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Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Family Confirm Her Death

Bobbi Kriss ans Cissy

After almost six long months after being found unresponsive in a bathtub in the Roswell condo she shared with Nick Gordon., the family of Bobbi Kriss has announced her death.

An attorney for the family said “Bobbi Kristina Brown passed away July, 26 2015, surrounded by her family, She is finally at peace in the arms of God. We want to again thank everyone for their tremendous amount of love and support during these last few months.”

Over the past six weeks we have followed this story and been disturbed at all of the circus surrounding this event. On July 16th, it was clear that preparations were being made to let her go.  Now, ten days later it has been confirmed that she was finally allowed to RIP. Continue reading


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Dance Moms Recap: Abby Got Served

Dance Moms Season 5 ep 1



Last week on Dance Moms,  Abby was beginning to break down over Paige’s lawsuit against her.  This is a separate case from her mother Kelly’s on going lawsuit. Abby was upset that the media was at her home.

The very first thing that happens is that Abby is served with a subpoena to appear in court by Kelly. I believe this is the civil suit.  It could be the criminal one.  And they made sure to do it at her studio while Dance Moms was filming. Abby is crying and upset. She wants to make a statement to the press. Holly tries hard to talk her down off of that cliff. Holly looks fantastic like she might have done work done. The moms convince Abby to come back in and go on with rehearsal.

At pyramid, Kalani is not there. This is the second time Kalani has been late. Holly is pissed that Abby doesn’t punish Kalani for being late.  Mackenzie was on the bottom of the for not being weird enough in the group dance. Maddie was next. MADDIE WAS NEXT!  Abby says she was just a twin with Kendall nothing special. This seems to me to indicate Melissa has done something to piss Abby off.  Nia is next but she gets compliments from Abby for her solo and her group dance efforts. Next is Kendall. I did not like her solo and think she should have place below Nia. On the top is Kalani for having the highest scoring solo.  Oh I get it now. She is trying to make Maddie think she has some competition. Continue reading


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James Radford Jr. Releases Motion for Summary Judgment

Phaedra whore housewife.As I previously referenced here and here  James Radford Jr. has filed a Motion for Summary Judgment in the case of Phaedra Parks v Angela Stanton.  Radford has published the motion in its entirety on his website.  In addition to asking for a judgment in favor of Stanton, Stanton is also requesting legal fees due to the frivolous legal action.

Stanton provides numerous examples of evidence of the close bond between the plaintiff and defendant. Both women it seems have introduced the other to their families and have socialized with each other’s families on numerous occasions.  It seems that Phaedra had been a many of Angela’s family gatherings and attended Angela’s mother’s funeral even though Angela herself was incarcerated at the time of her mother’s death. To be fair, Phaedra does love her a good funeral… what? She does! Continue reading


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Motion For Summary Judgment Filed in Parks v Stanton: James Holland Deposition

Phaedra ButtermilkThis morning James Radford, Angela Stanton’s attorney filed a Motion for Summary Judgment in favor of Stanton. They are asking for all charges against Stanton to be dismissed. Based on Stanton’s own deposition and the two I have posted today, all the evidence on record supports that the information in Stanton’s book is true. Phaedra Parks has REFUSED to give a deposition according to my sources. A motion for sanctions against Phaedra for refusing to give a deposition has also been filed, according to my sources.
How the heck can you refuse to be deposed about the claims of your case? I mean she is the PLAINTIFF for crying out loud! Why would you not want to make your claims under oath and on the record? Very Odd.
A courthouse source has provide this deposition, and another that will follow in the second part of this series of posts exclusively to Tamaratattles.comPlease be professional when referring to this post and provide the appropriate credit and links! Thanks.
This second deposition was taken last December by telephone. James Holland is the father of one of Angela Stanton’s children and is currently incarcerated. I am bemused by the fact that the term “head doctor” was used in an actual deposition. Is that wrong? Continue reading


