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Glee (and Ryan Murphy) Is Finished With Nene Leakes

How Much Does Nene Leakes Make On Glee?

Nene Leakes can officially stop pretending she is just sitting by the phone waiting on Ryan Murphy to call her. She is officially finished with Glee. During the recent  Television Critics Association’s winter press tour, Kevin Reilly, president of Fox, unveiled plans for the remainder of season five and for the finale season of Glee. The bottom line is that the Lima, Ohio set is no more and the show will focus exclusively on the graduates as the make their way in NYC.  I don’t think they will need a synchronized swim coach in the big apple.

Nene, who has had a minor recurring role on the show since 2012 will make her twelfth and final appearance on Glee on their 99th episode on March 11, 2014.  It is a special episode entitled City of Angels  which appears, to me at least, to be a final episode for most of the characters who will not be moving to NYC. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes on Good Morning America

nenedomeWhoever handles Nene’s PR is working over time this month. She set to appear on GMA shortly to talk about her blood clots.  Nene says she was at work when she started feeling pain under her right breast that kind of went around her side and to her back.  The next morning she was still hurting in those places and her right shoulder.  She felt like something was wrong. Gregg kept telling her she had gas. She went to the hospital. They ran a few tests and discovered clots on her right lung and a few on her left.

At first they thought it might be caused by all the traveling, but now they think it may be a genetic issues. She is on blood thinners. Continue reading


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Glee Bids Farewell to Cory Monteith’s Character, Finn


Tonight’s Glee, which is starting any minute now, is a farewell to Finn, the character played by Cory Monteith. Monteith died of a drug and alcohol overdose last July while Glee was on hiatus. He was engaged to Lea Michele at the time of his death and she was finalizing plans for their wedding.

Let’s see how they handle this.


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Glee Star Cory Monteith Dies After Struggling With Substance Abuse

According to twitter, Cory and Lea Michelle, his fiancée and co-star were to be married in just two weeks. What a horrific thing for her to go through, burying her fiancé instead of having a long awaited wedding. It is believed that when Cory checked himself into rehab, he was attempting to put his final demons to rest in preparation for his new life with Lea.

Is it just me or does this day just keep on sucking? I’m off to look for some lighthearted news.


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The New Normal Cancelled After One Season

The New Normal - Season 1It’s sort of a mixed bag for Nene Leakes this week. The New Normal, has been cancelled after a borderline season. I though perhaps Ryan Murphy might be able to eek out one more season, but alas, it was not the case. Glee, on the other hand, I believe, for reasons no one understands, has two more seasons! I could not believe that when I read it and I am still not sure it is true. Since the primary cast graduated, the show has been filming things in NYC with them as well as the new kids in the high school scenes. Nene is on that occasionally for a hot second. Once Glee had the split in locations, Nene’s already small role was greatly reduced. It remains to be seen if she will even be on the next two seasons, but given Ryan’s gay crush on her, it is likely she will be making at least limited appearances. Continue reading


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TamaraTattles Takes a Look Back at Top 2012 Stories (January)

Glee Goes on Unexpected HiatusI thought since this is the end of my first full calendar year of blogging, I’d look back at 2012 and remember some of my favorite pieces. This was initially just for my personal end of the year performance evaluation of myself, but I decided to share some links with you, because I’ve gained so many more readers who might be interested. In my second month of blogging last December, I was so fortunate to have a source come forward and give me the worldwide exclusive on Nene Leakes getting a gig on Glee. I was so excited to be the first to break the news! And then I got my first lesson on having my work stolen. No bueno! That gave me a new resolve for 2012 so if you are interested, come take a look back with me. Continue reading


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Big Day For Nene Leakes on TV!

