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Catfish Recap: Prophet & Trinity



Well Prophet and Trinity definitely seem like a marriage made by God himself. what could possibly go wrong here? Wait WHUT? it’s PROPHET From Nappy Roots? Oh this can’t be fake at all. /Heavy Sigh

Nev explains why every hotel they go to the have the same pictures. They can’t use the hotel room picture on the show? Are they serious? Copyright laws are that strict? Whatever. Nev’s story is one of the production guys paints the pictures and they take them to every hotel the go to. That is just weird.

Ryan is supposed to be the person writing in. Ryan is Prophet. Trinity is way to hot to be online having a relationship with a random Internet person.  Oh Ryan’s friends say the same thing I just did.  Ryan is new to the Internet. WHAT? How the fuck is that possible.  Let me answer that, it’s not. Prophet just wants to be on TV again. Multi-platinum recording artist or not, he is looking of for some attention. Oh wait, he has lost all his record deals because of some altercation with the po po in Kentucky. This is about public image. He’s pushing a police brutality angle during a time when that is front page news. This is all a bunch of fake shit. She is probably his girlfriend. Nev and Max are being catfished again. Continue reading


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Kandi Burruss is Pregnant!

Kandi Burruss & Todd Tucker - 1

Kandi Burruss is pregnant according to Us Magazine!

“We’re so thrilled to announce the news of our bundle of joy! It’s a dream come true.” Kandi said. “Our daughters, Kaela and Riley, couldn’t be happier about becoming big sisters,” Tucker added.

They sex of the baby has not been disclosed. Toddy is praying for a boy. Frankly, so am I.

Well, um, YAY!  I hope there was something in the prenup about child custody. Continue reading


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Tamra Judge’s Son Ryan Arrested For Domestic Violence

Real Housewives of Orange County - Season 8

Another day, another Bravo related arrest. I live in the ghetto and I swear I don’t know nearly as many people who get arrested as the folks that sell their souls to Bravo. I didn’t watch this  #RHOOC yet because recapping it is no longer fun with all the depressing storylines and cancer survivors arguing over how to deal with cancer in comments while telling others they are doing it wrong. I just can’t with that. I was hopeful I might return to recapping it but on last night’s WWHL Shannon said the cancer storyline about Brooks will be ongoing. I just can’t seem to get on board with that. We will see. So if you could refrain from arguing about cancer treatments or questioning Brooks health, that would be appreciated and keep you out of the WLS. Thanks in advance.

So, US Magazine is reporting

Ryan Vieth, the eldest son of Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge has been arrested for alleged domestic violence, Us Weekly has learned. The 29-year-old was arrested on June 28, according to the Orange County Sheriffs Department’s blotter.

Wow, who leaked this info?  This happened over a month ago. Continue reading


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Catfish Recap: Tiana and James

Catfish Tiana

There is a new episode of Catfish on my DVR. I guess a new season started. Tiana is 21 and in love with James who is 24. They both live in North Carolina but not in the same town. She apparently moved from Washington state to North Carolina with her family to be closer to him. He is her first and only love. They have never video chatted. They only live 45 minutes apart. Tiana doesn’t even know which guy is Nev and which guy is Max. She met James on My Space three years ago. Um, there is no My Space anymore, is there?  They have been “dating” for years. She has daughter but he does not know because he hates kids.  Well, what could possibly go wrong here?

The boys head to Tiana’s house and the baby is not there. Is this an imaginary baby? James has stood her up several times. The guys can’t figure out why Tiana is interested in him. Tiana has said three times in the first few minutes that she has a bad attitude and he is the only one that talk her down.

The do their investigation. Right away they discover that the pictures he has been using are not him, but some rapper in Charlotte, North Carolina. It looks like James is a 50 year old bald white guy. Nev and Max meet Tiana and we meet the kid and Aisha her friend. Continue reading


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RHOBH Casting News: Will Cody Simpson’s Mom Be on RHOBH?

Photo Credit: Instagram Angie is on the far right

Photo Credit: Instagram Angie is on the far right


I have to make this fast, but since y’all are asking, I want to get something up before I have my productive spurt. :)  TMZ is reporting that Angie Simpson, Cody Simpson’s mother is trying to get on RHOBH.  I have heard this rumor before; however, it made more since before Yolanda Foster’s health began to decline.  Yolanda was back in her hyperbaric chamber just yesterday.  And do Yolanda and Angie even know each other? Not that it matters that much.

Here is what TMZ is reporting:

“Cody Simpson is getting dragged into his mom’s reality TV dreams, ’cause ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ wants Angie Simpson on the show … as a package deal with Cody.”

This will not happen for a million reasons. The first of which is, if they are going to shoot with Cody it will need to happen before August 10th because  Cody’s tour starts up then in Asia and continues well through the end of September in the US with zero breaks. It’s just not plausible. Even if it was, the can’t afford Cody. Continue reading


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Tamra Judge Talks About Her Custody Case

Rhooc Tamra gets a shock

I have no idea why this posted in the middle of the night. I was up, and I had started moving the blog parts I wanted to purple pen in last night and planned to save it for today. Weird that it posted. I must have hit the wrong button last night or something.

