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Big Brother 16 Wednesday Night Recap: Greedy Beastmode Cowboy Causes Conflict

BB16 cast2I am so not watching the feeds that much and am instead staying up to all hours watching BBAD. I tape that and could just as easily watch it commercial free in the morning zipping through the boring parts, but apparently I am not wise enough to do that. If I am up when it is on, I get sucked in. Sigh. I need a ladysitter.

As you probably read here, Frankie’s grandfather passed away today and according to TMZ the family is not going to tell him. We are discussing that situation in comments here.  Also, everyone seems to be expecting next week to be a double eviction week. That will be fun. Okay the show is starting! I’m going in.

Britanny and Victoria are both whining to a guy about how they are in this game alone. I bet they wish they had listened to that blue haired chick and formed an all girls alliance. Or hell, any alliance. Duh. Continue reading

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Leah Remini: It’s All Relative

Its All Relative Family

I am super late with this recap, but I’ve been busy and sick. I’ve felt like crap for days and finally diagnosed myself with Fresh Ripe Cherry Overdose FRCO. Shut up! I looked on the Internet and it’s a thing. I am overly cranky.  I also may have just eaten a dog quesadilla. I feel like I am about to give birth to Rosemary’s baby. So this show better bring the funny, or there will be hell to pay.

On this episode, Leah’s mother wants a tramp stamp. My first reaction was I wonder how much money  Leah offered her mother to get a tramp stamp. Leah’s mom says she has no problem with it being called a tramp stamp because she was a tramp when she was young. You go, Leah’s mom!  It’s going down. The 64-year-old had a vision for her tattoo during one of her hot flashes. Wait, what? This shit is still going to be happening when I am 64? I thought my doctor said the sentence was 8-10 years? Why isn’t this bitch fat? 64 and still having hot flashes? Kill me now.

The tattoo is huge. It is the head of a jaguar with a woman carrying a jug of water on top. Because, she likes jaguars and she was born under the sign of Aquarius. The head of the woman is between the eyes of the jaguar head. Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live! With Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri

WWHL Kathy and Rosie


First of all, Andy tweeted tonight that we should be patient for Teresa’s WWHL appearance, so hopefully everyone has cooled down.  With Rosie on, there is always the possibility she will say something inappropriate!  As usual, I will ignore most everything the non-Bravolebrity has to say because no one cares.

First off, they discuss the ceramic shoe wine bottle holder gift that Nicole got for Christmas. No Bueno. OH, I just realized this person is not from Game of Thrones, but from that pageant show on Bravo, Game of Crowns that I have already forgotten about. Now I have my 9-10 time slot on Sunday to watch Unforgettable on CBS and Reckless right after at 10. Even though I DVR them to watch whenever I can after I recap Big Brother.  Anyway. I don’t care about her either.

Also, Andy has begun to implement the whole, “first timers to the show get the first chair” rule. I think this is utterly ridiculous and he just started it because we were all on to the original seating method of who is the biggest deal to Bravo, or whoever likes best. That will still be in effect on nights with no virgins. Continue reading


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Big Brother Sunday Night Show: These Girls Will Not Be Replacing Vanna White

Photochop by UNC David

Photochop by UNC David

First all, shout out to Dallasmom for her very helpful updates on the Big Brother threads. I really appreciate them. I have so much going on I am not watching as much of the feeds as I would like to!  On to tonight’s show!

We are back at the HOH challenge where teams of two chosen by Big Brother are working to get a dozen eggs worked through a chicken maze to be come this week’s battling heads of household. Lots of eggs dropping. Lots of diary rooms where everyone says they have to win.  Donnie is pissed that Derrick is coaching Frankie and Cody. He feels like Team America should be the most important alliance.  Lots of egg puns about how much Victoria sucks eggs at every challenge. Britanny and Jocasta came in so close which means the boys will be sure to put them up. Amber and Zach move into second behind Frankie and Cody. This means Amber will be a target again. Cody and Frankie win!

Derrick says as far as he is concerned the bomb squad is over, but they will still work together as long as possible to keep their numbers.  Brittany and Donny eat ice cream together in the bee hive and worry that they are both going up. Donny says that Britanny needs to smile and not let them see her upset. Continue reading


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Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Fate Comes Knocking

marriage_boot_reality1-592x330It’s time for the penultimate episode of this ridiculousness. Roger caved and went with Jenni to her event. Tanisha gets a phone call from her manager saying she got a part. She is screaming and crying and Clive asks her what is going on. She walks right past him and says nothing. So this whole communication workshop stuff is going well. She goes out to the kitchen to tell everyone the good news. These phone calls with Tanisha give me the distinct impression there is no one on the other end of the phone.  First she says she auditioned for something and they said she is “pretty much hired.”  Then she tells the group she auditioned for a lot of stuff and got it all. Never once did she say what this role, or all of the roles are. It’s all fake.

