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Univision and NBC Cause International Disaster!

Donald Trump

So every presidential election for the last decade or so, Donald Trump pretends like he is considering running for the presidency. I never really believe he is serious, because, he’s kind of busy running eleventy billion businesses and hosting Celebrity Apprentice. One of his other entertainment enterprises is the Miss USA and Miss Universe Franchise.  Some reports indicate that this enterprise is jointly owned by Trump and NBC. I don’t think that exactly accurate. I believe Trump owns Miss Universe and partnered with NBC for the TV shows.

Which brings us to this year when Trump is actually honest to God running for president.  This meant that Celebrity Apprentice would be on hold until he dropped out.  I can live with that.  But then, Trump said about illegal immigrants ” they’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists and some, I assume, are good people.”  Well, this caused the Hispanic population’s head to explode.  God forbid we mention that the illegal immigrants are committing crimes simply by entering the country illegally, draining our public school systems, burdening our jails, and committing violent crimes.  If you live in the south, anywhere, this is no secret. Apparently, it is not nice to mention that criminals commit crimes. Sure Trump’s delivery sucks, but nothing will win the votes of Texans and Arizona voters like promising to seal the southern border with a big ole wall.

So then Univison who airs the upcoming Miss Universe Pageant in Spanish says they are not going to air it anymore because Trump is a big ole windbag who hates Mexicans.  So now all the people who work on the Spanish version of the show are out of a job, and all the countries with Spanish-speaking representatives in the pageant can’t watch and Univision (and Trump) lose money. Who cares the least about this? Trump. Continue reading


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Kenya Moore Talks Phaedra, Apollo and #PhoneGate

RHOA Kenya Check

Kenya weighed in today with her Bravo Blog where she discusses the dramatic(ally stages) exit of Apollo and Phaedra (and picks a side!).  She also talks about #Phonegate and how Mr. Trump believes her when she claims to have nothing to do with the phone’s disappearance or the tweet.

She also talks ever so briefly about her auditions for Life Twirls On. Mostly about Cynthia saying, ” Cynthia was amazing! As an actor you have to be willing to take chances, make and commit to strong choices. This project is important to me, because it’s not only being completely financed by my company, but it is what I enjoy doing the most in my professional career. I love creating projects and producing. The great thing about Cynthia’s audition is that she came to play. I love it when an actor goes for broke and that she did!”

Click through for a few more tidbits from Kenya’s Blog Continue reading


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Celebrity Apprentice Finale: Who Will Win? Leeza or Geraldo?

Celeb Apprentice Leeza Geraldo

I enjoyed Celebrity Apprentice for the most part this season, but I’m ready for the finale because I just have to many things to watch on Monday nights right now. Speaking of scheduling issues, I will be recapping Vanderpump Rules tomorrow instead of tonight. After this show, I’m going to curl up on the coach and listen to the rain (maybe sleet?) and veg out for the night.  Atlanta shut the city down due to potential snow. I’m not sure how it was supposed to snow since it’s been around 40 degrees almost all day, but in Atlanta, we don’t have weathermen anymore. We have SEVERE WEATHER TEAMS  who scare us to death pretty much every week with tornados, and lightning and ice possibilities, etc. They actually now seriously recommend we all don helmets during tornado season. I’m not kidding!  Anyway, I hope those of you with real snow issues are warm and safe! Let’s get on with the show!

Leeza and Geraldo are shown shooting their commercials. Leeza got really lucky with the Jonas kid. He’s running the camera crew like a finely oiled machine.  Meanwhile, over on Team Geraldo, Lorenzo and Geraldo are still measuring their dicks.

Before a commercial break they do a teaser about #PhoneGate so maybe we will see some footage tonight! Continue reading


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Celebrity Apprentice Recap: Be Your Own Hero

Celeb Apprentice

The first hour is a list of top fights and other crap from all the seasons. It’s filler. But I’m glad because I am not ready to start recapping. Kenya Moore had the fourth worst campaign of all time with the Hawaiian Buns photobomb with the baby with the bun fetish.  Kenya also came in second in the boardroom backstabbing list.  I suppose these are accomplishments.

