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WWHL Schedule For The Remainder of January

Andy Cohen

We have someone from RHOA, Vanderpump Rules and RHOBH appearing on WWHL this week. Who are you hoping to see on the show following the next episodes?  Only one of my choices made the cut. :(   I’ll be watching them anyway of course.

Click through to see who will be hanging with Andy during his last week of sober January and tell me who you will be tuning in for… Continue reading


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Kim Richards Explains Herself…

Kim Richard's Twitter

Kim Richard’s Twitter

We have a rare as hen’s teeth blog from Kim Richards this week, and it’s a doozy.  In the excerpt below, Kim admits to taking Monty’s meds, seems pissy with Kyle, and claims she is in the hospital for “injuries from being sick.”  How do you get injuries from being sick? Kim does not think she relapsed, she just made a “careless decision.”  I’m not going to say much more until I hear what y’all have to say. So hurry up and click through and share your thoughts.  Okay, I can’t wait. Please notice that literally she can’t even spell sobriety. Continue reading


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WWHL With Cynthia Bailey

WWHL Cynthia

It’s time for WWHL with Cynthia Bailey! I already hate Cynthia’s look. Her face looks odd and I do not like the green dress. I am so disappointed. The main reason to tune in for WWHL with Cynthia is to see her stunning looks  This is not my favorite. :( Christina is not wearing the outfit in the picture above but some hootchie mama outfit she must have borrowed from Porsha at the last minute. Is it just me or are both outfits disappointing? And Andy’s tie is crooked. AGAIN.

Andy shows the black thing that Porsha went to the beach. Am I supposed to know who Christina is? She seems trashy. And drunk.

Andy asks Cynthia about Porsha being a prostitute.  Cynthia says something about the thing about getting read is you have the opportunity to clear things up. The implication was that Porsha never denied it.

Next up is the Kordell and Claudia hook up. Cynthia says she didn’t see that coming. Continue reading


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Andy Discusses Brandi’s Wine Toss on WWHL

WWHL Brandi Glanville Jeff Lewis

Who can forget Brandi’s wine toss on WWHL this week?  Finally we get Andy’s reaction to the whole thing.

Andy says at the time it was happening it seemed very real to him.  He said Jeff appeared to be genuinely shocked. He says that afterward they both said it was a joke. Andy says it didn’t seem very funny to him. He said, usually a joke is followed by a punchline.  Usually a joke is followed by, “Just Kidding!”  Andy says he spent the whole aftershow  trying to get them to make up. Then afterward they said it was a joke. Frankly, if she had just turned around after she was pretending to cry, I guess, and said, ‘Just Kidding’.  It would have been amazing.  Andy said he didn’t think she was actually crying. She did seem genuinely upset and he thinks Jeff was genuinely reacting to her. He doesn’t think Jeff knew, but he really doesn’t know. Continue reading


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Kenya Discusses The Beasts of The Southern Wild

Kenya Moore RHOA

This week Kenya Moore analyzes Team Beast and indicates that Porsha, Nene and Phaedra will continue show their donkey booties for the rest of the season. You can expect Nene and Phaedra to duck and dive as accusations are made about “Mr. Chocolate” and Nene storms out of another charity event. It seems like Team Beast is headed for a downfall.

Continue reading


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Claudia Shows Her Lesson Plan For Nene Leakes’ Reading Lesson

RHOA Claudia


This week on Claudia’s Bravo Blog, she recounts the “read heard ’round the world” play by play. She makes it perfectly clear who started the conflict and who ended it. It’s a marvelous little blog entry.  What I fail to understand is what the hell went on with Demetria during filming.  I kept hearing that Demetria was not fitting in with the other women, but it seems to me, at least in this early part of filming,  that Team Pretty welcomed Demetria with open arms. Team Beast, is not really a team at all at this point, just three outcasts thrust together under the old, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” rule.  Demetria is also the housewife chosen as the hostess for both the trip to Puerto Rico and the trip to Singapore.  Singapore was done very late in filming. If she had already lost her peach, why would the ladies be going on a trip hosted by an FOH.  It’s all very weird to me.

I know my spoilers and exclusives were confusing at the time filming was happening and I am anxious to see if I can determine from the all the behind the scenes tea how things really went down with all the peach juggling. It still would not surprise me to see Nene without a peach by show’s end. She walked out of several scenes, as did Phaedra toward the end of filming because both were unhappy with their storylines and were avoiding talking about things they were told to talk about.  I suppose time will tell. Continue reading


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WWHL With Lisa Rinna And Bob Harper


Well fuck. I really wanted to be done for the night, but that one chick’s asshole brother is the bartender tonight. My post about that brother was the most read and of 2014.  It had so many Facebook shares (and was stolen so many times by other sites that I had to take some legal action at sites that consistently steal my post for advertising purposes with not credit, it was the moneymaker post for me despite a few cease and desist shutdowns.  Anyway you can read all about the brother here.

