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RHOOC: What Do You Meant TONIGHT Things Get Ugly?


Tamra’s Instagram

There are two types of people who read my recaps on TamaraTattles.  One group is folks who have never read my commenting rules and think that I am interested in their critique of my spelling and punctuation. The va st majority of you though are always a bit impressed with how fast I get them up. The way that I am able to do that is to spend as much time as I can preparing for “the race.”   With all websites that cover current events, there is a bit of a race to get things up first. When it comes to serious issues like a death or a legal matter or who is going to be the new housewife next season, I take my time and worry about being right. But when it comes to recaps, I quickly discovered that being first is far more important than having the most clever, well-written recap out there.  You guys want to talk about the show the second it is over. So I am constantly racing the clock to get it up there as soon as I can.

So today, I have been getting my photos ready for tonight. I have a friend on Twitter who spontaneously started DMing me official photos for each of the Bravo shows and that helps a lot. When I have time I start looking for other photos to use as well.  The past couple of days, the RHOOC have been posting photos of the cow milking scenes. So today I have been deciding which ones to include.

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Sheree Whitfield Buys A Book For Her Lieberry, Y’all!

It’s finally the weekend after yet another long week of trials and tribulations. The world has been brimming with insanity lately, and we could all use a good laugh. Thankfully, Sheree Whitfield is a limitless source of hilarity. Today, Sheree Whitfield announced on Instagram that she has written her first novel.

You cannot make this shit up.

The last time we heard from Sheree Whitfield about her interest in literature, she was standing on a dirt mound on the grounds where Chateau Sheree was supposed to be built, telling some random, pretend builder that she wanted a skatin’ rink for the churren, and a big ole lieberry in her new home.  Prior to that, there was the time that Andy Cohen presented her with the Speak N Spell she never had as a child on WWHL. During our ridiculous court proceedings, I noted that Sheree was a very adamant story-teller.  She may have had a bit of trouble sticking to the same story, but the tales she spun about the churren being afraid to play in the dirt outside of Chateau Sheree were quite amusing.  She had a lot of trouble when questioned about her stories. She proclaimed herself to be the builder of the The House With Turrets Syndrome, yet didn’t know what a certificate of occupancy was and seemed to have problems with other words that were not programmed on the Speak N Spell.  But who cares about all that.

Now she is a published author.

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Dr. Phil: Crazy Lady Who Wants to Marry Stephen Avery Part 2



In case you missed yesterday’s post on Dr. Phil, you can read about that here. The short version is that some crazy lady watched Making A Murderer and believed the hype that Stephen Avery is innocent. She apparently decided that Avery  will eventually be paid millions of dollars for his former wrongful conviction and she wanted in on the deal. Or maybe she just wanted to be on Dr. Phil.  Or maybe she has an untreated mental illness. In any case,  I’m not adding to her publicity by mentioning her name.  Yesterday, Dr. Phil  spent the entire episode playing along with the crazy lady as if everything she was saying and doing was perfectly normal, while throwing tons of subtle shade. I was not planning on recapping this episode by the fools that believe that Avery did not murder anyone arrived and it was rather amusing. Especially those that came to defend the intellectual gene pool of the Avery family. I attempted to be as respectful as possible of the effects of inbreeding, or whatever is happening there, but there we many tests that the showed that extreme intellectual deficits are common in the gene pool and exposure to education has been extremely limited.

We are treated to the crazy lady talking about her innocent little teddy bear again for the first five minutes. Then Dr. Phil finally decides to interject some facts into the story. He points out that Avery has a previous criminal history of burglary and oh yeah, the time he burned that cat alive,  and he drove his female cousin off the road in a fit of rage. He’s admitted to those things.  She says that he was 18 when “the cat thing” occurred.  She says it was just a bunch of guys playing catch with a cat over the fire and it fell in.  Other evidence indicates that Avery soaked the cat in gasoline and tossed the cat on a fire. She also excuses the incident with his cousin.

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Dr Phil Interviews Crazy Lady Who Wants To Marry Stephen Avery



UPDATED:  SPOILER ALERT! Apparently Avery dumps the crazy lady on Dr. Phil tomorrow. So now I guess I have to watch tomorrow.

Dr Phil continues his charade of interviewing people related to major trial news. Today it is a woman who wants to marry Stephen Avery the guy from the Netflix Series Making A Murderer who was falsely convicted of rape and released only to return to prison after being convicted of murdering another woman.

I hope that Dr. Phil will point out that Stephen Avery is guilty.  Recently however, a young boy, Brenden Dassey who was also convicted of being involved had his verdict thrown out.   Brenden seemed is said to be three standard deviations below the mean intellectually and incapable of forming intent. Also his confession was captured on video as being extremely leading and if I recall correctly the officer conducting the interview told him he could go home if he just wrote down what they told him to.

Okay, this lady is a nutcase. She got a card from him and was “touched by his innocence.”  Perhaps I should point out that the gene pool of the Avery family is extremely shallow and what she sees as innocence is actually low intelligence. She has said the word innocent eleventy billion times in the first ten minutes.  Also in the first few minutes, Dr. Phil brings up the multi-million dollar lawsuit Stephen has against the county. Dr. Phil is in totally smarmy nice mode with this woman, which is his tell that he doesn’t believe a word out of her mouth.

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Real Housewives of Orange County: Muddy Waters

RHOOC Cast Season 11
It’s past time for the RHOOC  episode.  Due to an emergency at Tamara Tattles Headquarters yesterday, I was unavailable. You can read all about that in my day long meltdowns at the end of comments here.  We have comedy in the initial post and doom and despair in the comments.  Now on to the show!


Shannon is moving and worried about rat poop and feng shui. I had my eyes on the TV and my ears were working but I tuned out completely. I assume I didn’t miss much other than Shannon hates the rental. I had a really cool dream last night and I keep thinking about it. Sorry. I’ll try to focus.

For some reason we need a montage of memories in the house. Mostly about the affair of course. Later, David and Shannon go to dinner. David looks pained in every scene. David tries to make it clear that he is not supporting her mother’s outburst. Shannon has a smug smile when David tells her that he told his mother she had to respect Shannon or she could not be around the family.  Shannon orders ribs and then complains because they are messy.


Eddie takes Tamra out for dinner. I am not sure what kind of place they are at, but Tamra breaks her training diet for sake. So I’m thinking it’s going to be one of those bait shops folks in California like so much. But then they start eating hot peppers.  Just crunchy hot peppers. Weird. And then the sashimi comes. Which, as I understand it is bait that they sort of cook but not really. I could be wrong. Or maybe all of California is wrong.

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Vanderpump Rules Teaser is Out! Needs More Kristen.



The Vanderpump Rules teaser is out. And if I were awake, I’d love to talk to you about Lisa Vanderpump’s bizarre tone and demeanor as she officiates Tom and Katie’s wedding.

Was she trying to sound like someone on a horror show? Continue reading


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