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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Flirting With Disaster

Nene in Mexico

So Far in Mexico, the only shade Nene is throwing is from her sombero!

Kenya and Miss Lawrence are enjoying a meal on Kenya’s beautiful private patio. The scripted conversation is about  Porsha and Kordell. Remember last week when I said it seemed odd that we spent so much time ganging up on Porsha? Well now I really want to know the story. Did Kordell call up Bravo threatening a lawsuit over this whole Kordell is gay storyline? No, that can’t be it because pretty much all of the conversation continues to be about Kordell’s sexuality. I just don’t understand the point of discussing some dude who isn’t even on the show anymore. Why do we have to spend so much time humiliating Porsha, Kenya? Why must you continue to try to have a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent?

Speaking of the mentally challenged, Kenya moves on to discuss Apollo. Kenya says that Apollo is lying about Kenya coming on to him. She says if he could have, he would have. I agree with that. That doesn’t mean I am 100% sure they didn’t.  I mean Kenya needs love too… Miss Lawrence is ever so dutifully agreeing with everything that Kenya says. Kenya plans to pull Apollo aside at some point on the trip and get him to stop lying about her. That should go well.

They gang is headed over to the underground caves. Kenya wants to take them out into nature. Now Kenya, you know these women don’t have no shoes for the real world! In the car ride over Kenya and Cynthia and Apollo start talking about the Mama Joyce issue. What the hell is wrong with these people? These are not normal vacation conversations. Production needs to trust and believe that the cast can write their own scripts. It would be much more interesting that Peter sticking his nose into everyone else’s relationships all the time. They started an argument between Kandi and Todd. Mission accomplished.

In the other car, they are mostly talking about the outdoor showers. That is a normal conversation. And the script provided to both cars was to talk about the seating arrangement from dinner the night before where the couples were spilt up. Why are they acting like this is so weird. It’s actually proper protocol for a dinner with a bunch of married couples. Continue reading

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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: He Said, She Said

Kenya Moore RHOA

So, I feel somewhat obligated to recap last night’s RHOA; however,  I don’t have much to say about it. Maybe I am just burning out, but I thought it was a pretty boring episode.  So if it okay, I’m just going to toss our some random thoughts.

Phaedra and Apollo seem to hate each other more than usual. Phaedra hasn’t seemed like she is getting any in several seasons. I would assume sex is probably the only useful quality that Apollo has. If they don’t even have that going on, I just don’t see why they are together at all.  Also, who gives small children a bottle of cleaning solution and a rag as a toy?

Is there no end to the amount of talking heads Phaedra does about Kenya being a whore? She is still carrying on about Kenya and Apollo  horse playing around the pool from LAST SEASON! She needed to have a deadly serious conversation with Apollo about that at the time and end the discussion. This is just making her look like she is insecure in her marriage and that Kenya is a huge threat. Kenya must be feeling very satisfied with the amount of thought and energy that Phaedra spends on her.

Why did we need to hear from Kordell on his thoughts on the divorce? Why was Peter acting like the male Wendy Williams interviewing Kordell about his marriage? Who does that? It was like two little old hens gossiping at a PTA meeting! Continue reading


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Real Housewive of Atlanta (Not A Recap): A Spoon Coon

oh hell to the noe. So y’all know I get in a bad headspace sometimes. There is something going on the universe, as ‘rica would say. The ghetto is very restless.  I am what I call, “in the hole.”  Which means lots of very self destructive behavior and self medication. Apparently there is a knife wielding man in my neighborhood whose girlfriend attempted to flee to my house. I don’t open my door to NO BOD EE. EVER if I don’t know you. I accidently ran into one of my lawn guys at the beer store who convinced me to let him clean up my yard. He told me her whole story after she TRIED TO OPEN MY DOOR.

I just want to pull the covers over my head. But I want you to  have  a place to talk about tonight’s RHOA despite my lack of ability to recap it.

