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Mob Wives Drita D’Avanzo Arrested For Misdemeanor Assault


Mob Wives Drita


So it’s been a busy day. Correction,  I’m still bust from yesterday. It’s 4 a.m. here and I have so much stuff in my inbox I may never get to the end. I  got a few questions about the fight that Drita D’Avanzo got into on Tuesday that led to her being arrested and charged with misdemeanor arrest. Let’s get the office version out of the way first, then I’ll tell you what really went down.


D’Avanzo, the 40-year-old star of VH1’s “Mob Wives,” was arrested Tuesday after she allegedly punched a woman in the woman’s Tottenville house, according to NYPD Detective Hubert Reyes.

Where on the body exactly is the woman’s Tottenville house?  Is this Jersey slang for a cunt punch?

The scuffle happened at about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday after D’Avanzo and the woman got into a verbal dispute.

When the fight escalated, D’Avanzo allegedly threw multiple punches at the woman. She then fled the scene but was later arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault. She was released from the precinct later that evening and has a March 9 court date.

Sources with knowledge of the incident said the victim was Mary Bratti, a former chef at the St. George Italian restaurant Enoteca Maria.

Reached for comment Wednesday, Bratti asked if the Advance would pay money for information on the case. When the answer was no, she had no comment.


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Random Thoughts on The People Versus OJ Simpson

OJ slow chase

OJ’s son is bigger than OJ in this movie. Which is interesting because a lot of conspiracy theories had Jason either being involved in the killing or killing Nicole and Ron.

Which Ross and Liberace were talking I was trying to figure out why Ross and Liberace would ever be in a room together.

OMG! That is new information about Robert making up the “note to America” from OJ. Or I forgot I knew that.

Somebody really hates the Kardashian kids.  Was it really necessary to get a fat Khloe? And they are annoying as fuck in every unnecessary scene. Does Ryan Murphy hate the Kardashians? I’m going with yes. Or maybe it’s Travolta. Or both. On E! Tonight they said the Kardashian Kids scene are meant as sort of fictional comic relief to offset all the heavy stuff. Continue reading


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WWHL With Teresa Giudice

The last on camera touch before prison!

The last on camera touch before prison!

This is the third damn interview with this woman in the last 15 hours. And I already know Andy is just going to kiss her ass and play montages of her greatest moments on RHONJ. Like the table flip.  And the time he shoved him back into his seat. And…

Oh  we are starting. Andy said on his thirty-fifth vanity project, the radio show, that he was not going to greet Teresa until he saw her on camera.  And her chair is empty. I hope he cries because that will piss Teresa off. Let’s watch.

First a flashback to the last time she was on the show, replete with dramatic music as they held each others hand one final time. (I am not making this up)  And then he tells us how they met … nope I anticipated his next move. On his radio show he said he snuck away to Jersey or somewhere and met her for a very late lunch one last time. before her incarceration. Oh and from her book, Teresa says she sent him a crocheted Jewish star from prison. This is going to be so fucking emo, y’all.

We get a rare look at the emptyish clubhouse as Teresa busts through the door in a red jumpsuit that she fittingly bought with blood money to wear just for Andy. He is thrilled.  Andy says there is irony in the fact that she is wearing a jumpsuit. Teresa says yeah an it’s even close to orange even though they wear a khaki green in Danbury.  Clearly, Andy didn’t air the show early last night to get up for GMA because we have seen the green jumpsuit photos all fucking day Andrew. Already you don’t know what is going on. Continue reading


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Teresa Giudice’s E! News Interview With Catt Sandler Part I



RHONJ  Teresa E! Catt Sandler


This is the second of three interviews with Teresa that I am covering today. Actually, I might cover Andy’s interview tomorrow if I can’t stay awake. I pulled an all night last night doing blog stuff. Along that line I must  say I have never taken Sudafed before and am enjoying it immensely.

It appears that Teresa spent all of her house arrest time in her house giving interviews as this one takes place in another expensively decorated room in her house. Many have pointed out that she will like make more money for the year in jail than she would have made if she had been working on the outside. Ain’t that just some shit?

Teresa is much happier in her home confinement interviews than she was on the live interview on GMA this morning. If you missed that, go here.  It’s part of the reason I was up all night, so I’m going to need everyone to read it. At least twice. :)

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Teresa Giudice’s First Interview After Prison Release on GMA

RHONJ Teresa on GMA


At the beginning of GMA this morning at 7 a.m. (the things I do for y’all) Teresa was there live. I checked and she is wearing a different outfit than the one she wore for the taped interview we discussed here yesterday.  TMZ ran one of their weird stories about how Amy Robach somehow beat out George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts in some sort of journalist brawl to get Teresa. In reality George wouldn’t interview Teresa if it was the only way for him to keep his anchor chair. And Robin would get out of it any way she could. ABC has no qualms about paying felons to talk about their crimes, but their morning anchors will not be doing the dirty work.

We begin with some specifics about Teresa’s crimes. They mention 39 counts on her indictment, but in actuality, it was bumped up to 41. They point out that she committed fraud over dozens of bank and the IRA  to obtain over five million dollars.  She points out that she pled guilty to multiple crimes.

Cut to Robach asking Teresa, IN HER HOME FILLED WITH EXPENSIVE FURNITURE,  if she knew she was committing a crime. First of all what kind of dumb question is that?  Teresa’s dumb answer was “No, I didn’t know I was committing a crime, the government saw it differently, I got sentenced, I got served time…”

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Teresa Giudice STILL Does Not Admit To Her Crimes


Teresa is on her book tour, attempting to sell her new book on prison life to Tre-huggers.  In her book, Turning the Tables

Teresa tells GMA in her first sit down interview, which airs tomorrow morning, “We’re not in  foreclosure any longer, thank you, God…and our restitution’s paid off.  So that’s it! We’re in…thank God .. in good shape.”  Well good for them. Who cares about all the other people they fucked over and how they are doing?  Teresa is financially solvent and that is all that matters. Thanks Bravo. #FelonsByBravo It seems that being on TV while committing crimes makes life a lot easier. Especially when you only have to pay off less than half a million to make good on stealing millions.

Here is a reminder of the four charges out of 41 she pled guilty to in her plea deal.

Count One: Conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud.  Maximum Sentence 20 years/ $250K Fine
Count 15 : Bankruptcy Fraud- Concealment Maximum Sentence 5 years./ $250K Fine
Count 23 : Bankruptcy  Fraud- False Oaths  Maximum Sentence 5 years./ $250K Fine
Count 36: Failure to make a Tax Return  Maximum Sentence 5 years./ $250K Fine Continue reading


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