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Exclusive: Jessica Parido Forges Ahead With Plans to Marry Mike Shouhed Tomorrow

Shahs mike and jessica engaged.

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I keep waiting to do this story because part of me wants Jessica Parido come to her senses. It seems that if she ever does come to her senses she is going to do it much too late. It’s already too late for her face. The poor girl who used to be a natural beauty is now just another plastic-faced girl in Beverly Hills. Another sad story. Another fake relationship. What could possibly be going on with this girl where she would change everything about herself, her face, her religious beliefs, he morals to be with a man who is superficial even by Los Angeles standards. A man who describes his engagement by noting that it involved a four carat diamond ring and her saying she was going to be his wife so “it worked out perfectly.” A plan well executed. The superficial groom and Jessica were in Australia a couple months ago where Mike’s comments included a comment that there are no ugly people in Australia and that Jessica can’t keep her hands off of him. Clearly, Mike is not closer to having any sort of personal insight and growth that most global travelers experience in new cultures than he was in Turkey where the call to prayer transmitting from the mosque had quiet the opposite reaction on Mike as most travelers regardless of religion. Tomorrow, Jessica Parido will become Jessica Shouhed assuming everything goes according to the plan.

Last July, I began to get a number of tips and contacts with very detailed information on Mike Shouhed cheating with women that he met on social media. There were specific hotels mentioned. Hotel staff confirmations. Text messages. It all appeared to be very legit. This was problematic. Shahs of Sunset was one of the first shows I was really excited about when I began this blog. I learned a big lesson by interviewing them prior to the show airing and finding them all charming. It’s best not to get too close to your subject. Especially if they are on a reality TV show you are covering. Because they change (Reza) and it becomes difficult to point out the bad behavior when you like the people doing the bad behavior. And they are all bound to do something that needs calling out. But this wasn’t the same as one of your favorite housewives changing and becoming someone who airs their tampon string in public and becomes violent and generally unlikable in public. This was someone allegedly having numerous sexual encounters with women who are not his fiancé.  I did not want to be this messenger. I sat on it for a while and I put out some feelers to sources in production. The show was expected to air last October until a post production editing staff decided to strike for health benefits which would ultimately push the show to its new 2015 airdate. It was made clear to me that Mike’s indiscretions would be a major storyline. It would be public. Everyone was about to know. Continue reading


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WWHL With Kyle Richards and Jerry O’Connell

WWHL Kyle and Jerry


Jerry O’Connell is such a good person to be on with a housewife. He is almost as into all this nonsense as Jeff Lewis. Before we even get started Andy is catching us up on some Tweets. Camille tweeted that nothing happened with her and the skeevy pseudo prince. She is also friends with the morally corrupt Faye Resnick now. Oh Camille. Really?

The night before on WWHL with Brandi, Brandi said that she ran into Kyle at Sephora and Kyle ran out of the store. Kyle says that Brandi is a lying liar who lies from her liar hole. Kyle says Brandi is the one who ran out and Kyle was there 20 minutes after she left.

Andy loves to replay the fight scenes from housewives shows. He shows Kyle running out of the restaurant in Amsterdam. She says she yanked off her mike and ran out because shit was getting crazy and she didn’t want to stick around to find out what happens next. Then he plays a clip from the reunion of Kim saying that if Kyle and Kim decide to work on their relationship they will need to do it in a therapist’s office, but as far as she is concerned she is just fine with not speaking to Kyle and leaving things the way they are. Kyle told Andy before the reunion that it was her hope that she and Kim would make up, but that didn’t happen.  Kyle says that there was no resolution for anyone at the reunion in any of the situations. Continue reading


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Vanderpump Rules: Secrets Revealed #Eyeroll

Pump Rules finale pink motel

I’m gonna go ahead and guess that no secrets will be revealed tonight. I plan on having a snack while blogging, which is impossible if something is actually going to happen. These “secrets revealed” shows used to have new footage and show outtakes and shit but lately it’s just more reunion crap we have already heard three times.

