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Univision and NBC Cause International Disaster!

Donald Trump

So every presidential election for the last decade or so, Donald Trump pretends like he is considering running for the presidency. I never really believe he is serious, because, he’s kind of busy running eleventy billion businesses and hosting Celebrity Apprentice. One of his other entertainment enterprises is the Miss USA and Miss Universe Franchise.  Some reports indicate that this enterprise is jointly owned by Trump and NBC. I don’t think that exactly accurate. I believe Trump owns Miss Universe and partnered with NBC for the TV shows.

Which brings us to this year when Trump is actually honest to God running for president.  This meant that Celebrity Apprentice would be on hold until he dropped out.  I can live with that.  But then, Trump said about illegal immigrants ” they’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists and some, I assume, are good people.”  Well, this caused the Hispanic population’s head to explode.  God forbid we mention that the illegal immigrants are committing crimes simply by entering the country illegally, draining our public school systems, burdening our jails, and committing violent crimes.  If you live in the south, anywhere, this is no secret. Apparently, it is not nice to mention that criminals commit crimes. Sure Trump’s delivery sucks, but nothing will win the votes of Texans and Arizona voters like promising to seal the southern border with a big ole wall.

So then Univison who airs the upcoming Miss Universe Pageant in Spanish says they are not going to air it anymore because Trump is a big ole windbag who hates Mexicans.  So now all the people who work on the Spanish version of the show are out of a job, and all the countries with Spanish-speaking representatives in the pageant can’t watch and Univision (and Trump) lose money. Who cares the least about this? Trump. Continue reading


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WWHL Guest Lists for Next Week Look Decent

God I love this job! So much fun!

God I love this job! So much fun!

Andy Cohen has wasted no time in getting a one on one with Bethenny Frankel for WWHL. It’s already been filmed and will air on Sunday. I’m sure you can barely contain your excitement.

Monday’s show really ups the creep factor with two of the biggest walking STDs in Beverly Hills. Allegedly. Kyle is right back on the media tour. She really must have something to prove.

Click through for the whole list. Continue reading


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Farrah Abraham Buys A New Lip

Farrah Abraham1Farrah Abraham 2

Um, does she not know who Lisa Rinna is? Lisa has been the walking billboard against this procedure for years. I don’t usually pay any attention to Farrah, but this you just have to see.  Farrah shared these on Twitter today.


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Porsha William’s Cousin (???) on Wheel Of Fortune

I can only assume he’s related to Porsha Williams on some branch of the family tree. Anyway. This happened on Wheel of Fortune tonight, and the pride of Indiana still somehow managed to win. Welcome to the great collegiate minds of our future folks. These people were hand selected for their intellect.


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Somebody Needs to Tell Apollo Nida to Get Off of Twitter

Phaedra Parks Accused All Sorts of Nonsense by Very Troubled Woman

Twitter is a beautiful thing. Despite all people whose sole purpose in life seems to be tweeting celebrities, bloggers, and frenemies how much they hate them, it a great source of information on current events. During times of civil unrest, a quick twitter search can hook you up with a man or woman on the street, witnessing the whole thing and tweeting the event live. You can keep up with things in real time, at any time.

I’m the queen of oversharing and drunk tweeting on twitter. I get it. You can tweet about anything and get an immediate response. Since I work for myself, I’m not particularly worried about my oversharing on twitter. There is really nothing bad that can happen to me from my constant blabbering on Twitter. But there are some people who should probably keep their mouths shut on Twitter.  Included on that list, and probably right at the top of the list, are people who are facing federal fraud charges.

While Phaedra has gone silent on social media other than to publicize her ridiculously stupid etiquette book. But Apollo has been tweeting merrily away throughout this entire ordeal. Let’s see what he said today.  First, he was asked if he and Phaedra were separated and his response was, “NEVER!”  Never say never dear.  Unless the federal prison system has gone to co-ed cells, separation is coming soon. Continue reading


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Porsha Stewart, I Mean Porsha Williams, Moves Back in With Mommy

Porsha+Williams+Porsha+Williams+Chats+Bethenny+kAiEiAOTDnWlWell we all saw this one coming.  Porsha Stewart, ummm Porsha Williams has moved back in with her mother, according to a story on TMZ.  We all know that Porsha could not afford and did not need that huge house out in St. Marlo Country Club.  The whole situation was Shady by Bravo from the start. Why would Porsha move into Nene’s neighborhood, who she was friendly with and not tell her? The whole “surprise” ploy never floated well with me. I firmly believe that Bravo rented that house so she could have an “I can’t manage my finances” storyline.  Which also doesn’t make sense because she can’t manage her own finances so all Bravo would have had to do roll some film as she imploded.

