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Kelly Dodd is Vicki’s Ride or Die Chick #RHOC Blog Roundup

RHOOC Yacht Vicki Kelly


I am intrigued with Kelly Dodd. I don’t think I have her exactly figured out yet. I do like that she opted to befriend Vicki. It would have been much easier to ride along with the pack of witches and she took the harder route. I was suspicious that this was set up by production, and I still believe it was, but she still hangs out a lot with Vicki now that filming is over.

So once again, I’ve chosen her blog to purple pen. Then I decided to go ahead and review a few bits of the others.

This week’s episode was a challenge for our family to watch. While I enjoyed getting to know Vicki over lunch and building my relationship with Tamra and Shannon at Meghan’s demolition, I’m sad that my deep respect and love for Michael didn’t come through.

In retrospect, I probably tried too hard to relate to Tamra’s struggles in the wake of her divorce to Simon and as a result I painted Michael in the wrong light. Michael is a brilliant man, a wonderful father and a loving, compassionate husband.

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Real Housewives of Orange County: Just Two Whoop It Up Girls Who Lunch!

RHOOC Yacht Vicki Kelly

Time to take a look at last night’s Orange County. Let’s hope it is a little bit lighter than the mess we saw on Southern Charm last night. We left off with Vicki selecting Heather as the first stop on her apology tour.

Vicki didn’t really practice enough for this conversation. She needed to walk into this knowing what, if anything, she was willing to apologize for and stick to her story. She’s all over the place. She thought that “please forgive me” was going to be sufficient. Heather said she’d be happy to forgive Vicki if she knew what she was asking to be forgiven for.

Back on the interior, Jeana is encouraging the others to forgive Vicki.  It’s a war on two fronts. And she is not making  and forward motion. So she moves on to crying for our benefit to try to get us to forgive her.


Why is there a committee to vote on whether a fourth grader is too sick for school?

Kelly calls Vicki an invites her to lunch. Can someone take away Kelly’s black brow pencil that looks gray and give her a nice sable brown one? Thanks.

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The Real Housewives Of Orange County Trailer Is Out!



The RHOOC trailer is up as I predicted. The RHONJ one should be along in a day or two. And once again the ability to host the trailer has been made difficult by the people at bravo. No other network in television makes it DIFFICULT to advertise their programing.

The girls go to Ireland to drink and milk cows this season. I thought I posted about that but it looks like I did not. Tamra’s storyline this season will be mostly about her body building in preparation for her competition. I believe that competition is in a few days. For some reason the date was moved. Body builders eat very little while training for a competition. I am not looking forward to a hangry Tamra.

There will be an unfortunate number of costumed events this season. In one fiasco, Terry looks like John Travota  in a white suit and Heather may or may not be on roller skates.  Skates are not, she takes a pretty hard fall on her ass. Other stupid costumes include body suits with nipple clamps and fake pubic hair (classy) and at least one body suit with a fake penis (seriously?). At one of these costumed events, David gets up in Vicki’s face shaking his finger and calling her a “fucking scumbag.”  Perhaps this is where the issues between Shannon & David toward Vicki come to a head. I heard that it gets bad.

Heather Dubrow is also seen screaming at Vicki while jabbing her index finger in the air towards Vicki screaming at her to apologize for her shit!  Tamra and Vicki’s crap daughter talk about Vicki behind her back on national TV again and discuss Vicki “stalking” Brooks presumably on the Internet.

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Shannon Beador Responds to Vicki Gunvalson’s WWHL Interview

Shannon rumors gif

Shannon Beador is NOT happy with Vicki’s interview on WWHL. She feels like Vicki is playing the victim card while knowing all along what was going on.

Shannon is on Facebook saying she has all the texts Vicki sent her starting on September 9th.  Shannon brings up that on the reunion she said she sat at City of Hope for four hours, yet she told Mario Lopez she picked him up from City of Hope.  None of her stories match up. Her WWHL story about walking around outside City of Hope for half an hour and then leaving with no checking out is a new story

Shannon says that we can say she is bitter and hate her all she wants. But she can’t just be quiet about this. Shannon says that Vicki sent everyone an email last week about the guy named Tony who supposedly took Brooks to chemo while Vicki was at Disneyland with Brianna and her kids. Shannon says if her man was having chemo, she would be there and not at Disneyland. There was an email from Tony that said that he stopped over to bring Brooks soup and hang out with him. He mentioned nothing about taking Brooks to chemo. Continue reading


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WWHL With Vicki Gunvalson: What Did She Know About Brooks Ayers Cancer?

WWHL With Vicki Gunvalson

Oh hey! Did y’all know that Brooks Ayers faked cancer on Real Housewives of Orange County? Because we’ve hardly talked about it at all here. Heavy sigh. And it appears we are about to talk about it again. Tonight we are going to hear Vicki Gunvalson try to explain her way out of this.  I am probably Vicki’s best advocate through all of this and I am going to try to give her every benefit of the doubt, but based on some snippets of this show I’ve seen where she claims that make Brooks was drinking Visine or something to make himself sick, I’m  confessing up front, I am going to have a hard time supporting her in this.

Andy starts with the statement put out on November 10th by City of Hope stating they had never treated Brooks.  Okay Vicki is lying. She now says that Brooks called her from City of Hope and said he should be done in about an hour.  When she got to the hospital she called him to ask where to go within the building. Wouldn’t you find this out in the initial phone call?  Something like, “I’m on the third floor as the nurse to take you back, or wait in the waiting room?”  You know how when a guy has been up to no good and give a very detailed accounting of their whereabouts over a period of several hours? Yeah. It’s just like that. “I turned left down the hall and he was sitting in the waiting room.” Um, why is he in a waiting room?  I am not even going to type her long convoluted story. It’s clear to me she is lying. It is a much different story than what she said on the reunion, which was I sat in the waiting room for four hours while he had chemo.  We can basically turn this off now. She’s in on it up to her eyeballs.

Vicki has come armed with a folder of documents. One is a text or email from Brooks saying that just because he doesn’t trust her with his medical records doesn’t make it right to accuse me of not having cancer. Huh? When would that conversation have happened? She was defending him up until a few weeks ago. Continue reading


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Oh Hey! It’s Time For Another Post About Brooks Fake Cancer! Oh and RHOOC Secrets Revealed

RHOOC Brooks and ANdy

I’m only recapping this because the page views from this nonsense have allowed me to take a bit of time away from the laptop the past few days. I have multiple personal crises going on at once that needed my attention. Not major, just annoyances. So here is hoping this post will continue to bring the views.  I am pissed that Andy has to run this nonsense on #TGIT ! I haven’t even seen Grey’s yet. So don’t spoil me on anything Shondaland. Don’t even remind me I am missing it for this crap.

We start with Andy letting us know that City of Hope claims they never treated Brooks and that Brooks says that he fabricated records “in hopes of putting doubts about my cancer to rest.” Andy is reading this with his constipated expression for those of you relying solely on this recap for your information. Andy says that Brooks still claims he has cancer.

Brooks starts by saying that their breakup was a mutual decision. Brooks says that Briana was a huge problem for their relationship  mostly because he and Vicki met while she was still married to Donn.

Brooks gives the news that his lesions/tumors are gone because of a combination of  chemo and lots of antioxidant therapy and vitamin C IV therapy.  Continue reading


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