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WWHL With Kim Biermann & Jeff Lewis


They look much better in this photo than they did on TV.


TamaraTattles won’t be able to recap tonight’s premiere of Don’t Be Tardy until Saturday due a million scheduling conflicts. I hope they push this and do it back to back with Manzo’d.  Half hour shows totally mess up my schedule.

I’m going to have to try and get through of this as quickly as possible because…..miles to go before I sleep.

Oh my God. I was adding tags and categories and listening without watching. I looked up and what the hell is going on with Kim? I have never seen her look this ridiculous? What is that thing on her head? Nene has better wigs than this? I cannot believe what I am seeing!

Andy asks if there is a name for what is happening on her head. Well he says wig, but oh my GAWD. She says she wants him to name it. It’s a brand new wig. Andy is now in a bind and probably wishes he’d never asked this. I would call it sheep dog.  Brielle is the bartender. She is 19 so it’s a milk bar. She has an unrecognizable face and tons of spackle on her face.

Andy tries to get Kim to admit she has a new nose. She won’t her top lip is huge. I am sad to see it’s come to this.  Continue reading


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Catfish Recap: Luis & Sydney



Sorry we have missed a couple of Catfish episodes,  things at have been mad busy. I am actually supposed to be recapping something else tonight and I just have to see what is going on with Nev and Max.

It looks like a fairly normal episode so far tonight. Let’s get started.

The Catfish

Sydney is a 22-year-old single mom. She has been taking care of her grandmother and her little sister as well. Recently her grandmother died and now she, her mother and her daughter are homeless and living in a shelter.

The Mark

Luis is a 30-year-old construction worker from Newburgh, New York. He’s also a single dad of three girls. Luis is starting to be suspicious of the Catfish. He wants to let them come live with him, but he is not sure she is telling the truth. He sent her a small amount of money over Western Union and she didn’t have an ID to pick it up so she had to use a code name. So her name is not really Sidney. And those are not her photos. He is in love. Oh and of course they have never video chatted. Because it is only 1981 after all.

Let’s get on to the part where I look for CGIed walls and new couches. That’s my favorite part. There was a hideous green CGI paint on the hotel walls in the first scene.  If you are new to Catfish recaps here, I totally just watch to see all the CGI and or new paint added to the walls of the Mark and/or the catfish. I  usually get crazy people sending me emails that MTV production doesn’t CGI the walls for a variety of reasons. I love crazy people.
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Real Housewives of New York Reunion Finale Part 3! Did Ramona Have Something To Say? Or Nay?

RHONY Sonja walks out of Reunion

I am so weary.

So very weary.

Is this over yet? I just want it to be over. I don’t think I will ever watch this franchise again.

It’s time to talk about the Amish shunning that Bethenny orchestrated against Sonja this season. I never had a problem with Bethenny bitching out Sonja for her stupid business deal with the housewife clinging idiot. She knew exactly what she was doing and Bethenny was right to ream her out for it. What she did wrong was to threaten all the other castmates into excluding her from filming. Sonja needs the paycheck and she has a kid.  That was a bitch move by Bethenny.  Before you put this season behind you, you really need to read this tutorial on SkinnyGirl v Tipsy Girl.    Everyone applauds Sonja for quitting drinking.  Ramona hasn’t been asked about anything I can remember in a single segment. So she keeps trying to pipe in about issues that don’t concern her. Apparently, Ramona was in on the deal with Peter at first but for some reason backed out. Dorinda says that Bethenny did call and say she was coming whoever she decides to invite.  Everyone said they excluded her because of her drinking. Even Dorinda and Ramona who both drink like fishes.

Sonja has a crying meltdown because she wasn’t invited to the Berkshires. She blames Dorinda. Sonja tries to do a dramatic walkout but the cameras are not following so she doesn’t make it off the stage.

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Peter Thomas Is In Hot Water With His Charlotte Businesses

Peter Thomas RHOA


Who is surprised that Peter Thomas has made the Charlotte news for his shady business dealings? Anyone? Anyone? I see no hands. I’ve been asked a couple of times what I think about his latest mess, and it just sounds like the usual shell game he likes to play to me.  What I wonder is what if anything the FEDs think about it.  Apollo’s arrest and Peter’s possession of some of Apollo’s assets have put him on their radar.  I’m not sure this is big enough for them to get involved just yet, but you never know.

I do think that the FEDs showing up at Cynthia’s house was a big part of her filing for divorce. 

Peter is pushing an after party at Club One next week for the Bad Boy Reunion Tour.  His flyers have Puff Daddy and all the performers on them and it is strongly implied they will be in Club One.  #Sketchy.  I don’t see Puff Daddy rolling up in Club One, but we shall see.

But first, click through for a list of the most hilarious components of the newest lawsuit against Peter.  Let me know which one made you laugh the hardest.

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Brandi Glanville: Another Day, Another Housewife That Doesn’t Pay Taxes

RHOBH Brandi 2


The Feds are coming for Brandi Glanville for $29,396.35 from 2013, and $82,448.38 from 2014 and that is probably just Bravo. Why don’t these people know that as independent contractors that Bravo sends a copy of the 1099 they send to you each year to Uncle Sam?  I wonder if the publishing companies use a 1099 or if this includes her book money? Because Brandi was on RHOBH (albeit for peanuts) and her first book came out in 2013.

Also, if she doesn’t pay taxes how come she can’t afford to pay rent and gets evicted out of everywhere the moment her lease is up?

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Bachelor In Paradise Dramatic Finale! All’s Wells That Ends Wells!

BIP Ashley and Wells
As if Labor Day weekend was a big enough sign that summer is almost over, it’s time for the two night dramatic finale of Bachelor in Paradise.  Oddly, they are still letting new people in on the last week.  They saved Tiara the chicken girl for last. Nick, our next Bachelor, goes to Tiara and gets her to give up her date care so he can take Jen out on a date. These two have been pretty invisible and I haven’t noticed any major connection; however, when Nick was announced as the new bachelor, Jen went to the tabloids to say she was blindsided because they were still seeing each other. Whatever, Jen. Have several seats.  Unless I see you getting engaged on the second half of this most dramatic finale ever, you have not serious claim to him.  Ironically, they go on a date to a card reader who says that Nick is unsure and has one foot in and one foot out of their relationship. Nick pours on the charm and says all the right things.

Hey Izzy! If you dump a guy for the first cute guy who comes along, that’s your prerogative.  But after you dump him, you can’t expect him to be there just because the cute guy tires of you after a week. OMG this awesome. So the new guy dumped her for the next chick that came along. She decides to leave Paradise and go look for Vinny. She calls him and he is not longer interested. He says there is no coming back from what she did and basically hangs up on her. Who knew Vinny had it in him?  I hope he doesn’t change his mind.  They literally have to pull the car over so that Izzy can have a nervous breakdown.  You know what makes for good TV?  A dramatic nervous breakdown, that’s what.

Then to cap it all off, Brett, the cute guy that Izzy dumped Vinny for, bails at the most dramatic rose ceremony ever leaving his new interest roseless as well.

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