Speaking of fake, Gretchen and Slade bicker in bed. Slade is emotionally exhausted.

The stupid exercise of the week is called Release Me.  They are supposed to think of the person for whom they have the most resentment. Slade says his resentment is toward God. He is angry that God let his son have brain cancer. He gives a crappy performance of crying and whining.

Tanisha is up next. Her resentment is her “caretaker” that abused her as a child. Tanisha sort of freaks out. She wants to hit the girl pretending to be the caretaker. She actually asks Clive for support!  Jim steps in as the caretaker in case Tanisha does decide to knock a bitch out. Jim provokes Tanisha to hit her. Tanisha is melting down. Jim asks who is forgiveness for and the female therapist whispers, “Yooooou, it’s for you sweetie…” in the most hysterical way possible I don’t see how Gretchen or someone did not just bust out laughing. Soap opera music swells. Tanisha forgives! Continue reading


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Big Brother Live Eviction Show Recap: Which Beast Goes?

Chop by: @MsDredd41

Chop by: @MsDredd41

Caleb thinks that volunteering to go on the block could be his biggest move in the game. Jocasta is now officially in love with Donny and sobbing and praising Jesus. She wants a final two with Donny. Wouldn’t that be something? I almost wish it were possible.

Caleb and Amber and Hayden are all Have-nots sleeping in the ice room. In the middle of the night after Amber is asleep Caleb puts both of his blankets on Amber. He whispers to Hayden that he thinks by putting himself on the block, and giving up his covers, he will “win a date with her.”  Hayden looks at the camera and mouths “WTF?”  Caleb’s creepy factor is well-known in the house now.  Cody and Donny talk about Caleb’s instability. Cody wants Caleb out because he is freaked out by him staring him down and asking about his friendship with Amber. This is all editing to not make the obvious Devin boot seem so obvious. But, they all really do want Caleb out.

The guys hate Victoria. I think it is unfounded. She was cast as the Jewish American Princess. She is playing the role to a T.  She is pretty ditzy. The boys (and TeeCee!) are really hard on her.

Cody is talking to Amber in the dark while rubbing, scratching her knee. LOOK OUT CODY! Here come Caleb with Amber’s scarf tied all ninja warrior-like on his head! Hide, Cody! Hide!

A little Haycole snuggling! Nicole seems to be coming around to the idea of kissing. And then Victoria comes in the room to go to bed. Continue reading


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Big Brother Wednesday Night Show Recap

BB16 Jocasta

I’m sorry I am so behind with Big Brother! There has been so much tea about Felons by Bravo this week, I just could not keep up with everything. Let’s see what is going on in the house tonight!

We start with Nicole in a frog costume for a week for being the losing HOH in the Battle of the Block. Everyone is gunning to get Devin out. He must get picked to play POV and win to save himself.

Jocasta fell very ill during the Battle of the Block. She has heat exhaustion and dehydration and will not be able to play in the POV comp.

Caleb tells Amber that he threw the comp for her. Amber had specifically told him not to do that. Amber says that now Caleb makes he feel like she owes her something. Caleb was expecting her to thank him and agree to be her date to the finale. She is not having it. Caleb is fuming. Then they show THIS SCENE of Caleb spying on Cody giving Amber a backrub.  In his diary room, Caleb basically threatens Cody for putting his hands on “his queen.” Caleb confronts Cody saying he thinks he has a thing with Amber. Cody thinks he is now Caleb’s number one target. Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live with Tamra Judge

This picture does not give an accurate account of what Tamra's face looks like.

This picture does not give an accurate account of what Tamra’s face looks like.

Well, Tamra has some splainin’ to do after what we just saw on the Real Housewives of Orange County Tonight. Let’s she how she spins her awful behavior. Andy says in his opening that gossip is spreading through Orange County like chlamydia and a lot of people believe that Tamra is patient zero.  I could not have said it better myself.  Andy says Tamra is getting roasted on Twitter tonight. Also Tamra has done something to her face again and it looks really, really bad. She’s starting to look a lot like Adrienne Maloof.  Both guests are in hot pants. I have no idea who that other girl is in seat one. Tamra takes a jab at Andy during a game for putting her in the second seat.

Andy compliments Vicki for staying out of the fray and Heather scoffs and looks insulted. Next, Andy goes after the white eyeliner in the Talking Heads. Tamra says her regular make-up artist was unavailable that day. It was a two-hour interview and it is just being used a lot. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County: Point Break

RHOOC Season 9 Cast


We begin tonight with a double date with Vicki, Brooks, Heather and Terry.  It doesn’t take long for Terry to ask about their trip with Shannon and David. Terry says, “I’m sure you heard what happened with Shannon at our house. ”  Vicki gives a brief run-down of Shannon’s side. Heather immediately comes for Vicki about talking about her behind her back! Are you kidding me? Heather thinks Vicki is taking Shannon’s side. Vicki suggests that Heather be nicer to Shannon. Heather is pissed.

