tweeting From Prison?

Felons by Bravo

Felons by Bravo


APOLLO NIDA RHOA @apollonida03  ·  2h 2 hours ago

It is time to release the silence! Fitness All The Way! Prepare for the Upcoming Year! in 2015!

Is he trying to say he is going to roll on Phaedra? Did he email someone his account info for them to post this? I need answers people. I’m pretty sure they can email, but I don’t think they can get on social media. Can they?

Check out all Apollo Stories here!


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Crazy Days And Nights SHOCKING Real Housewives of Atlanta Blind Item Revealed

RHOA Porsha

Who’s crying now?

This blind item from May 14, 2014 that CDAN revealed yesterday is just sad. I’m no Porsha fan but from what I’ve seen of her on Dish Nation, she seems to have found something she is really good at. She has a great rapport with her coworkers. She’s funny and seems…happy. I already knew she would not have a peach this season, and so did she. She for sure knew she was retesting to be on the show at all and made the cut to be a FOH.  As much as Nene wants y’all to believe Claudia stole Porsha’s peach, she didn’t. Claudia stole Demetria’s peach. It was Demetria that they were testing for a full housewife slot and Claudia tested for a FOH slot. But Claudia blew the producers away, particularly by going after Kordell (even if it was just storyline) and reading the  hell out of Nene on their forced vacation this season.

It’s actually Porsha that was trying to keep up with the big spenders this season and apparently she needed some help. I don’t generally endorse may sites about entertainment stuff. But Crazy Days and Nights has a VERY STRONG track record. I don’t believe the rumor that was going around about the African dictator’s son, but Porsha did seem to be seeing someone. And now she is seeing that someone’s friend.  Click through for the sordid details. Continue reading


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Did Phaedra Parks Follow The Judge’s Order to Re-sit For Her Deposition?

Phaedra Parks Accused All Sorts of Nonsense by Very Troubled Woman

It’s hard to say.  On Friday, October 10, State Judge Carla E. Brown issued a court order requiring Phaedra Parks to sit for a second deposition with Angela Stanton’s Lawyer, James Radford.  As we all know, Phaedra has been gadding about the country under the guise of a book tour in recent days. The following Monday, Phaedra jetted off to LA to film the Ellen show on Tuesday and hawk her book from the pulpit of some church on Wednesday. On Thursday she was in NYC with Ayden trying to take  him to meet Andy Cohen in his office. It looks like that happened last Friday. She appeared to be in NYC to appear on Dr. OZ.

My reading of the court order indicates she had ten days, not ten business days so today is the big day.

This morning someone sent me this statement from Angela Stanton on her Facebook page. I cannot find it myself, but I am Facebook impaired. Here is what the screenshot said, “Getting ready for a long, drawn out day with lawyers, court reporters and stenographers…some people will never learn until it’s too late. I actually feel sorry for those who go out of their way to harm you & don’t realize how much they are harming themselves in the process.” Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Finds Her Niche

We’ve all heard Nene trying to explain why she is being phased out of RHOA. He latest explanation was something like she didn’t want to be associated with all the weave pulling and trash talking forever.

And yet, this is the gig she just took. You really have to see the ending. Nene seems to fit right in. I think she’s found her next job.


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Phaedra Parks Goes to Church

Oh for the love of all that is holy. This here is one hot mess. Phaedra’s book is about virgins being prepared? This woman is insane. If the pastor’s level of literacy is any indication, can’t none of those people read.

If you are interested in the parable of the ten virgins, you can click through for the entire scripture. Continue reading


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Exclusive: Kenya Moore Makes Good on Her Donation to Detroit Public Schools Foundation

RHOA Kenya Check

This story is a EXCLUSIVE sourced by our independent sources. Please follow proper protocol when excerpting and clearly linking to this story. You may have noticed Ebola is now in the country. You can blame those who misuse my work for that. My powers are vast.

After posting this story about Kenya Moore’s cancellation of a student assembly where she was expected to make a $20,000 donation,  a source close to Kenya reached out to me to attempt to explain the situation. After a bit of back and forth, I believe I have finally gotten the real story.

First of all, Kenya’s donation to the foundation came from her personal funds and was NOT connected to Celebrity Apprentice. Changes in the filming schedules that resulted in Kenya being unable to attend were initiated by Real Housewives of Atlanta production.  Also, production was not going to Detroit to film the check presentation. Her high school, Cass Tech ,proposed the ceremony in her honor to say thank you for the generous donation. Continue reading


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Phaedra Parks on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

It’s time for Phaedra’s appearance on The Ellen Show to talk about her divorce and other things. First can we talk about this thing around her neck? Is that black fringey mess part of the dress? or part of the necklace? It certainly is the focal point of my attention. It appears that it is part of the necklace. She is wearing a red satin  dress that looks like something a 12-year-old would wear to a Christmas party There is even a giant bow on the back. She brings Ellen a picnic basket full of “southern items” and a #FixItJesus t-shirt and of course her book. With the picnic basket she looks like Little Red Riding Hood. I can’t believe she was styled by Shun Melson.  That dress makes her look as big as a house.

Phaedra says she really wanted to come on Ellen’s show because she has seen Ellen do some tough interviews and handle them compassionately and gracefully. She thinks she could have a little southern belle in her if she wore some pearls and a little skirt. Ellen jokes that is what she has on under her clothes. Continue reading


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Kenya Moore Reschedules Her Donation to Detroit School System TWICE.

