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Chris Brown Hearing Update: Lots of Drama at the Courthouse


UPDATE: After leaving DC Chris Brown met with his LA attorney and the next thing you know he is in rehab for anger management. Looks like he knows he violated and is headed for the jailhouse and this is a last ditch attempt to reduce or remove the possibility of serious time.


There all sorts of hullabaloo going on at the court room in DC where Chris Brown is expected to make an appearance before the judge. First of all Trey Songz is there throwing a hissy fit about not being let in screaming at a US Marshall. Several members of Chris Browns family and entourage are yelling at the police. Extra security has been called in to monitor the hallway. The courtroom is packed and the judge is asking for a larger courtroom to accomodate the reporters and Chris Brown’s supporters. Continue reading


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Chris Brown Arrested for Felony Assault

chrisbrownjailWelp, Chris Brown is in the pokey in our nation’s capital.  If you missed any of my former posts about this douchebag, you can read them here.   They are actually a pretty good read if I do say so myself. But on to today’s news…

It seems the little punk is highly homophobic. So much so that he can’t bear to take a picture with gay guys lest some of their gayness rubs off on him.  As the story goes, Brown was coming out of a hotel in D.C. around 4:30 this morning when two female fans asked to take a picture with him. As they were posing two guys that Brown determined were gay using his powerful gaydar ,photo bombed the shot by jumping into the background of the picture. Continue reading


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Chris Brown’s Cell Phone Theft Case Has Been Resolved

chrisbrownjailAnd now in “Can Florida Get ANYTHING Right?” news…

I told y’all back in March that absolutely nothing was going to happen to Chris Brown for jacking that girl’s cell phone. But I’m here today to say I TOLD YOU SO! Here is how it all went down back in February.  Bascically, the cops said they wanted a warrant to hold Brown because they feared he was leaving the jurisdiction. The attorney general’s office said they should have just arrested him because now that they asked for a warrant, they have to do a whole investigation. Since Florida takes months to vote when every other state can do it in a few hours,  it’s taken them about the same amount of time it takes Jessica Simpson to have a baby to gather witness statements and figure out what to do. And Guess WHAT? Continue reading


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Chris Brown and Rihanna the Love Story Continues

Rihanna and Chris Brown are a constant source of blogger fodder but that may be coming to an end. It seems that last night Chris released some sort of remix of Kayne’s lovely little ditty Theraflu. You know, that’s the song Kayne used to woo Kim K into his lair because she’s all hard to get and you have to go that extra mile for her. ANYWAY. Chris, who is known for the respectful way he treats women his musical gifts freestyled the following lyrics “Don’t fuck with my old bitches … like a bad fur … every industry nigga done had her. Trick or treat like a pumpkin … just to smash her.”

Well isn’t that delightful. It’s just like that time Miss Universe tried to rhyme on Celebrity Apprentice! He rhymed ‘her’ with ‘bad fur’ because… well moving on. Apparently, Rihanna was offended because she unfollowed Chris (how do people keep up with this) just after the song hit the Internet and then he unfollowed her (GASP!) and now they are mad at each other. This morning Chris posted the picture at left with the tweet, “Assumptions! I didn’t say any names so if u took offense [sic] to it then its something you feel guilty about.”  Which basically says that Rihanna is calling herself a whore. Ouch salt on wound!

If Chris Brown and Rihanna can’t make it there is no hope for any of us. What a sad day. I’m sure there will still be the hospital IV tweets and the tweets with pictures of Rihanna mostly nekkid though so there is that. And I know y’all are gonna say I am just hating or I want to be Chris Brown or something but doesn’t he look awful?


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Rihanna Lashing Out at Karrueche Tran on Twitter

And that is how rumors get started. It all seems to have started with Us Magazine saying that Chris Brown’s girlfriend Karrueche Tran had posted some negative nonsense directed at Rihanna on her Facebook after Rihanna went on a bit of a tirade against Karrueche. I follow Karrueche and I know she only has one link on her twitter and that is to her foodie blog. Karrueche tweeted yesterday that she doesn’t have a facebook page. So the quote Us Magazine gave was bogus. Us Magazine is quickly dropping down the tabloid cesspool into MediaFakeOut levels of crapdom. But that didn’t stop New York Daily News and others from running with the bogus story.
Rihanna posted the above picture with the comment “Imma make you my bitch” directed at Karrueche earlier this week. Because of Karrueche’s Vietnamese background, the picture is considered racist by many. Rihanna has continued to post angry lyrics that seem to be meant as insults to Karrueche. Meanwhile,  Karreuche seems happy as a clam tweeting about food and playing Draw Something on her phone. While no woman wins win it comes to Chris Brown, Karrueche certainly seems to be the happier of the two women currently stuck in Chris Brown’s web.


