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Below Deck Recap: We’ve Got Dirty Laundry

Below Deck cast shot


For tonight’s Below Deck Finale EDITED IT IS NOT THE FINALE AND I MUST SEE THE FINALE RIGHT NOW! entitled, Dirty Laundry you should all listen to some Don Henley playing in the background and drink lots of your favorite adult beverages.  Sing along with me, won’t you? “Dirty little secrets.  Dirty little lies.  We got our dirty little fingers in everybody’s pie. We love to cut you down to size! We love dirty laundry!”  There truly could not be a better anthem for the end of this season.  As much shit as I give this show, it remains one of my favorites on Bravo.  Let us tune in to watch the unraveling of Eddie.  And please forgive my lateness in advance as I had some other interesting posts to get up tonight. Do check them out as my laptop has decided it may just off itself before 2016 and all views are good views.   And while I can sympathize with the concept, we really all must try to press on and I can’t afford to replace this bitchass laptop at the moment.

Eddie gets a montage of his lying to his girlfriend and his previous infatuation with Rocky followed by him treating her like a dick.  Here is the rule Eddie, once you put your dick in someone, or even simply go along with a storyline that suggests you put your dick in someone,  you cannot trash that person unless she has done something incredibly psychologically damaging to you, like oh I don’t know returning all of the sex toys you shared to the driveway where you live with your beleaguered wife.  I mean, that’s just a random example that comes to mind.  If you just decide it was a mistake, you keep your mouth shut and move on. It’s not her fault you can’t keep your dick in your pants.

Before the charter, Rocky sits Emile down and tells him that part of the reason things didn’t go anywhere with them is because “she and Eddie has like a little thing going on the whole time.”  And now that she and  Emile are close friends (and remain so to this day in real life)  she wants to talk to him about how he is treating her.  Emile is pissed that she was fucking Eddie.  Emile points out that he has a girlfriend.  Rocky says she really liked him ( actually she uses the  elementary school phrase “like liked him” and thought he was broken up with his girlfriend. Emile encourages her to talk to Eddie about it. He had no clue. He is upset and hurt by Rocky.  Emile is not enjoying this  whole unburdening by Rocky.  He says she is not the girl he thought she was. At the end of her venting she actually asks  Emile for ” some skin” as in a high five or some sort of appreciation of her conquest.  Emile is not forthcoming.  Oh Rocky, I really wish you were coming back next season.  But I really doubt we will be that lucky. After the fact,  Rocky tries to keep Emile from talking. Rocky, the boy talks about his masturbation habits. Nothing is sacred.

Fun Fact: In order to attempt to avoid the embarrassment of this show, the yacht names are all changed. “Eros” is actually  a boat called “Mustang Sally” according to TamaraTattles exclusive spies and unusually charters for $175,000 per week, It can normally accommodate eleven guests  but while filming,  the production crew takes over  one of the double cabins and one twin cabin in addition to some of the crew area. The guests are given a deep discount and required to tip an amount previously negotiated in cash which befits the storyline. Except when Bravo and/or other  folks are asked to participate due to lack of actual bookings. In that case, production covers everything. Allegedly. So I have been told.

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WWHL With Caroline Stanbury and Tom Sandoval

WWHL Caroline Stanbury Tom Sandoval


Caroline Stanbury is wearing Balmain from H & M. Oh dear, has it come to that? And to make me think even less of her she is starts right on Tom Sandoval asking why he ever dated Kristen. She says Kristen is “stab you in the dark crazy” like guys don’t love that shit.  That’s two strikes for Caroline in the first 90 seconds and I don’t know the rules of cricket, darling but here you only get one more strike, Caroline . So zip it.

Next week on Vanderpump Rules  we delve into Mike Shay’s shocking drug problem.

Caroline says that two of the ladies are not on good terms with Annabelle at the moment and she is one of them. Who do you think the other one is? Julie?

Tom Sandoval skirts the question about Kentucky and Jax staying together. He says he has seen of good side of Jax with her.  You know like that time he got drunk and stole some sunglasses for her and went to Jail in Hawaii. He thinks they could make it. I think they are likely already done now that filming is over.  I’m guessing she took the new twins right back to Kentucky when the season wrapped. Continue reading


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Vanderpump Rules Recap: New Blood

PUMP lala

I’m Lala

Meet  Lala

Has she slept with Jax yet? She says  she is every guy’s type. And I am sure she is. Except perhaps grown men who have to introduce their date to the boss, colleagues or parents as “Lala.”  But other than those guys, she is probably their type. I can see James the dishwasher quite enjoying her. Or Jax.  Lala has a booking in Italy over the weekend. This is her first “real job.”  Are there any shortcuts for the poor west coast people to get to Europe? Because I can’t imagine living more than a red eye away. I’m serious. That must be horrid.  Lala lives in Stassi’s old apartment.  Clearly, it’s a StableByBravo

At an all cast bar get together to haze the newbies, no one believes that Lala is being flown to Venice to model for the weekend. Look at her. Now go do a random Google street view of some plaza in Venice with pigeons pooping on people.  Enough said.