Porsha Williams Mugshot

Tonight I am feeling like snatching Kenya’s scepter

Excuse me, but I am a bit pissed off tonight. When I logged on for the first time today I had an email from GoFundMe letting me know there was a new announcement on Reality Tea’s fundraising drive for Detroit Public Schools. As a former teacher, it was a cause that was near and dear to my heart and I had been on the receiving end of many generous gifts to my classroom. I’m a strong believer in paying it forward and I made a contribution that is why I get the updates.  I looked on Twitter for the link to the Reality Tea donation site to include when I wrote  this post where I praised Kenya for her donation and defended her in comments.  I read in the update that Kenya’s donation event had been postponed again. I went to Reality Tea and read their article. As a Kenya fan, I wanted to hear her side of the story.  I did not rush to judge. I contacted Kenya.

I had the very best of intentions and believed that there must be a logical explanation why the donation ceremony was cancelled twice in two weeks. It takes a lot for a school to put together a school wide event with TV cameras. I got back two pissy emails. One informed me that “I  am  on a goddamn TV show and they reschedule things all the time.” The  next one said something about a conflict with her father’s schedule.  I responded that I am on her side and my blog is very favorable to her. I did tell her in first email that this seems to undo all the goodwill that she was putting out by donating. I felt badly for her. I am a supporter. I was trying to figure out where the problem lied. I am actually aware she is on a goddamn TV show. I don’t know what her father’s schedule has to do with anything. I sent a second email explaining I was only trying to help and that my site is very #TeamTwirl for the most part. I was asking for a defense. I heard nothing until her rant on Twitter. I’m not feeling super twirly tonight. Continue reading


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It’s Time For A Chateau Sheree Update!

October 2014

October 2014

A lot of times when people try to send me some tea, they can’t seem to be bothered to email me, they simply try to post a comment on a post. Yesterday afternoon, someone with a nonsensical name with a nonsensical email tried to comment on a Chateau Sheree post from months ago that. “Chateau Sheree is infested with cops.”  I found the comment interesting so I went to check it out. I contacted a couple real housewives in the hood that keep in touch with me to verify. Ironically, both of them were at urgent care. It seems that this crap I’ve got and affectionately call “ebola” is making the rounds all over town and the fancypants crowd were all at the doctors. Thankfully, one was leaving and swung by to take the above picture and both checked with neighbors who said no one was there all day at all.

At any rate, it was a great reminder that I have not used any of the random pictures y’all send me on the “progress” in months.  As the four year anniversary approaches of Sheree buying a perfectly good house and bulldozing it, we seem to be inching closer to a habitable house for the churren to have their skatin’ rink in (perhaps that explains why nearly every room is in a turret?) and for Sheree to sit in her lieberry and read Shakespeare. Pauses for Sheree fans to correct my spelling by using their Sit n Spell. Continue reading


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Parks v. Stanton Update

Phaedra face2


UPDATE: I read the court’s order for Phaedra to comply with the depo.  The topics are narrowed to two. One, her agreement with Augustus Publishing resulting in her dropping her suit against them. And two, any “non-privileged”  questions regarding Apollo and his “alleged” criminal activities.  Which is pretty much the entire case more or less. So the depo might be interesting. Unfortunately, the agreement with Augustus has a confidentiality agreement involved. This means that the court will seal the depo when it is entered into evidence. So we probably won’t ever get to read it.

In other news, Phaedra is on her way to LA.  Who wants to go to the taping of Ellen and report back? :) No depo today, tomorrow,  Wednesday or probably Thursday so I suppose she will squeeze it in on Friday or Monday of next week?  That Phaedra always pushing things to the last minute.

I’m getting really bored with this drama. One would think that Phaedra would have better things to do being a single mother with two young sons, filming a TV show,  selling her workout videos, hawking her etiquette book to the less genteel, running a busy entertainment law practice representing celebrities, embalming all those bodies of humans and pets alike, taking her prayer cloth on a countrywide tour of religious congregations, making talk show appearances, building moats and gates around her white house, and now filing for divorce from her felonious husband. One would think so. But one would be wrong.  Because more than two years and countless attorneys later, Parks v. Stanton is still a thing. One has to wonder how long cases can drag on especially with and uncooperative plaintiff.

I got tired of transcribing the ridiculous excuse for a deposition this summer. I got tired of waiting for the plaintiff’s response to the defense’s motion to compel, which turned up last month. It was equally as ridiculous as the “deposition.”  Plaintiff’s attorney, who must be dying to jump ship like  the others before him have,  responded by saying that Phaedra did answer all relevant questions and that Defendant’s attorney was trying to make the case about Apollo.  Isn’t Apollo a big part of the case? The alleged libel of Phaedra is that Angela wrote a book that said that Phaedra was involved in Apollo’s criminal mess, right? If this was happening on a TV show we’d all be screaming about the absurdity of the storyline. But it’s not a TV show. This is actually going on in a court of law. Over two years. Continue reading


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Teresa and Joe Giudice’s Supervised Release Conditions Explained

Photo: Bravo

Photo: Bravo

Oh for the love of Pete.  Pretty much everyone that follows me here or on Twitter knows I have spent the past few days whining about being sick. I have been trying to kill this crap with tons of soup and yogurt and marathons of Homeland.  During this time, I’ve been letting some things slide on the website. One of those things was some information I was sent about the conditions of Joe and Teresa’s  supervised release they will serve after they do their time. I figured I had some time to investigate that a bit further once my head stopped feeling like a watermelon.

This morning I woke up t the most ridiculous post on TMZ yet claiming that the judge told Tre and Joe they could no commingle their funds. What happened to their legal team?  They used to know how to read legal documents, but lately not so much. Someone there really thinks a judge can tell a married couple they can’t have joint bank accounts? Seriously, let’s see how long the phrase, “put a wall between the other’s finances” remains. What does that even mean?
Click through for the actual facts.

Continue reading


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