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It’s Almost Time For The Blacklist to Come Back! Time to Catch Up!

The Blacklist Red

The first season of The Blacklist was a mixed bag of bad writing, bad acting and the fabulous James Spader. The show continued to improve from episode to episode and thankfully so did my recaps.  I started this post to link you to all of my recaps but basically in the beginning there was a lot of ew…um… ick…. can anyone explain this to me.

My recap of The Stewmaker;

was basically me saying “I can’t recap this shit.” Now that there is a season two I have a feeling there was a lot of important information stuff in that episode. I’m going to rely on you all to let me know what I missed there.

The Courier

Things got better in this episode where Liz finds the passports and cash hidden in the floor of her apartment.

Gina Zanetalos

This is the first time we meet Gina, but not the last time we see her. Continue reading

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Here is Nene Leakes’ Take on the NBCU Cable Upfronts

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

Ha! This new post on Nene’s blog is making me feel better about what lies ahead for Nene Leakes.  Someone doth protest to much.  She is smart! She has notified the paps when she will be exiting the hotel! She is rubbing shoulders with other super important people like the Fashion Queens and Kim Kardashian! She can say queen in her post unnecessarily multiple times!  This is getting more humorous by the hour! Click through for the ghost written, literate version of what she was trying to say! Continue reading


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Here is an Interesting Picture From Upfronts (UPDATED WITH MORE PICTURES!)

BRavo Upfronts


It’s very interesting that Nene is there. Perhaps due to her I Dream of Nene show? I had heard that was not going anywhere since she no longer had the Hollywood actress storyline. Is that Marysol Patton I see on the far left? Word on the curb is that Real Housewives of Miami was not picked up … So many things about this picture do not make sense.

What we can always count on is Nene acting like a ass.

Click through for more pictures as I find them.. Continue reading


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The Blacklist Finale Recap: Berlin Conclusion Finale


As we begin the episode, the plane is down with lots of surviors who are roaming around like The Night of  The Living Dead.  Didn’t the entire last episode happen at the end of the day? Early evening? Why is Matt Lauer reporting the shooting on The Today Show? The FBI has several of the surviving criminals in custody and they are all telling the same story, someone in a hoodie cuts off someone’s hand, the pilot was shooting people. They really don’t know much more than that.

As we all expected Red spent like four seconds in custody before the was allowed to escape to help the task force deal with the disaster. Great scene between Alda and Spader. Berlin also escaped the crash scene by chopping off the hand of the guard he was handcuffed to heading to some apartment. Soon Tom shows up with a list of the targets,  Liz, Ressler, Cooper, Malik, and my favorite middle easterny guy, Aram comprise the list. If they kill Aram I will lose my mind.

Red alerts Liz to the fact that the entire task force is on the kill list and Liz immediately tries to pull Ressler and Malik off a minor investigation in a club looking for some scary Russian dude. Liz arrives to late and Malik gets her throat slit and dies. One down, four to go. Continue reading


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The Blacklist Berlin (No. 8) Part One Recap

The Blacklist - Season 1

Oh yay! We wake up to a man coughing up blood. Instead of calling in sick like a normal person, he opts to go in and infect everyone else with his disease. He’s an armored truck employee who is making a delivery to a bank. He barely makes the delivery takes a side trip to the bathroom and notices blood coming out of his ears. He calls 911 and asks for a doctor and then asks if they record the calls. Um, do you not watch the evening news, dude? He decides to start professing his undying love for his wife as he clearly knows he is not going to make it. Then he runs back out into the bank lobby to make sure to infect as many people as possible and dies on the lobby floor. The EMT decides to quarantine the building and everyone tries to make a break for it but the bank security gun holds them all in at gunpoint. Shoulda just called in sick, dude, dayum.

