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Amanda Bynes Arrested for DUI!

I am so saddened to hear this news. It was just a couple of weeks ago that a friend of mine who lives in Orange County said she was out to dinner and sat at a table where Amanda Bynes was having dinner with someone who gave off the “gay best friend” vibe.  She said Amanda looked good and seemed to be doing a lot better. It seems that her conservatorship was ended a bit too soon though because apparently yesterday she was arrested for DUI after she stopped her vehicle in the middle of an intersection. Continue reading

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Random Thoughts on the Scandal Premiere


Was the Gone Girl product placement because the movie is coming out? Or just a pop culture connection to Olivia being on an island and  a “gone girl’?

Did we really need to see the finger banging?

How did Olivia get her hair straightened between the island girl do and the car ride, which appeared to be from the airport?

Who leaves an island with expensive wine deliveries by boat with no one there but your horny finger banging boyfriend to go back for a funeral when you just decided to leave that life forever?

Someone who wants to fuck the POTUS again, that is who? WTF is wrong with Olivia or whatever her dumb name is now? Continue reading


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The Blacklist Season Premiere: Lord Baltimore No. 104


OMG THIS IS SO GOOD ALREADY!  Red is in  a Jeep in Cameroon looking a bit worse for wear. His apparent captors have bazookas and are blowing up anything that drives up behind them to high heaven. Red is taken to a compound.

Berlin hired this dude, Yibari, to kill Red but Red ws two steps ahead of Berlin and is there with $3 million in cash to get the names of the other people Berlin has hired to kill him. Red says they need to move quickly. He tells Yibari  he has only 30 seconds to decide. The dude says, “or what?” and Red says, “or you give me the names for free.”  Yibari laughs and asks, “Why don’t I just kill you and keep the money?  Oh stupid Cameroon dude, did you really think it would be that easy? Red says, “There is a point of view that I can relate to.” I’m going to guess that Red is the last one alive in this transaction.  Yibari orders one of his prepubescent ruffians to kill Red. On the first episode of the season? Dude, really? Kid raises his rifle an a hellfire missile lands nearby. Huge explosion. Massive. Red grabs a bottle of whisky pours a bunch of it on the cash and takes a swig while explaining he recently acquired three hellfire missiles and if he acts quickly he can avoid the other two hitting but he will need to use his phone.

Yubari finally gives up “The Cuban” but Red says he has already dealt with him. Who else? Ubari screams that he does not know. Ooopsy. That second hellfire missile was much closer. Red has one left… Red gets his name. Lord Baltimore. He drops his long cigar onto the pile of money which goes up in flames. He takes his hat off the head of one of he boy soldiers and walks away while the idiots try to save the money. Continue reading


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Ask Tamara!

My photo. :)

My photo. :)

I’m not sure how this happened but I’m just having an I don’t give a fuck day. I’m moderating comments and doing the bare (bear?)minimum to keep the blog going, but I am probably not even going to watch whatever I am supposed to be blogging tonight. I’m in the BEST MOOD EVER!

And drinking.

So what better time for y’all to ask me questions. Grab a drink and hit me with your best shot. What little filter I have is gone. Who is first?

Okay that may not be my pic, but this is how I picture the haters and it amuses me.


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Mama June and Sugar Bear Break Up

mama june

I was busy with my latest get rich scheme today and glued to CNBC watching the tickers so I am SHOCKED that none of you bothered to tell me that Mama June and Sugar Bear have broken up. While this is tragic for the children, and may scar Honey Boo Boo for life, it’s great news for us single women in Georgia! If you are looking for a 5’2″ toothless redneck, it appears he is on Plenty of Fish as Georgiafighter31054. He includes in his hobbies section a love for huntin’, fishin’ mud boggin’ and ridin’ 4 wheelers. Continue reading


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Greggy Bennett Solves Gay Hate Crime in Philadelphia!


Everybody knows that Greggy Bennett is my favorite housewife. (He would be pissed for me calling him a housewife, and Caroline is my favorite anyway, but for the purposes of this story, I’m going to pick at him because I am just hearing about this from my Jersey sources. Unfortunately, he is housewife days are over and he has and moved to California not to be the next Brad Pitt, but for a promotion related to his real job. So the other day, on September 11 a group of 20 something douche nozzle slurping, shitpickle sucking fucktards were walking down the street in Philly and they beat up a couple of gay guys and robbed them. (see above).
Continue reading


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Things I Should Have Blogged About, But Didn’t

Shahs of Sunset Season 3 2014 Final Episode

There were some minor things that happened last week that I didn’t get around to blogging, mostly because none of it by itself seemed to warrant a blog. I’m cleaning out my post suggestion emails today and I thought I would just list some of them here briefly.

