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Roble & Company Season Finale is Next Wednesday

ChefRobleRoble and Company is another show I have been watching and not blogging. There are just so many things to blog about lately that some shows I just like to watch without recapping.  The season finale of Roble & Co is a fun little show to watch.  Every show needs a villain and in this case the one stirring the pot every week is Roble himself. He’s a complex guy who is not always likeable. Okay, I’ll just say it. He’s not my favorite Bravolebrity.  He’s got that African male  chauvinism and seems obsessed with conversations about what color everyone is, especially Adam. If you want a drinking game for this show the words “black” or “white” or any reference to someone’s race would be a safe bet.

He’s not the kind of villain you hate though. He’s the kind that you sort of want to either get what is coming or to have some sort of moment of enlightenment. This season he worked through his issues with his sister, only to have similar issues with is assistant, Artie the event planner, and Kiku the baker. All of his negative interactions seem to occur with women, or Artie who is gay. Continue reading


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Chef Roble & Co Recap: Things Get HOT in the City

ChefRobleI’m baaaack! Now that all the nasty weather has blown through, I am feeling good and raring to blog. Which is good because I am way behind. Let’s start with Chef Roble! If you are not watching this show, you probably should be. Roble and Jasmine are all excited that their (ridiculous) tea party with Phaedra made Page Six.  The phone rings and Jasmine is all “well hello daaarling” and it turns out she is NOT talking Phaedra, but B. Scott, who Roble describes as a guy that looks like a girl who is an Internet entertainer. What could possibly go wrong with this?

I must say that B. Scott makes a much more beautiful woman than…oh let me hush. Already B. is making demands. She wants people to think they are eating one thing but they are really eating another. No beef or pork. For Jasmine’s design he wants a heart-shaped ice sculpture with a big B on it. And pictures of um, her everywhere with a grand entrance. Also, he is insistent that the location be very chill, like literally. Frankly, this is the one time I think Jasmine should just let Artie do this one. You know he is going to try anyway and this is more in his wheelhouse. Continue reading


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Chef Roble Season Two Premiere Recap

Chef Roble Ali is Headed to AtlantaI am doing my weird sleep cycle thing where I am sleeping A LOT so I am just now getting around to watching the Season Premiere of Chef Roble. I liked the show last time, but after following Roble on twitter, I really started to find him a bit narrow-minded and offensive. I do really like his sister though. I hope she is on this season. Okay, let’s watch.

Jasmine is back as an event designer. YAY. She will be working closely with Artie. I like Roble’s team they are all unique and interesting. They have a new kitchen in Park Slope. Artie has new uniforms for the caterers and Jasmine has already vetoed them. Continue reading


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EXCLUSIVE: All the Tea You Can Hold About the Three Trips on RHOA Season Five

Ani Villas: The RHOA home away from home in Anguilla

Yikes, WordPress ate my entire first paragraph to this blog! The now much shorter version is this… I’ve collected information on all three of the trips that the real housewives of Atlanta took on season five and broken them down for you here. Pay close attention to the third trip. It’s just brimming over with tea.

This is a TAMARATATTLES EXCLUSIVE. I’ve worked hard to get many sources here and in Anguilla for this post. Please do not copy it in its entirety and please use a like to TAMARATATTLES with your excerpt. Thanks! Continue reading


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Phaedra Parks Throws a Couples Dinner for Kandi and Todd

Something is up in the ATL and I’m not exactly sure what it is, but I have some suspicions. Miss Phaedra Parks threw an event today that went from morning to night. She even flew in Chef Roble to cater the event. Click through the jump for what little I know mixed with lots of speculation.

Continue reading


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Chef Roble Ali is Headed to Atlanta

Chef Roble showing off his skills at Avenue
Good News Atlanta! Chef Roblé Ali is coming to town! Bleezie will be hitting the ATL on the 27th to spend a few days in Atlanta. According to the twitter buzz, Bravo’s newest celebrity chef is coming to down to open a place down here! He hasn’t spilled the tea on what sort of place he is opening or what his role will be. The restaurant business in Atlanta is tough! Celebrity backed restaurant’s don’t generally fare well. However, Bleezy is a chef whose business is food, not a musician who thinks a chicken and waffle joint might diversify his portfolio.
 In addition to his Bravo show Roble & Co. Roblé is also the consulting chef at Avenue  an upscale gastro-lounge in New York.  Clearly he has lots of pots on the burners already. His sister Jasmine was living in Atlanta prior to heading up to NYC to do the event planning for his catering company. Perhaps she will have a role in the new venture? I hope if he is going to open a place down here it’s got Somalian food on the menu!  Something tells me whatever he opens, he won’t be in the kitchen full-time. He’s got way too much going on! He mentioned tonight he was thinking about hosting a party. Story developing… as TMZ would say. :) I’ll let you know whatever is worth knowing. :)


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