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Nene Leakes Debuts A Madame in Cinderella on Broadway!

RHOA Nene cinderellla

“Waking up this morning in a daze like what just happened! I stood before a SOLD OUT Broadway theatre screaming my name! The overwhelming amount of love & support brought me to tears! I have so many people to Thank this morning. You might get tired of me today because I will be posting lots of pictures of last Nite. I can’t believe this. Like I really can’t believe this!” ~Nene Leakes

That is Nene Leakes this morning after  her Broadway debut on Tuesday night as Madame in Cinderella. It looks like we have had some misconceptions about the size of the role of Madame. It appears to be the third largest role in the entire play. According to Nene, it has the most lines of any other character. Keke Palmer and Nene Leakes both had their name up on the sign, while I get that both are new, the guy who has been playing the prince did not have his name up. I am getting the feeling that this is an even bigger deal that I originally thought. It sounds like Nene was a huge hit!

So major props to Nene on getting through her first performance and being well received by the sold out crowd! Continue reading

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Cynthia Bailey Talks About Her Meeting With Porsha, Kandi and Phaedra Weigh In

RHOA Cynthia 102114


Cynthia weighs in on the drama between Porsha and her this week. Then Kandi and Phaedra add their two cents.

Cynthia says:

Drama or no drama, the one thing I respect most about the ladies is their business savvy. I enjoy surrounding myself with strong, smart, business-minded women. Like some of the other ladies, I am a self-made woman. My career history and accolades speak for themselves. This was and continues to be accomplished through hard work and remaining fearless.  With that said, I felt it was in bad taste and another poor judgment call for Porsha to make fun of The Bailey Agency School of Fashion, especially since I have supported her single and hair business when called upon. The Bailey Agency empowers and inspires young talent to believe in themselves and to follow their dreams.   

I have known Porsha for a couple of years now, and we have never had any real issues until this last reunion. To my knowledge our only issue is I did not support her actions at the reunion. I have always made it clear that the reunion is a provocative environment for everyone involved. I adamantly did not support her choice to resort to physical violence, and I never will. Shortly after, she did WWHL, and claimed that I supported her actions and then I didn’t support her actions. I do not support physical violence. Period! I thought this was clear out the gate during the reunion, when I did not jump off the couch to run to her side.  Continue reading


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Claudia Jordan Shares Fun Times And Hard Times

Claudia’s Bravo blog included a link to the hysterical video above. It’s Kenya and Claudia in a Karaoke Bar in LA a few years back. Those two are  such jokesters.  She also shares some very personal after the page jump. You and Kenya have known each other for years – what’s the funniest/craziest thing you guys have done together?
Claudia Jordan: Hmm, I’d have to say the funniest thing we’ve done together was when for her birthday we went to a karaoke bar and performed “Nasty Girls.” Of course I was terrible, because I’m Rhythmless Nation over here, but Kenya was pretty good. I mean she’s no Mariah in the voice department, but what I like about her is she commits to the bit. It was fun! Underneath it all I’m just a big goofy kid at heart! Continue reading


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Kenya Moore Has Some “THOTs” on “A Woman’s Virtue”

Team Pretty

Team Pretty

This week on Kenya’s blog she had a few choice words for Nene and Porsha’s trash talking this week.


I have been respectfully employed since the age of 14, managing to stay off a pole and out of jail. Therefore, for 20 plus years I have been around the block working. NeNe cannot say the same. I will no longer tolerate the thinly veiled insults aimed at my virtue as a woman. Several seasons ago, NeNe blatantly flirted with Peter and was greatly criticized. However, no one took her seriously because of the way she looks. Clearly, she’s not a threat to anyone’s marriage. Lucky for her. Continue reading


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Porsha Williams on The Real

RHOA Porsha

I’m not sure I can tolerate watching The Real long enough to have a report that Porsha said and did stupid things on this episode.  I just can’t. I’ve hit record so I can go watch Keke Palmer hosting The View. I’ll head back over and zip through to the part y’all want to know about.  Tamera Mowry, I love you but what the hell are you doing on this hot mess of a show? Speaking of hot mess, do none of these RHOA have a stylist? Is Porsha using Nene’s?  What the hell is that dress? Those sleeves? I can’t even think of anything funny to say. It’s just sad. And that hair on her head?  Is it a full on wig with weave sewn into the wig? What is it?