Secret One: Jax is a douche satchel who gets chick’s name tattooed on him.
Secret Two: Kristen is obsessed with Sandoval.
Secret Three: LVP has three restaurants and works hard.
Secret Four: Peter’s edit for this season is loser who can’t get laid.
Secret Five: The Toms love each other, and themselves, and having  pictures made of themselves. Continue reading


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What’s Going on With Andy Cohen & Kathy Griffin & Anderson Cooper & Teresa Giudice

WWHL Ellen and AC

On Ask Andy recently, he was asked what is going on with him and Kathy Griffin. Did they have a falling out? She is never on WWHL anymore and there have been no new specials.

Andy gives a weird sigh of disinterest and says, ” Yeah I know. (pause) Did we have a falling out? Not that I know of.  (dumb Andy face) Although you never know. /shrug

The chick says “It’s true you never know with her she could be hating on you right now…”

Andy, “I’m sure she is, maybe she hates me… you never know.”  He’s chewing gum. Why does he do that? What is with Americans and their gum?

On WWHL, with Ellen Barkin and Anderson Cooper,  Andy seems to announce that Cooper is a bottom, which I am not sure has ever been verified before. This is a show that Cohen called his besties in for because someone cancelled last minute.  It’s like three best friends getting drunk on TV. Anyway, this is not a show I would normally recap, although it is good, but I think the topic of Kathy Griffin is going to come up.  And I want to know what is going on with Andy  and Kathy, because it seems that AC still loves Kathy, but Cohen perhaps not so much.  LOL someone just checked Andy for only giving bathrobes to his favorites. It’s so true, I can’t believe he read that. Continue reading


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File Under Very Strange Vacation Companions

RHONY Bethenny and Ramona in Aspen 32015

Isn’t filming over? Explanation anyone? Ramona and Bethenny are BFFs now?


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WWHL Guest Lists for Next Week Look Decent

God I love this job! So much fun!

God I love this job! So much fun!

Andy Cohen has wasted no time in getting a one on one with Bethenny Frankel for WWHL. It’s already been filmed and will air on Sunday. I’m sure you can barely contain your excitement.

Monday’s show really ups the creep factor with two of the biggest walking STDs in Beverly Hills. Allegedly. Kyle is right back on the media tour. She really must have something to prove.

Click through for the whole list. Continue reading


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WWHL With Claudia Jordan

WWHL Claudia Jordan


I need someone to explain Tituss’ tie to me. That’s my UGA homeboy and I still don’t get it.  Is it wood? If they don’t get to discussing it, maybe Claudia will drop by and tell us. It looks like a  wine cork in the middle. IDGI. OH it’s because of his Pinot Noir thing. nevermind.

Andy starts with talking about Nene’s wig. He says he immediately texted Nene when he first saw the episode a few months back. This is without a doubt the worst news ever.  It means that Andy talks to Nene when he doesn’t absolutely have to. Which means she may be coming back AGAIN. I hope he just does it this year if he is going to do it rather than saying he is not, and then saying he is and then limiting her air time and such. Don’t give us false hope that she is gone.

Frankly, I didn’t get half of what Andy was saying about the show. I’m back home and the geriatric leaf blower is revving up his back pack thingy.  Then he plays a montage of Cynthia shade. I must have missed Nene ranting about “Barely Agency” and “Bar None.”  But it was a team effort with smack talk from Phaedra and Porsha too. Is Porsha going to be sitting on the couch to stick up for Nene and Phaedra this year?

Tituss says he was embarrassed for Nene. They show a clip of Tituss playing a gay hairdresser/ party planner on 30 rock and ask him if it is modeled after Dwight. He swears he didn’t start watching housewives until after the Dwight days.

The play a game called “Claudia with a Chance of Ramen Noodles”  to mock Nene’s shitty wigs. They do show some other wigs like Kandi’s wild red ones. Continue reading


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WWHL Guests For Upcoming Week: Why Andy, WHY?

WWHL Claudia Willie

Claudia fans will be thrilled to discover that she will be on WWHL this Sunday. I guess she will have the honor of explaining the production driven celebrity therapy session. I can’t wait to see how the poll question gets skewed. Let’s hope the WWHL interns send of confirmation of Nene’s departure through their poll manipulations. That should be interesting.

