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Million Dollar Listing New York Recap: Unfinished Business

million dollar Luis


Our boy Luis finally has the appointment of his dreams with a developer and his alarm does not go off. He is late.  Somehow he makes it on time. All of Luis’s scenes make me anxious. The developer has one townhouse left to sell and Luis wants to do it. He is a huge fan of the developer. He is basically worshiping the guy. Luis is hoping his international connections will be seen as valuable to the developer who has his own brokerage firm.

Luis gets another pitch opportunity with Gerard and two of his top brokers. Luis wants to do a media event rather than a brokers’ open.  It is not going well. The female broker is shooting down all of his ideas. The developer gives him a co-listing.

Luis holds his media event. Things go well until the developer and his two pet brokers walk in and he got a bit tongue-tied. Luis works the room like a champ as the three stare him down. The female broker is breathing down Luis’ neck.  To be continued… Continue reading

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Andy Cohen Discusses Kenya, Nene and More

Ask Andy
So a moderated comment came in from “bagladey” saying that Kenya was referring to Andy as ‘Mandy’ on Twitter and that he was pissed about it. So I had to check into this. Unfortunately it is true that Kenya was doing that. Which I find rather appalling and juvenile and beneath her. On the other hand, Andy is shady with her ALL THE TIME.  Which he admits so I don’t think he was really that pissed about it.  And Kenya is all locked in for season 8 so no worries there.
The discussion about this happened on a recent Ask Andy. It’s kind of interesting so I thought I’d transcribe it here.

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Reza Talks About Cancelling the Wedding

Last time Reza shaved his mustache  was in January 2014. Until recently.

Last time Reza shaved his mustache was in January 2014. Until recently. How difficult was the therapy session with Adam?

Reza Farahan: The therapy session with Adam was very difficult, but at the time I felt like it was the right thing to do. What was truly unbearable was watching it on TV. Seeing his expressions and recalling the pain and disappointment he was going through broke my heart. I have so much more love and respect for him for allowing me to go through that very difficult and necessary journey. We are definitely closer and stronger because of it.

I really hope for Adam’s sake this is true. Or maybe for his sake I hope this is not true. Poor Adam.

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Alexia and Herman Echevarria Divorcing After 15 years, Reports Claim

I am very saddened to report that Real Housewives of Miami’s  Alexia Echevarria is allegedly filing for divorce from Herman

According to the US Magazine, “the Venue magazine founders have been separated for a few months now, and had been struggling with serious issues for a couple of years. Despite their differences, the now-exes, who are currently living separately, will continue to run Venue magazine together. According to their source, Herman will remain a big presence in the lives of Alexia’s sons from her first marriage, Peter and Frankie.”

Back in 2011, I really enjoyed Real Housewives of Miami.  When Alexia’s son was transferred to Spinal Shepard Hospital in Atlanta, I reached out to her as we follow each other on Twitter.  I would check in with both Alexia and Herman from time to time and they both have positive attitudes despite their tragic situations. Alexia has also been very kind to me and inquired after me from time to time and even invited me to visit. Continue reading


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Luann de Lesseps Continues To Throw Shade at Carole Raziwill on WWHL

WWWL Luann


This week seems to have flown by and there are so many things sitting around in my inbox for me to remember to post about. One is this episode of WWHL with the Countess. Luann looks FANTASTIC in a plum colored dress. Her hair and a makeup are flawless. No statement necklace, but some flashy earrings. She’s very well put together. The photo above does not begin to do her justice.

Luann says Sonja loves her and she loves Sonja. Andy  brings up Luann’s tweets about Carole.  Luann posted that Adam and the niece were still together and planning a trip together when Carole started screwing him. Luanne backpedals and basically says that Adam attended the niece’s birthday celebration in September.  Carole’s position is that the niece and Adam broke up a year ago and still remain friends.  Andy reads another tweet where Henry or whoever her ghost tweeter is says that Carole is a “basic newcomer” among other things. Andy points out that the use of the word “basic” in the  hipster sort of way does sound like Luann. Luann ignores the subtle accusation and says she was on a rage that night because Carole has caused so much friction for her and her family because the niece is so upset. Luann says she went a bit overboard and really just wants to move on.  I bet she does and Lord knows her niece wishes she had just shut up about it rather than lying and saying that the niece was all upset over it. Even if she is, Luann is putting her nieces heartbreak on a fucking reality TV show. Not classy or cool, Luann. Continue reading


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Blood, Sweat & Heels Recap: Turned Up and Kicked Out

Blood Sweat Heels

Time for Blood, Sweat & Heels!  Theses women fight but there is not nearly as much bitching at the RHONY. I’m still not over that episode.


