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I Finally Watched “The Butler”

The Butler

The Forrest Whitaker movie, The Butler was on Showtime the last night and I taped it and watched it in two parts today. I don’t usually do movies here, but I was surprised at how sad it was. The more I watched the more I realized this movie was a good movie but far removed from reality. To say it was “based on a true story” would be akin to saying The Wizard of Oz was a movie based on a tornado in Kansas.  Both are good movies but to say they were based on a true story would be a stretch.

Also, can we talk about Oprah’s role? I didn’t think she was very good at all and I love Oprah. She was oddly better in the scenes later in the movie than in the earlier parts, but maybe because I watched How To Get Away With Murder earlier today, I kept thinking that Viola Davis would have been perfect in the role.

Anyway, the book was based on a Washington Post article, not a book. Pretty much everything was made up. They changed the name of the real butler, I suppose to avoid lawsuits from the family.

It was all overly dramatic and sad. But still I would recommend you see it if you are like me and waits for stuff just to show up on cable. Click through for a cut and paste from Wikipedia (consider the source, but still) regarding the truth versus fiction. Continue reading


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Lindsay Comes to A Merciful End

OWN Lindsay CarI am not sure what anyone expected Lindsay on OWN to be. Those who expected or hoped for a redemption story were woefully denied that outcome. Those who were expected amazing ratings were also disappointed. What we got was a whole lot of Lindsay in denial and unable to accept the help that was provided to her in large quantities.  In stead we saw relapses, fuck lists and lots and lots of excuses.

It’s interesting to note that, due most likely to ratings that plummeted below 500,000 total viewers, the final two episodes were flushed out all at once last Sunday. It seems that OWN just wants it to be over.

In the seventh (of eight) episodes,  Lindsay refuses to let production film her preparing to go to a Funny or Die shoot. She also very nearly missed the shoot with an afternoon call time because she would not get out of bed. Then she claimed to be sick and when asked to do two pick-up lines. She said she wasn’t up to it. TWO LINES that would take less than five minutes. She doesn’t seem to realize that she is a bitch to work with and extremely unprofessional and she is being filmed. How does she ever expect to get work? Continue reading


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Lindsay Recap

Linsay Lohan

We’re back with Oprah at Dina Lohan’s house. Oprah wants to talk to Dina alone. After a brief chat, Oprah lays down the law for Lindsay. She is to keep her schedule or Oprah is pulling the show.

Thankfully, Matt is agreeing to stay because frankly, he makes the show. The apartment is still an utter shit hole. It’s like a hoarder house with clothes and shoes and handbags stacked sky-high in every room and hallway. Lindsay is not up yet, but Hollie, Matt and her trainer are already slaving away trying to get things together. Production has purchased a ton of hangers and clothing racks to try to get everything organized. Continue reading


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Lindsay On OWN Is Not To Be Missed!

Lindsay Lohan

Have y’all been watching the Lindsay Lohan reality show on OWN? I know it comes on Sunday nights and that is a super busy night for everyone’s DVR but it’s really worth trying to see if you can.  The great part about it for me is it’s actually a real reality show. There is no scripted bullshit. I like that they acknowledge they are being filmed. I’m about to watch the third episode and I thought I’d give you little bit of feedback.

First, Lindsay has a young male assistant who runs her life for her. It appears to a very trying job. Lindsay spent the first month or so of filming living in a hotel and trying to lease an apartment. It seems that her assistant literally does everything from waking her up to dealing with her real estate agent. He is also the go between for production. On the last episode he was the main person on the show as he was tasked with telling the camera crew that Lindsay could not be bothered to get out of bed and film. His name is Matt and he’s a saint.

Continue reading


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Oprah Winfrey To Appear on WWHL!

WWHLandyAndy Cohen has another great list of guests for the first two weeks of August including OPRAH FREAKING WINFREY, y’all!! The Big O will be there with Andy on August 15th. After that Andrew is taking the rest of the month off (kidding not) to bask in the after glow (or get married, depending on who you ask. )

This Sunday, Caroline Manzo will be on alone.  Will she address the giant elephant in the room? Click through for the guest list… Continue reading


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Shows You Are Probably Not Watching But Should Be

A Sampling of Current Reality TV Casting CallsBravo is a fun network to which most all of us are addicted, but for many of us, it’s time to look for some other forms of recreational TV (drugs).  Not so much to replace Bravo, but to vary our programming a bit.  And by programming, I mean sometimes we need to let someone other than Andy Cohen (Happy Birthday, Andrew!) program us. I’ve been doing this behind your back, without sharing my dalliances on the blog, for a while now. Here are my suggestions. Continue reading


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The Haves and Have Nots Review of Episodes 1 and 2 (Spoilers)

havehavenotsI am not a Tyler Perry fan. I will just leave it at that. However, I do loves me some Oprah and I want to support OWN.  So I am going to watch the new series The Haves and The Have Nots. I shall be live blogging as of now. Well, I am alive and it is on my blog but I will be watching on DVR. Whatevs.

Apparently my invite to the preview party at Bar One got lost in the mail. On Tuesday Bar One hosted a preview party for The Haves and Have Nots.  It appears that cast members  Tika Sumpter , John Schneider, Crystal Fox and Renee Lawless may have attended. Really? I find this odd. (Goes to @atlien’s  timeline on twitter Update no word back from the Atlien so until such occurs I will not believe it happened).

