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Jesus, Damn Yankees Are Difficult Creatures.

Southern Charm Patricia 2

So apparently, has arrived, as Nene Leakes would say. It’s been a bit of a banner evening. For one thing,  Micheal J. McDonald , executive producer of American Crime tweeted me and retweeted this post of mine,  then I got my FLOTO wallet that has been on backorder ever since someone here sent me a VERY NICE handbag they no longer wanted so now I can switch over without putting my Target wallet in a VERY NICE HANDBAG .

And then I got a cease and desist letter from Patrica Altschul’s fancy pants lawyers from New York City! #SQUEAL NEW YORK CITY Y’ALL!  That right there is HILARIOUS  I was going to wait to tell you about this until I consulted with my attorneys but I am so excited by the prospect of  my attorneys deposing PATRICIA I could die!

Okay here is the post that gave Patricia the sads. Continue reading


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American Crime



This is not a recap. It’s more of an explanation about why I was so late to the party for this TV show.  I’m actually watching the latest episode now as I type this.

When the fall season began, Thursday nights on ABC was ruled by Shonda Rimes. We had Grey’s Anatomy at  8 p.m.  Scandal at 9 p.m. and How to Get Away With Murder at 10 p.m.  Once HTGAWM ended  I was sort of glad for a break in the three hours of drama. Grey’s Anatomy  sucked again last night.  Scandal is losing it’s appeal.  HTGAWM has more holes in the plot than swiss cheese. Perhaps it is time to give American Crime a chance?

I watched the first episode of American Crime eventually and I wasn’t really that into it.  For some reason, I was looking for something to binge on one weekend and gave the show another chance, and I am so glad I did. Continue reading


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Let’s Look At What TMZ Is Saying About Kim Richards


Okay, I am going to need to break this latest TMZ article about Kim Richards down. TMZ has the best sources on the Internet. But no sources are infallible, and in this case there are factually incorrect statements and some crazy opinions. That tends to happen when Brandi Glanville is your source.  So please allow me to get out my purple pen. All the quoted material comes form TMZ.  

“Kim Richards just broke from stress when she was arrested early Thursday at the swanky Beverly Hills Hotel. Sources very close to Kim as well as sources connected with “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” tell TMZ, she was unable to cope with some pretty terrible things going on in her life”

Kim was not sober when she was on RHOBH this season. Her lack of sobriety, sober coach,  recovery program, and denial she was struggling with her sobriety was her entire storyline.  There was no “break” at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Sources very close to Kim and RHOBH would be Brandi. This is become even more evident later. Brandi is once again excusing Kim’s behavior. Continue reading


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Bank Finally Files Foreclosure Complaint on Giudice Home

The starting point of the arduous walk to the bus stop.

The starting point of the arduous walk to the bus stop.

First of all, you probably need a reread the details of the Giudice’s failed attempt to file bankruptcy.  Or maybe that will just confuse you more.

According to Vicki Hyman at, the bank finally filed court papers to foreclose on the Giudice home on Wednesday.  This means that Joe and the girls may no longer have the daily annoyance of having to actually walk from their front door to the end of the driveway to catch the school bus.

New Jersey is a judicial foreclosure state which means that if you default on your mortgage, the lender has to file complaint of foreclosure with the court in order to repossess the property.  Joe has the right to contest the foreclosure within 60 days. If he does then it goes to court which means setting a trial date. In New Jersey. Which could take who knows how long. Probably long enough for Teresa to finish her sentence and get out and deal with all of this. I think this is most likely what will happen. It’s just a stall tactic. Continue reading


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Kim Richards Sued For Dog Bite Of Longtime Friend

Kim Richard's Twitter

Kim Richard’s Twitter

I received a present in my inbox today! I love presents. This present was all of the court documents related to Kim Richard’s former friend who was viciously attacked in March of 2014 by Kingsley. Her friend since childhood is suing Kim and Evolution Productions for negligence and fraud among other things and is seeking damages for several things including emotional and physical pain an suffering as well as court costs, attorneys fees and so forth.
Having read all the documents, I will say that the Evolution lawyers are really smart. It is actually one of the best written legal motions I have ever read. It should be used in textbooks in perpetuity. Sorry, I get excited by a well written motion.   Rozario’s lawyer looks like David next to the legal Goliath that is representing Evolution.  I have no idea if Evolutions motion to dismiss was granted, but it certainly should be. They have no legal standing in the case.
Let’s take a look at the specifics.

