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Kim RIchards Guest Stars On Revenge, As a Coke Head Socialite


I used to be really into Revenge and even recapped it here from time to time but I’ve grown bored with it. I still tape it and sort of half watch it. It’s just sort of jumped the shark for me.  I don’t have any idea why Nolan is getting married and really am not following the storylines much anymore. But I though I would do a quick post on Kim’s appearance. Click below for the interesting tea on her character on the episode. All 14 words. Continue reading


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Kandi Burruss and Ne-Yo on WWHL

WWHL with Kandi

Andy starts by asking how Todd is doing since Sharon passed. Kandi says that he is holding up. Kaela is with them and he has his family to be strong for. Andy says that “Riley is 11″ was trending on Twitter. Kandi seemed a bit defense saying she acts age appropriate and she can’t help that she is tall.  Kandi seems oblivious to the fact that the issue was with an 11 (now 12) year old wearing the hair of three Filipino women on her head. Kandi seemed touchy about the whole thing. In his opening Andy also made a comment that Kandi’s mother will beat you with her shoe and you could hear Kandi groan. Kandi is just sort of disagreeable tonight.

Andy brings up that Todd was not overly excited about the car. Kandi says she was disappointed and though that someone must have tipped him off. Todd is at the clubhouse somewhere. Andy asked if Kandi was made at him. She says no, she just thought that whole scene was messy. I guess she means the car scene.

Andy plays the sperm count scene as a sitcom with a laugh track. Because that was just ridiculous.

Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Road Trip!

Clearly in Puerto RIco Kandi was still friends with Phaedra.

Clearly in Puerto RIco Kandi was still friends with Phaedra.


On tonight’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, the ladies arrive back home from their trip. Nene’s personal valet picks her up at Hartsfield. Nene talks to Gregg about being around all those negative girls. LOL. Nene explains her version of the fight to Gregg. At that was all we saw of Nene. Expect to see less and less of her as the season goes on. This episode was also Porsha and Demetria free.


Phaedra and Derek J continue the fake storyline where Phaedra is representing  Derek who is accused of stealing used weave.  In the office that is not hers. I am so over this show and all it’s fakery. Phaedra’s momma comes in to talk about Apollo leaving for prison.

Meanwhile, Apollo takes the boys out for frozen yogurt and tries to prepare them for his departure. Apollo seems genuinely remorseful. Or at least sad that he has to leave his boys. Continue reading


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WWHL Schedule For The Remainder of January

Andy Cohen

We have someone from RHOA, Vanderpump Rules and RHOBH appearing on WWHL this week. Who are you hoping to see on the show following the next episodes?  Only one of my choices made the cut. :(   I’ll be watching them anyway of course.

Click through to see who will be hanging with Andy during his last week of sober January and tell me who you will be tuning in for… Continue reading


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Jodi Arias Afternoon Session on Tank Top Thursday

Photo: Mark Henle/Pool

Photo: Mark Henle/Pool


Everyone is back from lunch and ready to go. Juan skipped lunch since he has been eating Bob for lunch all day. Juan talks about the Lake Havasu trip and point so out more inconsistencies. Again,  Juan points out inconsistencies in the stories and the lack mention of fighting on the trip. He asks Bob questions he doesn’t know the answers to. Next, he reads a diary entry  from the day Dan called her to tell her Travis was dead. In her journal she wrote about the shock of Travis death, etc. It was all bullshit. This of course calls into question everything in her journals. Bob says maybe she was disassociating. She journaled about calling Flores to find out how he died due to her morbid curiosity. Juan points out that what she writes in her journals is to her benefit and that she leaves out things not to her benefit. Bob says she leaves at things that are to her benefit as well. Juan says Bob believes everything this delusional defendant says.

Moving on way too much time was spent on determining the exact day that Jodi and Travis became “official” (2/2/07) and even more nonsense about whether “official” means “exclusive” and when and if they were “exclusive.” Juan brings up Jodi’s message to Travis at the funeral and focuses on her saying he was beautiful on the inside and the outside. Juan wants Bob to explain why she would say that about someone she saw masturbating to child porn? He asks Bob if he didn’t think to ask Jodi about Travis’ exact position while masturbating? Did he find it weird he was supposedly on his knees? Bob says he wasn’t worried about whether or not it was true because he was trying to put the puzzle together. (WTF?) Juan says wouldn’t a lie make the puzzle untrue? Bob says no. Juan suggests that is timeline is simply a tool to smear the victim. A ten minute break was called. When the jury returned they were asked to disregard the question about smearing the victim. Heh. That just makes them remember it’s important.   Continue reading


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Jodi Arias Circus Review For Thursday Morning Bob Blames Alyce

Geffner has a very inappropriate affect for someone testifying about murder and violence.

