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Will A New Version of the Real Housewives of DC be the Next RHOA?

Why Do Women Watch Bravo TV? What is Wrong With Us?

Bravo TV (and frankly the bloggers that make their livings blogging about Bravo TV) have been worried for quite awhile. The public is getting sick of The Real Housewives franchises.  For the past ten seasons, Bravo has been adding new franchises while ratcheting up the ratchet on the old ones. After all this time, they see the end coming. It’s Sunday night and most of us will chose NOT to watch Bravo tonight. Why? Because most of us didn’t invest in the second show they tried to replace the success of  black women brawling for no reason on TV. The connection to “medicine” didn’t make the ratchet any more interesting. We’ve been hate watching housewives for a long time. There is not much left to love. A glimpse of a fancy refrigerator here, beautiful ocean view there, nice things like that have morphed into Rosario being told she should be grateful for her handmedowns and to quit her bitching, Heather going on and on about $7,000 sinks, Bethenny whining about her homelessness in the penthouse of the Four Seasons or wherever. We are no longer allowed to simply notice the nice things, they are shoved down our throats in a way that turns us into hate watchers.  We may like their things but we no longer like them.

And if they aren’t shoving their lives of (often pretend) excess down our throats, they are shoving each other. Or screaming at each other for the smallest things. They are being held back at reunion episodes, pushing Andy back into his seat, storming off the set in hysterics or whatever else it takes to get attention. And it works. Each year, Bravo brings back the table flippers, the screamers, and the religious hypocrites. And we hate it. We hate production. We hate the show. We threaten never to watch again, but we do. Continue reading


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Odd Mom Out



I am just getting around to watching this. The first thing I noticed is that apparently you can say ‘shit’ on Bravo. ” I haven’t seen you since we had a white president” was kind of funny. The Thai/ Tibetan confused brushed off with “same noodle different sauce” also amusing.  I haven’t heard a single joke than mentions ethnicity in years. I thought they shot folks for that these days. Oh and now a Cherokee Indian joke.

Okay halfway through episode one I am already bored.

Episode two is apparently about death and cemeteries. This does not bode well.

I don’t understand why the Mom has such a crappy, tacky apartment if they are supposed to be on the Upper East Side?

This show is dumb.


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Real Housewives of Orange County Recap:

RHOOC Cast  Season 10


For the second week in a row I have a headache after recapping Shah of Sunset. Also, WWHL is on a half an hour early tonight so I will be unable to recap that until tomorrow due to DVR scheduling conflicts.


So it’s time for a party and Heather is going to be the first this season. Oh dear God. She has a sparkling wine brand now.

This duo goes to a juice bar and places stupid orders. I hate people who have to micromanage food and drink orders.  Everyone is coming to Heather’s party except Vicki who has business in Florida.  Lizzy will be there and Tamra is very emotional for some reason. Crying for no reason.

I am not going to recap this couples therapy shit. It’s ridiculous.


The trophy wife goes shopping with the athlete to add some things that she likes to add to the house the last wife decorated. Jim continues to be an asshole and doesn’t want to buy anything Meghan wants but is interested in buying something for the kid’s room. They have only been married for four months. Both of these people are just horrid creatures.

Later these two get together for a Horrid Creature summit with Heather and Terry. Bleck. Apparently, they are going to the party at Vicki’s together.

Continue reading


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Shahs of Sunset Reunion Part 2 Recap: More Attacks on Mike and Jessica

Shahs Reunion wide shot

It’s time for the last half of Shahs of Sunset Reunion. If you missed the first part you can get caught up here!

We pick up with Reza’s walk out where he goes outside because he is over heated. He is ready to be done. It almost sounds like they are forcing him to be mean to Mike, who her refers to as “the poor guy on the hotseat.” He says next you are going to bring Jessica out and we have to go through it all again! Let’s finish it! Indeed, Reza. Let’s finish it.

