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Bravo Announces Two New Scripted Shows and Several New Unscripted Shows for 2014

New Show 2014 2015

Bravo announced a full slate of new scripted and “unscripted” shows for 2014 today.  Although some of the “unscripted” shows sound like repackaged versions of other shows where a bunch of women “attempt to balance their personal and professional lives, ” others sound new and exciting. There is a dating show that films and airs in the same week, a fantastic sounding travel show, and a show set in London!  The two scripted shows both seem to have potential, however, is it me or do they just introduce these scripted series and we never see them air?

Click through for the entire list of new and returning shows.  Let me know if you Phaedra Parks name in there anywhere…:) Also absent? Real Housewives of Miami. Continue reading


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Review of Premiere of Don’t Be Tardy

RHOAKimDon'tBeTardyTonight is the night you have all been waiting for! Especially you, Not a Kim Z Fan! It’s the premier of Don’t Be Tardy! My screener only has the first episode so I will be tuned in tonight to see the second one and probably write another post with a recap. I promise not to spoil you too much so you can enjoy the show tonight!

Here we go with episode one of Don’t Be Tardy!  This is a very rough cut so I imagine there will be some changes in what you guys see tonight. I am assuming this will be the opening with Kim in the “Falcon’s Jersey” that is nothing more than some red body paint. The theme of the opening seems to be, to borrow a phrase from Phaedra’s show, “Rich People Problems.”  The intro begins with, “My mother ruined my wedding, my friends have turned on me and me dream house turned out to be a nightmare…” The wedding eviction, her walkout from RHOA and the rental house move are shown in the opening during the voiceover. Poor Kimberleigh. Poor, poor Kimberleigh. Bless her heart. Continue reading


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Big Rich Atlanta: Khadijiha Proves She’s No Cupcake

I’m back in for another episode of Big Rich Atlanta. Mostly because it seems this episode Ashlee gets a beat down from Khadijiha. Allegedly, I imagine it is all hype. But we start with Meagan and her mother.  This is a particularly shady family and it appears we are going to meet her father on this episode. He has quite the colorful past both with the medical board and for punching some woman in the face in a moment of road rage. There are websites dedicated to nothing but having the guy’s medical license revoked. Mostly it seems because he is an OB/GYN accused by some of providing late term abortions. I used to think that these shows just slacked on the background investigations; but now, I think they must actually seek out people with questionable backgrounds. Anyway, Meagan and her mom want to have a food truck for clothes. Or something. This of course involves buying a brand new truck. Allegedly. For the cameras. One would think they would rent something first and see if…. oh nevermind. Continue reading


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We’re on Biermann Baby Watch, Y’all

Guess who is about ready to pop? If Kim wasn’t already living in tight quarters after being evicted from her dream house and returning to the condo Big Pappa (and stripping) bought her, things are about to get even more crowded. Sweetie is moving in for the next week or so in order to be around when KJ’s baby brother is born. Sweetie tweeted this morning that the big moment is coming soon! It’s supposed to be hot all week with afternoon showers here in the ATL. I imagine Kimberlee is dying to get the show on the road. I think this is the last baby Kim is planning to have so we can expect some cosmetic weight loss surgery to happen right after the delivery. You can expect her to look like Beyonce days after the baby arrives. This will likely make it hard for her to lift the baby much, but beauty is painful, y’all.

I don’t think she has to worry too much about moving into the Mysterious Dream House II anytime soon. It seems to take the RHOA a lot longer than us mere mortals to build a home. Which I find odd since new home builders are sitting around hoping for work since the market here is flooded with great deals on foreclosures.

What will she name the new baby boy? Kyle? Kritter? Kaleb? Kanye? What’s your guess? Whatever she names him, the RHOA film crew will be right there to capture every cuss word uttered during delivery. I can hardly wait.


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Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding Premieres With Big Numbers!

There was a whole lot of tweeting going on last night during Tardy For the Wedding. It was lots of fun for me to watch because I started this blog just a week before the wedding and was shocked that people were sending me information almost from day one. At that same time, Kim Kardashian was in town and I was getting bits of info on that too. As someone brand new to blogging, it was hard to keep my Kims straight which is why at the last minute I was totally unsure where Kim was getting married despite having the information. It was so exciting.  Now I am anxiously awaiting the ratings from last night so I can just see how many of y’all that said you weren’t going to watch were lying. :)
FINALLY! Ratings are in and they are fantastic! 1.399 (.5 18-49) for 9pm and 1.670 (.7 18-49) for 9:30!  Why aren’t you people watching Kathy at 10? She only pulled .726 :( Is it because you are addicted to Scandal on ABC like me?  Congrats Kim!

