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Leah Remini: It’s All Relative Recap: Earthquakes and Boob Jobs

Its All Relative Family

We start with Angelo in the kitchen. Have we discussed how hot Angelo is? Because, hot. I need Leah to come clean my house. Or anyone with OCD, actually. Leah is worried because there was an earthquake last night. She wants to do a home inspection to look for cracks and things that might be alarming. The maid is having trouble keeping a straight face for this scene. Leah’s mom likes earthquakes and think they are exciting.

The hurricane has Leah ready to become a prepper. She is starting with the government list of things to have on hand during a disaster. I did something similar, but I was preparing for the zombie apocalypse. I still need to get five hundred dollars in ones. I’d do that as soon as I have five hundred dollars for the zombie closet.

Leah has a British nanny named Trish. Trish has a business called Bling Gone Wild. She enjoys picking up treasures off the curb and blinging them to resell. Trish’s house is covered floor to ceiling with stuff she has found in other people’s trash and blinged. Continue reading

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Leann & Eddie

Leann and Eddie

Well, I can’t put it off any longer. I actually did some dishes as a better option than watching this show, but I am now out of hot water and my back is sore from bending over the sink, it’s 4:30 and I haven’t done a post all day so views are sucking ass. It must be done.  Thank the baby Jesus it is only a half hour show.

Okay, now my DVR has stopped working entirely. This is special.  After 20 minutes of trying to get the show to play, I’m noticing that the problem is specific to this show. Even my DVR refuses to cooperate with this shit show. It looks like I will have to do the recap based on just reading the description.

Leann goes on a weekend trip with her southern friends. Hmm, Leann has southern friends? Leann has friends? That must have been interesting. It seems that they went four wheeling or something. Perhaps she got injured and had to go to the ER. Perhaps the injury caused to be unable to speak or tweet ever again. My TV is trying really hard to show this recording but the screen looks something like a Picasso. Oh wait, it is playing now. Continue reading


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Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Finale Recap


When last we left, we were hopeful that Tanisha had passed on to the great beyond so that Clive could escape her abuse. I think that we will be disappointed because there are shots of her getting the lie detector test and making her final decision. Sorry, Clive. We were all pulling for you. Tanisha and Clive return home that same night.  Sounds like a fake panic attack.

The final challenge is a lie detector test! YAY! The spouses get to choose the questions. Roger is the most excited about this exercise. If the questions are not tough enough, the counselors will ask some of their own.

Traci and Kevin are up first.

Traci goes first. Are you really able to believe in me? Will you really be faithful to me? Do you still resent me for cheating? She answered yes to all three.

Kevin was asked, ” Did you ever want to leave me?” (no) Have you been faithful in recent months? NO!!!  Traci walks out.

Kevine says he didn’t understand the question. lol.

RESULTS: They were truthful but Kevin admitted to cheating recently. He still says he did not get the question. Continue reading


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Marriage Boot Camp’s Tanisha Thomas Lied!

boot camp tanisha-thomas

Instagram via TMZ

Here is a post for my 41 favorite commenters, the ones that read my Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars recaps. You many remember on last Friday’s episode, Tanisha got a all the parts she ever wanted in all the shows there ever were! I told you at the time, “These phone calls with Tanisha give me the distinct impression there is no one on the other end of the phone.  First she says she auditioned for something and they said she is “pretty much hired.”  Then she tells the group she auditioned for a lot of stuff and got it all. Never once did she say what this role, or all of the roles are. It’s all fake.” Continue reading


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Leah Remini: It’s All Relative

Its All Relative Family

I am super late with this recap, but I’ve been busy and sick. I’ve felt like crap for days and finally diagnosed myself with Fresh Ripe Cherry Overdose FRCO. Shut up! I looked on the Internet and it’s a thing. I am overly cranky.  I also may have just eaten a dog quesadilla. I feel like I am about to give birth to Rosemary’s baby. So this show better bring the funny, or there will be hell to pay.

On this episode, Leah’s mother wants a tramp stamp. My first reaction was I wonder how much money  Leah offered her mother to get a tramp stamp. Leah’s mom says she has no problem with it being called a tramp stamp because she was a tramp when she was young. You go, Leah’s mom!  It’s going down. The 64-year-old had a vision for her tattoo during one of her hot flashes. Wait, what? This shit is still going to be happening when I am 64? I thought my doctor said the sentence was 8-10 years? Why isn’t this bitch fat? 64 and still having hot flashes? Kill me now.

