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Ask Tamara

Rhony Sonja vitamins

I typed in TAM to see what came up. This was first.



I am sort of freaking out. So it’s a great time to ask me questions. I haven’t slept so ones with shorter answers are best. I’m still drunk from the night before.


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Kandi Celebrates Her Birthday and Premier of Kandi’s Ski Trip

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Last night all the RHOA including Demetria came out for Kandi’s premiere party and birthday party at Suite Lounge. Well, everyone except Nene and Peachless Porsha. The event started with a premier party and then moved on to a full on birthday party at a second location.

You really must check out the photo of Phaedra with Derek J’s  supposed boyfriend. They are apparently in a contest for worst hairline.  Derek doesn’t really claim to have a boyfriend. But this guy must have a golden dool for Derek to date him.  Phaedra’s hair was Nene Leakes bad. Do pause on the photos. Continue reading


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Wait, The Kardashians want Bruce Jenner Off Reality TV?

The transgender community is getting a lot of attention due to Bruce Jenner’s interviews with Diane Sawyer. If you missed those, you can read Part 1 here, and Part 2 here. The comments in both posts are and interesting read.

I can’t imagine transitioning at Bruce’s age. I get when young people do it. And I guess at a certain stage of life we are all doing the things we wanted to do when we were younger, go to Paris, take an Alaskan cruise, buy a really expensive handbag or pair of shoes, backpack through Europe, order the most expensive thing on the menu.  On the other hand, there are some goals that may have to go unmet when you reach a certain age, running a marathon, becoming an astronaut, entering a wet T-shirt contest for example. Continue reading


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Ever Wonder What Shep Rose’s Family Thinks of His Southern Charm Show?


I know why Shep has sunglasses on in every scene...

I know why Shep has sunglasses on in every scene…

The most likeable, and dare I say, charming man on Southern Charm in my opinion is Shep Rose.  Despite his uncharacteristically uncouth behavior on the Jekyll Island episode, Shep appears to be the only one on the show with any sense.

Have you ever wondered what his family thinks of his appearance on the show? His parents live on Hilton Head in Sea Pines. Sea Pines is “the heart of Hilton Head and anchors the southern most tip of this 14-mile long barrier island. Comprised of 5,200 private acres and 5-miles of Atlantic oceanfront shoreline, tidal creeks, saltwater marshes, woodlands and a 605-acre Forest Preserve, Sea Pines is the original and largest of the Hilton Head developments. This secure, gated residential and resort community is home to 4 championship golf courses including a private country club, one of the nation’s premier tennis facilities, 15 miles of scenic bike paths, two marinas and numerous shops, restaurants and cafes. Sea Pines is also home to the RBC Heritage Golf Tournament, a favorite stop on the PGA TOUR.” [Source Sea Pines Realty] Click the link to buy me a beach house! :)

His mother’s name is Fran and his father goes by Rip. There are a lot of lawyers in the family. Shep seems to be charting his own course despite all the fancy education.  So what do he is parts think about his current job?  Continue reading


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Alexia and Herman Echevarria Divorcing After 15 years, Reports Claim

I am very saddened to report that Real Housewives of Miami’s  Alexia Echevarria is allegedly filing for divorce from Herman

According to the US Magazine, “the Venue magazine founders have been separated for a few months now, and had been struggling with serious issues for a couple of years. Despite their differences, the now-exes, who are currently living separately, will continue to run Venue magazine together. According to their source, Herman will remain a big presence in the lives of Alexia’s sons from her first marriage, Peter and Frankie.”

Back in 2011, I really enjoyed Real Housewives of Miami.  When Alexia’s son was transferred to Spinal Shepard Hospital in Atlanta, I reached out to her as we follow each other on Twitter.  I would check in with both Alexia and Herman from time to time and they both have positive attitudes despite their tragic situations. Alexia has also been very kind to me and inquired after me from time to time and even invited me to visit. Continue reading


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Some Tea From Bravo Upfronts 2015

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Mystery solved regarding Kim Richards Upfronts photo!  The photo of Kim Richards posted by Daily Mail was from a previous year.  They have since taken down the photo. Which is good news.  But I admit I really like the idea of Kim being there  banging on the door trying to get in. Sorry for the confusion.

The Bravo Upfronts were held on Thursday and during the presentation, one of the speakers mentioned all of the “talent” that was there including 18 Real housewives.  So of course I wanted to know exactly who was there and who was not. If your contract is not being renewed, you are not invited. just ask Sheree Whitfield.  That does not mean if you are NOT there you are not being asked back. But it does mean if you are there you are going to be asked back.

So representing RHOA we have, Nene Leakes, Kenya Moore, and Kandi Burruss. Among those not present, Cynthia Bailey who was actually in NYC for an Operation Smile charity event today. I’d think if she were invited she would have not scheduled a charity event that day. Not looking good for Cynthia. Claudia is in LA hanging out at The Ivy hoping to get papped. Not a good sign for Cynthia. I haven’t seen a peep from Phaedra in two days. Guess the whole “look how cute Ayden is” thing didn’t quite work out for her.  So that makes THREE..  The least number of housewives invited from any franchise.

