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More Exclusive Tea Regarding Nene’s Role on Glee

I’ve got so much tea happening today that I may burst my bladder. This bit of tea is for the Nene on Glee fans out there. Glee finishes it’s last filming of the season today. Most everyone has packed and left except for Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer.  Season three ends with Rachel and Kurt going off to NYC  to attend the New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts (NYADA).  I know, I know. Who cares? Well Nene fans will. Here’s why.

The big talk on the set this week was about the changes for season four. Glee has more issues to worry about than the fact that today is Cory Monteith’s THIRTIETH BIRTHDAY. I’ve always found it bizarre that the actors on this show are so old. Anyway, I digress. The real problem is that the big names of Glee are graduating seniors with big ambitions so what the hell are the writers going to do? Well, they are going to move the focus away from Ohio, which means away from McKinley High. McKinley High is where Roz Washington works. Ergo, you aren’t going to be seeing as much Roz as you did in season three.

Part of the reason you don’t see Roz on every episode of Glee since she was hired is that Glee has a big cast. There is often a big guest start, like Lindsey Lohan,who is on next Tuesday’s big two hour episode.  So even people like Sue, Figgins and Beiste are not on every episode. Next season a considerable portion of the the show will be set in New York following Rachel and Kurt. There is also a rumor that Puck may have some storyline in LA.  So while there still will be some scenes at Mckinley High and Coach Roz will still get screen time it will be considerably less. Lea Michele and Chris Colfer are two huge Nene supporters so Nene will certainly miss working with them.

The good news for Nene is that she has a heavily recurring role as Rocky in Ryan Murphy’s new NBC comedy The New Normal which was picked up recently for a fall premiere. So losing a few Glee episodes won’t hurt her pocketbook that much.


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Nene Leakes on Glee: A Link List for the Gleek Guests

Nene Leakes as Coach Roz Washington

I think we may need to clean up for some company y’all. When Andy Cohen Makes the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT on WWHL tonight the Gleeks may be dropping by. Here’s a link list for the newcomers starting with the oldest info first.  Thanks for reading and I hope you will keep checking back for updates from my exlusive source on Nene Leakes on Glee.

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12/15 Nene Leakes on January Promo Reel

12/16 Nene Leakes Role on Glee Could be Recurring Role


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Nene Leakes Character on Glee Could Be Ongoing

Nene Leakes’ appearance on Glee may be a recurring role, or even a full-time role. According to my source on the set, taping has stopped until January for Christmas Break and all the actors are back home for the holidays. As I previously reported in what I am sure is soon to be a MediaFakeOut WORLD EXCLUSIVE!!! (/giggle)  Nene has filmed scenes for two episodes, one is the Grease episode set to air January 17, 2012 and the other is the Michael Jackson tribute episode set to air on January 24, 2012. Her character, Roz Washington is the new synchronized swim team coach. Chord Overstreet’s character, Sam, joins the team to try to impress Mercedes Jones.  After Sam joins, other Glee members also join the team.  Glee producers have previously stated that 2012 will see several new characters appearing in the cast. Say what you will about Nene Leakes but I have a sneaking suspicion that Roz Washington will bring the ratings! This could be an ongoing role for her.

THANKS SO MUCH TO HUFFINGTON POST  and CNN for linking back to this post!

Links to all the NeNe posts for the new peeps!

12/7 Guess What Nene Leakes is Filming?

12/7 Nene Leakes Still Filming Glee  (Grease Episode)

12/9 In Depth Day by Day Guide of Nene’s First Week of Filming.

12/13 Nene Leakes Return to Shoot Second Episode (MJ Tribute)

12/15 Nene Leakes on January Promo Reel

12/16 Nene Leakes Role on Glee Could be Recurring Role

Leave me some comments! And stick around! I still have a source on set! sssshhhhhh!


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Nene Leakes Filming Second Glee Episode on Her Birthday!

Time for another TAMARATATTLES EXCLUSIVE, y’all! Thanks in advance to all the reputable blogs that link and credit me as the source on this story. Shame on the rest of you!
Nene Leakes flew back to L.A. this week to tape a second episode of Glee. My source on the set says that today’s shoot was very long and filmed in the pool/gym of Ventura High School.  Nene always seems so happy in her tweets when she is out there filming.  To make the day even sweeter for Nene, it’s her birthday! Today’s shoot is not for the Grease episode but for another episode all together. In an interesting side note, WWHL had  Dot Marie Jones, the actress who plays Coach Beiste on Glee on last night and Chris Colfer and Lea Michele will be on next week. It’s a regular Glee lovefest. Andy Cohen seems to still love Nene despite rumors to the contrary as he urged all his twitter followers to wish Nene a Happy Birthday today.

Happy Birthday, Ms. Leakes. You are making it really hard for me to hate on you. Congrats!

Update: Although more than one episode is filming at once, my source seems to think today’s scenes will be part of the Michael Jackson tribute episode. Don’t bet the farm on that just yet, but it looks likely. I’ll let you know what I know, the minute I know it!