The tattoo is huge. It is the head of a jaguar with a woman carrying a jug of water on top. Because, she likes jaguars and she was born under the sign of Aquarius. The head of the woman is between the eyes of the jaguar head. Continue reading


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Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Fate Comes Knocking

marriage_boot_reality1-592x330It’s time for the penultimate episode of this ridiculousness. Roger caved and went with Jenni to her event. Tanisha gets a phone call from her manager saying she got a part. She is screaming and crying and Clive asks her what is going on. She walks right past him and says nothing. So this whole communication workshop stuff is going well. She goes out to the kitchen to tell everyone the good news. These phone calls with Tanisha give me the distinct impression there is no one on the other end of the phone.  First she says she auditioned for something and they said she is “pretty much hired.”  Then she tells the group she auditioned for a lot of stuff and got it all. Never once did she say what this role, or all of the roles are. It’s all fake.

Speaking of fake, Gretchen and Slade bicker in bed. Slade is emotionally exhausted.

The stupid exercise of the week is called Release Me.  They are supposed to think of the person for whom they have the most resentment. Slade says his resentment is toward God. He is angry that God let his son have brain cancer. He gives a crappy performance of crying and whining.

Tanisha is up next. Her resentment is her “caretaker” that abused her as a child. Tanisha sort of freaks out. She wants to hit the girl pretending to be the caretaker. She actually asks Clive for support!  Jim steps in as the caretaker in case Tanisha does decide to knock a bitch out. Jim provokes Tanisha to hit her. Tanisha is melting down. Jim asks who is forgiveness for and the female therapist whispers, “Yooooou, it’s for you sweetie…” in the most hysterical way possible I don’t see how Gretchen or someone did not just bust out laughing. Soap opera music swells. Tanisha forgives! Continue reading


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Bravo Announces Three New Shows And Greenlights Two More For Another Season

NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Upfront - 2014

Here is Bravo’s latest press release regarding their upcoming shows. Is it me are they really pumping out new programming like crazy these days?  It seems like I read somewhere they are now in the number three slot among cable stations with advertising.  That’s huge! It seems like they are throwing everything out there to see what sticks.  The good news is all the boys from Million Dollar Listing New York will be back for another season.  That’s not much of a surprise considering the episode with Fredrik’s wedding got an Emmy nomination recently.  The franchise will increase with the addition of Million Dollar Listing San Francisco.  I think San Fran is a great choice with some beautiful real estate for us to drool over.

A bit more surprising is the return of Southern Charm. I might even watch that series now that Thomas Ravenel is off the show. Ravenel is a former politician who already disgraced the fine state of South Carolina once when he was convicted of drug trafficking while holding a state office. Ravenel officially filed to run for U.S. Senate as an independent against two-term Republican incumbent Lindsay Graham. Good luck with that. #eyeroll

Once again the new shows look very promising. But we have learned not to get our hopes up. Game of Crowns anyone?  Click through for all the details. Continue reading


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Untying the Knot Double Feature

untying the knotWhile I have a few minutes, let’s check in on the last two episodes of Untying the Knot and see what sort of crap the latest divorcing couples are fighting over.

The Episode: A Date for Divorce

In this episode, we have a Mustang, “their dream house”, two dogs and a T-shirt collection. This should be interesting especially the dogs. Before we even start, I’d take the two chicks out to opposite sides of the yard blindfolded. I’d put the dogs one buy one in the middle and tell them to sit. I’d alert each chick as to which dog is out there and have them both call the dog at the same time. Wherever the dog went first, gets the dog. Lather, rinse, repeat. Damn, I’m just like King Solomon!  Let’s see what Vikki does.

Krissy and Tina seem perfect together. I’m less than a minute into them talking about each other and am already dumbstruck as to why they are getting a divorce. They are both grinning and talking very highly about the other.  Tina says that at first all she did was cater to Krissy and once she became her own person the marriage failed. Continue reading


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Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars Recap: Sex and The Secret

marriage_boot_reality1-592x330Is this show over yet? I love having something to recap on a Friday night but I must admit this show is a bit, okay a lot, ridiculous. Yet, I can’t stop watching. The fact that I know almost all of these people from other shows makes it interesting. We pick up where we left off with Roger and JWow arguing about some leaked tabloid story. Roger tells Jenni she should have listened to him and kept her mouth shut. Roger who up until now was getting a somewhat decent edit is throwing a fucking tantrum about there being a camera guy and them being miked. Um, Roger, that is what you signed up for.  The story is the one I suspected about Jenni being pregnant. Apparently, they had not told their family yet and they will be finding out from the media. I understand that is pretty crappy but so is Roger’s violent outburst around his pregnant wife. I really think this marriage is doomed.