I THINK Stella is getting her groove back? It’s just taking some time. The last year had been a long painful journey for me and coming back to the show and filming scared me. I really did feel like I had been hit by a truck and I was learning to function again. What most people didn’t know I was going through some really painful issues while filming (last year) and I was not allowed to talk about them on camera for legal reasons. My ex-husband put me and the children thorough a painful custody battle that lasted a year. A year of court dates, attorney fees, sleepless nights, scared children, therapy appointments, false media stories, lies, embarrassment, but most of all the worst pain I had ever felt. These are memories that me and my children will never forget. This is pain that has changed each one of my kids in different ways. My two youngest kids are closer to me than ever. My oldest daughter has chosen to go live with her dad and every day without her is painful for me.

One reason I didn’t work on the post right away is I wanted to refresh my memory on the outcome of the case.  The judge didn’t change anything about the custody agreement, it is all 50/50  EXCEPT for the 16-year-old who asked the judge to give Simon full custody. Tamra has visitation every other weekend and for a few set hours during the week and whenever else the daughter chooses to see her. Continue reading


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Dorinda Thinks Heather is Harsh and Condescending

RHONY Dorinda

Dorinda is back with her novella of a blog, and I am back with my purple pen.

Dorinda’s Blog:

Oh boy…our first night in Turks and Caicos…Seriously, I can write a book about these four days in the islands with these girls. Thanks goodness, the evening ended on a fairly wonderful note. And by wonderful, I mean everyone managed to get into bed with both eyes still in their heads and no broken nails.

That is sort of the standard definition of a pretty good night on a housewives trip.

As you saw, Bethenny and Ramona had a heart-to-heart and though it was a little Girl Interrupted meets Terms Of Endearment. It was pretty amazing.

Perfect description.

Both Bethenny and Ramona are so different in so many ways, but they get each other. They accept each other’s pros and cons and understand where the cons come from. Does that make sense? I think it comes through in that moment. They’ve had their history, but at the end of the day, they have a significant amount of common ground between them. I think they find comfort in that. I know that’s how my friendship with Ramona is—it truly is comforting for me, too. They’re both going through some pretty heavy stuff, and it’s nice to see the true support they provide for one another. This made ME cry, and I wasn’t even there. I’ve said this a thousand times for nearly 50 years…friendship and support is what we ALL need.

They are both pretty much the same flavor of crazy. And I believe that flavor to be Adderall. Allegedly. Continue reading


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It’s Time To Review How Bravo Contracts Work

RHOA Cynthia friend contract
There seems to be more and more comments from the new people here about the “fired housewives” that make it clear they  do not know how contracts for reality shows work.  So let’s review.  You may hear Nene Leakes (who also doesn’t get it )  say things like she has an eight year contract. HERE IS WHERE NENE TOLD THAT LIE No one has a multiple year contract to be on the show.  What they have is a one year contract with options to renew. Every year after the reunion taping Andy and the head honchos sit down and reevaluate the cast. Who is bringing it? Who has become boring? Who is a potential liability? And they begin looking at potential new cast members to test.  If they want someone to come back, they send them a “pick up letter.”  A pick up letter is a letter offering to pick up their option to renew their contract. They give them a little raise, or a larger one if ratings were great and send them the contract to sign. This could be an HW or an FOH contract. It specifies the total number of episodes and how much they are paid for episodes. At that point the HW of FOH either signs it and returns it or has their agent ask for more stuff. Maybe a stylist or a glam squad stipend. Maybe more money. Maybe the right to accept offers on other networks with prior approval from Bravo. Maybe they negotiate down the percentage of their businesses that Bravo gets. That sort of thing.  Let’s look at two examples of housewives who were “fired” recently.

Continue reading


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Big Brother Recap: Power of Veto

BB17 Jace rain

By Lady Cocotte

It’s the first time I’ve really watched the title sequence. Splish splash. Summer fun. We join the houseguest after the BoB competition. Dr John is stoked to be safe (along with Becky). Steve is nervous that he and Jackie lost and are still on the block. James and Jason immediately start plotting how to backdoor Jase. They figure they need at least 7 votes to get him out. James thinks he has an alliance with Jason, Audrey and Day. He wants to add Meg because he thinks she looks like Taylor Swift. I don’t see it at all but I’m not looking that hard. Next, James wants Clay because he thinks he can trust a country boy from Texas. Clay is down with that group but he knows you need to keep your alliance small (big groups always fraction). They have their first alliance meeting. In her talking head, Day acknowledges that this group temporary for her but she wants some of them for her core alliance. She knows the large group won’t last. The group works on the plan to backdoor Jase.