Okay, it’s the second hour. Time to watch Vivica Fox get sent home.  Wow, after firing the other team altogether,  Trump still is not done firing people. He is going to fire one of the final three right now. Donald Trump asks Vivica why she should stay. She really has no reason. Leeza and Geraldo are the obvious choice. Even Vivica knows this. Vivica says Leeza is a better competitor she is. Vivica cries again. Vivica has done the hormonal cry every boardroom. Trump fires Vivica. She basically quit. I think we all saw the writing on the wall.

The Final Task: The gang goes to Universal Orlando Resort on Trump’s private jet. They are going to shoot a commercial selling vacation packages.

Leeza and Geraldo are old friends who love each other. Trump’s jet is a bit smaller than I expected. It’s lovely. But I don’t think it’s his main jet. Continue reading


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Brandi Glanville’s Guilty Pleasure is RHOA

Brandi Glanville RHOBH


Just received this interview with Brandi Glanville for Gossip Girl. I have some thoughts. Be sure to read the entire interview at Gossip Girl because I am just going to hit a few highlights.  My comments will be in purple after the actual Q&A

Gossip Girl: Is there drama with your ex to clear up?
Brandi Glanville: The gossip is ongoing. We co-parent, we have two amazing little boys, and we get along. We have our issues. We have two different households, two different sets of rules, so we have to talk because of our kids. But what you’re seeing on Housewives right now was four months ago.

TT: It must be a struggle for Eddie and LeAnn to get along with someone who is constantly shitfaced on TV. Say what you will about Eddie and LeAnn but I don’t see either of them falling down drunk in the tabloids. Sure LeAnn has had some strange moments on stage…but not as bad as say Mariah Carey. Eddie has enough sense to keep the boys off of RHOBH despite the fact that Brandi wants to have them on to be like the other moms. Most of the RHOBH viewing audience is perplexed that Eddie has not sought full custody. Perhaps he is waiting for the rehab stint to bolster his case even further?  Those poor boys must be going through hell at public school everyday. I bet if Eddie had full custody, LeAnn would spring for private (perhaps boarding, but still…) school. Either would be preferable to the boys being exposed to Brandi’s behavior. Continue reading


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#PhoneGate Is the Celebrity Apprentice Scandal That Will Not Die

celeb apprentice2

Celebrity Apprentice #PhoneGate has not died down on the Internet. This site seems to have become the last safe (sort of) refuge for those who for whatever reasons do not think Kenya sent out the nasty tweets about menopause and Vivica Fox.  Kenya is taking a pretty big drumming for #PhoneGate and I personally think it is because Kenya’s fans wish she would have just owned her evil.  A simple “It is a very cutthroat game. I used everything I could to insure I made it to the end to play for my charity.” or  “after days of very long hours and very little sleep I impulsively sent a tweet on Vivica’s phone to make light of her lack of usefulness on the Hawaiian King task.  I certainly meant no offense to all the hormonal women in the world. And am sorry to all those I insulted.”  Something. Anything that didn’t fly in the face of logic to the degree of ” I didn’t do anything” does.  But she didn’t. That is why the comments here are imploding with debate.

So yesterday she was supposed to do a Q & A on the Celebrity Apprentice Facebook page and hoards of angry menopausal women descended with their claws out.  It was not pretty.  Today  TMZ rolled another story on #PhoneGate including a video of Vivica Fox saying she knows beyond a doubt that Kenya stole her phone and providing her makeup artist as a “witness.”  To be clear it didn’t appear he actually “witnessed” anything.

Also, Geraldo Rivera has blogged about the episode and he is convinced that Kenya is behind the shenanigans. Click through for his take on what went down. Continue reading


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Kenya Moore on Wendy Williams


Kenya's Winning Task

Kenya’s Winning Task


Before Kenya even comes out, Wendy has already stated the obvious about Kenya tweeting from Vivica’s  phone.  Although Kenya’s hardcore fans are in some sort of deep, DEEP, denial over the situation, it’s abundantly obvious that is what happened.

Kenya comes out looking stunning in orange. Wendy asked her if she had anything to do with the whole menopause thing. Kenya says “absolutely not.” Um, Kenya you brought up menopause in the boardroom and you tweeted about it after the fact.  So that’s a lie.  Kenya says she finds the whole thing quite ridiculous.  Kenya says she was a strong player who did not need to resort to such ridiculousness to win. But she did.  Kenya says the show is a meritocracy and people should win on their own merit and she brought a lot to the table.

