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Is This Perhaps The Worst Christmas Present Imaginable?


Um okay y’all, I have a question for you. The picture above is a Hermes bag that costs about 20k.  The um, art work is courtesy of George Condo. He is an artist of some note who is highly compensated for his work.  I actually like some of his pieces.  However, this one falls into his grotesque demon orgy category.  One that I find rather, um, distasteful. I have a few nudes in my house but they are not accompanied by abstract demon faces.

So if your significant other gave you the Birkin bag above what would you do?  I think I might have to graciously accept with such enthusiasm that my request that it be encased in glass and displayed in one of the least often entered rooms in my  ridiculous mansion seemed like an act of love and protection. Continue reading


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What’s Wrong With This Picture? Kim Kardashian in Kuwait

Um, Kim…I know you are pretending to try to learn about the Middle East on your current Millions of Milkshakes Middle Eastern Tour, but when you are told to keep your shoulders covered in public, it is presumed that you already know to keep your breasts, and private parts covered as well.

Oh Lord, just saw video of this. Click through for the video…

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Kim K’s New Face

This is Kim Kardashian in Melbourne this past week promoting Quick Trim the Purple Jesus Version. Actually, I think the correct product name is Quick Trim Purple Reign. Purple Jesus is something we used to make in college out of grape juice and whatever alcohol we had on hand, and some fruit.  Kinda like trailer trash sangria. I am thinking about Purple Jesus because I keep reading that Kim Kardashian made the following quote in Melbourne the other day when she was asked who she would like to trade places with for a day.

Jesus. Because I think it would be pretty fascinating to see the power that he had.

I’ve started to mention this fascinating quote several times. The problem is I can’t find the original source. Most articles are giving the quote to; however, I can’t find the original article and no one quoting them provides a link. Despite  saying that she was just like an 18-year-old fighting cancer, and William and Kate in an article recently, I just really needed to see it at the original source to believe that Kim said she wants to spend a day as Jesus to feel all the power he had. I mean come on. Nobody would say that, right?  But I am loath to look at any more Kim Kardashian articles, so let’s just say that she didn’t really say that to anyone. Because if she did, I’d vote for the day of his crucifiction for her to experience.

Instead, can we talk about her face? What the hell has she done to it now? She’s starting to look like that cat woman. That I can source to a picture.


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Kim Kardashian Is Just Like A Cancer Patient, or William and Kate, Or Something

Kim Kardashian gave an article to The Guardian that is chock full of awesome. I wanted to post more in detail about it, but I just didn’t have the wherewithal today… So go read it here. These are my top two favorite parts.

About filming her wedding…

We had done filming our season at that point, so we decided to film for the wedding. And that was a decision that he and I made together. But I think that, with any decisions in life [brace yourselves], like, I spoke to a girl today who had cancer and we were talking about how this is such a hard thing for her, but it taught her a big lesson on who her friends are and so much about life. She’s 18. And I was like, that’s how I feel.

Click through for one more quote that will make you cringe, or lol.

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Kimye

I still have an issue with Kim in black leather pants 95% of the time she is with Kanye. At least this is a new pair we haven’t seen before with a hideous cut and huge pockets on the front that flare out to make her look even fatter than she is. Who wears black leather pants every day in the summer? This just annoys me.

Hope y’all are enjoying Labor Day Weekend! It’s been an unexpectedly pretty day here!


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What’s Wrong With This Picture? Kimye Edition

So, I was over at the Daily Mail and I saw a series of pictures of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian who are vacationing in Hawaii. The only thing that has even remotely tempted me to cover Kimye is the fact that Kim has worn black leather pants in approximately 85.67% of the pap shots that have been published since they got together. It’s summer. Leather doesn’t breathe. This grosses me out. Let’s try not to imagine what is happening down there. But I’ve restrained myself from blogging about Kim K until now. Certain major entertainment sites seem like they are getting paid by the Kardashians hellbent on presenting stories of Kimye being happy as pigs in shit lately. They want to have babies as soon as possible! Kanye wrote Kim a love song! They are exchanging expensive presents! They are soooo happy!