Jase streaks through the backyard because he is an idiot. Vanessa explains he didn’t get the excited reaction he wanted. Crickets. Even Austin thinks he needs to chill out (Shell Town). He warns Jase that people are annoyed by him so Jase goes to talk to HoH James. Audrey joins them because Audrey. Austin joins because Audrey. Jase explains to Austin that he and James are talking about backdooring a big target. He’s not wrong about that. Audrey throws out former HoH Jason as a possibility just to keep Jase off the scent of the true plan. Jase and Austin decide the four of them have an alliance and immediately want to name it. Jase throws out Cloud 9 alliance. Or Cloud Squad. But their favorite is Cloud Town. James and Audrey don’t even react but Jase doesn’t notice. He’s too busy creating a stupid dance move for Cloud Town.

The house meets to pick names to compete in the Veto competition. James hopes that neither Jase nor Austin gets to play. James starts by picking Becky. Jackie picks John. Steve gets houseguest’s choice. He picks Jason as a way to bond with him. James chooses Austin (in his Judas hat) to host the competition. Austin and Jase celebrate like they won veto. Everyone laughs at them, not with them. James is disgusted by their immaturity. Continue reading


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Univision and NBC Cause International Disaster!

Donald Trump

So every presidential election for the last decade or so, Donald Trump pretends like he is considering running for the presidency. I never really believe he is serious, because, he’s kind of busy running eleventy billion businesses and hosting Celebrity Apprentice. One of his other entertainment enterprises is the Miss USA and Miss Universe Franchise.  Some reports indicate that this enterprise is jointly owned by Trump and NBC. I don’t think that exactly accurate. I believe Trump owns Miss Universe and partnered with NBC for the TV shows.

Which brings us to this year when Trump is actually honest to God running for president.  This meant that Celebrity Apprentice would be on hold until he dropped out.  I can live with that.  But then, Trump said about illegal immigrants ” they’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists and some, I assume, are good people.”  Well, this caused the Hispanic population’s head to explode.  God forbid we mention that the illegal immigrants are committing crimes simply by entering the country illegally, draining our public school systems, burdening our jails, and committing violent crimes.  If you live in the south, anywhere, this is no secret. Apparently, it is not nice to mention that criminals commit crimes. Sure Trump’s delivery sucks, but nothing will win the votes of Texans and Arizona voters like promising to seal the southern border with a big ole wall.

So then Univison who airs the upcoming Miss Universe Pageant in Spanish says they are not going to air it anymore because Trump is a big ole windbag who hates Mexicans.  So now all the people who work on the Spanish version of the show are out of a job, and all the countries with Spanish-speaking representatives in the pageant can’t watch and Univision (and Trump) lose money. Who cares the least about this? Trump. Continue reading


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Three Tiny Cups of Tea: The Third is The Hottest


I’m doing a bit of housekeeping with my source material this week. I get little bits of info that is interesting at the time but not really enough for a major post. So here are some dribs and drabs.  The last one is some very interesting information about RHOA season one salaries I found out recently.  We have bad weather rolling in and I might lost Internet/cable/power tonight. It’s not supposed to stop until Sunday. Also, I am trying to be as unplugged as possible this week for a little mental health break. I should be back to posting as usual soon. TBH, taking some unplugged time has helped me immensely.

From RHOA:

There was a time people were playing Maury with one of Phaedra’s kids and I got sent info on some of her previous (alleged) paramours. This was something I was sent about that.

Phaedra Parks ALLEGED lovers … Mayor of Atlanta  Kasim Reed ( Basically stopped reading after that one… my sources say she allegedly tried and failed but who knows ),  Mannie Fresh, rapper and producer. (believable, and actually had an Internet death hoax this month), Too Short (West Coast Rapper big time rapper in the day, but how often could they have encountered each other) , Chuck Smith  (confirmed on RHOA),  DJNabs (um lets not take him to Maury).  Source Rolling Out Circa 2013 Continue reading


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Lawyer For Bobbi Kristina Pursues Nick Gordon For Civil Remedy Involving Her Death

nick and bobbi In more disturbing Bobbi Kristina Brown news, today the court-appointed conservator for Brown, Bedelia Hargrove, has filed a complaint against Nick Gordon alleging that he has stolen multiple large sums of money from her trust fund over a period of time that began in 2012.  In addition, Gordon threatened the trustee of the account (Isn’t that Pat Houston?) with a gun. The trustee was awarded a restraining order against Nick. Also according to the court document, Nick had punched Krissi in the face knocking out one of her teeth and dragged her by her hair in a physical altercation. Days before Krissi drowned in the bathtub on January 31, 2015 she confided in someone saying that Nick was not the man she thought he was and she had planned to meet with that person on January 31, 2015 to talk about her problems with Nick.  Unfortunately, she never made it to the meeting. The filing claims that Brown and Gordon had a loud and violent argument that morning and she was later found face down in a bathtub with another tooth knocked out and a swollen mouth. Continue reading


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