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Bravo Announces New Scripted Show “All The Pretty Faces”

Pic Credit: Twitter

Pic Credit: Twitter

NEW YORK – April 23, 2014 – After Bravo Media recently unveiled a diversified slate of original programming including “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce” and “Odd Mom Out,” the network continues its expansion into scripted programming announcing the development of “All the Pretty Faces,” from executive producer Jennifer Garner’s Vandalia Films in association with Warner Horizon Television.

Written and executive produced by J. Mills Goodloe and set in the bucolic beach town of Half Moon Bay, California, “All the Pretty Faces” is a dramedy-mystery centered on two warring families engaged in an epic, decades-long feud. The death of one of their own brings both families together in search of the secret to the affliction that has plagued them for generations…immortality.
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Contestant on Upcoming Bachelorette Season Dies!


Atlanta’s own Andi Dorfman is the next Bachelorette and most if not all of the filming for the show has been completed. Sadly, one of the eliminated bachelors has died in a paragliding accident according to multiple sources. Eric Hill, a hot young adventurous guy was paragliding in Utah when the parachute part of the glider malfunctioned.

Am I the only one that finds watching dead people on TV kind of ooky? I remember when RHOBH aired the season with Taylor Armstrong’s dead husband and we were all kind of freaked out. Continue reading


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Jodi Arias’ Crazy Has Resurfaced in Jail UPDATED!




UPDATE: It’s hard to tell with Jodi Arias when her crazy is acting up or when something is a hoax.  This morning I read an interview with Sheriff Joe where he talks about the court filing below and corrects many facts (ie the do not say the pledge in the morning, they do wake the bitches up with the National Anthem but don’t make them sing, etc.). So he acknowledges it as a thing.

However, the motion itself is so laughably written, the first thing I thought was that Jodi, who actually is educated, would not have filed such a error-riddled document. She has nothing but time in there to proof read. So today other issues are beginning to come to light.  The address for Jodi is for the wrong jail. He signature is nothing like the one on her driver’s license, etc.  It is starting to look like Jodi is not the person that filed the document.  And more than likely she had nothing to do with it. Which means some new random crazy is out there filing fake documents and making up stories about Jodi exchanging smutty letters with a member of the Alexander family.  Um yay for more crazies?  Continue reading


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Evel Dick Donato May or May Not Have Been Hit By A Car!

Evel Dick So Evel Dick is in Ireland. Apparently, last night he went out to a pub and had himself a very good time. Then he got on his bicycle and went home.  Only at some point his face ended up looking like this. He has no memory of the night before, but is assuming he was hit by a car on the way home from the bar.  He claims he was not drunk, went to two bars where he had one beer each,  the bars closed at midnight for Good Friday. Got on his bike rode home on a quiet little street and the next thing he remembers he was coming too on the side of the road with some cab driver asking if he was okay. Got on his bike and went home.  No major damage to the bike. Continue reading


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If Your Comments Are Moderated, You Are (Probably) Not in Trouble

ut ohSomething is malfunctioning with WordPress and almost all of you are being moderated for no apparent reason. Since I have to sleep sometimes… (usually late into the morning) just keep commenting like usual and I will release them when I get up tomorrow. Continue reading


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Bravo Press Release Breaks Down RHOA Reunion; Nene On Millionaire Matchmaker!


Kim Zolciak Biermann

Gif by RealityTVGifs

Bravo published a press release today that outlines the three part RHOA reunion, and announces Nene and two of her bridesmaids will be on Millionaire Match Maker!  Read through this one because it is juicy if you know what to look for. And the readers at ALWAYS know what to look for!

NEW YORK – April 14, 2014 – Pacing to be the highest-rated season yet for the franchise, Bravo Media’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” is serving up a triple dose of drama and fun with a three-part reunion beginning on Sunday, April 20 at 8pm ET/PT. Host Andy Cohen looks back at some of the season’s most talked about moments with the fabulous Southern ladies Cynthia Bailey, Kandi Burruss, NeNe Leakes, Kenya Moore, Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams. For even more things “Hotlanta” that night, stay tuned for “The Millionaire Matchmaker” season finale at 10pm ET/PT as Patti Stanger helps set up two of NeNe’s bridesmaids. Continue reading


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Exclusive: Who Is This Mystery Woman At Lunch With Apollo Nida?


