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Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 2 Recap: Andy Cohen is A Misogynistic Douchebag!

Happy RHOBH Reunion Day!


The Booze Cruise

We start right off with Porsha and Shamea acting a fool on the Booze Cruise and Porsha’s first violent episode of the season caught on camera.  Production opted not to show all of the long drawn out Porsha meltdown and how long it took her to calm down in the actual episode. Let’s hope that lost footage gets shown this time.

Oh but no. Shady Andy reads a nasty comment from a viewer asking CYNTHIA when she became such a thug. This explains a lot. I am hearing there is a lot of anger from both the crew that has to be present for all of Porsha’s violence and the cast over Andy and Bravo’s other executives nonchalant attitude regarding Porsha’s violence.  Andy allowed Porsha to make excuses for her behavior and blame Cynthia and then read nasty comments to Cynthia as if they are not dealing with a violent THOT.   Oh wait, we have made it EXACTLY three minutes into this episode without blaming KENYA MOORE. Some dumb cunt writes in that all three times there was violence on the show, Kenya was involved. The cunt satchel is talking about Pillow Talk, where Brandon was attacked by Apollo, Kandi went buck wild and everyone lost their shit, The reunion, when Kenya’s “involvement was getting attacked!” and Lake Lanier, where her involvement was asking an uninvited guest who was being ratchet to leave the event.  What the fuck is wrong with these people and why does Andy delight in making EVERY SINGLE ALTERCATION about Kenya????  I  can’t wait to see how Andy manages to blame KENYA for Porsha beating down some girl in the alley when my sources say it all went down before Kenya even arrived. I’m sure he will come up with something.  Then Andy brings up that SIX YEARS AGO Sheree grabbed Kim Zolicak’s hair.  He is desperate to defend the THOT in any way he possibly can. Now Andy gives Porsha plenty of time blame Cynthia again. This is just ridiculous.  Then they play Porsha attacking Kenya again. Porsha says she takes responsibility for her actions but it is Cynthia’s fault.

Porsha says something about Kenya and a one eyed African trying to deflect from the fact that Kenya said she beat down her assistant at the finale filming. WTF?

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Project Runway All Stars Recap: Where Your Hose At?

Project Runway allstars  sam

This is Sam’s look. How the FUCK was this not on the bottom?

Weekends can be great for me because there is not a lot of  housewives drama going on and I get to catch up on the shows that only a few of us are watching together. It harkens back to the days when this was a much smaller site.  Then Sunday night comes and the madness begins again.  So let’s hit the highlights (and lowlights) of this week.

I forgot it was an unconventional materials challenge. These can be really hit or miss. This week, it’s medical supplies. So yuck. Maybe Kini will do a Herve Leger type bandage dress out of ace bandages. That is what I would do. You know, if I could design, or sew. Speaking of people who can’t sew, I hope Sam gets his comeuppance this episode.

I have to be honest. I don’t really remember most of these people’s names, so it is hard to recap the madness in the workroom. Sam won the unconventional challenge on his season. He feels confident.

I kind of love Ken and not just because he could go all insane in the membrane at any moment.  He is doing a hose dress and so is Sam. I really need for Ken to pull this off. He can be the villain again later, but for now, he will be my hero if he takes Sam down.

Alexander is going to make the word “surreal” the drinking word, or maybe the glue sniffing word, for this week’s episode. Valerie is trying to make a dress out of cotton swabs.  She’s in danger of being to artsy.  I sort of remember Stella from previous shows, and what I sort of remember is that she is on the wrong show. I am not sure what the right show is, but this is not it.

Sam is becoming a bitchy queen on this show who seems to think he is doing well on his own merits. It will be hard for anyone to do worse than Stella, but I really hope he pulls that off.  Asha is doing the same dress as someone else. NotTimGunn pretty much tells everyone not to be too crafty. Like artsy crafty.

Dom is struggling and Sam and Ken apparently have nothing better to do than stand around and watch her.  Stella abandons her alien coat and seems to have nothing.Kini is making a piñata.

Did Layana just tell her model her crotch stinks? Because that is what I got from it. I hope she meant the materials. Continue reading


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Check Out This Tour Of Kandi Burruss’ House


It’s really only two or three rooms, But the décor is totally Kandi. I like how she pokes fun at her chairs with “weave.” I really didn’t realize how huge that house is!


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Spotted! Real Housewives Are Filming At The Palm!

RHOA Kenya come for me can exclusively report that Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim Fields, Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield are filming a dinner scene at The Palm right now according to a Tamara Tattles Spy!

That is an odd triad. I wonder who they are talking about. Cynthia and her man problems perhaps? Or maybe Kim and Sheree are filling Kenya in on the trip to Washington DC?


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Demetria McKinney Release New Single “Unnecessary Trouble” With Kandi Burruss

RHOA Demetria party with Kandi


It all WENT DOWN tonight at a little place called Time Restaurant & Lounge in Atlanta tonight where Demetria McKinney release her latest single Unnecessary Trouble that has a feature singing role by Kandi Burruss. Bravo really screwed up by letting Demetria and Claudia go this season as these two have been working constantly since leaving and have several other TV offers on the table.

Bravo cameras were all there as the entire cast showed up to support Demetria and Kandi.  Even Claudia was able to show up for her good friend Demetria. Amiyah Scott was also hanging out witht the ladies.

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RHOA Weekend Tea….

Marlo! #rhoa
The former FOH  on RHOA pictured above is currently hanging out in Puerto Rico.  She was spotted out and about by herself today.
In other news Newton County School Systems apparently do not run background checks on their um, motivational speakers.  Because guess which RHOA was at the high school in Covington today giving an “inspirational speech” to the students.
Go ahead. Guess. I’ll wait.  Then click through for the tea. You may want to be sitting down for this…

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