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Southern Charm Is Coming Back For A Third Season?

Southern Charm Cast

Can we talk about how Andy looks like a tiny little man who is even shorter than Cameran in heels?

There may be some great news on the horizon for Southern Charm fans! I never really believed the rumors that there would be no Season 3. The ratings for season two sucked for a bit but the Kathryn ramped up the drama and saved the show! On Wednesday,  the South Carolina (mostly political) website,  FITSNEWS confirmed a third season.  I love that site, but if y’all think I’m rude, crude and socially unacceptable, I’d strongly advise most of you not to comment there. I lurk and love the place.  Anyway, if they say Southern Charm is back and production is getting under way, it’s a fact, Jack.

Ravenel has said he won’t come back. He is mad at production  (which doesn’t seem to be heavily influenced by his gay lover  bestie, that Yankee’s woman’s spawn) because they “lied to him” about something or another. He also blames them for his failed senatorial campaign. Because, douchebag.  He seemed to think he should have had editorial control. Seriously? His stupidity is the reason he is on the show in the first place. Continue reading


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WWHL Listings For August


August 2015

Sunday, August 2, 2015 – CHRISTINA APPLEGATE and MARK CONSUELOS Show 12127

Monday, August 3, 2015 – BILLY EICHNER and JULIE KLAUSNER Show 12128

Tuesday, August 4, 2015 – JESSICA ST. CLAIR and SONJA MORGAN Show 12129

 Wednesday, August 5, 2015 – VALERIE BERTINELLI and COLIN JOST Show 12130

Thursday, August 6, 2015 – TBD and TBD Show 12131 Continue reading


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Flipping Out Recap: It’s Sabotage!



Have I mentioned how much I do not want Jeff and Gage to sell Gramercy? I don’t know if I can take it. And it’s just a TV show. Why are they doing this to Gramercy? They already sold her, regretted it and bought her back ONCE. What more is there to understand. Gramercy is their home! Stupid idiots. Even Gage is getting on board.

Jeff wants a drone. That would be fun.

I love that Gage and Jeff are fighting because Gage wanted to watch Revenge and fell asleep and Jeff wanted to watch The Affair (so much better) but he could not because he already started Revenge. I want to have these type of arguments with someone I am sleeping with dammit! Life is not fair.

A company called living spaces that focuses on furniture and home décor approached Jeff and Gage and wanted to tie in to their brand. Yes, I hate that I just called it their brand. Gage is growing on me this season. Anyway Jeff told them that he hated their furniture and Gage was rightly mortified.  This year Jeff was hired by Living Spaces to elevate their brand and freshen up their look. He is choosing items for a catalog shoot and he also is helping them pick future furniture.  Jeff is taking over half the job from the girl , Channa, who used to have the entire job. Not surprisingly, they don’t get along. Continue reading


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Million Dollar Listing LA Returns in September


Why is Bravo already doing PR for September? It just drives home the point that summer is almost over!  We need to get out there and enjoy summer while it is here, people!  It makes me kind of want to go out there in the sweltering heat and lay out on my back like a beached whale and get some sun on my ginormous gunt. Almost.  You know, vitamin D therapy and all.

Anyway, everyone is back from last season, both Joshes and the two Brits. I went into the Brits’ first season with a negative attitude toward them. I had Piers Morgan syndrome. I just can’t stand foreigners like Piers  coming over here and being given a huge platform  to explain US politics to us. By the way, Piers is getting a beat down on Twitter today. I’m not that familiar with the particulars. Okay wait, now I am, I just read Piers Morgan’s piece on Daily Mail. The short version is that Nicki Minaj had a Kanye West type meltdown on Twitter saying her Anaconda video was not nominated for Video of the Year because she is not a skinny white girl.  Which makes no sense at all, so Piers is being dragged for pointing that out. It seems he really pissed people off by claiming that there is a group of rabid people on Twitter he referred to as “black twitter.”  So he was sort of asking for it. If you click the hashtag, you will see a bunch of people with black avatars are reaming his ass. So… because of my general disdain for him, it’s kind of fun to watch even if, in my not so humble opinion, he is right about Nicki Minaj and her feelings of entitlement. It’s such a bad look for an artist to have a hissy fit over not being nominated and to take it further and claim it is because of how she looks rather than her actual body of work. Anyway. I went way off course. This is about #MDLLA!  The point was supposed to be I now love the Brits on the show. They are both kind of adorable. Continue reading


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Don’t Be Tardy, Manzoed With Children & Below Deck All Return Next Month


NEW YORK – July 20, 2015 – Two of Bravo Media’s favorite OG Housewives from Atlanta and New Jersey return as “Don’t Be Tardy…” season four premiers on Sunday, August 16th at 10p.m. ET/PT and the second season of “Manzo’d with Children” immediately follows at 10:30p.m. ET/PT. From high school graduations to wedding bells, both Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Caroline Manzo must learn to let go and let live as their children embark on the next chapter of their lives.

