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Cynthia Bailey Shares Tidbits From Real Housewives of Atlanta Trip to Manila

RHOA cyn friends bitches

I was actually more interested in power drinking than watching or recapping this week’s Real Housewives of Atlanta episode in the Philippines. I think I still have it on my DVR, I’ll have to rewatch. Likewise it seems the Real Housewives of Atlanta themselves are more interested in power drinking than turning in a blog. Cynthia is the only good girl of the bunch this week. Nene is doing some of her Bravo foolishness by not blogging on the Bravo site, and now instead off pretending she is writing her own blog on her website, she’s decided just to toss her ghostwriter and just let whoever sends in a recap to her do it. She says to start the blog with something like, “Since Nene is not talking anymore…” Because she is having some sort of tantrum.

Perhaps she, too, simply got fed up with the refusal of an angry mob of commenters to embrace the existence of Progressive Judaism and  consider other salient facts in a well thought out post she had written.  At any rate, I considered sending Nene my recap in Hebrew, it did very well in the ratings.

But let’s take a look at Cynthia’s contribution of the week. Continue reading


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עקרות בית אמיתיות של אטלנטה Recap

אני בוכה לאנשים שלי

אני בוכה לאנשים שלי

הלילה, עקרות בית האמיתית של אטלנטה הלכו למנילה.

זה היה פרק גדול באמת.

הייתי recapped את זה אבל היום הוא יום ראשון של הדקלים ואני fobidden כדי לקבל גישה לtechology בימים נוראים.

שלום להיות איתך בעונה זו של עדשים.


Continue reading


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Okay This Creeps Me Out

RHOA Team Pretty Nene Wigs


Something Kenya posted on Twitter.


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Exclusive Tamara Tattles Tea on the RHOA Reunion 2015: Everyone Gets A Go With Porsha!

RHOA Andy Reunion

EXCLUSIVE!  Tamara Tattles  Tea  on the Real Housewives of Atlanta 2015 Reunion!  Please use excerpts and provide links to this source when quoting.

Y’all are terribly impatient when it comes to RHOA Reunion Tea!  It takes me awhile to synthesize my information and get the best idea of what actually went down from the many voices who are dropping some hints.  Some sources just love to make you ask every little detail and that is so tiring at this point that I can’t be bothered.  I just going to go with who seems to have taken the worst beating this season.  The good news is, the top three recipients of a good old RHOA read are all on Team Beast!

But first the seating situation. On the left couch,  we have Kenya next to Andy, then Cynthia then Kandi, On the right couch we have Nene , Phaedra and then Claudia!

Later when Porsha came out, Claudia moved to the Team Pretty plus Kandi couch and Porsha sat with Team Beast.

Also, despite the Asian themed set, I was told that the filming was indeed at The Biltmore again. That does not look like The Biltmore to me, but… apparently, it is.

As for how the ladies looked, I heard great thing about everyone except Porsha who was dressed for her other job if you know what I mean. I’m told that Nene got it right for the reunion. I’m not sure how much faith we should have in that report but in the spirit of fairness I’m letting you know that reports are that Nene looked good.  The usual “did she have some work done?” rumor went to Kandi. Waist training? New Boobs? Good Spanx? Whatever it was, she got good reviews as well.  In fact, everyone was at their best except for the peachless one. Continue reading


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Claudia Says Team Beast Has An Agenda and A Vendetta!



RHOA Claudia

Claudia is really the only one who did a real blog on the Bravo site this week. The rest just half-assed through a few questions and Nene had her tirade on her own site. So this is what we have to talk about today! Did you feel like progress was made at the therapy session?
Claudia Jordan: I do and I don’t. The main people that needed it were not willing participants. One took off because she couldn’t deal with hearing about how her actions affected the rest of the ladies. And the other that stayed, well… she received apology after apology without ever acknowledging any of her own wrong doing. That’s not right at all. How is it that the woman on the receiving end of a physical attack has apologized to her assailant on several occasions, yet she has yet to show any remorse? That’s downright insane to me! At the end of the day, there are lots of situations in this group where one can claim they were “provoked,” and if the response/excuse every single time was physical violence, we’d all be in jail!

I love this new trend of refusing to say the enemies names. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Thinks She is Being Wrongly Vilified.

Nene Doesn't want to


Technically it is too early in the week to be paying attention to housewives blogs but I’m getting emails about Nene’s this week and everyone seems a bit worked up about the ghostwriter’s dramatics this week.  Couple that with the fact that I have fallen into a downward spiral of staying up too late drinking and then napping for too long during the day and I am all about taking the blogger’s path of least resistance this week. So let me try to stay awake long enough to get out my purple pen.

Nene’s ghostwriter begins….

Don’t you just love the dramatics of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta? I loved how Dr. Jeff was saying “Nene, you’re going to that place again.” “Nene, you’re getting angry,” as I calmly walked to my car.