The white Oprah has already figured out that Jenni is pregnant because she has not had a drop of alcohol since she entered the house. This of course left more for Traci’s breakfasts.  Jenni and Roger are both furious. Roger is furious with Jenni and Jenni is furious with the house.  Jenni says the person attempting to sell the story is someone in the house. Maybe another participant, or perhaps production. So far that point is unclear. No wait. Jenni is blaming production. I guess she told them to explain why she could not drink. The producer comes out (always a sign of good drama) and says he was only made aware of the medical condition 17 minutes ago. All sorts of production crew and the therapists come on camera to deny saying anything to anyone. They have not told either of their families because she is not that far along but Roger claims she has told several people “in the industry.” That is the exact sort of crap that pisses Roger off. Therapist Jim gets Roger to continue to participate in the next ridiculous exercise. Continue reading


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Bravo Garners Four Primetime Emmy Nominations

Top ChefBelow please find the Bravo Press release concerning their Emmy nominations.  If you aren’t interested in the press release, skip to the end for a little tea from me about Top Chef.

NEW YORK July 10, 2014 Bravo Media, part of NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment, continues to be recognized for its high quality, original content as the network received four Primetime Emmy® Nominations from the Academy of Television Arts & Science for the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Bravo’s Emmy-Award winning series “Top Chef” earned its eighth consecutive nomination in the “Outstanding Reality-Competition Program” category. “Million Dollar Listing New York” and “Flipping Out” received their first Emmy nominations in the new category of “Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program.” In addition, the Emmy-Award winning series “Inside the Actors Studio,” hosted by James Lipton, was nominated for its 17th Primetime Emmy, this year for “Outstanding Informational Series or Special” category.

Continue reading


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Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Daters and Traitors

marriage_boot_reality1-592x330Time to head back into Marriage Boot Camp and check in on the media whores. We left with Roger and Jwoww  at odds and Roger claiming that Jenn is just there for the paycheck and doesn’t want the therapy. Um, Roger, everyone in that house is just there for the paycheck and doesn’t want the therapy, except you. You married a famewhore. This is what famewhores do. How is this possibly news to you?  Roger has a tantrum, and Jenni gets a stern talking to by the guy counselor to “keep it 100% real.” Which is exactly what the scrip writers wrote for him to say.

I find the counselors round table scenes at the beginning to be rather stupid.

But perhaps not as stupid as the activities. In this episode the ridiculousness continues. Didn’t we just do the insult your partners thing? The partners face each other and rattle off how their spouse is not meeting their needs. Gretchen needs Slade to get a job. When Slade tries to “act” his one reaction is to swallow hard. It’s odd.  Trista needs Ryan to trust her. Ryan needs more physical contact. Or physical contact that seems genuine. Tanisha needs Clive to take control. Clive says he needs for her to let him run things. Tanisha says she has not been in love with him in a long time.  Those two argued the longest, so far. Roger needs honesty from Jenni. The male counselor stops Roger from going on for some unknown reason. Later in an interview, Roger is still pissed about this. Jenni wants flowers, a hug, a kiss, some romance. Continue reading


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Kate Plus 8 Special Part 2

Kate plus collin

If you missed Part One of this shit show, go here now. The comments were insane and it’s only going to get worse tonight. By the way, I was sent a reviewers copy of a new book out about Kate.  It’s called Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World by Robert Hoffman.  EDIT TO LINK TO CORRECT BOOK LINK. I would not have bought the book, mostly because I don’t have a reader for online books, and I didn’t think I would want to know anything else about Kate Gosselin, but OH I AM SO GLAD I GOT THIS BOOK. I have very limited time to read fun stuff these days since I am always here with you guys, but on the day of THE GREAT BIRTHDAY HANGOVER OF 2014, I read the first few chapters and I am hooked. Kate is a horrid person.  The book is written by a local in the town who was hired by US magazine to tail Kate and feed them info. Go get the book now if you are interested. I’ll review it eventually when I have time and share some highlights.

On to tonight’s shit show!  Tonight is the birthday party that Kate if thrusting on the sextuplets. They all said they wanted to go to a place to have a party, but Kate wanted to do Carnival 2.0. It looks like we may have hope for the whole bouncy house lift off thing happening as God’s wrath shows up at the party.  According to Hoffman’s book, Kate used God to get all the cash and prizes she could. Allegedly. So it’s not wonder God is pissed with her. Continue reading


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