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Porsha Williams Buys Huge House One Hour Outside of Atlanta



Porsha Williams has purchased a ginormous house in Duluth. I heard that she had made an offer in July on some property in the hinterlands of Gwinnett county and then didn’t hear anything about it again until this week when she was at the closing signing her giant mortgage.  I should probably say co-signing as I believe that her mother had to co-sign the approximately one million dollar mortgage. She posted a video on Instagram showing her signing for her first house since the divorce where she giddily mocked Kordell (like he cares) and thanked her mother (presumably for co-signing). Allegedly. That is how it appeared to me.

Despite the multitudes of reasonably sized homes in the Atlanta area preferred by Kenya and Phaedra,  Porsha appears to be going for the biggest house she can find.  The new home for the single, childless proud owner is almost 6000 square feet and has five bedrooms and six (rather dreadful) bathrooms. Oh and did I mention Nene Leakes would be her neighbor if Nene ever moves into her house in any meaningful way. Like, you know, with furniture.  Both Porsha and Nene will be living in Sugarloaf Country Club!  The neighbors are just going to die over this. I can’t wait for the comments here.  At least Porsha only paid just over a million for her monstrosity while   Nene (over)paid $2 million for her home.  Nene’s house is bigger by one bedroom, half a bath and over 3,500 square feet.

Porsha will also be able to luxuriate in front of five separate fireplaces during the cold Atlanta winters and brush up on her golf skills in warmer months in since her back yard backs up to the golf course.

Click through for interior photos.

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Kenya Moore Flames Out On Worst Cooks In America



Before I even get to the show, I need to remind you that word mysteriously leaked out about Kenya Moore going home first on Worst Cooks in America back in June.  According to the source, Kenya had a huge hissyfit and refuse to tape her confessionals and her exit.   Here are the primary allegations.

  • Kenya stomped around the set and refused to leave saying ” I’m calling my agents and they better fix this s***!” Can your really have your agent force a show not to eliminate you first? How would anyone get eliminated?
  • She cursed at the producers, badmouthed the judges and ranted: “Without me this damn show will fail!”
  • During her post-show blow-up, Moore said that Burrell was “jealous of her beauty” and “had it out for me the entire time.”
  • Producers of the show kept trying to get her to leave. They needed to tape the exit scene with her and she refused to go. They needed her to tape her farewell commentary and she refused to. She was dropping F-bombs like no one they had ever seen before.
  • And she was allegedly sent home for overcooked fish.

From the beginning, Anne loves Barbara Eden, because Jeannie!  And hates Kenya, because, Louboutins!  Both Jeannie and Kenya are clearly cast as the class clowns. Kenya acts like she has no idea what a broiling pan is.  This is strange behavior for someone who just put a ten thousand dollar 48 inch professional dual fuel range with four burners plus a griddle and a grill in Moore Manor.  Or maybe she just like that the knobs matched her red bottoms.

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#RHOA Filming Update: Production’s Porsha Makeover

From the body language alone, one can see Kenya is not buying what Porsha is selling.

The body language alone shows this won’t go well.

Ever since the altercation between Porsha and Kandi where  Porsha had her meltdown, the overall story arcfor the upcoming season of RHOA  has changed. While people like Tammy got her peach snatched in Miami for someone else’s violent behavior, and Robin Levy and her wife Christina Flores were eliminated almost entirely from this season of RHONJ for an altercation with Jacqueline Laurita in Stowe,  Porsha Williams continues to be coddled and protected by production. It sure seems like the women of RHOA don’t receive the same standard of care as those on other shows.
When Porsha attacked Kenya and dragged her by her hair across the stage, while Kenya put up no resistance at all, Carlos King ran out on stage and cradled Porsha and carried her away like a wounded bird.  A police report was made and, last I heard. Porsha still has that as one of her open criminal cases in Fulton County court.  I believe there is another one regarding her verbal assault on a police officer while being arrested for a traffic infraction or something.

Porsha went nuts again the very next season, coming for Cynthia this time.   Then again in that season, Porsha attacked her friend, beating her down in a dark alley outside a Christmas party.   I believe Porsha did one “anger management” session and that was filmed for the show. That was the big CYA move that Bravo NYC apparently came up with. One class with a TV therapist on camera.

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Peter Thomas Is In Hot Water With His Charlotte Businesses

Peter Thomas RHOA


Who is surprised that Peter Thomas has made the Charlotte news for his shady business dealings? Anyone? Anyone? I see no hands. I’ve been asked a couple of times what I think about his latest mess, and it just sounds like the usual shell game he likes to play to me.  What I wonder is what if anything the FEDs think about it.  Apollo’s arrest and Peter’s possession of some of Apollo’s assets have put him on their radar.  I’m not sure this is big enough for them to get involved just yet, but you never know.

I do think that the FEDs showing up at Cynthia’s house was a big part of her filing for divorce. 

Peter is pushing an after party at Club One next week for the Bad Boy Reunion Tour.  His flyers have Puff Daddy and all the performers on them and it is strongly implied they will be in Club One.  #Sketchy.  I don’t see Puff Daddy rolling up in Club One, but we shall see.

But first, click through for a list of the most hilarious components of the newest lawsuit against Peter.  Let me know which one made you laugh the hardest.

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Exclusive #RHOA Filming Tea: All Signs Point To A Porsha Intervention

Marlo, Glamping in Gucci

Marlo, Glamping in Gucci

The RHOA are all done glamping and back home safely. So I feel comfortable revealing exactly where they went now. I didn’t want to be responsible for any crazies heading to the woods to find them.  Here is what TamaraTattles Sources have revealed about their adventure.  The RHOA went to Banning Mills. If you are one of my few Married At First Sight readers, this place is familiar to you.  Last season, if you recall, instead of wasting money on a trip to a winery or someplace romantic, they sent David and Ashley to Banning Mills for one final couples building activity.  It did not go well.

Bannings Mill is a whopping 45 minutes outside of Atlanta. It is most used as a corporate retreat and the focus is heavily on team building activities.  The women did not do any tent camping but they did stay in the treehouse rooms. You can see those in the first picture here.  They all crossed the long bridge to go to one treehouse room for the photo. The treehouse rooms are the nicest accommodations there, but they do sort of wiggle around and they are not in any way a luxury room.  Bannings Mill is really pretty and great for hiking, but these ladies spent most of their time doing scary activities that rely on trusting their team.

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Kim Fields At Mack Is The New Black Fashion Show

I am pretty open with you guys about how the sausage is made around here. I am fortunate to have some good sources for RHOA. That said, as much as I would love to get them all in a room and say, “Okay tell me in intimate detail everything that is happening during filming, and don’t leave a thing out!” and then push record on my voice recorder. That would be nice. But these people are busy. The key is not to bother them too much. And the most important thing is knowing the best question to ask. This is the hard part because I want to ask a million questions. Or at least ten. But one, and MAYBE two is the way to go. That’s why it’s good to have more people to ask.

I’m telling you all of this to set up a photo. I really don’t want it to go to Twitter when I hit publish so that means it can’t be the first or the second photo in the post. If you can’t wait scroll down. :)

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