As soon as the first scene opens, and it is set in Savannah, I am hooked. Apparently Jim Cryer is a rich Savannah dude with both a wife and a mistress. So far, so good. Jim is a 50-year-old white guy who is a judge. It’s his 50th birthday and he is spending it with a black call girl. It’s starting off sort of “Scandalish” I guess I am just saying that because of the interracial sex with a politician aspect. The acting is bad. This is all before the title sequence begins. Not surprisingly, the commercials for other OWN shows are many plus Oprah and Tyler apparently live tweeted during the show. The wife’s acting is medocre but so far NO ONE has a southern accent. Including, the Cryers. the mistress, or the woman seeking to work for them, although the maid’s accent comes out later in her personal scenes. And really Tyler, Cryer? It’s not just that the acting is bad. It’s that …it has this weird spoofy feel. I may not make it to episode 2. The prostitute gives Jim her personal phone number on a notepad by the bed. What would more likely be on the bed stand in a hotel? A pencil and notepad or oh I dunno, their cellphones? I am becoming increasingly disenchanted. Continue reading


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Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all! And What’s Wrong With This Picture?

What exactly is Oprah trying to perpetrate in this picture she just tweeted? Sweet potatoes with freshly picked rosemary? WTF?  I sure don’t believe she is making that herself in her pretty cashmere sweater dress.  Clearly, her chef is making multiple pans of it and she’s just tweeting a photo. But I refuse to believe Oprah is going to forgo traditional southern sweet potato casserole replete with marshmallows and or sweet potato pie for this ridiculous yankee fancy pants restaurant chef version. Say it ain’t so, Ope!

I’ve been roasting beets for over an hour and they are still hard as rocks! They are the biggest ones I’ve ever roasted. I’ve got three baseball-sized ones in the oven. Tomorrow, I’ll make an organic salad with beets and goat cheese and two pumpkin pies and then my contribution will be done. Continue reading


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Oprah Winfrey on the Set of The Butler

Oprah tweeted this picture from the set of the movie she is working on, The Butler. The movie is based on the life of White House butler Eugene Allen who served in the White House for thirty years. It looks like filming on the movie wrapped today.

In other Oprah news, OWN has struck a deal with Tyler Perry reportedly worth millions to bring two new scripted shows to OWN written by Perry.


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Rihanna on Oprah, A Reverse Recap of Sorts…

Tonight, after watching a quite ridiculously edited episode of Big Brother and before tonight’s episode ever of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, I found myself flipping around for something good to watch. I happened upon the Oprah interview with Rihanna. I was about ten minutes late, which it seems as though was spent on touching dead grandmother stories. Let’s see if there is anything interesting enough about to happen to make me publish this blog.

This is my first time watching Rihanna speak on TV. I wasn’t expecting a particularly high level of intelligence, but she seems extremely immature. I don’t mean that harshly. She literally seems like a 13-year-old in every sense of the word. It’s amazing to me that with all that she has been through she still has this innocent naiveté about her.

Meanwhile, I got new cable boxes today. They worked great when the guy was here and for the last couple hours I have had my signal drop several times until finally there was none. Now I am trying that reset the box strategy they recommend. Don’t you hate that? /grrrr

The reset didn’t work on the new TV but the bedroom TV has some intermittent connectivity. Rihanna is talking about reconciling with her father. I read something just today about her father calling her fat. She’s actually in Japan with her father now. Why is he living in Japan? I dunno. Anyway, I heard her tell Oprah that she had forgiven Chris Brown and how that doesn’t make her like other victims of domestic violence. But I’ve yet to hear the answer to the question, “Is Chris Brown one of your true loves?” or however inanely Oprah worded the question. It looks like I missed it, because Rihanna is now giving her mother a house and there are four minutes left in the show. So tell me, did I miss anything important? If my fancy new TV every gets along with the new cable box should I watch the interview again? What did O say about the interview before she started? Was there the expected line about how deep and pure Rihanna is and how she is nothing like the nymph she is perceived to be?

Whut I miss? Oh Time for RHONJ and it sounds like the TV is back! Cross your fingers!


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What’s Wrong With This Picture? Rihanna Edition

So we all know that Oprah has been in Barbados interviewing Rihanna for her Next Chapter show on OWN.  Meh. Whatever. If you watch Oprah’s show on OWN then you know that Oprah has stopped trying to be Barbara Walters and has decided to be an entertainment report instead. She brings in someone like 50 cent and has some transformative interview where just falls in love with the person she is interviewing. You can expect the Rihanna interview to go something like this:

Oprah: Gee I thought Rihanna was some out of control musician who likes tweeting nekkid pictures of herself and dating guys that beat her up, but no! She’s a lovely church girl whose grandmother died recently and through this experience she has grown as a person and she is totally responsible and spends her spare time feeding the homeless adopting orphans.

But Anyway, that’s not the point. I am going to need y’all to help me to understand what is going on with Rihanna’s forehead in this picture. I seriously do not get it. Is there something on her forehead or is that really her forehead???


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Oprah Owns Mistakes On CBS This Morning

Oprah goes on CBS This Morning to talk about the trials and tribulations of starting a new network, bad publicity and cancelling The Rosie Show.  She says the most painful thing about the struggling network is firing the production people from The Rosie Show. Then she explained that she hired a team to do it for her so that they would all happen at the same time. She says that if she had known how truly difficult the process would be she might have opted to do something else.

Oprah’s appearance on CBS appears to be Gayle King calling in the big guns to help ratings because this week Katie Couric is guest hosting at ABC’s Good Morning America. NBC’s today show has also boosted their morning line up this week with Nikki Minaj, Octomom, Kim Kardashian, Sarah Palin and Bill and Giuliana Rancic.

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