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More Photos From The #RHOA Camping Trip



As first exclusively reported, The Real Housewives of Atlanta are on a camping trip.

I am fortunate enough to have  people sending me photos of the camping trip. The interesting thing is their interpretations of what they have seen on snapchats. I’m not sure they are watching the same ones as there have been quite a few. One researcher says, “They were laughing and having fun. The tell is that Kenya is with Sheree and Marlo.” This I want to believe. The other was unsure who Kenya was hanging out with in the very beginning  and is hoping that these three are together. I’ll keep you updated as more news rolls in.

Everyone reports that the trip seems to be going along in a very lighthearted way. However, it’s Kandi who is doing most of the narrating and Kandi is always upbeat and tries to stay out of the drama. But if you press her, like Porsha did recently, you are going to have a problem.

We also saw the ladies get off to what appeared to be a late start (shocking!) that began at least in part with a meeting at the Chateau Sheree construction site. 

Before we move on to the rest of the photos, is that Kenya’s hand on Phaedra’s shoulder? Is she playing nice with the dark side???

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Rise and Shine Campers! More #RHOA Filming Tea With Marlo Hampton!



As Tamara Tattles was the first and only site to exclusively report, the Real Housewives of Atlanta (and some unexpected friends) are on a camping trip this weekend.  And it sure seems like it was quite the struggle to wrangle the ladies yesterday.

But first, Let’s start with Friday night,  in the photo above you can see Kandi and Marlo at Kandi’s  R&B showcase featuring her two groups that she has been producing, Glamour, and Next.  There was another performer at this showcase named Hazel Renee.  Hazel is a young woman from Detroit and she is also on the camping trip as Kenya’s plus one.  Kenya is referring to her as “her sister.”  Is she related? Is this a homegirl from Detroit type thing?  Alas my friends, I don’t know everything. I do know that Kenya doesn’t have a sister and this young lady seems young enough to be her daughter.  I love that Kenya is there supporting Kandi and the bond that I keep noticing throughout filming. Kenya and Kandi as friends is something we haven’t really seen before.  Unlike all the folks screaming about having the same people on the seasons over and over, I can’t say I agree. We have new relationships sprinkled with some new faces this season and I have a good feeling about the upcoming season.  That said, I’m always hopeful for things that seem impossible. Just yesterday I checked TJMaxx to see if maybe they got an excess lot of Hermès or Bvlgari perfume. I like to live in a place where anything could still happen in my life. Because otherwise, what’s the point. If we knew, with all certainty, that our lives were only going to be about  endless shelves of Justin Beiber perfume at TJMaxx, we’d never get out of bed. Dare to dream with me, people. It’s going to be a great season!

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Exclusive #RHOA Filming Tea Saturday Filming Solved, Chateau Sheree Update, Pass The Peach Update

Cynthia's new view of the great outdoors.

Cynthia’s new view of the great outdoors might come in handy

Part the gallon of tea I over spilled here over the weekend,  in a very long post with way too much information that was a bit disjointed as it was literally rolling in while I was trying to type on a completely different spot of tea, involved Cynthia Bailey having to bail on a job due to a change in filming plans for RHOA.

As I have mentioned several times before my access to information on filming is reliant on my ability to ask the right question at the right time. It is important for me to watch the social media of the ladies in order to know when and how to use my access to those sources who will answer my questions.  In this case, the question I needed to ask was, “What is this mandatory all cast filming on Saturday?

Because it was the a holiday weekend and sources are not really open to being bothered during their limited downtime, I asked you guys first.  We speculated about what could be happening (something with Nene?) or what we wish was happening (A Porsha Intevention?) while I waited for the right moment to ask someone who might know.

Since that time we’ve learned that it has nothing to do with Nene because she will not be on Season 9 at all.  And we never were very optimistic about the likelihood of a Porsha intervention.   But now I have all the tea….

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Nene Leakes Is Salty About Not Having A Contract For RHOA Season 9

I have a lot of free time.

I have a lot of free time.