Geffner has a very inappropriate affect for someone testifying about murder and violence.

We’re supposed to have a full day of Juan cross-examining Dr. Bob Geffner, psychologist for the defense, also know as the male Alyce LaViolette in today’s Jodi Arias trial.   Juan is loaded for bear with mountains of papers on his table. He’s hyped up and pacing. Wilmott is coaching Bob on the whole child porn thing. Bob is all like, “Do I say paper or plastic?  Um I mean paper or Internet? I’m so confused! What do you want me to say about the masturbation stuff again?”

The plan to start “early” has not panned out. We are late again as the Judge muddles up other lesser cases. Jodi is in the courtroom wearing a tank top to court. Don’t judge. Perhaps she’s having hot flashes.

Willmott asks for the sidebar before the jury is even finished walking in.  Finally, Bob takes the stand and spreads out a bunch of papers knocking some to the floor. Juan begins where we left off yesterday, with The Masturbation Incident (TMI). Of course TMI never happened and is a figment of Jodi’s imagination but I expect we will talk about it for at least an hour anyway.  Juan opens with, ” In all the records you reviewed, there’s nothing in writing about the supposed masturbating to pictures of kids, is there?”  Bob admits there is not. Juan points out that Alyce’s notes said that there were pictures the Internet, Bob says it was pictures on the bed.  Round and round we go until finally Bob says  Alyce must have made a mistake. Wilmott is objecting like crazy. Bob says he speculated and fixed some discrepancies. Juan says he did that because he is a hired gun for the defense.  Juan says that Bob made over $100,000 on a single case for his testimony. (Wow need to become an expert witness.)   Juan talks about a case where he testified regarding child custody and he never met the father. He brings up another case in Hawaii (he got to testify in Hawaii!!!) and in that case the court ruled that his affidavit was NOT CREDIBLE and it was thrown out. We went through all this in the original trial. Continue reading


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Jodi Arias Circus Post For Wednesday

Dr Geffner Pool Pic by Tom Tingle

Dr Geffner
Pool Pic by Tom Tingle

We return to court with the mandatory sidebar. I’ve determined that this is a Judge Stephens thing. Usually, she sees some very short appearances by less notorious criminals, and one tweeter pointed out that she sidebars with counsel before beginning pretty much every time. I think she should just speak from the bench especially when there is no jury in the room. But what do I know?

Anyway good ole Bob back for an afternoon session with the jury. I forget why there was no morning session today. Does it even matter at this point. Dr. Bob Geffner is going to tell us all the deep dark workings of the mind of Travis Alexander, Jodi Arias, and an array of unnamed individuals flung across the globe. Let not your heart be troubled that the only one of these people Bob has ever met is the killer.

Bob is creating a timeline for the defense that begins in May of 2008. It looks like we are going to wade through Jodi’s journals again. In May she writes he is in one of “his cycles” again.  In June she says that Travis’ temper and her tendency to cry don’t mesh well together.  Bob says that Jodi has been following her heart but her head is starting to win. She is beginning to realize he is abusive. Travis would be mean and then want to see her. Bob says that push-pull tactic is “crazy-making.”  Jodi wants to see Travis but fears he only wants sex. The consensus is we have worked through the timeline. The point? Travis was abusive but Jodi kept going back. It was making her crazy. Continue reading


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Jodi Arias Sentencing Circus Update 1/20/15

Jodi Geffner

Pool Photo/Tom Tingle


We have now had four months of trial. The first trial only lasted five months. In the four months there have only been twenty three  days of trial. The jury was rarely in court the full day. Because, Arizona.  I’m just going to cover Tuesdays in broad strokes.

First of all, in the side ring, Judge Stephens made it official that she ruled against the defense on prosecutorial misconduct. So it is official that the show will go on with the death penalty still on the table.  In other words, that was all a giant waste of time.

