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Mob Wives Recap: The Point Where the Rubber Meets The Road


It’s billed as Las Vegas Part III but I swear  I feel like I just recapped part two yesterday.  Why do I have the feeling this episode is going to be like The Godfather III and not nearly as exciting as the first two? Hopefully, I am wrong.

We start with the girls still in Vegas.  All the girls are at a race track getting ready to drive race cars. Real race cars. When Big Ang and Renee join Drita, Alicia and Natalie at the track, things are tense but workable for a hot minute. Then Renee sees all the other girls laughing and getting along with Natalie and she is pissed off. She refuses to drive the cars with the other girls and says she will watch. It is interesting to note that Renee is the only one wearing shorts and open-toed shoes.  To me this is a clear indication that everyone knew Renee was not going to drive anyway.

Renee is getting furious with everyone. She feels like the girls are being two-faced by hanging with Natalie.  She confronts Big Ang and Alicia for not standing up for her. Renee tries to say that Natalie brought up Alicia’s husband; but, they point out it was Renee who brought up Alicia’s husband.  Both of them push back at Renee and tell her that she was at fault as well. Renee says that she sees where their loyalty lies. Big Ang is not too pleased with Renee questioning  her loyalty in talking heads.  Renee gets pissed at everyone and leaves. She probably has some plans with her sister in the casino and wanted the afternoon off. Continue reading


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Mob Mives Recap: Renee Went From Mentor to Mental

Mob Wives

Finally ready to recap Mob Wives and the second half of the Vegas trip.  I have a feeling this one is going to be long.  At least we know in advance nobody died.  Wait! They are picking this up on the next morning? I thought they literally left us hanging off the 34th floor last episode? Did we see some resolution?

At breakfast, Renee is already gunning for Natalie. As soon as Natalie arrives to breakfast, Renee goes in. She tries to drag Natalie from the breakfast table, she slings a metal cloche  ice bucket across the table send glass flying all over Alicia.  Natalie dares Renee to touch her. OMG. Natalie is standing her ground.  She tells Renee to stick her tacky Mob Candy up her ass. This is girl is going toe to toe with Renee and the other girls are just watching the show with their mouths hanging open.  Then Renee runs at Natalie sling an arm bar to her throat! And it’s awn like popcawn! Continue reading


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Ready For Some Renee Graziano Tea?

mobwivesreneeI moseyed over to Renee Graziano’s twitter feed to see if she has sobered up yet.  My personal assessment is that she is trying but not there yet.  And there was much strangeness to discover there, so I thought I would share some tea I’ve dug up. Deciding  where to begin is  the hard part. I think I want to start with December and then go back to September.  This may be a little confusing, made moreso by my raging case of Mongolian Lung Flu, but there is a lot of ground to cover.

Last Monday, was a big tweeting day for Renee. I am not sure if she fell off the wagon again, or what, but there were many tweets and  Instagrams. But first, he is what she posted today.

 From Instagram:
This should be on everyones resolution list 4 2014,  i wanna share alittle something with you guys..this year i learned the hard way some people will judge (when god knws they shld be begging 4 forgiveness or saying nothing at all) & some r quick 2 point fingers in hopes it’ll deflect the dirt they r doing or have done 2 some 1 else .. well I’m here 2 tell before u do either of the 2 stop & think because u can best believe that dirt your doing or did will come back 2 bite u in the ass so unless u got a big ol butt .. like the size of a horses ass and wont feel it.. I suggest u don’t judge or point a finger 4 something u once did or r doing … & I can say this cause I speak from experience so trust me when I say if u dont work 4 the court system don’t judge !!!!!!

She is really pissed at someone. And she is not interacting with the other wives on twitter. Alicia seems kind of chummy with Drita…. interesting? Continue reading


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Mob Wives Reunion Thoughts: Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Dr. Drew?

mobwiveslogoOkay Mobwives people, can any of you explain why DR. DREW is the moderator for the foul language fest known as the Mobwives reunion? Didn’t Joy Behar try her hand at this once? I think she was better. I suppose someone thought they all needed a mental health professional to referee, but this is beyond odd.

I love how when Big Ang speaks, no one interrupts. Big Ang says that Love was wrong. Renee seems to think that Love was fine, but it was not the right time. Karen said basically that Love had to do what she had to do. Continue reading


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Random Thoughts on Mob Wives

mobwivesreneeI’m trying to get caught up on Mob Wives for my Mob Wives viewers. I would benefit greatly from a friends chart. Renee is off to rehab in Ft. Lauderdale. Apparently AJ is going with her all the way to Florida. If he is going for moral support he is sucking at it. However, despise their attempts to kill each other all the way to the center, they had a tearful hug goodbye before Renee sat down with her TV therapists. There were at least three different people interviewing her. One of the female intake people was scary. I’d have to pop a Xanax just to sit in the same room with her. Group therapy on the beach looks fun! Renee addresses her issues with Ramona. This is a good idea because when she comes home to her new house, she will be moving into Ramona’s neighborhood. Continue reading


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Mob Wives Recap: The Butter Knife, The Botox and the Boogieman

Photo Credit: VH1

Photo Credit: VH1

I’m going to try to zip through this episode of Mob Wives really quick for you guys. I am actually feeling good today and should be out doing some banking and grocery shopping. Anyway, I have to say I love the Mob Wives theme song more than any other show. I don’t get how it goes, but I just love the intro.Renee put her house on the market after the non-robbery, robbery. Because the mafia guys will never know where her new house is. It’s not like she has a reality show or anything. Renee is telling Ramona and Karen the story of the brunch from hell. Her retelling is amusing.  Apparently, Italian women talking at the table while gesturing with a butter knife is a personal attack of dramatic proportions.Carla has a scene where she is pumping her kids for info on the soon to be ex-husband’s new young girlfriend. By the kids accounts everything is wonderful. This irks Carla. Continue reading


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