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Cynthia Bailey Talks About Being Assaulted by Porsha on The Boat

RHOA Lanier Cynthia and the hoodrats

Cynthia’s Bravo Blog is up. She basically recaps exactly what happened just like I did. Imagine that. It must be frustrating to not be able to discuss things that were not shown. I know for a fact we are missing a lot of events in editing.  Also, I’ve heard claims today that Porsha’s PR team was behind a lot of the Porsha support on social media. I’m not sure I believe that. There are a lot of idiots in the world that Porsha clearly appeals to. I always thought the reality shows with all the violence were popular because of the entertainment value of watching morons fight.  Now I believe that a large percentage of people who watch those show think it is admirable behavior and that the victims somehow deserve to be attacked. Sad. How do you know Tammy?
CB: Tammy and I have a mutual close friend in New York City, who thought we should meet. (cough Andy Cohen cough) I love meeting new people, so I decided to invite her to Lake Lanier. I thought this would be a great opportunity for us to hang out and introduce her to my friends. That was our first time hanging out, and we are still getting to know each other. (Translation: Don’t blame me for her pestering Kandi, I don’t even know the bitch.)

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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Don’t Rock The Boat, Bitch!

Gif by T. Kyle

Gif by T. Kyle


This should be a very interesting episode of RHOA . I’m dying to know if Kenya got taken to court for showing up at Chateau Sheree. But I am even more interested to see how things went down exactly on the boat party on Lake Lanier. Sadly, I’m sure that will be a cliffhanger over to next week’s show.  I’m dying to see how it lines up with what I have heard.

Looking for the latest update from Chateau Sheree?

We start with Kenya walking down the street headed to Chateau Sheree.  Unless the gates are open, you really do have to walk over from the street behind the monstrosity because it is a super busy intersection. What whut? Have they CGIed that house and added grass and made the trees green? Why yes, yes it sure looks like they have.  And Sheree is there conveniently sweeping the construction site. The back of the house is gorgeous. There is a giant living room on the back side that has no ceiling on the first floor, it just goes right up to the roof and the whole thing is windows. It’s really nice. And ALMOST makes up for the windowless front of the house. Sheree is NOT going to let Kenya into the house. LOL. She still has no flooring in there. But she got electrical this year!  Notice how the back of the house is slap up on the house behind it. That is the person who moved. I am not sure if  anyone new has moved in. The street that the house backs up to is the most pissed off of all the neighbors in that area.  Also please note, there is no one there working on the house.  Oh the boat party is for Cynthia! Which makes the two hoodrats going after her even more ratchet. Sheree and Kenya place a friendly wager over who will have their certificate of occupancy by Christmas.  Fun fact, my attorney informed Sheree what a certificate of occupancy was in court. It would seem like Shereee, the contractor, would have been familiar with that term. I have no idea where Moore Manor is as far as construction, but there is no way in hell Sheree will have a certificate of occupancy by Christmas. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Interview Talks About Her Visit to The View And Much More

Nene in Chicago

Okay, I really want to share the video I am going to put below the cut with you. But first, I need to say that the interviewer appears to be deaf. For real. So you may be a bit distracted at first. I know I was. But I think if I was prepared, I would have been able to focus sooner.

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Cynthia Bailey and Leon Spend Thanksgiving With Noelle

RHOA Leon Cynthia Noelle

For those of you routing for Cynthia and Leon to be back together…. I am starting to think that the scenes with her and Leon were filmed after the fact.  The last production filming I know about was last Sunday and I am pretty sure the season wrapped with Porsha wearing some slutty red dress over to Phaedra’s.  I think that was the last thing on the production slate.

Anyway, both of Noelles parents were serving up Thanksgiving dinner in a church. And Peter was flying off too…. somewhere on Thanksgiving Day.

But it doesn’t mean post production is done and they won’t come back to shot Cynthia and Leon reunion… Who knows?

They do look totally in sync.


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Nene Leakes Is Working on Thanksgiving Day!

Nene in Chicago

Photo: Chicago Facebook Photo by Walter McBride

Nene had the day off yesterday but Chicago is back live tonight at 8 p.m.  Then tomorrow and Saturday she has two shows a day.  That’s a lot of work to do five shows in three days, but Nene seems to be having a blast!


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What Going On at Sports One?

Bar One 1

While the RHOA storyline is going to be about Peter’s cheating ways this season, there is something weird going on in Charlotte.  To be a bit more specific, nothing is going on in Charlotte.  One of my spies in Charlotte is a Panthers fan and goes out after the game. This spy drives right by Sports One after each game. There is never anyone there.  The photos in this story were taken after the last Panthers game.

In other interesting news, it’s football season and Kordell Stewart has not mentioned a word about “his” bar. In fact he hasn’t mentioned it in all of 2015 as far as I can tell. I have a feeling he is no longer involved with the place at all. It looks like Peter my be all alone on this sinking ship. Continue reading


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