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Wendy Williams Has Upset Nene Leakes

Watch What Happens Live - Season 9

Andy Cohen and Wendy Williams in Happier Times.

This morning on Wendy Williams,  Wendy discussed Nene’s Birkin abuse in a very similar way that I discussed it here.  Very similar. Okay exactly the same way. She showed the Kim K monstrosity of a handbag and made all the same comparisons. It was almost like someone read my blog and wrote the story. Allegedly. It happens. To add her own unique flair, Wendy compared Nene’s finances to Kim K’s finances. There was an unspoken suggestion that perhaps Nene was trying to be Kim Kardashian. Wendy pointed out that Kim had real money and Nene did not. It’s not nearly as scandalous as I am making it sound. It was shady, but not over the top.

But Nene, who is apparently watching Wendy Williams these days, took to her blog and went on the attack. Which I shall rebut in detail on Wendy’s behalf, because let’s face it, it was my story. Continue reading

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A Fat Chick’s Asessment of Nene’s New Fashion Line

RHOA Nene's Fashion LineFirst of all, go here and take a look. Her line is about twelve items. Whatever. Nene is a big girl. I felt like I might betray you all and want to buy something. Sue me. I am shopping. It’s also very late at night. I am very tired and well leave me alone I am dying of cherries .  As soon as I saw that picture above I was in. I want that top. All fat chicks want that top!   Where can I buy that Nene by Sheree top?

Well not on HLN. Of all her 12 items… the banner ad for her site is not featuring any of that top. Why? Well because they all suck.

Her pleather jacket has a cute design, but crappy pleather fabric. It’s K-Mart. Isn’t that her brand? Continue reading


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Bravolebrities Converge on Las Vegas! Wanna Know Why They Are There?

Vicki Rides the high roller overlooking Vegas!

Vicki Rides the high roller overlooking Vegas!

What happened in Vegas, almost stayed in Vegas. Most of it is still a mystery, but I do have some tea.  First of all, Kenya Moore was there with Kyle Richards, Vicki Gunvalson, Melissa Gorga  for an event at Caesar’s Place.  It appears that the housewives competed in several events with a high roller from the casino as a partner.  In one event, “runway walking” Kenya takes an unexpected bobble and makes it all seem like part of the performance. Her impressive recovery won that round for her team. See the video at end of post. But read on for lots of other Vegas tea! Continue reading


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Don’t Be Tardy Is Back! Afterbirth: It’s What’s For Dinner!

It's the twins!

It’s the twins!

I really hate half hour shows, they fuck up the schedule for everything. So I am just now getting to the Don’t Be Tardy Season premiere.  We finally get to see Kim and Kroy living in their new house and it is beautiful. It’s time for Kim to head to the hospital and spit out two more babies. That’s a total of 6 with four in diapers and two teenagers. Who does that to themselves voluntarily?

Sweetie is back!!!

The house is decked out to the nines. It’s 17,000 square feet, seven bedroom and ELEVEN BATHROOMS. Who the hell wants eleven bathrooms? There are fifty some odd security cameras in the house. This place is balling!

Kory’s ankle injury is doubly  problematic because he’s basically another human who needs waiting on in that house. Kim gained 50 pounds with her twin pregnancy. Baby B is breech. It really doesn’t matter because I think Kim was going to do a C-section anyway.  Well, I am wrong. Kim has never had a C-section. Kroy says the babies are smaller than the other ones and they didn’t get stuck. It seems like the doctor didn’t make clear the real threat which is that the cord could get wrapped about baby b’s neck and strangle him to death. Kroy says God did not intend for babies to come out of belly buttons. They opt to try delivery the regular way. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Has “Improved” the Birkin Bag

kim kardashian birkin bag

Remember that time that Kim Kardashian got this hideous monstrosity for a Christmas gift from Kanye? It was so horrific I actually broke my own no more Kardashian posts on this blog rule? Do you remember? Or have you blocked it from your mind only to have me bring it up again?

Because Nene now has her own monstrosity.  And she made it herself.  Click through to view. If you dare. Continue reading


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Apollo Nida’s Restitution Order Is A Bunch of Bullshit

RHOA Apollo Phaedra ReunionWhile Apollo was frolicking in the park with Phaedra today, the court handed down his restitution order. Or perhaps it happened this morning so he could be freed up for his unpaid Bravo job. The court has ordered that Apollo repay $1,948,214.85 to his victims. Restitution is to be paid jointly and severally in accordance with the restitution order to be paid by Gayla St. Julien. Which basically means they are both responsible until the balance is paid off. Payment is due immediately.

Any money he makes in prison (prison wages are as low as 25 cents and hour) will be paid directly to the restitution fund. Upon release, Apollo will be required to get a job and pay back $250 a month plus 25% of any gross income beyond $2,300 a month. Below is the list of his victims, who will never get their money back. Continue reading


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Phaedra and Apollo Filming RHOA Together Today.


It’s a beautiful July day in the ATL!  What a lovely day to take your kids to the park  to visit with the father who will soon be off to the pokey. And of course the Bravo cameras are there to capture it all on film. This afternoon, Phaedra, Apollo and their sons the Mayor of Toronto and the President of Sudan or whatever are at Chastain park having a custody visit. Phaedra came in her car, Apollo came in his car, the nanny came in her car.

