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Has Another Friends Contract Been Reinstated Between Nene and Cynthia?

RHOA Cynthia friend contract

Actually, I’m hearing that Nene was humbled after a season trying to make it on her own. In that time, she ate dinner on a reality show or two, did six episodes of To Tell The Truth  that have yet to air  did two guest appearances on Fashion Police, and turned up here and there on tabloid TV shows. None of those pay well and the latter doesn’t pay at all. In fact all of those appearances are things one does to increase publicity for whatever primary employment one has.

She has also allegedly tried to get a grant from the government to start a shop in Atlantic City that seems to have gone no where,  said she was going to hold empowerment luncheons for women that don’t seem to have happened, claimed she was going on a speaking tour like AC Squared, which never panned out,  design furniture, and plenty of other things I can’t recall, none of which came to fruition. Oh and she diva(ed) her way out of a spin-off with Kim Biermann when she was the one who really needed the gig.

So with a giant empty house and a big mortgage and a dwindling shoe allowance,  she made the first conciliatory move to mend her relationship with Bravo and asked to guest on one of the final episodes. She managed to get a day rate for at least two episodes of this season after two weeks of phone calls with the casting person, and is fully expected to regain her peach next season. Continue reading


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An Unlikely Trio Hugs Up in Jamaica #RHOA

RHOA Jamaica 3


Look who has their arms around Queen Bee Kenya!  That men’s white t-shirt sure is versatile.  Looks like Nene is carrying her Fabulous wrap. I actually like that piece but it was 90+ degrees in Jamaica. For me Porsha wins best dressed here. LOVE that dress.  Looks like my sources were not holding back and there really wasn’t any drama to report?



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Friday RHOA Jamaican Tea: The Party’s Over

RHOA Jamaica 2

And just like that, our housewives have completed filming the Jamaica drama. Those biting at the bit to get home could have made the 3 p.m. last flight of the day. But most of them will likely stay another night because it takes them forever to get ready to get on the plane, and because, Jamaica. There was some brief filming truck activity around Chez Parks this evening so I’m guessing she was ready to get out of there.

I’ve been asking around for information on what the hell Bob Whitfield was doing there and this is what I have found out. First, they are NOT back together. However,  with Bob back in Atlanta full time which apparently occurred a couple years ago after he finished his Stanford degree, apologies for not keeping up with all that.  It seems Bob has been off and on with some woman named Tisha since right around the time his marriage with Sheree was over.  Back in 2013, Tisha sent an email to a blogger, Sandra Rose. claiming to have the last name of Whitfield and implying they were married. They are/were not. That relationship seems to be on again off again a lot, but I’m hearing they are currently on again. Either way, Sheree and Bob are not back together.


They have been able to tolerate each other better than they did on that pitiful episode of Fix My Life though.  Mostly because he spends a lot of time with his kids. They are cordial during  the kids events.  For some reason (cough famewhore cough) Bob wants to do what he can to insure that Sheree stays on RHOA because she needs the money and he doesn’t want her coming after him. The more she makes, the less he has to pay in child support for the two youngest.  The oldest child, who Sheree denied the existence of for years until it came out on RHOA, has a different father. At any rate, Sheree reportedly has numerous liens on Chateau Sheree and the IRS is also coming for here according to various sources.  I’m not sure how Bob going to Jamaica helps her financial situation. I’m also not sure if they are going to pretend to be together on the show. Continue reading


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RHOA in Jamaica Tea For Thursday!

RHOA Jamaica 2

I’ve been waiting today hoping to hear more about what is going down in Jamaica.  I don’t have a whole lot of information yet on what happened at dinner last night, but I do have some basic information.  The ladies did not all fly out together. Not sure if this is because of beef between the cast or the ladies prior commitments.  Obviously, Nene flew out on her own, and Kenya also flew out alone. They were the last two to arrive, because production wants to encourage conflict between the two.  I don’t see Kenya instigating anything. Nene will have no problem instigating. But Kenya looks quite content standing in between Nene and Sheree. So production may be disappointed and they all get along.

Continue reading


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RHOA Have A Surprise Visitor on Their Jamaica Trip

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

I leave the house for a few hours and all hell breaks loose. I knew the Jamaica trip had broken before I left the house, but I had stuff to do and contacts haven’t had a whole lot to say about it. First let me address the TMZ story.  I don’t know what is wrong with them lately, but they are getting a lot of stuff dead wrong. It seems whoever is writing their many times a day updates about Lamar and Khloe has decided to write the RHOA posts.  It’s clear they just had the photo and no other information. Everything they say about Nene is wrong. They seem to think she is “on break from ‘her gameshow'”  um. Noe.  Nene shot six episodes of To Tell The Truth in two days during the first week of July. It’s four months later, and if it aired, I missed it. Nene is currently preparing for her upcoming role on Broadway.  And she still has a month to learn those lines. So she certainly has time for a free trip to a Jamaica to torment team pretty.  The producers are actually thrilled with this season and didn’t beg her to do anything. They have all the ratchet they need with Porsha and Shamea.

Oh and she isn’t “returning to the show” she is filming a dinner scene  as I type this bringing the drama to the very end of the season.  Anyway, enough TMZ bashing. I would not have pointed all of that out but y’all take TMZ as gospel and I just had to set the record straight. Continue reading


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Spotted! Real Housewives Are Filming At The Palm!

RHOA Kenya come for me can exclusively report that Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim Fields, Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield are filming a dinner scene at The Palm right now according to a Tamara Tattles Spy!

That is an odd triad. I wonder who they are talking about. Cynthia and her man problems perhaps? Or maybe Kim and Sheree are filling Kenya in on the trip to Washington DC?


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