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Changes To WWHL Schedule

Andy Cohen

Last night Andy Cohen said the reason for Kim Richards last minute cancellation was because she has landed “a really good TV role.” No one has mentioned the show, but Kim says she was filming one of her favorite TV shows in LA. So congrats to her for landing a nice part. Also Seth Rogan and James Franco have cancelled all of their press appearances to plug  The Inteview  and basically Sony seems to have pulled the entire picture. This is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. Since when to we give into hackers and terrorist and crazy people? Do you agree that the movie should be shelved?

So Andrew called up his BFFs Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa to fill in for them. I love those three together. They are all friends and have the dirt on each other.

Click through for the updated schedule.. Continue reading


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WWHL Guest List Updated!

andy cohen

Tonight was supposed to be Kim Richards (and a player to be named later) but she is not coming.  I immediately thought of Monty but I don’t see anything from Kim or Kyle to indicate something is going on. I have heard rumors about Kim but I am not going to  go there since there is no way to verify. So tonight we have Vicki Gunvalson!

On Sunday we have Phaedra Parks…. But you will not BELIEVE who they paired her with. Continue reading

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Vanderpump Rules Recap: PUMP’s First Gay Pride

Pump Rules Pride

Stassi is such a cuntsicle. Sorry for the lack of introductory commentary but MY GOD this woman is vile. She’s basically telling Katie to tell Schwartz to dump his friends for her, when Schwartz walks in with flowers and Stassi lays into him. I am thinking Katie should just nailgun Stassi to the wall at this point and be done with her. It’s not like anyone would come looking for her. Sorry that was harsh but good LORD.  Why doesn’ anyone want to be around Stassi?

Katie wants to go in on Schwartz for Jax screaming at her and saying vile things and for him not defending her. Stassi calls Katie a lesbian for dating Schwartz. I guess that makes Stassi the gay top in her relationship. I can’t imagine her man being anything but a little pussy boy. Who else would want to be with Stassi? Seriously? I can’t imagine a scenario where a man says, “Ya know what? I’d like to be emasculated and ridiculed by the chick….” Oh wait. I actually can. It’s all becoming clearer now. Nevermind..

Wait. They are at Stassi’s house? Why is Schwartz showing up at Stassi’s house to bring Katie flowers? I agree with the commenter from last week who said Schwartz is likely a trust fund baby that Katie doesn’t want to lose. Continue reading


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WWHL With Porsha Williams

WWHL Porsha

Well, it seems they finally found someone to be on WWHL tonight with Porsha Williams. That unfortunate seat goes to Laverne Cox from Orange is the new black.

First of all,  Porsha’s boobs look so much better. They seem to have finally settled and are no longer up around her neck. I love Porsha’s tan dress. It is slit up to her armpit on one side, but she manages to pull it off. I also take back every nice thing I said about her hair on RHOA because Lord have mercy what is that thing on her head? It looks to me like she has shave her whole head a plonked a wig on it only the wig is set about two inches behind her hairline. You can’t tell it in the picture really but the right side she has hair swooping down over her face but on the left side… I mean what is that?

We begin talking about the fact that Sharon has passed. Porsha says she got to know her when she was in Kandi’s play. Porsha talks about her in the present tense.

They talk about Cynthia. Porsha makes no sense. Laverne says that it seems that Peter influences Cynthia’s opinions on Nene. Imagine that a wife who listens to her husband and values his opinion rather than emasculating him on TV. Continue reading


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Yolanda Foster Shares Her Feelings on Bella’s DUI



(via twitter)

(via twitter)

I think we were all surprised to see that Bella Hadid’s DUI was included in the filming of RHOBH. I’m not really sure that was necessary. It seems that it will be Yolanda’s storyline for the next episode, where we see Yolanda and David discussing the situation on camera.

Here are Yolanda’s raw, heartfelt feelings on the entire ordeal. …

When my phone rang and I heard David’s voice, I knew in my gut something was really wrong. My adrenaline started rushing through my body, and the greatest panic attack of my life set in, like a train ran over my heart. “DUI……….”, “drinking and driving………….” OMG, what if she had hurt someone?! What if she had crashed and gotten killed?! My “what if” button went from zero to 10 in a split second, because my greatest fear is to lose any of my children in a car accident the way I lost my father when I was only seven years old.

All of a sudden this picturesque day on this gorgeous yacht just made me feel like a fish out of water. I have never experienced something like this, so I wasn’t ready to share this news with Kyle and her family until I could understand what was happening and understand it in my own head. I had to get off of the boat and walk and pace until my nerves could calm down. Continue reading


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RHOA Filming At Einstein’s Was a Nightmare For The Server!

RHOA Friend or Faux

Photo Credit: Bravo/KandiOnline


As we saw on last weeks show the ladies all met up at Einstien’s for dinner.  I’ve discussed many times that the housewives never actually eat at dinner. Production seems overly concerned about editing a meal because they cut footage together and don’t want to have issues with continuity based on the plates being full, then empty, then half full again. The Atlanta production crew is the most anal about this. We have seen RHONJ and RHOBH actually eat at dinner, but RHOA rarely if ever do. This is also the reason for the red solo cups I like to freak out about. They use them because the cover the amount of wine in the glass so that it doesn’t show more wine, then less, then more, etc.