Perhaps there is a merciful God after all. Our emperor POTUS has interrupted all programming to usher Republican Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel out the door in a “mutual resignation.” Hagel has been adamant that Obama needs to take a more aggressive look and pay more attention to national threats abroad in general and ISIS in particular. So now he is being pushed out and Obama is interrupting television to say nice things he doesn’t mean about Hagel being his best friend in the world and the nicest guy ever. Most people who follow politics seem to think that it is our National Security Advisor, Susan Rice who is considered combative and divisive as the person who needs a “mutual resignation,” but hey whatevs it’s just national security. How important are these decisions really ? This breaking news didn’t take long, so I may still have to watch Porsha. I’ll check back in a minute.

Please help me! My sleeves are tryna eat my pinhead!

Please help me! My sleeves are tryna eat my pinhead!

Tamar introduces Porsha as a southern Belle and then out comes Porsha doing the Nene Strut. Seriously? Does this chick just try to be someone else ever day?  First they have her “spin the heel” which apparently is a wheel full of embarrassing questions??? Hers is “What is the most ratchet thing you do?”  This is only an hour show and she only gets two segments so we cannot even begin to list them all. I think she should focus on the big things like dating fo dollahs, or preaching about gay folks and prostitutes being redeemable people who are below her despite being beard (allegedly) and an escort(allegedly) herself, and this “ensemble” as Tamar just called it could jump up there on the list as well. But no, Porsha says that the most ratchet thing she does is, “that I’m a twerkaholic.  Dayum girl, you can’t get any answers right can you? She gets up to demonstrate and all the other girls on the panel do it with her. They are all better.

They go straight for her dating life. Here is how Porsha describes getting passed around by her man and ultimately dumped, allegedly, according to reports I’ve read.  Porsha says sometimes she thinks she is in love and she wants to get married again “and then somebody will do something and I think, you know what? I’m just gonna do Porsha!”  Not only is she now talking like Nene she even threw in the finger snap. I’m serious.

Tamera asks if she has made up with Kenya after assaulting her last season. Porsha says, “You know what? I just feel like at that moment I gave a bully power. And  I vowed to never let that happen again, so this season if she say something I’m just like.. (tosses stiff fake hair over he shoulder and is unable to clear the giant sleeve).”

What is season 7 about? “This season I feel it’s about mending relationships or you know just trying to… it’s just a lot of soul-searching I think” Please click here for an example of how Porsha mends relationships.   The show a clip of Porsha talking about Cynthia being “one of those Instagram THOTs.” Porsha seems to have forgotten she spent all summer posting naked photos of herself in Instagram to sell fake hair.

The ask if it is hard to be on Dish Nation talking about gossip when there is so much out there about her. Porsha says they have a new segment called Porsha exposed and they guys pull up rumors about her on the Internet and she addresses them.

In the next segment they play a game called “Are You Smarter Than a Housewife?” Tamera and the Asian girl are hosting, and they further cripple Porsha by putting her with Tamar against the two other panelists. The first question is for Porsha. The category is history. The question, “The famous quote, four score and seven years ago was uttered by which famous president..” Porsha correctly answers Abe Lincoln and immediately I realize that they have coached Porsha on the questions. Tamar could not answer what is 10% of $48.50 ?  Porsha is asked in which US City is it illegal to tie a giraffe to a light pole? Porsha answers, “Florida.” I kid you not. Perhaps someone called out the Abe Lincoln answer. Tamera can’t help but point out Florida is not a city. Porsha’s team lost.