Tuesday the defense psychologist, Geffner is back on the stand. His job is to make sure that we all know that Travis is a womanizer who was screwing over many women. This hardly makes him unique or interesting.  I doubt it is going to justify in the jury’s mind that Jodi deserves to live despite the fact she  practically hacked him up into little pieces.

It was another day of sexting. The only thing new about it was the players. The defense is trotting out a lot of new women we didn’t hear about at the first trial. The first one’s last  name is Cook and she has kids and lives in  Show Low, Arizona about three hours from Mesa. They text explicit sexual comments and try to find time to hook up when she can get away from the kids.  Cook (which may be a fake name… Because, Arizona) is upset that Travis will only do oral sex with her. He is claiming he is a 30 year old virgin. Continue reading


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WWHL With Kyle Richards and Brad Goreski

WWHL Kyle and Brad


Tonight on WWHL we have a rather last-minute replacement of Elle MacPherson with Brad Goreski. I guess Elle got a better offer a couple of days ago?  Kyle looks great if a bit understandably nervous. Her hair is STUNNING.

Kyle wants to make a statement right off the bat that she had only set up a massage for the ladies and the hotel decided to go all out. That’s three or four times tonight she has apologized for that. Poor thing.

Next week, Brandi goes back to idiot mode and screams at Kyle that she doesn’t support her Kim ever and Brandi is the only one who is there for Kim. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes’ Son Spent End of 2014 in Jail and Rehab

Nene Leakes Son Bryson Bryant Arrested Twice in Two Weeks

Yesterday news broke that Nene Leakes eldest son, Bryson Rashard Bryant, spent 90 days in jail and six weeks in rehab at the end of 2014.  I have some sort of alien in my belly punching me from my insides in my belly and just could not be bothered to make sense of all of the varied stories on what happened. Today, I finally read the court documents.

First, let’s review the timeline of KNOWN arrests of Bryson Rashard Bryant

March 2010 booked on a pot charge. Arrest 3 days later for failure to appear. (Age 20)

July 2011  shoplifting razors from Wal*Mart and probation violation. (Age 21)

June 2012 arrested for driving on a suspended license. (Age 22)

July 2012  arrested for probation violation.

Continue reading


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Celebrity Apprentice Task #2 Cat Fights & Pillow Talk

Donald Trump

The Task: Create a viral video to advertise Chock Full o Nuts single serve coffees.

Team Vortex

Lorenzo Lamas, Geraldo Rivera, Sig Hansen , Vivica Fox, Kate Gosselin

Project Manager: Lorenzo Lamas

Geraldo is taking over again and Lorenzo could not be any happier. Lorenzo is going to sing the theme song. The viral video will star Geraldo as a million who drinks the coffee over the course of many years. In the 1950s Kate plays his wife. It’s  really hard to describe because we really don’t get a chance to see the whole thing.  In the end Geraldo is in a tux and top hat and has three backup dancers with Vivica, Kate and some random backup dancer.  Poor Sig has nothing to do again. Sig says they use the go pro cameras on Deadliest Catch all the time.

This teams video is the best. Continue reading


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Celebrity Apprentice Recap #1 I Wish I Had a Project Manager

Kenya's Winning Task

Kenya’s Winning Task

The Task: The two teams must create a mobile shoe boutique for Ivanka’s shoeline   and create a marketing campaign to attract sales.

Team Infinity

Kenya Moore, Brandi Glanville,  Leeza Gibbons, Johnny Damon, Ian Zierling,

Project Manager: Kenya Moore

Kenya takes immediate control. She wants to recreate Nordstrom with a piano and chandelier.  Kenya immediately assigns tasks. Leeza immediately disagrees with Kenya vision saying it to old school and doesn’t speak to the millennial generation that is being targeted. Kenya’s slogan “Power Up Your Sole.” Kenya wants all of the shoe collection on flat screens and tablets. Brandi is still being a drag. Brandi is working her ass off though. It’s raining on the project day.

Kenya’s team has a foot massage dude and green smoothie shots for the Pump Up Your Sole theme. Joan says some nice things about the slogans that Leeeza says she did.  Leeza is the female Geraldo that takes over all the tasks. She did show Joan the entire collection on the tablet. I think Joan was more impressed with Team Infinity. Joan was impressed with the flat screens and the tablet.

Now the important part. Ivanka has arrived. Kenya takes over the presentation. Ivanka and the Nordstrom lady were poker faced. Continue reading


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