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Porsha and Kandi Participate in Track Meet to Fight Childhood Cancer

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I  just got the following tip in my email with the above photos:

“The RHOA  Porsha and Kandi were at the Fighting Childhood cancer Celebrity track meet today August 1, 2015 at the Emory University here in Atlanta. Porsha actually competed in the events. RHOA production crew was filming Porsha and Kandi throughout the whole event. So looks like Porsha and Kandi are a lock in for season 8. ”

Saw what you want about Kandi, but she will shoot any scene she is asked, usually with a smile on her face.

A huge thank you to the reader who sent me the email!


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Why Is Nene At A Police Station?


I’m changing the Law wit the Po Po #Byewig #Girlbye

Um… I usually just laugh and laugh about the preponderance of Nenetards with her T-shirts on in between her trying to make “wayment” a word and the refusal to put an ‘h’ at the end of the word with.

But is this crossing the line? I’m feeling some kinda way about this. And these police officers… Thoughts? Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Has a New Plan

Will Nene Leakes Be Returning for Season Five?

Y0u guys remember Nene Leakes? Come on, I am sure you do. She was that rich bitch on RHOA!  You know the one who lived in rentals for every season she was on,  rent likely paid by Bravo, with the husband who was ON THE LOCAL NEWS before they started the show as some dude who managed rental properties and did some shit he was not supposed to do?

Well now that Nene has taken out a mortgage on a house she has discovered that not everyone goes to Rent-To Own for furniture. She’s been to High Point, North Carolina where  most middle income people go to buy DISCOUNT furniture.

Nene Leakes who finally has to buy her own furniture, has now of course declared herself an expert on the subject. Continue reading


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RHOA Filming Tea: Look Who Is Back…




kandiburruss Late post from weds night. I invited my girls @phaedraparks @porsha4real @cynthiabailey10 & @thekenyamoore to a special performance of my groups @theband_loud & @officially_glamour. I also surprised them with my baby news! It was a great night!

As if Kandi Burruss didn’t have enough going on in her life, now that she is expecting, she has resurrected her label Kandi Koated  to sign two bands featuring young, up and coming singers. Last Wednesday night RHOA filmed a little mini concert performed by  her two bands Loud and  Glamour. Continue reading


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Kandi Burruss is Pregnant!

Kandi Burruss & Todd Tucker - 1

Kandi Burruss is pregnant according to Us Magazine!

“We’re so thrilled to announce the news of our bundle of joy! It’s a dream come true.” Kandi said. “Our daughters, Kaela and Riley, couldn’t be happier about becoming big sisters,” Tucker added.

They sex of the baby has not been disclosed. Toddy is praying for a boy. Frankly, so am I.

Well, um, YAY!  I hope there was something in the prenup about child custody. Continue reading


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Claudia Jordan Spilling The Tea on The Breakfast Club


Claudia spilled a LOT of tea about RHOA on casting this morning on The Breakfast Club.  She lets the cat out of the bag that she broke up with the guy she was dating last week.  Which I found out about a few days ago from word on the street. Claudia has had a rough few weeks.

They talk about the Rickey Smiley show. She admits it was difficult working for Rickey Smiley. Apparently, Rickey banished Claudia from the breakfast table because he didn’t like the way she ate and made her eat alone.  Charlamagne  and the other host keep bringing up very specific rumors about how bad Rickey Smiley is and she is trying to tip toe around it.  It is obvious that Rickey was a jerk, and Claudia felt restricted by being stuck in a role that wasn’t a good fit. She wanted to be free to be funny and she wasn’t. She was told to just read the news. Continue reading


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What The Hell is Going On With Claudia Jordan Now?

What are these two up to NOW?

What are these two up to NOW?

It’s been a couple of days since my sources told me that Claudia Jordan was DONE fucking with RHOA. I held on to the info because it seems every week someone is out and back in again. The “Claudia is out” tea held for a couple of days, so I finally shared it. No sooner did I do that, Claudia and Demetria are in NYC.  I knew that. What I did not know is that they were in NYC, among other reasons, to meet with True Entertainment, the company that oversees production of RHOA and other reality shows.

I had a feeling that the two beauties were working on a project together as they both seem to support each others events. I knew they were likely in NYC at least in part to meet with executives, perhaps to sell their idea for a show. Continue reading


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Exclusive RHOA Casting Tea: No More Team Pretty

RHOA Claudia and Demetria at Black and White

Here is the latest EXCLUSIVE TEA on the confusing RHOA Casting .

The new production team for RHOA does not seem to know what they want. Their tactics seem to be film a bunch of random stuff and figure it all out later.  But now they are going to be doing it without Claudia. Claudia appears to be out for good this time.  Claudia has opted to work her own booking (often with Demetria McKinney) and leave RHOA behind. Claudia has been making a lot of changes in her life and moving her career in a different direction. RHOA can’t seem to promise anyone anything at the moment and Claudia is not one to sit on the sidelines while other people get their shit together.

