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Nene’s Blog This Week Needed Some Pictures…

RHOA Cynthia friend contract


Nene’s blog is below. She seems to have dictated it to someone who passed fourth grade grammar. In third person.

It always amazes me how these ladies like to point fingers. It’s always somebody else’s fault rather than admitting, “Yeah I was wrong,” or, “Maybe I shouldn’t have said that at that time,” or, “Maybe I wasn’t there for her because I had my own problems going on.” It’s always easy to point the finger at your girl NeNe and hope that no one will see their true colors! Continue reading


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Claudia Jordan Takes Over For Porsha Williams On Dish Nation

Oh Hey. My exclusive sources are reporting that someone got caught up with a trick and had to call in sick at Dish Nation yesterday, allegedly. Rickey Smiley tried to find someone with a similar mug shot collection, but sadly he had to settle for the beautiful crime free Claudia Jordan. Check out Claudia doing a very last minute substitution for Porsha. Should I check and see if she got arrested again yesterday? Will Porsha show up tonight? Tune in to find out!

Be sure to tweet @DishNation and @RickeySmiley  to let them know if you want to see more Claudia!


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Chateau Sheree Update for 2015!

House bought in December of 2010 by Sheree's mama, This is August 2012

House bought in December of 2010 by Sheree’s mama, This is August 2012

Another holiday season has passed with no Chateau Sheree open house Christmas party. Last night on WWHL, Andy asked Miss Lawrence if Sheree was living in her Chateau and he hemmed and hawed and said he thinks she might be he’s not sure. Um, I’m sure.

Click through for a picture taken today by a neighbor. Continue reading


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The Real Housewives of Everywhere Has Jumped the Shark (Have Jumped the Shark?)



I started this post writing about what is wrong with Real Housewives of Atlanta and how it has jumped the shark. I thought about how it could be fixed. How to save the franchise. I thought about how to make it more interesting, ways to make it better.  But, very quickly in, I was reminded that we shouldn’t be watching this crap at all. Seriously. WHAT IS WRONG WITH US? But first, here is what I thought we should do back when I was still drinking the Kool-Aid. At the end I will link you back to my thoughts three years ago, before the crazy came.

There are too many women on this show. I have said this forever, when there are more than five housewives, it’s hard to get into any of their storylines. Hell, we don’t even notice anymore when Nene is not on at all.

There is was too much recapping of the previous episode. We get it the wives told their husband about the previous week’s forced dinner where someone was a cunt. The wives who weren’t in some scenes the previous week were filled in on what happened. We don’t need the first 25% of the show to be a recap. That’s what I am for. Continue reading


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WWHL With Kenya Moore, Derek J and Miss Lawrence

WWHL Kenya FQs


Well this should be an action packed show! I could do without Derek and Lawrence on this show since they are both SO over the top. They would be better being on with Kandi or someone boring. I have a feeling this is going to be like three cats fighting in a burlap bag, which is coincidentally what my ass looks like in khakis these days.

In the introductions, Andy says to say that she got a rise out of one of her fellow Atlanta housewives tonight would be putting it midly. Kenya looks great in orange. I love that she has on orange lipstick but not hideous neon lipstick,  just a nice lovely shade to match her dress.

Andy asks Miss Lawrence about Phaedra’s comments about Nene calling to check on her every day. He says everyone needs friends. Andy asked Kenya if it surprised her. She said no, it seems they have a bit of friendship going on, if it is by default or whatever, they seem to have something going on.  Andy says that Porsha threw shade at Kenya and plays the clip of Porsha making fun of flirting with the waiter.  Kenya says that it’s sad. She was being friendly to the waiter. Being friendly to the staff doesn’t mean that you are flirting with them. And shame to the people who think that was flirting. Shame to me I guess then. It was definitely flirting. We’ve been over this a thousand times. Kenya would flirt with a mop bucket it you drew eyes and a moustache on it. And that’s fine! That’s part of her perky personality. Who cares? Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands


RHOA Phaedra Fence


LOL We start with Apollo’s video he posted from the prison where he says he is about to “go asunder,” which always makes me wonder what he thought that meant during his wedding vows. And it ends with “you will be hearing from me shortly,” as if he thought he was going to do a podcast from prison or something. They really are milking this prison shit.

