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The Blacklist Recap: The Pavlovich Brothers (NOS. 119 -122)

Who is Tom Keen?Finally, after an eternity of waiting, it’s finally time to see the show where Liz and Tom come face to face and confront each other. Thankfully, we are not in China, because the Chinese government pulled the episode from the internet today because it portrays the Chinese government in a bad light. I bet the Chinese fans are freaking out!

I am only watching the trailer of things from previous episodes and I am already lost. When was Lizzie in a car with a little girl who says she wants to call home and let her Daddy know she is okay and then they get hit by a mack truck? I have no recollection of that whatsoever!

We start in China where a bunch of women in a labor camp are being vaccinated. One of the women is shot up with something different from the rest and immediately has a seizure of some sort and her heart stops. The nurses insist that she be taken to a hospital. The military guys say no, but eventually, she is placed in an ambulance. In the ambulance, suddenly all the nurses are speaking in English and one of the military guys radios someone in English to say that the passenger is enroute. Meanwhile, the head military guy inside realizes that one of the syringes is not like the other. He tries to stop the ambulance but it has gotten away. They are taking the woman to Washington D.C. because that is where everything happens on this show. Continue reading

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Celebrity Apprentice Rumors Debunked

Donald TrumpYou know how Oprah Winfrey always asks, “What do you know for sure?” Well when I go to the Church of Oprah on Sundays I always wonder about that question. WTF DO I know for sure?

Well lately, I FINALLY have an answer. What I know for sure is that Radar Online has no source at all for Celebrity Apprentice. I try not to call out other sites, but Radar Online really likes to steal my stories. And I am about to post some HUGE spoilers I have been working on for weeks and I know that they will appear as an EXCLUSIVE on Radar Online within hours. Continue reading


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Celebrity Apprentice Spoilers!

Donald TrumpYet another public task going on for the gang on Celebrity Apprentice today. The teams tried to sell 150 wedding dresses in three hours this morning and Brandi Glanville seems to have had a little bit of trouble. She was frantically tweeting for everyone who sent in a credit card donation to please “take a screen shot and resend them!” That does not sound good. Continue reading


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The Blacklist: Milton Bobbit (No. 135) Recap

Photo from the episode "Milton Bobbit"

We start this episode of The Blacklist with a woman getting into a NYC taxi to go to the airport. She calls her kid and tells her she is on the way home. Then the cab driver goes nuts, begins driving erratically and blows up the taxi in a massive fire killing both the driver and the women. In less than a minute, the body count is at two!

Next, we see a man looking at a picture of the dead woman on a client information dossier . As he begins shredding the file he makes a phone call to make a wire transfer. Looks like he is our bad guy of the week, Milton Bobbit.

Because the producers of the show love filming scenes in utter darkness, we now have a mushroom farmer with an indoor farm which he tends loving. I suppose, I can’t really see much, because contrary to the producers of the shows apparent beliefs, I can’s see in the dark! Oh that is Milton! Off topic, Milton and the Magic Mushrooms would be a great name for a band, but I don’t think this Milton is musically inclined. Um. y’all? I’m really not sure how to recap what I see next. Milton takes his pulse, drinks a magic mushroom smoothie takes of everything but his undies and sits down in a chair in the dark. He’s bleeding moderately from several oozing on his body. THEN HE TAKES OFF HIS NOSE! Don’t ask me! I’m just telling you what I see. Maybe it’s a prosthetic nose. Then he puts on some protective eye gear and appears to be trying to tan in the dark under some sort of funky light. Gross. Continue reading


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Celebrity Apprentice Full Cast List and First Task Spoilers!

Andy Cohen Celebrity Apprentic

Andy and Kristen Visit Pie Face

Okay, I have been working my EXCLUSIVE  sources to death to finally get the CONFIRMED list of who is on Celebrity Apprentice . It wasn’t easy but I have the list.  But first, yesterday was the first challenge. The celebs were divided into two teams by gender.  Keisha Knight-Pulliam took the role of Project Manager for the women’s team and Geraldo Rivera grabbed the reins for the men’s team. Both teams took over a Pie Face location in NYC to sell pies. The guys choose to sell a low-fat chicken pot pie and a desert pie of some sort.  The ladies had two pies as well and sold theirs for $10 and $20.  The ladies also advertised a celebrity pie in the face event. Each team sold their pies from 11;30 -2:30 yesterday.

So who won?

Continue reading


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New Season of Celebrity Apprentice Filming Now in NYC

Donald Trump

What is shaping up to be an epic season of Celebrity Apprentice due to the casting of not one but two controversial “real housewives,” Kenya Moore and Brandi Glanville, has begun filming y’all.  Frankly, I am already worried I am going to have to buy ‘rica that house in Scottsdale, Arizona or whatever it was I promised her in a wine infused frenzy the other night.  But before I get to all that, let’s check in with the girls.