Wendy says to Kenya, “You were a very smart player but I don’t believe a word you are saying.” Kenya just laughs and laughs.  Kenya says that people are entitled to their opinions. If you want to believe it you do, and if you don’t you don’t. She says she was made a scapegoat on the show. She says they tried to fire her the week before and she fought her way out of it (Not quite, she played a dumb girl that managed to talk herself into getting fired. Now that was GENIUS.)  Oh wait last week was when she got Kate Gosselin fired.  That was pretty good boardroom maneuvering too.  She just took it way too far this week with the phone incident and gave Vivica her rightful place in the final three.  She fucked up. Continue reading


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Celebrity Apprentice: Bud Light Lime Jingle

Celeb Board room

The Task: B.B. King Blues Club.  The client is Anheiser Busch. Create an original jingle for their Lime Margarita malt liquor. Big money this week!  $100K

Team Vortex

Project Manager: Leeza Gibbons

Geraldo Rivera, Vivica Fox, Leeza Gibbons,

Geraldo says Bud Light Lime is big in Latin countries and wants a Latin flair. Leeza has more of a chant in mind. Leeza and Geraldo are butting heads.

The presentation for Vortex went very well. They did a hokey dance and I didn’t see the point of lip syncing when the singers were right there. Continue reading


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Celebrity Apprentice Task 1 The Phone Stealing Episode!

Celeb Apprentice task

The Task:  The corporate client is King’s Hawaiian. They will be doing a photoshoot and social media blitz. Judging will  be on creativity, originality and brand messaging.


Team Infinity

Brandi Glanville, Leeza Gibbons, Johnny Damon, Ian Zierling

Project Manager: Johnny Damon

They want to talk about slogans. Ian has a lot of slogans. Most of which are too long. Brandi comes up with King’s Hawaiian We Rise to the Occasion.  It’s a good slogan and they go with it. But I can’t help thinking of Brandi’s dirty little mind coming up with the whole “Rise to the occasion” thing.  Ian knows someone with a helicopter who can take aerial shots.

The team gets some great shots of NYC, The Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, etc. Ian is thrilled. Their photos are amazing. Ian continues to pitch his ideas. This team has the best concept overall, but there is no brand messaging. They are supposed to be superimposing the product onto the photos and adding hashtags to promote the brand. They are not using the brand name in the hashtags, their bread products are not easily identifiable. Leeza is pointing this out, but no one is listening. This very good concept is starting to go wrong.

Leeza does most of the presentation. The presentation was weak. The branding was weak. The slogan was good  and the pictures were lovely.  The poor brand messaging could lost the task for them. Continue reading


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Celebrity Apprentice Episode #2 If I Throw Someone Under The Bus, It Won’t Be A Surprise, They’ve Got The Bus Schedule!

celeb apprentice2

Kenya is moved to “Geraldo’s Team” as Trump puts it. Finally separating Kenya and Brandi. Vivica wanted Ian and Geraldo wanted Leeza.

The Task:  Trump wants an interactive theme environment for Trump Golf and Hotel resort in Miami. WTF is an interactive theme environment? Trumps boys will judge on creativity, innovation and guest interactions. I have no idea what this task means.

Team Vortex

Geraldo Rivera, Vivica Fox, Kate Gosselin, Kenya Moore

Project Manager: Kate Gosselin

Geraldo has been to the resort ( of course he has) and played the course and it is all about something on the course called “the blue monster.” I dunno maybe a hole with a lot of water challenges?  Geraldo wants the blue monster to be the theme but others feel it may not be upscale enough for Trump.  Kate wants to go with it anyway. Kenya has very definite ideas. Kenya has drawn a set and wants to over see the set production. Something she says she has experience in. But Kenya wants to send Kenya and Vivica shopping like everyone else has done to her.  This already is too many women on a team. I predict a loss with Kate going home before we even start. Kenya points out that  they will be gone a long time while shopping. Kate doesn’t care.

