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Vanderpump Rules Aftershow Recap: Xanaduuu…

Pump Rules Kristen Karma


By Xanadude

A couple of brief notes on the AfterShow, which you should be watching:

It’s a comedy show and recapping it would be like describing porn to someone who just masturbated, so just some points –

Brandy Howard and Julie Goldman are the hosts. They are amazingly funny. They aren’t taking the show or the cast seriously, a point which the cast seem to not understand. The hosts will ask hysterically inappropriate and/or sarcastic statements, and the cast will answer as if they were UN Ambassadors. Surprisingly, Sandoval and Shay are the ones who get into the spirit of it and play along. I like “sober” non castrated Shay-he’s pretty funny and quick.

Watch Julie and Brandy’s facial expressions and eye rolls.
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Shannon Beador Never Shuts The Fuck Up!


Shannon Beador rarely goes a full day without address her fans on Facebook via live feed. She is quite convinced that she is winning and that last night episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County validated her turning away from Vicki and jumping on the cunt satchel sofa to eventually become even more disgusting that Meghan and Tamra. Because, delusional.

We begin with her picking through her kids Halloween loot and admitting she is a sugar addict.  So vinegar is the devil because it has sugar in it but eating a pile of Twizzlers is just something that must be done. Got it.

Can she ever forgive Vicki? She doesn’t even know. There was a lot of stuff we didn’t see. They started off the season knowing exactly what they were doing (Vicki and Brooks).

David shows up and they pause to get their daughters in the picture. Continue reading


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Brandi Glanville is Great With Children!

brandi signs a kid's cast (2)


She was recently back near her parents house at a restaurant opening or and envelope opening or something when a kid with a cast waited in line to see her. Look what she wrote!  See? Great with kids, teaching them not to cuss! Just think of all the kids he shared the message with at school the next day! She’s the gift that keeps on giving!


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Did Joe and Melissa Gorga Have Any Role In Teresa’s Incarceration?



On last night’s WWHL, people on Twitter were outraged that Juicy Joe was trying to pin the blame for Teresa’s incarceration on Joe Gorga. A source familiar with the Giudice bankruptcy filing has sent me some interesting tea about the process.

A few years before Joe Giudice and Teresa filed for bankruptcy, Joe’s younger brother, Pete,  had a successful bankruptcy.  At the time, it was the biggest in his area.  His slate was successfully wiped clean.  My source believes  that  the Giudices may have seen the potential of wealth from Teresa’s celebrity status and wanted a clean slate too.

According to the bankruptcy lawyer that is being sued, the Giudices were given standard forms which they filled out.  The forms request tax documentation.   Joe and Teresa signed forms stating that the tax forms they submitted to the bankruptcy courts were correct. They were forged.  The standard procedure is for the bankruptcy court to check with the IRS. The IRS reported back with the information that they had not filed for ten years.  CLICK HERE to see all of the IRS documents and W2s they falsified. Teresa was unemployed at this time and gave a variety of false jobs with fake W2s to numerous banks. They did not just “sign the forms they were given” as Joe likes to say. They made up jobs they didn’t have and falsified W2s to show the jobs existed and then signed those forms and gave them to the banks.


The bankruptcy lawyer shared that officials  also asked how they acquired their bank loans.  The law in NJ is that applicants have to provide W2 forms. Which the falsified. Continue reading


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One of Kordell Williams Gay Lovers Comes Out (ALLEGEDLY)

Straight from the A is reporting that the guy in the above video ALLEGEDLY  slept with Kordell while he was married to that THOT on RHOA . On the video you can see  on SFTA’s SITE HERE  .

Other than laughing  I have nothing to add about any of this.


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Who is Planting All of These Crazy Porsha Rumors?

RHOA Porsha and Duke 3

I don’t know what is going on with TMZ lately. They have been going through a long period where they stories were accurate and out well before other sites picked things up.  At least I was buying it.  Then this week they have had three really shady and/or  inaccurate reports about the RHOA.

First, the totally poached the BET interview of Miss Lawrence without giving any credit at all to the interviewer. So now they show up on Google News as the primary source of that story. #Shady They’ve taken my stories in the past with no credit, but I was shocked they would poach from such a large site.

Then they apparently misread Kim Biermann’s Instagram or just didn’t care and reported that she was dancing in her hospital room.  Clearly, that didn’t happen and it was her dance partner Tony who was dancing around the room and talking about DWTS to try to keep her mind off of a serious medical condition. Continue reading


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