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Flipping Out Recap: Indecision

flipping out zoila
At Valley Vista, there seems to be a new major issue every day. Tempers are flaring and Gage is by far the most stressed out by it all.  Many a marriage has ended during a major home renovation. These two have argued the entire episode and it seems as though it is worse than usual.

In a confessional, Jeff says that Gage has gone three days at a time without speaking to him. This really does seem like a nightmare and Jeff totally makes everything even worse than it has to be.

Jeff, Gage and Jenni all head to Orange County to work a major renovation in Newport Beach. Mary, one of the owners, is getting too many opinions and not just blindly listening to Jeff and Jenni as they would like her to.  Jeff ends up backing out of the deal because the woman can’t make up her mind. Gage says that Jeff is exactly like Mary when it comes to renovating  Valley Vista and he is the one that makes everything take it longer than it should.

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Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Frenemies of The State

RHOOC Premiere Party
It’s time for a new episode of RHOOC.  I think if there is one thing we can agree on, (unless you are one of my nice Canookian friends) is we hate Shannon. Therefore, it is important to overlook many of Vicki’s egregious flaws and Kelly’s racist rants, and root for these two. No? Well whatever. That is my plan for surviving this season. It’s the turning a blind eye plan.  In other news, the word ‘frenemies’ is not longer underlined as a misspelled word. I find that fascinating.  Also, I won’t be recapping Kelly on WWHL tonight because I have no appetite and am drinking wine anyway and I have one more post I need to do after this that I won’t be able to get up before WWHL, so I’ll do it first thing tomorrow. And by first thing I mean like probably around 5 pm.


I think that we all need to understand that Meghan was told to uncover Brooks cancer lies by production and maybe cut her some slack.  There I said it. Is it just me that wants to give her a fresh start?  I mean, maybe it is the fact that I too am married to a gay man (In my head, and yes, he knows) that makes me want to try again with her.  But my gay husband treats me like the Queen of Sheba and it is the best relationship I’ve ever had.  Her gay husband is kind of an asshole. I’m not sure that cohabitation is a good idea if you are married to a gay man. Because, you know, they obviously have other relationships.  I mean mine is married and faithful to his gay husband.  This works well for us. He gives me more emotional comfort in a day than Jim has given her in an entire “marriage” and we have never even spoken on the phone. I find this to be the ideal marital relationship. YMMV.  Anyway, she is trying to hatch an egg because in Orange County it is important to have what I call an anchor baby with any man gay or straight. Because, child support.

Also, I kind of like Meghan’s mom. She’s really pretty. She is with Meghan for the egg retrieval. I’m having wine on an empty tummy so I am making this more about me than is necessary.  Meghan is blabbing away on her medication much like I am. While still on the drugs Meghan tells her doctor she met his ex wife with a colorful mouth the night before.  Apparently he used to be married to the purse stealing bitch from last week.


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Flipping Out Recap: Keeping It Moist!

Flipping Out Cast


Tonight on Flipping Out Jeff is going all the way to San Diego for work. This seems either completely ridiculous or the sign of someone who is having trouble getting jobs in LA after getting fired by Living Spaces.

In other completely ridiculous news, Jenni got a vaginal steam. Or a V-Steam as the idiots call it. Speaking of idiots, if you live on the UES you can get Cindy Barshop, former RHONY, to be your vagina steamer. I am not kidding. For a mere $100 a former housewife will steam your clam. It seems like it is a requirement for all women on Bravo to discuss their vaginas at length and have as many odd treatments to them on camera as humanly possible. We are not finished with Jenni’s vagina this episode.

In other moisture news, Frank the contractor has to tell Chaz that due to moisture in the walls the new estimate on a job is three times more than expected. See? Moisture on your walls is bad ladies and can breed mold and bacteria.

Speaking of Frank, his wife and her vagina seem to have taken control of Frank’s business. She wants Jeff to provide a clear scope of work for each job rather than bringing in other contractors whenever the notion strikes him to complete parts of the project that he was initially contracted to do.  This caused Jeff to get steamed. But not vaginally. Just figuratively.

