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Project Runway AllStars: Time to Sew Stiches and Cut Bitches!

pras3-promo-600x300It’s the season premiere of Project Runway AllStars. I suppose I will be for Michael Knight since he is a homeboy. I don’t remember if I like him or not. I think I do. I think it was Anthony from Atlanta that I wasn’t particularly fond of.  I don’t recognize a lot of the designers. I missed several seasons when the show moved off Bravo and on to Lifetime.

One designer was a man on their first show and is now a woman. Or a cross dresser. Hard to say. Either way she is a much prettier woman than she was a man. The bad thing about AllStars is there is no Tim Gunn. I actually like the judges better on AllStars though. I am not a big Zac Posen fan. Alyssa Milano is an interesting choice for hostess. Zanna Roberts Rassi from Marie Claire is playing the role of Tim Gunn this season. As if. Continue reading


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Project Runway All Stars: At Least There Was a Hot Guy in His Underwear

Okay, so for some reason I got distracted by other things last night and forgot to watch TV. So today when someone mentioned Project Runway, I dashed off to go watch it.  As soon as they described the challenge as taking the clothes off the backs of strangers to make a new garment, it was obvious they were ready to give Mondo a win. And give it to him they did. Rami’s shorts outfit was perfectly tailored and should have won. Mondo’s outfit was something an extra in Flashdance would have worn.  I really thought Kenley should have been top three. Again this week there was very little workroom interaction with Joanna and the designers. She basically talked to the winner and the loser and left. The audience knew from the first few minutes that Mondo would win.

It was equally when the show became the Anthony L. Williams show that the sassy mouthed homeboy was going home. I don’t think I have ever seen that many talking heads one contestant on a single episode.  I told y’all in my first post about this season that Anthony went home early and seemed bitter about it. Now we know why. How the heck could Jerell not get the boot for that “coming to America” ensemble?  Sure, Anthony didn’t adhere to the  rules very well, but I had the same fear for Kenley when I saw her dress. I wasn’t sure if it met the 50% rule. Also, I wondered when they made the rule how it would be enforced. I’m not Anthony’s biggest fan but even I say he went out dirty. I’ll miss his smartass comments.

The best part of the show was the hot guy Anthony stripped in the park for no reason other than to see him in his underwear. Loved that Austin got his number. The worst part was the stupid hockey player “judge”. A supposedly straight hockey player who interned at Vogue?  Nothing about him made sense.I found him incredibly unappealing and his commentary was worthless. Well, except when he described Jerell’s hot mess as “Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani at Burning Man on Acid.”  I’m not impressed with these judges. I am even less impressed with the editors of the show. There is absolutely know doubt about who wins and loses well before the show even gets to the halfway point. And I really need to see more of the workroom. When Austin’s outfit came down the runway, it was the first time I had any clear concept of his look. Same thing with Kenley.  And those haters need to lay off of Kenley. Sure she is crazy as a bessybug. What’s wrong with that?


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Project Runway Has Jumped the Pig

I can’t even believe I am going to blog this at all since I was not really paying attention and had one eye on the GOP debates but… Here’s a where I try to make a sow’s ear into a silk post. 

Joanna’s Coles helpful tips from the workroom:

“I don’t think that comfort when you are dressing a mega celebrity like Miss Piggy should matter.”
“With a headband be careful, remember she has two big ears. I want her to be able to hear”
“How does a pig feel about wearing a giraffe print?”

The runway show is SO FAST for each dress you really can’t take them in at all. This is a good thing.

Miss Piggy’s comments on the runway:

“Can you hoola hoop in that?” (Austin Scarlett’s dress)
“It looks like a Candy Store exploded!” (Rami’s dress)
“I love the hat because after a big night out I can use that hat to clean my pots and pans.” (Kenley’s dress which I think should have won)
“I don’t normally wear leather.” (Michael’s dress which was rather unfortunate)

Austin Scarlett’s dress SUCKED and even with bows on the hips of a pig, he didn’t go home. Gordana does. And she should have been out anyway. Michael wins with the most unfortunate dress of them all. Kenley was robbed.

But by far the best part of this episode (and that is not saying much) is the quote below.