Shah of Sunset premiere has been pulled indefinitely. The premiere was set for October 13th but the post production crew has walked out. A curious thing has been going on with reality show production workers.  Primarily in New York and California, production crews on reality TV are pushing to join the unions that normally represent scripted  television.  The whole reason reality shows became so popular was a writer’s strike by scripted writers many years ago. During the strike, networked hustled to find new things to put on the air and a variety of reality shows, game shows, and singing contests hit the airwaves. Production workers then began to work in reality based TV that was not unionized. Now that reality shows have script writers and production works long insane hours, they are not wanting to work as independent contractors anymore and to be covered like normal employees with medical benefits and sick days. Shahs is produced by a subsidiary of Ryan Seacrest Productions and they supposedly open to negotiations but nothing has happened yet so post production is walking the picket line.

Wendy Williams returns tomorrow.  She has promised to literally eat crow on the episode after promising that she would if Kim and Kanye lasted over 72 days. I know she is often wrong about her hot topics, but I still sort of miss her show when it is not on. Will you be watching? I’m hoping this helps me to get up earlier in the mornings and stop staying up all night. Continue reading


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Cynthia Bailey Walks Betsey Johnson Runway For New York Fashion Week



I am so behind today and only have an hour and a half until Couples Therapy.  While drama raged on at Phaedra’s house, the fashionista gang of RHOA is in NYC to support Cynthia Bailey’s participation in Betsy Johnson’s show. Confirmed so far are Kandi, Kenya and Demetria.  Clearly Phaedra is not there, nor is Nene or Porsha.  Not sure about Claudia.  Sorry I just don’t have time to research this today. I am doing about ten posts at once right now. Continue reading


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Police Arrive on Filming Scene at Phaedra’s House

RHOA Police arrive on scenePolice arrived at Phaedra’s house around 4:30 this afternoon.  Bravo cameras were still there filming an interior scene with Phaedra. Ayden was wandering around the neighbor’s houses despite his babysitter being on the scene. Ayden has several young playmates in the neighborhood but they are all at school. He is playing with a neighbor’s cat at the moment. I have also learned that Phaedra took the boys and the nannies to the beach when she left last Friday.  The rest of the story is here.

The TMZ story is false. Apollo is NOT at the house. Phaedra has had an alarm system installed that has been malfunctioning a lot lately. The police have been out to the house several times since it was installed as has the Alarm company. There was no screaming, no Apollo, no confrontation. Continue reading


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Tuesday Night Big Brother?!?! POV Ceremony and America’s Choice Challenge!

Chop by Suckster Johnny Lamb

Chop by Suckster Johnny Lamb

I have a busy Tuesday night even without Big Brother changing nights so this recap is likely to be a quick one. I still want to get through Utopia and Below Deck!  Plus this week is not going to count at all so the main point of watching is to hear the diary rooms and watch the competitions.

I don’t know why people harp on Victoria’s looks. I think she is very pretty. I think it is an American thing. I also think that she has done the best she possibly could with what she had. She laid low, didn’t piss people off, and didn’t pose a threat. She is also smarter than people give her credit for about the dynamics of the house. So this package where they make her say that she played an amazing social game in the diary room and then play clips of her crying and being ridiculous is rather mean. She struck a final two with Derrick early on, and never did anything to endanger their deal. Unlike the other bitches that ping ponged around from man to man, she stayed true to one person in the house. She’s the last girl standing for a reason. Plus, I love that she never quits even when there is no possible way for her to win. So production putting words in her mouth like Derrick is he sidekick and she is the super hero, is just mean. Lay off my girl. Continue reading


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TamaraTattles Has a New Feature: UTOPIA!

Utopia banner

Y’all have been asking for a Utopia forum and now it is here!

Because the show has live feeds 24/7 for 365 days, I thought we would need to spread out a bit!

You will see two new pages at the above the site banner. One is for the cast, which loses and gains one person a week that we can use for reference to keep up with people. That page does not allow comments. (Nor will this post).  The other is for live feed discussion and televised show discussion. I will not be recapping in this forum. We will be recapping as a group to see how that works. Feel free to introduce yourself in that forum once. But then, because of the long run-time for this show, please limit posts to on topic discussions. (I’m looking at you Valerie). We want a place to check in and find out what is happening in Utopia, not in our lives. I’ll try to be good as well. Off topic comments will be removed.


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Joe Gorga Wins Right to Evict Kai Patterson From Montville Home

WWHL with Melissa and Joe Gorga

Despite the fact that Kai Patterson just commented in the comments of this post, “I am very happy with the outcome of the case. I no longer have to make any payments towards the purchase of the property. The only way I will make those payments, is if Mr. Gorga makes the repairs to my satisfactory (sic).”  The reality is that Patterson lost his case and has moved one step closer to the end of a lengthy eviction process.

Today a judge in Morristown will issue a judgment of possession to Joe Gorga which will allow him to officially evict Patterson in the upcoming days. This judge ruled strictly under leasing laws. Joe will have to return to court to sue for moneys owed with regard to the sale. However, since Joe no longer wants to go through with the sale after losing confidence in Patterson’s ability to pay, I imagine he will just evict the tenant and move into the house himself. Continue reading


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