Plus I already know what is going to be y’alls big ass deal of the week.  Y’all are WAY more into WORDS than I am. I was raised with the “sticks and stones” philosophy.  I’ve been called every name in the book.  My teachers thought it was fascinating that I was raised in Libya, so they always included it in my introductions on the first day. This inevitably resulted in me being deemed the “sand nigger.” Sadly, by that point in my young life that was the least of my fucking problems. I could give a shit about words..  I bring this up to say that someone said something about Nene Leakes presenting herself as a  “coon show” and the PC  police most all of whom I suspect to be white, having some sort of hissy fit.  Do not tell me what to moderate. I am generally aware of what is posted on my blog.  I have said NUMEROUS times myself that Nene Leakes is pure coonery and buffoonery for Bravo and NBCUniversal.  It is what it is. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Twirling With The Enemyen

Kenya Moore RHOA

Apologies in advance if the recaps come out a little slower tonight. I’m having laptop issues on my end and using a temporary keyboard I am not used to. We start tonight with one of those staged husband and wife scenes where Nene and Gregg recount for the cameras the previous nights events. Let me just start by saying that Nene is telling it all wrong.

This “she said,she said” that happened last week about the event being to “honor Nene.” Is manufactured. Kenya held a charity event and selected a charity that Nene claims involvement with as a way to smooth things over with Nene. She did not use Nene’s name to invite people to the event. She selected a charity that Nene claims to support in an attempt to placate Nene after the whole Pajama Brawl situation. Nene made herself look stupid. No one else had a hand in that. A simple, “Thank you all for coming out for this worthy cause. I hope you will all consider making a donation to one of my favorite charities.” would have sufficed. Now Nene is trying to say she was bullied into attending the ball. Continue reading


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The Truth About “Saving Our Daughters”

So emabarrasing

I really don’t want to make this post. But I will because people who try to seek “fame” in general make me wonder if their mama didn’t hug them enough.  The older I get, the more I take a self inventory. The past few days have in fact wiped me out as I did that.  I won’t over share for once, other than to say, I have been in some negotiations for my services lately and I acted like a total jackass during those negotiations. As a result, I was forced to take inventory of myself and why I react the way I do in certain situations. I’ve had a painful few days where I acted like an asshat in my professional arena, and have tried to grow as a person with the help of some much needed therapeutic assistance. My therapist’s advice was essentially to learn from your mistakes and try not to make them in the future. Please deposit $180 in my tip jar for that So  advice. Fine. I paraphrase. $18 will do. lol. These are the jokes people. Sort of.  But I share that because I think it relates to this story.

I am growing tired of people posting in the OTHER Saving Our Daughters post comments “Didja hear they are  not a real charity?” Yes. Yes. I did both in comments HERE  and HERE! So I am updating y’all on what we know. I am changing to purple font at this point.

Despite the HUGE spotlight placed on Curtis Benjamin and his “charity” the site continues to portray themselves as :

Our Vision / Approach: Saving Our Daughters is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose philosophy is to build a movement that begins with experiential literacy and effortlessly flows into recurring civil actions (words and actions). Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Good Golly Miss Molly!

Kandi RHOA I'll fucking drag you in this bitch!

It’s been two weeks since the last episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, and when last we left the ghetto peaches their men were brawling in their underwear. Tonight, we resume and it is the womens’ turn to try and turn things up. Please note, I will not be referencing Chuck Smith, AKA Big Homie in his own mind, at all during this scene as he will remain ensconced between the fireplace and his wife’s coat tails for the entire drama.

We begin with Phaedra continuously repeating “we need to leave” despite the fact that absolutely no one, and surely not Apollo is paying her the least bit of attention. Once again, Kenya speaks the truth in her talking head. Nene started all of this with her shit stirring questions and now that everything went left she is trying to wash her hands of the whole situation. Nene makes a dramatic and illiterate announcement, “This ain’t about gettin’ all crunk with no fisteses and stuff!”   Porsha tells her sister “we ain’t sign up for no shit like that!” and they leave. It seems like Porsha is going to stroll through the lobby of the Intercontinental in a bright orange bra and panty set and a very see through white dress.