ROFLMAO. Phaedra is so full of shit. These fake ass security people. Taking the service elevator. She so wants people to believe there are paparazzi tailing her.  Jesus. She has to flag THEM down in LAX. Now she is talking about “the headmaster” (giggles) at the boys school. Wait so she took the boys to school from the hotel with all the security? Jesus. Those boys are in some day care. The rarely go, they are with the baby sitters and the nannies most of the time. All the parents on that cul de sac go to a variety of schools and have tons of get togethers with tons of neighbors in the area. They go to all sorts of private schools. Nary a one has ever seen any spawn of Phaedra at their school. Headmaster. /giggle.  This scene is hilarious. Waiting on the elevator by the high voltage door.

I don’t even know When this “return to the house” thing happened. We had another fake “return to the house scene” last week. How many times is she going to “return to the house?”  I love the giant Phine Body poster in the living room. Phaedra is such a victim in all of this. She just wants to kill Apollo with her bare hands and then embalm him and cremate him and flush him down the commode.  Okay. That’s not sociopathic at all.

Oh look fake scenes of Phaedra pretending she watches her kids.

A hilarious bullshit scene with a ridiculous “apostle”  praising  Jesus and sprinkling some water on the floor throughout the house occurs. Phaedra’s in her infinite biblical scholarship says that he has performed an exorcism. Lord have mercy this show is stupid tonight. Continue reading


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Brielle Biermann is HOW OLD?

RHOA Brielle's 18th Birthday Present



Jesus. How old was this kid when we first started watching Real Housewives of Atlanta? And the girl has been asking for a white jeep since she was 15!  Well, she turned 18 this month and she finally got her dream car.  Props to Kroy and Kim for buying a reasonably priced car and for making her wait until she was 18.  Her driving skills left much to be desired for the first year or so of her driving life. And she still gets grounded and has her phone taken away a lot! LOL. But she is finally an adult with her dream car finishing out her last four or five months of high school.

She sure grew up to be a beauty! Continue reading


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A Gif So Perfect Words Are Unnecessary


Gif Credit: T.Kyle

Check out T.Kyle’s awesome gifs to brighten your weekend!


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Captain Lee is Back on Below Deck


Below deck claudia  lee

Captain Lee is back on Below Deck and filming for the upcoming season is almost over. That’s the good news. The bad news is I really lost interest in Below Deck last year as it became a show about trash talking the clients.  Each week I had guests contacting me telling me horror stories. Some guests were speaking for themselves and other guests. It got to the point that I no longer knew how to approach the story. Some people wanted to write things but were quoting people I had not spoken too. It was all an ugly mess and the story truly did need telling but it was becoming way too time consuming and the disgruntled guests seemed to be more disgruntled the longer I dallied in writing the piece.

Another problem I had was I have always liked Captain Lee. And some of the guests had some seriously hurt feeling about the things he said about them in his talking heads. I couldn’t see a way to explain the comment about dragging his dick a mile through broken glass rather than having some guests back on his ship. I couldn’t see taking out his remarks and leaving in everyone elses. It just became a headache. Continue reading


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Kandi Burruss Talks About Her Marriage to Todd

WWHL with Kandi and Todd

This week only THREE of the RHOA posted blogs: Kenya, Claudia and Kandi. I’m actually surprised that Kandi posted at all but now that the housewives have the option of answering questions (which is much easier than writing a blog from scratch) since she has said many times she hates it, mostly because they don’t let her say what she wants to say.