The question I got the most was about the cops showing up to the wedding. Well, Kim’s parents have been sort of …um… unusual on RHOA and her over the top mother has a big role in Tardy. Everyone’s mother can be a bit intrusive during the wedding planning. Juggling the parents of both bride and groom is part of the whole ordeal, but when you are …er….um…let’s say when a daughter has new money, and the mother is unaccustomed to ginormous reality TV weddings, expect the unexpected. Kim’s mom is not exactly Kris Jenner. So sadly, the po-po is called on her by security during the reception.  Sorry to spoil the ending, but… keep your eye on Kim’s mom.

I didn’t understand the whole secretive hotel room scene with the Pnina Tornai dress. Kim went to the New York debut of the line and sat in the front row with Colin Cowie.  It was not some big behind closed doors thing.  Also, Kim is 5’8″.  I have to get on the team that doesn’t believe she is a size two. I’m 5’9″ and even at 125 I was a 7 or a 9 and was bony.  Perhaps they have changed the sizes since the dark ages, but I also have huge (real. real saggy) boobs and … well there just ain’t no way. I realize they had to alter the boobs, but still. That said, we get to see a different side of Kim on this show. We also get to see more Kroy. I like Kroy well enough but he is not my physical type. I don’t understand all the hoopla there.  He seems to have a good heart and an easy going personality. I loved Shun the stylist ( follow @shunmelson ) and the loyal friend, Jen (expect drama between Jen and Kim though) and of course KJ is stealing the show.  I expect the ratings of this show to get better each week. Next week it moves to the 9:30 time slot.  The first two shows will air immediately before starting at 8:30.  After that the previous weeks show will air at 9:00 with the new one airing at 9:30.  So the 8 episodes will roll out over seven weeks.

So let me have it. What did you think of the show? Or just rant about how you didn’t watch it because Kim is a big, fat, whore. Either way works for me.


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Nene Says She is Sick of "the Gay People"

I really dislike the format Bravo uses for its video sharing so I usually avoid embedding them and really don’t even like watching them. However, this morning two readers shared that on this video, which is one of those jerky hand-held behind the scenes videos that Andy did during the taping of the RHOA reunion, has an interesting comment.  First, let’s recall that every opportunity that Nene has been presented has come from a gay man. First and foremost, Bravo Andy, the gay man that is holding the camera for this video.  Then there is Chris Colfer who suggested to Ryan Murphy that Nene would be a good choice to play Roz Washington on Glee. Gay men have been very, very good to Nene Leakes.  So please tell me that she is not stupid enough to be saying what she it sounds like she is saying at the 46 second mark of this video. I’m going to need some of you Nene fans to explain this one.


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Real Housewives of Atlanta: Is It Over Yet?

So way back last summer I ran across these pictures of Kim and Cynthia leaving the Brookwood Grill with full camera crew. I could not imagine why those two were eating lunch alone in front of the cameras.  I mean really, what could Kim and Cynthia have to talk about. Ah, those were the days, back before I looked into the real story of Bravo behind the scenes shenanigans. Who would have guessed that Kim would be A HOUSEWIFE doing HOUSEWIFE things, albeit with an army of people to keep her from actually doing anything, but still her storyline was new home, new husband, new baby (not in that order of course). Leave it to Bravo to decide on season four to manufacture a racial issue between Kim and the girls  after three and a half seasons of showing Kim spending all her time surrounded by black people. So for what must be the fifth episode, Kim’s storyline continues to be the great race debate of 2012. You could tell they were both over the whole thing, but the script is the script so hey had a cocktail and forged ahead. Was it just me or were these two dressed for different places? Cynthia was fine for lunch at Brookwood Grill but where was Kim going?

We had yet another graphic infomercial for Kandi’s new sex toy line. Did you know Kandi had a sex toy line? Haven’t we seen this eleventy billion times already? Do we really need to hear Kandi talking about her clit AGAIN? I think not. I’ve heard less graphic discussions at sex clubs. Allegedly. 

Phaedra continued her storyline advertising funerals for Willie Watkins. Does anyone believe this? Anyone? Is Phaedra getting free funerals for her family out of all this free advertising? What is the real story there?

Sheree was not even on the show. Since the housewives shows normally end with the vacation it seems like these shows were all thrown together after the fact. It’s almost like they knew then that Sheree would not be returning.