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Florida Hopes You Have Forgotten All About The Whole Chris Brown Incident

Did anyone really expect Chris Brown to get arrested for grabbing a girl’s iPhone out of her hand and riding off with it? Really? I mean come on. We are talking about a state that can’t hold a proper election, or convict baby killers of anything more serious than lying.

What they are really good at in Florida is finger pointing, and that is exactly what is going on now. According to the Miami Herald, a high-ranking member of the State Attorney’s offices said,”Why didn’t the police grow a pair and arrest him when the complaint was drawn? That’s how you do it.” The State’s Attorney’s office seems to be implying that the MBPD was intimidated by Brown’s celebrity status. The MBPD has a different opinion.

So what’s going on now? Hit the link to find the tea.

The MBPD source says “We knew Chris Brown was about to leave town so we went to the State Attorney’s Office and asked for a warrant. They didn’t want to give us one because they claim there was a lot of work left.”  A lot of work left? What the hell does that even mean?

On the record, spokesman Ed Griffith said the fact that the MBPD asked for an arrest warrant caused a new investigation to occur at the state level. State bureaucracy is even slower than local police bureaucracy so even if anything happens, it’s going to be a while. Griffith told the Miami Herald, “Police have the power to make an arrest at the scene when they have probable cause, but once they come to us, it brings a whole different approach. We’re re-interviewing every witness. This is not because Chris Brown’s famous. It’s about handling every case equitably.” By “equitably” it looks like they mean tying it up in red tape and hoping the whole thing eventually blows over.Prosecutors have allegedly requested security camera footage of Brown at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach as well as security footage from the Mandarin Oriental downtown Miami where some of his companions that were present for the incident were staying. Despite Internet rumors to the contrary, there is no indication that Chris Brown has been asked to be interviewed by police at this time. Don’t hold you breath for this “investigation” to result in any sort of legal action. It’s Florida y’all. Did the chick even get her phone back?


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Is Chris Brown Going to Jail Today?

According to Gossip Extra, a Miami blog, there is a whole lot of finger pointing going on today down in Miami as the Miami PD work with the State Attorney General to determine a strategy to arrest Chris Brown as early as today. The State Attorney says the Miami PD should have picked him up when he was in Miami, but the Miami PD say they were waiting for a green light from the State Attorney’s office. The police want to pick him up in a squad car but now the State Attorney wants to give Brown the chance to turn himself in. The state has a solid case against Brown because both his two bodyguards, his companion that evening, rapper TYGA and two other eye witnesses have given statements claiming Brown took an iphone from a fan and left with it.  Brown performed last night in Orlando. Stay tuned…
Update: Miami blog, Riptide called the State Attorney’s office and spoke with spokesman Ed Griffith who told them, “Given that the prosecutor handling the case is in trial today, nothing will happen until that trial is complete.”  I’m assuming that means sometime after he leaves court and not that he or she is on a case that could take days. Apparently, the prosecutor has to sign off on the warrant. It just seems like if an average Joe had stolen someone’s iphone that Joe would be in the pokey by now. Celebrity justice?


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Rihanna Shooting a Video in London

Rihanna is back to work in London after several days of partying and celebrating her BRIT award. She spent a full day in the recording studio in addition to working on her video. The British paps are saying she left the studio very late on Friday looking exhausted. Unfortunately, she didn’t get much sleep in her hotel as she tweeted the following. ” How in the phuck iz my fire alarm gonna give me my wake-up call??! #Classic” Let’s hope she has been too busy to read the tabloids and see what Chris Brown is up to.

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Rihanna Parties in London

While Chris Brown is dodging the cops down in Florida, Rihanna is getting her party on in London. The Daily Mirror caught this picture of Rihanna getting into her car to go out ( looks like she’s already been SOMEWHERE) outside her London hotel. What’s wrong with this picture?


