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Celebrity Apprentice Spoilers!

Donald TrumpYet another public task going on for the gang on Celebrity Apprentice today. The teams tried to sell 150 wedding dresses in three hours this morning and Brandi Glanville seems to have had a little bit of trouble. She was frantically tweeting for everyone who sent in a credit card donation to please “take a screen shot and resend them!” That does not sound good. Continue reading

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Weekend Update: RHOA Bachelorette Parties; RHOBH Ambulances


Photo: Twitter

Weekends are pretty slow blogging days up until Sunday night. But with the RHOA reunion filming last Thursday, the tea keeps coming this weekend. However, it is a beautiful day today and I have been looking forward to finally being able to do some gardening. So I did. I actually overdid. I am way to exhausted to do a whole bunch of detailed blogging on the dribs and drabs of tea I’ve been receiving all day. So you’ll have to settle for the down and dirty version.

We’ll start in Atlanta. Last night was Kandi’s Bachelorette party. It was held after she had a bridal shower earlier in the evening. Kandi, Porsha and Phaedra were all up in the club dancing and partying and having a great time. But they were not the only ones twerking. Phaedra hired (one of her clients?) a chubby little person female stripper to twerk for the ladies! No word on what Phaedra thought of how her lady garden was groomed. But this party is not the one I kept hearing about today. Continue reading


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Celebrity Apprentice Full Cast List and First Task Spoilers!

Andy Cohen Celebrity Apprentic

Andy and Kristen Visit Pie Face

Okay, I have been working my EXCLUSIVE  sources to death to finally get the CONFIRMED list of who is on Celebrity Apprentice . It wasn’t easy but I have the list.  But first, yesterday was the first challenge. The celebs were divided into two teams by gender.  Keisha Knight-Pulliam took the role of Project Manager for the women’s team and Geraldo Rivera grabbed the reins for the men’s team. Both teams took over a Pie Face location in NYC to sell pies. The guys choose to sell a low-fat chicken pot pie and a desert pie of some sort.  The ladies had two pies as well and sold theirs for $10 and $20.  The ladies also advertised a celebrity pie in the face event. Each team sold their pies from 11;30 -2:30 yesterday.

So who won?

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Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Films Tomorrow!

Real housewives of Atlanta

This should be an exclusive unless my source got chatty. It’s finally time for the RHOA to film the reunion episode and there is so much potential for disaster! First of all both Kenya and Nene will have to leave their current engagements to fly in to the ATL.  This won’t be much of an issue for Nene because she and Tony have already secured rehearsal space here for when Nene has to be in Atlanta. So she is likely already back here. But Kenya is working on Celebrity Apprentice all day today and then flying out tonight and likely flying back right after the reunion.  For that reason Andy won’t be able to keep everyone there until the wee hours of the morning like he tends to do. They are going to have to do this down and dirty this time!

So what can we expect? LOTS of drama that is what.

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New Season of Celebrity Apprentice Filming Now in NYC

Donald Trump

What is shaping up to be an epic season of Celebrity Apprentice due to the casting of not one but two controversial “real housewives,” Kenya Moore and Brandi Glanville, has begun filming y’all.  Frankly, I am already worried I am going to have to buy ‘rica that house in Scottsdale, Arizona or whatever it was I promised her in a wine infused frenzy the other night.  But before I get to all that, let’s check in with the girls.

Brandi arrived on Wednesday and hit the ground running hitting up Kristen Taekman from RHONY to ensure she shows up to thangs camera ready with a big check from her husband.  It’s no surprise she will end up being at one of the first fundraisers. Next, she focused on the important stuff like her hair. Her poor, poor, hair. She rang up snarky stylist, Mark Hasche who arrived in NYC yesterday.  I hope he was not the one who did her hair for the reunion when it appeared her goal was to look like Wayland Flowers sex crazed puppet, Madame.  These are all good moves, but I take comfort in the fact that she was already tweeting she was overwhelmed on the day she arrived.  Last night, she seemed a bit more relaxed and tweeted “It’s on like Donkey Kong!” at 9:30 pm. I wonder if she has adjusted to the early bedtime, early morning call on the east coast situation. Continue reading


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Interesting Tea on Celebrity Apprentice from Penn Jillette

Today’s blog will be guest written by Penn Jillette.  Okay not exactly. Penn has a new book out called, Every Day Is an Atheist Holiday there is an excerpt from it over on  In the book he talks a bit about his experiences on Celebrity Apprentice. It’s an interesting read. So if you like to read, be warned it is more than six sentences, head on over and check it out. A short excerpt of the ……excerpt are behind the jump as well as the like.