This picture was from a series of several where the spin was “Look at Kimye! In Hawaii! Dressing like normal people! They are just like us!”  But in every single picture they have the same stank expressions on their faces and there is a lot of space between them. Are we just supposed to pretend not to notice how utterly miserable these two look, in Hawaii? Thoughts?


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BOMBSHELL TONIGHT! Kris Humphries Has Feelings About His Divorce

Apologies in advance for this Kardashian post, but yesterday’s article in the Washington Post was full of laughs. First, it annoys me that so-called serious news media outlets even pay attention to this crap. But check out these quotes.

From Kim’s attorney. “I feel that (Humphries’) personal feelings and maybe some media drive is keeping this case alive.” How dare Kris Humphries have feelings about the divorce? Actors are replaced all the time! The attorney goes on to say that if Kris continues trying to prove fraud rather than just slinking off into the sunset like a good boy he will end up paying her outrageous legal fees if he loses. Isn’t she a charmer?

Also from the article “The comments came during a routine hearing Friday in which a judge allowed Humphries’ Minnesota attorney, Lee Hutton, to take part in the case.” Well isn’t that nice. They are going to let Kris have an attorney. It appears they have begun the whole 90-day status conference cycle that Sheree Whitfield has been in with her ex for years. Next court date is August 15.

Please let this be a televised jury trial. Please.


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What’s Wrong With This Picture? Kimnye

Remember those um, crusty leather pants that Kim K did her walk of shame in the morning after doing the do with Kayne?  Apparently, she wore them on the plane to the White House Correspondents Dinner this weekend AND wore them out to dinner with Kayne as well. She really seems to like those pants. Kim isn’t the only one who has problems keeping her black leather pants on these days. WTF?


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What’s Wrong With This Picture? Kardashian Klan Version

It’s a Kardashian Easter parade to church. Let’s try not to factor in that the last time we saw paparazzi photos of Kim it was her walk of shame. Maybe my church is different, but this is not what Easter Sunday looks like where I come from. Is this clan presentable for Easter Service at your church? Am I being to judgy expected hair done, church length skirts, shirt tails tucked in, suit jackets, hair parted, etc? Should dressing for church not be at least as important as dressing for the red carpet? Let me know.


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Kim Kardashian Does the Walk of Shame in NYC

The gang at TMZ just caught Kim doing the walk of shame. She’s in NYC where she went on a date to see Hunger Games last night with Kayne West. This morning they caught her coming out of his apartment in the same clothes she wore last night. Whatever happened to keeping it in your pants until the divorce is over. I love this new trend where people talk about ex-husbands when THEY ARE NOT DIVORCED. Kayne has been recording songs about Kim that include lyrics like “I admit I fell in love with Kim … ‘Round the same time she fell in love with him … That’s cool, babygirl, do your thing … Lucky I ain’t had Jay drop him from the team…” I hope for Kris Humphries sake they made one of Kim’s pornos replete with the golden shower scene for the upcoming divorce trial. I hope like hell it is televised I want to see every second of it.  Don’t you?


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Nene Leakes and Kim K Hit STK Atlanta

I wasn’t even going to post this one. Last night while I am getting my Wednesday night TV on I suddenly got an inbox full of tips and sightings. The most pressing one was that John Cougar Mellencamp was having dinner with Meg Ryan at Tin Lizzys.  The big story about the fascinating double murder trial involving a Real Housewife of Vancouver’s husband, sex with a juror, and all sorts of murders and drama was going to take some work so I put that in my morning inbox. It’s up now and a very interesting  read if you are into true crime. And during all of this Kim K and Nene were tweeting about going out to dinner. As I told you the other day, Kim is in town filming Drop Dead Diva.  but none of y’all seemed to care about that until she went to dinner with Nene after she finished filming last night.  The whole meal was a huge publicity stunt that they both publicized and wanted you to know about. Amazingly Nene dressed way down despite knowing it was going to be a photo op. There were local bloggers/photographers there and the whole nine yards. I have no idea why these two were so intent on being seen together, but here is a picture. They went to a new fancy steak house in Atlanta with some of the best steaks in town. Both of them ordered tuna tartare.  SMH.