Oh we are going to talk about MJ and Charlie. I wonder if they will mention he was full of shit and dating someone else the whole time. MJ says she is not with Charlie anymore. He lied about his business (he doesn’t have one) and he cheated with a lot of different girls (again my sources say he had a serious girlfriend at the time who knew he was faking for the show.) GG is pissed at Charlie for taking advantage of MJ. Asa seems to be having a strange response. Possibly because MJ is not exactly telling the truth.

GG talks about Danny. Oh she is already seeing someone else and still sleeping with Danny. She’s a maneater.

Jessica is still texting the fuck out of Mike while he is on set.

Dumb Asisfa and Bobby stuff. Asifa is very dramatic. Bobby and Asifa are mostly broken up. Bobby thinks it is all Asifa’s fault. Tons of rehashing. Andy basically tries to force them to break up today. Asifa still hasn’t moved out. Everyone encourages her to move out. Continue reading


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Blood, Sweat & Heels Finale Recap: Happily Never After


Blood Sweat Heels


It’s the finale of Blood Sweat and Heels and I’m going to try to keep it short. I am just not in the recapping mood tonight. Essentially, there will be two big event’s.

Chantelle’s Boat Party For Her Business

Chantelle would like us to believe that Forbes and CNN and major media outlets are there for her business. IIRC, her business is naked flash mobs. I’m not sure how lucrative that sort of thing is.  I would image not as much as the geriatric strippers at the Clairmont Lounge make, but what do I know?  Chantelle is annoying. I would not even be watching this but Geneva apparently gives Melyssa the beatdown on the boat. I don’t want to miss that. Here is what I reported in October of 2014 when this was filmed.

The step and repeat that Chantelle is pretending to give an interview in front of about how this is her Flawless Affair has about six business names on it. None of them are hers. Everyone pretends this is Chantelle’s event. They are not good actresses. Her naked girls are part of the entertainment. Kinda like the sword swallower.

Daisy is very sick and needs to go to ER. But for some reason Mica tries to have her lay down on the boat. Bad idea. Take her to the hospital. Mica sits with her and then calls her driver. Continue reading


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Million Dollar Listing New York


Sorry I have been terrible at recapping this. For some reason I have decided not to do much on Wednesdays. I am just now getting caught up on the show.


I loved the episodes of Fredrik in Sweden. I was sad that his friend Ana was not willing to be his surrogate. That said, I don’t think it is a good idea to have someone you know be the surrogate.  Fredrick has a really fancypants condo on the west village on a 45 day contract and he is 30 days in. As usual, it’s bit high for the neighborhood. Fredrik is in a panic.

Fredrik goes to meet with his developers and tries to get them to reduce the price. Or at the least get some more time on the contract. The developers are not budging.

Fredrik gets an offer. The buyer doesn’t have a broker and he sweetened the deal to his seller by forgoing the extra $630,000 buyers commission! That was foolish. I believe the guys had already agree to the $21 million sales price! Continue reading


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WWHL Returns Sunday, June 14th With All New Guests!

Andy sexy

Andy Cohen has been taking some time off, but WWHL returns this Sunday. Check out the listings and tell me what y’all like! Or don’t like. :)

June 2015

Sunday, June 14, 2015 – QUAD WEBB-LUNCEFORD and DR. HEAVENLY KIMES Show 12097

Monday, June 15, 2015 – JENNY MCCARTHY and VICKI GUNVALSON Show 12098 Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Recap: Pop of Color

RHONY cast

We are back at the birthday party for Dorinda where Heather and Bethenny have both burst into tears after an argument. And just as suddenly as the tears came Bethenny has suddenly decided she wants to give Heather a hug. So they hug it out. Do you think Bethenny realized she was looking like a bitch? Are is she hormonal like some of us?  What the hell are those weird green statues on the shelf in the dining room? They are creepy and wonderful all at once! Bethenny tells us in her talking head how much pressure she is under.

