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Ladies of London Recap: Unbelievable Balls

Caroline Fleming

Caroline Fleming

Based on the title of this week’s Ladies of London episode, I can see that the ball jokes are going to continue all season long. And I’m good with that.  I have much more popular things to recap in the pipeline today, but I am selfishly doing this show first despite the fact that you twatwaffles REFUSE TO WATCH DECENT PROGRAMMING WHEN IT IS PRESENTED TO YOU! Seriously, y’all are the reason we can’t have good shows on Bravo. Well, probably not y’all because you are reading this, but the other couple of million of you, are jerks.


Moving on, one of the reasons, I’m in a hurry to watch is because something is wrong with Tinky. (Annabelle’s Twitter name) and I want to know what it is. I’m the only one however because the rest of the ladies seem thus far too self absorbed to notice. Last week ended with Annabelle doing a very out of character read on everyone at the dinner table one by one. If you missed that click here. It was really odd. I’m worried about Tinky!  I’m also kind of worried about the Americans who have been on their best behavior in Denmark. The whole cast has gone topsy turvy!

The ladies are checking out of their fancy hotel to head to the palace.  We are going to a palace, y’all! I am so excited. But first, Caroline must have her makeup dude apply her face and exchange the latest gossip in the traditional Bravo way of recapping the previous episode. Caroline Stanbury says that Annabelle has had a lobotomy. That would seem a reasonable explanation.  But  then we get to learn a new bit of British slang! Caroline says that Annabelle has been “Po faced” which apparently means humorless and disapproving.  Let’s all try to work that into conversation this week so that we can feel very intercontinental, shall we?  Meanwhile, housewives of both coasts, aspire to reach the level of dignified cuntiness that Caroline Stanbury exudes so effortless. She’s like a cunt satchel role model for us all. The bar that we should all be grasping for as it were. Continue reading


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How To Get Away With Murder Recap: Two Birds, One Millstone

HTGAWM red banner

By @TamaraMissy

Opening Flash Forward

The flash forward is a frantic Frank running into the hospital screaming for the doctors to tell him what is going on and to save her life. Annalise flat lined and Frank is escorted out. As he walks back to his car he becomes perfectly calm again! Then we see a dead Catherine Hapstall in his back seat. Whoa!!! I didn’t see that coming.

Present Day

In real time, Frank and Laurel are busy screwing their brains out. But the second Frank gets up to shower, Laurel starts snooping through his stuff because she still doesn’t trust him. After all, he did have a suitcase full of money sitting in a storage container!

After Asher learned of Bonnie’s childhood, he agreed that he wouldn’t help Sinclair out anymore. Although, I’m still not convinced that the video was really Bonnie. Annalise knew showing something like that would convince Asher not to take a plea deal. In exchange for not helping Sinclair, Asher now needs Annalise to help him with something he did that was really bad. Annalise agrees to protect him because,” that’s what we do for people we love! ” Continue reading


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How To Get Away With Murder: Skanks Get Shanked

HTGAWM students

It was another great #TGIT this week.  Is it me of is Grey’s kind of depressing?  I only started rewatching again recently, and I’m starting to remember why I stopped watching.  As for Scandal, what do y’all think about Jake not really being Jake? What do you think his real name is? I need him to still be Jake. Damn you, Shonda Rimes!  AND he is married to a B316 member/former member with more kills than Jake and Charlie combined?  It’s twist after twisted twist on Scandal!

As for How to Get Away With Murder, “the other Tamara” is back with a recap of this week’s episode. I could not stop myself from a bit of the purple pen.

By @TamaraMissy

Flash Forward

This weeks flash forward begins with Annalise getting an IV  and being carried out on to the ambulance on a stretcher. Meanwhile, the interns are in  Nate’s police car listening to the scanner.  Michaela gets a call that she takes while trying to act normal.  Annalise flatlined in the back of the ambulance and the medics grab the defibrillator and start trying to get her heart beating again!

Continue reading


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The Walking Dead Recap: First Time Again


By: The Lady Cocotte

A huge thanks to The Lady Cocotte  for offering to recap The Walking Dead this Season. Please follow her on Twitter.

On last night’s, The Walking Dead, Rick shoots Porch Dick and everything goes black and white. Over a blank screen we hear Rick say, “I know this sounds insane. but this is an insane world. We have to come for them before they come for us. It’s that simple.” We’re back in color. Rick stands in front of a quarry full of hundreds of walkers explaining their plan for tomorrow. There are semi-trucks wedged in the quarry, keeping the walkers from escaping. I’m confused and mesmerized. Suddenly another wedged semi falls and frees some walkers. Rick shouts, “It’s open. We gotta do this now!” His crew jumps into action while the Alexandrians argue that they’re not ready. Walkers don’t negotiate, guys. They act. If you want to survive, you’d better do the same.

