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Bravo Announces Two New Scripted Shows and Several New Unscripted Shows for 2014

New Show 2014 2015

Bravo announced a full slate of new scripted and “unscripted” shows for 2014 today.  Although some of the “unscripted” shows sound like repackaged versions of other shows where a bunch of women “attempt to balance their personal and professional lives, ” others sound new and exciting. There is a dating show that films and airs in the same week, a fantastic sounding travel show, and a show set in London!  The two scripted shows both seem to have potential, however, is it me or do they just introduce these scripted series and we never see them air?

Click through for the entire list of new and returning shows.  Let me know if you Phaedra Parks name in there anywhere…:) Also absent? Real Housewives of Miami. Continue reading

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Eight Dirty Little Secret TV Shows

REal World Explosion

I’ve been watching, but not blogging quite a few good shows lately so I thought it was time for a top ten list.  Only I only have 8 shows. So, a top eight list. Lets get right to it.

Number 8: Kim of Queens  Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on Lifetime.

Kim Gravel is the owner of The Pageant Palace.  She collects misfit girls and attempts to make them her “pageant pros.”  It’s NOT Toddlers and Tiaras.  The girls are older and Kim and her sister Allisyn  Varalla  make most of the costume choices for all of the girls.  Then pageant moms are almost as bad as the Dance Moms but there is less conflict between the moms and more berating of their own child. Kim and Allisyn are hilarious. It’s much more light-hearted than I make it sound. The major negative aspect of the show is that the “misfit girls” they pick up are obvious plants for the most part. The “hillbilly girl” is actually a pageant pro for example and is playing a part. Still, it’s a fun show to DVR and watch on  a Saturday morning.

Number 7: Dance Moms Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime

I actually do try to recap this show when I can. It has been around long enough that you have probably made a decision about it already. If you think Abby Lee is a horrible person (I love her) then don’t bother giving it a second look.  This show is one of the more “real” reality shows out there.  Abby really dislikes most of the dance moms. This season Kelly (Brooke and Paige’s mom) actually attacked Abby at an open audition for “replacements” in NYC.  Abby pressed charges and they recently went to court. It remains to be seen if Paige and Brooke are still on the show.  Meanwhile, Nia is rapidly advancing her team rank with great performance.

Number 6: Real World EXplosion  Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on MTV

My obsession with reality TV began with the very first episode of the Real World. I love people watching and this was a great glimpse into the lives of people who were at the time in my age group,  living I NYC. More than 20 years later, I can’t stop watching.  This season the show returns to San Francisco with a twist. After the seven strangers move in and start hooking up, their exes arrive to move in to the house.  There is a lesbian couple that didn’t really seem broken up in the first place. They should be fine. But the token hot head guy hooked up quickly with a brash blond as “friends with benefits” and neither of their exes is happy with the relationship.  The exes arrive in the next episode, so it’s a good time to start watching. Continue reading


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Brandi’s Blog About Her Non-Apology


Brandi’s blog is full of rants and incoherent reasons why she hates Joyce. So I thought I would share some highlights with you as she tries to explain the Joyce confrontation.  She starts right away going in on Joyce, the only housewife who actually stayed for Kim’s graduation party. She says this about the her absence from the party, “It was better that  we didn’t stay anyhow because Joyce was there in some ridiculous get up and I didn’t want to have a confrontation with Miss Attention Seeker a high school graduation party.”

I also thought this could be a good time to hash it out with Joyce and move forward.  It is really hard to explain my issues with Joyce to all of you — but I’m going to try now. Ages ago at Carlton’s luncheon Lisa snapped at Joyce, but only because I had just told Lisa that I felt bad for talking about her faint on Dancing With the Stars on the car ride over. Lisa was upset with me and I understood why, but unfortunately she took it out on Joyce when Joyce went to fix Lisa’s hair. Lisa was snappy, and Joyce gave me a look as though she were appalled.

It’s really hard to explain, yet for the last month of shows you just say that there is stuff we have not seen. Now it is all Lisa’s fault for snapping at Joyce? Continue reading


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Couples Therapy Interview Round-Up With Wendy Williams and Bethenny

Taylor on Bethenny

Today we have two interviews with cast from this seasons Couple Therapy. First John Gosselin on Wendy Williams and then,  Taylor and John on Bethenny. This should be good.

John comes out without Liz. Oh. She’s sick. Wendy doesn’t seem to know enough about what is going on with Couples Therapy to ask the right questions. They are rambling on about living in the woods. They talk about Jon firing a weapon when the paparazzi  refused to leave his property. Lots of Kate stuff.  In the first segment we get nary a word about Couples Therapy which is what we need to tea on, Wendy. /sigh

John says he did Couples Therapy for the free therapy and for a chance for him and Liz to get away from everything have some time for themselves.  John reveals that Ghost Face Killah’s name is Dennis. Not a single question about Farrah or Taylor or why he was the last to arrive. Very disappointed in this interview. Bethenny on the other hand goes balls to the wall with Taylor and John. Click through for the tea. Continue reading


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Kim Of Queens Recap

kimofqueens_30_spot_HD_768x432-16x9I  was intrigued by the commercials for Kim of Queens as I watched and recapped Dance Moms this week.  I immediately looked for a rerun to DVR and am excited to watch this show that takes place in Atlanta! (Yes, locals, I know her business is in Suwanee.) Kim Gravel is a former  Miss Georgia who runs The Pageant Place, which assists pageant hopefuls with pageant coaching and interviewing skills designed to put the in the finals in pageants and in their personal lives.

The season begins with Kim prepping her pageant girls for moving into the teen level of pageants. This means interviews!  Most of them have not done interviews before. In walks Addison, the ringer.  Kim freaks out over Addison trying to clog. By the way, when Kim won her title she sang opera. Kim struggles to find a talent for Addison for the pageant that is coming up that weekend. Addision says it is either clogging or a comedy routine.

