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Real Housewives of New York Episode Discussion Forum

RHONY Ramona face

EDITED TO ADD: OOPS I AM SO UNPLUGGED I’VE FORGOTTEN MY SCHEDULE. IT’S RHOOC I won’t be recapping tonight. Hang on and I’ll put up a post for that show. THEN back to unplugged.

Hey guys, I am going to remain mostly unplugged again tonight and will not be recapping the RHONY  RHOOC live at 9. I may or may not feel like doing it at 11:30 in time for the morning crew tomorrow. Until then… you guys have a place to comment here. Meanwhile, let’s look back at last week’s episode through the bleary eyes of Ramona. Bethenny is a very strong woman. The things she has been going through have been very hard on her emotionally. At times Bethenny cries at a drop of the hat due to all the stress she’s under. I know the feeling as finalizing my divorce has been taking a toll on me emotionally. This is the reason I haven’t written a blog in a while. I appreciate everyone’s continued support and understanding. It means so much to me. I actually hadn’t noticed your absence. Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live With Ramona Singer

WWHL with Ramona

Lots of discussion about Bethenny being “homeless.” Ramona looks good.

They showed a clip of Kim reading a text from Lisa Rinna that really didn’t say anything worse than she has already said. There is an ominious “You better be careful or I will fuck you up! Stop telling lies.”

There is a crazy clip from next week when Bethenny and Ramona are talking outside with a white picket fence between them. Ramona is clearly off her meds and treating Bethenny like she is the crazy one. It looks fantastic!

Andy talks to Ramona about her behavior on the reunion. Ramona says she was very offensive.  Andy accurately corrects her saying she was defensive. Ramona wrongly corrects Andy and incorrectly defines both defensive and offensive. Andy just smiles and nods and says “Oh sweetie” quietly inside his head. A couple of people in the clubhouse are laughing loud. Andy forges ahead saying she would not answer any of his questions about Mario and as stonewalling him. Continue reading


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UPDATED: Cops Called to Ramona and Mario Singer’s Hampton’s Home

Ramon and Mario RHONY

UPDATED: The New York Post is now reporting that Ramona filed for divorce on Tuesday. Ramona has confirmed the divorce on twitter with the usual “privacy during this difficult time….blah, blah, blah…for the children..blah..”   Sources for Tamaratattles tell us that Ramona has locked herself in her bedroom with a case of Pinot Grigio.  Okay, we’re guessing on that last part. Condolences, or whatever, Ramona.

Ramona and Mario Singer have been on the rocks for ages and Ramona has stopped trying to deny it every time she leaves the house.  Mario has been suspected of fooling around behind Ramona’s back for quite some time now. But last fall, he was seen in the Hamptons canoodling with one particular young socialite on a regular basis. Since that time Mario has been staying at their house in the Hamptons and Ramona has been staying in the apartment in NYC filming housewives. Things were strained but civil.

Until last Friday. Page Six is reporting that Ramona decided to head to the Hamptons for the weekend and arrived to find Mario and the newer, younger replacement chick already there. Continue reading


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Oh No! Is Mario Cheating on Ramona Singer?


Remember on one of those  Real Housewives of New York vacations from hell a few seasons back where they saw some sort of fortune teller?  I think it was in Morocco because I remember Luann translating it for Ramona because it was in French.  The fortune teller lady told Ramona that her husband was cheating.  Luann translated it as Mario having another woman in his life.  Well, if it wasn’t true then, it seems even more likely now. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Reunion Now with Anal Sex!

WordPress seems to have eaten my first paragraph. I’m sure it wasn’t important. Let’s just dive in. Luann and Jacques watched the pirate episode together! I’d love to have been a fly on that wall. But before we can get the dirt on that off camera event, Andy wants to stir the pot. So he reminds Ramona that she made a lot of comments about Luann being a girl who likes to party. Ramona says something that seemed innocent enough,”Luann loves her men and she can’t keep her hands off them. And you can take that however you want. That’s all I’ll say.”  But this doesn’t sit well with the Countess (silent o). Luann sort of loses her cool and wants to know what Ramona is insinuating. Luann begins to strongly imply that she has all kinds of dirt on what Ramonja got up to on their nights out in St. Barths and that Ramona doesn’t want to go there. Luann tells Ramona, “You’re no goodie two shoes!” Ramona makes some out of the blue remark about never having been in an open relationship like Luann (And Carole, but she doesn’t mention Carole..yet). Luann is hurt by the comment and wants to know why Ramona is out for blood. Luann made a mistake and it was hard for her and Jacques to get past. I’m bored with this topic.  Luann polished the pirate’s peg leg. Jacques still in the picture according to Luann. Andy invited Jacques to the reunion and he declined. That seems odd for someone who likes the camera as much as Jacques Move along, Andy. Continue reading


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I’m Team Aviva. Thoughts From RHONY

Andy asks Carole why she did the show. I loved her response. “As a journalist it appealed to me. Like most journalists we are attracted to spectacle. Whether it is politics or war. ” There has been speculation she was under cover on a journalism assignment.  And they show the scene where Carole is all high and mighty about the term ‘Indian”. It’s hard to look worse than the Countess (silent o) but it seems Bravo is doing their best to make Carole look bad in this retrospective. I love Luann’s dress, btw. If I had the birth certificates on my Choctaw ancestors I would qualify for lots of money. Unfortunately, us Indians didn’t have birth certificates back then. I’m okay with Indian as a term Carole. While it is a misnomer, it’s what we have always called it.Technically this is Carole’s segment and Luann is trying to upstage her though. Something about earrings. As I pause the show Ramonja looks really bored waiting for their turn.  ANNNNNND we have our first plug. It was from Luann for Life & Style. Carole is a fucking PRINCESS Luann. I don’t know why you think she borrows clothes. She fucking rich. Not Nene Leakes rich, but you know, ACTUALLY RICH. LOL Luann mentions Life & Style again. CONTRACT MUCH? To which Carole replies,” it’s not Vogue” Touche. We are really focused on Princess Carole from the outset.  Makes sense she is much beloved and ratings gold for all of the opposite reasons housewives are usually loved. I am hoping Andy takes notice. Continue reading


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Will There Be Another Shake-Up on RHONY?

