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Dance Moms Recap: Everyone Really Is Replaceable !

Dance Moms Abby Meltdown
So yesterday, we started seeing for the first time the beginnings of Abby’s apology tour. She gave a brief statement to a magazine yesterday where she said she’s not a bully, just a tough coach.  I mainly agree with that and have a lot less issues with Abby’s aggressive personality than most of you. I do think this season, Abby has become unhinged over this whole bankruptcy fraud issue. It’s a major deal. Once the FEDS bring charges, it’s basically plea deal time where you hire the best lawyer you can afford to shorten your sentence and get you in a nice prison camp with pretty uniforms and a good track for walks.

Almost no one saw her attempt t spin things positively yesterday but a whole lot of people know about the stunt she pulled on her Instagram. Apparently, Abby called Pizza Hut near her California house and asked about the five dollar special.  Times must be hard, or else she was at the studio trying to feed a lot of kids. The idiot on the phone didn’t know what she was talking  about and so she went off on him and he hung up on her. So Abby, who is not a bully, we know this because she told us yesterday, posts the store’s phone number and has all of her millions of followers call and harass the idiot whose life is already hard enough because his job is answering the phones at Pizza Hut. This wound up on TMZ which let a lot of people know she is a bully.

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Dance Moms Recap: Abby Quits The Team!


This week Maddie is going up against Brynn! I can’t be the only one hoping Brynn wins. But will she get the choreography to let that happen?

We start with Abby crying on the phone to someone. Production maybe? She seems to be pissed that she is being filmed in her private quarters of the studio. The kids are waiting for Abby to show up, and Abby is screaming at for someone to get out. The original dance moms send  the mini dance moms to check on Abby. Wow, that’s a bitch move by the moms.

Melissa and Jill try to talk to Abby but she throws them out. Jill is going after Ashley (Brynn’s mom). Jill storms  out ranting about wanting to punch her in the face. While they are outside they run into a guy who is doing a shoot with Maddie for Seventeen and he wants to pick two girls to be in the photo shoot with her.

Kendall  seems to have put on some weight. The girls dance in triads for the photographer and Brynn looks great. Abby comes out to influence the choices. Abby advocates for Kendall and Kalani. The photographer likes Nia. The guy picks Nia and Kendall. It was neck and neck with Kendall and Brynn.

We finally get to pyramid. They don’t show the pyramid but we do see that Maddie is on top despite not being there in weeks.  The minis will be doing a group dance, and it’s a solo showdown between Brynn and Maddie. Abby seems to be really working with Brynn. Continue reading


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Dance Moms Recap: I’m Finished…




OH Joy! Abby Lee gets a new group of young impressionable dancers to screw up! Remember when the ALDC was 6-8 years old?  We see Abby screaming at the little ones not to cry during the auditions and I am excited already. Holly on the other hand is not. If Abby is busy damaging the psyches of first graders, when will she have time to dream up new dances for Nia based solely on black people in the news?  This is really going to cut into the time Abby normally uses to berate the Junior Elite Team and the parents are not happy that they will be getting actual dance teachers who may even been positive in their feedback. It’s Stockhom Syndrome or something.

Abby talks about how much they sucked last week. She says it was because Maddie hears things in the music that these schlubs don’t hear. Is this like being tone deaf? Kendall is on the bottom of the pyramid. Does this mean Nia is not on the pyramid this week at all or something?  And what about Mackenzie who Abby completely terrorized last week? Oh there is Nia. Nia is on the bottom because she was second, you know, the highest solo trophy they had last week. Then is Mckenzie. OOOH Brynn is next. I was not expecting that. I thought she was the newest shiny thing. Jo Jo is second from the top. Why? Something about feeling the spirit of the Wolf. IDGI. And Kalani is at the top because….it appears to be because her mother had a baby. And she is not  Nia.

Kendall and Jo Jo get solos. Jo Jo is not allowed to wear her Bow Bow all week. However will she survive? She has a hip hop solo that is clearly meant to beat Kendall. And she probably will. The group routine is hip hop as well. She has two of her young dancers to choreograph the group dance. Oh, this could win! Continue reading


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Dance Moms Recap: Not By The Hair On Abby’s Chinny Chin Chin


We are back on the new season of Dance Moms which I thinks is going to be spectacular because Abby is in trouble with the FEDS.  What hasn’t been spectacular so far is the ALDC dancing. They showed up looking flabby and their dance moved seemed rusty but through the magic of television, a really dumb grow dance with Jo Jo inside a plastic ball managed to take first place from Broadway Dance Academy (BDA) with a great reinterpretation of the dance that the ALDC lost nationals with last year. Dance competitions, much like life, are not always fair.

It’s only the second episode and Abby is already showing her batshit crazy signs. She’s late for practice and shows up looking disheveled and futzing with her hair. She finally heads into pyramid and starts complaining that she doesn’t have any eyebrows. Look, I’ve never been on a reality show, nor would I ever, but if I were, I would be camera ready before I got in front of the camera and take care of all my crazy prior to arriving on set. Jill quickly identifies this as a red flag that the crazy returning. And she is right  something is wrong with Abby. Continue reading


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Dance Moms Is Back! Season 6 Looks Like a Doozy!

Dance Moms


First I will just zip through the girls only show, No Moms Allowed. I don’t remember them losing last year. Oh yeah, I do remember Abby making them leave! That was crappy. The girls are all so much more professional than Abby and accept their loss gracefully. Lots of sibling rivalry between McKenzie and Maddie.

This girls show is about rehashing last season. They show unseen footage of Abby being HORRIBLE in her review of Nia’s video.  Abby was actually fat shaming someone in a video about being confident in the face of “haters.” That’s insane on so many levels. Nia performed her song Slay to much squealing from the fans.

Maddie is filming two movies, one of them is written by Sia.  All the girls are homeschooled now. Kalani’s mom is staying home with the new baby for at least the first part of the season and has given Melissa legal rights to care for her on the road. When the season starts, Kalani’s mom is still pregnant and will not be around for several months.

Okay, enough of that.  Maddie is getting bitchy and all the girls trash talked Abby. On to the new season. Continue reading


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Abby Lee Miller Charged With Bankruptcy Fraud

Dance Moms Abby Meltdown

I had a very busy day today and despite waking up to a mailbox full of things to write about, I haven’t had much time today. I’ve got some health issues to deal with and some insurance people to wrestle with so I’m going to be away from my keyboard a good bit.  But enough about me,  we have another reality star  headed toward Camp Cupcake!  Dance Mom’s matriarch, Abby Lee Miller has been busted by the Feds for pretty much the same thing the Giudices  are doing time for. Lying to the bankruptcy court!


Did Abby Lee Miller learn nothing from Teresa Giudice?!  Today, Abby was charged by the feds with  twenty counts of bankruptcy fraud, concealment of bankruptcy assets and false bankruptcy declarations  Continue reading


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