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Dance Moms Recap: Hell No To the Jo Jo!

Dance Moms Season 5 ep 1

We start  Dance Moms with some sad news. Nia’s grandfather is very ill. She is very concerned about leaving Pittsburgh because he could die while she is gone. Abby was very sweet to Nia. Shocking but true.

This week, Jo Jo with the Bow Bow is back. Abby is pissed as all Billy Hell that ALDC came in second in the group dance. Holly tries to tell Abby how to prioritize her tasks. Because, apparently Holly has lost her ever-loving mind this season.  Actually, the tea I heard was that Holly was asked to resign from her school district because the show reflected poorly on the system. Now she can afford to go full throttle. This may be the real Holly.

On to the pyramid. Nia is on the very bottom of the pyramid because she was the leader of the group dance that came in at first loser. For this she must be punished. However, last week when Maddie came in second over all for her solo, Abby told her it was good for her to lose sometimes because it is motivating. No difference in treatment there. Actually, Nia did a great job in the group dance. Next is Kendall. Bad feet.  Next is Kalani. Abby says she stood out in the group number but did encourage everyone else to rise to her level. Next is Maddie WHO WAS NOT THERE AT ALL!  Yet,  Abby still places her above three other dancers. Next is Jo Jo! Above Maddie! Jo Jo’s mom immediately asks if they are going to LA with Abby. Abby stutters out, “Not…right now.” Then some bitchfest breaks out between the moms and Kalani’s mom starts talking about Jo Jo calling up clothing companies saying she was going to be on ALDC and needed free stuff and they sent it to her and she bragged about it. What’s the problem with that again? She’s 11. I doubt she is picking up the phone, her mother is doing it. And Kalani’s  mom is mocking Jo Jo’s speech impediment saying, “I got this for fwee! I got that for fwee!”  That’s just crappy. Almost as crappy as Jo Jo’s mom not getting her to a speech therapist so she can pronounce “crappy.” Mackenzie is at the top for winning her division with her solo. Continue reading


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HOT Miami Tea: New Show and Major RHOM Reunion Drama

untitled (3)

Okay, I woke up this afternoon morning to all sorts of Miami drama.  Where to begin? Well first of all, it’s not news to anyone that I am one of the half-dozen or so total viewers of Real Housewives of Miami. Their ratings suck. In fact pretty much every reality show they shoot in Miami gets lousy ratings. Big Ang’s new VH1 show, Miami Monkey has been tanking in the ratings.  I don’t understand this. It’s such a beautiful city.  The housewives in my opinion are a second only to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  But alas, no one agrees with me. But that is not stopping Bravo from trying to turn the beat around in Miami.   There is one more Bravo show coming and maybe this is one we can all agree on? Continue reading


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What’s Wrong With This Picture? Divorce? Version

I couldn’t decide which was my favorite, so click through to see one more. Don’t you need the kids present to co-parent? Looks like a romantic getaway to Miami to me. But hey, what do I know?

Someone want to explain this one? Nene fans? Anyone?
Head over to Bossip to see more pictures. 


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Real Housewives of Miami: A Drama-Filled Filming Update

I’ve been sort of ignoring the whole filming of the Real Housewives of Miami because frankly I just can’t stand Joanna Krupa.  Joanna is stunningly beautiful and should take a page from Cynthia Bailey’s book and try not to talk.  I’m not overly excited about Lisa Hochstein either simply because she seems like another airhead that I can’t seem to be bothered to try and tell apart from Joanna much to the chagrin of angry comments here. I’ve yet to see much redeeming value to either of them, but perhaps the show will change that. I do like Anna Quincoces at lot. Perhaps 
because she cooks and eats and tweets like an adult.  Those qualities have me worried she might be relegated to the status of “friend of the housewife” or “housewife junior” as I like to call them.  Karent Sierra has also been filming lots of scenes with the RHOM. Karent is a hot single brunette dentist and I imagine either Ana or Karent will be relegated to the friend role. Word is that there is some of the usually jumping in of the new girl when the other housewives chide her for being a dentist with a publicist. Karent is a spokes person for Colgate. I would prefer to keep both Karent and Ana and for Joanna to be the new Pam, but that’s just me. The interesting RHOM news is that the newest person who is definitely cast in the role of “Friend of the Housewive” is James Davis, pictured at right. Settle in with a beverage while I spill some tea…