Nene Leakes was on a couple of shows today. First Wendy Williams, then Glee. Let’s discuss. This morning my damn yard guy shows up RIGHT DURING THE NENE INTERVIEW!  le sigh.  So I had to take enough time to say, “yes, please do everything”  (well we know that is not what I really said, but anyway, it all got done). So a few of you wanted to know what I thought about Nene saying that “Kenya Moore is not a new housewife” on WW today. So here it is. She didn’t say that. Nene continued with her whole “I don’t know her” thing which is a lie. Then she said ” I still haven’t seen her” in response to WW asking if she was on the show. None of that is important. My source is golden. My source says that Nene has been campaigning for Kenya for ages. I have never been let down by this source. Also, I know other sites are saying filming has started, but  … I don’t think much if any shooting has happened. I’m still saying you will see Kenya who just very recently followed and is followed by Nene on twitter. Y’all believe what you want.

On Glee tonight, Roz had a short scene with Sue Sylvester but what really impressed me was seeing her name in the opening credits of the Glee finale. I’m not “team anyone” but it did irk me that WW referred to Nene as a “guest star.”  She is not a guest star, she has a recurring role which is way better. Sometimes you need  to just recognize. I think WW is jealous of Nene and I was surprised that Nene came bearing gifts and being all professional considering how WW seems to slam Nene when she is not around. I honestly think that Nene not copping to the Kenya Moore thing was her getting back at WW. We shall see. At any rate, it’s clear that Ryan Murphy loves him some Nene. Nene said on WW today that she did not have to audition for the role of Rocky on The New Normal and I do believe that. Nene’s acting still needs a bit of work, but there is no better way to do that than to be on yet another primetime show. She just needs some experience and a bit of coaching. I’m not convinced that she will be a Hollywood star, but she is, and that is half the battle.


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More Exclusive Tea Regarding Nene’s Role on Glee

I’ve got so much tea happening today that I may burst my bladder. This bit of tea is for the Nene on Glee fans out there. Glee finishes it’s last filming of the season today. Most everyone has packed and left except for Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer.  Season three ends with Rachel and Kurt going off to NYC  to attend the New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts (NYADA).  I know, I know. Who cares? Well Nene fans will. Here’s why.

The big talk on the set this week was about the changes for season four. Glee has more issues to worry about than the fact that today is Cory Monteith’s THIRTIETH BIRTHDAY. I’ve always found it bizarre that the actors on this show are so old. Anyway, I digress. The real problem is that the big names of Glee are graduating seniors with big ambitions so what the hell are the writers going to do? Well, they are going to move the focus away from Ohio, which means away from McKinley High. McKinley High is where Roz Washington works. Ergo, you aren’t going to be seeing as much Roz as you did in season three.

Part of the reason you don’t see Roz on every episode of Glee since she was hired is that Glee has a big cast. There is often a big guest start, like Lindsey Lohan,who is on next Tuesday’s big two hour episode.  So even people like Sue, Figgins and Beiste are not on every episode. Next season a considerable portion of the the show will be set in New York following Rachel and Kurt. There is also a rumor that Puck may have some storyline in LA.  So while there still will be some scenes at Mckinley High and Coach Roz will still get screen time it will be considerably less. Lea Michele and Chris Colfer are two huge Nene supporters so Nene will certainly miss working with them.

The good news for Nene is that she has a heavily recurring role as Rocky in Ryan Murphy’s new NBC comedy The New Normal which was picked up recently for a fall premiere. So losing a few Glee episodes won’t hurt her pocketbook that much.


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Nene Leakes and Aubrey O’Day’s KTLA Interviews

Nene Leakes wasn’t just hanging out with Aubrey O’Day and a miniature horse yesterday for our amusement. She was at KTLA to promote GLEE and talk about RHOA.  The guy doing the interview is a bit creepy. Okay more than a bit creepy as he becomes obsessed with Nene’s red bottoms and gives her a foot massage during the interview. Nene admits to having regrets about “divorcing” Gregg, says she is not dating, and isn’t interested in being famous. I’m just telling you what she said. Check out the link to the video if you don’t believe me! Aubrey O’Day was there to talk about Celebrity Apprentice. Creepy Guy seemed infatuated with her as well. Aubrey told Creepy Guy that she wasn’t there to make friends, and that Arsensio is a chauvinist pig who just has issues with her being smarter than he is and that all the other women were crazy. You can see that interview here. If you are playing the drinking game, she only says “the creative” once. It remains unclear why the two guests were housed with a horse before their interviews.