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Parks v Stanton Justin Cody Deposition


This deposition of Justin Cody, a father of one of Angela Stanton’s children, was taken by James Radford, attorney of record for Angela Stanton,  as part of pre-trial discovery.  The deposition was taken at Robert A. Deyton Federal Prison last November. It’s full of interesting information that appears to validate the information in Stanton’s book, Lies of a Real Housewife.  Cody states that Phaedra Parks was a participant in and perhaps the mastermind behind, a serious of criminal activities for which Stanton was prosecuted and convicted. A courthouse source has provide this deposition, and another that will follow in the second part of this series of posts exclusively to Tamaratattles.comPlease be professional when referring to this post and provide the appropriate credit and links! Thanks.

Many of us felt that the tone  Stanton’s book had the feel of a “scorned lover.” It is interesting to read the reason Cody cites for his breakup with Stanton. Continue reading


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The Dance Moms Episode We Have All Been Waiting For! (Recap)

Dance Moms She'll Make or Break You

UPDATE: Kelly is suing Abby for and production for 5 million Story on TMZ. (sorry I am too tired to do an interpretative dance explaining the issues with the TMZ story. Just go to the link. )


It’s finally time for the Dance Moms episode we have all been waiting for! It’s the trip to NYC where Paige and Brooke’s mom, Kelly Hyland, assaults Abby and she presses charges! The episode is officially called Big Trouble in the Big Apple. I can wait to see how it all goes down.

Pyramid begins as always with Abby Lee telling the girls how disappointed she is despite the group number coming in first place last week. Jill asks Abby if she regrets spending so much time with some random new girl rather than spending time with her actual competition team. Abby says know, she enjoyed working with the girl from open auditions. She also says she plans to build a whole new elite junior competition team. She will have two teams. She tells Maddie that she may put her on the new team .

On the pyramid Chloe is dead last. She came in fourth in her solo last week. Kendall and then Nia because their duet came in third. Then Mackenzie because Abby has been really pushing her to rise to Maddie’s level this season. Then Brooke and Paige neither of them get any love despite being very high on the pyramid because Abby hates Kelly. And of course Maddie is at the top of the pyramid. If I were any of the other girls I would be planning ways to gently kill Maddie in her sleep. Her constant domination is annoying. Abby put all of her instruction time into Maddie is annoying. Maddie getting the best choreography and costumes is annoying.  I have reached my limit. Continue reading


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Sidebar: Jordan Graham (And Any Other Case You Wish to Discuss)


Ahh Wedded bliss.  Young love. Such a pretty picture.  I was never the type that really planned a wedding as a young girl. I’ve always desperately wanted to be married. Just not to anyone I ever met….well except that one guy from Isle of Palms when I was 19. But I had too many things to do first at that time.  It was only in retrospect I realized that he was the love of my life. But this blushing bride, I suspect she was the type that planned her wedding from a young age. There is nothing wrong with that. Most girls look forward to their wedding day.  I’ve had more than my fair share of proposals in my life.  One guy, just seemed to want to get married. To anyone. He was ready to marry (for the second time) and I suspect the bride was not really that important. I was right. After I dumped him he was married within months. In fact, that has happened twice in my life. Dump the guy one day, invitation to his wedding soon to follow. So this blushing bride I think I understand. She wanted to get married, so she did. It was a lovely wedding.  Then she realized the consequences, so to speak of marriage, you are stuck with one guy for the rest of your life. She had made a big mistake. She knew it right after the wedding. Fuck. What to do. What to do?

