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Project Runway Recap: Avant Garde 3D Challenge

Project RUnway Merline avant garde

Merlines 3D avant garde look

I have been dying to recap the most recent episode of Project Runway but sadly real life drama keeps interfering. I can’t wait to see what happens this week. Despite the weakest group of designers ever, I still love this show. Plus I want to see if Tim saves Swapnil and if anyone makes Tim Gunn say more bad words!

Dear God, Zoe what’s her faces show is still airing on the front of this recording. Since I have to tape in the middle of the night, I was able to add five minutes to the end this time so um, YAY!  The recap of last week is basically who won, who lost and Tim Gunn cussing out Swapnil!

We start in the apartments and not at Swapnil’s auffing so it is official he is gone. My homeboy, Edmond is the last man standing. This bodes well for him making final three because I doubt they will send three females to the finale. Plus, I want him to win. Kelly seems over confident, and who the hell expected Merline to get this far?

The challenge is inspired by bridges. There are three choices. Who the hell really cares what bridge they get? Fashion based on a bridge could be any fucking bridge. And to make matters worse, they have to use 3d printing. It’s an avant garde challenge. I could be any less interested. The winner gets a 3d Printer. Whoop dee doo.  Everyone seems to be going literal except homeboy who may get called out for seemingly doing what he wants and adding some sort of bridge stuff as sort of an after thought. Ashley is going to do pants! Thank God no circle skirt from her this week. She could win. Continue reading


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Abby Lee Miller Charged With Bankruptcy Fraud

Dance Moms Abby Meltdown

I had a very busy day today and despite waking up to a mailbox full of things to write about, I haven’t had much time today. I’ve got some health issues to deal with and some insurance people to wrestle with so I’m going to be away from my keyboard a good bit.  But enough about me,  we have another reality star  headed toward Camp Cupcake!  Dance Mom’s matriarch, Abby Lee Miller has been busted by the Feds for pretty much the same thing the Giudices  are doing time for. Lying to the bankruptcy court!


Did Abby Lee Miller learn nothing from Teresa Giudice?!  Today, Abby was charged by the feds with  twenty counts of bankruptcy fraud, concealment of bankruptcy assets and false bankruptcy declarations  Continue reading


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Project Runway Recap: Crew’s All In!

Project Runway Tim Kelly Swapnil

Welp, my recording is starting with a full minute of Rachel Zoe, and I could not even make it through that. More importantly, I probably won’t get to see who wins at the end of this.  Why can’t networks start and end on time and put their commercials in the last three minutes?! UGH!

The models this week will be ladies from the filming crew. This should be Ashley’s challenge. Ashley is used to designing for normal sized women.

There was not much drama in the sewing room until the second day when Tim shows up to do his critique and says that they will be fitting their models at the same time.  I can already tell Swapnil has not much if anything to fit. He starts with Kelly. Her model lives in overalls. So she gives her more overall. WTF? Sure they are leather but the fit is already and issue. Candice has a decent dress on her dress form, but Tim says she has “taken away all your spice and given us a bowl of oatmeal.”  I like the oatmeal. That said, it’s a little black dress. When you have a dark skinned model, you can really wow the runway with bold bright colors. She is missing an opportunity. Okay, when the model tried on the dress, it was bad. Candice is designing for herself and not the model.  Merline’s model hates Merline.  Or more specifically her big shoulder stuff. So , Merline gives her big shoulders. Ashley’s client is surprisingly unhappy. How can Ashley not know bigger women like to cover their upper arms?  Edmond struggles to please his client as well. Continue reading


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Dance Moms Reunion Recap: Is Abby Bringing In A New Crop?

Dance Moms Platinum

The Dance Moms reunion did not tape for me, so I am going to recap while watching on demand. This means no real ability to pause without going through all sorts of di-dos.  So I’m gonna assume you saw it and hit the highlights.

Why do they think this is the most controversial season in the history of Dance Moms? Just because Nationals was a bust? Abby is texting everyone telling them not to show up to the reunion. But everyone is already there. Except for Abby. Abby goes straight to the set with a folder of evidence that she has no problem hiding under her ample bum.

Oh, that annoying host guy is the executive producer.  That means he is the enemy of Abby who got a very negative edit this season. Abby is asked what she thought about the Nationals results and she brings out a piece of paper from her folder that just says FIXED!  Abby is refusing to speak. Holly says that it is unfair to say the competition was fixed. Holly said that Abby and  Melissa looked like sore losers by walking out. The host points out that Abby is friends with the owner of the competition. Continue reading


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Dance Moms Recap: It’s Finally Time For Nationals


It’s coming down to the wire for nationals and Abby had decided to do the opening on an unfinished studio the day before nationals. I know a lot of your were outraged last week when Nia beat Kalani and Abby still would not commit to giving her a solo at nationals but you have to understand this has become one of the most scripted shows on TV and everyone involved, even the girls are acting.  They are actually very good little actors.  And Abby’s bizarre behavior is being hyped up. While I do think something is going on with her, I think we are getting a very exaggerated perspective.

Abby actually points Nia on top of the pyramid. Abby has two solos for nationals. Of course Maddie gets one. The mothers fight for Nia to get the other. Abby gave Nia her first solo at nationals. Actually, Nia owned it. This years group dance is set in a hospital waiting room. Oh, Abby. Just tank them why don’t you.

At nationals, Nia has a stupid costume. I blame Holly for this. Why are they acting like Abby provides the costumes? That is a dance mom’s job. Nia is dancing in the teen division and her competition will be stiff. I’m not sure she is prepared for this. That is Abby’s fault. But I’m sure Nia will take any blame that comes and none of the glory. It’s looking like Ava might beat Maddie as well. That would not break my heart. Continue reading


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Dance Moms Catch Up Post: Abby in a Bra

Abby Lee

I got a few episodes behind on Dance Moms during my (sorta) unplugged birthday week. I’m gonna try to hit the high (or low) notes of both episodes in this post.

We start the week after Mackenzie beat Maddie in solos. The episode I am watching is the director’s cut and I am not sure what is added and left out, but I love seeing the girls warming up and talking about the previous week. Abby says she is over Jazz routines. She is going back to her usual routines. Nothing unusual about pyramid this week. Mackenzie was on top of Pyramid.

The competition is in Calabasas and their west coast nemesis MDP will be there. (WTF is the P for?) As Abby prepares to dole out solo’s Jo Jo says that her grandmother who has stage 4 colon cancer will be there and she really wants to do a solo for her. Abby says okay. Kendall, Abby’s new favorite, is going to do her solo that got scratched from two weeks ago. Abby gives the group lead she meant for Maddie to Mackenzie. Abby seems “nice” this week. Jo Jo is being taken out of the group dance to focus on her solo.  Abby took the lead away from Mackenzie. Continue reading


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