The video above is of Nene Leakes, who is not interested in fame or attention, leaving Mr. Chow, where one never sees any paparazzi, with Aubrey O’Day last February 10th. Both are drunk and Nene drives herself away. Aubrey sticks around for more pictures with foreign tourists and then tells us more than we need to know about her Valentines Day plans. Seriously, the last few seconds are um, not so family friendly. That Aubrey is one Classy girl.


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Mailbag: Clearing Up the RHOA Salary Rumors

Time for a mailbag answer session! I LOVE that you guys email me questions and leads and comments and criticisms. I’ve been getting a lot of mail lately asking about the same things. Sometimes the questions are already answered on the blogs. Just so you know, if you click on one of the tagged words at the bottom of it post it will take you to the list of all the posts that mention the term. It’s a good way for example to see all the Chateau Sheree stuff at once because there are a lot of posts on that.

By far the most popular topic in the mailbag this week is the “salary information” of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  I think the all the rented cars and Birkin bags and fancy labels have y’all deluded when it comes down to what these people really make. Let me try to break it down for you. First some background information for perspective.  The highest paying reality show is MTV’s Jersey Shore. They were paid $5,000 and episode the first season. They revolted season two and were given a raise to $10,000 per episode. By season three, Mike, Snooki, Pauly D and JWoww started making a lot more money per episode. There were rumors that were never substantiated that during the Italy season several of cast member negotiated for up to $100,000 an episode. That is highly unlikely. However, they are miles above the rest when it comes to reality shows even at $30,000 per episode.

Updated: In a lawsuit filed on April 12, the rumor that certain members of Jersey Shore were paid $100,000 per episode was substantiated when Pauly D’s former talent agency sued for 10% of his salary. As I said above the $100,000 figure was being reported by “sources” for the fourth season which was filmed in Italy. The same lawsuit claims that Pauly D made $150,000 per episode for season five. Again, Jersey Shore is the highest paying reality show on TV by FAR. I included these salaries as the very high end of the reality pay scale. All cast members on Jersey Shore do not receive the same pay and in fact this lawsuit could cause some cast members to attempt to renegotiate. I remain surprised that Pauly D’s salary went from $30,000 for season three to $100,000 for season four. Please continue to quibble in comments. :)

The other show that pays well is VH1’s Basketball Wives. Evelyn Lozada is the highest paid person on that show. Last year she demanded $20,000 dollars an episode. She did not get it. She got “double her previous salary” which means she was making under $10,000 an episode for her first season. She might have gotten 15 an episode. Remember this is the second highest salaried reality show.

Now let’s talk about Bravo. Time and time again, Bravolebrities have bemoaned the fact that they are paid less than any other network.  Teresea Guidice once ranted that she was not paid anywhere near what the Jersey Shore gang makes. Kim and Nene both had to raise holy hell to get Bravo to paid the electric bills that Bravo ran sky high when filming at their homes. In season one the housewives had to pay the electric bills out of their salaries. Relatively speaking, Bravo does not pay well. Bravo does not pay at all unless you are a housewife, or this season, if you are a “junior housewife” like Marlo, or RHOBH’s Brandi and Pam.  The junior housewives are paid very little. This is why Camille Grammer was not interested in being a junior housewife. Too much work for too little return if you have Camille’s wealth. If you need the money, it’s still a good gig if you can get it. Contrary to what you guys read elsewhere, husbands do not make a cent, kids are not paid at all, so when Slade Smiley tries to say he is making money for child support on the show he is LYING. Slade has never drawn a Real Housewife check.