There is Bravo crew everywhere. This scene reminds me of the time Sheree and Bob went there to talk and Sheree assaulted him with a drink. Hopefully this scene will go a bit better. Whatever could the storyline be? A divorce discussion?  A scene for Phaedra to deny any knowledge of Apollo’s criminal ways? A scene where Phaedra says she is selling the house and moving to Athens? Continue reading


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Kenya Moore Displays the Art of Looking Pretty While Saying Nothing At All

Kenya Moore Charity Ball Season Six Episode 15

Kenya Moore will still not admit she is coming back to the Real Housewives of Atlanta. She does say that Bravo has not announced that everyone will be back. She does make it clear that she will continue to be housewife chosen for the ridiculous  “woman of a certain age who wants a baby” storyline, muck like, Tamra, Ramona, Luann, and others before her. She continues to neither confirm or deny her current relationship status.

Click through for the video… Continue reading


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Apollo Has a Question For Us! NEW DAY NEW QUESTION! UPDATED!

I prefer the avocado edition of Phine Body

I prefer the avocado edition of Phine Body

UPDATE: Apollo took down the other question and has a new one today!                      


Yes, Apollo, we are positive you are a “thief of that essence” and are going to prison at the end of the day!


Apollo’s lawyer has kept him off of twitter for almost a full month.  Prior to that his twitter had been a fount of hilarity. Apollo tweeted his ignorant ass off about needing to have is account verified since he is famous. He tweeted about his brand. He made random announcement about deadlines for people to ask him to come host an event. It was glorious. Then it went radio silent. There was a series of interesting changes in the design of his twitter page. A few weeks ago, all traces of Phaedra were removed from his site, except for the cover of the Phine Body videos he was still trying to sell.  His “brand” changed from Phine Body to Nida Fitness.  And now it seems he has been told he can’t use Phaedra’s likeness on his site even on “his” Phine Body videos.  They are still there, but only to the top of Apollo’s head.  You really need to go look. But not just yet.  Because Apollo has a question….

Continue reading


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The Ugly Truth About Apollo Nida’s Lenient Sentence


I’m getting a lot of questions about Apollo’s sentence today. The other post is already sort of jumbled due to the flow of updates, so I will break it down for you here. Despite the fact that many news stations report that Apollo faced “up to 30 years,” that was either media hype or a lack of understanding of the law. The maximum sentence for bank fraud is in fact 30 years, but Apollo was never facing the maximum sentence.  First of all, there are guidelines the judge follows on sentencing that I told you about here.  I told you that there were two factors that are involved on determining a sentence. First, is the Criminal History Category this is a number from one to six based on all of his past run-ins with the law. Each instance results in a certain number of points. Apollo had a total of eleven points for previous infractions. This made him a Category V. Today, the judge did not grant Apollo’s attorney’s request to lower his a Category IV based on so many of his infractions occurring in his early twenties. His ruling was based on the fact that his arrest free decade occurred when he was incarcerated for the majority of that time. So his past criminal behavior number is a five.

Now picture a piece of paper with the numbers 1-6 heading up six columns across the top of the page. Down the left side of the page, you will have lines numbered from 1- 43.  Those numbered lines represent the seriousness of the charges he is currently being sentenced for. I’ll spare you the math and tell you that he was, as best as I can determine, a level 30. So if you put your finger on line 30 and ran it over to the Category V column you would land on a  sentence of 151-188 months (approximately 13 -15.5 years).  That was the actual sentence Apollo was facing. Continue reading


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Apollo Nida Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison!

RHOA Apollo Phaedra Reunion

UPDATE: Phaedra did not go to the sentencing.  Apollo’s mother and brother both made a plea to the court for leniency.  Apollo was described as “calm.”

Apollo’s lawyer did a great job of trying to plea down Apollo’s time. He spoke about Apollo’s upbringing, his lack of education (duh) and quoted statistics that 60% of African-American males who drop out of high school end up in prison.

Apollo’s mother was very emotional. She gave a statement saying that she was not a good mother, she was a cocaine addict who was in and out of prison. She had no husband. Apollo had no father.  Apollo was granted a voluntary surrender so that he can be out until he is assigned a prison. He was also given a drug and alcohol program. This is one of the only ways to get your federal time reduced. Apollo doesn’t have a drug or alcohol problem and this is simply good lawyering by his attorney. He attorney also got the promise of placement in a facility as near to Atlanta as possible so that his children can visit him.

This is beyond a light sentence. He gets a reduction for being stupid and black? He gets a reduction for a drug problem he doesn’t have? He gets voluntary surrender so that he can do some season 7 filming?  What is the deal with this judge? He sentenced him as a Category 5 and he gets 8 years? Continue reading


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How Much Time Will Apollo Nida Serve in Prison?

Felons by Bravo

Felons by Bravo

Tomorrow is the big day for Apollo Nida’s sentencing.  It is amusing that I read on another site that Apollo feels like Peter Thomas was somehow throwing shade on a red carpet recently when he responded to a question about Apollo by saying basically that he was doing as well as someone who is about to go to prison can be. Apollo seems to think there is a possibility he is not going to jail. There isn’t. He is going and the only questions are how much time he will get and when he will have to report to prison.

It looks like sentencing is actually going to happen as scheduled tomorrow. On Thursday, Apollo’s attorney filed a motion that is attempting to get a downward departure on his Criminal History Category.  As we learned with the Giudice trial, sentencing guidelines are based on two magic numbers. Criminal History Category and Offense Level. There are six categories for criminal history and currently Apollo is at Category 5, the only one higher is Category 6 which is like the Charles Masons of the world. Apollo’s lawyer is asking that he be moved down to a Category 4. He makes a fairly decent arguments stating that much of applies prior criminal activity occurred when he was 19-23 for probation violations, providing a false name and a DUI. His lawyer made a pretty good case for a downward departure. Continue reading


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