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Chris Brown Parties in Orlando as Miami Police File Charges

It’s NBA All-Star Weekend in Orlando and the town is going wild. There are star-studded parties all over town making it a tough choice for fans to decide which place to go!  Mary J. Blige, Lil Wayne, P. Diddy, Pitbull, Nicki Minaj and Ne-Yo are just some of the big names in town for the festivities. Know who else is there? Chris Brown.  Last night Brown performed at the kickoff party (at least he was scheduled to) at H2O Live!  and tomorrow night he will be performing at the Roxy. Then on Sunday, he performs at the All-Star finale party after the game at a club called Vain.  It’s going to be a very busy weekend in Orlando for Brown.

Unless… Click through the jump to find out what Miami PD has up their sleeve for Chris Brown.

According to a source for Jose Lambiets’ Gossip Extra, a south Florida blog affiliated with the Miami Herald, Miami detectives are poised to drive to Orlando to pick up Brown as soon as the State Attorney gives the okay. The website sites a source within the police department who say that Tyga, and two body guards for Chris Brown have given statements to the police about the incident. All three said that Chris Brown freaked out because he was leaving with two females and didn’t want the photo on the Internet where Rihanna might see it. The site also claims that one of the three went to the police station to turn in the stolen phone belonging to Christal Spann.  One of the body guards took another phone from one of Christal Spann’s companions on Sunday morning, erased the pictures that she took and returned the phone to her. Chris Brown took Christal’s phone while sitting in the back of a black Bentley and the car drove off. Gossip Extra posted that information late last evening.

Gossip Extra claims that a law enforcement source indicated that the charge of robbery would be filed against Brown today. Due to the high profile nature of the case the po po are trying to be sure they have all their legal ducks in a row before filing the charge. So if you have tickets to see Chris Brown this weekend in Orlando, he might be unavailable, or better yet, you might get to see him carted off to the jail house! If you go, let me know!


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Chris Brown’s Victim, "I Just Want My Phone Back" !

Christal Spann just wants her phone back, y’all! TMZ just posted this video of  Christal Shanae reporting Chris Brown as a phone thief  to police.  TMZ never ceases to amaze me with how they get videos of everything. It’s funny as hell that Christal’s friend says she doesn’t want the guy using his phone to video them. Really? Isn’t that what y’all were doing to someone with a known anger problem? What do y’all think will happen to Chris Brown?


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Chris Brown (allegedly) Steals an iPhone in Miami

According to TMZ Chris Brown got into a bit of trouble this past weekend in Miami. According to their website: 

Chris Brown has been accused of angrily snatching some girl’s iPhone outside a nightclub in Miami this weekend … and driving off with it — law enforcement tells TMZ.

A rep for the Miami Beach PD tells TMZ, 24-year-old Christal Spann filed a police report Sunday for “robbery by snatching” — claiming she followed Chris and rapper Tyga out of Cameo nightclub early in the morning (see photo above) … and snapped a picture of Chris getting into his Bentley.
Christal told cops … Chris flipped out when he saw her camera phone– then grabbed it through the car window, saying, “Bitch, you’re not gonna put that on the Internet.”

The incident occurred, according to police reports, during the early morning hours on Sunday as Chris Brown and rapper Tyga were leaving the Cameo nightclub on Miami Beach. Brown was performing at the venue in his Mr. T chains.  A fan, whose name is either Shanae or Christal Spann (TMZ referrs to her as Christal Spann, CBS Miami refers to her as Shanae) followed him outside to his car and took a picture of him in his Bentley. There are pictures showing Brown walking out with a large body guard and many people around who likely witnessed the incident.

Brown was in Miami with  Karrueche Tran his girlfriend or perhaps his “cover” for his relationship with Rihanna if you believe the rumors.  The pair went to Miami for Valentine’s Day one day after Chris Brown was seen at Rihanna’s Birthday party. Karrueche tried to present the trip to the media as a romantic Valentine’s trip. However, Brown was in Miami to perform at Cameo.  Rihanna spent the weekend in London  rehearsing for the BRIT Awards.

As of now there are no charges filed against Chris Brown. My guess is there won’t be. Hell, if you can throw a chair through a plate glass window of a dressing room at GMA and not get any charges, snatching a phone from some chicks hand and driving off with it should basically just result in a free iphone. That is how things seem to work. Brown still has two years of probation left. It would be beneficial to him to have these charges filed and his probation violated. The boy has anger management issues and needs therapy. Or a stint in the big house to think about things. Rihanna needs to get herself some therapy to find out why this man is still attractive to her. Unfortunately, I think the situation between these two is going to get worse before it gets better. Looks like one of those learn the hard way type situations to me.

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