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Ladies of London Recap: Are We Fired?

Ladies of London Juliet and Julie


I can hardly wait to go bowling with our national treasure Juliet on tonight’s Ladies of London.  I swear this show coming on right after Real Housewives of Orange County is just too much. Juilet wants to have a bowling party with burgers, drinks and wigs. Because, Juliet.

Marissa meets Annabelle for a chat. Annabelle gives Marissa some feedback on the ballcaps she wants to sell in her hot dog shop. And then they talk about Juliet’s habit of tossing aside all of her friends to placate Caroline.

Caroline S. is preparing to pare down her business substantially. She is still pretending there is going to be a next year. There is a big board meeting about to happen. After the meeting Caroline and one of her advisors get into the car and it’s clear the meeting was a disaster.  He assistant calls to ask, “Are We Fired?” And the answer is a resounding yes.  Caroline would like to be concerned about this but Michael Sams and his boyfriend Vito are about to arrive for a stay at her house so she simply must take them out. In case you are not a football fan, Michael Sams  is the first NFL player to come out as gay while still playing for the major leagues. She eventually takes them on a Duck Tour. That looked like fun.

Annabelle is still working on her children’s book. She has signed a deal. I love the illustrations that the graffiti artist did for her. And we have the requisite Alexander McQueen montage for no reason at all. Continue reading


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Blind Item: A Very Bitter Bravo Breakup

Blind item psst

We seen some pretty bitter breakups on Bravo when a bravolebrity gets pushed out the door rather unceremoniously. This woman takes the cake though. After appearing on the network for multiple seasons, she ready to start airing her dirty laundry and her bitter feelings about multiple people. Let’s call her Bitter Betty.

Her first target is a another bravolebrity who has also, “moved on to explore other options”  with a long history on the network and a big fan following.  Bitter Betty seems very pissed that she was passed over for a minor job that this person got. While the person who got the three or four episode stint is woefully unqualified for the position, Bitter Betty is even less qualified if that is even possible. Bitter Betty says of this bravolebrity, ” I don’t know how she gets designer clothes in her size. Do designers even make clothes in her size?”  STING! Continue reading


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Ladies of London Recap: Clean Up Your Mess!

Ladies of London Season 2


So it’s time for Ladies of London. Let’s do this!

Juliet tries to suck up to Caroline S. Caroline S. is pissed.  Caroline S. is going bankrupt. So whatever.

Marissa and Matt go to a restaurant. Everything is great with them blah blah blah. Dead animals. My husband is great and out life is spectacular.  I don’t quite care at the moment. Their life is bliss. She has the best husband in the world, beautiful kids and if her hot dog place fails. Oh the horrors.

Annabelle and Julie rehash shit from the last episode.  I just want to get to the humiliation of the Beador children

I’m not sure what Fleming is doing. Getting rid of her dogs because they hamper her life? Going to therapy where she never lets the therapist talk? Chatting about her boytoy? Who cares? It seems like another Bravo storyline. I love how she ends the session where she listened to nothing with “We’re done!” I’d love to try that on my therapist that I can’t afford to see anymore, because OBAMA. And now I won’t be able to afford Obama healthcare because my ad agency doesn’t want to  pay me at all for three and a half months. Continue reading


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Captain Lee Foreshadows Departure of Three More Below Deck Cast Members

Below Deck  pic

Captain Lee reams quite a few people out in his Below Deck blog this week. But three of them seem to be on the brink of getting that one way plane ticket. The captain seems to think Kate is just the greatest thing, which I think skews his opinion of some of the rest of the crew. Let’s look at what he says about  Rocky, Dane and Leon.

Captain Lee’s thought on Rocky…

Rocky, it’s a crew meal. It’s what you wanted. How tough is that? You had plenty of notice, and you’re supposed to be a chef. I’m not buying that crap that it’s been so long since you have been in the kitchen, you forgot. Bullshit! Any first year culinary student can bake chicken so that it’s done and not raw (and over two hours late). It’s not that tough. I get it, you were trying to impress people, but doing your job correctly would be impressive at this point. (um, cooking is not her job. Apparently, ironing your shorts is. She may suck at ironing too, but she sings well!) Now, the situation with you and Emile is one of your own creation, similar to Frankestein. This is what you made, and now you don’t want to deal with it. So you’re going to try to deal with it by leaving him a note? A sit down, face-to-face, serious conversation would be more in order. Not on the fly, in passing, but a sit down conversation. If it gets to the point where it is affecting the boat performance overall, I will get involved and deal with it in my own fashion. Oh, and I still want to know what you see on the ceiling that the rest of us don’t.

I agree that the Emile thing is ridiculous. The captain reams out Emile as well but I think Rocky will be tossed overboard before Emile’s issues reach critical mass. Once Rocky is gone, Emile will get his head back in the game. Anyone know what that ceiling reference is all about? Continue reading


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Which RHOOC Said She’d Rather Clean Toilets Than Go to Dinner With Meghan?

Photo: @GoRyanGo on Twitter

Photo: @GoRyanGo on Twitter

One Real Housewife of Orange County recently told people she’d rather clean toilets than have dinner with Meghan Edmonds. AND IT’S NOT VICKI!

Guess who? Click though to see if you’re right. Continue reading


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Andy Cohen Says The Most Horrible Things in 52 Seconds

Chop by SurvivorSucks Chopper UNC!

Chop by SurvivorSucks Chopper UNC!


Click through for the video. Continue reading


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