I love both of these shows and having them back to back at 10 pm solves so many of my issues regarding being able to keep up with 30 minute shows. I hate 30 minute shows, but having them back to back doesn’t fuck with my viewing time like one 30 minute show does. Finally, Bravo gets it right and solves the viewing problems I have with half hour shows. I still think they should both be an hour long.

This season on Don’t Be Tardy… :

Kim’s life continues to speed up as she juggles six kids, three new dogs and a possible move from Atlanta for Kroy’s football career.

THREE NEW DOGS? WTF? Though I keep thinking about getting Banjo a girlfriend.

This season is all about growing up as Kim and Kroy’s eldest daughter Brielle graduates from high school and begins to plan life outside of the nest, while Ariana continues amaze her parents with her work ethic, but also terrify them with her boy-crazy behavior. Always the matchmaker, Kim continues to help her friends with their love lives, from the family Chef, Tracey, to her confidant and stylist, Shun, she is determined to find their soulmates.

Kim’s matchmaking skills are on par with Patti Stanger, who we thankfully no longer have to watch as her show has been axed from Bravo. But Kim’s matchmaking attempts are always HEEEEELARIOUS. So, I’m excited. And it’s always great to see Shun.

As Brielle’s relationship with her boyfriend, Slade, gets more serious, Kim and Kroy want to get to know the potential “in-laws” better and bring the two families together for some fun in the sun. With family trips to Destin, Florida, Los Angeles and Kim’s hometown of Windsor Locks, Connecticut, this Biermann bonanza is chalk-full of hilarity and hijinks, so hold on to your wigs for a wild ride.

OMG Three trips? I can hardly contain my excitement. Continue reading


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Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor is in Jail in Hawaii

This WAS the view from Jax's window in Hawaii

This WAS the view from Jax’s window in Hawaii

It would not be a good season of filming Vanderpump Rules if Jax didn’t get arrested. As I mentioned the “pumpkids” are in Hawaii filming one of their drunken trips. And TMZ is reporting that Jax is in jail on a felony theft charge for stealing a pair of sunglasses.  Because, Jax.

The most surprising part of this news is that my inbox is not full of periscopes I can’t view of the actual incident  because these folks have been Instagramming and periscoping the entire trip.

Oddly, Jax’s Twitter line has been full of shoutouts thanking people for all the freebies on the trip.  Apparently, he just had to have a new pair of expensive sunglasses. Continue reading


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Ladies of London News: Scot Young Called Girlfriend Noelle Reno Just Before Suicide


Photo Credit: Twitter

Photo Credit: Twitter

Sad news out of London today about the suicide of Scot Young (if you missed that click here). Here is the latest from Daily Mail.:

Property tycoon Scot Young phoned his ex-girlfriend moments before his death and told her: ‘I’m going to jump out of the window, stay on the phone, you will hear me’, an inquest heard today. The 52-year-old, who was previously involved in a multimillion-pound divorce battle, died after falling from a flat in Montagu Square, central London, on December 8.

An inquest at Westminster Coroner’s Court today heard he was in the throws of a paranoid breakdown when he died and heard voices telling him the world was going to end.Shortly before he was found dead, he had a row with ex-girlfriend Noelle Reno and then phoned her with the chilling message. Continue reading


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Bravo Greenlights Three New Shows, Reza Farahan and Tabitha Coffey Have New Spin Offs

Last time Reza shaved his mustache  was in January 2014. Until recently.

Last time Reza shaved his mustache was in January 2014. Until Bethenny. Then on the last reunion.

Bravo issued a press release today where Reza Farahan and Tabitha Coffey get new spin offs. It just goes to show that abrasive personalities get the Bravo dollahs!