So she took him hiking in Montana a shoved him off a cliff. Continue reading


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Jodi Arias Files a Motion to Remove Kirk Nurmi as Lead Counsel


Remember in the closing arguments of the Jodi Arias trial when Nurmi told the jury that “9 out of ten days he doesn’t like Jodi Arias? Well, she is still pissed about that comment.  Jodi recently filed a motion to request a change in counsel with Judge Sherry Stephens asking to replace Nurmi with… well anyone else. In a handwritten 12 page  letter obtained by, Jodi outlines the many shortcomings (heh) of Nurmi and states that they have not had any contact since May. Continue reading


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HOT Miami Tea: New Show and Major RHOM Reunion Drama

untitled (3)

Okay, I woke up this afternoon morning to all sorts of Miami drama.  Where to begin? Well first of all, it’s not news to anyone that I am one of the half-dozen or so total viewers of Real Housewives of Miami. Their ratings suck. In fact pretty much every reality show they shoot in Miami gets lousy ratings. Big Ang’s new VH1 show, Miami Monkey has been tanking in the ratings.  I don’t understand this. It’s such a beautiful city.  The housewives in my opinion are a second only to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  But alas, no one agrees with me. But that is not stopping Bravo from trying to turn the beat around in Miami.   There is one more Bravo show coming and maybe this is one we can all agree on? Continue reading


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MacNeill Trial Discussion Post



I thought we might need a place to discuss the trial today. I do want to know what you think about the attorneys.  Do remember that I am not a fan of hateful personal attacks on the attorneys.  It seems like we are still going through a series of first responders to the scene.

I hope you will comment often as you watch so that those that cannot watch during the day can get caught up in comments. Thanks.

To get caught up, you can read about the victim here.

I have the 911 transcripts here with lots of discussion in comments.

And some history on Martin MacNeill and his crazy life of lies here.

I hope you read it all. Lord knows you will have time if you are watching on HLN with me. :)




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Martin MacNeill Has Led An Interesting Life!


Where to begin the story of Martin MacNeill? When he was in the military at age seventeen and successfully  faked schizophrenia to get a medical discharge with veterans benefits? According to the Utah County investigator Jeff Robinson, MacNeill’s life was like the movie Catch Me If You Can on steroids.  MacNeill spent a lifetime acting his way through the world and changing his reality to suit the situation.

Perhaps I will start with when he met his wife, Michele. Michele’s mother immediately thought something was off with him. In fact, her bishop called her to tell her to beg her daughter not to date him, but he could not tell her why. Her sister did not like him and thought he was arrogant. But Michele was drawn to him and he threatened to kill himself if she didn’t marry him so they eloped. MacNeill would threaten suicide many times during his marriage. Soon after her mother found out she was married, Martin made the news for forging $35,000 worth of checks to buy clothes and diamonds and miscellaneous crap just to see if he could. He watched a 60 minutes episode about check forgery and decided he could do a better job. The forgery happened just before he met Michele so her mother went looking for his criminal record. It was then she found out about the schizophrenia. She told her other daughters that she feared Martin would kill her one day. Four months after they married, Martin went to prison for six months for the forgery conviction. Continue reading


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Martin MacNeill Trial: The 911 Calls

Photo Courtesy of Rachel MacNeill

Photo Courtesy of Rachel MacNeill

Okay before I start the post (not tonight) on Martin and his PLETHORA of LIES, I thought we might want to look at the 911 tape. This trial is bizarre for so many reasons. And there will be so many things that aren’t allowed in court. I want to know if the fact that he admitted to one of his whores that he drowned his brother in a similar way will be let in. But for now, let’s just take a look at the 911 calls. I have the transcripts for two. I believe there were three but I did not find the third one. Maybe 911 called again to make sure someone arrived.  If you could hear this tape, they guy is screaming and in my opinion over acting.  I don’t think the love of my life would be going so batshit especially if he were a physician, According to Martin his wife is NOT in the bathtub but just hanging over the sides with her head in there. So PULL HER HEAD OUT and give her CPR?  Interestingly enough, she had bruising on the TOP of her head where he might have dunked her into the water causing her incisions to bleed. Let’s take a look at the 911 transcripts. I am anxious to hear what you think! Continue reading


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