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Big Brother Discussion Forum: It’s Time to Battle Back!

BB18 Julie
I am trying to start a new discussion forum at least once a week for Big Brother for those who want to chat about it here. I love those of you who share in comments scoop from the live feeds. I’ve been super busy and a bit under the weather so I just haven’t been able to update as much as I should because I haven’t seen all the live feeds.

Tonight we have Redemption Island Battle Back where the first five eliminated houseguests fight for a chance to get back in the game. Since we never saw any of the sequestered guest in the same shot last night, We can assume they didn’t pay everyone for five week of sequester and therefore everyone has had a week of alone time in the house waiting for the next competitor and the loser went home shortly after.  I also think the final challenge tonight will probably be used to save Tiffany. I would be happy about this if it were not for the fact she has been a colossal disappointment. I hope it is either her or….. I can’t believe I am saying this…Bronte. Bronte might be able to gather up the girls and boys not in showmances and break up the pairs. This should have been done LONG ago. I include Frank and Bridgette in this scenario.

Urethra Franklin wants Jozea back. He is going to be sleeping on the couch tonight for that for even speaking it into the universe.

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Why Was Peter Thomas On Wendy Williams ?

Peter Thomas RHOA


Peter didn’t share any earth shattering RHOA gossip on Wendy Williams.  But the fact that he was there and the odd point he kept reinforcing was quite telling. Wendy came busting out to her hot topics chair to say she was very excited that Peter contacted her via intercom to let her know she was free to go in on him and no question is off the table.

First of all, Peter contacted the show asking to be on. So he has something he wants to put out there in the universe. He comes  out saying that the guys on the show never get a voice. Wendy jumps in, “Because it’s called housewives!” He seems to be on a talk show he invited himself on to talk about how reality show participants always have their business out in the streets. Peter found out that Cynthia filed for divorce on E! Wendy says he must have really pissed her off. Wendy asks, ” Were you cheating wildly? Did you embezzle money from her?”

Peter points out that they have never had a shared bank account.

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The Bravos: Worst Thing Ever Televised

andy cohen

This is really stupid and I can’t believe I am going to watch this, but I thought y’all might like a place to comment. Did I mention how dumb this is?

Gia is the Miss Bravo. Jenni Pulos hosts the west coast event with all the west coast Bravolebs.

Don’t Call It A Comeback Award

Craig Conover, Teresa Giudice, Stassi Schroeder, Sheree Whitfiel or Satan. The winner was Satan. Or the Felon. It might have been the Felon by Bravo.

Remember this walk off video of the felon?  Their next question was going to be about Heather Dubrow. Andy brings this up and Teresa blows it off. Anyone know what Heather said?

The Bravo Bro Award

James Kennedy,  Pol Pot, Ben Robinson,  Shep Rose, and Jax Taylor.

Jax narrowly beats out Pol Pot. James was played by a Amy Phillips. I think James is off the show.

Contour De Force

Erika Jayne, Katheryn Dennis, Ru Paul,  Lala Kent, Nene Leakes and Kenya Moore.

If there was a winner, I missed it

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Big Brother Live Eviction Discussion

BB18 Cast nude
The above photo was taken by CBS and on the official big Brother site. Apparently they all actually agreed to get naked. No idea why.

I do not want to miss a minute of this episode of Big Brother by doing an in depth recap. This eviction is going to be awesome. Everyone in the non-existent 8 pack agreed that it was Tiffany’s week to go home. But they had a last minute change of heart and decided to blindside Frank and send home Bronte. That is what I want to happen, mostly because I am for anything that Frank would not like.

Also, tonight is a memory challenge. The hamsters were shown photographs that they had to memorize for the challenge. Tiffany claims to have a photographic memory. The house wants Frank out next, Tiffany wants Frank out. Why send her home when she has a good shot at HOH? Problem solved.

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Is Porsha Williams Headed to Jail?


Photo: TMZ

I’ve been getting this question a lot today. I have to tell you, if I were in a good place I would have probably explained this to you guys much earlier. It seems like all the headlines are triggering the crazy these days.  I have done the same process that Jami Zeigler has done against Porsha Williams.  So I have a very personal insight into the process.

I believe what has happened at this point is that Jami has made a request to the court for an arrest warrant against Porsha Williams. I’m going to explain this process by another overshare. It seems the easiest way to do it. But basically,  Jami is trying to hold Porsha accountable for an assault that happened under one of two circumstances.  The process she is following occurs under one of two circumstances.  First, if police are not called to the scene when someone is assaulted and they simply try to escape to safety, it is an avenue to attempt to have criminal charges filed. Or in another circumstance if someone is assaulted and the police do not arrest the attacker, the person can file as a citizen asking for an arrest warranted.  In either circumstance you go to the appropriate office within the Fulton County system and file a sworn statement that you were assaulted. Then a hearing happens and the judge decides whether or not to sign an arrest warrant, or if they show up for the hearing, the assailant could be arrested on the spot.

Many sites are saying there is some sort of mediation where Porsha and Jami would sit down for a mediation process. That it utter bullshit. I don’t understand why anyone would think that a criminal charge would hinge on the assailant and the victim sitting down and hugging it out. This is not civil court. THIS IS CRIMINAL COURT. There is no part of the process that involves the victim an the criminal sitting in mediation. It’s disturbing to me that so many sites think this is a thing. It is not

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It’s A Big Brother Miracle! Frank Got the Douchebag Edit He Deserves!

BB18 Frank



It’s well known that Frank is, for reasons that defy logic. Grondner’s favorite. So I never in a million years thought we would get a montage of his douchebag behavior and how uncomfortable he makes the girls. Of course it was the tamest version possible; still,  we were shown him being way too rough with Nicole in the pool, poking Natalie in the stomach and calling her fat while she ate, the infamous “slut” comment to Day because she called him “such a douche” and it seemed to hurt his big fat feelings. We saw him peering in the shower and telling Day her “titties” sittin’ right. We also saw his comments to Zak about her athletic bra and calling her a hussy. This is a mere fraction of the misogynistic sexual harassment carries out to every woman in the house.

Michelle who clearly has an eating disorder, he loves to pick on and he refers to her as “big Mich.” She has taken to pre-eating in the storage room before eating dinner with the crew where she shovels food into her mouth so fast she has no time at all to chew it.

OMG! They are editing this to make it seem like Day is crying because Frank told her to “Shut her damn mouth, woman.” They did not show the slap heard around the world. They didn’t include any of the multiple times a day that Frank slapped the girls asses.

Oh wait. They showed the ass slap after her crying about it. Of course he did it in a place where no cameras are. He knows excactly what he is doing. So they are going to show this and STILL not remove Frank from the house?  And where are they getting these pictures of Frank sitting in the HOH in quiet contemplation? He bragged about it all over the house!  We also saw her DR where she went in there TO GET AWAY FROM HIM not to rat him out to production as some have claimed. She knows production has a hard on for Frank and they see all the shit he does and they love it.

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