I find it very odd that Nene isn’t blogging especially because she wasn’t on last week’s episode at all, the week before that there was not show, and this weekend there is no show. You would think she would not want her fans to forget about her. Or maybe she does want rating to lag now. She has been busy on the talk shows pretending like she is so over the drama. I finally watched most of her interview on Meredith Vieira the other day. It comes on at 2 am here. It was very odd. That show has changed since the last time I watched it and Meredith seems to be doing a more “serious” interview.  Nene was trying to speak the Queen’s English and over enunciating words like she had just come from speech therapy. The interview was about how ratchet all the other women on RHOA and how Nene is pure as the driven snow.  Nene talked about her being a white, black girl because of her blonde wigs. She doesn’t care what anyone says she is going to stay blond. Then she told her story about being the victim of domestic violence and a single mother who worked the polls to raise her po churren.  So perhaps that is why she is not blogging lately.

Phaedra probably knows this is her last season, and Cynthia has been at fashion week. Continue reading


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David Tutera’s Celebrations: Porsha Williams’ Fake Lingerie Launch

Porsha Posted this today saying that the line will come out in Spring 2015

Porsha Posted this today saying that the line will come out in Spring 2015

I thought that I did a post about this debacle of a show that aired when it filmed but it looks like I could not be bothered and only included it in a WWHL recap with Porsha in THIS POST.  Here is the important part:

Sidenote: Porsha keeps saying how unbothered she is because she is so busy. She mentions her new lingerie line in passing and Andy doesn’t take the bait. Word on the curb is that David Tutera did her “lingerie launch” just the night before last in Atlanta and no one showed up and Porsha was characteristically, extremely late. The only Bravo people who were there were those folks from Married to Medicine (is that still a show?). One of them is apparently a “designer” now too and Porsha wore something she made.  It was a mullet style dress slutty in the front and long in the back, and appeared to have been made from hefty bags. It would not surprise me if this episode never makes it to air. You heard that here first. It was VERY disappointing from a production standpoint. The only people who showed up were people who were looking for their own publicity. I heard the entire thing was extremely unorganized, and the word “ghetto” was used by more than one attendee. And those were people Porsha invited. #TEA

This show is set up as very “Porsha positive” so I shall forewarn all you Team Twirl folks right now. This whole lie begins with David being offered an interview on Dish Nation to talk about his show and what is going on with him. Um, the show is filming not airing this makes no sense. But don’t let that bother you, none of this is going to make any sense.  David agrees and begins to google Porsha Williams. Again, this make no sense. So far he is just going for an interview there will be two or three other guys there.  But that doesn’t stop Montre from telling David all about her. She’s “Atlanta Royality.”  Seriously? Could this get any stupider? We are only two minutes in and it’s already record breakingly stupid.  Oh yes, it gets stupider. He’s reading something about her “selling her Rolls Royce after her breakup.”  David needs to find if he wants to know what is going on with Porsha. Having your pimp take back his Rolls after you piss him off is not “selling her car after a breakup.”  At least David finds her arrest record and mugshots. Continue reading


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Claudia Discusses Her Struggles To Get Settled in Atlanta



Claudia Jordan posted yet another heartfelt blog this week about her move to Atlanta, fitting in with two new jobs, setting up an new apartment, making new friends getting settled in to a new city. That’s a lot for anyone to take on all at once. When you factor in that she was replacing a popular person on Dish Nation whose fans were not overly receptive to the new girl, and she was trying to find her place on RHOA at the same time that’s overwhelming!

Here’s some of her blog from this week: Why did you break down when discussing the Porsha situation with Kenya and Cynthia?

CJ: Really I was not crying about Porsha or the fact that I’m biracial! There was such a buildup of so many things that it just took one little thing to push me over the top. I am not that emotionally invested in Porsha, and if you ever catch me getting there, please take me out to pasture and put me out of my misery! Let’s be very clear — like crystal clear — I am not jealous of Porsha, she has nothing I want or couldn’t get if I wanted it. I do not want her life, hair, body, mouth, or situation. I’ve never been the type of woman that couldn’t co-exist with successful women. I’ve never had the need to be the “star” in my group of friends. I actually like to surround myself with women that are upwardly mobile, intelligent, fabulous, successful, independent, and inspirational. So to suggest jealousy over a woman that only has more material items than me for now is laughable. Continue reading


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