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My Friend Shawn Bradley Has The TEA on Porsha Williams!

#FBF Guys At Brunch!


Oh this is some sweet tea.  First of all I started this blog in November of 2011. In December of 2011 I had fallen in love with some guys who did like the early version of a podcast on Youtube. They were trailblazers and they were hysterical. Here is a link to my first post about them. All the media has been stripped out since I moved my hosting site THREE times since then until I got all settled in up in here in the Amazon cloud where I belong.

So anyway, on of the guys (at Brunch) was Shawn Bradley. And while they all live up north in Baltimore, Shawn is a homeboy who knows some folks down here in the ATL. So he was super interested in my Nene tea which was the hottest on the Internet at that time.

Anyway, Shawn is a comedian and is hysterical and he is about to do some work in Australia ( I assume his comedy act we have not chatted in a few years, sadly) and before he left, He decided to post some SMOKING HOT TEA on Porsha.

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Did Kenya Moore Have A Huge Tantrum on Set of Worst Cooks of America?

Kenya Moore Cooking Show


The good news is that I was right about what show Kenya Moore was filming in NYC.  It is indeed Worst Cooks in America.  The bad news is that she is getting some really bad press on Daily Mail.

Daily Mail confirmed my suspicions that she was on the show and shared the entire cast list today. Kenya is joined by  actress Nicole Sullivan, reality star Michael ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino, comedienne Loni Love, actress Barbara Eden, comedian Tommy Davidson, TV host John Henson, actress Mindy Cohn and actor Matt Dallas.

I know I am biased in favor of Kenya, but I have to say some of this just does not add up for me. First of all their sources are saying she was voted off first. I just checked her Instagram and her first day of filming was on June 1st. These things generally only film for two weeks.  So I tried to get a feel for how long she was there. On June 1st she was in hair and makeup in a yellow dress.  Then on the fifth she was in L.A.  I suppose it is possible that she was voted off first, but that didn’t happen in the last few days. I think that filming is over for Worst Cooks in America.  Then we have a photo from June 8th in the red dress with the enchiladas above.

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UPDATED! EXCLUSIVE #RHOA Tea What the Heck Are Phaedra and Porsha Up To Now?

RHOA Phaedra Porsha

Doncha just love unphotoshopped pictures? :)

UPDATED AGAIN Sunday 6/19 2:55 pm

As you all know I have spies that live in the neighborhood of Chateau Sheree, Moore Manor and Phaedra’s White House. And yes, Phaedra with her political aspirations did indeed paint her house white last filming season.

Nothing ever really happens at Chateau Sheree anymore, a fact that her neighbors are grateful for, and Kenya’s house is a bit more secluded, but Phaedra neighbors have begun complaining anew about the filming at her house.

As I mentioned earlier, there has been a lot of filming happening at Phaedra’s house lately. I had numerous emails about the “shit show” going on today on the short cul de sac. One person included a video and I could not view it at the time but have since done so. It’s a very short .mov doc I will try to include here but it probably will not work. It’s literally seconds long but I have the still.  There was a man in the street sort of directing this toward the house. Click on through!

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WWHL With Nene Leakes and Vivica Fox

Before we even begin I am confident of two things.  1) Nene is pissed that Vivica is on the show. (2) There will be Kenya Moore bashing.  Now I finally have a moment to check out Nene’s new face!

Andy starts right in at the introduction bringing up the time Sheree told Nene to “Fix that Face” ! Let the shade begin. I have a terrible memory, so I am probably wrong but wasn’t it Nene who said that to Sheree and Sheree told Nene to “Fix that Body!” ! That would make more sense anyway.

I blame my poor facial recognition skills for not seeing much difference in Nene’s face. I will say I am thrilled with her hair. I really need for hair to be symmetrical unless you are under 25 and club hopping or a lesbian. Otherwise, none of this ones side short and the other side long nonsense. At the very least you need hair on both sides of your head.

Nene says she talked to Cynthia this morning. They are back thick as thieves. Peter came to Nene’s “comedy show” in Charlotte, Nene says that she is still friends with Peter and texted him just yesterday and he is doing good.  Cynthia an Peter are the only ones who made it to Charlotte for her show.

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Who Is Ready for More Nene Leakes On Your TV? PLUS #RHOA Tea Roundup!

RHOA Nene on Family Feud

If a half dozen episodes of To Tell The Truth is not going to be enough to give you your Nene Leakes fix,  I have great news for you!  Nene Leakes just posted the about photo with this caption, “All you Game show fans get ready to cheer on The Leakes Family! We’re taking over Celebrity Family Feud June 26th…Meet my hubby Gregg, my sons Brice & Brentt and my brother Anthony. Playing for one of my fav charities! Broadway cares equity fights Aids @bcefa”

I can hardly wait for this.  Why? Because people make total fools of themselves on this show. Steve will say something like, “Something you might do with a cucumber..” And one member of this family brain trust will say, “Shove it up your butt, Steve!”  And then Steve will fall down in convulsions and roll around on the floor laughing.  We should make up a game out of this.

Name something you would go to Wal*Mart for!  “To steal some razor blades, Steve!”
Things that you pull! “A bitch’s weave, Steve!”
Something you might drink out of! “The toilet!”
Name something you might find in a purse! ” My son’s hands!”
Name a place women go to meet men! “Down to da Skrip Club!”
Name something you have to replace often! “My nose!”

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What Is Kenya Moore Cooking Up In NYC?

Kenya Moore Cooking Show


Kenya Moore has been giving us clues on what she is up to in NYC for several days now. First we saw her getting ready for the cameras in one of her many lacey, yellow dresses. And then we see her in an apron holding what looks like a couple of enchiladas.

Now, if you follow Kenya on Instagram, you know she is a foodie.  Especially when it comes to breakfast on her vacations. You will almost always see some pancakes or waffles with fruit and whipped cream and whenever available, Nutella. She is not one of those RHOBH types that doesn’t eat.

What we don’t see a lot of is her cooking.

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