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Abby Lee Miller Changes Plea To Guilty

Dance moms abby
Abby Lee Miller joined the ranks of  reality personalities who will have a felony record in federal court last Monday. The Dance Moms star pled guilty to one count of concealing bankruptcy assets and one count of structuring international monetary transactions. Once again the charges stem from a  Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.

Last fall, Abby was charged with failing to disclose (and attempting to hide) $775,000 worth of income from Lifetime and her related appearances and master classes that resulted in 20 separate charges. Basically, what Abby is alleged to have done is having payments she was due paid to her mother instead of herself to avoid paying taxes. I am assuming based on the charges that she did that a total of 20 times in amounts that totaled $775,000.

Deadline, who has had the exclusives on most of this court battle, provided new information on Tuesday reporting, “Miller on June 20 was slammed with a whole new case that threatened her with up to another five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. The dance coach allegedly brought more than $10,000 into the country from Australia on August 7, 2014, without the required reporting.”

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Dance Moms Finale Recap: Last Dance

Dance Moms on Lifetime: Why the Outrage?

This was supposed to be the finale episode of the season, and maybe ever, as it is the last episode with Maddie and Mack on the show.  However, rating were really good so production has add a B season and more episodes will be airing soon. Perhaps they just want an idea of how ratings will be once they leave.

The veteran moms are still pissy with the mini moms. At pyramid, Abby points out that the minis were the only team to win last season. They are also the future of the ALDC.  Despite coming in fourth last week, Maddie is on top of the pyramid.

The group dance is hip hop because that is what the girls wanted. She gives Maddie and Mack solos. Kendall will be working with the minis.  One of the minis also has a solo that is a tribute to her  brother who has a traumatic brain issue.

The pizza is here! I think I will eat it rather than recap the moms bitching about every little thing and Melissa crying.

I like the never before aired episodes. Jo Jo is a lot better than they edit her to be.  I wonder why they never aired that competition?

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Dance Moms: Mini Madness



I thought this was the season “finale” but it looks like that is next Tuesday.  According to Abby that was supposed to end the season but ratings must have been really good because in February they ordered more episodes for a B season.  Abby’s issue with production is apparently that the kids only get paid “a thousand dollars a week” to film and are treated badly. But when they go to do other projects they are pampered and asked what they would like to eat and treated like royalty. I have two problems with her story though. First of all California has very strict guidelines for child actors and how they are treated. There is often some issue with “documentaries” when kids are filmed doing their daily routines but the popularity of reality TV has cause some of those lines to be blurred and new laws to be created. Plus the royal treatment she mentions is of Maddie.

Abby also threatened that more kids than just Maddie and Mack might be missing in the B series of this season due to production’s treatment of the cast. Because Abby is all about treating the girls well, y’all. Actually, in a recent episode Abby said to Melissa, ” I better not see Maddie on So You Think You Can Dance Teen! ”  When in reality, Abby has been fighting for her to be on the show as either the host or the head judge. There really is no reality left on reality TV. Continue reading


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Dance Moms Recap: Mack Z Versus Abby Lee

Dance Moms Abby hip hop


We’re back at pyramid the week after Melissa finally admitted that she is pulling both Maddie and Mackenzie out of ALDC next season. With only three weeks left in the competition season, the team seems to be completely falling apart.  While I have little sympathy for Abby Lee’s criminal problems, I do think it is unreasonable of the dance moms not to understand the amount of stress Abby is under.  But they don’t. Jill is outside bitching once again about how Abby is always  late and unprepared. I realize they are on a TV show, but I think they could have the conversations in the studio with the girls warming up rather than all standing outside in the parking lot.  This show has always done a lot of parking lot filming though.

At pyramid, Abby says basically that perhaps the ALDC just doesn’t have what it takes anymore.  Then she starts the pyramid with Jo Jo at the bottom. But apparently, she was just kidding and moves her to the top of the pyramid. I don’t agree with either placement, but frankly, I’m having a hard time caring about anything today.

Jo Jo gets a hip hop solo called Million Dollar Baby

Brynn also gets a hip hop solo.

Mack gets an acro solo. And she is pissed because she never gets to do hip hop. Then Abby gets pissed and storms out. Abby is clearly trying to irritate Melissa by withholding a hip hop solo from Mack.  The other mothers all encourage Melissa to confront Abby. When she does Abby slams the door on the boom mike and screams at everyone.


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Dance Moms Recap: UnBreak My Cold Black Heart

Dance moms huntsmen


Once again we are back to Tuesday and I haven’t gotten to Dance Moms.  Tuesday nights are super busy so I’m going to do last week’s now and tonight’s well … whenever I can.

Abby should be particularly batshit this week because I think Melissa finally admits this is her last season. I for one am going to miss me some batshit Abby when she is doing time at Camp Cupcake. And this may be the last real season of Dance Moms although I do suspect some very special episodes about Abby going off to college.

Wow, Melissa comes out with it right at the beginning of the episode. I expected the announcement to be the dramatic ending! Ashlee immediately says that Melissa is the one that leaked the news.  Melissa informs us that Mackenzie doesn’t know yet. I don’t believe that. Melissa cannot possibly be so dumb as to tell the crazy moms before telling Mackenzie.  Melissa is going to tell Abby who she expects to be happy for them. Abby cries and seems upset that Melissa is telling her on camera and not calling her first. I expected Abby to have a blow up. It will be coming.

Abby tells Ashlee that Brynn is the new Maddie.  How the hell is Jo Jo  on the bottom with that Michael Jackson solo where she was robbed of a decent trophy?  Brynn is already on the top over Maddie and Mack who are in the middle.

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Double Dance Moms Recap From David Bowie to Michael Jackson

Dance moms David Bowie Maddie


Things have been so busy that I am somehow two episodes behind on Dance Moms.  First we have an episode where they perform in Vegas which I see as sort of a filler episode. Then we have a new competition. Oh wait, it is a dance competition in Vegas. That’s cool.

Viva Las Vegas

Abby is crazy as a bessy bug lashing out at Kira and Ashlee one second and then being perfectly kind five seconds later. This is always the mark of a good episode with a high likelihood of binge eating in the parking lot.

They manage to get it together to have pyramid. Brynn is welcomed to the group. Ashlee brings up the fact that Jill and the other moms immediately tried to dispute the fact that Brynn’s trio won.  Jill loses her mind and starts screaming at Ashlee who says that Jill is just mad because Brynn is having a better season than Kendall. Kendall has reached that angsty teenage stage and is crying and screams at Ashlee and flees from the studio. Kendall is turning into her mother.  The entire pyramid goes all to hell with everyone leaving and Jill screaming that it’s her or Ashlee.  Brynn is crying and tells her mom that she wishes she could scream in Jill’s face and tell her how mean she is but she’s not a brat.

The girls are all in a tizzy for the group rehearsal which is a tribute to David Bowie. I can’t believe it had been two months since Bowie died. I thought this might have just been a coincidence but they actually had time to film this since he died. Time is just going by so fast.  Brynn, Mackenzie and Kalani all get solos. All the other moms are total bitches about Brynn getting a solo. Why are they such bitches? Kendall is really turning into a royal pain in the ass.

Kenzie has a solo inspired by J-Lo.  She has never seen J-lo dance. How is that possible. Kalani is doing a Fred Astaire inspired solo that she will be doing in heels. Brynn is doing something inspired by Princess Leia. Continue reading


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