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The Walking Dead on Inside the Actor’s Studio

TWD Danai_Gurira

Danai Gurira

By Contributing  Writer The Lady Cocotte

The mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead is only days away so it’s the perfect time for James Lipton to invite the cast and creative team members to Inside the Actor’s Studio. On the acting side we get Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon), Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene), Steven Yeun (Glenn Rhee) and Danai Gurira (Michonne). They are joined by the creator of both the comic and the show Robert Kirkman and showrunner Scott Gimple. I was hoping we’d get Greg Nicotero (oftimes director and head of makeup) because he is a great storyteller (and I have a little crush on him) and Melissa McBride (because, Carol) but it’s still a great group. I can’t wait to see how James Lipton handles them. He starts off by telling us that they’re not filming in New York as usual. Instead, James has traveled to Georgia and they’re doing the show on one of the stages where they shoot The Walking Dead. How cool! I’m loving this already.

Trust Me, You Don’t Want To Miss A Single Recap By The Lady Cocotte of The Walking Dead!

Click through for all the highlights of the cast interviews…

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Vanderpump Rules Recap: The Bitch Is Back

There were some faults with the radiators last week, but EVERYONE is secured now.

There were some faults with the radiators, but EVERYONE is secured now.

Xanadude, Guest Contributor

The bitch is back. (It’s like he doesn’t even read my recaps!)  I don’t mean Stassi.  I mean me.  After a week long reprieve from the radiator, I’m back at my post and ready to talk some Vanderpump Rules.

But first – couple of random things from last week, which was recapped wonderfully by our Mistress of the Malcontents, Tamara Tattles – James committed one of the most cardinal of cardinal sins in my eyes, which was to wear a shirt with no sleeves to the dinner table.  Seriously, it’s gross.  No one wants your hairy pits in their face while they’re eating.  Wear a damn shirt with sleeves.  Second, Lala gets massive points for being able to function in those HUGE hoop earrings.  Lastly, just when you think Scheana is a horrible self centered narcissist, here comes Stassi to remind you what a true horrid self centered narcissist looks like.  Scheana immediately gains both credibility and likeability simply by being on the same show with Stassi.

Which brings me to the giant elephant in the room: Stassi.   Here’s the thing – one of the reasons I love VPR is because the cast, no matter how unlikeable and immature, are in many ways relatable and, more importantly, redeemable.  Even James.   They all have some spark of humanity in them, and, hopefully, like all of us, they will wake up one day in their mid 30s (or, for Jax, his mid 50s) and realize that, this, was indeed, a small stupid period of their lives and they are ready to grow up, put down the booze, get a real job, and “adult.” Stassi, however, I have no such hope for.  I think she is just irredeemable to her core.  On a DNA level.   If you put a sample of her DNA in a petri dish, with other people’s samples, it will arrogantly slither to the center of the petri dish and look for the microscope lens to preen into, while either knocking over or absorbing all the other little DNA samples on the route.   I’m going to gloss over Stassi parts because I don’t like spending time, even virtual time, around her.

Stassi is basically Farrah Abraham with better birth control.

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Recipe For Deception

Recipe for deception


Finally, a new Bravo show that I think I might like. On the heels of the success of Top Chef, last night Bravo aired a new reality cooking show. I’m going to hit play and see if it is any good. For now at least it comes on Thursday nights right after Top Chef.

Okay, I don’t get it so I went to look for a Bravo promo that would explain the show in a couple of sentences. Apparently, that does not exist. The shortest explanation I can find is this:

Hosted by actor-comedian Max Silvestri, each episode of Recipe for Deception features four chefs going head-to-head in three elimination rounds where they have to create a dish that showcases a main ingredient. But the real challenge is that they have no idea what the secret ingredient is while they’re cooking.

In the vein of “Two Truths and a Lie,” throughout the round, each chef tries to determine what the mystery ingredient is by asking his or her opponent three “yes or no” questions, receiving two truthful answers and a false one in return. Each chef has to determine what the truth is in order to figure out the main ingredient.

That’s important because chef-judges Chris Oh and Jonathan Waxman will evaluate the contestants on how well they use the ingredient as well as the overall quality of their dish. At the end of each round, the judges will choose which two chefs will move on to the final round. But a contestant is never truly gone on Recipe for Deception. Eliminated chefs have a chance to scheme their way back into the competition by getting the chance to provide valuable information about the final main ingredient in exchange for a part of the $10,000 prize.

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Top Chef Recap: 25 Big Fat Gay Weddings!

