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Nene Leakes Talks About Living in NYC, Broadway, And her RHOA Regrets


Christmas_in_NYC 2014


I just read a great interview of Nene Leakes by Dave Quinn, a reporter for NBC’s NY affiliate. I just had to share it with you. He asks great questions. I thought “Do you have any regrets from being on RHOA was especially smart.  It’s a really good interview! Of course Nene brings up salaries for RHOA. Implies that Cynthia dumped her because she got a raise. Just get started reading it!

NBC 4 NEW YORK: Is this your first holiday season in New York?
NENE LEAKES: It is. I’ve been here once or maybe twice for New Year’s Eve, but I’ve never lived here this long a period of time. My youngest son and my husband are here now, and right now we’re scrambling looking for a place to eat for Thanksgiving. Usually I cook for my family, but this year we’re going out. Continue reading

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The Blacklist: The Decembrist (No. 12) (Recap)

The Blacklist Tom bitch

First, I am sorry once again for this taking so long. Y’all know I love The Blacklist, but sadly brawling housewives take precedence here over scripted shows.  I have to pay the bills. :)  But I’m excited to finally have a moment to see what I missed. So let’s get going and find out what a “Decembrist” is…

Oh crap. I am already pissed and I am one second in. I hate flashbacks. Is this really necessary?  I guess that was necessary sort of. It just explains what Liz has been doing with Tom, but I think we all assumed that anyway.  The bit where Tom implies he may have actually fallen in love with Liz is mean and gives us all false hope that Tom and Liz could still be a thing. Or that Tom will live through this. I have a soft spot for ole Tom, so sue me.

I am trying  to care about the backstory of Berlin’s daughter. But I really don’t. Whatever. The Decembrist is the dude that set Red up as the murderer of Berlin’s not dead daughter. Red is going to go rub him out. He ropes Liz in by saying he is the one ultimately responsible for “gutting Cooper” and killing Agent Malik.

Meanwhile back in the belly of some ship, the ship guy tells Liz that Tom must die. She is hesitant. But really, with the Berlin thing all straightened out now, what is he good for other than looking pretty?

Liz goes to the post office to convince them to get on the Decembrist case. Which makes no sense to anyone as their target was Berlin. My favorite TV middle easterner, Aram works his magic to find out who the Decembrist is he’s some high ranking Russian official named Kiero Morozov. Isn’t it amazing he can do this in five minutes every single week? The man is a genius. And hot. The lady who I think is Cooper’s superior tries to point out the difference between the FBI. You know, things like the FBI is a national police force that focuses on things happening in the US whereas the CIA is in charge of shit that goes down overseas.  But since when has anyone on this task force followed that protocol. They seem to get around it by making it a “joint taskforce” of sorts with some token CIA member that usually gets killed. Plus, all the blacklisters are usually apprehended a couple blocks from the post office in the end anyway. Continue reading


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Should We Talk About The Blacklist?

THe Blacklist Tom beard

I didn’t recap the episode from last week because it was gross. Like stewmaker gross. Only this time crazy people were hunting other people for sport and stuffing them and arranging them into little villages. Or something. I could barely pay attention. Plus we have come to the part of the season where no one really cares anymore about the people on the blacklist that get caught by the task force every week.  This week was pretty much the same but more boring than gross.

All I really care about is the storyline with Red, Liz, and Tom (with a side of Liz and Ressler). During that gross hunting episode we met the girl who Red has been looking for, for years. She works on a food truck. He goes to stalk her. They have wistful moments. We are led to believe that this is Red’s long-lost daughter.  Was I the only one watching them eat and discuss anchovies looking at her very weird eyes thinking she looks not a thing like Red. I mean even being half Asian could not have made her look like a possible biological child. As it turns out it isn’t his daughter, it’s Berlins! All this time Berlin has hated Red and been after him because he thought he killed his daughter. But he didn’t he was apparently set up! Continue reading


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The Blacklist: Dr. Linus Creel (No. 82)

The Blacklist Red and lizzie ep 5

There sure are a lot of doctors on The Blacklist. This week’s doctor, Linus Creel is only 7 numbers away on the list from last week’s Dr. James Covington. I really should put all the blacklisters in order by name and number or get an unpaid intern to volunteer. :) If anyone is willing, you can see all the recaps so far, here.

We begin this week with a seemingly nice lady who is down on her luck speaking to a banker about saving her home. She seems very stressed and sweaty. There is a man watching her in a car outside. When the banker turns her down, she goes out to her car and gets a gun and starts blowing people away inside the bank. The dude watching her has what looks like her medical file and make a voice notation that the situation was a success.

