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Changes To WWHL Schedule

Andy Cohen

Last night Andy Cohen said the reason for Kim Richards last minute cancellation was because she has landed “a really good TV role.” No one has mentioned the show, but Kim says she was filming one of her favorite TV shows in LA. So congrats to her for landing a nice part. Also Seth Rogan and James Franco have cancelled all of their press appearances to plug  The Inteview  and basically Sony seems to have pulled the entire picture. This is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. Since when to we give into hackers and terrorist and crazy people? Do you agree that the movie should be shelved?

So Andrew called up his BFFs Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa to fill in for them. I love those three together. They are all friends and have the dirt on each other.

Click through for the updated schedule.. Continue reading


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Jodi Arias Trial 12/17 To All Then Men She’s Loved Before …Hey She Only Killed the One

Yes, We were all bored

Yes, We were all bored


Today, in the center ring we continue with the direct examination of Geffner the defense’s shrink who says Jodi has PTSD. Today it appears we will focus on her relationship history. The theme of Jodi the victim continues. Her first boyfriend was Bobby Suarez. Geffner says he was abusive to Jodi. Bobby was into martial arts and once put Jodi into a head lock and screamed at her.

Next she dated Matt McCartney. He cheated on her.  This is the relationship where Jodi went to stalk the girl he cheated on her with. In an interview with Matt he said that Jodi was very emotional and cried a lot during the confrontation. Matt suspected Jodi was bipolar. She has major mood swings. Matt and Jodi dated for two years. He has mostly nice things to say about her. They talked about marriage. Juan has made a half a dozen objections, mostly about the lack of foundation.

Next up was Darryl who was 20 years older than she was. Daryl said things were great with Jodi, but he also thought she was bipolar. Darryl was not ready to remarry and their relationship just went as far as it could. She broke up with Darryl just before meeting Travis Alexander. Geffner said that she got breast implants and dyed her hair in an effort to please Darryl. Geffner continues to point out that Jodi has a pattern of being eager to please her man. One of Jodi’s co-workers was interviewed and said that Jodi was very depressed and withdrawn after her breakup with Darryl. Continue reading

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Jodi Arias Trial Recap 12/16

Pool Pics: Tom Tingle

Pool Pics: Tom Tingle

Everyone is in court on time this morning and then there is an announcement the trial will be delayed an hour. Something is afoot. Or it just Because, Arizona.

Also the third ring of the circus involving Jodi’s secret testimony, the appellate court gave their official opinion today. She can’t testify in secret and the records from the previous testimony must be unsealed. Because, duh. HOWEVER, Nurmi wants to appeal that ruling to the Supreme Court. Because, stalling.

Eventually, we begin with Nurmi and Juan arguing over discovery issues. Basically, they are both whining to the judge that the other side has something they are not turning over. Continue reading


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It’s Hanukkah!

Where’s my present?


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Jodi Arias 12/15 Afternoon Session

Jodi Mugshot

Jodi’s wonky eyed mugshot.

I’m reverting back to living on west coast time, eating lunch with the Arias jury and staying up too late. We are back and Geffner is talking about PTSD. I’m pretty sure she has it, FROM VICIOUSLY MURDERING HER SEX PARTNER. I don’t see how they can seriously try to attribute that to any prior trauma. You can’t give a test for PTSD now and prove that she had it prior to her murderous rampage. I’m sure Juan will point that out.  There are lots of charts and graphs but no photog has shown up today. I’m almost as upset about that as Jodi.

Geffner continues to go over MMPI(2) results which I say are meaningless when done after the murder. I’m pretty sure her “extremely low self-esteem” is impacted by sitting in prison for murder. I know I’d think less of myself in that situation. Geffner says that according to his assessment of the assessment, Jodi is submissive and eager to please others. Geffner is laughing on the stand. I assume maybe he is nervous. Tweeters pointing out the inappropriateness of laughing during a death penalty sentencing trial. Continue reading


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Jodi Arias Trial 12/15 Morning Session

Jodi Arias Juan 1125

Last week there was a report that Juror #3 was arrested for some reason on the day after Thanksgiving.  That report was from the National Inquirer. BTW, Radar Online and the National Enquirer are owned by the same people so the exact same story ran on ROL. No actual mainstream media in Pheonix that I saw is covering the story. I’ll let you know if I hear anything else about it. Juror #3 was a female who took notes the entire time and everyone suspected she was writing a book. The arrest is not suspected to be related to the trial.

This morning we started with Juan and Wilmott arguing over discovery. Juan is still asking for a copy of the hard drive from the prosecutorial misconduct hearing. That hearing ended last week, or so I thought, although Judge Stephens has not yet ruled. I still don’t understand how porn on Travis’ laptop would have kept the original jury from finding Jodi Arias guilty of first degree murder. The defense is trying anything it can to get the death penalty removed as an option.

In today’s news, Juan is pissed that he got 100 pages of notes from today’s defense witness sometime after 11 pm last night and is requesting time to read them, and he would like to interview him. Good grief can we just get on with the show? Wait, he wants to interview Neumeister, the computer guy from the prosecutorial misconduct hearing.  I guess that is not over. Juan wants three hours with him. Defense is balking about dates and times.  The Neumeister  interview is set for “January 2nd or 3rd.” Because, Arizona. Continue reading


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Les Vraies Housewives

Parlez-vous français ? This is old news, I know but I happened to run across it last night and wanted to chat about it. So basically, this is the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for France. It has all the same sorts of editing but everyone on the show speaks French.