Christopher Williams and Nene seem to be on the same drugs page and are hugging it out. Natalie’s face indicates that she is not thrilled her man is in a very long embrace with a half-nekkid woman in mullet lingerie. Christopher decides the best thing to do is make another announcement. He says, ” You have to be a strange person to walk up to somebody and tell them (approaches Nene) I know Gregg better than you….”  His thoughts are so disjointed I am not even going to recap them. It seems like an attempt to get on his wife’s/girlfriend’s? good side. He accuses Kenya of being “on molly” (ecstasy).  Well, KENYA didn’t appear to be on anything but now I have a good idea what he and perhaps a couple of others were on.  I mean what’s a “pillow talk” party without some X?  Thanks for spilling your own tea there, Christopher. Continue reading


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What What Happens Live with Cynthia Bailey and La La Anthony


Cynthia Bailey is on tonight’s Watch What Happens Live and I am dying to see if Apollo’s Arrest is mentioned on the show or if Andy turtles.  STOP THE PRESSES! Why is La La Anthony in the first chair? That is NOT OKAY, Andrew. Dayum. Also, I am not a fan of Cynthia’s hair tonight. Is it just me?

Wow, Andy starts right in with the Apollo arrest. I am surprised. He says he is going to ask Cynthia’s take on that in a minute but first he has to address Nene’s mullet lingerie. Then we get a replay of the party for Mr. President. Andy plays a clip from next week’s episode showing Cynthia and Kandi arguing. Then he asks La La a bunch of Kardashian questions. No one cares.

Andy asks Cynthia about Apollo’s charges. I mean really what is she supposed to say? Cynthia says she does not like to call people when she hears bad news. Cynthia says that Peter did call Apollo earlier today to check on him and he said that Apollo said they were taking care of things. Cynthia says, “Hopefully everything will work out.” Dayum, this would have been a good night for Kenya to be on WWHL.  Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: How the Hell Am I on Kenya Moore’s Side in All This?

RHOA Faces

I’m so excited to see Dwight back on my TV on tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta! Phaedra is planning a “blessing” or an “inauguration”  for Mr. President. She sold the story to the tabloids as a “traditional African naming ceremony.”  Whatever she calls it, it can’t possibly be as offensive as Ayden’s televised fiasco.  At least she is not doing whatever this is in a church. She has rented a house for the party. Why not just have it in her house? I guess because of the renovations. Phaedra is in full put on mode. It’s a presidential theme, natch. You know, just like all the other traditional African naming ceremonies you’ve been to.  Red, White and Blue champagne?

Cynthia is telling Peter about the dinner with all of the girls the other night. Cynthia is a bit irritated with Kandi for saying that Peter has a past. I really didn’t think it was a big deal or that Kandi meant anything by it. She just said we all have a past and that doesn’t necessarily dictate the future. Well, unless we are talking about Apollo. Allegedly.  Cynthia is telling Peter this because they are planning to go to a couples pajama party at Nene’s and she wants him to be up to speed. But really, this is just going to make Peter go after Kandi at the party.

Kenya is still pretending to be trying to have a baby. I’m not sure these scenes even need to be recapped. Basically the doctor tells her that her eggs are still too damn old. Um, duh.

Kandi and Todd and Don Juan are talking about casting for the play. Don Juan is throwing shade about Porsha singing in the play.  Kandi has confidence in Porsha.  Did any of y’all go see the play? Todd brings up Christopher Williams and Kandi gives him the side eye. Don Juan knows what is coming and excuses himself. Then Kandi tells Todd about Christopher’s wife, Natalie,  calling him an opportunist. Todd is not feeling a pajama party.