Scheana and Katie thinks Lala blows old men for trips to Venice. They interrogate her. Katie confronts Lala about her ass profile photo. Lala admits she is going on a free trip because she is a fun bitch to be around. She says since she is so fun, she gets to keep her legs closed. Scheana says, “What about your mouth?”  Heh. She just admitted to the girl that Lisa drags in to court to testify for her that she is blowing of work to blow off some old dudes.  Lala is a great name for this airhead.

Meet Faith

Have we ever had a black female at SUR? I don’t recall anyone non-white folks working there before. Faith struggles to learn to count to seven under the astute tutelage of Katie. Katie has sort of morphed into Khloe Kardashian.  Being a waitress is hard. I’m serious. I sucked at it .  I don’t have a lot of Faith in Faith. I shall wait to figure out her last name and give her a tag here. Katie thinks Faith is doing great and is a badass. That’s a ringing endorsement. Continue reading


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Ladies of London Recap: The New Queen Bee

Ladies of London Season 2

I’m not sure even Ladies of London and can put me in a good mood today.  Between all of the very shitty weather that has gone of for weeks now, health issues, and the constant bitching from malcontents here including but not limited to emails about how I should consider their diabetes, glaucoma, old age, favorite fonts, latest research on color meaning (replete with linked citations), religious beliefs,  gender identity issues, sleeping hours of their companions and how that effects the measure of ambient light available when reading TamaraTattles, and current research on font readability when making changes to the site, it’s frankly all I can do to get something up. All of whom I’ve very politely refrained from recommending that they go fuck themselves. I suppose I’ll attempt for find half a fuck to give to the cause of recapping.


Caroline Fleming Splits a Head of Butter Lettuce Four Ways

We’re  back in London after out fab trip to Denmark and Annabelle has popped by to have a salad with Caroling Fleming. Please hold the lentils for Annabelle.  Annabelle continues to be a little snot who doesn’t want tell anyone what she is going through and still expects them to know.  Frankly, an unpleasant biography about your dear dead friend isn’t something to bust up friendships over. It’s been five years darling, move along.  Julie and Juliet have arrived to be bitched at over lettuce without the first smidge of ranch dressing to console them.  But before Annabelle can begin her guilt trip, Fleming jumps on Julie for saying that she enjoyed the trip. Fleming claims that Julie was not thrilled with her joining the show their circle because she is a terrible person.  I won’t say terrible, but I think not particularly fun to be around would fit the bill more often than not. Fleming says she said it to Stanbury. Julie admits she did say that before she met Fleming.  Now Annabelle takes her whacks at Julie. Julie reads a long text she wrote to Annabelle apologizing for not being as supportive as she needed her to be over the fucking biography. Let’s all take our frustrations out on the weak girl, who is sobbing and appears to lost her appetite. Juliet on the other hand is stuffing her pie whole with flavorless lettuce.

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RHOA Filming Tea: A Lost Peach, A Former Athlete, and an Early Departure…

RHOA In Miami The blond in the back is Tammy

RHOA In Miami The blond in the back is Tammy


One of the things that I have never understood about the upcoming season of RHOA is what happened to Tammy McCall Browning? In fact one of my sources with different sources was asking me the same thing. Tammy filmed test scenes with housewives way before the season began. I began hearing about this great new housewife who was a dancer who was married to a white man.  Production LOVED her. The housewives LOVED her. She was going to be the new “it” housewife.  For months I never even knew her last name.But multiple sources kept raving about her. It didn’t make sense that she was not the show this season.

Here is what I wrote on September 9th when POST production was beginning:

Currently, Cynthia, Kim, Kandi, Kenya, and Phaedra have secure (or as secure as they ever are) peaches. Here is the big news. There are still THREE people fighting for TWO peaches.  Those three are Porsha, a new girl named Tammy (I have not heard a thing about her in WEEKS and now suddenly I’m hearing she is still a viable option) and…… fucking Sheree Whitfield.

I would not believe that Sheree was still an option since she has been selling shoes on Instagram and trying to get people to pay her $5 for a selfie with her.   However, last week,  the RHOA actually shot a new opening.  It’s been a million years since they  have had a new opening.  And all EIGHT women were there.  Everyone shot a single shot. Several versions of the group shot were shot.  With everyone.  I know that Phaedra did some shooting inside her house with just her and the boys last week for part of her opening.

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WWHL With Jax Taylor and Tom Schwartz

WWHL Jax Schwartz
For some reason the rumors about Andy Cohen and Jax Taylor blew up last night and my inbox was busy this morning. Many felt the nude shower scene of Jax last night on Vanderpump Rul was shot specifically at Andy’s request. That certainly should surprise no one. The casting couch rumors regarding Vanderpump Rules have been around since the shows inception. Even if true, I don’t think there is any reluctance on the part of the male cast. #Shrugs #ConsentingAdults.

The drinking word is an audio from Queen Kristen saying “suck a dick” let’s hope it gets played a lot. Even though my liver is still on vacay so I can’t participate. :(

Jax loves his latest nose.  But Andy and Schwatz like his original nose best.

They play a bit of the new Bravo show Apres Ski which I hope to recap later in the week if time allows. So far, I haven’t heard great things.

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