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Sonja Morgan Waits At The Window Wearing The Face That She Keeps In a Jar by The Door




There are a lot of purple pen worthy blogs from the RHONY this week. I am trying to enjoy this beautiful weekend so I am not sure how many I will get to.  This day is flying by. But if I can only do one, it has to be Sonja’s!  It’s so delusional. Remember we discussed getting rid of either Sonja or Ramona because they were virtually interchangeable blondes who drink way to much and don’t have much more than that to offer that is based in reality?  It seems this is the season where the two figured out they need to separate and have their own identities. Ramona has decided to do this by fighting with Luann and Dorinda. She was on Twitter after the show aired in a huge Twitter fight with Dorinda who called her third strike on Ramona, only to stick up for Ramona when she got into it with Luann. It’s amazing how these fights always happened during the time the shows are airing, isn’t it? #Scripted

Sonja’s intern in charge of writing her blog needs to learn the art of brevity. It’s over 1500 words and that is with no introduction, it just sort of starts with a rant right away.

I did not have press at my birthday party. It wasn’t a business event. It wasn’t a charity or a typical Sonja In the City event with wall-to-wall professional cameras. I sent out no press invites. It was not a launch. It was just personal friends coming together to celebrate with Marco Maranghello and me. Thanks Ramona for not letting Bethenny know that.

Did I miss what this Marco the hairdresser guy has to do with the price of eggs at Grey Gardens?

Bethenny’s name is always enticing in the press, and I got dragged into a story because of the two brands having the word “girl” and being alcohol and some gossipy people stirring the pot. That’s why all the girls are buzzing about Tipsy vs Skinny, because there is always buzz around Bethenny. 

I already don’t know how to respond to these words. Is she blaming Bethenny for Page Six picking up the story?

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Porn Actress Farrah Abraham Continues Her War With Nicki Minaj & Lisa Vanderpump

Farrah Abraham was stopped in an airport by a British reporter who asked about her twitter war with Nicki Minaj. Despite Farrah forcing her spawn to make a video saying “Nicki Minaj is a loser,” which she quickly posted to the Internet, Sophia immediately pipes up saying, “I love Nicki Minaj!” over and over. It’s all so deliciously hilarious.

And then it just gets better. Here is the lastest of Farrah’s delusions.

Need more hilarious moments of delusion by Farrah Abraham? Click here!

The reporter approaches her and asks the status of the situation with Nicki Minaj.

“I am just trying to stay positive my daughter is here, but is sad that she had to act again like a loser. But I guess you just can’t argue with me, I win. But it is what it is, right?”

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Bachelor In Paradise… Anyone?

Bachelor in Paradise Ashley I


I don’t recap any Bachelor stuff here because there is a site that accurately spoils the show every season and I don’t want to be spoiled. I may or may not watch every single episode of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, ( I actually booked a trip to Curacao after they were there on one episode, and I stayed in the same suite as the first loser girl on The Bachelor on my St. Lucia trip.  It was the best villa in the one resort that connected to another resort further up the mountain where The Bachelor stayed. Hell she may have “won” I don’t remember. I did get lots of gossip from the maids about how she crept up to his suite in the gated part of the resort every night… Anyway. I mostly remember the banana daiquiris for breakfast. Because, they used whole bananas! Locally sourced! That is breakfast food!  AMIRITE?

Anyway.  I’m watching the finale of Bachelor in Paradise or whatever. It’s so ridiculous. Continue reading


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Manzo’d With Children: Mama Manzo’s Day

Manzod with children

It looks like the theme for tonight’s Manzo’d will be very similar to this week’s Don’t Be Tardy. Mamas that don’t want to let their little girls move out.

Oh dear GOD. Chris in the bubble bath with a million little rubber duckies lined up on the side of the tub as he says, “Previously, on Manzo’s with Children,” is ERRYTHANG! Moving on…

I still find it hard to believe that Hoboken is a real town. Let alone a cute one.  Lauren wants to buy a house. Caroline wants Vito and Lauren to live with them and save money so they can buy a nice place. It really is a good idea. Caroline wants to take Lauren to look at houses. I’m gonna bet she makes a down payment on one for them.

Chris arrives in a blue onsies to pick up Albie and Lauren for some project. Chris says Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching and they are going to give their mom, “the gift of time travel.”  I love this show.  Chris pulls out some photos of the kids when they were little. Chris and Lauren were in blue onesies. He apparently want to recreat the photo. I love this idea.  The kids set about recreating multiple photos from they childhood. It’s hysterical. Continue reading


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Married at First Sight’s Jessica Files for Divorce and Protective Order Against Ryan

Photo A&E

Photo A&E

I really loved season two of Married at First Sight. Of all of the couples, I was really pulling for Jessica and Ryan who were the youngest of the shows three couples. Just last Tuesday, part one of a two part finale was shown. After six weeks of marriage, the couples had to decide whether to stay married or file for divorce. Jessica and Ryan were one of two couples who said the wanted to stay married.

Despite significant ups and downs and Ryan’s somewhat explosive temper at times, but by the time decision day rolled around they were in a good place and both seems determined to have a happy life together. Jessicia did says she had some concerns that Ryan might revert back to his angry, mean self, but it really seemed more like drama for the obvious happy ending than anything else. Continue reading


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10 Things I Hate About Secrets & Wives

Secrets and Wives


1) Yankees

2) Yankees cooking in disposable aluminum. Aluminum is Satan. Alzheimer’s, Carcenogic, and most importantly, tacky.

3) Vapid fake blondes.

4) A VERY long infomercial for the cosmetic surgeon.

5) If you are going to be a fake blond, on a reality show, GET YOUR ROOTS DONE before filming.

6) You don’t have to be smart or pretty to be a gold digger on Long Island, it seems.

7) I’m Bored.

8)  Horrific wardrobes. Hot pink dresses and black nail polish?

9) Tacky. So Tacky.

10)  Yankees. Continue reading


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