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WWHL With Kandi Burruss and Lisa Wu

WWHL Kandi and Lisa Wu

I’m not overly excited about this pairing but maybe we will get a feel for how things really are between Kandi and Phaedra. The Bartender tonight is Andy’s doorman who is featured heavily in his latest book, Surfin Percy. Andy refers to him as his “moral compass.” Kandi responds with “He’s your what compass?” Andy repeats himself and Kandi gives an “Oooohhh” the way one does when they have no idea what something means. Um, scary? Surfin Percy knows all of Andy’s dirt.

Andy asks how Kandi feels about Claudia. Kandi says she likes her a lot but she will read your ass. She reads like a queen! Andy pretends to be shocked. Andy asks if she can give him a preview, like who specifically does she end up reading. Kandi says she doesn’t want to say. I’ll say. It’s Nene Leakes. Claudia reads her for filth on the Puerto Rico trip. Probably why she didn’t want to go to the Phillipines. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta: All Tea, All Shade (Recap)

RHOA PHillipines2

I can’t wait for us to get to know Claudia Jordan tonight! First, Cynthia and Porsha talk about Cynthia’s party. Porsha throws shade right of the bat toward Cynthia saying she started out as little Nene and now she is baby Kenya. Porsha is so funny in these scenes talking  about Claudia. This is before she knew that Claudia was there to snatch her peach. Phaedra finally shows up to the pow wow with Porsha and Kandi. BTW, they are at some high-end bar in Atlanta and Phaedra and Porsha are dressed to the nines and Phaedra is in yoga pants and a tank top. Phaedra asks how Cynthia’s party was because she missed it. Nope, she was tipped off and kept right on driving after arriving at Bar One. Anyway, Kandi tells the story. Kandi tells Phaedra (and that other one)about Apollo lying about everything related to Kenya.

Phaedra acts SHOCKED! Shocked I tell you! She was 8 months pregnant at the time Apollo was telling her this and it just added to the stress. Now this puts her under more stress. Wow, Phaedra admits that she owes Kenya an apology. She doesn’t think Kenya is Mother Teresa but she is woman enough to have a conversation and apologize and move forward. I’ll believe that when I see it. Kandi says, “Not just you all of us.” The editing is shady and it looks like Porsha is agreeing. In her talking head Kandi says she feels bad for Kenya. Phaedra says, “Oh that’s terrible. Poor Kenya.”

Meanwhile Kenya and her aunt are at Lush Life landscaping. It’s a really pretty setting. Her aunt suggests she consider a cactus since she has a tendency to kill flowers. Her aunt is suggesting Kenya find forgiveness for all of them, especially Porsha. They flash to a montage of Porsha and Nene and Phaedra saying vile things about Kenya at the last reunion. Kenya is struggling to forgive. She says she would be willing if they were willing to reach out to her first. Her Aunt tries to coax Kenya to be the bigger person. Kenya dramatically spouts off some Shakespeare (Iago from Othello if you are interested.)   Continue reading


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Exclusive! Nene Throws A Fit and Argues With RHOA Production

Gif by T.Kyle

Gif by T.Kyle

Why hello there fellow bloggers! Please don’t step on my exclusive and remember to use only excerpts and give proper credit. I’d had for you to catch Ebola for Christmas due to bad karma. It’s not a good time of year to upset the baby Jesus.

I was pretty sure that other than Nene’s Broadway debut filming for RHOA had already ended. But it seems like they decided to extend filming to include an event yesterday in Atlanta  at Frederick Douglass High School.  The event was to highlight the Save Our Sons program and Phaedra Parks was one of the members of a panel. Here is the official description of the even from their press release, ” The S.O.S. rally will include several panel discussions on topics of interest including supporting the development and learning of African-American males in metro Atlanta, the responsibilities of law enforcement officer and the rights of individuals, supporting those who are already in the criminal justice system and recommendations to optimize opportunities for African-American youth. The event will also feature special performances and a community resource fair.”