Bethenny  Frankel, who has a direct line to Andy Cohen,  already seemed to know that Porsha was tossed out of the big house regardless of the specific circumstances when Porsha appeared on her show last week talking about how God is so good to her to provide such a huge house.  Bethenny literally scoffed at her.  So however it happened, Porsha did what we all thought she should have done in the first place and found a condo in Atlanta. Apparently, the condo she chose was outrageously expensive and part of a Home Owners Association.  She can’t possibly have been in the condo for more than three months before the HOA filed a claim for approximately $18,000. Continue reading


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Brandi Glanville Has Officially Lapped Leann Rimes on the Crazy Track!


Remember just a year ago when we all felt sorry for Brandi Glanville having to deal with the crazy loon that is Leann Rimes?  I know Leann is still crazy, but this Christmas, Brandi managed to lap her on the crazy track. Luann has calmed down with the inappropriate pictures of Brandi’s kids on her twitter timeline. This year she only mentioned that they were there opening toys. She tweeted happy pictures of her singing on stage somewhere with Eddie.

Meanwhile, Brandi was losing her ever-loving mind on twitter having her parents and her grandmother spend their holidays learning how to give the bird to “haters.”  Then on December 26th she posted a blog on Bravo that was simply three paragraphs of vitriol. Profanity makes up a whopping  20% of her New Year’s message.

So congrats, Leann. You win Christmas this year. Continue reading


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Is This Perhaps The Worst Christmas Present Imaginable?


Um okay y’all, I have a question for you. The picture above is a Hermes bag that costs about 20k.  The um, art work is courtesy of George Condo. He is an artist of some note who is highly compensated for his work.  I actually like some of his pieces.  However, this one falls into his grotesque demon orgy category.  One that I find rather, um, distasteful. I have a few nudes in my house but they are not accompanied by abstract demon faces.

So if your significant other gave you the Birkin bag above what would you do?  I think I might have to graciously accept with such enthusiasm that my request that it be encased in glass and displayed in one of the least often entered rooms in my  ridiculous mansion seemed like an act of love and protection. Continue reading


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Kanye West Is a Moron

I know we don’t care about Kayne West. No one cares about Kayne West. Except for Kayne West. As if he could not be any more ridiculous on his own, he opted to procreate with a Kardashian. So why  am I blogging about him? Well, I have seen a billion snippets against my will telling me that Kayne got his big fat feelers hurt by Jimmy Kimmel this week. Finally, I just had to see what awful travesty Kayne suffered at the hands of the evil Jimmy Kimmel. Continue reading


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Andy Cohen Talks Teresa and Joe, Sean Avery, Housewives News on Wendy Williams


Andy Cohen was on Wendy Williams this morning  to promote the upcoming interview with Teresa and Joe Giudice.  Andy said, “As you see it’s no holds barred we really went there, and it’s interesting to hear. They are at a very serious point right now. ”  “They seem to be facing it with strength together.” Andy says  It’s interesting to him that Teresa maintains such a strong exterior. He asks her when does she allow herself to be scared and if she allows herself that. And do they think they are going to beat the charges. Continue reading


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Now You Wish You Had Never Seen Me?

I know I am very late to this party but I had a lot going on last week and am trying to get caught up. Please play along. So Jesse Eisenberg (you do to know who that dude is, he is the guy that plays Mark Zuckerberg in that Facebook movie) has been out on a major press tour for weeks promoting his new movie, Now You See Me, which I would kind of like to muster the motivation to go see. Anyway, on these tours they get asked the same dumb questions over and over and attempt to politely answer on the billionth time as if they still care. Continue reading


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Producer From Real Housewives of Atlanta Loses Phone, Hilarity Ensues

SoniaBrown-Chloe McQueenThe two charming ladies above were in a place called Mango’s Tropical Café in Miami a few weeks ago, enjoying the lovely weather when they came across something interesting. It was an iPhone. So being the good Samaritans they are, they went through the phone attempting to locate the owner. The owner of the lost phone was someone named Malika Everette. Malika Everette works for True Entertainment. True Entertainment is the production company for the Real Housewives of Atlanta as well as Kim and Kandi’s spinoffs. Suddenly the two ladies Sonia (left) and Chloe (right) get one of those brilliant ideas that sounds really good when you are in Miami tossing back Mojitos during happy hour on an empty stomach… Continue reading


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