Kenya is aggravated that her skills are not being used. However, at this point, Vivica and Kenya are still getting along. But in Vivica’s talking heads she rewrites history a little bit as if she was always keeping her eye on her. #editing

Geraldo is the bartender making “Blue Monster” drinks. Kenya hates EVERY THING about the set.  Kate stupidly tells Trumps son and the executives about the drama between Kenya and Vivica. If this team loses, Kate is going home. Continue reading


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Celebrity Apprentice Episode #1 The Captain Goes Down With The Ship

Team Infinity

Team Infinity

The Task: Host a Circle Line Boat Tour around the city with an original theme and provide the entertainment. The winner will be decided solely on guest feedback.

I titled this episode of Celebrity Apprentice  before watching so if the captain doesn’t go down with the ship, I may have to think of a better title. The official title is ” It’s Like A Booze Cruise With Knowledge.”  Which seems dumb. So hopefully we see a captain go down with their ship. :)  Winner gets $30K

Team Infinity

Kenya Moore, Brandi Glanville,  Leeza Gibbons, Johnny Damon, Ian Zierling

Project Manager: Brandi Glanville

Brandi points out that Sig may think he as the advantage because he is the captain, but Sig is not going to be driving the boat. They are basically throwing a party and Brandi certainly knows how to party. When Brandi is passing out tasks she so far has given everyone something to do except for Kenya.  Leeza has a talking head where she talks about her devotion to Brandi. I used to like Leeza. Past tense.  Leeza implies that Kenya wants the team to fail. Brandi asks Kenya if she wants to be in charge of the entertainment and the graphics. Which is pretty much everything. Interesting. Kenya points out those are two very broad things. If they could come up with a theme, that would help her tremendously.  It’s all very polite. And Kenya has Ian who is very pro-Kenya to support her. Leeza talks about Brandi and Ian teaming up against Brandi? Really? How about how they just get along like you do with the trashbox that is Brandi Glanville, Leeza.  Kenya throws out ideas for themes because Brandi seems to have none. Everyone seems to like Mardi Gras Manhattan except for Brandi. Brandi wants the theme to be more New York.  I think she has a valid point. Kenya asks Brandi what charity she is playing for and she says Make A Wish. Kenya compliments her charity and says she wants to make it clear that she is on board and wants to win. Brandi says she doesn’t believe Kenya and thinks she wants to see her go down. Brandi doesn’t get how this game is played. It’s a team effort at this point.

No one wants to be in the boardroom. No. One. As long as they are the same team, they are ON THE SAME TEAM.

Brandi agrees to go to Mardi Gras at first.  But then changes her mind. I agree with Brandi. Brandi goes with Leeza’s idea of Big Apple Bonanza. Whatever that means. It is very NYC focused. Kenya offers to sing her Gone With The Wind Fabulous. Brandi thinks it’s a good idea, because if they lose, she can try to get Kenya fired.

Brandi’s cruise goes well. The entire team is working together. Leeza narrated the cruise very well. Someone says, “It’s like a booze cruise with knowledge.”  Johnny got the band. They are a well oiled machine. They will win.

Kenya sings her Gone With The Wind Song! Everyone twirls. It was way over the top. She lies on the deck and does pelvic thrusts. A parent literally covers her child’s eyes. If they lose, Kenya is gone. Brandi recovers with a congo line.

Continue reading


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Celebrity Apprentice Task #2 Cat Fights & Pillow Talk

Donald Trump

The Task: Create a viral video to advertise Chock Full o Nuts single serve coffees.

Team Vortex

Lorenzo Lamas, Geraldo Rivera, Sig Hansen , Vivica Fox, Kate Gosselin

Project Manager: Lorenzo Lamas

Geraldo is taking over again and Lorenzo could not be any happier. Lorenzo is going to sing the theme song. The viral video will star Geraldo as a million who drinks the coffee over the course of many years. In the 1950s Kate plays his wife. It’s  really hard to describe because we really don’t get a chance to see the whole thing.  In the end Geraldo is in a tux and top hat and has three backup dancers with Vivica, Kate and some random backup dancer.  Poor Sig has nothing to do again. Sig says they use the go pro cameras on Deadliest Catch all the time.

This teams video is the best. Continue reading


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