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10 Things I Hate About Secrets & Wives

Secrets and Wives


1) Yankees

2) Yankees cooking in disposable aluminum. Aluminum is Satan. Alzheimer’s, Carcenogic, and most importantly, tacky.

3) Vapid fake blondes.

4) A VERY long infomercial for the cosmetic surgeon.

5) If you are going to be a fake blond, on a reality show, GET YOUR ROOTS DONE before filming.

6) You don’t have to be smart or pretty to be a gold digger on Long Island, it seems.

7) I’m Bored.

8)  Horrific wardrobes. Hot pink dresses and black nail polish?

9) Tacky. So Tacky.

10)  Yankees. Continue reading


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Big Brother Veto Challenge

Photochop by Frax

Photochop by Frax

Apologies. I totally forgot I was supposed to be blogging Big Brother tonight. I was just sitting here enjoying watching it like a big ole fruit loop dingus. Then, when the veto comp happened, I though, wow! I can’t wait to chat on TT about this! Um, duh?

So the Veto competition was really hard. It was 16 comic book covers that you had to place in order to match the example. But each comic cover had two choices with slight differences. In order to win you had to zipline past a window for a glimpse at the example, then select the correct 16 covers and then put them in order. It took over 4 hours to complete the challenge. They ended up putting a 35 minute limit at some point, which Victoria didn’t make. And Zach had a major meltdown. He was still playing when Big Brother after dark came on and the non players were sequestered in HOH. So we got like an hour of Donny and Derrick and Frankie and Cody sitting in the room staring at each other. But you could hear Zach screaming and throwing things. At one point, he hurled a heavy cardbook comic cover right at the camera and hit it. Probably doing some significant damage. Then he had a tantrum and cried. Dude knows he is going home. Continue reading


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Fargo: A Review of Sorts


I have not been very subtle in my attempts to lure you people aware from the dying genre of reality TV and on to something different. Much like never wanting to be the last one to leave a party, we don’t want to be the last ones to move on from reality TV now that it seems to be jumping the shark and turning into nothing more than shows produced by men, designed to get women to act a fool on national television for money. I think we are all becoming bored with that. So here is another show to consider. Despite claims at the beginning of the show (and the movie that preceded it) that it is based on a true story, it is pure fiction straight from the creative imagination of the Coen Brothers. In a lovely change of pace, it’s the men on this show that do stupid things and the women, particularly one female cop, who try to save the day.

Fargo is a show about a drifter named Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton) who arrives in small-town Minnesota and brings with him a sack full of evil and malicious intent resulting in a series of murders. Upon his arrival Malvo crosses paths with an insurance salesman, Lester Nygaard (Martin Freeman).  Lester has a had a bit of a rough life. He has lived in the same small town where he was bullied throughout high school and his life has not improved as an adult. In the opening episode his bully and the bully’s two idiot sons harass him, he seems to be performing poorly at work, and his wife hen-pecks him to death about a broken washing machine. Malvo arrives as both his savior and his demise killing his bully and dragging him into a series of murders. Continue reading


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Flipping Out! Zoila Killed Lupe!

Jeff Lewis Colors

I somehow managed to get two episodes behind on Flipping Out. I love this show! I’m not interested in doing a full on recap of the episodes, but I did have a few things I wanted to share with y’all as talking points.

Zoila killed Lupe! I thank that is just fantastic! From the day she arrived, Lupe was trying to get Zoila’s cushy job with benefits like a Mercedes and a full body lift. Don’t come between a woman and her gay best friend bearing gifts. RIP, Lupe.

I’m experiencing some cognitive dissonance over the pleasure I get from watching everyone torture Andrew. I’m usually very upset by one cast member getting psychologically tortured and bullied by their cast mates.  This stance makes me feel all morally superior to the rest of you assholes. This show has cast my moral superiority aside and replaced it with heaping helpings of schadenfreude. I am a bad person.

I still do not like Meagan Weaver or her big beaver.  I also did not find the sommelier to be particularly attractive. Continue reading


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Scandal Recap: I Have So Many Questions! The Mellie Episode

Continue reading


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Quotable Quotes From Tonights Real Housewives of Miami

RHOM3.2“It’s easy to take the high road when the low road is the gutter.” ~Lea

“I’m a trooper. I can always pull myself together!” ~Alexia

“Everyone loves Lauren Foster!” ~ Marysol

“What exactly is gay polo?” ~Lauren Foster Continue reading


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