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The Voice Week One of Blind Audtions


The Voice

By Erica

Welcome to my first official blog post here and anywhere!  Incredibly flattered that Tamara asked me to blog The Voice this season.  I’m a little nervous since a little rusty in my writing. Tamara, DAMN, THIS IS HARD!

First overwhelming impression of both days is that the Voice producers must have stolen all the “background” production people from the Olympics – because we’re getting the same kind of schmaltzy feel good biographies that they usually do there for athletes.  I usually LOVE those, but for every single performer at the Blinds?  I’m wondering if Carson Daly was looking for more airtime.


Adam and Blake haven’t changed a bit, the bromance and snark are still going strong.   Miley and Alicia are adding to the mix in a good way.  Both are fairly competitive, but Miley is more outspoken than Alicia.  Alicia is more of a Pharrell type, and lord knows, that guy got people picking him without his saying a word!

There was speculation on TamaraTattles that there would be issues between the two female coaches after watching the “teaser” episode during the Olympics, but I honestly think there is more tension between Adam and Miley!   There was one moment where they were talking over each other, and it was NOT the lighthearted banter.  I will say, when it comes to that – Miley has no hesitation in giving as good as she gets to Blake or Adam, and landed some laugh out loud zingers. Note from TT: I asked Erica to be out Voice expert this season because of our tiff in the preview post comments. She seems to know her stuff and can handle a good debate! Thank, Erica!


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Leah Remini Talks Scientology on 20/20

Its All Relative Family

Leah Remini’s Family on “It’s All Relative”

Leah Remini is one brave woman. I know we have talked about Scientology a bit here before, but I am expecting Leah Remini to blow the lid off the cult with this 20/20 interview. Not surprisingly, the Church of Scientology has already bombarded ABC with all sorts of allegations against Leah.

The show starts with Leah’s childhood. Leah’s mother was the first to get caught up in Scientology just after divorcing Leah’s father when she was seven. She was at the church every waking moment and her kids were neglected.

When Leah joined Sea Org, as a child, she had to sign a billion year contract with the organization. Scientology worked children hard and educated them in Scientology. There was no general education after eighth grade. Leah was a troublemaker from an early age. Asking for real food and getting caught letting her boyfriend touch her boob over her clothes.  This got her thrown out of Sea Org within a year. I get it Leah, cheeseburgers and boys are two of the best parts of adolescence.

Leah moved herself and her two daughters to L.A.  Once there, they continued to study Scientology and taking courses to move up in levels within the church.  Part of this involved auditing. The classes the family was taking were very expensive.  So Leah started auditioning for roles in Hollywood.  After only a year she landed her first role. She credits her overinflated ego courtesy of Scientology for helping her land roles. Scientology loved celebrity so Leah was for a time in very good graces in the church. She also met her future husband, Angelo,  during this time who left his wife and ran off with Leah to study Scientology himself. She also met J-lo and Mark Anthony and her very close relationship with J-lo began. Continue reading


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Univision and NBC Cause International Disaster!

Donald Trump

So every presidential election for the last decade or so, Donald Trump pretends like he is considering running for the presidency. I never really believe he is serious, because, he’s kind of busy running eleventy billion businesses and hosting Celebrity Apprentice. One of his other entertainment enterprises is the Miss USA and Miss Universe Franchise.  Some reports indicate that this enterprise is jointly owned by Trump and NBC. I don’t think that exactly accurate. I believe Trump owns Miss Universe and partnered with NBC for the TV shows.

Which brings us to this year when Trump is actually honest to God running for president.  This meant that Celebrity Apprentice would be on hold until he dropped out.  I can live with that.  But then, Trump said about illegal immigrants ” they’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists and some, I assume, are good people.”  Well, this caused the Hispanic population’s head to explode.  God forbid we mention that the illegal immigrants are committing crimes simply by entering the country illegally, draining our public school systems, burdening our jails, and committing violent crimes.  If you live in the south, anywhere, this is no secret. Apparently, it is not nice to mention that criminals commit crimes. Sure Trump’s delivery sucks, but nothing will win the votes of Texans and Arizona voters like promising to seal the southern border with a big ole wall.

So then Univison who airs the upcoming Miss Universe Pageant in Spanish says they are not going to air it anymore because Trump is a big ole windbag who hates Mexicans.  So now all the people who work on the Spanish version of the show are out of a job, and all the countries with Spanish-speaking representatives in the pageant can’t watch and Univision (and Trump) lose money. Who cares the least about this? Trump. Continue reading


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Exclusive Tamara Tattles Tea on RHOA Season 8, And a New Chay Eday Video !

Carlos King, another "friend" of Nene's that is no longer.

Carlos King, another “friend” of Nene’s that is no longer.

I have some curious news, that I have not been sharing about RHOA.  My sources are saying that the reason pickup letters have not gone out yet is because the show has not yet been picked up for another season.  This is not normal.  I do not think it means that we have seen the last of RHOA,  despite the lower ratings this season, the viewership is high enough to pick up another season.  I mean Vanderpump Rules has been picked up and their ratings were not close to RHOA’s ratings even at RHOA’s lowest point.  I believe the hold up is related to production. With Carlos King leaving, whatever the real circumstances are,  there are going to be a lot of changes to production. They may even be considering another production company all together.  There were a lot of audio problems with the reunion, Bravo may decide to make a fresh start.

So, they can’t send out the pickup letters until all of that is resolved.  However, NBCu Cable Upfronts are this week. The parties start tonight and the days are jam packed until Thursday.  Thursday afternoon at 4 p.m. is when the NBCu Cable Upfronts will happen.  I assume they will announce the RHOA being picked up then.  Three RHOA will be in attendance, Kenya,  Kandi, and Nene.  It seems those are the only three invited to upfronts.  This means  Phaedra, Claudia, and Cynthia are… not secure in their spots. It’s clear Bravo wants to shake the show up much like they did RHONY a few seasons ago (and we all saw how well that turned out.) Continue reading


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The Blacklist

The Blacklist Tom bitch

Just finished this week’s episode. Was that the season finale? Is someone coming to take the fulcrum? Who is the good guy? Tom Keene? Reddington? IS THERE A GOOD GUY?  What does Red want with the assassin lady with all of the disguises. Why did he send Mr. Kaplan, I thought she was simply for body disposal and bloody cleanups?

This is why I don’t recap The Blacklist anymore.  It’s getting too hard to follow for me at times but it’s so good! I can’t tear my eyes away to recap! Continue reading


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New WWHL Guest List is Amazeballs!

Andy Cohen

Tonight on WWHL we have Scheana Marie Shay talking Vanderpump Rules, posting alert, I will not be recapping Vanderpump Rules tonight. I still have conflicts with other programming and will recap it tomorrow instead. Also I had a rough day out in the world today and with all my Lent obligations, I should probably not fight the exhaustion and just surrender to sleep soon.

As for the WWHL schedule, I am really excited about the line up. Lisa Rinna will be on tomorrow to talk about the latest episode of Intervention, errrr I meant RHOBH. And if it really is live perhaps we will get some insight about the reunion.

On Wednesday, Jane Lynch will be on and everyone needs to send in questions for her about what it was like to work with Nene. I’m dying to know. Kenya, Derek J and Miss Lawrence will be on when RHOA returns next Sunday.

Mark your Calendars for Monday when two bowls of crazy show up at the same time. It’s Kristen Doute  AND GG Gharachedaghi together. I die. I need this show to be an hour already. Continue reading


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