This week is the Sweet Onion Blossom pageant. Clearly, Kim picked the pageant for Addison.  One of the pageant moms quickly points out the obvious.  Kim strikes right back at the mom saying she is taking them to a pageant they are ready for. It is their first time doing an interview and they need to practice. Continue reading


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Bravo Has Powerful Sunday Night Ratings! Will It Save Shahs?



As I mentioned in my last Shahs of Sunset post, Bravo is trying to shake up a poorly performing  season for the Shahs by giving it a one time shot at the coveted timeslot following RHOA on Sunday nights.  Did it work? Technically yes.  Andy Cohen smartly did not give up having RHOA ‘s second showing as the lead in to his WWHL show either and his ratings were nearly identical to the Shahs. For Andy’s timeslot the numbers were HUGE but for Shahs the were merely decent.

Check below for the ratings breakdown as well as a teaser for tonight’s shit show Shahs of Sunset and WWHL.

Continue reading


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American Singer Comes in Third on Arabs Got Talent

American Jennifer Grout, who speaks very little Arabic competed in Arabs Got Talent in Lebanon and the judges loved her. She made it all the way to third place despite some negative public opinion from the locals who questioned why an American was allowed to compete in the first place.

Jennifer is from Cambridge, Mass., describes her background as English, Scottish and Native American.


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Vanderpump Rules Recap : I’m Over It.

imagesCAMWYQ5PApologies in advance for this being the worst recap ever. I am so not in the mood. But off we go. Jax shows Stassi his new tattoo of her name at the beach. It is written in such girly script (did he say it was her signature?) that I am sure he will have no problem turning it into a flower or something at some point. Because they are all road tripping I’m afraid we will not have much Vanderpump at all this episode.

Stassi and Jax and Kirsten and gay Tom are fighting. Gay Tom says to the world, getting an exes name tattooed on your body is stalkerish. But Stassi loves it. The four of them go to visit Stassi’s family in Lake Arrowhead. Apparently, Stassi’s family lost their home in New Orleans to Katrina. I’m really not in the mood to care. Stassi immediately tells her mom about the tattoo. Stassi is a HORRIBLE person. Continue reading


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Bravo To Premiere Three New Shows in January


Bravo is premiering three new shows in January. And yes, they are all reality shows. One is a couple yoga instructors that speak in a special “meow” language. The second sounds like RHONY meets MDLNY.  And the third one is set in Chicago and appears to have more males than females in the cast. Click through for details if you dare. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap

Kandi Burruss & Todd Tucker - 1We start this episode with a bit of good news for Kandi. Lord knows she needs some with her mother trying her best to keep her down. Kandi’s new studio is almost finished and it looks fantastic!  It’s very “Kandi” with the pink vinyl chairs in her office. Kandi talks to Don Juan, her manager, about her mother. Don Juan says that Mama Joyce may just be concerned about where she will fit in once Kandi and Todd get married. He says he has the same sort of concerns. Essentially, he is worried that Kandi won’t need him anymore, that Todd will take over as her manager. It sounds a little selfish, but it is true that once someone marries their priorities do often change and their relationships with other may indeed become diminished.

Kandi seems a bit offended and thinks Don Juan is only there for her checks. Well, he may not ONLY be there for the checks, but he is her employee and I think he is right to be slightly concerned. Todd and Kandi are already producing plays together and forming business deals on their own. If Todd does decide he wants to manage Kandi, then Don Juan could very well be out on the streets looking for his next paycheck. Continue reading


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Kyle Richards Lands Role On Days of Our Lives

Photo: NBC/Days

Photo: NBC/Days

I have been watching Days of Our Lives since I was about 11 years old. So imagine my surprise to find a familiar face on DOOL this week. I save my DOOL for the weekend and zip through all five shows really fast, so I haven’t seen the show yet, but Kyle Richards is on this week playing a modeling agent who is trying to recruit Gabi. Those of you who watch the show know that Nick has some sort of a devious plot to get Gabi modeling work so that she will move out of Salem and he can go with her.  The role Kyle is playing is a limited short term one.

The entire thing was filmed by Bravo cameras as well. So you will be seeing the actors who play Nick and Gabi on an upcoming episode of RHOBH.

Click through for an interview of Kyle and her co-stars Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Faint Praise

rhobhseason4We start with Yolanda’s  AMAZING house.  I cannot tear my eyes away long enough to blog. I love her and I hate that she will end up not being on “my team” this season.  Probably. Oh God. Yo is doing a master cleanse will medicating for Lyme Disease.

David and Yolanda are off to her doctor’s appointment. David is much more supportive of Yo than Peter was for Cynthia last night. David agrees that he is doing a great job being supportive.  Yolanda has been through hell.  David carries her Hermes bag and rubs her feet. Yolanda is getting her port taken out. Gigi is on the master cleanse and is all light-headed and weak and afraid to ride the horse. MASTER CLEANSE IS NO BUENO!

Lisa is still on Dancing With The Stars and I swear we did this last season. I guess it was just all the new coverage.  Kyle and the girls go to DWTS to support Lisa. Even Taylor Armstrong is there!  That was when Brandi had the mysteriously burned hand so she was wearing gloves to DWTS. Go look at the picture I never did find out what happened. Or if I did I have forgotten.  Taylor’s married boyfriend John is there with her. They are engaged now. After the show they all go out to dinner with Lisa and Gleb. Kyle and Kim watch Lisa faint on DWTS in the last scene.  They are saying she if faking it because she doesn’t want to do the show anymore.  Wow. Do you think that is true?  Both Richards girls mock Lisa and reenact the fainting scene. Continue reading


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