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Yolanda’s Book Deal Is Signed And Ready to Go

Yolanda's Book Cover

St. Martin’s Press


Remember when St. Martin’s Press had some semblance of credibility? Not so much anymore. Yolanda has signed a book deal with them to regale us with her stories of her “invisible disability.”  This scam gets more lucrative by the day. Where the hell did she get that puppy from? Is it just randomly photoshopped in?

I can’t with this woman.

I presume this will be filed in the FICTION aisles.

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Sonja Morgan Waits At The Window Wearing The Face That She Keeps In a Jar by The Door




There are a lot of purple pen worthy blogs from the RHONY this week. I am trying to enjoy this beautiful weekend so I am not sure how many I will get to.  This day is flying by. But if I can only do one, it has to be Sonja’s!  It’s so delusional. Remember we discussed getting rid of either Sonja or Ramona because they were virtually interchangeable blondes who drink way to much and don’t have much more than that to offer that is based in reality?  It seems this is the season where the two figured out they need to separate and have their own identities. Ramona has decided to do this by fighting with Luann and Dorinda. She was on Twitter after the show aired in a huge Twitter fight with Dorinda who called her third strike on Ramona, only to stick up for Ramona when she got into it with Luann. It’s amazing how these fights always happened during the time the shows are airing, isn’t it? #Scripted

Sonja’s intern in charge of writing her blog needs to learn the art of brevity. It’s over 1500 words and that is with no introduction, it just sort of starts with a rant right away.

I did not have press at my birthday party. It wasn’t a business event. It wasn’t a charity or a typical Sonja In the City event with wall-to-wall professional cameras. I sent out no press invites. It was not a launch. It was just personal friends coming together to celebrate with Marco Maranghello and me. Thanks Ramona for not letting Bethenny know that.

Did I miss what this Marco the hairdresser guy has to do with the price of eggs at Grey Gardens?

Bethenny’s name is always enticing in the press, and I got dragged into a story because of the two brands having the word “girl” and being alcohol and some gossipy people stirring the pot. That’s why all the girls are buzzing about Tipsy vs Skinny, because there is always buzz around Bethenny. 

I already don’t know how to respond to these words. Is she blaming Bethenny for Page Six picking up the story?

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Catfish Recap: Vince and Alyssa

Catfish Vince and Alyssa

There was just way too much going on last night to do this in real time, so I will check it out now while refreshed and  well-rested.  I can already tell from the guide description this one is going to be a little bit different. At this point, I only watch to mock the idiots and search out the watermelon (and now pumpkin) paint.

The Players

Vince from Ohio who was “dating” as the kids are calling it these days, Alyssa online.  Dating to Vince means texting and talking on the phone. Vince called the boys for assistance in getting his catfish to leave him alone. Alyssa says she lives three hours away in Indiana.

Alyssa is the catfish. She is the one who refuses to meet. They never video chatted because Vince wanted their first meeting to be online.  Alyssa started being very jealous of everyone Vince had contact with.  This eventually caused them to breakup.

Liz was Vince’s real life girlfriend after Alyssa. After the breakup, Alyssa showed back up on line and began reaching out to Vince. Vince thought they could be just friends. Which really, was all they ever were since they just have had text interactions. Alyssa went all crazypants with constant texts and phone calls. Liz even tried to intervene but Alyssa would not stop so Liz dumped Vince five days ago.

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Shahs of Sunset Recap: We’re Going To Need More Red Solo Cups!

Shahs MJ and Mike


We are back on Shahs of Sunset for an intervention with Golnesa. While I am sure an intervention with GG, could be beneficial if she would listen (she won’t)  no one ever did this with Mike Shouhed. In fact most of them will be drunk out of their minds at this “intervention.” I’m not really sure that is how they are supposed to work.