You seem very confused about what it means to calmly walk away. Screaming over people as the are calmly talking to you in a therapy session and then jumping up to grab up enough luggage to reasonably request a bell hop to assist you while storming out of the room and then going behind the valet stand demanding “a black Range Rover” all the while suggesting that the therapist license needs to be revoked for daring to allow others to speak in group therapy is not calmly walking to your car. Continue reading


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Millionaire Matchmaker With Kenya Moore

Millionaire Match Kenya Cyn

I am so zonked out today for some reason. Up too late last night, too long of a nap in the rainy dreary day today. I literally feel like I might fall asleep on my keyboard while recapping this.  I’m not exactly sure how I feel about this episode. Kenya and Patti would like you to believe she has a man that she found on this show.  But I would think we would have seen them SOMEWHERE by now if there was a great love connection.

Let see how the Bravo bullshit is spun on this episode. Perhaps it will be more believable than tonight’s RHOA.

In Kenya’s opening, Cynthia is there and Kenya says that she and Cynthia are known as the dynamic duo, as if they have been BFFs for their entire lives. The BS begins…

Kenya admits that she has been proposed to several times and always runs away. This not as strange as people seem to think it is There are plenty of people who only want to date people who are unavailable so that they don’t have to commit. Don’t ask me how I know this. And it’s not really a conscious thing. You think you want a serious relationship but when that is pursued by your partner, you realize you do not want it with that person. And that person can be pretty much any person. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Another Completely Fakeass Episode

Somehow this therapy session becomes a time to apologize to fucking Porsha? Um noe.

Somehow this therapy session becomes a time to apologize to fucking Porsha? Um noe.

Oh God, I had somehow blocked out the last episode of this show and was sitting here wondering where we were going tonight.  I completely forgot the TV shrink chasing Nene into the parking lot. I’m not sure who looks dumber, the shrink or Nene sashsaying away in her Pep Boys uniform.  I think she probably just had to work a late shift doing some oil changes and stuff in her coveralls.

Thank you Kandi! That is just what I was saying. Why is this fool chasing after Nene? Let her go and the other girls can actually hash some issues out. By the way I love what Kandi is wearing for a change. This is something I would wear.

Nene thinks that the shrink should lose his license. This is so hysterical. Her reasoning is that a good counselor would not allow everyone to speak their truth about  how Nene treats people. Nene sees this as “Gang Up on Nene Day!”   Clearly she doesn’t understand that counseling is about understanding YOUR behavior in interpersonal relationships and working on yourself.  In group or couples counseling it is about listening to how others perceive you. Nene get into her black Range Rover and rolls off.

Back in the session, Kenya points out that Nene does not have the tools to handle when more than one person comes at her, yet the rest of them have dealt with similar situations multiple times. Especially when they first come on the show.

Somehow this therapy session becomes all about Porsha and I can’t even deal with it. Continue reading


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What’s Wrong With This Picture ?

RHOA Porsha ovaries


We haven’t played this in so long and I usually let you guys pick out all the issues, but this picture just has so much that has gone wrong. I must at least get things started by saying that something is seriously wrong with Porsha’s ovaries. It’s painful for me to just look at. Continue reading


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Could Parks v. Stanton Finally Have an End In Sight?

Gif by TKyle Realtytvgifs  Tumblr

Gif by TKyle Realtytvgifs Tumblr

Parks v. Stanton – Order Denying Motion to Dismiss, Motion for Summary Judgment, as to Defendant’s Counterclaims

Angel Stanton's Book is Not SellingIn this litigation, plaintiff Phaedra Parks sued our client, Angela Stanton, alleging that Stanton’s memoir, Lies of a Real Housewife, was defamatory. Stanton filed counterclaims for tortious interference with contract and bad faith litigation, alleging that Parks’ lawsuit was frivolous and was designed to shut down the publication of truthful information. Parks filed motions to dismiss the counterclaims, and for summary judgment as to the counterclaims. In the orders below, the court denies Parks’ motions.

A hearing is set on Stanton’s motion for summary judgment as to Parks’ original lawsuit on April 20, 2015 in the Gwinnett County State Court.

Link to Attorney Radford’s blog. Continue reading


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How About A Musical Interlude?

A bit of Team Pretty at CIAA Weekend in Charlotte a few weeks ago. Where was Kenya? :(

I feel a nap coming on…


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Kenya Holds Nothing Back This Week About Her Feelings About Nene

RHOA Kenya Sheen 2


Kenya’s RHOA blog was surprisingly short this week. But sometimes a lot of words are not necessary. Unless you are Nene. She was RTing up a storm after the show. Anything that made Nene seem like a victim of mean old Dr. Jeff was RTed by Mrs. Leakes. It would be funny as hell if it wasn’t so sad that she believes it. She was also saying that she is the only one with a storyline this season. Really? Is being delusional a storyline? Continue reading


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