Red tries to get Naomi to go back into a protection program again and she is not willing to leave her husband Frank. Red says if she loves him, they need to start a new life. Frank says they don’t need his help. Frank doesn’t trust Red. Red puts Pee Wee Herman on the case and Pee Wee discovers that the reason Frank doesn’t want to relocate is because he has a mistress he would have to leave behind. Whatever, Frank, I’m sure you can get a new mistress at the new place. Pee Wee was super upset with the mistress for leaving the dog in the house all day. So he takes the dog to Frank. So Frank gets to move with two bitches after all. Red tells Frank he will be faithful to Naomi and go into his protection. He persuaded Frank with a stick to the throat. It worked. Continue reading


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The Blacklist: Dr. James Covington No. 89


This week we began with a guy named Wyatt eating at an outdoor restaurant. Unbeknownst to him, this is his last meal. He was snatched away by a kidnapper who he knew was looking for him. The guy takes him to an operating room in some hospital where this week’s blacklister, Dr. James Covington, informs him that his time is up. Did he owe them some money or something? He proceeds to put him under and then disembowel him and toss him in the alley.  Did I mention I am eating soup? Because, yuck.

OMG! Tom is back! He has a gun on Liz and tells her that she can’t trust Red. He says that Red knows where he is. He says that Red is using Liz and when Berlin is dead he will kill her. Tom looks like a crazed serial killer with a full beard and everything. Tom said to ask Red about the fire and the real reason that Red turned himself in. Red walks in and shoots Tom dead just when he was about to tell her about the night of the fire!  We were finally getting somewhere, dammit! Red asks Keen who she really wants? What is that supposed to mean?  And it was all a dream. Keen gets super jumpy and attacks some random person she thought was following her.

Red is having a meeting with one of his international investors to tell him they are tripling their investment in Indonesia to try to get control of the port systems. The dude is not happy about this and says Red feuding with Berlin is just going to put them all in more danger. It’s not a time to take risks. About Berlin, that was a code name, right? And Red supposedly had no idea who the guy was. But now we know they have a long relationship. Why is this random investor calling him Berlin instead of whatever his  name is? Like say, Grandpa.

Liz shows up and wants to talk to Naomi. Red wants to talk about the dead guy Wyatt instead. Obviously this is the new case. It seems Covington takes out people’s organs and sells them on the black market. Lovely one, this Covington dude. But why does Red care about him? Continue reading


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The Blacklist: Monarch Douglas Bank (No. 112)

The Blacklist Kaplan

On tonight’s The Blacklist the title has the name of a bank not a Blacklister. How is a bank on the list with a number? This is one of those shows I have to watch twice so you won’t see this reap until tomorrow!  (Um, “tomorrow” was an overly industrious prediction. Sorry I’m so late.) I’m already confused. Mr. Kaplan (Kate) is there to clean up a bunch of bodies. It looks like Red is not getting the answers he wants from people who he is interrogating about his missing wife. So he kills them all. Mr. Kaplan, his cleaning lady, so to speak is starting to worry that Red is getting careless in his quest to save his wife, she suggests he ” Take a moment, read a book.” Meanwhile, some dudes in hazmat suits knock over a bank in Poland looking for something they didn’t find. Henrik (where do we know him from?) calls Red to let him know. He tells Red, “We know what they were looking for…” So tell us Henrik!

Lizzie goes to chat with Red who is getting his manicure done by a woman who has medical training named Rosa. He asks about Jennifer. Is he claiming she is his daughter who was in witness protection? I am already confused and am watching on fucking ON DEMAND which does not allow me pause. I somehow managed to delete the episode from my DVR.

Eventually, it is determined that what was stolen from the bank was a list of all the criminal transactions from bad people all over the world. Red gets the next body part of his wife. A tooth. Lizzie and Ressler are sent off to Poland. Lizzie notices on security cam that five robbers went in and six came out. It was a kidnapping of a woman. The Polish are concerned that “the formula” was taken. Continue reading


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It’s Almost Time For The Blacklist to Come Back! Time to Catch Up!

The Blacklist Red

The first season of The Blacklist was a mixed bag of bad writing, bad acting and the fabulous James Spader. The show continued to improve from episode to episode and thankfully so did my recaps.  I started this post to link you to all of my recaps but basically in the beginning there was a lot of ew…um… ick…. can anyone explain this to me.

My recap of The Stewmaker;

was basically me saying “I can’t recap this shit.” Now that there is a season two I have a feeling there was a lot of important information stuff in that episode. I’m going to rely on you all to let me know what I missed there.

The Courier

Things got better in this episode where Liz finds the passports and cash hidden in the floor of her apartment.

Gina Zanetalos

This is the first time we meet Gina, but not the last time we see her. Continue reading


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Here is Nene Leakes’ Take on the NBCU Cable Upfronts

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

Ha! This new post on Nene’s blog is making me feel better about what lies ahead for Nene Leakes.  Someone doth protest to much.  She is smart! She has notified the paps when she will be exiting the hotel! She is rubbing shoulders with other super important people like the Fashion Queens and Kim Kardashian! She can say queen in her post unnecessarily multiple times!  This is getting more humorous by the hour! Click through for the ghost written, literate version of what she was trying to say! Continue reading


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Here is an Interesting Picture From Upfronts (UPDATED WITH MORE PICTURES!)