In real reality, there would have been hell to pay for screaming epithets at people, but in “TCA” world, there are no repercussions. No one loves anyone on the set enough to say, “Hey listen, man, take a little break and think about this.” No one cares. We’re all trying to save our own sorry asses. Then the next day, Trump says something insane like, “I’m glad you showed some backbone. I like passion.” He means, of course, he likes passion for his little TV show, but it feels like he’s saying the outburst was a good thing. We’ve chosen to make this whackjob, with the cotton candy piss hair and the birther shit, into someone we want to please.

For the whole article, go here.


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Omarosa to Return to Celebrity Apprentice

Donald Trump announced the line-up for the next Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars today. There will be a total of eight men including: Trace Atkins, Stephen Baldwin,Gary Busey, Penn Jillette, Lil Jon, Bret Michaels, Dennis Rodman, Dee Snider. There are six women in the cast: Marilu Henner, La Toya Jackson, Claudia Jordan, Omarosa, Lisa Rinna, Brande Roderick. This makes it seem like teams will not begin as the men versus the women which I think is a great idea as it will limit the women cannibalizing each other early.

Back in August when Nene Leakes was claiming she was turning down the loud mouth black woman slot because she was too busy, I wondered whether that meant Star Jones was coming back. I certainly didn’t think Omarosa would be available with her finance Michael Clarke Duncan recovering from a heart attack. Unfortunately, Michael Clarke Duncan passed away last month. So Omarosa has agreed to film another season. It’s a bit surprising, but it will probably be good for her to keep busy. I wonder if she will be her usual abrasive self or a more toned down version. It looks like a really great cast! I predict the playmate gets the boot first and then it becomes a cutthroat fight to the finish. I’d like to see Penn Jillete win. What about you?



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Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars Will Have to Survive Without Nene Leakes

The first media reports hinting at an All-Stars season of Celebrity Apprentice began in early July. Many names were floated around including past winners Bret Michaels, Trace Atkins, Joan Rivers, Pierce Morgan and interesting characters like Meatloaf, Omarosa, Gene Simmons, Sharon Osbourne, Cyndi  Lauper, and Dennis  Rodman. Apparently, with offers now going out and filming time fast approaching  Ms. Leakes wanted to put it out there that she wasn’t interested.

According to, Nene Leakes has turned down an offer to be on Celebrity Apprentice All Stars.  In a statement to William Keck, Nene explained why she was not up for another season,

It was hard as hell — a grueling-ass schedule. You work every single day except for Sunday from sunup to sundown. You’re locked into a war room and you have to give up your cell phone, your iPad, your laptop, everything. It’s a tough show. I can’t do it again!

Nene certainly does have a full calendar at the moment with three TV shows filming at once; however, Trump hates a quitter. I have my doubts that even with Nene’s fifteen minutes extending to an hour that Trump would invite Nene back. She broke under the pressure once. I figure Trump would want fill any position that Nene is up for with Omarosa. Unfortunately, depending on when filming starts, Omarosa will likely be unavailable. Omarosa’s man, Michael Clarke Duncan, was out of intensive care yet still in the hospital after a very serious heart attack in July. Omarosa has not left his side. So I guess the sassy black woman role will be filled by Star Jones. I haven’t heard of her being terribly busy lately and Trump loves her. Celebrity Apprentice Allstars is expected to air in February.

What do y’all think? Did Trump even ask Nene or is Nene getting it out there before the offers come out to save face?


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Three Mini-Recaps From Sunday Night.

Kim Spradlin won Survivor last night. I am a die hard survivor fan. Way back when the show first began there was a group of people, or actually a few groups of people who would more or less stalk contestants and spoil the winner of the show right down to episode by episode challenge winners. Oh, the good old days. The past ten or so seasons I mainly watched out of some sort of allegiance to those early spoiling days. Basically, no matter how boring the show gets, I have what became real life friends of over a decade from that show. So last night, I of course watched the three hour finale which interfered with Celebrity Apprentice and RHONJ. Somehow I watched enough of Celebrity Apprentice to get the gist and caught the rerun of RHONJ.  I really don’t have enough to say about any of them to warrant full recaps but if you are interested, I have a few comments on each after the jump.