And then there was Nene. I have to say I like Andre better than most of the gays Bravo puts on this show. But bless his heart he is playing a hard role. Did you see how big his white shoes were? ReDickulous proportions, I’m just saying.  Nene is shown flying out to meet with her new boyfriend Ryan Murphy to audition for Glee.  Remember when I broke the story and most people didn’t believe it? Well we were all reminded of why it seemed so unlikely. Also remember when I told you guys that Nene was reshooting her talking heads in February? Now we see that was to update people on the whole Glee thing and perhaps close our her storyline? It sure looks like they are going to end the season with Nene saying she is done with Bravo and off to LA.  This may have been residual effects from when her spinoff about moving on without Gregg was a go. Who knows. Speaking of LA, that Steve Harvey and Keisha Knight-Pulliam thing was so staged it was hilarious. First you have Nene and Andre eating dinner at the bar (?) and then there is this processional of Atlanta people in LA who just all happen to be at the same place filing past her like she’s part of a bridal party.

Is it me or does it seem like both Sheree and Nene seem to be having their storylines closed in a final way while Cynthia is lunching with Kim and preparing to move over to one team with the rest of the smalls? I mean there was no Marlo, no Sheree and what is being edited as a final ending for Nene. Next season may just be Kim, Phaedra, Kandi, Cynthia and Toya. Thoughts?


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion: Addressing Rumors (or not)

Okay y’all, I’ve been out working in the yard and getting the front porch ready for tea sippin’ season and I got way more sun than I should have. I’m worn out. I spent yesterday enjoying the weather and digging in my garden. Summer showed up here this weekend and it is much more appealing to me than blogging at the moment. Apparently, this didn’t make all 14 of you who read this blog very happy as I am slammed with requests for information about the reunion.

I told you on Friday night/Saturday morning the tea that I knew for sure, here.  Then late last night it started. I’m getting all these emails, DMs, tweets and smoke signals about certain specific things that may or may not have happened. Today I realized that there were people who were posting bizarro crap on twitter “from the reunion”.  These are the same people losing their minds over the Phaedra allegations. Go figure.

There are always leaks on any production set. There are personal assistants, hair and makeup people, car drivers, cameramen, lighting experts, security and site employees, bartenders… all sorts of people on set. Leaks happen when, as a hypothetical example, the bartender tells his girlfriend what he heard who tells her girlfriends who read Tamaratattles and send in the scoop. Those are generally credible, if often embellished, leaks. Credible leaks do not occur when someone with a twitter account pretends to work for Bravo and tweets a preposterous laundry list of things that happened. Do you understand what I am trying to tell you?

I am not going to go down that laundry list with you and tell you each one is false (they are). I don’t want to repeat the crap and inadvertently give it “legs” on the Internet. Mostly because someone is including on their laundry list things about the housewives’ children. Some of the children on RHOA have been embarrassed enough over things that were actually on the show.  It is totally unfair for grown women on the Internet and go in on children. Anyone’s children. Regardless of your feelings toward their mother based on a realty TV show.  Pointing out that one or two of these women on the show are not going to be winning mother of the year based on their lack of providing proper creature comforts for their kids is about as far as I am willing to go. Some of the trash floating around out there right now is just not something I am willing to address here other than to say that the person spewing this sort of made up information should be ashamed.  I am asking you again not to mention specifics in comments.

The true leaks are small and not the BABY BORN WITH THREE HEADS!!! sort of headlines some of y’all seem to be believing. You can expect to see three or four people go in on Kandi. You can expect a rematch between Nene and Sheree. You can expect to see Marlo go in on Kim. There will not be any Maury Povitch Paternity tests, No lie detectors, and No criminal allegations. There will be one or maybe even two people who decide to go out with a BANG and escalate their already ridiculous behavior a few notches before their final curtain. There will be hurt feelings by those who actually HAVE feelings. The insults will be crueler than they have been all season. It sounds like it was a shitstorm.

So y’all can form your own opinions about all the outrageous gossip going on about what happened at the reunion. If someone is always on twitter with all this dirt and shocking information about six or seven people ALL DAY.  That is called throwing everything against the wall and hoping it will stick. I will ask that you do not regurgitate the crap in the comments here. It’s inappropriate. The real tea comes in small doses from trusted sources.

And now I am going to clean up the yard tools, wash out the paint trays and relax. I suggest y’all take a deep breath and relax too. It’s only TV.


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Long and Explosive!