First, Andy and Lisa talk about how in his book he was considering Lisa Rinna as a housewife and she is fitting in perfectly.  Lisa says she was essentially auditioning on WWHL and Andy tries to deny it by Lisa wanted on the show season one. I wish they would have had the sense to take her. She would be the fan favorite over everyone.

Anyway, I love WWHL but hate recapping because of all the dialogue. So I am going to paraphrase as much as possible rather than transcribe.

New twist. The guests and Andy will have to do a pushup for every time the drinking word is said. I already forgot what it was, because I was winding down for the evening thinking I was off the clock and now am WUI (working under the influence). Continue reading


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WWHL With Scheana Marie and Wolf Blitzer

WWHL Scheana

Dammit. I was just setting up this post and thought Kristen was going to be the guest. Wishful thinking I guess. At least it’s not Stassi.

Scheana’s dress is stunning if a bit colorful. She also is the only person I’ve seen pull of that bright pink/fushia lipstick. Andy starts off talking about John, Jax’s sugar daddy, and I realize for the first time that John’s real name is probably not John. I feel stupid now.

Andy plays a montage of Stassi trash talking Scheana.  Scheana  says, “It’s funny that all of her friends had the same butterfly crayony eyelashes on as well. I take it as a compliment. American Girl dolls are awesome. Everyone grew up with one (um, not Stassi, she was poor) and gypsies are beautiful, so thank you.” Continue reading


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Vanderpump Rules Recap: Jax Reunites With His Miami Sugar Daddy!

Vanderpump Rules - Season 3

On this episode of Vanderpump Rules, we finally get some intel on the rumors about “Jax” that have been swirling since the very first episode of this series.  Since the show began I’ve gotten emails from gay men informing me that Jax used to be a male escort and had a sugar daddy who took care of him in Miami. Though interesting, I didn’t have any real details that could be verified.  I did have a few pictures sent to me that are sadly not on this laptop. I was also told that he left Miami “in disgrace” and moved to Los Angeles where he changed his name to “Jax Taylor.”  I can’t wait to see what happens tonight when it appears from previews that the sugar daddy comes on the show!

We begin with everyone being hung over from the party the night before in Miami. Lots of people claiming the don’t remember. Including Vail who I suspect may have already gotten Jaxed. Ariana is very bothered by Kristen. This pleases me. Schwartz says he is having sex with Katie now. Stassi is blowing off Katie’s texts.

Stassi and her Sur minion have a scene that contribute nothing to the show. Basically, Stassi is butthurt everyone left her for Scheana’s party, especially Katie. Continue reading


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Updated WWHL Guest List

andy cohen

Tonight on WWHL Claudia Jordan will hang out with Andy and Willie Geist! Hopefully at the right time. And possibly even live!  Click through for the guests for the rest of the week. Continue reading


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WWHL With Brandi Glanville and Jeff Lewis: Brandi Isn’t Going To Win An Emmy

WWHL Brandi Glanville Jeff Lewis

I am so over Brandi Glanville for the evening, but I have a feeling that Jeff Lewis is going to make the laborious recapping of this episode. Brandi is wearing a completely sheer skirt (except for the stripes) with nothing but black underwear underneath.  I think Brandi Said it was La Perla. She’s totally wearing lingerie on WWHL. Jeff Lewis has already called her a prostitute.  The family who watches from the bed rather than the couch on People’s Couch are the bartenders.

Andy says he enjoyed watching Brandi make Kate Gosselin cry on Celebrity Apprentice. Brandi says she misses the episode because she was on the plane to NYC to be with Andy tonight.

Andy asks Brandi if she regrets anything from tonight’s episode. She says, ” I do, I think when you waste wine, it’s alcohol abuse.”  Andy shakes his head. Brandi says she does regret it. She asks Andy, “When you say sorry once, do you have to say it a million times?” Andy says, “Yes.”  Brandi says, “Nope.”  Jeff says, ” Well, I disagree, I’m happy and I do drink that much.” Continue reading


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Vanderpump Rules Recap : Things Begin To Go South Beach

Vanderpump Rules - Season 3

On tonight’s Vanderpump Rules the gang goes to Miami for a bachelor, bachelorette party.  Because a 3,000 miles from home is the perfect place to have a party. Especially when Bravo is paying. I’m not complaining. I love seeing Miami on TV, I wish it wasn’t the kiss of death for reality franchises though. Apparently, I am the only person that watches reality shows set in Miami.

Jax has some bullshit story about how he got a giant gash in his head. Some drunken incident he probably doesn’t remember would be my guess. Jax uninvited Tiffany from the trip so that Tom would not rat him out about the girl in San Diego. Everyone is nervous about the trip because everyone hates at least two people who are invited. It’s the perfect Bravo recipe for disaster.

OMG, Jax dancing in the shower, we can literally see his swinging Richard!  I see now how he has been a kept man for so um, long. Continue reading


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