I forgot how drunk everyone was. Sake was not a good idea for this crowd. Luann stands up and walks over to John and gives him some sort of condescending speech about how she likes him, sort of.  Apparently, that was supposed to be a toast. Not to be outdone, Ramona gives a toast. Then Bethenny gives a toast to the party saying when Sonja is the sanest person in the room, we’ve had a good party. Bethenny is still doing sake shoots. She says to Sonja, she doesn’t think she is a good dinner party guest.

They separate into two camps one for Heather and one for Bethenny. Clearly, the hug didn’t last long. They are all drunk. I doubt Bethenny will remember this in the morning.


Back in NYC, Ramona goes to pick up Avery for winter break. They literally ran toward each other and hugged. It was so sweet. Avery has a paper to turn in by tonight. They start semi arguing in the car. That hug didn’t last long either. I love seeing New York decorated for Christmas. I’m glad they are back to cold weather filming in NYC.

Ramona tries to talk to Avery about Mario “trying to reconcile with her.” Avery wants no part of the conversation. Avery says she should do whatever makes her happy. She is a grown up, she can handle kit. Avery seems a bit teary in the conversation. Avery has grown into a wise and lovely young lady. Continue reading


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Blood, Sweat & Heels Recap: Prayers For Daisy

Demetria is not pleased when the girls tell her about Geneva.

Demetria is not pleased when the girls tell her about Geneva.


I don’t know if I am really liking this season better than the first one, or if it’s just because I watch it after Kandi’s Ski Trip, and it just seems great in comparison or if it really is good this season. But I am looking forward to tonight’s show.


Arzo and boyfriend drop by Melyssa’s place. Melyssa has an eyebrow specialist there to do brows. Arzo tells Melyssa that Geneva called Greg a bitch on the way to the Hamptons. Arzo is such a little bitch ass herself. Both Arzo and Melyssa are over Geneva. Melyssa can’t wait to run to Demetria.


Demetria had a dress made for her wedding. But she fell in love with another dress last week at the bridal shoot. She is trying to get it altered in time for the wedding in three weeks. The dress is between $28,000-$32,ooo but the designer comps the dress to her for promotional consideration.

Melyssa and Arzo tell Demetria about Geneva calling Greg a bitch ass. Really? What are we twelve? Melyssa seems to hate Geneva. Melyssa is really trying to flame the fires. She wants Demetria to dump Geneva permanently.


We start with Mica and her new boyfriend Kevin. She is debating taking it to the next level. She asks Kevin if it is okay if they get tested before having sex. I had no idea you could buy HIV tests over the counter now. Back in the day, you had to go to a clinic and wait two weeks while you are convinced that you have full blown AIDS and will die before the test comes back. That’s one bad thing about the 80’s. Wow apparently now you just swipe your gums with a pad and you find out right away? How much are these because my OB/GYN tests for HPV and HIV with every annual. I don’t need that shit.

Later, Mica’s mother calls to let her know her grandmother fell. Mica was just there to see her grandmother just a few shows ago. Then in a later scene we see Mica getting ready to go home because her grandmother has passed away. Mica was very, very close with her grandmother. Mica lost her sister, then her dad on last season of the show and now her grandmother. That’s a lot to deal with.
Continue reading


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10 Things I Hate About Secrets & Wives

Secrets and Wives


1) Yankees

2) Yankees cooking in disposable aluminum. Aluminum is Satan. Alzheimer’s, Carcenogic, and most importantly, tacky.

3) Vapid fake blondes.

4) A VERY long infomercial for the cosmetic surgeon.

5) If you are going to be a fake blond, on a reality show, GET YOUR ROOTS DONE before filming.

6) You don’t have to be smart or pretty to be a gold digger on Long Island, it seems.

7) I’m Bored.

8)  Horrific wardrobes. Hot pink dresses and black nail polish?

9) Tacky. So Tacky.

10)  Yankees. Continue reading


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Kathryn Dennis Took Us All On Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!

