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60 Day In: Hazed and Confused

Classification Pod

Dion, Chris and Brian are still in classification. Dion thinks Chris is a heroin addict who is detoxing because he has been throwing up for eight hours straight.  Chris is already using the white towel distress signal before he is even sent to a pod. Production pulls him out.

Chris is sick and crying. The producers check with Sheriff Noel who offers him a medical furlough. Because he is not in a pod yet I think he is being allowed to go to a hotel and rest until he is feeling better. So that is the plan. After the first night he asks to meet with the program’s psychologist due to panic attacks. He’s not looking like he will make it. Yep, the next day he taps out. He seems very depressed and disappointed in himself.

Brian gives the distress signal after Chris leaves.  We are not off to a good start. We can have two people quit before they even get assigned a cell.  Brian I guess noticed that Chris left after wandering around with a white towel, and the guys say they know he is a plant. So he wants to quit. Hell, we know he doesn’t but he is about to get majorly sexually harassed when he gets a pod, so it he wants to quit now. He will be screaming for hot coffee in the actual pod. Brian changes his mind. For now. Tomorrow he goes to D pod.

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60 Days In: Thin Mats, Fat Hands



Tamara Tattles headquarters is experiencing some technical issues with the the cable and Internet and the DVR did not pick up this episode so I’m recapping it from On Demand which does not like to pause. This recap will likely be shorter than usual. The cable guy will be here Sunday afternoon. I guess I will have to clear a path clean this house.  As it turns out, A & E lets you fast forward and back up, so it was easier than expected.

Dion comes in for booking. He’s very attractive. He may have similar issues to Ashleigh. He seems the least nervous of everyone on the way in, in fact, he is all smiles. LOL! When he is in intake there is a crazy dude singing the national anthem. When he is done, I say to my TV, “Play Ball!” and so do the other guys in intake. I’d be perfect for jail. Or not. We are seeing a lot more hardcore behavior and takedowns than we did in season one.

Classification Pod

Chris, Brian and Dion all go to the classification pod at the same time. They all get in the same cell with one actual criminal. But none of the guys know the other two are also in the program.

Chris is already suffering. He can’t sleep. His stomach s in knots. He looks scared. He throws up. Dion assumes that Chris is detoxing off heroin. He wants nothing to do with him. Chris vomits for eight straight hours.  He uses the white towel signal that he is done.

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Scandal Recap: “The Miseducation of Susan Ross” or “It’s Hotter than Two Squirrels Screwing in a Wool Sock”

Scandal debate


By Contributing Writer, Phil Andros

So here we are at the big debate!  Hollis is doing his best Donald Trump imitation talking about building a wall.  Frankly, I’m already a little annoyed with Shonda and we’re barely 30 seconds into it.  I know, it’s Shonda, why am I annoyed?  She doesn’t do nuanced.  She doesn’t do subtle.  But still, we’re reduced to caricatures.  Mellie gives it back to Hollis pretty good.

Then Sally asks Susan what she thinks and her brain has clearly frozen thanks to her breakup with her lesbian lover David in the previous episode. Her response:  “It’s a big, um, problem.”  Cut to Fitz:  “She’s having a stroke.  We are watching her stroke out on national television.” I laughed.  And I felt bad because strokes are no laughing matter! : giggle :

Mellie/Hollis/Mellie/Hollis/cheap Fitz joke/Hollis/Mellie.  Seriously, as someone who has watched every single motherfucking Democratic and Republican debate, this is actually somewhat painful to me.  She’s decided Hollis is going to be more crude than Donald but that he’s actually going to also be more articulate.  After some speechifying, he hits Mellie with:  “How weird is it to have your ex-husband’s ex-mistress as your campaign manager?”  And then Sally calls a break…. Hollis’ people run out to him and I think, although I may be hearing things, that Hollis said it was “hotter than two squirrels screwing in a wool sock” which is my new favorite expression for everything now.  “Would you like some wine with dinner?  Yes, that’d be hotter than two squirrels screwing in a wool sock.”  I think I can pull it off.   By the way, DO NOT google squirrel porn.  You’ve been warned.  But I digress. Continue reading


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Top Chef Recap: Snot on a Rock


Homeboy Wesley is already getting a lot of face time for this episode of Top Chef.  He’s been an embarrassment so far. I hope this means that either he is going home, or he is going to start doing us proud.  He has a whole package within the first minute of the show.  Meanwhile, Kwame is a NYC slicker and seems a bit intimidated by the desert. They are cooking with social energy.


