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Project Runway All Stars Finale Recap: Ann Fulenwider? ARGH!

L-R Dom, Ken, Kini

L-R Dom, Ken, Kini

It’s time for the Finale of this hot mess of a season. Thanks so much for not spoiling me. Sorry it has taken me so long to get to this recap. I sort of ran out of steam and frankly needed some sleep!  I’m just happy Ken made it to the finale. I am happy with any of these three winning. They were my favorites from the start just based on personality. These three only have four days and three thousand dollars in spending money  to make EIGHT LOOKS!  One look has to be menswear. They are not going to make this easy.

One of my favorite people lives in NYC and because I am memory challenged, I am constantly asking for explanations of the whole uptown, downtown, midtown thing. It never makes any sense to me. The only thing I really get is that the Upper East Side is full of super rich ladies who lunch.

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Project Runway All Stars: We Are Counting on YOU Nina Garcia!

Kini's Final Look

Kini’s Final Look

I’m afraid to even watch this episode. The weight of the world is on Nina Garcia. Can she fix this messy situation that Isaac Misrahi has caused? Can we finally take the Oral Skill Bonus Points off the table?

Nina Garcia comes out on stage and Sam is hit with the realization that blowjobs and chin waves are not going to work with her.  Dom looks thrilled to see her. I think everyone but Sam was just praying for a judge without a willing penis. Kini points out that Sam has never been critiqued by Nina. He’s rather gleeful about that.

The Challenge is about technology. It’s sponsored by OtterBox a company that makes protective phone cases. What is with that name. No one knows what she is saying and when you finally see it, and understand the product, it gives on pause about the structure of on otter’s vagina. Are they really that hard to get into?  Because otters in the park seem quite frisky and plentiful.

Oh yeah, the challenge. Create an original print for print on print fashion that will look good in an otter’s vagina. I think. I sort of stopped paying attention.


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Project Runway All Stars Recap: State of the Art

Ken's avant garde look

Ken’s avant garde look

After spending most of the day yesterday  listening to Prince songs and sobbing, I am really trying to push through the day and distract myself with work. Unfortunately, my work involves lots of assholes on Twitter and here that I just have zero patience for. I feel like I start a lot of blogs lately with some sort of disclaimer about how I’m struggling to recap and push out new product every day. I am burning out a bit. So with that being said, I thought I’d tackle Project Runway tonight. Mostly because I want to see how Ken does. I’m really worried he is either going to go off on everyone and get kicked out, or quit, or be sent home by the judges this week. I really think there are a lot of others that need to go home first. If any of those thing happen I am going to rename this recap something like “Goodbye Angry Black Man” because it pissed people off last week and I’m kind of in the mood to piss people off.

The Challenge

Ugh. It’s the Avant Garde challenge. I hate these. But Kini should do well with it. They have $400 to spend at Mood this week. Boy George is a guest judge. They are supposed to get their inspiration from some visual art in a downtown gallery. The artists are fantastic!  Ken and Emily both pick a female artist who focuses on womens’ empowerment. While every other artist is drawn to all the paintings and mosaics,  Sam is drawn to a digital blue owl. Because, Sam.


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Project Runway All Stars Recap: Rebel With A Cause

Emily's Culottes. I could find no photo with the Sia hair.

Emily’s Culottes. I could find no photo with the Sia hair.


First of all, I really thought you were all idiots when you started saying that Sam would be in finals.  This is not a spoiler, I am not allowing myself to even think you guys would gaze upon a spoiler and then come and chat with me.  I’m just saying early on you folks said that Sam would go to the end. I wondered to myself (because I try to be at least fake nice to y’all as there are so few of you and I want you to still talk to me about this ridiculous show)  how y’all could think such a ridiculous thought.  The boy was on a season where he did not have to sew! He had a mentor! Because he was on that ridiculous Under the Gunn show that we all only watched because, TIM GUNN. Kini was dragging the boy through the first few challenges!  And then we found out that ALLEGEDLY, Isaac had a little thing for Sam. And that Sam was quite friendly with some of the guest judges. And then he just kept skating by with the most DREADFUL excuses for apparel we have ever seen.

And now, there are six. And I am starting to worry, that perhaps you were right all along. And I was w..I was wrrrrr…. I was unaware of the behind the scenes machinations on this show that apparently allow for bonus points to be added to certain scores for being really good at swallowing.  Because both swallowing and sewing share many of the same letter. But I still want to hold out hope that the little twerp will not be in the finale.

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Project Runway All Stars Recap: Where Your Hose At?

Project Runway allstars  sam

This is Sam’s look. How the FUCK was this not on the bottom?

Weekends can be great for me because there is not a lot of  housewives drama going on and I get to catch up on the shows that only a few of us are watching together. It harkens back to the days when this was a much smaller site.  Then Sunday night comes and the madness begins again.  So let’s hit the highlights (and lowlights) of this week.

I forgot it was an unconventional materials challenge. These can be really hit or miss. This week, it’s medical supplies. So yuck. Maybe Kini will do a Herve Leger type bandage dress out of ace bandages. That is what I would do. You know, if I could design, or sew. Speaking of people who can’t sew, I hope Sam gets his comeuppance this episode.

I have to be honest. I don’t really remember most of these people’s names, so it is hard to recap the madness in the workroom. Sam won the unconventional challenge on his season. He feels confident.

I kind of love Ken and not just because he could go all insane in the membrane at any moment.  He is doing a hose dress and so is Sam. I really need for Ken to pull this off. He can be the villain again later, but for now, he will be my hero if he takes Sam down.

Alexander is going to make the word “surreal” the drinking word, or maybe the glue sniffing word, for this week’s episode. Valerie is trying to make a dress out of cotton swabs.  She’s in danger of being to artsy.  I sort of remember Stella from previous shows, and what I sort of remember is that she is on the wrong show. I am not sure what the right show is, but this is not it.

Sam is becoming a bitchy queen on this show who seems to think he is doing well on his own merits. It will be hard for anyone to do worse than Stella, but I really hope he pulls that off.  Asha is doing the same dress as someone else. NotTimGunn pretty much tells everyone not to be too crafty. Like artsy crafty.

Dom is struggling and Sam and Ken apparently have nothing better to do than stand around and watch her.  Stella abandons her alien coat and seems to have nothing.Kini is making a piñata.

Did Layana just tell her model her crotch stinks? Because that is what I got from it. I hope she meant the materials. Continue reading


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Project Runway All Stars Tea and Catch Up

Project Runway Allstars

The past few weeks have been super busy. So much so that I wasn’t always able to check my DVR each day to make sure it was doing what I told it to. For that reason, I missed and episode of Project Runway All Stars. I’ve had  a lot of things sent to me lately I just haven’t had time to share, so before we get started, here is the AllStars tea.  On the episode before the most recent won. This apparently started some drama. Here is what I was told about that episode.

When Sam won and Vanessa Hudgens wanted to wear his winning dress to a premier, Sam would have had to completely make another dress because Vanessa is so short and so tiny. He couldn’t make the dress because he can’t sew so he offered Kini $150 to make it and when Kini turned him down, he tried to get anyone to do it.  No one would do it so Vanessa never wore the dress.
Apparently, we are missing all of the good stuff that is going on behind the scenes with the designers. Something tells me that would be a better show.  How is it possible that there is a designer who allegedly can’t sew? How did he make it so far on Under the Gunn?

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