First, this season of Survivor will be remembered, if at all for two reasons. First of all, the men against the women storyline was insane with the women playing like crap and yet somehow managing to end the season with the final five being all female. Kim completely played most every female on that island and even after backstabbing them one by one still managed to get most of them to vote for her and sing her praises for winning. Kim was a huge physical threat who deserved to win, but her social game was pretty much unprecedented. She is a stunningly beautiful woman physically who made nearly every female there fall in love with her. Nearly all of the final five believed they were closest with Kim. Each player Kim picked off still seems to think she hung the moon. That’s some impressive outwitting.

The other memorable thing about this season is Colton Dixon. Every season needs a diabolical villain. This season we had Colton, a racist, a bigot and basically just a horrible person. His poor mother had to spend her Mother’s Day apologizing for her son on national TV. Thankfully he had to be medically evacuated with appendicitis or  something so hopefully we’ve seen the last of him.

On the Apprentice, one could make a case for God existing based on the Donald fired Aubrey O’Day. Hallelujah!  Arsenio is leading by playing to everyone’s strengths and being sort of hands off, while Clay is being a micromanager.  I have no idea why Clay picked Penn to be on his team unless it was one of those last one picked scenarios, I missed that part. I did notice that Penn didn’t seem to be contributing much. He doesn’t seem especially pleased with Aubrey or Debbie Gibson either. So despite Arsenio’s PSA hitting some major problems which was the focus of the cliff hanger editing, I figure Clay will come in second once again. Maybe I just want Arsenio to win because it will piss off Aubrey the most. :)

On RHONJ, I think I might be starting to see Teresa’s perspective, she told her brother that she put him before her husband when they got married and he didn’t do the same. That right there is the crux of the issue. I know all y’all like to say Teresa is jealous of Melissa or Melissa is jealous of Teresa but it’s not like that.

Teresa is jealous of Melissa but not in the since that woman are jealous of what the other has, Teresa is angry that her brother chose his wife’s side, and puts his wife  before his sister. Teresa seems to think that at least in the past she put her brother before her husband. Teresa is furious that Joe told Melissa what she said about her. In Teresa’s mind Joe is wrong for telling Melissa that because she thinks their sibling bond should supersede his relationship with his wife. So she is angry and hurt and “never going to tell her brother anything again.”  I said I now sort of see her perspective. I still don’t agree with it. Joe is angry and hurt because what Teresa felt she was saying in confidence was a horrible hurtful thing to say. That’s it.

Teresa has the same problem with Jac. Teresa demands loyalty to her first. I sort of understand Teresa’s perspective. Unfortunately, I think it is all going to explode. Meanwhile the drunken yoga instructor was priceless.

So there you have it. I am planning to watch The Bachelorette tonight. Wanna watch it with me so we can argue about it tomorrow? :)


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Nene Leakes and Aubrey O’Day’s KTLA Interviews

Nene Leakes wasn’t just hanging out with Aubrey O’Day and a miniature horse yesterday for our amusement. She was at KTLA to promote GLEE and talk about RHOA.  The guy doing the interview is a bit creepy. Okay more than a bit creepy as he becomes obsessed with Nene’s red bottoms and gives her a foot massage during the interview. Nene admits to having regrets about “divorcing” Gregg, says she is not dating, and isn’t interested in being famous. I’m just telling you what she said. Check out the link to the video if you don’t believe me! Aubrey O’Day was there to talk about Celebrity Apprentice. Creepy Guy seemed infatuated with her as well. Aubrey told Creepy Guy that she wasn’t there to make friends, and that Arsensio is a chauvinist pig who just has issues with her being smarter than he is and that all the other women were crazy. You can see that interview here. If you are playing the drinking game, she only says “the creative” once. It remains unclear why the two guests were housed with a horse before their interviews.

The video above is of Nene Leakes, who is not interested in fame or attention, leaving Mr. Chow, where one never sees any paparazzi, with Aubrey O’Day last February 10th. Both are drunk and Nene drives herself away. Aubrey sticks around for more pictures with foreign tourists and then tells us more than we need to know about her Valentines Day plans. Seriously, the last few seconds are um, not so family friendly. That Aubrey is one Classy girl.


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Celebrity Apprentice: I Hate Aubrey O’Day

I have a confession to make. I haven’t been watching Bravo on Sunday nights since Celebrity Apprentice started. My Sunday nights are reserved for The Amazing Race and Celebrity Apprentice. Last night both shows took some time to highlight women behaving badly. I could rant on that, but I’d rather rant about how much I hate Aubrey O’Day.

