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Brandi Glanville Has Dean Sheremet On Her Podcast To Reminisce About Divorce

RHOBH Brandi 2
Brandi has Leann Rimes’s ex-husband, Dean Sheremet,  on her podcast this week and for some reason, Entertainment Tonight is previewing on their show. It seems, Brandi has a gotten herself a great publicist. Brandi also knows to continuous go back to the well off “Leann stole my husband” gossip to cash in on those ratings. She knows that all of Leann’s fans will tune in to her podcast for ammo to blast her with later. So of course Brandi begins by saying how much it bothers her when people say that someone stole her husband because the husband has to be willing to go, and Dean says that looking back seven years later, he understands that he probably irritated Leann a little bit. He acknowledges his role in the breakup of his marriage. He says that two people are responsible for the demise of a marriage. Brandi doesn’t jump in to agree. And honestly, if the husband is out cheating the entire marriage as Eddie was, then it’s hard to blame the wife. Even if it is Brandi.

Brandi’s publicist has also been working overtime this week making sure she gets papped at pre Grammy parties and the like. It would not surprise me if Brandi ended up back on RHOBH at some point.  I know she pops in with Kim Richards this season, but I’m not sure that Bravo is really done exploiting either of their drinking problems.

In the podcast, Dean and Brandi reminisce about being in Canada when Eddie and Leann were filming together and the time when they knew their marriages were over. It’s the story about when they were all playing pool that we’ve heard how many times before? And yet, I transcribed part of it for the Redcoats and the Aussies who are often video challenged here.  Because I’m known for my international diplomacy. And because I’m hoping to return some of their citizens to them, and this builds goodwill. :)

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Leann and Eddie: Hawaii Five OH NO!

Leann and Eddie

Leann and Eddie take their parents on a family trip to Hawaii. I’m pretty sure the boys went too, but they are not allowed to be filmed. I seem to remember Brandi whining about this on Twitter when it happened. Leann’s mom has been married to her stepfather, Ted for about 13 years. Leann loves Ted.

Leann and Eddie rented a three bedroom condo and ranked third on bedroom choices. Welcome to vacationing with family. Someone asks what Leann’s mom is drinking and she says a virgin pina colada. Eddie asked why it’s a virgin. She says she doesn’t like liquor. She’s never smoked, drank or cheated on her husbands. Awkward silence. Leann says, “I’ve got you beat on that one!” Eddie’s dad is one of those people who spends his entire vacation taking pictures. I don’t believe in vacation pictures.

Leann and Eddie tell their parents that she is off birth control. Eddie says they are not deliberately trying get pregnant, but if it happens it happens. This qualifier seems to annoy Leann who seems to be trying without him. Continue reading


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Looks Like There May Be Drama At Pump Tonight! Or Not. :(


I’ve been told that there is an Emmy party being filmed at PUMP tonight.  It is assumed that all of the housewives including Brandi will be there.  But word on the street is that two other guests will be there as well. And Brandi will not be happy to see either of them.

Ever heard the saying, the enemy of my enemy is my friend?  Well that seems to be coming into play on the west coast tonight… Continue reading


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Leann & Eddie: Two Babes and a Baby

Leann and Eddie

This season of Leann & Eddie has been pretty hit and miss. Let’s see what happens this episode when Leann has a houseguest with a baby. Where the heck are they hiking? It’s gorgeous!

Well that didn’t take longer. Eddie goes to see his friend Mike to get a haircut. He doesn’t need a haircut, so he had to wear a cap in the kitchen. Mike never touches his head with the scissors. The conversation is all about Brandi. Because that is all these people know how to talk about He even has a talking head about how he has no idea if Brandi is in a relationship.  So it was basically a talking head about him having no clue about what he was talking about.

Leann’s mom wants a facelift. Leann babysits for her friend so she can have some time away from her baby. Leann talks about her step sons and changing the youngest ones diapers. While Leann was babysitting as staged call comes in about an emergency meeting that she needs to be at in 30 minutes. This way we get to see Leann struggle with car seat and carting the baby around. 2 Continue reading


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Leann & Eddie Recap: Eating and Tweeting

Leann and Eddie

Let’s see if Leann and Eddie can actually do two interesting shows with no mention of Brandi in a row, shall we? The title of this episode is already Brandiesque so I am not very hopeful. This week the dynamic duo is having a couple dozen people over for a BBQ.  Since Leann in on tour, her publicist (Can we all take a moment and have a moment of silence for her poor publicist?)  has told her to keep a low profile. And out first Brandi innuendo begins within the first two minutes. Eddie and Leann agree that Leann never instigates the twitter wars she only reacts when provoked by stupidity. PUHLEASE. Could these people just block each other on twitter? Problem solved. I block people on twitter every damn day just because I don’t need even the slightest interaction with idiots and people I don’t like.

Eddie has a swimsuit photoshoot for Men’s fitness in two weeks. He must starve himself and work out twice a day. Meanwhile, Leann had just cooked him what she calls pancakes but look more like crepes made by some chef and they are planning a BBQ.  Oh and did I mention Leann tweeted the pancakes in front of a mirror with her in nothing but a bra, thong and apron? Accidentally of course. Please. Who cooks in that? No one. That is who. Not an accident and she did not make the “pancakes.”  Eddie suggests she delete it, but not a chance of that happening. Continue reading


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Leann & Eddie Go to The Grand Ole Opry

Leann and Eddie

Look, thirty minutes is just not long enough for a show about anything anymore. I realize in the olden days we had plenty of 30 minute sitcoms that worked. But back then, the commercial breaks weren’t nearly as long. In the present day, a 30 minute show is about 14 minutes long. It’s just not long enough for a decent story arc. Rant over.

This week our lovely couple goes to Nashville. But first, Leann and Eddie bicker about Leann’s over packing for a two-day trip. Eddie is intimidated by Leann’s father. Leann says she went coon hunting for the first time when she was two. Or four. Or Five. She killed a raccoon with a shotgun.

Oh I remember now. Leann sued her father, who was at the time her manager for mismanaging her finances or something. Leann has a tour bus parked on her dad’s property for her to stay in with Eddie. Leann has to go to an interview so Eddie is left alone with Leann’s father. Continue reading


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