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Black Friday Was Sort of A Dud


I am so disappointed in the lack of idiots being trampled in a Wal*Mart this black Friday.  The is such a shortage of good footage on You Tube that they are actually trying to use tramplings from years gone by rather than new footage. I had to resort to Mark Dice videos insulting the huddled masses pre-trampling. Continue reading


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Blind Item: Just Another Bravo Casting…

blind female

One of the newer Bravolebs has an online profile that describes her thusly…

I’m a chick from a small city, just trying to make things happen, and most hopefully meet a lot of homies along the way. I’ve been doing this since the age of 12, and I have loved every minute of it. Thanks to all of the people who have made me look like a bona fide banger over the course of my modeling career! haha. They’ve made me a very diverse model, and I adore them for that. Thank y’all so much!

But wait there’s more! Continue reading


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Jessica Parido Officially Files For Divorce From Mike Shouhed

shahs jessica parido


I have had very regular updates on the issues between Jessica Parido and Mike Shouhed since well before they got married last March.  Back in the summer of 2014 things reached a fever pitch when it came to sources about Mike’s rampant cheating. At that point, I gave up all hope that the situation would resolve itself and released the information in a blind item here.  Mike’s cheating was made a part of the storyline last season. I was told by numerous insiders with access to filming that one or more of these women was coming on the show to confront Mike in front of Jessica. I believe I was told this after the fact. I believe that in some way, production was trying to stop the wedding. And then at some point, the other women were edited out of the season. I think GG was tasked with starting the conversation by bringing up whatever happened between them in Istanbul or wherever two season ago.  I think if production had not prompted GG she would have written the entire incident off as two drunken people who knew each other well becoming a bit inappropriate. I do not think anything earthshattering happened with GG and Mike in the grand scheme of things. I’m not saying GG lied, I do think Mike came on to her. What I am saying is that, GG knows, that is just Mike.  And then allegedly Mike hooked up again with GG’s sister, an old flame right around the time he proposed to Jessica.

I don’t think GG’s intent was to help Jessica see the light. The light could not have been any more blinding at that point. Jessica marched right down that VERY EXPENSIVE AISLE knowing full well she was marrying a cheater. But I think her conversion to Judaism  for her brought a sense of  morality to the relationship, a show of extreme dedication, that she hoped would somehow fix Mike. And obviously that did not work. I did have reason to believe she would not go through with it.  I contacted people right up until the night before the wedding asking if they were really sure the wedding would happen.  Jessica knew full well what she was marrying when she did it. Why would she do that? Continue reading


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The Five Worst Reality Parents

rhonj tre joe

Well now, this is all sorts of inappropriate. #sorry

Bad parenting is sort of expected on reality TV shows. I  mean how concerned can you be about your children if you are constantly looking around for your best angle for a selfie?  While I am still a bit under the weather and sleeping erratically, I appreciate those of you who are reading and commenting on older posts.

You have given me an idea for giving some direction on posts you may have missed so I’ve come up with the five worst parents on reality television.

At NUMBER FIVE we have Kim Zolciak.  No, nimrods who think KJ’s potty mouth is the worst thing ever. That falls under the whole “kids say the darndest things umbrella. I’m talking about Kim’s  Biermann’s parents.  I get that Kim may have been a little hellion, but now that she has grown up, calmed down and raised 6 really decent kids, her parents trying to capitalize off of her fame and constantly grabbing for her money caused her to cut them off completely.

So at NUMBER FIVE  we have Kim Biermann asking the judge for a gag order to stop her parents from selling stories that were harmful to her children.

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Felons By Bravo Update Apollo Nida Edition: The Feds Are Headed to Kandi and Todd’s House

RHOA Kandi pissed About Apollo


On last week’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi Burruss stood in her garage and deliberately taped an episode about all the crap they have in there. She said that a lot of the crap including a pricey motorcycle and ATV belonged to Apollo Nida.  It took me about ten seconds to say that the FEDs should be by to pick that up shortly.


Today, TMZ is reporting that is exactly what is about to happen. According to their sources, the  Feds went to court on Tuesday for the warrant to go pick them up from the Burruss-Tucker residence.  Assuming he purchased the motorcycle and didn’t steal it, he paid about $15K for it, as for the ATV it retailed at about $8K. Whatever they can get from the reselling of the items will go toward the millions of dollars in restitution he owes the people he stole from including many Delta retirees.

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Time for Another FelonsByBravo Update! IRS Puts $551K Tax Lien on Giudice Property


In heels of the Community Bank of Bergen County announcing that the Giudice’s have caught up on their mortgage payments on the Montville house and are no longer facing foreclosure we have more interesting news. According to Vicki Hyman of, The IRS placed a $551K  tax lien on the property the day before the bank took them out of foreclosure.  By my calculations for the Giudices to have made up essentially a years worth of payments, that would have amounted to just under $130K without consideration of any late fees and fines.  Teresa paid $200,000 toward their IRS debt before she went in. The new attorney says that they have been making regular payments to the $414,000 in restitution and are on track (whatever that means).

Allegedly. Wells Fargo has some how garnished 25% of Tre’s Bravo wages until they are paid off whatever they are owed. Continue reading


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