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Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Model Deckhands

Below Deck Med Bobby tilted

Photo Credit: Twitter

This week on Below Deck Med we have a bunch of models shooting a commercial for The Tilted Kilt,  a sort of racier TGI Friday’s kind of place, perhaps more akin to Hooters without the delicious wings.  The Tilted Kilt has been on several reality shows as a corporation, I remember Undercover Boss and I believe there were some others.

But first newbie deckhand, Danny, who has so far been the model apprentice is on deck with some random chicks he and Bobby have brought home from the bar. There is nothing wrong with guys bringing girls home from the bar. Except when they are not home and the below deck help on someone else’s giant gaudy yacht.

We start with drunk Hannah and Bryan arguing over how Hannah treats Tiffany.  But very quickly we see drunk Danny and drunk Bryan bringing two or three girls back to the boat. The stupid little bitches Jen and probably Hannah laugh together about how the boys are going to get fired. I really don’t think they know any better. They are new. Danny also helps himself to the Patron on board and begins serving drinks. Ben is making octopus to starve off a morning hangover and trying to get Hannah not to be such a cunt. Which is rather impossible when she is sober and clearly impossible now.  The Patron thing was specifically forbidden by Captain Mark.  The ever so irritating Hannah ambles drunkenly to tell the two bar bimbos that this is her boat and they need to leave.

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Tour Group Recap: Kenya Just Try To Enjoy This?

Tour Group cast


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I really thought I had recapped this show when it first began but apparently I was saving it for myself. If there is not enough interest, I may not continue recapping.  This was a good show that showed a few episodes and then apparently Bravo held a focus group and they got a lot of negative feedback about the one guy who was trying to get with BOTH of the twins or whoever gave it up first. So they spent lots of time and money going back to either edit the guy out or reedit him not to be such a pervy horndog all the time. I think.  This happened so long ago I have no idea who any of these people are or where we last left off. I think we were somewhere in Africa.

We begin in Kenya on a 1920’s style safari camp. This is already the best show ever.  While there are a total of 11 travelers and 3 guides, they don’t all have the exact same experiences. For example tonight, two of the guys will be guarding the camp with the actual Maasai guards. And three travelers will leave for Rwanda the next morning on a private flight to observe on of the last remaining families of mountain gorillas.  One of the three is one of the twins. The tour guide wants them to learn some independence. Continue reading


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What is Andy Cohen Looking For in a Partner?


Andy and Wacha Enjoy the Hamptoms
Because Andy doesn’t get nearly as enough time to talk about himself on WWHL, his radio show, his tours with Anderson Cooper, his weekly “Ask Andy” online segments, His Then & Now shows, his Snap hat, Instagram, Twitter, constant periscoping or the aftershows,  he is now getting his WWHL guests to interview him from time to time.

The interesting thing about this brief segment with Lisa is not about his desire to be swept off his feet, because I don’t see that happening. I firmly believe that you could remove Andy’s date for any event or dinner and swap them out with someone completely different and he would never notice the difference.

What is interesting to me is the fact he is still renovating his apartment. I actually have a source who is very familiar with his building who told me a couple of years ago at least that Andy had purchased the apartment next door to his and was going to open it up to be one large apartment.

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Teresa Giudice Has Not Taken The Girls To Visit Joe In Prison Yet!





The oddball lawyer , James Leonard, who has sidled up to Joe and Teresa Giudice has sold another story to People Magazine.  He went to visit Joe yesterday and say that Joe is doing as well as can be expected,  “I would say that he is adjusting very well. I know that he misses Teresa and their four daughters immensely, but Joe will get through this, just like Teresa did.”

Joe’s mother elderly mother, Filomena and his sister Maria were also at the prison visiting yesterday. That must be a long day for his mother with over three hours round trip of travel time, and the time it takes to get checked in, and then the actual visitation time. Leonard’s arrival probably ended their visit.

Teresa has applied for a waiver of the rule that prohibits felons from visiting inmates and that paperwork is still in process. In a spouse situation like this, it is usually just a formality regarding the paperwork. Leonard says, “Teresa will be visiting with the girls as quickly as she is approved by the prison, which should be within the next week.”  I think that is probably an optimistic guess on when she will be allowed to show up, but I do feel confident that Leonard will contact People again with any minor development.

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Andy Cohen’s Latest Boytoy Causes Internet Stir!


Andy and Clifton

Andy and Clifton


Gay Media is all abuzz over a guy named Clifton who has been on a few vacations with Andy Cohen. Yesterday, Queerty went so far as to say that Andy Cohen is “off the market.”  Pish Tosh! Clifton was a bartender on WWHL which is probably not where they met. He was most likely a bartender because they had already met he wanted to be on the show.  That was the first public sighting of the two together and according to Queerty, that happened sometime last summer.  Clifton is a 28 year old doctoral student and a Fellow in Environmental Science and Engineering at Harvard. That makes him almost 20 years younger than Andy for those doing the math.

Click through for more details and photos.

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Daisy Lewellyn Dies From Bile Duct Cancer at 36



Well this sucks. Daisy Lewellyn has died after a long fight with bile duct cancer.  The video above is from January of last year just before the season finale  of  Blood, Sweat and Heels aired.

TMZ reports “Daisy suffered from bile duct cancer, which attacks the digestive tract leading to the liver. She revealed her diagnosis to the cast during season two of the Bravo reality series.  A Bravo spokesperson said, ‘Daisy passed on in peace and filled with joy, surrounded by her family and friends. We are all saddened to lose this wonderful woman.'”

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