When it comes to the RHOA, the last accurate number I was given was $10,000 per episode for the originals. That was season three. Season three had great ratings so Kim, Nene, and Sheree had a good place to negotiate from. But here is how Bravo negotiates. Kim and Nene were both offered spin-offs. Kim’s has already filmed and will air later this month. SOMETHING, I am still not sure what, happened with Nene’s spin-off. It was supposed to be about her dating. The rumor has been that Nene wasn’t really to date “for real” because she was/is still with Gregg. The bogus relationship with John Kolaj was not particularly interesting TV. So the show got canned. Speaking of Gregg, despite Nene’s ranting on twitter today that they are just friends (with benefits) who continue to co-parent Brent, they still appear to be in a relationship. The only thing that has changed is the paperwork. The latest speculation is that the divorce was done ultimately so that Gregg can file bankruptcy. Despite the divorce decree, there is more to that story than any of us know.

So that is one way to get more money from Bravo, more work. With the spin-off income Kim Zolciak makes the biggest Bravo check. This burns Nene’s biscuits. So much so that when Bravo aired a filler episode of RHOA that was all about Kim and Kroy, Nene tweeted that everyone should watch the competing awards show because there was no RHOA episode. Also, after/during season three Kandi pitched the Kandi Factory to Bravo and got a trial special that was recently picked up. Kandi also negotiated for producer rights to the show. So Kandi got a raise that way. More work, but also more money. Kandi also was promised that her Bedroom Kandi line would be an ongoing storyline. More money for Kandi.

What Bravo is less inclined to do is to raise the per episode amount. Nene has negotiated other things. It’s in her contract that she can accept outside acting jobs. More money.  But as an aside to that, let me remind you she is paid scale.  I know all of you Nene Stans think she makes a kajillion dollars with her acting career but it is just not so. I know for a fact (not a rumor) that she makes $7,260 per episode of Glee  and $4,538 for each episode of The Game and the other couple of half-hour shows she does. This is why she can threaten all she wants but she is not leaving RHOA voluntarily.  Nene and Kim have both been successful in negotiating for first class airfare when traveling for Bravo appearances like WWHL or Ciroc/Bravo parties (not events they do on their own). They also have received accommodations upgrades for things like nicer hotel rooms, bar tabs, etc.  This season EVERYONE got a raise because there were twenty three episodes. More money. This is how Bravo works. So while the figures from the season five contracts have NOT leaked (yet) it is possible that Kim and Nene got a bit of an episode bump of a couple thousand, Bravo is very cheap and there will be no big money raises. The top end of the salary for season four was around $250,000 plus whatever perks they negotiated in. Side note: RHOBH are paid in a lump sum contract not per episode. I have no idea why.
Another financial benefit to the  housewives, specifically the RHOA (I don’t have any facts about other cities) is that because the RHOA are not nearly as wealthy as Bravo would like for you to think, Bravo often pays for their rent. The RHOA have successfully argued in the past that they are required to live in posh living quarters that Bravo should pay the  rent. So now some of them are given a rent stipend. It does not begin to cover Kim’s house for example, but it keeps a roof over Sheree’s kid’s heads. Sheree lives in the apartment, condo, whatever you choose to call it, that she does because of the school district. It’s the cheapest place to live to keep the kids in a great school. To the person who asked, Kayleigh is fine and recently vacationed with her mother in Puerto Rico over spring break with a schoolmate. Another perk that has been negotiated is car rentals. When you see housewives (Like Sheree) show up in a fancy car, it’s rented. See this story for details on car rentals.

You should keep in mind that wardrobe is generally an out of pocket expense for the housewives. There are exceptions and of course Nene in particular receives gifts from designers often.  When you see a scene like the one where Sheree had someone come to her home with wardrobe choices for some thing she was going to, she gets one or more of those pieces from the company in exchange for the advertising.

I think that covers everything related to salaries. Also, some of you guys seem to think Kim Zolciak is not returning for season five, that is not true. Sheree is the only RHOA that is not returning. As for Sheree’s replacement, I’ve heard LOTS of names mentioned. They have interviewed LOTS of people. They haven’t made an offer to anyone yet. Andy Cohen sure was drooling over Monica on Watch What Happens Live but I don’t think they have the budget to afford her even if she was willing. If I hear anything concrete, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Now I know y’all are going to believe what you want to believe but don’t waste your time and energy trying to convince me that Nene or anyone else is making these numbers that are being thrown around. It’s simply not true. See picture at right. :)


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What’s Wrong With This Picture? Nene Version

I’m gonna need someone to explain this to me.