So Claudia and Demetria are in NYC doing their thing. I hope Claudia changes her mind, but my sources say that Claudia needs to work and she always seems to have some sort of event or photo shoot lined up.  Continue reading


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The Underground Railroad Has Taken Porsha Williams To Vegas To See “Her Man”

RHOA Porsha and Duke 1

Well, there is an interesting story floating around about Porsha’s new pro athlete boyfriend who is apparently, Duke Williams a player on the Buffalo Bulls. Actually, this is a new prospect, it seems like the NBA player has jumped ship.  As you recall RHOA production decided it wanted all the women to have relationships, which was problematic since some did not. Porsha was left to try to get a client business associate of hers to pose as a boyfriend or dig one up some other way. First there was the NBA rumor but that never seemed to materialize. Porsha needed another man. Enter Duke Williams.

Duke Williams recently made the news on the sports sites for bothering women on social media trying to get them to come see him. In this example on The Big League, Duke was called out by porn star Mia Khalifa for constantly trying to get her to come see him in Miami or in Vegas (the Vegas part will be important later in the story).  She finally had to shut him down by posting his DMs to her where she points out she as a man with an “A1 dick game.” #Burn In the past week at least one other Instagram THOT has spurned his unwelcome advances. Continue reading


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What Will Nene Leakes Do Now?

RHOA nene fail

While we are all still busy gloating that Nene has burned her Bravo bridge (at least for now), you have to wonder what Nene has up her shoulder baring sleeve next.  Those of us from Atlanta remember back before season one aired,  that there was a news story about Nene and Gregg Leakes about their grifting ways. If I recall correctly, at that time Gregg was involved in some sort of rental property scam, allegedly.  The Leakes seem to have a history of grifting and scamming their way through life.  So I imagine that will continue in some way on a larger stage.

Nene actually has a REALLY good idea.  Recently, on her Instagram Nene posted a picture of her at one of those Women’s Expo type of things. The caption said that she was going to go on a “So Nasty, So Rude” tour. It’s funny to me that she gets her “Neneisms” from things that Kenya says to her, but again, she’s using it to make 89 cents per T-Shirt sold, or whatever she makes. So, there is that. Continue reading


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Nene and Kim’s Remake of Paris and Nicole Cancelled

Nene Leakes Insults Her Twitter Fans; Bravo Claims She is Divorced

I knew this was going to happen when Nene cut off her nose to spite her face. But now, TMZ is reporting it  But amusingly they got the story all wrong. Nene fucked herself in contract negotiations. SHE WAS IN for season 8. She had a spinoff. But no… She got too big for her britches and now she is FUCKED.

Let me purple pen the TMZ story, because my RHOA sources are WAY better than theirs.

NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak were thiiis close to reuniting on TV … but Bravo just scrapped their new show, “Road to Riches.”

Yeah, not so much, you don’t seem to understand that Nene has been CUT from RHOA, Bravo in general and everything else. She tried a power play that did not work. She is DONE . She will never be on Bravo again.

TMZ has learned NeNe and Kim’s road trip show — think Oprah and Gayle with more arguing — has been 86’d due to scheduling issues.

Total BS. Kim finished up Don’t Be Tardy filming in June. Shortly after this scene, she announced on Twitter she was done with filming.  Nene will be finished with TTTT TOMORROW. Nene FUCKED herself with her demands and Bravo is NOT taking her back. Continue reading


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Tea From My Inbox on RHOA, Vanderpump Rules, RHOBH


Good Morning! Well okay, it’s morning somewhere and one of those places is Tamara Land. Tamara Land is very near to I Don’t Give A Fuck Land, that glorious country ruled by Chay. We share similar philosophies and governing rules. Currently, it remains hot as fuck in Tamara Land, it’s 80 degrees in the majority of the land despite central air, and a cooler 75 in dark cave. In the cave days and nights cease to exist, one sleeps during the heat and rises with the cooler air. Responsibilities go ignored. Hiding under the sheets is a prime activity. But the mail still runs. And the tea continues to roll in. So here is the Daily Tea from Tamara Land.


I’ve received two bits of info about RHOBH real estate. First of all, Mohammed Hadid is now facing criminal charges (misdemeanor) over the building of his Beverly Hills megamansion.  For many, many, months Mohammed has been defying all construction laws and building whatever he wants regardless of all of the stop work orders. He’s starting to remind me of certain Chateau builder in Atlanta. He even has built an underground movie theater under the monstrosity.  He appealed all the violations the city has charges him with recently and lost. Now the city attorney is in charge of filing criminal charges against him. In true Chateau form, Mohammed had taken his name off the title and put it in a shell LLC with a Virginia attorney named as the Company executive. He should be in court next month. [Source] Continue reading


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