Here is where it gets interesting. I had a commenter who was at the event who reported it was being filmed. Not only was Phaedra there, but Kenya was there (um why? I thought Phaedra and Kenya remained mortal enemies this season.) as well as Nene (Um why? She is supposed to be in NYC.  According to Nene’s twitter timeline she hosted an event well into the wee hours of the morning yesterday. How could she have gotten there.?  So this morning after getting ahold of a Bravo source, I asked for confirmation of the commenters account. The source confirmed it in its entirety.  So as strange as it seems,  Phaedra, Nene and Kenya came face to face to face yesterday. Minor edit: Also in attendance were Claudia, Cynthia and Peter and Porsha.  That makes more sense. :) Kandi did NOT attend. Continue reading


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Nene Continues To Think She is Kim Kardashian

RHOA nene ass

This is just pathetic. On so many levels. I’m already hearing Nene was fired from her DRAG QUEEN job in Vegas before it ended.  If she can’t play a drag queen for a week, there is no way she can close out a Broadway show for a month. You heard it here first. Nene quits ERRYTHANG. Wait and see. Nene’s comment?

Me and my girl @kimkardashian about to break the Internet Bay Bay LOL..

How low can you go trying to build off Kim K?

I’m investigating the rumors about Zumanity.  I can confirm the shitty reviews, but there is more. I don’t expect her to last as long as the show…


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Phaedra Parks Was “Unmoved” By The News Apollo Lied

Suddenly, this seems like a plea to Apollo's cell mate.

Suddenly, this seems like a plea to Apollo’s cell mate.

Phaedra has written a Bravo blog! It seems she has eeked out some time for us despite her lengthy client list and constant court room appearances, book sales, video sales, and of course burying corpses of various species.  Hurray!  Only it isn’t a blog. It seems that Bravo has resorted to giving certain housewives a Q & A  format to actually encourage them to get something in each week. Writing a blog post is a difficult thing for some it would seem.

For the most part the blog is about her tirelessly role as a mother to two young boys. Phaedra really does do it all! With help from her mother, a fulltime nanny and a small tribe of babysitters, Phaedra manages to be “Super Mom.” I’ve spared you most of that.  Because the important part is what she has to say about Kenya. Continue reading


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Kandi Feels Bad That She Believed Apollo’s Lies

Kandi Burruss Tucker

Kandi is already showing signs of warming to Kenya Moore despite her former strong alliance to Phaedra. I think we can see Kandi coming around to at least hang out with “Team Pretty” this season and be in the thick of things this season. As we discovered here, Kandi and Phaedra are no longer close and Phaedra has unfollowed her on Twitter. How shocked were you by Apollo saying he lied about seeing Kenya in LA?
KB: I was totally shocked. Over the last couple of years Todd and I had become pretty good friends with Apollo. I didn’t think he would just make up a story about Kenya offering him fellatio and seeing her in Cali for no reason. There had been some flirty comments and moments that had happened between them that made the whole thing somewhat believable, and when I saw that text from her to him a while back saying “Hey Babe,” I didn’t think it was appropriate.
Continue reading


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Nene Leakes on Dr. Oz

Nene Blood Clots

Nene was on Dr. Oz today talking about toxic relationships?  She starts by giving an update on her blot clot situation. She says she is on daily medication for it, and she currently is clotfree, but she is still concerned about them coming back.  Doctor Oz brings up the fact that Nene did not go on the Phillipines trip, allegedly due to concerns about clotting. It was a 15 hour trip for the first leg to Seoul, but that is a giant airplane with a duty free shop and a bar and plenty of opportunities to walk around. Dr. Oz says “That was very wise. It would have been an unsafe thing to do.” Which is mostly bullshit, she is on medication, she knows she has risk factors,  there are compression socks you can wear, and measures you can take on long flights that reduce the likelihood of developing a clot tremendously.  You don’t have to stop taking long trips once the clots are gone. That said, it is a scary thing and I can totally see her not wanting to take the 15 hour flight. And the clots are a great excuse to get out of it even if you just didn’t want to go. Dr. Oz  asks if she is sad she missed the trip and she says no, and laughs. Continue reading


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