As an added bonus, it make the RHOA cranky because they are starving in a restaurant full of food they can’t eat. You will see this season that Phaedra and Porsha filmed dinner at The Palm in Atlanta. They ordered a ton of food and took it all to go to eat in peace without having to worry about eating on camera.

This week at Einstein’s Phaedra was showing bitterly complaining about every damn thing. The lack or water. The stale crackers. The slow service. She was a pill. Continue reading


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Bravo Personality, Scot Young Died of Apparent Suicide

Photo Credit: Twitter

Photo Credit: Twitter

I’m trying to get caught up on the tragic death of Scot Young, the millionaire ( or billionaire according to his ex-wife) who appeared on Ladies of London as the girlfriend (fiancée in waiting) of American model Noelle Reno.

To refresh your memory the major storyline of Noelle and Scot was that all of his money was frozen because of a 6 year long divorce process where he was accused of hiding billions of dollars off shore by his ex who was fighting for her half. Recently the judge had determined Scot’s worth at about 60 million dollars and awarded the wife half. He also wished her luck in actually seeing a dime of the money and it seems according to the sources I have read that as of last summer she had still not received her settlement. Continue reading


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Kenya Moore Says Phaedra Parks Lies Are Crashing All Around Her


RHOA Kenya stop being so bothered

Gif by T.Kyle RealityTVGifs


Kenya points out in her blog, that all the lies lead back to one person…

The house of lies that Phaedra has built is slowly but surely crumbling down around her. Clearly when a woman who prides herself as a Christian while praying to God as she calls someone a whore and a slut is the real devil to be protected from. Everyone can see through her smokescreen and the blatant, hypocritical lies that will be her ultimate downfall. Keep watching, the best of her lies is yet to come.

Now, her latest conspiracy theory is that I tried to pay Apollo to lie about a lie! But I am the delusional person? All the nasty rumors on this show about me being bipolar, broke, an alcoholic, a whore, and someone who pays for boyfriends and has a rented car all came from Phaedra’s vengeful, hate-filled mind. The real fans of the show know this to be a fact. Just watch Seasons 5 and 6. Let’s watch a flashback to that! Regardless of if anyone believed the unsubstantiated, baseless rumors or not, they were all fabricated from one person — PHAEDRA. Continue reading


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WWHL Listings! Nene Leakes & Kim Biermann Next Sunday


There are some new matchups for WWHL this month. I love who Brandi Glanville was paired with! Cant wait to see how that goes.

Click through to see all the guests! Continue reading


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WWHL Listing For November 30 Thru December 4th

Jax hanging in the old office

Jax hanging in the old office

Andy has gone a bit nutty again with his WWHL pairings. Click through and tell me what you think! Continue reading


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Andy Cohen Makes People’s Sexiest Man Alive List

Andy sexy

People magazine announced their Sexiest Man Alive for 2014 yesterday and the tiara went to Chris Hemsworth. But never fear, Andy Cohen made the list and it’s an honor just to be nominated or something!

Andy tells Bravo’s The Dish, “I am shocked and amazed they asked me to be in the mag, but then I realized it was because of my hot dog—and it made sense. I’m OK with that! Wacha deserves to be in there! “  Andy said the shoot was done in his apartment and it involved a crew of 15 people packing into the bedroom he shares with Wacha. He admits, “Despite what you may have heard, that was a record. It felt very not-hot trying to look hot in bed, but when Wacha fell asleep in my arms I knew they were getting something good.”

Andy was asked who would be on his sexiest man list of Bravo men. I found his choices quite interesting. Andy chose, “Derek (Fredrik Eklund’s husband), Hugh Acheson, Apollo Nida, Mauricio Umansky, and Kelley from Below Deck!”  He must be going by dick size or something. If Hugh Acheson showed up in a public space where I was, I’d leave. In fact that holds true for all of them except Derek. How the hell did Derek get lumped in with these sleazeballs?

Who would your top three sexiest men on Bravo be? (excluding Andy if he were an option). Continue reading


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WWHL With Camille Grammer, Adrienne Maloof & Taylor Armstrong

WWHL Adrienne, Camille, Taylor

Really? Has it come to this? The thirst is real y’all. Y’all know I am obsessed with the seating order. For the record, Camille got first chair followed by Adrienne and then Taylor. The drinking word is Brandi. Let’s hope they say it zero times. The game was Hot Po-Titties where they had to try to say something nice about Brandi. It did not go well. Someone commented today in a post simply, “Ho Po-titties”  I was reading via email and was like, WTF? Now I get it. Brandi tweeted assuming we all care about her situation with these three. She said she is great with Camille, she’s working on it with Adrienne and she is indifferent to Taylor.

Click through for my assessment of the three. Continue reading


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