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WWHL With Lisa Rinna

WWHL Lisa Rinna


Lisa tweeted before the show began that she was full of piss and vinegar. So that gives me hope this might be a good show. Also, Lisa was photographed being carried over a snow bank into the building to film. It’s all over the tabloids today. This Morning Wendy Williams threw some shade at Andy by putting up the picture saying  Lisa was in town “for something.”  She went on to point out that Lisa was wearing heels and no coat and if she was local she would know to wear her Uggs inside and then change shoes. I guess this feud has NOT been put to rest. Um, why would someone from L.A. need Uggs? Side note: Don’t you hate when Californians wear Uggs and scarves and knit hats in summer with shorts? What is up with that? I bet those knit hats hold in their hippie smells (patchouli and weed). Ew. Just EW.

Okay my stupid Charter DVR needs like a rest between taping shows so if you tape two things at 10 pm then whatever you tape at 11 is “clipped.” Because, Charter.  So I missed the first minute but the deal is that it is Dakota Fanning’s 21st Birthday and for some reason at the bar there is both an ice sculpture of Giggy and some sort of Frat boy theme with a topless male bartender and jello shots.  It’s basically something out of one of Andy Cohen’s wet dreams.

Holy Shit! Dakota is in the first chair. Let’s hope it is because it’s her birthday and not Andy throwing shade. Continue reading


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WWHL With Lisa Vanderpump

WWHL Lisa Vanderpump

My DVR has been cutting things off lately so this show is starting with the introductions missing. I am already displeased. I really hate Andy and Lisa Vanderpump together the just ramp each other up on the shade. Andy goes right to the clip about Kristen getting fired and Lisa just can’t agree enough about the kitchen celebration. Eventually, the move on to Lisa talking about how horrible Stassi’s critique of the wedding was.

On to RHOBH… Andy seem to always fully invest in the storylines. He really speaks as if he believes everything on the show. Like Brandi doing a 21 day cleanse. Even Lisa’s subtle hints  of “more like 21 minutes” cause Andy to insist she did the whole three weeks.

Andy asked her what she though about Lisa and  Eileen’s attempts to address the problem with Kim. Lisa says she was trying to steer clear of the whole thing. Lisa said that when she asked Kim in Paris if she had taken a sleeping pill she was met with hostility. Also, she was not at the poker party so she didn’t see for herself what had really happened. Lisa says they are coming from a place of love, but they are headed for trouble. Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live Guest List for February

andy cohen

Tonight on WWHL we have Lisa Vanderpump all by her lonesome.  Next Sunday is the Oscars so we will have no RHOA or WWHL. Check out the rest of the guests below and let me know who sounds interesting to you. Continue reading


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WWHL With Nene Leakes And Tracee Ellis Ross


Hey, did you notice no Nene on tonight’s RHOA? It was awesome. Sadly there was too much Porsha. Anyway. I’m trying to get this up quickly but I’m already 20 minutes behind somehow. So I’m going to do this as fast as I can with little regard for typos.

First, Nene’s look is bad but it looks great compared to Tracee’s odd fashion choice that is somehow a mixture of a jump suit and hot pants in the dead of winter in NYC.   I love Tracee but this is a fashion fail. Why is Andy’s tie always so crooked? Nene’s hair is hideous again. But at least it sort of looks like hair. The bartender is a Diana Ross drag queen.

Andy asked Nene what she knows about Mr. Chocolate. She says she likes the name but she has no idea if Phaedra is having an affair or not. She moves on to make it all about herself. She says she has been through a “public breakup” before and it’s really hard. Of course hers was all bullshit just to get a Wedding By Bravo. But is was still tough faking it. Or something. Nene says that Phaedra does have a girlfriend named White Chocolate. So is she trying to say she calls her girlfriend Daddy and asks her to spank her? WTF are the talking about?  And Nene’s face looks weird. I can’t figure out what is different. Is it just the wider hair? Nene says that White Chocolate used to be a stripper and she is best friends with Phaedra and she’s married now and just threw her a baby shower. None of this makes any sense. Why is she telling us this?  Andy says it is easy to fake texts from someone. Is it?

Andy claims to love Nene’s hair. She walked in a benefit for Naomi Campbell in NYC and apparently walked out with the wig. That explains the improvement. #BitchStoleMyHair !

Andy acts like he believes the scene is real. I suppose he has to pretend. They play a  clip from next week when Cynthia and Kenya confront Phaedra about Mr. Chocolate. Porsha is right there sticking up for Phaedra. Because, Porsha. Continue reading


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Did Kenya Moore’s Show “Life Twirls On” Get Picked Up By Bravo?

I have not independently verified this information, but it seems credible and LaLate usually knows what they are talking about. So who’s in to watch Life Twirls On!?


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Millionaire Matchmaker Takes on Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield!


Oh Lord. Today on Wendy Williams Patti Stanger talked about hooking Kenya up with a new man. When Kenya was on Wendy Williams recently she told Wendy that she was seeing a business man who went to Princeton. Today, Patti says that is the man that she found for her and they are still dating.