Southern Charm Kathryn and Thomas


The ratings for Southern Charm were supposedly 1.8 million tonight. That is double the normal number. She just single handedly guaranteed herself a third  season. Tell me again how dumb she is? #LaughingAllTheWayToTheBank  So, interesting peplam on that shirt. Pregnancy rumor is true? Is it a reunion baby?

Nice work, Kathryn.


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Southern Charm Reunion Recap: Did You Sleep With a Lesbian?

Southern Charm Reunion


Did I mention reunions are the WORST things in the world to recap. I am not going to try to do a blow by blow because I am hungry and mentally exhausted.  I’m going to try to paint this picture in broad strokes.  I have always thought that carpet that Andy is so protective of looks like a close up of a giant vagina. (Just me?). Moving on .

Wait! Is that a new Murano glass lamp behind Andrew? I want it! but he can keep the fugly shade. What’s up with the giant shade? Oh wait…maybe I get it now. Also, I love Andy’s attempt to dress “southern! “The seersucker jacket and the tie are hits. The oxford shoes, not so much.

Andy starts by pointing out that the town of Charleston thinks they make the Holy City look like a joke. He says they do have a lot of celebrity fans.  Whitney explains that Patricia is not there because the forum is to undignified for her. Spoken like a true Yankee.

We start with Cameran. They play on montage of her drunken silliness on election night. She smacked Whitney right in the face. Why do I not have a gif of that glorious moment? Cameran says that her husband loves the show but wants no part of it. Everyone who watches seems to think Cameran and Shep belong together. I love me some Shep but he looks like shit tonight. Sadly, I hear that he and Craig may both have some similar bad habits.

Andy loves Shep. Shep turned 35 this year. Andy asks Shep and Whitney what it is about southern boys and their mamas. Whitney answers that it is probably a southern thing. Um, no. First of all you are not southerner. so shut your pie hole. And secondly it is a gay thing, and you are gay so perhaps we should use a different name for the hole on your face. Come out of the closet, Whitney. Shep has brought a “Craig’s List” a list of all of Craig’s transgressions. Shep calls Craig a high maintenance acquaintance.  Andy talks about the rivalry between Shep and Craig. Craig says he has better game than Shep. He says there are two kinds of guys, snipers and crushers. Craig is a sniper and choses the one he wants. Craig is a crusher and will go home with whoever is willing.

Thomas brings up that a lot of people thing Craig and Whitney are gay. Craig says he has a large African-American gay following on social media. Andy does not bring up Whitney. I suppose out of respect for the closet. People want to know why Whitney drives a Mercedes station wagon. The answer is, because it is his mothers. He started spewing car facts. Andy asks when his girlfriend is going to move in with him. He says she is actually going to move in with him in LA. And by LA he means West Hollywood where he lives.  I doubt they are taking the double blind beard that far. But if he is, I hope he has plenty of closet space for her.

Katherine points out the beard is younger than she is. Andy says, “Wow you really gave it to Thomas for being with someone so young!”  Whitney says, “It’s not about age. I don’t care who he sticks it in. (Waits for Old Testament God to SMITE his lying ass with a bolt of lightning) If you are going to run for office, age difference might have a bearing in public view (shit like this comes out of his mouth all the time when he attempts to use big words. and by big words I mean words most 8th graders can use appropriately in a sentence.) But otherwise, I could give a shit about the age difference.”  Andy is like but… he wasn’t running for office in season one! Damn Andrew, why don’t you ask questions like this on the HW reunions?  Whitney tries to say Thomas was thinking about running in the first season. Kathryn says she thinks that is a lie. Craig says he thinks it is more personal than political. Kathryn agrees. Kathryn says she thinks Whitney wants to control Thomas because they are both the only two bachelors in Charleston pushing 50. I think they need each other. You can just see Whitney boiling over during that comment trying to think of his next attack on Kathryn. Continue reading


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