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Lawsuit Against Paula Deen Dismissed!

paula2Last Monday a U.S. District Court judge threw out the racial discrimination portion of the lawsuit against Paula Deen that continues to threaten her career. Now, the remainder of the lawsuit has also been dismissed.

In a document filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Savannah, the remaining charges were dismissed. According to CBS, “both sides agreed to drop the lawsuit without any award of costs or fees to any party.” No other details of the agreement were released. The judge in the case had not signed an order to finalize the dismissal.  Continue reading


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Bobbi Kristina to Give Interview

Oprah Winfrey’s OWN channel has certainly not risen to the level of success that she expected. We may have all tuned in to the final episode and felt a bit wistful that it was the end of an era, but we didn’t really go dashing off to OWN to maintain a connection with her.  Mostly because Oprah wasn’t really on camera much for the first year. I tried to catch an occasional behind the scenes show about the last season of The Oprah Winfrey Show, but other than that, there was not much there to watch. Her life classes were more pompous than enlightening and the boring reality shows were always on against more established and interesting shows on other channels.

Now Oprah has a new show she hopes will boost the network ratings. In January, Oprah premiered, Oprah’s Next Chapter. It’s probably a great show, but it’s on on Sunday nights on a network everyone forgets to check.  Tomorrow night’s episode is a pajama party with Paula Deen at her house in Savannah. A quick look at her website lets you know that most of the shows have been in the can for weeks. 

Oprah is inserting a new show into the lineup on March 11th when she will be interviewing Bobbi Kristina, Whitney Houston’s brother, Gary and his wife Patricia.  According to the press release, “Bobbi Kristina shares personal memories of her mom and how she would like the iconic superstar to be remembered. The family also addresses the rumours and speculation surrounding Houston’s death.”It will be interesting to see if Oprah addresses the rumors of Bobbi’s own drug use, the Bobby Brown Funeral debacle,and  Aretha Franklin’s lack of attendance.  Before the show airs OWN will re-air Remembering Whitney: The Oprah Interview, which includes her 2009 interview along with her personal memories.  It seems to me like this entire interview was probably filmed just a day or two after the burial for it to be fully edited to air in a week. It will be interesting to see what is included in the show…if we can remember to watch.

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