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Ryan Lochte Is A National Embarrassment

RIO OLympics


UPDATE 8/19  US Olympic swimmer Jimmy Feigen agrees to pay about $11,000 to charity in order to leave Brazil after robbery scandal. Ryan Lochte, who was also charged is already back in the US and will probably ignore the misdemeanor charge. Jack Conger age 21, and Gunnar Bentz age 20 were not charged in the incident.

UPDATE: It appears that Lochte and James Feigen, age 26 will be charged with false reporting of a crime. It’s a misdemeanor and the sentence is a required financial contribution to a humanitarian charity. They also want an apology to Rio and Brazil for besmirching the Olympic host. The police say that after the four busted up the bathroom breaking the door, mirror, a soap dish and more,  Loche was drunk and became very aggressive with the security guard who eventually pulled his weapon to detain him until they either paid for damages or the police came.  They chose to pay. The police say that the security handled things appropriately.  So disgusting.

I am quite furious about this Ryan Lochte situation. I saw the interview where Ryan told his tall tale about the Rio police shaking them down on the side of the road. I told my television that he was full of shit when I watched it. (See video below). I did think that the incident happened, I just thought he was trying to make himself seem like the big shot. In his lie, he says while coming from a party in a local taxi, Rio police pulled their taxi over. He states there were not lights on the police car.  So how did the cab driver know to pull over? Perhaps he was in on it I thought. What I could not believe is that Ryan was all “whatever” about having police in a foreign country hold a gun to his forehead. The other guys complied, but not Ryan. He argued with the cops and said he didn’t do anything wrong.  Anyone who lives in the United States of America knows better than to do this. You can get shot for way less than that in the US, let alone a foreign country.  His version of events made no sense, but I figured the gist of the situation was true. But it was not. None of it.

What happened was the guys were coming home from a party that they left around 5:30 am likely wasted and didn’t get far until one or all of them had to go to the bathroom so they stopped at a gas station.  Either they would not give them a key because they were not customers are they just had not problem with doing it, they broke down the bathroom door, did what they came to do and left.  In Rio, there was an armed guard at all the gas stations. They were detained. The police were called and they took off in the cab.  Either at the gas station, or after being held for questioning by police today, they paid for the door.

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Drama Is Released on Bond After Bomb Threat Involving Phaedra Parks

RHOA Phaedra Face
While we had some uplifting news about Kenya Moore today, the latest news about Phaedra Parks is, as usual, about a felon.  As you recall, while Phaedra Parks was in Washington with all the other political idiots at the DNC, her former client and Angela Stanton’s former boyfriend was hunting her down in Atlanta. Drama (aka Terence Cook) was in the building where Phaedra keeps her latest law office last month, but in the wrong office, apparently her name is not on the directory of the building, or the door of the main office where she rents space, or he was just confused or high or all of the above.  While there, he became agitated when he was told she didn’t work in the office he was in. He said something about having a bomb strapped to his leg and had to be arrested by the police while SWAT did a bomb search that showed up nothing.

After that, both Phaedra and Drama’s mama contacted TMZ to let them know it was all a big misunderstanding.  Or that the cops racially profiled him as a gang member based on his long white t-shirt or that he was just dropping off a CD or perhaps it was a mixed tape.  At any rate, Drama is totally innocent and Phaedra was going to hunt down a real live criminal attorney to represent him.

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Making A Murderer’s Brendan Dassey Set to Be Released From Prison

Making a murderer
The Netflix “documentary”  Making a Murderer  set out to make it appear that Steven Avery was wrongfully convicted of a murder in a small town after previously being wrongfully convicted of rape. Most people feel that the evidence proved his guilt, but the show was able to give many others reasonable doubt.

The one thing that really bothered me from the little I saw of the show was a video of police interrogating Brendan Dassey, Steven Avery’s nephew about the murder.  On the night of the murder, Steven had invited Brendan to a bonfire and Brendan showing  up for that, got sentenced to life in prison with no parole for 41 years after he was convicted of first-degree intentional homicide, second-degree sexual assault, and mutilation of a corpse.  I believe this is because Avery burned the body in the fire?  I’m not really sure as I did not keep up with this case.

Today, U.S. Magistrate Judge William Duffin overturned Dassey’s conviction.  Dassey has a very low IQ and it is obvious from the video that the sixteen year old, who was interrogated with no parent or attorney present,  did not understand what was going on .

The ruling says that “misconduct” by Dassey’s lawyer, Len Kachinsky, in defending Dassey was “indefensible.”

The confession was  ruled to be involuntary and based on false promises by interrogators. Dassey’s age and intellectual deficits contributed to his false confession.

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Big Night for Team USA in Rio Tonight!

Image: NBC Twitter

Image: NBC Twitter


As usual I am in love with the women’s gymnastics team. I’m oddly also very into watching Ledecky swim. She is UNBELIEVABLE! I’m not such a huge fan of our scowling male swimmer, Michael Phelps.  He is kind of a dick.  And possibly insane.

Are y’all watching this tonight? I had to do a lot of shuffling of shows to have a channel open to watch on. I’ll be putting up discussion posts for MAFS and BiP as time allows, so please don’t spoil me!

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BB18 Update: The Eight Pack Is No More; Frank Is Disgusting

BB18 alliances

Photo Credit Twitter: @89razorskate20 This is the current alliance list.

It’s time for some Big Brother live feed spoiler updates. There was the usual drama after last night’s HOH comp that Bridgette won. Bridgette may think she is HOH but she is not. Frank is. She does whatever he says. I hoped that SOMEONE would tell her that he had the first Road Kill win and put her up, but it doesn’t seem like that happened.

Part of the reason that it did not was because Frank slept in the HOH bed with her and barely left her side from the time she won until nominations this morning. And yes, Bridgette caused all sorts of dram with the sleeping situation for weeks because she claims she can’t sleep in a bed with a man because she has a relationship.

Bridgette did exactly what Frank wanted and put up Tiffany and Paul.

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Nancy Grace is Leaving HLN! Internet Goes Crazy!

Nancy Grace

Just before the holiday weekend began, word began leaking out that Nancy Grace will not longer be employed by HLN. Nancy met with executives last week to discuss her contract and the meeting ended without one being signed. Her current contract runs through October but the Internet has gone insane with glee over here departure and It may turn out much like Michael Strayhan’s departure from Live!

I probably won’t miss Nancy much. She was must see TV back when HLN ran live trials all day and she ranted like a crazed lunatic about them all night. I even recapped a few of her shows.   The last time I paid any attention to her was when Making a Murderer was a thing.

So anyway, comedian Mary Cella totally celebrate the news as apparently she used to work for Nancy and it sounds a lot like teaching in Cobb County. Except it’s funny when someone tells it the way Mary does.

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