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Teen Mom 2 Recap: Courtroom Dramas All Around

One of these two is growing at a MUCH faster rate

One of these two is growing at a MUCH faster rate

Where have all my Teen Mom watchers gone?  I know you are reading, it’s okay to come out of the closet and chat with us too!  Let’s check out this week’s drama!


Chelsea and Cole are going to look at a wedding location. Chelsea’s mom comes to pick up Aubree because the location is a good bit away.  Her mom is stuck in a snowdrift because the driveway has not been shoveled. For that matter the street doesn’t seem to be plowed either.  Clearly they live in the middle of no where!  Chelsea and two of her friends have to push the truck out. Where was Cole?

Chelsea and Cole take two of Chelsea’s friends on the road trip with her to plan her wedding. It’s sort of an outdoor winter wonderland at the moment. Very rustic and cute. I think Chelsea has said that just like her engagement her wedding will not be televised.  She has a good head on her shoulders.

Chelsea and her lawyers are sitting down with Adam and his lawyers about child support. Adam has not told Chelsea about a his new house because he is worried it will alert her that he can pay more child support. They met with a moderator who said that Adam did not show up for the meeting and the moderator is going to request his child support be raised to around $1,000 a month instead of the less than $200 he has always paid.

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Catfish Recap: Paris & Tara

Paris tells her tale to the boys

Paris tells her tale to the boys

It’s time to meet a new batch of morons on this week’s Catfish!  After all the excitement last week,  I have barely recovered.  People came from far and wide to talk about that crazy episode with the Courtney the Psychic!

Paris is 25 years old and lives in the burbs of Chicago. Paris met Tara over four years ago in a chat room.  Really? Chatrooms are so 1984. YAY! It’s a lesbian catfish episode. These almost always end with a chick fight! I can’t wait.

As the story goes, these two star crossed lovers were going to meet up but Tara had an accident. Ah, the old accident excuse. Not as good as that one chick who claimed to have been kidnapped, but it will do.  Tara pretty much stopped talking to Paris after this accident but two years later, she has reached out again. Paris actually has the mental capacity to search a photo on the internet and it traced back to some recent high school graduate in Jersey.

The boys head to Oak Lawn to visit Paris. She has the requisite new furnishings, devoid of any copyrighted artwork and everyone sits down in their plain clothes with no logos to shoot the story. Paris tells the story of how after the accident  Tara couldn’t really text because she had a head injury that apparently left her unable to think clearly and therefore she could no longer chat online.  I like the shiny new orange chair!  No sign of watermelon paint yet. This house is awfully nice to be hers.  She’s twenty five and a massage therapist. Paris dated another girl from the same chat room named Nicole and they broke up because Paris is Bi.  So mystery solved. The catfish is Nicole. Maybe the watermelon paint will show up at Nicole’s house later.  Nicole and Paris had a bad break up because Nicole thought that Paris was dating a guy from massage school. Paris says they were just good friends.

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WWHL With Leeane Locken and Cecily Strong

WWHL Leeanne Locken


Tonight’s #WWHL is not live tonight because Andy is at the Met Gala Ball. Leeanne looks great tonight. Has she had work done? Oh Andy asks her about it and she deflects. She has had major work done. Andy then asks about her blush issue. She acts like it was a one time issue at the Mad Hatter’s party but it was not. She is constantly Mary Kayed up to look like a tart.

Leeanne wants us to know she is not jealous of anyone.  Then he plays a montage of people trash talking Leeanne. Ouch, Andrew. Isn’t this her first time in the clubhouse and you have her sitting second chair. Leeanne claims she is not in menopause. She’s 48 though so she’s getting close!

Wow in a clip from next week, Leeanne goes batshit crazy and starts attacking the crew! Like seriously, attacking them!


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The Awkwardness on Live! With Kelly & Michael Continues

kelly and michael cups

The next two weeks of Michael Strahan’s final days on Kelly & Michael are definitely, must see TV.  Kelly has dropped all pretense of liking Michael. For some reason today’s show has a lot of sites and TV shows talking about the situation.

First of all you should know that Friday shows are not live. Generally the Friday shows are taped on Thursday at some point after the Thursday show is recorded live.  One thing Kelly gets paid the big bucks for is to tell us what day it is. She generally makes a big production about it being Friday.  Perhaps today she was a bit more grateful than usual as she repeated the fact that we have all made it to Friday way more than usual. It was all very “Thank God this week of hell is finally over!”