Apollo Twist


Yesterday, a roving spy was out enjoying the lovely weather and stopped to eat at Twist, a popular local restaurant chain. When she looked up, she happened to notice Apollo eating outdoors as well. According to my source, Apollo was dining with the mystery woman above and one of his sons!  It’s probably just a couple of friends getting together for lunch. Right? I’m sure Phaedra was busy at church. Continue reading


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Nene’s Odd Hospitalization Story Plus The Timeline Issue

RHOA Nene Mexico

GIF BY RealityTVGIFs a GIF blog by T. Kyle MacMahon The best source for animated Real Housewives GIFs.

On last night’s RHOA finale, as well as WWHL, we were treated to a variety of versions of the Nene Leakes hospitalization story. At the time, I had a lot of questions, but Sunday night is my busiest blogger night and that is not the time to stop and do my research.  So I did some this morning. Here are my thoughts on Nene’s hospitalization.

On November 18th, 2013 Nene was rushed to the hospital by Gregg.  The scene we saw of them on the couch at their home last night chatting about her possibly needing to go to the hospital and Gregg trying to give her Alka Seltzer was all filmed after the season was done filming. None of that was real and was part of the possible cover story that Nene came up with to explain her hospitalization. At this point, we have no idea why Nene was really hospitalized, but the more she tries to tell the version of what happened she would like for us to believe, the more she screws it up. Continue reading


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Kitchen Nightmares Season Six Premieres Tonight on Fox!

Kitchen Nightmares season six premieres tonight on Fox! Remember those crazy folks from Amy’s Bakery?  Well, they’re baaaack!  I’m not quite sure if it is a lost clips sort of episode or if they actually went back to the bakery. Either way, I can’t wait. Those people are insane!

The show begins at 8 p.m. Who’s in?


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Lindsay Lohen To Appear on WWHL!

Andy Cohen

Next Thursday, Lindsay Lohan will appear on Watch What Happens Live. Here at TamaraTattles, Lilo has been the source of much discussion and many arguments in the comments sections. If you haven’t read about her reality show, you really should click the link and see how that is going.

So let’s imagine LiLo on WWHL.  Will there be a drinking word? Will there be a bartender? Will there be a bar? Will Andy have to do the whole show sober? Will Lindsay be sober? Is it me or is this going to be really strange. I can’t wait to tune in!

Click through for the rest of the WWHL schedule for next week. It kicks off with Nene Leakes! You can see the teaser for that here! Continue reading


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Addressing a Crazy Rumor About Teresa and Joe Giudice

Teresa Giudice laughing gif

Gifs from RealityTVGIF

This is actually part two of a two-part series addressing all the weird stories about the Real Housewives over the past day or two. This final (I hope) one will clear up the latest RHONJ rumor about Teresa and Joe.

Rumor Three: Joe and Teresa Giudice will get a clean slate from the bankruptcy judge — they paid $7,500 to creditors and in the process they’ll erase more than $13 MILLION in debts!!! (started at TMZ and picked up by In Touch) Continue reading


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Bravo Announces Two New Scripted Shows and Several New Unscripted Shows for 2014

New Show 2014 2015

Bravo announced a full slate of new scripted and “unscripted” shows for 2014 today.  Although some of the “unscripted” shows sound like repackaged versions of other shows where a bunch of women “attempt to balance their personal and professional lives, ” others sound new and exciting. There is a dating show that films and airs in the same week, a fantastic sounding travel show, and a show set in London!  The two scripted shows both seem to have potential, however, is it me or do they just introduce these scripted series and we never see them air?

Click through for the entire list of new and returning shows.  Let me know if you Phaedra Parks name in there anywhere…:) Also absent? Real Housewives of Miami. Continue reading


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