BRavo Upfronts


It’s very interesting that Nene is there. Perhaps due to her I Dream of Nene show? I had heard that was not going anywhere since she no longer had the Hollywood actress storyline. Is that Marysol Patton I see on the far left? Word on the curb is that Real Housewives of Miami was not picked up … So many things about this picture do not make sense.

What we can always count on is Nene acting like a ass.

Click through for more pictures as I find them.. Continue reading


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The Blacklist Finale Recap: Berlin Conclusion Finale


As we begin the episode, the plane is down with lots of surviors who are roaming around like The Night of  The Living Dead.  Didn’t the entire last episode happen at the end of the day? Early evening? Why is Matt Lauer reporting the shooting on The Today Show? The FBI has several of the surviving criminals in custody and they are all telling the same story, someone in a hoodie cuts off someone’s hand, the pilot was shooting people. They really don’t know much more than that.

As we all expected Red spent like four seconds in custody before the was allowed to escape to help the task force deal with the disaster. Great scene between Alda and Spader. Berlin also escaped the crash scene by chopping off the hand of the guard he was handcuffed to heading to some apartment. Soon Tom shows up with a list of the targets,  Liz, Ressler, Cooper, Malik, and my favorite middle easterny guy, Aram comprise the list. If they kill Aram I will lose my mind.

Red alerts Liz to the fact that the entire task force is on the kill list and Liz immediately tries to pull Ressler and Malik off a minor investigation in a club looking for some scary Russian dude. Liz arrives to late and Malik gets her throat slit and dies. One down, four to go. Continue reading


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The Blacklist Berlin (No. 8) Part One Recap

The Blacklist - Season 1

Oh yay! We wake up to a man coughing up blood. Instead of calling in sick like a normal person, he opts to go in and infect everyone else with his disease. He’s an armored truck employee who is making a delivery to a bank. He barely makes the delivery takes a side trip to the bathroom and notices blood coming out of his ears. He calls 911 and asks for a doctor and then asks if they record the calls. Um, do you not watch the evening news, dude? He decides to start professing his undying love for his wife as he clearly knows he is not going to make it. Then he runs back out into the bank lobby to make sure to infect as many people as possible and dies on the lobby floor. The EMT decides to quarantine the building and everyone tries to make a break for it but the bank security gun holds them all in at gunpoint. Shoulda just called in sick, dude, dayum.

Meanwhile, Liz is spilling her guts to the FBI about Tom. She says he was placed in her life to get to Red. She has no idea where he is now or what his true motive is.  I’m sure the FBI will be very helpful to her considering they haven’t been able to solve a single case without Reddington’s help and even he doesn’t know who Berlin is. They ask about any accomplices and she tells them about the fake brother and Jolene who are both dead. And Gina Zanetakos, No. 152.

(Let’s pause to recall Gina’s episode, episode 6. Gina was a corporate assassin. Ressler shot her and she had some minor surgery for the gunshot wound. This is from the IMDb synopsis, “When Gina wakes up in the hospital they interrogate her. She admits to killing the Russian. She was told it was to keep him from spilling secrets about the route Chechen guerillas were using to move supplies. The guy who hired her was making millions providing those supplies. That guy? Red himself. She claims she does not know who Tom is and knows nothing of the picture (of Tom) they found in her apartment. When Tom is finally freed at episode’s end, he and Liz have a long hug. As he looks over his shoulder at the evidence wall he notices a photo of a man. This, he says, is the man who presented himself as the headmaster. It is a picture of Red’s minion. Liz goes to Red and tells him they are done. She has no idea why he is messing with her and her husband but that they’re arrangement is over.”) Continue reading


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The Blacklist The Kingmaker (No. 42)

The Blacklist Red Time to recap The Blacklist! We begin in Prague when a man is picked up in a limo speaking to a contact about something. He tells the contact to tell Reddington that everything is fine. He takes a drink of water from the limo bar and passes out. The next thing that happens is the guy wake up in an apartment with a dead male escort. The guy was a politician running for office who had to withdraw to concentrate on his defense.

Reddington is talking to another guy who is also from Prague. Reddington says their politician was setup. The Czech guy says the person who did it is the same guy who has been plaguing Red for months. Red’s allies are getting nervous and worried that whoever is after Red is going to screw with them as collateral damage. Red is in trouble.

Meanwhile, Liz has the pictures from the safe deposit box that put Red at the hospital with her father on the day he died. I’m still a bit confused by the last episode where Tom and Liz went after each other and then Tom just left.  She shows the pictures to Ressler who says this doesn’t really prove he was visiting her father. Neither of them know what to make of it. Continue reading


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