Things have been popping off at the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion this evening with several people there (both staff and cast) tweeting about the fireworks. Apparently, Kandi got the Lisa Vanderpump treatment on this year’s reunion. Nene has tweeted her usual blustering about how “these girls are funny to me” while both Kim and Kandi posted around 11:30 p.m.that they were irritated and ready to go home but had at least another hour to shoot. I don’t know why they do these things at night, especially since Andy Cohen rolled into town yesterday. The housewives started showing up around 5p.m. (HAPPY HOUR!) so perhaps they all needed to be lubricated before they got down to it. I stupidly didn’t think there would be that many fireworks since really, the only real beef between the cast is between Kim and Kandi, Kandi and Sheree, and Nene and everyone (but mostly Sheree).  I’m not 100% sure that Nene is coming back next season at this point. Word is Nene wants to return despite her cries otherwise but that her pretend divorce from Gregg (There isn’t now, nor was there ever a divorce filing) and her refusal to work with the other girls pissed off Bravo more than I originally heard. We may be in for a shake up a la RHONY!  Meanwhile Kandi looked fabulous today after a quick hair appointment with Derek J before the show. She showed up to filming rocking a long pony worn to the side (for Andy?) and a cute white dress from TagsAtl.  It’s not clear if she changed for the show.  Marlo made an appearance on the show about five hours into taping. I heard she wore She by Sheree. They should be wrapping soon and I should have more details by morning. :)
Update: Filming finished around 1:15 a.m. That’s about eight hours of filming at the end of the day on top of their workday (um for those with jobs).  Kim seems highly upset with Marlo referencing her calling gay people “faggots” and insulting her husband.  Not surprised that Marlo went off at reunion.


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Why the Sour Puss, Snooks?

Snooki filming her show with JWoww yesterday. Can’t she afford a stylist yet?

Snooki’s US Magazine article is finally out. Snooki admits to being 15 months weeks pregnant and engaged to boyfriend Jionni. Snooki has decided not to live in the shore house next season which could, thankfully, mark the end of The Jersey Shore. Snooks says she might make a few appearances but will concentrate on the bun in her oven rather than waving her buns in the air. So she got the ring and the baby. Why so glum, Snooki?


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Kim Kardashian Back in Atlanta Filming

Here we go again Atlanta. Kim Kardashian is coming back to town to film Drop Dead Diva. Kim plays a Nikki, the romantic interest of  Fred (Ben Hoffman). Apparently having a new girlfriend doesn’t keep Fred from starting some sort of business venture with his ex-girlfriend Stacy played by April Bowlby.
Kim’s story arc involves the hopefully hilarious drama that occurs as Fred struggles to keep the two women from each other’s throat.Executive Producer Josh Berman announced that Kim K would be joining the team last month. He stated in a press release, “I’m ecstatic to welcome Kim to the Diva family. In discussing the role of Nikki with her, I’m blown away by her smarts, sense of humor, and passion. This series is all about reinvention and I’m so excited to see Kim ‘reinvented’ in the world of Drop Dead Diva.”

Kim is scheduled to begin filming tomorrow. She has a multi-show arc in season four so she should be here for awhile. It does sound like Fred and Stacy will eventually reunite. The AJC Buzz recently posted a Drop Dead Diva casting call for several hunky males aged 30-37 for a shirtless love scene. Sounds practically like an orgy.  Lucky for Kim she has lots of experience doing sexual scenes on camera and pretending she is in love. She should take to this role like a duck to water.

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Real Housewives of Atlanta Production Team in Town Filming Today

So last night, Nene tweets that she is going to bed because she has to get up early to the next morning to film. Today I was expecting to hear she did a local morning show or something. But I didn’t hear a peep until about 3:15 when Nene tweets that @kingdomlos had just left her house saying they finally stopped shooting (or did they?).  The implication is that she thought they had already filmed everything for season four.
Then, Nene retweets a picture of her taken by a hairstylist who was working the shoot. Notice anything interesting about what Nene is wearing? That is the shirt she wears in her talking heads. Clearly, the dot connectors among us realize that the @kingdomlos, producer for RHOA was there to shoot additional talking heads for this season.  Now why could they possibly need to edit footage to change the way we see things on the show at this late point in the season?  Are they going to work in some orphanage donation talks? Try to soften Marlo’s image? Clearly, Nene’s new talking heads are needed for some reason. There is no show this Sunday because of the Superbowl. That gives them plenty of time to change the talking heads for the very next episode. That is the episode with the orphanage scenes. Nene seems a bit apprehensive about the AIDS orphans in the previews. Maybe she is asking for an image edit for that? What do y’all think about this most interesting development? Tweets are behind the jump.

EDIT: I see I am working with a different audience here. so  I’m just going to hit you over the head with it.Bravo is editing the orphanage clips to include a way to donate. Expect Nene to have a reaction to the orphanage thing which is different from what is filmed and to see a place to donate. Wonder how that happened?   Thanks Bravo,

NeNe Leakes
RT : Workin wit today! <I didn’t approve of this picture! My next hair do is free LOL 
NeNe Leakes Just kicked out my house! We finally finished shooting or did we LOL
NeNe Leakes
Headed 2 bed! I gotta b on camera early n the morning! Nite Nite tweetie pies! Sweet dreams 


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