Daisy drops by to see Mica. I am amazed by Daisy’s positive attitude and I love her straight black wig. It’s so …normal.  Mica has a new friend named Kevin that she is going on a date with. Daisy is getting a CAT scan to check for new cancers. I can’t believe I actually like these two this season.

Mica goes on a date with Kevin. They bond over their love for Karaoke. Mica agrees to take him to the book signing.


Demetria and Melyssa meet for lunch in the park. They are discussing their jobs. How refreshing is it to have working women discussing business? Demetria is holding a book launch and inviting all the girls. She is already worried about Chantelle’s behavior. Which makes this feel like one of those scenes that was filmed after the fact. Demetria tells Melyssa she can’t bring a date to her wedding. But she does have a single man in mind for her Continue reading


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Southern Charm Recap: Jekyll And Hyde

Southern Charm Cast

Time for a new episode of Southern Charm!  Is it me or did the ratings spike when I started recapping. I’m so excited to get to see Jekyll Island. It’s been several years since I’ve been there. I used to go to the beach there a lot when I lived on Saint Simons Island.  At that time houses were cheap, there was little development. The beaches were gorgeous and deserted.  I sort of don’t like it getting all of this attention. They do have a lot of sharks there though. For real. Same with Saint Simons. People would catch huge sharks right down the street from my condo in the channel between Jekyll and SSI.

Whitney tries to explain his douchbaggery of last week to no avail. Cameron has to learn to stop BLOWING THE HORN in residential neighborhoods when picking someone up. Everyone discusses the Delaware trip in the car except for the car Kathryn is in, where they talk about how she is going to be around Whitney.  Shep is pushing Craig to study for the bar. Craig as it turns out did NOT sit for the bar in February according to him. It’s either that or he didn’t pass. Craig says he will take it in July. Continue reading


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Exclusive Tamara Tattles Tea on RHOA Season 8, And a New Chay Eday Video !

Carlos King, another "friend" of Nene's that is no longer.

Carlos King, another “friend” of Nene’s that is no longer.

I have some curious news, that I have not been sharing about RHOA.  My sources are saying that the reason pickup letters have not gone out yet is because the show has not yet been picked up for another season.  This is not normal.  I do not think it means that we have seen the last of RHOA,  despite the lower ratings this season, the viewership is high enough to pick up another season.  I mean Vanderpump Rules has been picked up and their ratings were not close to RHOA’s ratings even at RHOA’s lowest point.  I believe the hold up is related to production. With Carlos King leaving, whatever the real circumstances are,  there are going to be a lot of changes to production. They may even be considering another production company all together.  There were a lot of audio problems with the reunion, Bravo may decide to make a fresh start.

So, they can’t send out the pickup letters until all of that is resolved.  However, NBCu Cable Upfronts are this week. The parties start tonight and the days are jam packed until Thursday.  Thursday afternoon at 4 p.m. is when the NBCu Cable Upfronts will happen.  I assume they will announce the RHOA being picked up then.  Three RHOA will be in attendance, Kenya,  Kandi, and Nene.  It seems those are the only three invited to upfronts.  This means  Phaedra, Claudia, and Cynthia are… not secure in their spots. It’s clear Bravo wants to shake the show up much like they did RHONY a few seasons ago (and we all saw how well that turned out.) Continue reading


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Millionaire Dollar Listing NY Double Recap

mdlny luis


Fredrik’s Time Warner property is not getting any traction at $35 million. When he talks to the owner she wants to raise the price to $42.  Fredrik wants to lower the price. The owner is a nut job.

The owner sent a letter to the office firing Fredrik in a not very nice way. Fredrik’s million dollar plus commission is gone. Fredrik was so proud of himself for getting a listing in that building and for that huge amount. He is heartbroken that the listing was taken away.  Then Derek tells him he is ready to have a baby. And nothing else matters. It was a very sweet scene, even with the staged babies in the park stuff.


Luis is listing a Harlem home owned by the same people he sold a vacation home to in Puerto Rico last year. Harlem has really taken off. I watched Wendy Williams interview Neil Patrick Harris’ husband and he said they lived there. The apartment is stunning.

Luis is going to have block party in the lovely garden and invite all the neighbors so that his open house attendees can’t get a feel for the neighborhood. I would love to crash this party. The food looks amazing. He gets two decent offers. One for $3mil and one for $3.1mil but the buyers will not come off their $3.5 position.

