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#RHOA Filming Updates: Cynthia Bailey and Chateau Sheree




Filming is winding down on RHOA. Last weekend Lena Huggs got married and Bravo sadly did not film the wedding. From the beginning filming there was talk that the wedding might end up being the finale for the season.  But it seems that Bravo ultimately decided to give that peach to Sheree.  The wedding was beautiful, and timely as Lena was a very pregnant bride! It not clear if that means all the scenes that Lena filmed will be cut.

Speaking of Sheree,  she is furiously trying to get the House with Turrets Syndrome, AKA Chateau Sheree ready for a housewarming gathering next week. There was practically a call for extras put out to get people to show up for that. Sadly, my invitation must have been lost in the mail.  There is actually some confusion whether or not the event is on Tuesday or Thursday.  If you go, don’t lean up on any walls. My sources say paint will be slung right up to the last minute.

It looks like they could edit to season to begin with Kenya’s open house held lat June and end with Sheree’s. Who knows?  I do know that she filmed a few scenes with Bob there and he was joking about moving to the neighborhood. And before they headed off to team building city in the North Georgia mountains some of the ladies boarded the bus there.

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Kordell Stewart Talks To Steve Harvery About Sexuality, Marriage



Kordell Stewart was on Steve Harvey today to promote his book, Truth, that came out in paperback last March. Steve asked about the name of the book and then his very first question was about the ever-present rumors about his sexuality. Kordell says that back in 1998 they lost a game they should not have against the Houston Oilers.  The Tuesday after the game, someone called him and said the guys on the team were saying that he got arrested in the park that weekend while  having lewd acts performed on him by a transvestite.  It would be inappropriate for me to  write the thought I just had in my head about Porsha here, so I’ll let you guys think your own thoughts.

“First of all, when in the world have I gone to jail in Pittsburgh, because there’s no record,” I don’t care if it’s 10, 20, 30 years. If it happened, it would be documented, let alone being with a transvestite. Now, each his own, Steve. Trust me when I tell you, but the life I started and lived with my family, my father, my mother, … being on both sides of the bed reading the Bible, the thing I understood about life was that when God created the heaven and earth he created Adam and Eve. That’s all I know.”

That Adam and Eve comment is what ignorant people say about human sexuality. He should have never said that.

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Sheree Whitfield Buys A Book For Her Lieberry, Y’all!

It’s finally the weekend after yet another long week of trials and tribulations. The world has been brimming with insanity lately, and we could all use a good laugh. Thankfully, Sheree Whitfield is a limitless source of hilarity. Today, Sheree Whitfield announced on Instagram that she has written her first novel.

You cannot make this shit up.

The last time we heard from Sheree Whitfield about her interest in literature, she was standing on a dirt mound on the grounds where Chateau Sheree was supposed to be built, telling some random, pretend builder that she wanted a skatin’ rink for the churren, and a big ole lieberry in her new home.  Prior to that, there was the time that Andy Cohen presented her with the Speak N Spell she never had as a child on WWHL. During our ridiculous court proceedings, I noted that Sheree was a very adamant story-teller.  She may have had a bit of trouble sticking to the same story, but the tales she spun about the churren being afraid to play in the dirt outside of Chateau Sheree were quite amusing.  She had a lot of trouble when questioned about her stories. She proclaimed herself to be the builder of the The House With Turrets Syndrome, yet didn’t know what a certificate of occupancy was and seemed to have problems with other words that were not programmed on the Speak N Spell.  But who cares about all that.

Now she is a published author.

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Yet Another Chateau Sheree Update For 2016

Chateau Sheree 2012

Chateau Sheree 2012

Sheree Whitfield is the gift that keeps on giving. Since I began this blog in the fall of 2011, there has been at least a dirt lot construction site in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Sandy Springs. When Sheree’s mother bought the house that used to be there for $319,000 in December of 2010 Sheree decided to tear down the entire home in stages. At one point the neighbors had a view of an toilet exposed to the street after the outer walls were torn down. This was one of the first things shown on the show in 2011.

Grab a snack and click here for the nearly six year history of Chateau Sheree

Some 2,131 days later, we are still hearing from Sheree, “It takes time!” I like to point out that, construction of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world, began in 2004, with the exterior completed 5 years later in 2009. It took less than a year for the entire interior design to be completed before it opened in 2010. While it takes time to build things, the main factor in how long it takes is money.

So here we are 2,131 days later and we are still hearing about how much time it takes to build a house. Sheree has shot a video that  Bravo decided to post. I would post it here but it autostarts and that messes up the site. So click on that link and then come back here.

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#RHOA Sunday Tea Hawaii



UPDATED: #RHOA are on their long journey home. It seems like a long, long flight for a long weekend to me. There was a some sort of Kenya/Cynthia/Peter/Kandi/Todd alliance thing happening yesterday probably because of Todd and Peter hanging out. 

Not sure that group is really down with the Ps and Sheree and there may have been some conflict there.  We’ll have to wait and see….

The big news from Hawaii is that there is no big news from Hawaii. I’ve heard from a few people who were at the Four Seasons where the ladies (and a few gents) are staying and there have been no disturbances at all. Everyone who has run into Cynthia has said that she’ really pretty and very nice in person.


The common theme in the reports I’ve been getting is that Peter is spending a lot of time by himself.  He was spotted several times walking alone or at the pool alone or eating alone.  This is really not a big news as he would not be involved in all the filming.  Yesterday was his birthday and there was a lovely dinner and the requisite cake.  Cynthia posted the photos above of the dress she was wearing.

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Nene’s Leakes Son Brentt Robbed In Chicago!


Yesterday, Nene was posting on Instagram that she was “out here in these Chicago Streetz like WHAT?” with photos of her in her usual Hanes undershirt and a jean jacket.  The people of Chicago seemed to have strong reactions to her post for some reason. Many people told to be very careful and watch her back out there and pointed out that she was not in the best neighborhood.  One commenter seemed to be very aggressive and confrontational. I found the comment rather disturbing but I can’t seem to locate it again now. I am Instagram impaired so…who knows.

Less than 24 hours later TMZ is reporting that Brentt was robbed at her comedy show while selling her merch in the lobby. Apparently, someone was not happy with the quality of whatever crap they are selling and wanted a refund.  When Brentt refused to give him one he took off with Brentt’s backpack that had his laptop and wallet in it.

My first reaction to that story Brentt is still not in school. He’s 17 now so I suppose he doesn’t legally have to go anymore.

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