For me the biggest snark from Kelly today was when she was telling a story about bird photographers in Central Park and how they have a bucket for tips and when you make a donation they will let you look through their lens at the bird.  After the story she said something to the effect of “I’m not a big fan of sharing my lens.” To me that was very telling and I immediately wondered if she was saying she does not want another co-host. When you think about it, she doesn’t need one and why should she have to train a new one?

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Nick Gordon Speaks About Bobbi Kristina’s Last Night on Dr. Phil

Dr Phil Nick Gordon2

This recap covers the second part of Dr. Phil’s interview with Nick Gordon.  If you missed the first part, you can read that here.  Basically, he was lying and crying and denying basic facts like Whitney Houston had a serious, obvious drug problem during the time he claims he lived with her.

On today’s episode he is supposed to give details of the night Krissi drowned in the bathtub. We will see if he says anything that can be used against him by Bobbi Kristina’s estate, or the Roswell police. I am not holding my breath. Bobbi Kristina’s estate is involved in at least two law suits.

Dr. Phil says what happened the night that Krissi went into a coma.  He answers simply, “Drug overdose.”

Dr. Phil asks him to take us through that day.  Nick says he went out that day drinking with some friends. Krissi was not invited and she called him and heard female voices in the background and thought he was out with “chicks.”  She was pissed and told him to come home.  Eventually they came home and they had “a slight argument.”  He says they cleared things up and went upstairs to lay with each other for a little bit.

Nick says he got home around 4 a.m. (that’s a long day drinking session)  and saw that she had drank two bottles of wine and she was messed up. Phil asked if she was alone. He says “I think Danyela was there or something?”

They argued about 15 minutes when he got home and they went to their room and had sex for around 45 minutes. They he went downstairs to play video games and he says she got up and got dressed.  Who does that at five am after being up all night drunk?  He doesn’t remember how long he was playing video games. It was up until the Comcast guy showed up. So when he walked out of the room after having sex with her, that was the last time he saw her alive. In his version of the story.

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Updated Three Times! Is It Time For a Kim Richards Update?

RHOBH Reunion Kim 2


This afternoon Kim’s attorney came to court and admitted Kim doesn’t have proof of compliance with the court order. The judge withdrew the warrant and set a new court date for June 3rd. That is odd because last I heard she already had a court date for June 1st. Maybe that was with the Target judge. Anyway, she has 30 more days to attend as many meetings and do as much community service as possible. Delay, deny, lie, cry. etc. This is all Rinna and Eileen’s fault!


TMZ is now reporting that a judge (probably the one that handled the Beverly Hills case) has issued a bench warrant for Kim Richards. “9:40 AM PST — The bench warrant has now been signed by a judge. Bail was set at $26,000.” A bench warrant is an arrest warrant  issued by a judge, usually for failure to appear in court.  It could also be issued for failure to provide evidence of complying with the court’s order. 

Usually with a bench warrant, cops are not sent to your door to arrest you (though I suppose the judge could ask for that if he was pissed off enough about the situation) and you can just come in and pay your bail and a new court date is set.  The situation with the two cases and the two judges and two plea deals that seem to be allowed to be completed concurrently make this whole mess very confusing.  The judge in the Target case should have given a sentence separate from the first one. Now we have one judge saying community labor and the other saying community service. Either way, I don’t think she has does much of anything to comply with either court.

Story developing…..

It’s really NOT time for a Kim Richards update, but you will see a lot of them today because tonight is the season finale of  The Mother Daughter Experiment and certain large tabloid sites always seem to have a post about nothing to coincide with certain TV shows. It’s almost like they are paid to do so.  UPDATE:  It appears that Kim’s dramatic hospitalization on the finale may not air. It’s not on the Lifetime schedule for tonight and there is nothing on the site about when it will air. To me this is the most important part of this post!

Today’s big story is essentially “Kim could get arrested if she doesn’t complete the terms of her plea deal.” Well, of course she could.  But they are not going to show up at her Westwood apartment with an arrest warrant.  She already has a hearing set on June 1, 2016 to show she has been compliant with the terms of her probation as stated in her plea deal. Which it certainly does not seem like she has been compliant at all.

For more stories on Kim Richards, CLICK HERE!

As we saw on the reunion she is “keeping her recovery private” which is pretty much the opposite of any AA guidelines I have ever seen. She also still blames Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson for her situation rather than being remorseful and apologizing to them for her destructive behavior that concerned and disturbed them. She also didn’t show any remorse for all she has put Kyle and her family though.

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