Top Chef

It looks like Top Chef took the same time off as I did.  The last person to leave was Grayson. I’ve been trying to stay up until 9 to recap tonight, then I find out the show doesn’t start until 10!  So I will do my sleepy best!

We begin with a date garden. I’ve never been a huge date fan, but I am dying to see what they do with them for the quick fire.  Chrissy Teigen. The guys are losing their minds. The challenge is to use dates to tell the story of their favorite date.  The guys are totally just making whatever and making up a date story to go with it.  Homebody Wesley’s decides to share that he is lactose intolerant as part of his made up story. Because, PLEASE MAKE HIM STOP.  There are a lot of very ambitious dishes to cook in 30 minutes.

The bottom three were Chad (!)  Phillip (aka dog crap dude) Carl (he did a fucking milkshake!

Top three were Jason,  Isaac and Giselle.  Jason won with a charred carrot dish. I thought Isaac should have won. So did he.  So Jason has immunity.

Art Smith is the guest judge! I LOVE HIM! Yet I have never made it to his restaurant. He is going to renew his vows with Jesus as well. Karen (with the pink hair) married her girlfriend a year ago. She is very touched by the challenge.

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Top Chef Recap: Snot on a Rock


Homeboy Wesley is already getting a lot of face time for this episode of Top Chef.  He’s been an embarrassment so far. I hope this means that either he is going home, or he is going to start doing us proud.  He has a whole package within the first minute of the show.  Meanwhile, Kwame is a NYC slicker and seems a bit intimidated by the desert. They are cooking with social energy.


I’m not even going to try to explain the solar oven or the solar stove. The other night I saw that Guy Fieri Grocery Show on Food Network and it was one that Phillip (dog shit cooker) on it.  He was way more likeable on that show.  Giselle is struggling with her solar tube oven. For some reason she decides to make couscous and apparently you can’t put water in the oven. The whole damn thing EXPLODES and  I should point out that these contraptions look expense.  I mean the think blew up never to be used again! She’s fucked. Oh wait, they stupidly give her another oven to break.

Did Wesley just say he is doing some concoction with “pickled mushrooms, melon, shrimp and coconut broth?” That sounds disgusting.

Phillp goes to look for dog shit for his recipe. Finding none, he decides to plate for the professional chefs on dirty rocks. I swear both Phillip and Wesley are scripted by production.

Isaac did well with the oven. He made cornbread in his oven and had a lovely presentation. Jeremy did a nice halibut dish. Carl did stuffed dates wrapped in bacon. Grayson had problems with her skirt steak with goat cheese. Padma basically called Grayson out for not listening to how to use the solar oven.  Giselle managed to get a plate. Jason did a did a scallop. Marjorie has worked with the guest chef before. She made halibut puttanesca. Amar did a shrimp dish. Wesley apparently did not in fact have pickled mushrooms. It was sautéed mushrooms with picked onion an shrimp. Still. I hate mushrooms. It’s like one of the few things I try not to eat. This combo sounds gross.  Phillip served a slice of Italian sausage with an oyster on top to this world renowned chef on a dirty rock. Padma has concerns about serving oysters in the heat. I have concerns about what has peed on that rock. As she is walking away she says, “It was like snot on a rock.”

Losers were Grayson, Giselle and Phillip.

Winners were Jeremey, WESLEY and Isaac.  Wesley won!  Really? Um, okay then. He has immunity. I think Isaac was robbed. Continue reading


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Top Chef Recap: Four Pop Ups and A Beheading


It’s already time for another episode of Top Chef! and I’m not sure my heart can take it.  Chef Ludo Lefebvre is on tonight!

Oh! Y’all are right! Kwame is cute. And he is very experienced with doing pop-up restaurants.  This should be an easy win for him. Oh wait. He has Wesley, the culinary saboteur of the show on his team. Sorry, Kwame.

Grey Team. (Iranian)

Isaac, Amar, Angelina and Marjorie are a team. They drive by Phillips restaurant and laugh at the douchiness of him having a giant billboard of himself on the storefront. I like how they bond over this. We like this team. Ut oh, they are at a Iranian restaurant. This is way outside of Isaac’s Cajun comfort zone.  They’re in Westwood. This team is the most cohesive and seems like they have a good shot at winning.

The judges start at this place first. The Iranian owner is fairly critical because the dishes are not traditional  but she loves the dessert. I think this group did fantastic. I was dying to try everything. Even Chef Ludo liked it. Marjorie will win for her dessert. I think the judges loved this place. Continue reading


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