Brandi arrived on Wednesday and hit the ground running hitting up Kristen Taekman from RHONY to ensure she shows up to thangs camera ready with a big check from her husband.  It’s no surprise she will end up being at one of the first fundraisers. Next, she focused on the important stuff like her hair. Her poor, poor, hair. She rang up snarky stylist, Mark Hasche who arrived in NYC yesterday.  I hope he was not the one who did her hair for the reunion when it appeared her goal was to look like Wayland Flowers sex crazed puppet, Madame.  These are all good moves, but I take comfort in the fact that she was already tweeting she was overwhelmed on the day she arrived.  Last night, she seemed a bit more relaxed and tweeted “It’s on like Donkey Kong!” at 9:30 pm. I wonder if she has adjusted to the early bedtime, early morning call on the east coast situation. Continue reading


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The Blacklist Recap: Mako Tanida (No. 83)

Who is Tom Keen?

Normally, when we get a new Blacklist name, and this week it is Mako Tanida, we start to wonder what their deal is and how they fit into the picture. This week? All we care about is Tom Keen! So of course they start the show with Tom and start giving us all the tea right away.  Oh, come on. You know that never happens.

Instead we start in Japan at Abashiri Prison where someone has escaped and a search is on. Could it be, Mako Tanida? If it is, then Mako Tanida is sort of the Japanese version of The Rock.  A big, bald muscular Japanese dude.

Next we are in Tokyo where an unfamiliar FBI agent is living with his Japanese wife and kid. He seems to be very behind on his bills.  As he is looking over the bills, the escapee, presumably Mako, sneaks up and holds a knife to his throat, which convinces the FBI guy to go outside and have a little chat. Mako is not a very nice person. Mako was apparently arrested in an FBI sweep when they were trying to pick up Red.  His incarceration has made him a bit angry, yet he maintains his since of honor.  He gives the agent the opportunity to disembowel his own self, or he will do it for him, and kill his entire family.    The FBI guy chooses option A.

Meanwhile back at Liz and Tom’s place, they are entertaining a guest, Jolene.  This is a surprise to Tom who walks into his kitchen to find Liz and Jolene having a girl chat over coffee.  They just happened to bump into each other outside while Jolene was looking for a place in the neighborhood. Jolene is fucking with Tom asking him about the art exhibit they went to and why he didn’t invite his wife. Continue reading


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The Blacklist Recap: The Judge

The Judge

Disclaimer: I am in some sort of brain fog today. This took forever. I might edit for clarity later. Maybe.

An assistant US attorney who has been missing for twelve years is found roaming the snowy back roads of Pennsylvania.  He is taken to a hospital and identified as the missing prosecutor, Mark Hastings. His wife, Donna who presumed he was dead comes to talk to him. He has not yet spoken a word to anyone. Am I the only one that was expecting a severed head to be the his brown paper bag? Yes? Fine, let’s move on then.

Red meets with an older black dude wearing a cowboy hat. I’m going to call him Cowboy until further notice. Red asks him to research Tom’s little substitute teacher friend, Jolene. Jolene’s real name seems to be Lucy Brooks. Red needs to know everything about her past. Wait, she already faked her death once to elude Red? Were we aware of that? Of all the things Red is asking Cowboy to find out, he seems to be leaving out the big question. Who hired her and what is her plan for Tom?

Speaking of Tom and Jolene, they are both away at a teacher conference which makes absolutely no sense at all, for so many reasons, but let’s just pretend that is all perfectly normal.  Jolene is baiting some book banning advocates with sexual banter and making eyes at Tom.

Meanwhile back at the “post office” Red is downloading Liz on the myth of The Judge. As the story goes, The Judge is someone who exacts retribution from those in the justice system that wrongfully convict defendants by nefarious means. Red calls it a “prisoner’s court of last resort” where inmates plead their innocence one final time to The Judge.  It seems that Hastings may have done something dastardly to convict someone of a 12 year sentence so The Judge took 12 years from Hastings life in repayment. An eye for an eye.  Whatever, this is boring. Get me back to Tom and Jolene. Continue reading


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The Blacklist: Madeline Pratt (No. 73)

Madelint Pratt

The much awaited return of The Blacklist is finally here!  In this episode we meet a mysterious woman from Reddington’s past, Madeline Pratt. There seems to be a lot of chemistry between Red and the woman of mystery. There will also need to be some mention of the fact that Red killed Diane Fowler on the last episode.

We start with this week’s blacklisted person, Madeline Pratt in Istanbul. She playing the role of a grieving widow accessing her dead husband’s safety deposit box. She has identified herself to the bank as, Mrs. Reddington! Oh my! Madeline sends a message to Red to meet her at a bar. Before saying hello, Red asks her how she got the key. She has taken 10 million dollars in documents from Red. It seems as though these two may have a romantic history. She tells Red she has a proposition for him.

Red and Liz are teaming up to steal an antiques statue, the Effigy of Atargatis. Hidden in the statue is a list of the Kungur Six, top Soviet spies that the US hopes to capture to preserve national security.  The statue is currently inside the Syrian embassy. Liz and Red intend to go there and pull off the heist. I am not sure if they are working with Madeline Pratt or against her at this point.