Patti says that this season she has had more success stories than ever. I’m gonna bet Sheree is not still seeing anyone from the show.  She’s seriously crazy.  Speaking of seriously crazy, in the season finale, Patti tries to set up Dina Lohan with the help of mutual friend Jill Zarin. Dina has a major meltdown and is either thrown off the show or just has a hissyfit and leaves in a huge stink.

I’m not a huge fan of the show but I will be tuning in for all the housewives ones if I remember. The schedule for who is on when is below the cut. Continue reading


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Eileen Davidson Say Brandi Glanville is Acting Like a Mafia Enforcer…

RHOBH Eileen PinkThis week on Eileen’s blog, she managed to make everything abundantly clear regarding Brandi and Kim without any insults or profanity.  Somehow, a bit of sane outside observation is all it takes. If only there were more of that in play in the world…

Oh boy…this episode had my stomach in knots. I don’t know about you, but I was yelling at the television!

I have to first address one thing: The words “reckless” and “you should be disappointed in yourself” should never, EVER pass the lips of Brandi Glanville. Unless she’s referring to herself. THAT IS ALL. Continue reading


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Brandi Shares Her Thoughts On Crashing Kyle’s Party

RHOBH Brandi Kyle Kim

I’m going to refrain from commenting on this week’s Brandi Glanville blog and just see what y’all have to say about it instead.

Here’s an excerpt:

We move on to Kyle visiting Kim at her house a few days after Kim was recuperating from being released from her week in the hospital. Kyle asks her sister why she was in the hospital. There. I will leave it at that. She doesn’t even know WHY her sister was in the hospital more than a week later. It was a hernia, fractured rib, and disc issues–very serious and very painful injuries and medical issues for a single woman over 40.

Here are some of Kim’s quotes to Kyle that speak to their meeting better then I can: “I don’t need FAKE support,” “I consider her (me) one of my closest friends,” and “She’s there for me, you’re not.”

I am a ride or die friend. Always have been, always will be–to my REAL, TRUE friends. Everyone who knows me knows it. I’m never changing that. Continue reading


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Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz On WWHL : Is Katie Pregnant?

Katies looks smaller in this picture than on TV

Katies looks smaller in this picture than on TV

Once again WWHL has to add itself on to Vanderpump Rules to boost rating. That should be illegal.  First of all Katie looks like she has put on some weight. Maybe she just had a boob job?  Preganacy boobs? I’m not trying to insult her but she has a ton of weave in and almost looks pregnant. I’m just throwing that out there. That was my initial reaction. I shall now be watching to see if she is drinking. She’s also covering her tummy with her arm a lot. I would not put a desperate move past Katie. She seems hellbent on holding on to Schwartz.  It is the oldest trick in the book…. just saying. There is a lot a fabric and ruching on that dress.  Again, she looks FANTASTIC. You know like a glowing mom to be…

Right away Andy asks Schwartz if after seeing the show he still blames Jax for putting his business on front street. Schwartz says. “Maybe a little but I guess I have no one to blame but myself.” Well, and production because that was such a set up. Continue reading


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Is Lisa Vanderpump Secretly A Kristen Doute Fan?

Lisa Pumo Rules Sur

Lisa Vanderpump may trash talk my girl Kristen Doute, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t agree with her. It’s clear in her vlog this week that Lisa thinks Sandoval banged Miami Girl. Frankly, I think that Lisa secretly loves Kristen! Continue reading


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Kristen Doute Shares Her One Regret About “Miami Girl” Showing Up

Pump Rules Kristen red dress

This week, Kristen did a Vlog instead of a blog so the transcript was posted instead. Kristen does have one major regret from the last episode, proving that she does in fact have a soul.  That said, the same mixture of wanting to punish Tom and wanting him back is still very evident. Click through to see what my girls has to say! Continue reading


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Kandi Burruss and Ne-Yo on WWHL

WWHL with Kandi

Andy starts by asking how Todd is doing since Sharon passed. Kandi says that he is holding up. Kaela is with them and he has his family to be strong for. Andy says that “Riley is 11″ was trending on Twitter. Kandi seemed a bit defense saying she acts age appropriate and she can’t help that she is tall.  Kandi seems oblivious to the fact that the issue was with an 11 (now 12) year old wearing the hair of three Filipino women on her head. Kandi seemed touchy about the whole thing. In his opening Andy also made a comment that Kandi’s mother will beat you with her shoe and you could hear Kandi groan. Kandi is just sort of disagreeable tonight.

Andy brings up that Todd was not overly excited about the car. Kandi says she was disappointed and though that someone must have tipped him off. Todd is at the clubhouse somewhere. Andy asked if Kandi was made at him. She says no, she just thought that whole scene was messy. I guess she means the car scene.

Andy plays the sperm count scene as a sitcom with a laugh track. Because that was just ridiculous.

Continue reading


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