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Jonathan Jaxson and Kim Zolciak’s Rollercoaster Relationship

Jonathan Jaxson with Kim Zolciak

I’ve got the tea on Jonathan Jaxson and Kim Zolciak, y’all. If you haven’t been following the drama, you can click here, here, here and here to catch up!  Back in February of 2009, a couple of lawsuits were filed between Jaxson and Zolciak. Here’s what happened. Shortly after RHOA season one ended in November of 2008, Jaxson approached Zolciak about doing some PR work for her.  At the time, Kim was semi-shacked up at her place with Lee Najjar, aka Big Poppa, who was bankrolling her.

Kim entered into a six month agreement with Jaxson to do PR work for her. She paid the five grand for three months and then there was a falling out and Kim stopped paying.  Now my math says that if they met in November and even if November was the first month of payment, filing a lawsuit in February is premature. Kim probably had five thousand dollars in her purse at the time so what Jaxson did next was pretty foolish or simply another stunt on his part to draw some attention to himself.

Don’t miss the tea after the break!

Kim Zolciak and Jonathan Jaxson
Photo Credit: Rodney Ho/AJC

Before he filed the lawsuit, Jaxson went onto a website he had made for Kim, KimZolciakonline (no longer in existence) and jacked it to read, “Site down to due non-payment. This site will be ‘non active’ due to failure of payment and a pending lawsuit against Ms. Zolciak.”  It’s really not a wise business move to go straight to public humiliation when dealing with a client. Especially, a PR client. Supposedly, Kim threatened Jaxson when he requested payment and that is what set him off. I’m not sure I am buying that, but I would not be surprised if Big Poppa was not the one to cut him off in perhaps a not so nice fashion.

So off to court they went and Jaxson had to restore the website which he claims is his, and probably was because Kim already had .  A gag order was placed, just like the one Jaxson had with Perez Hilton and he was unable to discuss the case.  The interesting thing about the gag order Zolciak’s attorneys requested was this little tidbit:

There is to be no physical, electronic or verbal contact between the parties, including any contact by third parties acting on behalf of the parties to this case. The Court will consider contact by Lee Najjar to be contact by the Petitioner.

So it is sounds like Big Poppa did have a little talk with Jaxson about the matter.

During this war of words, Jaxson gave a vitriolic interview to Gaysocialites which is not longer in their archives. Here is a snippet of that interview that sort of sums things up.

Jaxson also says he plans to pull the rug from under Zolciak taking credit for helping her build her success to an “international level.”
Kim issued this brief statement to us: “Jonathan Jaxson ake Jonathan Lewandowski is not my rep, my manager, my publicist or affiliated with me any way shape or form [sic].” Jonathan also tells us she went on Fox Tuesday morning claiming that the two had never worked together.

To that Jonathan replied: “Kim Zolciak’s claims that I have never worked with her are as fake as her wigs. I have all proof stating otherwise,” Jason [sic] said. “I have a great gift and I have risen Kim’s spotlight to an international level. She would have never been involved in some of her biggest solo career moves without me.”

Jonathan Jaxson and Kim Zolciak

In September of 2009, Jaxson and Zolciak appeared on V-103 saying that they had kissed and made up. Jaxson was indeed out and about promoting Tardy for the Party with Kim in advance of the song’s debut on itunes. It was Kim and her gay, together again, all rainbows and unicorns.

And then a matter of days later, Jaxson went on B98.5 and trash talked Kim referring to her spending like crazy, being a former stripper named Barbie at the Cheetah, and spoiling an upcoming episode of RHOA by letting out that Big Poppa gave Kim a big ring. He also announced he was resigning as Kim’s publicist. DRAMA LLAMA! 

It seems to me that Jonathan Jaxson has a history of being sued by celebrities. This is not his first trip to the celebrity rodeo courtroom but he appears to be all hat and no cattle.

What do you think? Are you sick of hearing about JJ here? It was the dramatic gay hissy fit that lured me in. I can’t help it, I love a good gay hissyfit. :)  Leave a comment and please follow me on twitter! ~@tamaratattles


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