More Kenya silliness.  Kenya and Miss Lawrence try to pick up a sperm donor at the sperm bank. Continue reading


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Check Out Apollo Nida Talking About His Job on HLN!

I wish they would have kept the camera on him the whole time rather than showing a RHOA Clip. All that face touching is a huge body language tell for lying.  Notice he did not do it on any other questions.



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Phaedra Parks: Have We Been Ignoring the Signs All Along?


After reading the legal documents available on Apollo Nida’s arrest, it’s clear that the FEDS have the goods on Apollo.  Their evidence dates back to 2009, just after Apollo was released from prison and just months before he married Phaedra.  So Phaedra’s “clean” man has been dirty since she picked him up. The question is, was she blinded by her attraction to Apollo’s good looks? Or have we been over looking all the signs of Phaedra’s complicity or even involvement with the criminal activities of Apollo?

Ever since Phaedra and Apollo have been together, there has been a lot of talk on the streets about Apollo cheating,  Atlanta is full of strippers and gay men and both have been in the mix of the numerous rumors swirling around town.  But to be fair the same rumors abound about Gregg and Peter. Nonetheless, all those little hussies that used to turn up on twitter that we all just dismissed out of pocket, may need a second look. But that’s the least of the problems.

The legal documents make it clear that Apollo loves female accomplices.  And female victims.  All of the people from whom he stole identities were women.  All of his minions who actually cashed the checks were women. Let’s have a look at a few of those. Continue reading


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Porsha Stewart, I Mean Porsha Williams, Moves Back in With Mommy

Porsha+Williams+Porsha+Williams+Chats+Bethenny+kAiEiAOTDnWlWell we all saw this one coming.  Porsha Stewart, ummm Porsha Williams has moved back in with her mother, according to a story on TMZ.  We all know that Porsha could not afford and did not need that huge house out in St. Marlo Country Club.  The whole situation was Shady by Bravo from the start. Why would Porsha move into Nene’s neighborhood, who she was friendly with and not tell her? The whole “surprise” ploy never floated well with me. I firmly believe that Bravo rented that house so she could have an “I can’t manage my finances” storyline.  Which also doesn’t make sense because she can’t manage her own finances so all Bravo would have had to do roll some film as she imploded.

Bethenny  Frankel, who has a direct line to Andy Cohen,  already seemed to know that Porsha was tossed out of the big house regardless of the specific circumstances when Porsha appeared on her show last week talking about how God is so good to her to provide such a huge house.  Bethenny literally scoffed at her.  So however it happened, Porsha did what we all thought she should have done in the first place and found a condo in Atlanta. Apparently, the condo she chose was outrageously expensive and part of a Home Owners Association.  She can’t possibly have been in the condo for more than three months before the HOA filed a claim for approximately $18,000. Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live With The Men of RHOA

andy cohen wwhl

Sorry for the delay y’all. I’m in a narcoleptic phase and I just hit the wall last night with the RHOA post. Blood Sweat and Heels will be up shortly. But first I am dying to see this episode of WWHL.

Nene and Phaedra are there in the audience. Nene has been in NYC this week for some reason.  Phaedra has to go with Apollo to keep him from cheating, I assume. :) Also, Todd’s mom is there. Why?  And Andy’s beard is gone.

The poll question is who would you rather out of the men?

Andy asks Todd what his reaction was to seeing all the drama about him? Todd says it was a little tough. Todd says he has always been cool with Christopher and Natalie. He says he dated Natalie’s friend in high school and they later reconnected in their twenties and neither one of them had anything.

Next we revisit the Apollo and Kenya sexting scandal that never happened AGAIN. Apollo says that he loves his wife, and then repeats the foot in his mouth comment that Peter told him never to say!  He says he loves his wife and he would never step outside of his marriage, but if he wanted to he could have. Oh Apollo. Continue reading


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