I watched about the first hour of this and guess who makes an appearance? Mohammed Hadid.  Is there a show anywhere on the globe that involves rich catty women that the is not on?

The other interesting thing at about the 54 minute mark is that one of the housewives is the stepmother of Elliot Rodger. You may remember back in May there was a horrific murder suicide on Ilsa Vista near UC Santa Barbara campus. Some mentally ill kid went batshit and killed his roommates and some sorority girls because he was sure he would be a virgin forever. If your are bored, his manifesto is here. Continue reading


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RHOA Filming At Einstein’s Was a Nightmare For The Server!

RHOA Friend or Faux

Photo Credit: Bravo/KandiOnline


As we saw on last weeks show the ladies all met up at Einstien’s for dinner.  I’ve discussed many times that the housewives never actually eat at dinner. Production seems overly concerned about editing a meal because they cut footage together and don’t want to have issues with continuity based on the plates being full, then empty, then half full again. The Atlanta production crew is the most anal about this. We have seen RHONJ and RHOBH actually eat at dinner, but RHOA rarely if ever do. This is also the reason for the red solo cups I like to freak out about. They use them because the cover the amount of wine in the glass so that it doesn’t show more wine, then less, then more, etc.

As an added bonus, it make the RHOA cranky because they are starving in a restaurant full of food they can’t eat. You will see this season that Phaedra and Porsha filmed dinner at The Palm in Atlanta. They ordered a ton of food and took it all to go to eat in peace without having to worry about eating on camera.

This week at Einstein’s Phaedra was showing bitterly complaining about every damn thing. The lack or water. The stale crackers. The slow service. She was a pill. Continue reading


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Kenya Moore Says Phaedra Parks Lies Are Crashing All Around Her


RHOA Kenya stop being so bothered

Gif by T.Kyle RealityTVGifs


Kenya points out in her blog, that all the lies lead back to one person…

The house of lies that Phaedra has built is slowly but surely crumbling down around her. Clearly when a woman who prides herself as a Christian while praying to God as she calls someone a whore and a slut is the real devil to be protected from. Everyone can see through her smokescreen and the blatant, hypocritical lies that will be her ultimate downfall. Keep watching, the best of her lies is yet to come.

Now, her latest conspiracy theory is that I tried to pay Apollo to lie about a lie! But I am the delusional person? All the nasty rumors on this show about me being bipolar, broke, an alcoholic, a whore, and someone who pays for boyfriends and has a rented car all came from Phaedra’s vengeful, hate-filled mind. The real fans of the show know this to be a fact. Just watch Seasons 5 and 6. Let’s watch a flashback to that! Regardless of if anyone believed the unsubstantiated, baseless rumors or not, they were all fabricated from one person — PHAEDRA. Continue reading


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Vanderpump Rules: Once a Cheater…

Pump Rules Full Cast

Last week on this intellectual drama, we explored the deep and thought-provoking question, “Did Katie cheat on Schwartz?” We also delved a bit into Schwartz’s work ethic or lack thereof. This week our intellectual exploration continues as we delve into the life altering question, “Did Schwartz cheat on Katie?”  If we’ve learned anything thing from history, we can rest assured that the answer to this question is “yes.” Yes he did. But, will we get an answer tonight or will we have to watch sixteen more episodes for him to come clean?

For some unfathomable reason, Schwartz has been called in to PUMP to work an event. Scheana, and Katie sit around and trash talk Jax in front of Schwartz. Schwartz says Jax is not that bad.

Meanwhile Kristen and Scheana trash talk Katie and Schwartz. Kristen says they are delusional about their relationship. I feel myself getting smarter watching this show already. Kristen is hurt that Katie doesn’t love her anymore. I mean all she did was tell Schwartz that Katie is a skeevy cheating whore. Kristen wants to meet up with Stassi.

PUMP is doing an event for 50 gay mayors and their 300 closest friends. So that they can all fly in from wherever and um, come together. Continue reading


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WWHL Guest Lists for December (New)

Andy Cohen

New guest list is out for December… Are Porsha and Kim Richards really doing one on ones? I don’t see how that would be possible. Neither one has enough going on to hold down a show buy themselves. I’m going to assume they will be paired with someone eventually. Right? RIGHT? Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Friend or Faux (Recap)

RHOA Friend or Faux

I’ve had sort of a stressful evening so I am sipping the hell out of some wine and loading all the weapons and taking the collar off the attack dog in case he “gets loose.” So don’t sweat me about this Real Housewives of Atlanta recap. I may or may not have to stop and drag a body or three over the threshold but, but we will get through this.


Is the first HW of the evening and she is visiting Claudia who is the first person mentioned in the official description of this episode. Who is the HBIC now?


Claudia gets the intro on the same scene. MMMMhmmm Claudia has a stunning corner apartment with a view of the whole city. Claudia is so city girllllll *SCHREEEECCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHH*  Holy fuck. Red solo cups. I can’t. Please give me a minute to compose myself as these two Yankees get all Kim Zolciak (born Yankee) and act all white trash. I can’t. I really can’t. OMG! Kenya acknowledges the problem. Kindly and gently and points out that is what winos do. THANK YOU KENYA.  Frankly, I have heard that the girls do it for the same reasons they don’t eat during restaurant scenes. Production makes them do it for continuity. You know, full glass empty glass. full glass again issues. I’m sorry I just would not be able to comply. It’s a travesty. Continue reading


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