But having the three has been RHOBH back on WWHL again together is very odd and I hope not a sign of things to come. Why does Andy keep having them back? Make him stop! Continue reading


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The Gloves Begin To Come Off On Lisa Vanderpump’s Blog

RHOBH The Slap jpeg


This season’s RHOBH Reunion is going to be epic.  There are lots of people making shit up about what is going to happen but I am quite sure all of that will pale in comparison to what actually does happen.  I have never known Lisa to really go for anyone’s jugular on a reunion. Not even last season when the whole sordid mess was just about dumping on Lisa. But this time, as the title of her Bravo blog suggests, the line has been well and truly crossed by Brandi Glanville and all bets are off. Once someone comes after your marriage, and gets physical, it would appear that one does not have to avoid that person’s emotional buttons anymore. And this week, Lisa makes it clear she is done protecting Brandi Glanville.

So the slap…the long awaited slap that could be heard echoing through the Hills of Beverly. Now you know I have never insinuated that it was that hard. I had a small scratch on my upper lip from her acrylic claws, but the strength of the slap was not the issue. I think in her own distorted mind she thought this was playing, but no, it didn’t feel like that. First she pushed me…OK…But it wasn’t the actual slap. It was the violation…I haven’t had a hand laid on me since I was a child. Also, I might add that it seems ironic that this is the same person that constantly reiterates to Kyle, “Don’t touch me.” Might seem a tad hypocritical. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Melbourne Recap: Murder Mystery Party

RHOMel Season 2 cast

Well, fuck. I was just watching last night’s idol and doing a bit of hormonal singing and crying. VOTE FOR QUENTIN!  We have 3 great black guys in the top 12 and the black guy vote is being split and Quentin is on the bubble. I loves me some Quentin!  And also vote for Joey with the green hair and the Ukulele! #StayWeird!  Anyway, I was doing that and eating tons of stuff from Trader Joe’s (currently sliced pear with goat cheese) instead of recapping so I am off to a very late start  with Real Housewives of Melbourne but am all ready to go now!

We start with PetitFleur at a fancy car dealership. Please forgive me if I FF though this. Then I FF thought Lydia shopping for dog clothes or whatever. Then I FF through Gamble doing something with her dog. I think Gamble’s rich husband, Rick, is very good-looking.  Win-Win!

Gamble and Rick are hosting a murder mystery party. I am excited by this. It has a witches theme. That is rather odd, but whatever.  Janet doesn’t need a special outfit for this potty. Pettifleur is a cunt.

Two lunches occur. Lydia is stuck with Pettifleur, who is bashing Gamble. She calls Gamble stupid. And when Lydia asked what she thought of her she said she found her pretentious. She would be the expert on pretense. I’ll take Lydia over Petti any day. Lydia asks if Petti is from Indian origin. She says no and that she is Swiss, and a bunch of other things. I think she is Indian.

At the other lunch, Janet is bashing Pettifleur for being rude and well, pretentious. Gamble called Petti Nouveau Riche and says she is only interested in money. Continue reading


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12 Years A Slave: The Gregg Leakes Story By Chay Eday

OMG. Go follow Chay Eday on Twitter! Continue reading


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Brandi’s Ghostwriter Is Obsessed With Lisa Rinna

RHOBH BRandi Glanvilles


Brandi Glanville’s blog ghostwriter, Kristine F. appears to be REALLY (heh) obsessed with Lisa Rinna.  This week Lisa Rinna basically did a 180 and made nice with everyone and did not begin to open her mouth to say anything negative to Brandi or Kim.  She didn’t even support Eileen when she took Brandi and Kim to task yet again.  Even so, Kristine still can’t help but take a few whacks at her.

Kristine supposedly accused another blogger of defamation for suggesting she is Brandi’s ghostwriter last week and then shut down her twitter accounts in a frenzy.  It’s clear she doesn’t know what defamation is as evidenced by this little quote in a blog where she writes as Katherine Hudson , ” Most of Rinna’s statements would be considered defamation outside of reality TV contracts, but the confusing motive is what has people worried.”  In fact, Kristine says that in pretty much everything she writes about Lisa Rinna. “Katherine has also said, ” So why is Rinna obsessed with unfairly defaming Richards?” Calling a ghostwriter a ghostwriter  or an alcoholic and alcoholic is not defamation. If Kristine was not writing incessantly for and as Brandi Glanville and was just some random chick on the Internet, she would never know anything about one story on a blog somewhere discussing her obsession with Brandi Glanville. Her denials are about as believable of Kim Richards’ slurry claims of sobriety. Continue reading


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