So I have been telling y’all since Season 9 began that Nene Leakes did not have a contract for Season 9. The party line was that Nene was working on all of her other little side projects and that she wanted to do her one woman show. That one woman show is doing very well and she is pulling big venues  now in Chicago and NYC.  But all of her little jobs, including the clothing line and any of the other ventures combined come close to the salary she was making last on RHOA.

Last year for Season 8, Nene Leakes got a big head and decided that Bravo needed her more than she needed Bravo. She refused to sign a contract that was offered and held out for more money.  Unfortunately for her, Bravo walked away from the table and Nene was off the show.  Eventually, she came back and they worked out another deal for her to return toward the end of filming.  Apparently, Nene thought that meant she was back in.  I thought it meant she was back in.  We all thought it meant the Nene was back in.

So when I heard that “Nene didn’t have a contract,” I assumed that there was probably supposed to be the word, ‘yet’ tacked on to the end of that.  I assumed that Nene was negotiating with Bravo.  And she was eventually. According to her.

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RHOA Nene stormy Sawgrass


I keep meaning to update you on Nene Leakes. I did a bit of that in the open forum this weekend with the photoshopped pictures and their subsequent removal,  but today I was sent another photo that reminds me of a story I’m not sure I have addressed.

Nene has gotten herself sucked into a Multilevel Marketing (MLM) situation.  MLMs in my opinion are kissing cousins to Pyramid Scams. They are legalish now and work kind of like Tupperware.  I use this example since I sold Tupperware (I believe it was my senor year of highschool) and there were these big, frenzied  meetings with nothing but hyperactive women screaming about financial success and chanting positive affirmations. There was free food, drink and plenty of excitement and free Tupperware (quickly hijacked by my mother). I only went once or twice. If my hazy memory serves me correctly, an “older man’s” (some kid who had already graduated ) was a Grand PooBah of Tupperware and was the person in charge at these huge functions. That’s actually how I got involved. #TheThingsWeDoToLandAMan

So anyway, the Stormy girl, (pictured left) is one of the success stories on her MLM which …I really don’t get what it is all about…I do remember seeing several videos of them preparing for all this. They have some sort of tea they want Nene to push on Instagram instead of the one all the other housewives pretend to drink.  I also saw Nene drinking a lot of something out of a Moscow mule type cup and she appeared quite toasty before her speaking appearance yesterday afternoon at the MLM meeting. RHOM’s Marysol Patton was there to support Nene as these two have been spending a lot of time together in Miami. Alexia Echevarria came to the event to keep Marysol company.  Continue reading


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EXCLUSIVE: Porsha Williams Is Up To Her Old Tricks: Violent Outbursts & Fake (Broke) Boyfriends

Kandi, Porsha, Lena Filming yet another birthday party for Porsha on 7/16

Kandi, Porsha, Lena Filming yet another birthday party for Porsha on 7/16

It never fails that right before a long weekend I get an EXCLUSIVE drop of white hot tea and then everyone scatters and leaves Atlanta.  Such was the case this weekend.  Since many of you left me as well, I held on to things until you got back. In the meantime I have a few more details.

In the photo above it sure does look like Kandi Burruss was trying to play nice with the THOT with the anger issues this season. But I have exclusive information that those days are over.

Last week, RHOA had one of their all cast dinners at a local brewery/restaurant. Everyone was there. My exclusive Tamara Tattles sources tell me that “the cast” asked Porsha how her anger management classes were going. If you recall I was first to report that Porsha was sent to anger management by Bravo.  It seemed at the time she only went to one class and it was filmed.  After the third attack last season, her cast mates all asked production to kick her off the cast, but it seems they opted to just send her back into therapy.

Now I envisioned a smirking Kenya bringing this up at the dinner, despite my source simply saying “the cast” that was until I hear that it was Kandi and Porsha who nearly claim to blows in the restaurant.  It was then that Porsha took off running! Which was smart because Kandi already said on the reunion she is not going to tolerate Porsha’s aggression.  While Kenya took a passive approach refusing to engage in a Jerry Springer like  brawl when Porsha attacked her on the reunion the previous year, Kandi made it very clear that would not be her response to Porsha.

You won’t believe what happened next…

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