Meanwhile, Liz is spilling her guts to the FBI about Tom. She says he was placed in her life to get to Red. She has no idea where he is now or what his true motive is.  I’m sure the FBI will be very helpful to her considering they haven’t been able to solve a single case without Reddington’s help and even he doesn’t know who Berlin is. They ask about any accomplices and she tells them about the fake brother and Jolene who are both dead. And Gina Zanetakos, No. 152.

(Let’s pause to recall Gina’s episode, episode 6. Gina was a corporate assassin. Ressler shot her and she had some minor surgery for the gunshot wound. This is from the IMDb synopsis, “When Gina wakes up in the hospital they interrogate her. She admits to killing the Russian. She was told it was to keep him from spilling secrets about the route Chechen guerillas were using to move supplies. The guy who hired her was making millions providing those supplies. That guy? Red himself. She claims she does not know who Tom is and knows nothing of the picture (of Tom) they found in her apartment. When Tom is finally freed at episode’s end, he and Liz have a long hug. As he looks over his shoulder at the evidence wall he notices a photo of a man. This, he says, is the man who presented himself as the headmaster. It is a picture of Red’s minion. Liz goes to Red and tells him they are done. She has no idea why he is messing with her and her husband but that they’re arrangement is over.”) Continue reading


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The Blacklist The Kingmaker (No. 42)

The Blacklist Red Time to recap The Blacklist! We begin in Prague when a man is picked up in a limo speaking to a contact about something. He tells the contact to tell Reddington that everything is fine. He takes a drink of water from the limo bar and passes out. The next thing that happens is the guy wake up in an apartment with a dead male escort. The guy was a politician running for office who had to withdraw to concentrate on his defense.

Reddington is talking to another guy who is also from Prague. Reddington says their politician was setup. The Czech guy says the person who did it is the same guy who has been plaguing Red for months. Red’s allies are getting nervous and worried that whoever is after Red is going to screw with them as collateral damage. Red is in trouble.

Meanwhile, Liz has the pictures from the safe deposit box that put Red at the hospital with her father on the day he died. I’m still a bit confused by the last episode where Tom and Liz went after each other and then Tom just left.  She shows the pictures to Ressler who says this doesn’t really prove he was visiting her father. Neither of them know what to make of it. Continue reading


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The Blacklist Recap: The Pavlovich Brothers (NOS. 119 -122)

Who is Tom Keen?Finally, after an eternity of waiting, it’s finally time to see the show where Liz and Tom come face to face and confront each other. Thankfully, we are not in China, because the Chinese government pulled the episode from the internet today because it portrays the Chinese government in a bad light. I bet the Chinese fans are freaking out!

I am only watching the trailer of things from previous episodes and I am already lost. When was Lizzie in a car with a little girl who says she wants to call home and let her Daddy know she is okay and then they get hit by a mack truck? I have no recollection of that whatsoever!

We start in China where a bunch of women in a labor camp are being vaccinated. One of the women is shot up with something different from the rest and immediately has a seizure of some sort and her heart stops. The nurses insist that she be taken to a hospital. The military guys say no, but eventually, she is placed in an ambulance. In the ambulance, suddenly all the nurses are speaking in English and one of the military guys radios someone in English to say that the passenger is enroute. Meanwhile, the head military guy inside realizes that one of the syringes is not like the other. He tries to stop the ambulance but it has gotten away. They are taking the woman to Washington D.C. because that is where everything happens on this show. Continue reading


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Celebrity Apprentice Rumors Debunked

Donald TrumpYou know how Oprah Winfrey always asks, “What do you know for sure?” Well when I go to the Church of Oprah on Sundays I always wonder about that question. WTF DO I know for sure?

Well lately, I FINALLY have an answer. What I know for sure is that Radar Online has no source at all for Celebrity Apprentice. I try not to call out other sites, but Radar Online really likes to steal my stories. And I am about to post some HUGE spoilers I have been working on for weeks and I know that they will appear as an EXCLUSIVE on Radar Online within hours. Continue reading


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Celebrity Apprentice Spoilers!