James Davis is better know around the South Beach circuit as Elaine Lancaster.  As Elaine,  um James, works as a hostess for drag queen events in various clubs around town.  James, and by extension Elaine, was brought on as the “friend” of Lea Black.  I don’t remember much about the first season of RHOM, but I do know that Lea Black is married to Roy Black a high profile defense attorney in Miami.  Lea was a juror on the William Kennedy Smith trial and Roy was the defense attorney. Smith was acquitted. (Shades of RHOV)  Lea claims she met Roy socially a year after the trial. Anyway, that is a whole nuther talk show. Lea is very smart and a terrific fundraiser so it makes perfect sense that she is besties with a local celebrity drag queen. At least in the world of Bravo.
It seems more often than not that the “friend” brought in by one housewife is supposed to be the “enemy” of another.  In this case it appears that the enemy of James Elaine is Marysol. About two weeks ago the RHOM went to a luncheon/shoe fashion show (because aren’t all luncheon’s held explicitly for introducing a shoe line on Bravo?)  at the Star Island home of  Donald and Lisa Pliner which they recently sold for 17 million dollars. The shoe line was Lisa Pliner’s, whose line features green soles and are made to be comfortable. Unlike another shoe designer’s red soles that are made to be torture devices.  Elaine Lancaster hosted the event in way in which most drag queens host things, humorously with an evil underbite. Elaine is rumored to have poked fun at Marysol Patton from the stage and again in a scene where Bravo producers forced a confrontation between the two. Marysol is said to have gotten emotional enough to have threatened Bravo that she would quit if things didn’t cool down. Bravo producers reminded her that she is contractually unable to quit and that comment allegedly resulted in a Bravo Drama moment on the grounds of the fancy estate. Marysol’s version is that she had to get back to work and was over the heat and stupidity. Or something like that. Whatever. I’m team Marysol I hope she adjusted Elaine’s wig a la Sheree Whitfield. Nothing brings the Bravo ratings like a good wig snatch.

In other bits and pieces of RHOM news the show is already being called out by writers for the Miami Herald as being scripted to the point of setting a new real show scripting standard for Bravo. Bravo is always trying to take it to the next level of scripted reality. Bravo had a hard time finding Miami “socialites” willing to do the show this season but Elsa Patton is back and causing a ruckus so Andy Cohen is happy. And really, isn’t that all that matters?


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Real Housewives of Miami at Miami Film Festival

Marysol Patton, Joanna Krupa and Joanna’s little sister, Marta at the Miami Film Festival

I told you guys yesterday that the crew from Real Housewives Miami  was heading out to the Miami Film Festival last night. London’s Daily Mail posted pictures of the event including this one of new housewife Joanna Krupa, her little sister, and Marysol on the step and repeat. I must admit, Joanna does take a lovely photograph and the dress is stunning.


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Florida Hopes You Have Forgotten All About The Whole Chris Brown Incident

Did anyone really expect Chris Brown to get arrested for grabbing a girl’s iPhone out of her hand and riding off with it? Really? I mean come on. We are talking about a state that can’t hold a proper election, or convict baby killers of anything more serious than lying.

What they are really good at in Florida is finger pointing, and that is exactly what is going on now. According to the Miami Herald, a high-ranking member of the State Attorney’s offices said,”Why didn’t the police grow a pair and arrest him when the complaint was drawn? That’s how you do it.” The State’s Attorney’s office seems to be implying that the MBPD was intimidated by Brown’s celebrity status. The MBPD has a different opinion.

So what’s going on now? Hit the link to find the tea.

The MBPD source says “We knew Chris Brown was about to leave town so we went to the State Attorney’s Office and asked for a warrant. They didn’t want to give us one because they claim there was a lot of work left.”  A lot of work left? What the hell does that even mean?

On the record, spokesman Ed Griffith said the fact that the MBPD asked for an arrest warrant caused a new investigation to occur at the state level. State bureaucracy is even slower than local police bureaucracy so even if anything happens, it’s going to be a while. Griffith told the Miami Herald, “Police have the power to make an arrest at the scene when they have probable cause, but once they come to us, it brings a whole different approach. We’re re-interviewing every witness. This is not because Chris Brown’s famous. It’s about handling every case equitably.” By “equitably” it looks like they mean tying it up in red tape and hoping the whole thing eventually blows over.Prosecutors have allegedly requested security camera footage of Brown at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach as well as security footage from the Mandarin Oriental downtown Miami where some of his companions that were present for the incident were staying. Despite Internet rumors to the contrary, there is no indication that Chris Brown has been asked to be interviewed by police at this time. Don’t hold you breath for this “investigation” to result in any sort of legal action. It’s Florida y’all. Did the chick even get her phone back?


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