I’m not even going to try to explain the solar oven or the solar stove. The other night I saw that Guy Fieri Grocery Show on Food Network and it was one that Phillip (dog shit cooker) on it.  He was way more likeable on that show.  Giselle is struggling with her solar tube oven. For some reason she decides to make couscous and apparently you can’t put water in the oven. The whole damn thing EXPLODES and  I should point out that these contraptions look expense.  I mean the think blew up never to be used again! She’s fucked. Oh wait, they stupidly give her another oven to break.

Did Wesley just say he is doing some concoction with “pickled mushrooms, melon, shrimp and coconut broth?” That sounds disgusting.

Phillp goes to look for dog shit for his recipe. Finding none, he decides to plate for the professional chefs on dirty rocks. I swear both Phillip and Wesley are scripted by production.

Isaac did well with the oven. He made cornbread in his oven and had a lovely presentation. Jeremy did a nice halibut dish. Carl did stuffed dates wrapped in bacon. Grayson had problems with her skirt steak with goat cheese. Padma basically called Grayson out for not listening to how to use the solar oven.  Giselle managed to get a plate. Jason did a did a scallop. Marjorie has worked with the guest chef before. She made halibut puttanesca. Amar did a shrimp dish. Wesley apparently did not in fact have pickled mushrooms. It was sautéed mushrooms with picked onion an shrimp. Still. I hate mushrooms. It’s like one of the few things I try not to eat. This combo sounds gross.  Phillip served a slice of Italian sausage with an oyster on top to this world renowned chef on a dirty rock. Padma has concerns about serving oysters in the heat. I have concerns about what has peed on that rock. As she is walking away she says, “It was like snot on a rock.”

Losers were Grayson, Giselle and Phillip.

Winners were Jeremey, WESLEY and Isaac.  Wesley won!  Really? Um, okay then. He has immunity. I think Isaac was robbed. Continue reading


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Ladies of London Recap: Unbelievable Balls

Caroline Fleming

Caroline Fleming

Based on the title of this week’s Ladies of London episode, I can see that the ball jokes are going to continue all season long. And I’m good with that.  I have much more popular things to recap in the pipeline today, but I am selfishly doing this show first despite the fact that you twatwaffles REFUSE TO WATCH DECENT PROGRAMMING WHEN IT IS PRESENTED TO YOU! Seriously, y’all are the reason we can’t have good shows on Bravo. Well, probably not y’all because you are reading this, but the other couple of million of you, are jerks.


Moving on, one of the reasons, I’m in a hurry to watch is because something is wrong with Tinky. (Annabelle’s Twitter name) and I want to know what it is. I’m the only one however because the rest of the ladies seem thus far too self absorbed to notice. Last week ended with Annabelle doing a very out of character read on everyone at the dinner table one by one. If you missed that click here. It was really odd. I’m worried about Tinky!  I’m also kind of worried about the Americans who have been on their best behavior in Denmark. The whole cast has gone topsy turvy!

The ladies are checking out of their fancy hotel to head to the palace.  We are going to a palace, y’all! I am so excited. But first, Caroline must have her makeup dude apply her face and exchange the latest gossip in the traditional Bravo way of recapping the previous episode. Caroline Stanbury says that Annabelle has had a lobotomy. That would seem a reasonable explanation.  But  then we get to learn a new bit of British slang! Caroline says that Annabelle has been “Po faced” which apparently means humorless and disapproving.  Let’s all try to work that into conversation this week so that we can feel very intercontinental, shall we?  Meanwhile, housewives of both coasts, aspire to reach the level of dignified cuntiness that Caroline Stanbury exudes so effortless. She’s like a cunt satchel role model for us all. The bar that we should all be grasping for as it were. Continue reading


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How To Get Away With Murder Recap: Two Birds, One Millstone

HTGAWM red banner

By @TamaraMissy

Opening Flash Forward

The flash forward is a frantic Frank running into the hospital screaming for the doctors to tell him what is going on and to save her life. Annalise flat lined and Frank is escorted out. As he walks back to his car he becomes perfectly calm again! Then we see a dead Catherine Hapstall in his back seat. Whoa!!! I didn’t see that coming.

Present Day

In real time, Frank and Laurel are busy screwing their brains out. But the second Frank gets up to shower, Laurel starts snooping through his stuff because she still doesn’t trust him. After all, he did have a suitcase full of money sitting in a storage container!

After Asher learned of Bonnie’s childhood, he agreed that he wouldn’t help Sinclair out anymore. Although, I’m still not convinced that the video was really Bonnie. Annalise knew showing something like that would convince Asher not to take a plea deal. In exchange for not helping Sinclair, Asher now needs Annalise to help him with something he did that was really bad. Annalise agrees to protect him because,” that’s what we do for people we love! ” Continue reading


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