Hate is a strong word. It’s also a very accurate description of how I feel about Aubrey. If there is a word that goes beyond hate,  that too would be appropriate. The term ‘hater’ has made its way into the lexicon of Internet users and other seedy realms lately as a term that intertwined with jealousy. ‘Hater’ has become a term people use to dismiss the validity of disliking someone by shrieking that the person doing the disliking is in some way jealous of the person with the vile behavior. For example, many times while watching the Real Housewives, I’ve suggested that nearly all of them, except Phaedra, need to buy a decent bra. When this suggestion is made about Nene a certain element of Nene fans comes screaming into comments to call me a ‘hater’ and suggest that I am jealous of Nene.  In fact, I don’t particularly have feelings for Nene as a person one way or another. She does lots of things that are impressive like getting legitimate acting roles and she does a lot of things that are reprehensible. So to be clear, this feeling I have for Aubrey O’Day is pure, unadulterated hate, not to be confused with disliking someone on  a reality show.

I knew that I was going to be driven out of my mind by this moron when she used the word ‘creative’ as a noun with the first two minutes of the show. Traditionally, the word ‘creative’ is an adjective. While it is used in the advertising field as a noun, it’s a disputed usage that most find ridiculous. It’s the type of word people say when they are attempting so sound educated. In other words, it’s something Sheree might say. And it irks me. And she says it at least a dozen times per episode. And she doesn’t consistently use it correctly as advertising jargon. It seems as though Aubrey learned the term on a Word of the Day calendar (advertising jargon edition) in an effort to appear intelligent. And it has worked. At least when it comes to Lisa Lampanelli who thinks that Aubrey should be welcomed to the next MENSA meeting.

If you don’t watch Celebrity Apprentice, chances are good that you are wondering who the hell Aubrey O’Day is and how she got on the show. I have no answer for either really. A few years back P.Puff.Diddy.Daddy got a show on MTV where he was supposed to put together a girl band. The band was eventually formed and named Danity Kane they has a one hit wonder then broke up. The majority of that show focused everyone’s hatred of Aubrey. On last night’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice, we found out that Trump didn’t even know that Aubrey sang. The teams were asked to make a jingle and Trump pointed out that the team with Clay Aiken on it had an advantage because he was a professional singer. When Arsenio pointed out that Aubrey was a singer as well, Trump replied that most people just think of her as being in Playboy. It was, without doubt, the best thing Trump has ever said on TV.

Last night Aubrey managed to suggest that Arsenio Hall is a gay, or at least a cross-dresser, while working for her charity GLSEN, which is a foundation whose mission is to eliminate bullying directed toward gays, and well probably cross-dressers too.  She had to know this because she gave a supportive interview about the charity where she said something like “I’m trying to help those poor unfortunate gays because, like, lately a whole bunch of them have been killing themselves and that makes me sad.” When Arsenio dared to question Aubrey’s brilliant idea that since the company had a mascot, then a cheerleader theme was the way to go Aubrey told the cameras, “Arsenio is the biggest girl on this show, so I don’t know why he doesn’t like tap dancing or wearing cheerleading outfits. We all know he does it at home.” Sadly, Arsenio was stuck in the unfortunate position of having to let Aubrey do her thing or risk Trump saying he didn’t listen to the “musician” so he allowed Aubrey to don a slutty cheerleader outfit and bounce around without putting up much of a fight. That didn’t stop Aubrey from constantly insulting him to anyone who would listen, from Teresa to Don Jr. At one point she told the camera  that maybe “he has become senile and is suffering from the age he has become.” Arsenio is fifty-six. I looked it up and was surprised because he seems younger to me. Let us all hope Aubrey never has to suffer from the atrocities of reaching that age.

So Aubrey changed the entire choreography and structure of the jingle and placed herself right in the center bouncing all about. She should have been thrilled. But when Don Jr. showed up she pulled him aside to explain that she was the only person “with any creative”  and if it weren’t for her “there wouldn’t be creative at all” and that her teammates were imbeciles and horrid, horrid people. After the presentation she told the camera that Arsenio and Teresa sucked (they were fine) and that it’s hard to deal with other people not being good at things like she is. Despite all of that, Arsenio
I am spending the week praying to the TV gods that Trump goes back to men against women for the remainder of the season and that it somehow comes down to Arsenio and Clay with an Arsenio win. Because in case I didn’t make it crystal clear, I hate Aubrey O’Day.  That little quote in the box there is one of Aubrey’s favorite things to say (as if she created it of course) in interviews when asked about why everyone in Making the Band hated her. So at least she owns being a self-important twat. Meanwhile, I’m taking a shot next week every time she says the word ‘creative’. It’s the only way to keep my head from exploding.


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