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Will Nene Leakes Be Returning for Season Five?

You can always tell when a season of Real Housewives of Atlanta is ending because Nene Leakes starts screaming that she is leaving the show for bigger and better things. In no season did this predictable behavior start sooner than in season four. For the first part of the shooting season Nene refused to film with most of the other housewives causing Bravo to invent reasons to throw Nene, Kandi and Cynthia together. Then, back in early December when TamaraTattles was the first to break the news that Nene was filming Glee (and lots of people didn’t believe me!), Nene’s squawking reached a fever pitch. About that same time Courtney Cloer Thompson’s name started being thrown around as a possible replacement for Nene. Suddenly, Nene was taking every hair show and small town club event she could get all the while tweeting like a desperate woman whose ship was sinking.

So what is Nene’s fate for season five?

Despite rumors from the Watch What Happens Live set that Nene was making outrageous demands for accommodations and perks for her appearances, Nene has been one of the most frequent guests on WWHL with Andy Cohen. In fact, she is due for yet another appearance on the show tomorrow night. Once Nene was on Glee, it seems the Bravo crew was a little more tolerant of her antics. Andy Cohen has been seen on twitter sending words of encouragement Nene’s way on more than one occasion. And so it seems that thin ice that Nene was once galloping across in blissful ignorance has thickened up enough to hold her through another season.

But nothing gets between  Nene and success quite like Nene herself. When Nene makes the rounds these days in the media, she talks first about her other ventures like Glee, The Game, and  Let’s Stay Together. When she does talk about RHOA it is usually to insult her castmates and point out that she is the star of the show. Recently, when RHOA ran a filler episode about Kim and Kroy because of the Oscars, Nene repeatedly tweeted that there was no episode at all and that her followers should report back to RHOA the following week. She made some tweet meant to be cryptic about “finally being free!” a short while back that lead to some Internet speculation she had been released from her contract.
Nene might want to ask Jill Zarin what happens when a housewife gets too big for her Skweez Couture.

Nene is currently paid 10K per episode to appear on RHOA. There are 18 regular episodes plus two (perhaps three?) reunion shows. That brings her salary for season four to 200K.  Nene is being paid SAG scale for Glee making $7,260 per episode. Although her role has a recurring story arc, she will be lucky to work five episodes of Glee, making less than 40K.  Next year is projected to be the last season of Glee if it is picked up again. If Nene is asked back she could expect five or so more episodes. Her work on The Game and Let’s Stay Together paid $4,538 an episode.  It is doubtful either of those shows will require her services in the future. So Nene has the possibility of another 40K from Glee but no firm contract. What Nene needs to understand is that her stereotypical angry black woman persona is the reason she was cast on these other shows in the first place. In each show she is cast in, she is essentially playing herself.  Brian White attempted to school Nene on the this concept during a recent interview and it didn’t go over well. But facts are facts and Nene gets paid for buffoonery. If she is not keeping her ignorant behavior in the public eye on RHOA, Bravo’s most popular show, she will quickly lose relevance with casting agents.

When it comes to RHOA season five, if it airs without Nene Leakes it will be because she can’t stand that the other women don’t like her and she is willing to cut off her nosejob to spite her face to get away from them. I can’t really discount that possibility. We all remember Nene bragging about her “Trump Checks” when she got a $16,000 stipend for appearing on Celebrity Apprentice. While most celebrities donate that check to their charity, Nene quit the show and ran off with the check like she stole something and bought a dozen pair of shoes with it. This sort of financial delusion does not bode well for Nene’s future. She does seem to have a crackerjack PR team at the moment and if her manager has enough control over her, he should be able to talk some sense into Nene and we will see her and her hello kitty again next season. What she should be doing is making peace with at least some of the cast and asking  Bravo for a raise. She is, like her or not, the star of the show and deserves to make more than Sheree. Speaking of Sheree, I’ve saved her for last for a reason.


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