“Because Miss Piggy loves pink so much, I would consider going pink for her.”~the female judge with the curly brown hair. (I have no idea who that was)


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Project Runway All Stars Design Gowns for the Opera

Tonight on Project Runway All Stars, once again, Micheal and April are making the same dress. I actually liked Michael’s mop head dress better than April’s mop head dress last week but Michael turtles and switches to a black jersey material. Michael needs a Stuart Smalley tape. He’s good enough, he’s smart enough and gosh darnit, I like him. April decides to dye the fabric that just seconds ago she said was the perfect oxblood color she was hoping to find. While she is dying the fabric, in a bucket like one would tie-dye a t-shirt she mutters something about blood. She’s kind of creepy.
Tabatha Coffey, I mean Joanna Coles, shows up in the workroom and suggests Michael add some cups in the bust of his dress. Jorrell worries about Michael’s model having a nipslip at the Opera. Michael doesn’t listen to Joanna. Anthony is making a bridal gown. When Joanna points out he is making a bridal gown he claims that brides don’t wear low cut gowns. Anthony isn’t listening to Joanna either. Apparently, even though Michael lives in Atlanta, he was not invited to Kim Zolciak’s wedding.  Kenley’s dress would be great for Minnie Mouse, if Minnie Mouse was going to the Opera. I am waiting to see if she puts a gigantic polka dot bow in her model’s hair. The workroom scenes this year are just not “making it work”. I blame Joanna for this. She’s not a designer or a design instructor and she seems to just be concerned with how the dress will photographer. Why is no one crying in the workroom? Were are the disasters that threaten to keep a designer from sending anything down the runway? Why are there no broken sewing machines and stolen forms? I want to see more drama.

Kenley’s dress wasn’t as bad as I thought but it was a still mass of cotton candy and not an opera dress. Sweet P’s model looks like a Mexican Pinata. Jerrel made a maternity gown. So did Kara. That is three dresses so far that have the tit-high waistline with a voluminous bottom. WTF? Anthoy’s white dress came out more Grecian than bridal so he should land safely in the middle again. Michael’s black jersey dress was fabulous and should be the winner.

Wow, Anthony’s dress makes top three. I liked it but not as much as the judges.  April’s bloody dress is in the bottom three. Sweet P is in the bottom again. The judges call her dress a dirndl like you might wear to an Oktoberfest not the opera. The voluminous bottom of her dress to Sweet P makes it a ball gown. They love Austin Scarlett. I personally don’t think his dress is anything awesome.  Kara’s dress is in the bottom despite the fact that it has pockets. Seriously, the judges acted like the pockets made the dress acceptable. Michael’s dress is in the top three despite his lack of cups in the dress. None of the designers seemed concerned with the nipslip potential.

In the end, Scarlett Austin wins and Sweet P goes home. Neither came as a big surprise. I feel like Michael was robbed. Frankly, I feel like we were all robbed. It’s as if they are not showing us the drama this season. I can’t imagine that many designers in one workroom without a ton of fighting and tears. Who the hell is editing this show?


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Project Runway All Stars: Boring Premiere Episode, or Just Me?

Anytime a new reality show with eliminations starts there are always so many people it’s hard to keep them all straight. With All Stars, I know quite a few of them from their season, but there are still designers I swear I have never seen before.  So far Angela makes a good enough Heidi substitute.

I love how they have a penthouse to share kind of like the Big Brother house. I hope they show lots of fighting! So cute how some of them cried when Valentino was giving them the video message.  Then off they went to the dollar store with a hundred bucks.  Anthony was getting a lot of TV time which is not the best edit for the first show. Gordana got a lot of airtime too. She should be worried. If you are going to win or even go far, they don’t show you much in the first few episodes so they can give some airtime to the early outs. 

Joanna is taking her role as Tim Gunn very seriously. She’s a bit more Tabitha from Tabitha Takes Over than Tim Gunn though.  She seems like she would be frightening as an editor.  She’s going to need a catch phrase though!

First breakdown goes to Austin Scarlett. Who is surprised? He manages to recover nicely from burning a hole in his green plastic dress.  During runway judging, Anthony falls safely in the middle of the pack.  Rami gets lots of praise and Sweet P gets some harsh criticism for her dishrag dress.  Mondo’s little black dress was stunning and so well-proportioned and it had a fascinator!  I am shocked he didn’t win even though Rami’s entry was pretty impressive.

