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Andy Cohen on Live With Kelly Is Just Too Much

kelly and michael cups


I really don’t want to recap this but I just want to post to say how incredibly bad Andy Cohen was on Live With Kelly this morning. I wanted to post this early but the site is still settling in to the new server and they said to wait 24 hours before posting but, um, that is not possible.

So Andy is the host this week on Thursday and Friday because they are both filmed on Thursday.  Both Kelly and Andy start by saying they had very late nights and partied too much the night before (separately) and kind of dragged in to work this morning.  Well, clearly they took something. They were both way more spastic that usual. They are both trying WAY too hard. Andy cannot be the replacement host because it’s just too much over the top fakery and conjured perkiness.  But today was bad. They were speed talking and shouty and way too over the top for me at 9 am. I was awake briefly and then went back to sleep.

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Lisa Rinna on Kelly & Michael

Kelly and Michael

I’ve been trying to do this post about Lisa Rinna on Kelly & Michael and my Dance Moms recap all day but between the PLATE SIZED snow flakes outside all day beckoning me and Banjo out into the hood and the Jodi Arias case going to the jury I have fallen behind. Sorry, me and Banjo LOVE snow.  Sidenote: we were pretty much the only ones out in it which was problematic when one of us got tangled in a briar patch whilst the other one became impatient.  Anyway. On to the show.

Lisa comes out in a skin-tight orange dress with black accents on the sleeves. Clearly, Lisa Rinna and Kelly Ripa are two peas in a pod when it comes to starving themselves to be tiny. I’m just saying. And they are both on something that makes them both very perky because you know they are starving and can’t possibly be that pleasant without some sort of medical intervention.

Kelly wants to know what Lisa’s survival techniques are for being on the show. She says well, first of all I knew everyone except for Brandi Glanville coming on to the show. She’s know them all for two decades or more. She says survival for her is telling the truth and being her authentic self. That is all she knows how to do. Kelly says so since you know them, when you are filming to you think to yourself, “Why are they doing that? What is going on?”  Lisa says, “Yes, every moment of every day.” She says they have had a lot of fun and do a lot of fun things. This is not the hardest job. I go to parties and I go to lunches. I go to more parties, I go to more lunches. And then we go to Amster…DAMN!”  Kelly says that seems like a recipe for disaster. Continue reading


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WWHL With Brandi Glanville and Mark Consuelos

WWHLOkay, Let’s just see if Brandi hits on Mark Consuelos. Because excuse me Kelly Ripa, I TOTALLY WOULD. *pause* ANDY NEEDS A NEW HAIR STYLIST DESPERATELY. Wait  right here while I tell him. Sorry I am back. Someone needs a fag hag. JUST SAYING.

Brandi’s boobs are hanging out, and she has molested Andy’s dad many times in appropriately. He seems to be encouraging that. BUT he apologized to the Canookians for not calling them immigrants. Dear God. This is why the rest of the world thinks we are morons. Hang on, let me tweet him again. I still don’t think he gets what he did wrong. WHITE PEOPLE are not immigrants?  Come on Andrew. Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live With Jacqueline Laurita and Kelly Ripa!



First of all, Jacqueline’s daughter is the bartender and I did not recognize her. She looks STUNNING. She says she has just lost some weight, but she is styled from head to toe. Congrats to her for growing up I guess!

‘Penny’ is the drinking word. Andy is going all in with shade on Penny. They make fun of her “I used to teach autism.” comment (deservedly so). Continue reading


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Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper Jet Off to Rio for Vacation

ANDYSINRIO2It’s no coincidence that Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper both have the week off this week. They jetted down to Rio last weekend for the tail end of the Carnival celebration.  On Saturday the pair (and possibly Anderson’s boyfriend Ben Maisani though some sources say he is not there just like last time) attended Sapucai (Culver City) 2013 a huge parade with spectacular floats and ginormous ornate carnival costumes.  There is a large grandstand for viewing and corporations reserve portions of prime seating for their invited guests who all wear their logos. The best seats are owned by Devassa, a local popular beer company. Humorously, the gay male posse was adorned in yellow t-shirts with a naked woman logo on the front.  But wait! There’s more… Continue reading


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Michael Strahan To Take Over for Regis Philbin

Broadcasting & Cable is reporting that Michael Strahan has been signed to replace Regis Philbin on  the new season of Live With Kelly!  After 59 guest hosts sat in the vacant chair, it seems the final decision has been made. I’m quite pleased with this selection. Michael is hilarious with Kelly and the two of them have great chemistry. His gigantic size next to tiny little Kelly is its own comedy. Michael was apparently seen leaving NBC smiling and happy today. The new season debuts on September 4th.

Who were y’all wanting to see get the job?


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