Nicholas begs Glenn to let him help. The last time we saw the two of them, Nicholas lured Glenn outside the walls and tried to kill him so I can understand why Glenn is hesitant. An Alexandrian we haven’t met yet (he played Rusty in Vegas Vacation if you’re wondering why he looks familiar) argues with Rick. “It’s supposed to be a dry run!” Rick barely has enough time to yell back that it’s happening and he’s ordering the flares. Flare guns are firing. Walkers are swarming. And here they come. And come. And come.

We’re in black and white, on the night Reg and Porch Dick died. Deanna sits in a puddle of her husband’s blood. Father Gabriel walks up and she glares daggers at him. “You were wrong.” He agrees in shame. Abraham carries Reg’s dead body to the gravesite. He’s drinking and pours some out for Reg. A fitting tribute to a great man. Jessie is clutching her youngest son but her oldest storms off. I guess we all react differently to watching our father get killed. Tara is awake! She shares a tender moment with Rosita before bloodied Glenn and Nicholas stumble into the hospital. Glenn is too good a guy. Rick would have killed Nicholas for what he did. Maggie enters, happy to see Tara until she notices Glenn’s state. Eugene joins the party, clearly relieved to see Tara awake. She takes one look at him and quips, “Thank god. Nothing happened to your hair.” A Tennessee top hat. She asks for Noah and everyone realizes she doesn’t know what happened to him. Carl joins his “girlfriend” and she takes his hand. Porch Dick’s son is in the shadows watching them (like father, like son). Continue reading


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Million Dollar Listing LA Recap: Dinner Party Disaster


I didn’t have time to recap the premiere of Million Dollar Listing LA  last week so I’m just going to start with the second episode. It’s weird watching episodes of two different MDL franchises with the exact same sort of staged fights. I really try to suspend disbelief on the MDL franchise, but as we know the more seasons the show has, the more scripted they become.

David & James

The Brits are having a fancy private buyers office in their breathtaking Hollywood home and a bidding war is already happening. Unfortunately, Josh Altman has decided to show up to be a shit disturber. Josh is saying the house is over priced right in front of the clients.  James takes Altman on to the balcony for a little chat. A very loud argument ensues and James throws Josh and his client out. Josh passes out his cards on the way out to all of the buyers. So nasty, so rude.

The next day at the office, James is upset at himself for losing his temper.  They are down to one offer on the house. It’s for $5 million. The list price is $5,750,000. The buyer won’t budge and the seller want budge. Eventually, the seller comes around but the buyer has bought another property. It’s a thirty day listing and the Brits are in a tizzy. Then the seller cancels the listing. David and James have a huge fight because James agreed to a thirty day listing without consulting him and spent a boatload on photography and the real housewives style dinner party.

David is building a house for himself and his girlfriend. They met a year and a half  ago while dining with other people at nearby tables. Cute story. Continue reading


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Catfish Recap: Devan & Rylan

Catfish with Todrick

I just can’t stop watching this messy show because you just never know what sort of fresh stupidity you are going to get. I can only remember one or two happily ever after shows and even they were suspect. I will never understand why reality shows  simply must get faker and faker as the seasons progress. I’m pretty sure there are enough legitimate online idiots out there without resorting to manufactured ones. And yet.. here we go.

Is that Kanye West on my TV screen? Please make it go away.

Max is not there AGAIN this week. Instead we have Todrick, the guy who sings and dances and makes videos and was on Dance Moms. I sort of love him.  Tonight we have a random looking white guy named Devan who delivers pizzas and a white lady, who seems much older to me than the 23 years she claims, called Rylan. They are both in Texas.  They’ve been “online dating” for over a year and they have never video chatted with each other. Um, duh.  Devan seems like he could be the bonafide idiot I am looking for. Todrick is very into all of this and totally up to the job of being Max.

The boys go to meet poor naïve Devan whose heart will soon be stomped on for all of us to see. Devan says that he went to meet her at her aunt and uncle’s house before she moved and they told her that no one by that name lived there. Rylan played it off by saying the uncle didn’t know who he was so he just lied. Welp. Rylan is a big ole Liar McLiarpants.

Nev and Todrick to a quick search and all the Rylan’s they find are guys.  They trace the phone and find a girl named Cassie who is 18 and has a criminal record for car theft and evading police via a car chase, debit and credit card abuse and a not very pretty mugshot. They do a photo search and find that the picture belongs to someone named Savannah who seems to be engaged.  Is he talking to the crimimal? Or the cheater? Continue reading


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