On the next show, Luis manages to find a client who puts in an off of $3.51! They bid over the asking to make sure they got it! Oh no!  The deal has been accepted by the financing is not going through for the buyer.  Luis decides to drop the listing because it’s causing friction with his friends and it is overpriced.

Luis has a date with a very pretty girl. Luis has commitment problems. I still don’t know why he is not with his little brunette assistant. Anyway, the date was very sad and short. Luis basically sends the girl packing before she even gets to drink her wine. Luis has trouble with relationships. He says in his talking head that he is still beating himself up for not getting the $3.5 million for his friends the Jones. But I think it is more than that. Or else Luis has a girlfriend and this is all bullshit. I hope it is the latter. Continue reading


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Daisy Lewellyn To Appear on Steve Harvey With Health Update

Daisy appeared with Kenya Moore on WWHL

Daisy appeared with Kenya Moore on WWHL

Daisy Lewellyn will be on Steve Harvey tomorrow to give and exclusive update on her health. The last time she was on Steve Harvey she was fighting cancer and Steve had no idea!

According to the PR materials sent to, “After suffering in silence for more than a year, viewers watched Daisy Lewellyn’s courageous story unfold this season on the hit Bravo reality series, “Blood, Sweat & Heels” (Sundays on Bravo). About 18 months ago, she was diagnosed with stage three bile duct cancer and underwent surgery, radiation and chemo. She describes 2014 as a very ‘up and down,’ unpredictable year, because she was never sure how she was going to feel on any given day. She lost her hair due to the chemo, but in seeing the bright side of things, she tells Steve Harvey that it gave her a good excuse to wear a lot of fun wigs!”

Click through to see the video sneak peek! Continue reading


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Blood Sweat & Heels Recap: Forced Family Fun

Blood Sweat Heels

I have missed the last episode of Blood, Sweat & Heels because Andy Cohen insists on tacking WWHL to the end of things while kicks this show out of my DVR line up. This week I caught on and was able to tape a repeat.

Mica and Demetria are meeting up for a Bravo lunch. In his case I think it is one of those lunches where both parties are expecting an apology from the other and not willing to give one.

At the aptly named Crabby Shack, the two finally sit down for some crab rolls and conversation. Mica asks Demetria why she doesn’t like her. Demetria says that last season she was very loud and drunk.  Both parties feel like the other has been attacking them. No one apologized but they sort of agreed to disagree. They end with a selfie to document their détente, as is the custom. Continue reading


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Southern Charm: Whitney Shows His Lack of Upbringing

Southern Charm Cast


We are back with Craig getting fake fired from his fake job.  I really don’t care about Craig. He’s from Delaware for fucksake. Who the hell lives in Delaware?  Anyway, Craig is almost concerned that he just lost a six figure imaginary job. What will he do? I’m guessing party.

Landon and Shep go to a flea market.  Landon wants to open a vintage shop. I would die to go to a Charleston flea market. Why haven’t I done that before?  Oh yeah, mornings. Oh Landon wants to take everyone to Jekyll Island. DAMN you Landon. No cameras on Jekyll!  Can’t you just take them to SSI or Sea?

Meanwhile, Kathryn and Danni sit outside by the pool at the downtown house.  God I love these houses. Kathryn says that she is not happy with her life and ready to make a change.  I think I could put up with (ignore)  that Ravenel creature for her life. We get a montage of all of his assholery. Kathryn says she is sick of putting up with him. He thinks she won’t leave him but she will. He needs to be a partner or she needs to go her own way.

Whitney calls Craig and Craig says he didn’t get fired, they just mutually decided to part ways.  Craig is drinking glass from a tumbler and about to watch some Lifetime movies. All that is missing is the pint of Ciao Bella Pistachio sorbet. Not that I have any experience in the area.

Oh! Whitney’s beard girlfriend is in town. Patti tells the butler to prepare some cocktails as the cocktail hour is nigh. She will have her usual and the girls will have rosé.  Whitney and Larissa  get together on a park bench on the battery. Whitney wants Larissa to move in with him.  She hesitates. This may be taking the whole “double blind beard” thing too far.  Patti is trying to get Larissa to move to Charleston.  Which is silly fake storyline because Whitney lives in LA. I do recall telling you guys you did not want me to recap this show. It’s all such a farse. But,  I do it for you!  /heavy sigh.  And the scenery. And Shep. And Cameran who I have loved since her Real World days. Continue reading


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