Sidenote: Welcome back if you have been trying to get on the site over the weekend and failed. I attempted to take some time off and the server decided to do the same since I was not hovering over it all the time. I am still not sure why it happened and there seems to be some things that are taking a bit of time to recover.  So if you get a chance, hit some of the tags or categories below the posts and check out other pages.  Have zero page views is going to mess up a lot of things and freak out my advertisers. :(

As they show how drunk and obnoxious almost all of them were last week, this whole script seems more ridiculous than usual. I don’t see how Asa deals with all of these people. Speaking of Asa, she is in the Winnie making some seafood while Reza grills outside. I remember years ago in one of my very first blogs about Asa talking about how she would go to the park in Germany as a kid and they would grill out.  Some idiot tried to inform me that Iranians didn’t grill out. Which is ridiculous. Maybe I used the term BBQ which is what we call it in the south. That term to me means cooking meat outside over fire. It has nothing to do with a bottle of barbecue sauce. It’s pretty universal over most if not all cultures since the beginning of fire. Asa is cooking shrimp on aluminum foil. Never cook with aluminum pans or aluminum foil.

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Teen Mom 2 Recap: Courtroom Dramas All Around

One of these two is growing at a MUCH faster rate

One of these two is growing at a MUCH faster rate

Where have all my Teen Mom watchers gone?  I know you are reading, it’s okay to come out of the closet and chat with us too!  Let’s check out this week’s drama!


Chelsea and Cole are going to look at a wedding location. Chelsea’s mom comes to pick up Aubree because the location is a good bit away.  Her mom is stuck in a snowdrift because the driveway has not been shoveled. For that matter the street doesn’t seem to be plowed either.  Clearly they live in the middle of no where!  Chelsea and two of her friends have to push the truck out. Where was Cole?

Chelsea and Cole take two of Chelsea’s friends on the road trip with her to plan her wedding. It’s sort of an outdoor winter wonderland at the moment. Very rustic and cute. I think Chelsea has said that just like her engagement her wedding will not be televised.  She has a good head on her shoulders.

Chelsea and her lawyers are sitting down with Adam and his lawyers about child support. Adam has not told Chelsea about a his new house because he is worried it will alert her that he can pay more child support. They met with a moderator who said that Adam did not show up for the meeting and the moderator is going to request his child support be raised to around $1,000 a month instead of the less than $200 he has always paid.

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Catfish Recap: Paris & Tara

Paris tells her tale to the boys

Paris tells her tale to the boys

It’s time to meet a new batch of morons on this week’s Catfish!  After all the excitement last week,  I have barely recovered.  People came from far and wide to talk about that crazy episode with the Courtney the Psychic!

Paris is 25 years old and lives in the burbs of Chicago. Paris met Tara over four years ago in a chat room.  Really? Chatrooms are so 1984. YAY! It’s a lesbian catfish episode. These almost always end with a chick fight! I can’t wait.

As the story goes, these two star crossed lovers were going to meet up but Tara had an accident. Ah, the old accident excuse. Not as good as that one chick who claimed to have been kidnapped, but it will do.  Tara pretty much stopped talking to Paris after this accident but two years later, she has reached out again. Paris actually has the mental capacity to search a photo on the internet and it traced back to some recent high school graduate in Jersey.

The boys head to Oak Lawn to visit Paris. She has the requisite new furnishings, devoid of any copyrighted artwork and everyone sits down in their plain clothes with no logos to shoot the story. Paris tells the story of how after the accident  Tara couldn’t really text because she had a head injury that apparently left her unable to think clearly and therefore she could no longer chat online.  I like the shiny new orange chair!  No sign of watermelon paint yet. This house is awfully nice to be hers.  She’s twenty five and a massage therapist. Paris dated another girl from the same chat room named Nicole and they broke up because Paris is Bi.  So mystery solved. The catfish is Nicole. Maybe the watermelon paint will show up at Nicole’s house later.  Nicole and Paris had a bad break up because Nicole thought that Paris was dating a guy from massage school. Paris says they were just good friends.

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