Are you suprised that Nene has recurring role on Glee? Leave me a comment.


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Nene Leakes on Glee and Her Week in L.A.

Nene Leakes takes some time to party before Filming Glee

I’m getting a lot of questions about my EXCLUSIVE! (I feel so MediatakeOut, lol)  story on Nene Leakes being cast for an upcoming episode of Glee. So here is the full recap of Nene’s trip to the west coast.
Nene flew out to L.A. last Saturday saying she was going to work for the week in L.A. and told us she would let us in on the secret later. Nene was SO UPBEAT on her tweets from the moment she got there. On Sunday she tweeted:

NeNe Leakes
Working out here n LA! I’m So glad I get 2 work n a positive environment oppose 2 the negative 1
Everything you want to know is after the jump, please click the blue link to continue reading.
Nene grabbed this post from
and posted it on her twitter feed
This of course fuels the rumors she is growing weary of playing the villain on RHOA and enjoying a more friendly work environment. Everybody knows that a hostile workplace can make even the sweetest person turn into an ogre so you have to give Nene a bit of slack about her behavior on RHOA. She is working on a set in Atlanta where no one wants to film with her except Cynthia. 
On Saturday Nene went to Kyle Richard’s house for a Christmas party with lots of the Beverly Hills and Orange County Housewives.  Oh and Patti Stanger was there.
On Sunday, Nene worked with acting coach Leigh Kilton-Smith to prepare for her comedic role as Roz Washington, synchronized  swim coach. (Later that night Leigh Kilton-Smith ended up in the ER at Cedars Sinai because her husband was having serious back pain). Leigh sends her a supportive tweet Tuesday morning.
On Monday, Nene posted her Bravo blog and may have visited the Glee set. She did her primary filming on Tuesday and Wednesday by Thursday evening west coast time she was already on a plane back to Atlanta.  Also on Wednesday she took some time to appear on The Talk where she made no mention of being in town to film Glee because the episode is under wraps until filming ends.
As for the episode itself,  Chord Overstreet’s character, Sam joins a synchronized swim team as part of some hair-brained scheme to get him in a speedo win back Mercedes’ affection. Nene’s character, Roz Washington is a smack-talking funny coach to the team.  During filming, Nene wore LOTS of dark body and face makeup which was obvious when she appeared on The Talk. You could see her shoulders were very dark but there was a tanksuit area on her upper body that was not as darkened. It looked like she was wearing body makeup for a swim team type swimsuit. Since she was filming Glee around The Talk, that would make sense. Her choosing to wear one of her numerous strapless tops did not. It just looked weird. It does seem to indicate that she did film in a swim suit on Wednesday instead of the tracksuit she wore on Tuesday’s filming.

Despite the fact that Glee’s ratings are falling, this will be a very popular episode of Glee since Gleeks have been wanting an episode with songs from Grease for a long time.  The episode is said to be scheduled to air on January 17, 2012.
So that’s the tea y’all. Nene has been really quiet on twitter since she got home.  Glee is a hard and long filming project so I bet she is worn out!  Leave me a comment.


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Nene Leakes Still Shooting Glee

Before heading off to shoot Glee today, Nene stopped by The Talk.  Nene talked about how very nice she is and about how very rich she is and seemed to upset Sharon with her admission that she called Latoya Jackson “Casper” while on Celebrity Apprentice.  I have never seen anyone milk a “celebrity” appearance as much as Nene milks her stint on Celebrity Apprentice.  But what doesn’t show up in this picture as much is Nene’s skin tone. I don’t know if she was already in makeup for the Glee shots but she was a weird dark color not found in nature. Also he teeth we SO VERY WHITE. I dunno maybe it was my TV.

Photo Credit:

Today’s shots for Glee were all indoors at a pool with a closed set so my source didn’t get to see much. From what I hear, Nene has been very well-behaved on the site and not causing any problems. People on set seem to genuinely like her. This morning WHEN MY INTERNET WAS ACTUALLY WORKING the skeevy website was linking to this picture. That link has been removed which MIGHT mean that someone actually snapped a shot. This morning I figured it was their ususal crap. BUT see how dark she is here? And don’t those look like the same earrings from The Talk?
Since Nene’s character, Roz Washington, is a synchronized swimming coach, (inset racial stereotype here) I am not sure how much more info will be forthcoming. I do know that Nene auditioned for the role which was advertised as a role for a “well-known comedic actress in her 30s-40s”.  I can only imagine how many people she beat out for this role. What I don’t get is how this all fits into the Grease theme. I’ve heard that Mercedes and Sam sing
Maybe I AM being sold up the river. But for some reason, I really believe it. Look at that picture, I mean have you ever seen Nene in flats let alone sneakers?  I am suspect about her getting along with the cast. Maybe she is my source! lol.

A huge shout out to they contacted me today asking for verification of the story and for permission to link. I love a website that tries their best to verify facts and give credit to sources.

In other news, this site  decide to just post my post as their own. please go let them know what you think about that.

So what do you think? Do I have the biggest scoop EVER! Or will I have to post an embarrassed retraction soon?


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