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#RHONY Reunion Tea And The Fate Of Carole’s Cookbook/Relationship

RHONY Bethenny


A TamaraTattles commenter has sent me the following recap of party of Bethenny’s radio show this week. I am not sure how or if she wants to be identifed. I’ll let her out herself in comments if she wants to. Meanwhile, I pulled out my purple pen to respond to all the tea! 

I only listened for maybe 45 minutes in the car (wasting gas) during her two-hour show.  It was broadcast from the Hamptons. Carole was on in the beginning of the show, not really saying much except agreeing with Bethenny and still complaining about Lu’s opinions and lies on Carole and Adam. (Yawn).  Carole was sitting there during the whole show.

Let’s think for a moment about how Luann handles the RHONY meddling in her relationship compared to how Carole deals with Luann’s comments about her May-December romance with her niece’s former boyfriend that she met in her home.  First of all, Carole’s relationship impacted Luann’s family. Luann’s relationship with Tom had zero impact on Carole’s world.  Carole won’t shut up about Luann trash talking her for picking up her niece’s boyfriend in her own house. Luann on the other  hand says that she while she hoped her “friends” would be happy for her, their attempts to sabotage her relationship with Tom are falling on deaf ears. They are happy, and traveling the world and preparing to get married while the bitter Bettys try to bring her down. If Carole was happy with Adam, she’d just ignore Luann who has not mentioned a word about her relationship with Adam this season.

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Shannon Beador on WWHL: Watching Paint Dry Would Be More Interesting

WWHL Shannon Beador


I literally feeling like my brain is decaying. I’m serious. My brain feels heavy in my skull, I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open and my eyes are blurry. I think between the heat and all the serious decisions I’ve had to make lately, I have fried and possibly pickled my brain. But I shall try to recap this nonsense as best I can.

Heather can sing? Apparently so. She sang the national anthem at the Angels game recently.

Right away Andy plays the clip of Vicki calling Brooks. I don’t get the big mystery here. She is being ostracized by the group for a situation he is ultimately responsible for, and she loved him even though he was horrible to her. She left a party feeling alone, and she drunk dialed.  Am I the only one who has ever drunk dialed the last person on earth I’d ever want to see sober? I guarantee you before Vicki even open her eyes the next day her first thought was “Please tell me I didn’t really call him.”

Next week Shannon and Kelly get together to work things out argue some more. Shannon denies setting Kelly up with the two bitches at her party. She claims one of the women was instrumental in “helping Heather and her with their HOA.”  The problem they had with their HOA was that everyone hates them for filming in the neighborhood.  It could not be anymore obvious that those two were there to attack Kelly.


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Flipping Out Recap: Ready, Set, Glow

We're Pregnant!

We’re Pregnant!

I can’t believe it is has been a week since Flipping Out  was on . I have been muttering Todo Limpio to myself for a full week and have cleaned nothing and only made more mess. Between the excessive heat and my anxiety being riled up I have to force myself to eat. I had two containers of my favorite yogurt in the fridge and last night I checked the dates and they expired on June 22. This is the weekend to TODO LIMPIO.  Or just get some good sleep in. One or the other.

Valley Vista

I’m still not sure I believe that Jeff and Gage and Zoila are living on a job site. I’m also unclear on whether or not it is an actual flip or if they will be living there when the house is complete. I am excited to see Zoila right off the bat she makes me happy. And we got to the vagina texts. Really is this Bravo them that someone must mention vaginas in every episode of every Bravo show? Has the National Council on Vagina Awareness purchased promotional time on Bravo? Zoila got a sext from someone woman in Connecticut who was apparently trying to get someone to come perform oral on her and it mistakenly went to Zoila. Maybe it would be funny if I wasn’t so hot and bitchy today. It is pretty funny that Jeff is buying life insurance for himself and Zoila. Or maybe he was joking about Zoila. You never know with him. He is also making Gage his durable power of attorney.

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