Continue reading


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The Daily Tea: Wednesday’s Varietal is Gaza

Palestinians ride camels during a competition in Dear al-Balah


The Gaza is a region of Palestine on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea that borders Egypt on the southwest for 11 kilometers and Israel on the east and north along a for 51 kilometers. If you have ever run a 10K you should have some idea of the size. This is a camel race in Gaza. Sadly, the area is being starved out by Israel.  The war with Israel is not just taking a toll on the people and the children of Gaza who rely on tunnels to Egypt to try and get basic necessities to live,  the camel population is suffering mightily as Palestinian refugees struggle to survive. If you are the praying type, it might be a good place to remember in your prayers. Continue reading


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Jodi Arias Has A New Mugshot!

Jodi's first mugshot

Here is Jodi Arias’s first mugshot.

Click through for the new one. Continue reading


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Atlanta Public Schools Trial Sentencing Began Today

Andrew Young APS SChools Trial

Andrew Young spoke on behalf of one principal during a sentencing hearing today

I have not covered the Atlanta Public Schools teacher trials here, and I am not sure you are very interested, but I have been asked about it a bit.  So I wanted to let you know that Jodi Arias was not the only person in court today pleading for leniency. Ten Atlanta Public Schools teachers have been convicted of felonies (racketeering)  for their role in cheating on the CRCT.

There is way too much backstory to give but the NYT has a very detailed article today that is an excellent recap.

The Judge has given the ten (eleven really one just had a baby and will be sentenced separately and the others are in jail) defendants one last chance to come to a deal with the prosecutor or he will sentence them to jail time tomorrow.

Click through to read a brief excerpt from the NYT story. Continue reading


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Jodi Arias Sentenced to Life Without Possibility of Parole

Jodi Aria Sentencing

Jodi Arias sentencing hearing was today and I missed a lot of it and am going to have to rewatch it on Youtube .

First, the Alexander family gave victim impact statements. Travis Alexander’s aunt Heather Schafer went first. She had to quit her job in Ohio to be in court. She pleaded  with the judge to “Sentence this unrependent murderer to the natural sentence of life.”

The sisters all gave statements to the judge weeping while once again outlining their losses, and the damage to Travis’ reputation.  Hillary, the baby sister talks about having breakdowns in the shower because that is where he was killed.  Tanisha says that Jodi supporters harass her send her photos of  Travis’ body. Tanisha was crying so hard she could barely be understood. Juan seemed choked up too. When Jodi was sentenced Tanisha screamed out “Burn in Hell!”   Judge Stephens seemed to wipe a tear. Then Samantha addressed the court  she talked about Travis lying dead in the shower for five days decomposing while his soul was crying out for his body to be found.  Samantha said more than once she was sorry that the judge was getting backlash from the public and she appreciated her.  She also said they have been failed by the justice system when the death penalty was not ordered. She said that Jodi stuck out like a sore thumb at the memorial with an evil smirk on her face just like her mugshot. Continue reading


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Lisa Vanderpump Explains How Reality Shows Work…To Kim?

RHOBH Brandi Olive Branch

Time to take the purple pen to Lisa Vanderpump’s blog. Apologies if I am a bit harsher than you would like.

Aargh here we are again. As I sit here in the waiting room as my husband undergoes surgery for another hip replacement, I ponder and reflect on the truly important things in life, and what have I learnt over the last few years?

That when you marry a much older man you eventually spend a lot of time playing nursemaid?  That swans may look regal but they are mean as fuck and shit everywhere?  That when a waitress starts rumbling about sexual harassment you might want to have a plan in place to deal with such things as quickly and quietly as possible so you don’t end up losing the whole restaurant?

I know that participating in a reality show has been a learning curve for sure, how remaining stalwart in my resolve, to expose all aspects of my life and learn from the consequences…Even moments in our off-time–Kyle and I in the dressing room–are an accurate depiction of our relationship: laughter, good-natured banter that you would never in a million years dream would be aired.

Both of you seem so shocked to discover that a man was standing there with a big camera and another dude was holding a giant boom over your heads.  I get it, you didn’t think it would be that interesting. I think it was the whole LVP talks about diarrhea thing that interested production.  Continue reading


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The Daily Tea For Thursday




It’s time for a new feature on Tamara Tattles.  We are all starting to get to know each other and get off topic in posts. This is entirely my fault, because Lord knows I started it. But I think we need to get back to on topic only discussions in the other posts. But I’d still love to hear all your stories, problems, advice and general random thoughts.

I think I’ll start making a new post for this every day and see how it goes. I’m sure we will break into a melee of fights soon. But hey, let’s see how it works. Continue reading


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