I’ll let ya’ll do the purple penning on this one. Here is the PR:

“These three projects support the network’s commitment to provide high-quality content and innovative formats that connect with our loyal upscale audience,” said Lara Spotts, Senior Vice President of Development for Bravo Media.  “We are continuing to diversify our slate by adding to our already ambitious original programming line-up with fresh new areas and genres.” Continue reading


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Random Thoughts on Flipping Out



Finally getting caught up on this show, I am not going to recap it. I’ll just give a few random thoughts and let you guys chat about the show in comments. So last season’s idiot Andrew has been replaced with a new, even bigger idiot named Joe. Joe is too stupid to drop mail into a mailbox or label pictures accurately. Why do they hire morons? Are there no smart gay kids in LA?

The only redeeming quality Joe has is that he irks the piss out of Gage. That pleases me.

This week, Heather MacDonald is getting a home makeover. Heather and Jeff both admit they made out in a bar when they were in college together. He house is fugly. He needs to take everything out and start over.

Matthew is hired to help out Gage because Joe is too incompetent. Matthew used to work for Kris Jenner. Jeff says that Kris is such a ball buster that he came perfectly trained. In other words he is smart and he sucks up. As Gage talks nonstop in the car Matthew takes notes on his phone. Continue reading


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Will A New Version of the Real Housewives of DC be the Next RHOA?

Why Do Women Watch Bravo TV? What is Wrong With Us?

Bravo TV (and frankly the bloggers that make their livings blogging about Bravo TV) have been worried for quite awhile. The public is getting sick of The Real Housewives franchises.  For the past ten seasons, Bravo has been adding new franchises while ratcheting up the ratchet on the old ones. After all this time, they see the end coming. It’s Sunday night and most of us will chose NOT to watch Bravo tonight. Why? Because most of us didn’t invest in the second show they tried to replace the success of  black women brawling for no reason on TV. The connection to “medicine” didn’t make the ratchet any more interesting. We’ve been hate watching housewives for a long time. There is not much left to love. A glimpse of a fancy refrigerator here, beautiful ocean view there, nice things like that have morphed into Rosario being told she should be grateful for her handmedowns and to quit her bitching, Heather going on and on about $7,000 sinks, Bethenny whining about her homelessness in the penthouse of the Four Seasons or wherever. We are no longer allowed to simply notice the nice things, they are shoved down our throats in a way that turns us into hate watchers.  We may like their things but we no longer like them.

And if they aren’t shoving their lives of (often pretend) excess down our throats, they are shoving each other. Or screaming at each other for the smallest things. They are being held back at reunion episodes, pushing Andy back into his seat, storming off the set in hysterics or whatever else it takes to get attention. And it works. Each year, Bravo brings back the table flippers, the screamers, and the religious hypocrites. And we hate it. We hate production. We hate the show. We threaten never to watch again, but we do. Continue reading


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Odd Mom Out



I am just getting around to watching this. The first thing I noticed is that apparently you can say ‘shit’ on Bravo. ” I haven’t seen you since we had a white president” was kind of funny. The Thai/ Tibetan confused brushed off with “same noodle different sauce” also amusing.  I haven’t heard a single joke than mentions ethnicity in years. I thought they shot folks for that these days. Oh and now a Cherokee Indian joke.

Okay halfway through episode one I am already bored.

Episode two is apparently about death and cemeteries. This does not bode well.

I don’t understand why the Mom has such a crappy, tacky apartment if they are supposed to be on the Upper East Side?

This show is dumb.


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Real Housewives of Orange County Recap:

RHOOC Cast  Season 10


For the second week in a row I have a headache after recapping Shah of Sunset. Also, WWHL is on a half an hour early tonight so I will be unable to recap that until tomorrow due to DVR scheduling conflicts.


So it’s time for a party and Heather is going to be the first this season. Oh dear God. She has a sparkling wine brand now.

This duo goes to a juice bar and places stupid orders. I hate people who have to micromanage food and drink orders.  Everyone is coming to Heather’s party except Vicki who has business in Florida.  Lizzy will be there and Tamra is very emotional for some reason. Crying for no reason.

I am not going to recap this couples therapy shit. It’s ridiculous.


The trophy wife goes shopping with the athlete to add some things that she likes to add to the house the last wife decorated. Jim continues to be an asshole and doesn’t want to buy anything Meghan wants but is interested in buying something for the kid’s room. They have only been married for four months. Both of these people are just horrid creatures.

Later these two get together for a Horrid Creature summit with Heather and Terry. Bleck. Apparently, they are going to the party at Vicki’s together.

Continue reading


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