The other interesting RHOA tea is that Patti Stanger was there.  You know Kenya and Patti must have talked about James Freeman. Continue reading


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Claudia Jordan Escorted From Auburn Alabama Mall For Wearing Sunglasses?

I have no idea what this is about. Apparently, you are not allowed to wear sunglasses in the mall in Auburn, Alabama. So rather than take them off, Claudia and her dude get escorted out of the mall.  Claudia immediately plays the race card.  I’ve reached out to try and find out the whole story but I am trying to prep for RHONY so… along with the RuPaul Drag Race recap. This is going to have to be pushed until tomorrow. I haven’t eaten all day with all the dramas today. Continue reading


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Cissy Houston Gives An Interview Distancing Herself From What Will Soon Happen With Bobbi Kristina Brown

Bobbi and Nick

Cissy Houston is wasting no time in getting out in front of the drama surrounding the impending pulling of the plug for Bobbi Kristina Brown.  And, you know, promoting her concert tonight in New Jersey. Cissy gave an exclusive interview to ET about the court decision. I’ve purple penned the most important parts. She’s totally distancing herself from the whole plug pulling thing. I get the feeling she said her goodbyes when she was down here last week and went home.

“She’s the same, she’s not progressing at all,” Houston told Entertainment Tonight‘s Kevin Frazier on Saturday. “She’s not gone yet, but you know, whatever the Lord decides, I’m ready for her… I have nothing to do with that. That’s His job. It’s His territory, you know? And I understand it.” Continue reading


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Top Ten Posts of the Week!


RHOA Kenya Jesus


Let’s talk about the top ten most read blogs of the week. Are you surprised at what they are? Catch up on the comments section of these because they were growing all week long!  Just like your tomato plant  will be *cough* Tootsie *cough.

Number 10

Is Kenya Engaged? Click here to find out.

Number 9

Nene Leakes did WHAT on WWHL?

Number 8

Phaedra Parks on her relationship with Cynthia and Kandi.

Number 7

Claudia Jordan explains her silence oh RHOA Reunion part 2

Number 6

RHONY Recap: Mind your own business Continue reading


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It Seems Bobbi Brown May Have Gotten What He Wanted After All

Photo Twitter

Photo Twitter

A few hours ago, I was perplexed and trying to figure out a few things about today’s court ruling regarding Bobbi Kristina’s situation. Why are both attorneys so happy that they are making a joint statement? Bobby wanted to keep Krissi on ice for years and the Houstons wanted to let her go. And yet Bobby now shares the decision with Pat on when to pull the plug. Everybody was concerned about money, and yet they seemed thrilled a random attorney now controls Bobbi Kristina’s finances, whatever they maybe.

Everyone claimed to be thrilled with the outcome and I thought that was just a bunch of crap.  But the resident expert on this situation at TT has explained it all. It all makes sense now. What really happened today is that they agreed on a division of monies, including the undispersed funds from Whitney’s  estate. They have agreed to divide the booty and finally let Bobbi Kristina go.  While this is not something that can be proven now, it is the only thing that makes sense. So, you can expect for Bobbi Kristina to finally be freed to go on to the next life or whatever you believe in, soon. commenter 2CanPlay who has been very knowledgeable on this throughout the process, even when I refused to believe that a father and grandmother and aunt could be all about the money at the expense of Bobbi Kristina. 2CanPlay has been right the entire time. Click through for the breakdown. Continue reading


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Bobby Brown Has A Setback On His Plans For Bobbi Kristina Brown

Bobby Brown leaving Whitney's funeral.

Bobby Brown leaving Whitney’s funeral.


Bobby Brown hit a setback in his master plan today in an Atlanta courtroom. Bobby Brown applied for what NBC affiliate WXIA was reporting as “guardianship” according to the post I made here.  At that time, I was thinking of it as a conservatorship ala Britney Spears dad who had control over Britney’s medical care and her finances when she spent awhile in Crazy Land.

Today the court ruled,“Both Mr. Brown and Ms. Houston are jointly responsible for decisions related to Krissi’s care and medical needs. The Court has also appointed Bedelia Hargrove as the Conservator for Krissi. Ms. Hargrove is responsible for Krissi’s assets, including her likeness, rights and legal claims.” Source AJC Jennifer Brett Continue reading


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Daily News for Wednesday: Varietal Green

Green Tea


I didn’t mean to neglect the Daily Tea!  I get very busy from Sunday until Wednesday.  I love all of the links and tea that you guys send in. I appreciate it when you send it to Tamara Tattles (all one word) at gmail.

No real topic starter today. Other than there is a lot of hullabaloo about green tea. My brother swears by it and he gives good advice. So maybe try to have a cup at some point today?  I don’t have hot tea a lot at home. So maybe, if I want to follow my own suggestion, I’ll go out for Chinese food. I love the pot of hot tea they have. I really doubt I will have time for that but I will try to make a cup at some point today. Continue reading


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