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Greggy Bennett on Watch What Happens Live!

RHONJGreggy2Now that I am finally home and happily reunited with my beloved, Vizio, and his massive um, DVR drive,  all is right in the world again.  And that means I FINALLY get to watch Sunday’s Episode of Watch What Happens live, WITH GREGGY BENNETT, the most anticipated WWHL episode EVAH in this house.  Oh. And  Andy seems super excited that Mariah Carey is there. I mean, I like her fine, but she is no Greggy.

First of all Did they get new chairs? And why is Mariah sitting in Andy’s chair and Andy is sitting on the guest side.  I do not care for change. I suppose they did it so that Greg could have a better view of Mariah from the bar. Greg is freaking out over Mariah. Update: I just checked his Twitterline  to see if Greg died from cardiac arrest.  He says she requested it because it shows her “good side.”  God she is annoying. #TeamNikki.

Greg looks hotter than the last time I saw him on muh TeeVee.  Perhaps he is actually doing prison time out there in San Fran. He looks like he has been spending a lot of time in the yard.  Or maybe he’s just a bigger gym rat than he was before. Continue reading


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Nicola Furlong’s Sister Gives a Victims Statement in Tokyo Courtroom

Brief Nicola Furlong Case UpdateThe murder trial of American musician Richard Hinds continued today in Tokyo. Hinds is accused of strangling Irish exchange student Nicola Furlong following a Nicki Minaj concert last spring. Nicola and her friend met up with Hinds and dancer James Blackston following the concert and met up with them for drinks in the entertainment district of Tokyo. At the bar the girls began to fall into unconsciousness and the two men took them to their hotel room. Nicola and her friend were wheeled into two separate hotel rooms in wheelchairs. Nicola with Hinds and her friend with Blackston. Police alleged that Hinds strangled Nicola and she was found dead in his room after someone in a neighboring room reported a disturbance. The medical examiner has ruled the cause of death as strangulation and has ruled out date rape drugs as a factor. The other student who was in Blackston’s room was allegedly sexually assaulted in the cab ride which was recorded by the taxi’s camera. Blackston has a separate charge and has not yet gone to trial. Click through for today’s events. Continue reading


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American Idol: You Be the Blogger…

nicki_minajWhile I am Internet Handicapped (sometimes I have service at night) I wanted to put up an Idol post where y’all can talk to me about last night’s Idol (and tonight’s too!).  I am dying to hear what you guys thought about THE BIG FIGHT last night. I went through a Mariah stage back in the day like everyone else, but sort of got over here. I have never been a Nicki Minaj fan and really don’t even listen to that much music (because of my TV addiction!) So I feel unbiased in the conflict. That said, I totally think Nicki has done nothing wrong other than reacting a bit strongly and immaturely to Mariah and Randy (!) acting like her opinion is not important.  Plus, she seems to be running the panel telling people when to start and stop and her interactions with the singers are the most interesting. Continue reading


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American Idol Returns *Yawn*

AIJudgesMy homeboy and American Idol winner, Phillip Phillips has gone triple platinum with Home. Yet he says that song is way too pop for him and not his cup of tea. We’re off on a new season of American Idol. I am mainly watching to see what Nicki Minaj does with Mariah Carey. This will be random thoughts more than recap. Let’s get started! Continue reading


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TamaraTattles 2012 in Review (May)

andyBecause there is absolutely nothing interesting going on in the celebrity world at the moment, here is the next update in the TamaraTattles year in review. May was the month that two young Irish women had a run in with two young American men in Tokyo. It was a confusing story that had me working closely with several Irish journalist in an attempt to sort out information. One suspect was misidentified, both subjects had friends and family emailing me saying they were not guilty, the victims friends and family were angry and hurt in the comments section. It was a big issue. In housewives news, I posted some tea on Melissa Gorga’s finances, Andy Cohen’s book party at SUR, and Nene Leakes success on Glee and her alleged friendship with Kenya Moore. Continue reading


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What Going On With Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey?

One of the things I say her a lot, and often in not the nicest terms, is that I blog about what interests me. I’m not one of those bloggers that I call Rebloggers. Rebloggers are people who just drag everyone else’s blogs over to their blog (often copied word for word.) I blog about things I have something to say about. I’ve been reading the tea on the Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey throw down on the set of Idol the other day. I’m interested in the story and following it closely. But, I don’t feel like I have an opinion yet on what is going on. What the hell is going on? So I decided to ask you guys whose side you are on. Continue reading


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