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Abby Lee Miller Changes Plea To Guilty

Dance moms abby
Abby Lee Miller joined the ranks of  reality personalities who will have a felony record in federal court last Monday. The Dance Moms star pled guilty to one count of concealing bankruptcy assets and one count of structuring international monetary transactions. Once again the charges stem from a  Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.

Last fall, Abby was charged with failing to disclose (and attempting to hide) $775,000 worth of income from Lifetime and her related appearances and master classes that resulted in 20 separate charges. Basically, what Abby is alleged to have done is having payments she was due paid to her mother instead of herself to avoid paying taxes. I am assuming based on the charges that she did that a total of 20 times in amounts that totaled $775,000.

Deadline, who has had the exclusives on most of this court battle, provided new information on Tuesday reporting, “Miller on June 20 was slammed with a whole new case that threatened her with up to another five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. The dance coach allegedly brought more than $10,000 into the country from Australia on August 7, 2014, without the required reporting.”

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The Mother Daughter Experiment: The Truth Hurts

Mother Daughter Kim


It seems only me and 399,999 other people watched this show last week. Seriously, I looked up the ratings WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!? Now I have to recap it at 11 p.m. on a Friday night?  They had a really tough timeslot on Tuesdays when I could not even watch The People v OJ Simpson  live.  Tuesday night is a RHOBH night and that audience is where they are hoping to get their viewers from. I am totally down with them switching nights and Friday is fine, but 8 p.m. would work better for me. Wait, that is Amazing Race. How about 9 p.m. now that Ex Isle and Boot Camp are over?  Who is running Lifetime and why isn’t it me?

How am I supposed to remember all of these idiots name with this much time between episodes? I have Lymenopausal brain fog.  I think I may have brain swelling. Are there any supermodels and all of their sibling to drive me to the hospital so they can drill into my skull and relieve the pressure?

We are back to mothers and daughters bitching.  Kim and Kimberly’s fight over Kim wanting to bail so that she can “walk down the street with her head held high” rages on.  Um, Kim dear, that ship has sailed.  And this shit is not making it any better.  If you um, had your senses about you, you would know that everything you say and do on a reality show is seen and heard.

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Tonight on The Mother Daughter Experiment Kim Wants to Quit

WWHL with Kim Richards


This show is just another in a long stream of poor choices that Kim Richards has made. I don’t know how else to explain this train wreck.  Let’s review. Kim is an alcoholic who is not currently working a program according to all the signs we have seen.  It appears she has not met her probation requirements and will be returning to court soon to give a judge an update on her progress.  At this time Monty was still alive but near death. She was estranged from various siblings and her children on and off. And so she decides to do a bottom of the barrel reality show with her daughter Kimberly who appears to be extremely codependent towards her mother.

On tonight’s episode they do that ridiculous stunt only actually carried out on reality TV therapy.  Someone is dead. Life is too short. Yes, the dreaded tombstone therapy.  In this case it’s Kim’s tombstone. These TV idiots who are in no way qualified to deal with all of the triggers they are going to push on Kim in order to get a “good TV show.” Continue reading


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Dance Moms Recap: Everyone Really Is Replaceable !

Dance Moms Abby Meltdown
So yesterday, we started seeing for the first time the beginnings of Abby’s apology tour. She gave a brief statement to a magazine yesterday where she said she’s not a bully, just a tough coach.  I mainly agree with that and have a lot less issues with Abby’s aggressive personality than most of you. I do think this season, Abby has become unhinged over this whole bankruptcy fraud issue. It’s a major deal. Once the FEDS bring charges, it’s basically plea deal time where you hire the best lawyer you can afford to shorten your sentence and get you in a nice prison camp with pretty uniforms and a good track for walks.

Almost no one saw her attempt t spin things positively yesterday but a whole lot of people know about the stunt she pulled on her Instagram. Apparently, Abby called Pizza Hut near her California house and asked about the five dollar special.  Times must be hard, or else she was at the studio trying to feed a lot of kids. The idiot on the phone didn’t know what she was talking  about and so she went off on him and he hung up on her. So Abby, who is not a bully, we know this because she told us yesterday, posts the store’s phone number and has all of her millions of followers call and harass the idiot whose life is already hard enough because his job is answering the phones at Pizza Hut. This wound up on TMZ which let a lot of people know she is a bully.

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Project Runway Jr Recap: Crop Tops in the 1940s?


I feel like it’s been weeks since we saw Project Runway Jr. Did they take some time off?  Tonight, it’s the first team challenge. This should be exciting and full of drama and tears. Wait? Androgynous kid, Matt is 17? Oh the Zachary kid who won last week is already trash talking Victoria. I’m not sure what she made last week, or who she is really but this should be fun.

Wow, I didn’t even know they sold Simplicity Patterns anymore. Jaysus, Zachary is obnoxious. Why isn’t Tim letting everyone go to Mood instead of just two kids from each team. I hope Samantha’s team kills Zachary’s team.

I love how Tim uses so many words these kids don’t know in his feedback. Tim really hates Sam’s team’s looks. For one thing they picked the 60s and then picked taupe fabric! Where is all the psychedelic print? I think I actually heard one of them say “no prints”  when they were planning the trip to Mood.  No prints is fine for the 1940s but NOT for the 1960s!  Three people on Sam’s team decide to start completely over AGAIN after Tim’s critique. He likes the one sort of fuschia colored fabric.  There is fabric available in the studio and there is this fushia print hanging on the wall that would work as part of collection. Why don’t they pick that? WHY?

Zachary’s stupid face team is already celebrating. But wait! Sam’s team suddenly gets themselves together. Continue reading


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Project Runway Recap: Avant Garde 3D Challenge

Project RUnway Merline avant garde

Merlines 3D avant garde look

I have been dying to recap the most recent episode of Project Runway but sadly real life drama keeps interfering. I can’t wait to see what happens this week. Despite the weakest group of designers ever, I still love this show. Plus I want to see if Tim saves Swapnil and if anyone makes Tim Gunn say more bad words!

Dear God, Zoe what’s her faces show is still airing on the front of this recording. Since I have to tape in the middle of the night, I was able to add five minutes to the end this time so um, YAY!  The recap of last week is basically who won, who lost and Tim Gunn cussing out Swapnil!

We start in the apartments and not at Swapnil’s auffing so it is official he is gone. My homeboy, Edmond is the last man standing. This bodes well for him making final three because I doubt they will send three females to the finale. Plus, I want him to win. Kelly seems over confident, and who the hell expected Merline to get this far?

The challenge is inspired by bridges. There are three choices. Who the hell really cares what bridge they get? Fashion based on a bridge could be any fucking bridge. And to make matters worse, they have to use 3d printing. It’s an avant garde challenge. I could be any less interested. The winner gets a 3d Printer. Whoop dee doo.  Everyone seems to be going literal except homeboy who may get called out for seemingly doing what he wants and adding some sort of bridge stuff as sort of an after thought. Ashley is going to do pants! Thank God no circle skirt from her this week. She could win. Continue reading


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