Donald TrumpYet another public task going on for the gang on Celebrity Apprentice today. The teams tried to sell 150 wedding dresses in three hours this morning and Brandi Glanville seems to have had a little bit of trouble. She was frantically tweeting for everyone who sent in a credit card donation to please “take a screen shot and resend them!” That does not sound good. Continue reading


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The Blacklist: Milton Bobbit (No. 135) Recap

Photo from the episode "Milton Bobbit"

We start this episode of The Blacklist with a woman getting into a NYC taxi to go to the airport. She calls her kid and tells her she is on the way home. Then the cab driver goes nuts, begins driving erratically and blows up the taxi in a massive fire killing both the driver and the women. In less than a minute, the body count is at two!

Next, we see a man looking at a picture of the dead woman on a client information dossier . As he begins shredding the file he makes a phone call to make a wire transfer. Looks like he is our bad guy of the week, Milton Bobbit.

Because the producers of the show love filming scenes in utter darkness, we now have a mushroom farmer with an indoor farm which he tends loving. I suppose, I can’t really see much, because contrary to the producers of the shows apparent beliefs, I can’s see in the dark! Oh that is Milton! Off topic, Milton and the Magic Mushrooms would be a great name for a band, but I don’t think this Milton is musically inclined. Um. y’all? I’m really not sure how to recap what I see next. Milton takes his pulse, drinks a magic mushroom smoothie takes of everything but his undies and sits down in a chair in the dark. He’s bleeding moderately from several oozing on his body. THEN HE TAKES OFF HIS NOSE! Don’t ask me! I’m just telling you what I see. Maybe it’s a prosthetic nose. Then he puts on some protective eye gear and appears to be trying to tan in the dark under some sort of funky light. Gross. Continue reading


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Celebrity Apprentice Full Cast List and First Task Spoilers!

Andy Cohen Celebrity Apprentic

Andy and Kristen Visit Pie Face

Okay, I have been working my EXCLUSIVE  sources to death to finally get the CONFIRMED list of who is on Celebrity Apprentice . It wasn’t easy but I have the list.  But first, yesterday was the first challenge. The celebs were divided into two teams by gender.  Keisha Knight-Pulliam took the role of Project Manager for the women’s team and Geraldo Rivera grabbed the reins for the men’s team. Both teams took over a Pie Face location in NYC to sell pies. The guys choose to sell a low-fat chicken pot pie and a desert pie of some sort.  The ladies had two pies as well and sold theirs for $10 and $20.  The ladies also advertised a celebrity pie in the face event. Each team sold their pies from 11;30 -2:30 yesterday.

So who won?

Continue reading


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New Season of Celebrity Apprentice Filming Now in NYC

Donald Trump

What is shaping up to be an epic season of Celebrity Apprentice due to the casting of not one but two controversial “real housewives,” Kenya Moore and Brandi Glanville, has begun filming y’all.  Frankly, I am already worried I am going to have to buy ‘rica that house in Scottsdale, Arizona or whatever it was I promised her in a wine infused frenzy the other night.  But before I get to all that, let’s check in with the girls.

Brandi arrived on Wednesday and hit the ground running hitting up Kristen Taekman from RHONY to ensure she shows up to thangs camera ready with a big check from her husband.  It’s no surprise she will end up being at one of the first fundraisers. Next, she focused on the important stuff like her hair. Her poor, poor, hair. She rang up snarky stylist, Mark Hasche who arrived in NYC yesterday.  I hope he was not the one who did her hair for the reunion when it appeared her goal was to look like Wayland Flowers sex crazed puppet, Madame.  These are all good moves, but I take comfort in the fact that she was already tweeting she was overwhelmed on the day she arrived.  Last night, she seemed a bit more relaxed and tweeted “It’s on like Donkey Kong!” at 9:30 pm. I wonder if she has adjusted to the early bedtime, early morning call on the east coast situation. Continue reading


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