All in all it was a boring episode. There didn’t seem to be much time in the workroom shown. The interaction between the designers is the most interesting part. The teasers for upcoming episode show lots of male designers crying.  That is promising I suppose, but  this show is going to have to pick up for me to continue watching it. Sadly, I have nothing interesting to say perhaps I’m just in a funk today. What did y’all think?


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Project Runway All Stars: Anthony Williams Does Not Win

Anthony Williams dumps on Project Runway
Photo Credit Unknown

Today is the two month anniversary of this blog. I had been kicking around the idea of blogging for a long while and initially thought I would write one that would feature anecdotes from a novel in progress. I have a book idea that has been kicking around in my head for a long time. It has absolutely nothing to do with celebrities. It’s gritty and revolves around a trial. But writing a book seems so overwhelming to me. I would after all be writing a book not letting some ghostwriter write a book and pretending I was literate like so many celebrity “authors” these days. So it is not so much “in progress” and more “at a standstill”.  So one night after a few drinks, I decided to buy a domain and play around with a celebrity blog about Atlanta.  Suddenly, I am writing a “real housewives” blog.  That was never my intent but there are apparently A LOT of people wanting the scoop on RHOA. I get an amazingly high number of “hits” about the antics of Sheree Whitfield.  So while I was starting out, I posted more and more about RHOA and I would file my other ideas for later.

One of those other topics was Anthony Williams. Anthony is an Atlanta clothing designer who appeared on Season 7 of Project Runway. I used to love Project Runway when it was on Bravo.  Since it moved to Lifetime I fell out of the habit of watching. I don’t like when shows are moved all around.  So while playing with my idea to feature  Anthony Williams here as the homeboy from Atlanta appearing on the upcoming All Stars season, I realized I had no recollection of him on the show. A few weeks back I watched some interviews and clips and just could not come up with a reason to root for him. So I left the post in draft and went back to pointing out the dreadful nature of most of the outfits that the RHOA women wear.

Mondo Guerra Fan Favorite to win
Photo Credit: Getty Images
So here it is, the day before the premiere of All Stars and  Rodney Ho’s interview with Anthony Williams shows up in my twitter timeline.  I dash off to read it hoping to get inspired to write a post here supporting the Atlanta contestant.  It’s hard because I finally realized I didn’t watch his season. I so wanted the interview with Rodney to make me excited to watch Anthony, but it just seemed to me to indicate that Anthony was a poor loser.  Go read Rodney’s article and come back and tell me what you think. I’ll wait.

In the interview, Anthony dismisses model Angela Lindvall as a nobody saying he had never heard of her. As a designer, admitting you don’t know a model who has appeared in half a dozen Victoria Secret shows and in campaigns for  just about every designer worth knowing says more about your credibility in the fashion industry than it does hers. It would seem clear that Angela was not a fan of Anthony’s work. This is the first sign he didn’t do so well. He also seemed not to appreciate the advice of Joanna Coles, Editor-in-Chief of Marie Clare magazine who attempts to fill the impossibly large shoes of Tim Gunn in the Allstars edition.  He didn’t like Isaac Mizrahi, whose name he likely mispronounced which would explain the spelling of his last name in Rodney’s article. He liked Georgina Chapman co-creator of the Marchesa fashion line that often populates Hollywood red carpets because, “She could say you made the most horrible clothes but you take it because bad news is easier coming from a gorgeous person!”
Some of you that read here have had the extreme misfortune to play a few online reality show based games with me elsewhere. Some of the games I even start and run myself. I suck donkeyballs at these sorts of games. When I inevitably lose, it has become my standard comment to say “This is a STUPID game for STUPIDS!” and flounce off while the kinder, gentler crowd congratulates the winner. So, I know about losing and being a poor loser and Anthony Williams could not possibly be shrieking any louder that he lost in a major way.
So basically, there went my desire to root, root, root for the home team. The question now is, are y’all gonna watch this show? Should I blog about it despite the fact I can’t get behind the Atlanta guy?
Project Runway: All Stars premiers tomorrow on Lifetime at 9 p.m.


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