Shannon and David are doing better since their trip to Mexico. Sophia is taking a trip to Italy with her Latin class and David has volunteered to chaperone the trip.

Lizzie and her husband are renovating the family beach house. Lizzie is thinking of having a dinner party at the beach house, I assume after renovations are done. But it’s going to happen on this episode, so. Well, it may not be finished but it looks beautiful for the party. It’s dinner for 12 with an ocean view. On the way to the party in the limo, David and Shannon talk about the fact that several times previously, Tamra has told them that Terry said that he wants to take the Beadors down. Continue reading


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Untying the Knot Double Feature

untying the knotWhile I have a few minutes, let’s check in on the last two episodes of Untying the Knot and see what sort of crap the latest divorcing couples are fighting over.

The Episode: A Date for Divorce

In this episode, we have a Mustang, “their dream house”, two dogs and a T-shirt collection. This should be interesting especially the dogs. Before we even start, I’d take the two chicks out to opposite sides of the yard blindfolded. I’d put the dogs one buy one in the middle and tell them to sit. I’d alert each chick as to which dog is out there and have them both call the dog at the same time. Wherever the dog went first, gets the dog. Lather, rinse, repeat. Damn, I’m just like King Solomon!  Let’s see what Vikki does.

Krissy and Tina seem perfect together. I’m less than a minute into them talking about each other and am already dumbstruck as to why they are getting a divorce. They are both grinning and talking very highly about the other.  Tina says that at first all she did was cater to Krissy and once she became her own person the marriage failed. Continue reading


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Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars Recap: Sex and The Secret

marriage_boot_reality1-592x330Is this show over yet? I love having something to recap on a Friday night but I must admit this show is a bit, okay a lot, ridiculous. Yet, I can’t stop watching. The fact that I know almost all of these people from other shows makes it interesting. We pick up where we left off with Roger and JWow arguing about some leaked tabloid story. Roger tells Jenni she should have listened to him and kept her mouth shut. Roger who up until now was getting a somewhat decent edit is throwing a fucking tantrum about there being a camera guy and them being miked. Um, Roger, that is what you signed up for.  The story is the one I suspected about Jenni being pregnant. Apparently, they had not told their family yet and they will be finding out from the media. I understand that is pretty crappy but so is Roger’s violent outburst around his pregnant wife. I really think this marriage is doomed.

The white Oprah has already figured out that Jenni is pregnant because she has not had a drop of alcohol since she entered the house. This of course left more for Traci’s breakfasts.  Jenni and Roger are both furious. Roger is furious with Jenni and Jenni is furious with the house.  Jenni says the person attempting to sell the story is someone in the house. Maybe another participant, or perhaps production. So far that point is unclear. No wait. Jenni is blaming production. I guess she told them to explain why she could not drink. The producer comes out (always a sign of good drama) and says he was only made aware of the medical condition 17 minutes ago. All sorts of production crew and the therapists come on camera to deny saying anything to anyone. They have not told either of their families because she is not that far along but Roger claims she has told several people “in the industry.” That is the exact sort of crap that pisses Roger off. Therapist Jim gets Roger to continue to participate in the next ridiculous exercise. Continue reading


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Big Brother Eviction Night!


I was so engrossed in this post, I am ill prepared to quick blog this episode of Big Brother. But I’m going to give it my best alcohol infused shot. Sorry for all the upcoming homophone aphasia but I’ve been going all day with blog stuff and it’s happy hour and I am tired. Just assume I meant to use the right word. Thanks.

And here we go, I hope we pick up right where we left off at the veto ceremony. And we do. Britanny stands up and says she wants to make it clear why she said what she said about Pao. She points out how Pao threw the comp. She didn’t wear her glasses. She knows what it is like to wake up with a knife in her back. And if Pao stays, she is her target. Pao says, “We all know how he is.”  She tells Devin, ” Thank you, I’m  sorry but you are not a good person. I would rather throw my head in a toilet bowl and drown than stay with you another week ”  Then she tells Britanny you are right. He asked me to throw the competition. But she swears she did not throw it. Now this is a smart move on her part because she is too stupid to win anyway so who really knows?

Devin says, “Yes you did because I said I was going to put the veto on your neck.” Devin you fucking moronic piece of shit, just shut up! Everything you say makes it worse. (insert hilarious Donny commentary from the diary room here. He was loving every minute of the veto ceremony and was tickled to death.) Continue reading


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