But first they go to talk to Cooper who is very suspicious of Red’s involvement in the disappearance of Diane Fowler. Cooper allows Liz to go with Red to the embassy to nab the effigy.  Red introduces Liz to Madeline under a fake name with a fake backstory.  I am kind of bored.  I mean I hate to say it, but…yawn. Maybe it’s just me.

Tom and Liz are still not getting along. Tom wants Liz to go to a teacher conference in Orlando with him. They agree that they need some time together alone.

Cooper asks Agent Malik to investigate Red for the murder of Diane Fowler. Which is interesting because Agent Malik gave Red the intel that lead him to bump off Fowler. Continue reading


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The Blacklist Recap: The Cyprus Agency (No. 64)

The Blacklist Cyprus Agency

From the title alone I get the feeling that this episode is very different. Have we ever had an entire agency on the blacklist before?  Will we finally figure out the deal with Tom since Tom and Liz are coincidently in the middle of the adoption process at the same time Red decides to out The Cyprus Agency? I certainly hope we get some answers and fewer questions this episode.

As the show begins it looks like a cast member from The Walking Dead has stumbled on the set. A woman in a hospital gown and draped in a blanket is walking the mean streets of D.C., most likely within a few feet of the secret FBI headquarters, muttering about someone taking her baby. Girl! You in Danger! That’s where all the stew makers and good Samaritan serial killers and bad folks hang out!  Oh wait. She is in NYC where she encounters a jackass of a police officer. Then the bad guy comes for the woman and shoots the cop. Never turn your back on the suspects, officer! Then the bad guy shoots the woman.

Liz and Red are still meeting in churches because Red feels like there are still moles at the FBI office.  When he gives Liz the file on The Cyprus Agency, she is immediately suspicious of Red’s motives. Looks like our girl Liz is getting smarter.  Red says, “Life is full of lovely little ironies.” Then he debriefs Liz on how the agency procures the babies. They steal babies.

So Plan A is not so successful. They wire a couple expecting a baby soon. They ask the lawyer one too many questions. Keen and Ressler approach the lawyer and he jumps out in front of a bus and kills himself. Before he died, he seemed to be saying that they were off base looking for “real parents” because The Cyprus Agency…Oops he got run over by the bus before he could finish. Don’t you hate when that happens? Continue reading


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The Blacklist Recap: The Alchemist

The Blacklist Ep 12 The Alchemist

It’s time for another episode of The Blacklist. Will we get any answers to anything this episode? It looks like it may be another bloody episode, which I could live without, but where James Spader leads, I will follow.  In the highlight reel from previous episodes, they show us Ressler’s ex-girlfriend arriving at his bedside in the hospital again. They also jump back to Red looking up Katherine Hayne on ViCap. She looks like Liz. I need some answers or at least some hints about all of this stuff.  One of the many problems with the writing on this show is they drag things out too long. I don’t have the attention span to put things together from three months ago. At least not this many things.  I need the plot to keep moving forward.

Red tells Liz the next name on The Blacklist is the Alchemist. The story goes that the alchemist takes regular people and transforms their DNA to make them appear to be whoever the job calls for them to be.  The innocent people die, and everyone stops looking for the bad guys because they appear to be dead.  We are really going to have to suspend disbelief this episode it seems. But hey, James Spader!

Red won’t come in to headquarters because he believes there is another mole. It seems pretty obvious it is  Meera Malik the CIA field agent assigned to Reddington’s security detail. Perhaps, too obvious.  Red doesn’t seem to have it figured out just yet, so how could we? Right? He’s got a team working around the clock to locate the mole.

Red meets Liz in a church to discuss The Alchemist. He explains how the alchemist works, how he changes the DNA and dental impressions of people to make them appear to be someone they are not. He also tells her that the mob informant and his wife whose death he just faked came to him for help as well. So Red knows where they went. If they are mob informants who have already informed, why does the FBI need to find them anyway?  In exchange for Red telling Liz where they are, Red wants Liz to promise she will try fertilized duck eggs.  Because that is how Red rolls. Continue reading


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New NBC Show: Siberia (Review)

siberiaRemember when I told you guys to watch Siberia tonight on NBC at 10pm? Well, I sure hope you did because IT WAS FANTASTIC. I am not going to recap this show because I cannot take my eyes off the screen for a minute when it is on. SIBERIA kept me on the edge of my seat with my eyes riveted to the TV the entire hour. Commercials were hell. It’s Survivor on Steroids. Sixteen people compete to survive a winter in Siberia with nothing but the clothes on their back and a very minimalistic camp. In the first episode, the group is cut to 14. The last two to arrive at the camp town are taken home. After that the only rule is once you cross the line exiting Siberia to push the button seek help and/or give up, you are out. Whoever survives the winter and makes it the full 90 days divide the $500,000 prize. No rules. No voting off. No help. No food supplied. Just 14 people in a social experiment to survive in the wilderness. Continue reading


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