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Kim RIchards Guest Stars On Revenge, As a Coke Head Socialite


I used to be really into Revenge and even recapped it here from time to time but I’ve grown bored with it. I still tape it and sort of half watch it. It’s just sort of jumped the shark for me.  I don’t have any idea why Nolan is getting married and really am not following the storylines much anymore. But I though I would do a quick post on Kim’s appearance. Click below for the interesting tea on her character on the episode. All 14 words. Continue reading


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Season Finales: Flipping Out, Revenge, The Blacklist (Spoilers)


I haven’t felt like doing anything but watching TV and not blogging about it today. At least I was not in recapping mode (which I had best get in because it’s almost time for RHOOC), but I did want to talk to y’all about a couple of shows. So can I just make this a blog where I blabber on about a few season finales and then get to hear your feedback? Yes? Awesome!

Let’s start with Flipping Out.  I don’t usually mind recapping this but the finale was kind of too weird to recap. Did you watch? Jeff took the gang out into wilderness somewhere to a ranch house run by creepy liberal spiritual people. There was hand holding, and sharing feelings while sitting on the floor in a circle, a colonic room and well, it was as stupid as I am making it sound.  There was much torturing of Andrew who eventually had a crying breakdown. Again, I felt bad for that Schadenfreudey feeling inside me. Because torturing people is wrong. But sometimes funny. I mean never funny. It’s never, ever, funny. Continue reading


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Revenge Recap: Hatred…Sleeping With The Enemy


Welcome back, Revengers!  I got a bit busy this week before getting around to this recap, but who really cares? Because it is another WINTER FINALE episode.  Who the hell invented this WINTER FINALE nonsense anyway.  I thought we were trending away of the whole Fall Season model of business and moving toward having good programming on year round? Was I wrong about that? These long breaks make me lose the storyline and fill me with hatred.

That is an apt emotion and the perfect title for this week’s episode because there is more than enough haterade to go around The Hamptons right now.  That said, we begin the episode with an unlikely pairing. Nurse Niko is in Emily’s bedroom at her behest because she appears to have ripped the stitches out of her gut in her sleep. I am a heavy sleeper and even I would wake up if I was ripping a giant gaping wound in my belly with my bare hands.  But I suppose the writers wanted to let us know that Emily has her fighting spirit back after sort of giving up last week. After thanking Niko for punching her in the gut last week, Emily pulls a red hot poker out of the fire and suggests cauterizing the wound rather than restitching it.  Niko half-ass refuses before laying the hot poker on the wound. You know Niko loved that, she has to be seething with hatred over her man choosing Emily over her.

More hatred is floating around the gallery as Nolan drops in on Patrick. Poor lovelorn Nolan can’t ever seem to have a relationship with either gender with anyone sane. Patrick may not be long for this world. Nolan’s paramours all seem to come to an untimely demise eventually. Pity. I think Nolan really likes this one. Nolan gives Patrick a file he put together for Victoria when he helped her locate her son it contains a police report with his father’s name on it. What is Nolan’s motive?

Dr. Robinson, Victoria’s therapist arrives for a housecall. Emily claims she is seeing the shrink for advice on repairing her marriage.

Two people who don’t hate each other yet, are Jack and Margaux. They are out for a stroll with the baby like two lovebirds. Margaux gets very excited to see her magazine, Voulez on the newsstand. She is thrilled to open it to her story which she is seeing for the first time. Wait, whut? It’s her company. Surely, she gets a copy before the news stand does?  Sidenote: I hate her dresses they always seem to hit her midsection in an awkward place. Margaux says that there are things in her piece that she did not write. She stalks off to the office where “heads will roll.” Continue reading


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Revenge Recap: Endurance

REVENGE Victoria

This episode begins with a seemingly defeated Emily telling Nolan that it’s over, and she lost.  She asks how Aiden is taking things. Nolan says not well, but he has agreed not to retaliate against Daniel. Aiden and Nico make a deal in the parking lot to spring Emily out of the hospital. But Nico is suspect because she has feelings for Aiden so it is unclear whose side she is really on. Daniel goes to see the suicidal cake baker at Jack’s bar. She’s not happy to see him and neither is Jack who punches him in the face and throws him out of the bar. Victoria is lurking around Emily. Emily’s doctor tells Victoria that she expects a full recover for Emily and that she is about ready for release to out patient therapy. Nico shows up and offers to help Victoria. (Loud Soap Opera Music) Whose side is Nico on? Seconds later we see Emily waking up in Grayson Manor with Victoria and Nico tending to her.

Later, Emily tries to escape but is too weak. Nico comes in and sweeps the room for bugs and then identifies herself as Takeda’s daughter. After exchanges of mutual respect, Emily says she needs to get out of there, but Nico says she is probably safest in the eye of the storm for now. Conrad pays Emily a visit and advises her to come to him first when she regains her memory. He also tells her to watch her back. Continue reading


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Revenge Recap: Homecoming


Finally have a moment to recap Revenge.  I still have questions about the last episode. My understanding of the plan was for Emily to shoot herself with the gun that Daniel used to shoot her. But I guess the plan was for her to shoot into the air and then spill her blood from the vial.  Y’all know I can’t remember this morning let alone whenever the last episode was so don’t expect a blog of me explaining all of this to you; but rather, a blog full of questions. I am that girl in the movie theater asking her date what just happened. Sorry.  It might help to go read the last recap again.

Emily manages to swim to the buoy but the signal device is not working. She strips naked including her garter. Jack and Aiden are freaking out and don’t seem entirely sure what to do.   Emily got the signal working and starts swimming to shore. If she remembers all the plans then clearly she does not have amnesia. Aiden takes out a small motor boat to go looking for Emily. He tells Jack to go to Nolan and tell him what happened and wait there.

Conrad has choppers everywhere looking for Emily. Charlotte explains to her father that someone close to them shot Emily. Charlotte explains she thinks Victoria killed Emily. Margaux gives the cops all her pictures from the event so they can see who was where at the time shots were fired.  Cops question everyone. They want to know why Lydia was not listed on the manifest.  Conrad lied for Lydia whose whereabouts at the time were unknown. Continue reading


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Revenge Recap: Exodus


My last  recap Revenge was so well received (two whole comments! And I think one of them was mine!) I simply must try to outdo myself on this one.  Seriously, none of y’all watch Revenge?  It’s because Sunday nights are so full of good stuff to watch, I know, but you really should have been DVRing it!

Emily has a problem with her faking her own death at her wedding and setting up Victoria as a murder. It seems that Victoria is refusing to come to the wedding at the last minute.

Meanwhile, Conrad has discovered that Lydia Davis not the innocent returning lover she has portrayed herself to be and is working with Margaux trying to bring him down for the murder of David Clarke.  As they are arguing Emily texts Conrad saying she needs to see him ASAP.  Lydia steals the picture of Amanda/Emily back in her catering days. Conrad rushes to Amanda.  She snows him into getting Victoria to the wedding by bringing Patrick back. It works like a charm.

Daniel and Sarah bump into each other at the magazine offices. What is the point of that couple? They don’t their attraction to each other doesn’t seem to have much of anything to do with the primary plot.

Emily goes to say goodbye to Jack.  She tells him she was with Amanda when she died. They hug and argue and cry. Continue reading


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