Our friends over at Wetpaint have an exclusive story by Beth Sobol regarding yet another shakeup on RHONY. Their source seems to think another shake-up could be in the works for next season. This is great news! Or is it… Continue reading


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Thoughts on the Finale of Real Housewives of New York

It’s time for the finale of RHONY! I think this season was the perfect length. I got to know, and mostly love the three new ladies, and I’ve had enough Ramonja to last a lifetime. The mysterious ping-pong trophies scene with Carol last week has now been made clear. Carole hosted a ping-pong tournament which is perfectly normal princess behavior I guess. However, it was Heather who was the ping-pong queen.  Aviva really needs to just ignore Ramona. Pretty much everyone needs to ignore Ramona. Can we just talk about something else? Anything else? Heather is right about that. Also, Heather’s husband is hot. Just throwing that out there.

Now we have to see how well Heather handles Sonja. Sonja agrees with Heather and opts for the um, hotter, toaster oven. Everything went great! This means something is definitely wrong.  Shouldn’t Sonja want the one with just her? I thought the one with just Sonja was more Sonja than the others. It seems maybe when Sonja is by herself she’s less of a bitch than she is when Ramona is around to get her riled up. Plus she seemed oddly sober. Crisis averted. Point for Heather. Continue reading


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Ramona Singer Bravely Appears on Anderson Live!

After watching Wendy Williams this morning, I’m trying to solider on and watch today’s episode of Anderson Cooper. He watched the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion last night. Really? I thought he was above all that. He read three tweets about the reunion and two of them were anti-Teresa. Anderson got so worked up watching he had to take an Ambien to fall asleep. Anderson says it is an awful show and everyone is so hateful and mean. He can hardly believe he has to watch two more episodes! Oh, Anderson. I’m watching this show because Ramona from RHONY is going to be on and I am dying to see how Anderson treats her. As it stands now Ramona pretty much hates everyone except Sonja this season. Let’s see what AC has to say about Ramona’s behavior. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York: Charity Begins At Home

Poor Sonja is not going to get what she wanted, or apparently much of anything, in the divorce. When I look at Sonja crying in her house, all I can think is yard sale. Take all those dresses to a consignment shop. Put some of those dust collecting tchotchkes on Ebay. Sell a few paintings. Clearly the toaster oven market is in a slump, Sonja! Think outside the toaster oven box! Luann was called in to hold her hand as she put a couple paintings in storage (read hides them from the property inventory) and the art woman (who is usually there to SELL paintings not store them) tried to paint the picture as a new beginning. Luann’s helpful comment? “It looks really empty in this room now.” The irony that Luann hawks an etiquette book is lost on no one by now.

I love that Heather (And Aviva) both have charities that they are passionate about. Most of the time the housewives just seem to “do charity work” by going to luncheons and writing the occasional check. Continue reading


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Ramonja Let It All Hang Out in St. Barts

The New York Daily News is reporting that RHONY’s drunken duo Ramonja’s behavior in St. Barts was much worse than what was shown on the show. I know there are some of you that think that Ramonja’s behavior was “just women letting loose on vacation.”  But since they have returned there have been all sorts of allegations that what we saw was just  the tip of the iceberg. Personally, I’d be horrified if my drunken antics (er…not that I have drunken antics) were aired on national TV but for Ramonja that’s just a regular Monday night it seems.

NY Daily news quotes an anonymous source saying, “Sonja was straddling cameras naked.”  And that Ramona, “almost broke one of the cameras when she was drinking after hurling an object  at the equipment.”  Somehow I don’t find this information startling. Wasn’t it Heather who was talking about seeing Sonja’s vagina and tits the whole week?

According to the source, Ramonja got wasted beyond belief and, “locked themselves in  their room and locked the crew out. It became an issue with the crew, because the room was actually set property, since it’s a reality show.”  After that, production had to have a little sit down with Ramonja with the camera’s rolling and a live feed streaming back to the production crew in NYC (with Andy???).  It seems that two grown women who are veterans of reality TV had to be lectured on how to behave and how to treat the crew while filming. Money can’t buy you class, indeed. Perhaps Aviva was trying to let Sonja know she needs some help at their ill-fated luncheon on the last episode? How many times is Ramona going to be asked if she has a drinking problem before she gets some help?


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Real Housewives of New York Recap, Drunk and Uncensored

I’m flustered at the moment over something that happened just prior to the show starting, so I seem to have missed the set up of why The Countess is in the kitchen.  Has she ever cooked in her life? Oh wait, no, she is already ditching with Ramonja.  I do not understand this ridiculous hair band shit that Sonja and others are wearing on national TV. It’s hideous. Just STOP IT! I don’t understand what the set up for this whole scene was, can someone explain it to me? Real Men Cook? is that a product promo for something? It seemed like an unnecessary ad.

Toast! (That’s my drinking word for tonight, sorry if this post gets incoherent before the end). So what if Aviva needs to be with Reid at all times? Aviva has safety issues, and rightly so, what the hell is it to you Ramonja? Let’s move on to the Countess being a whore! Not that there’s anything wrong with that… Continue reading


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