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Nene Leakes Interviews Andy Cohen

And she actually asks some interesting questions.  Is she trying to get on Fashion Queens or something similar?  What’s up with this?

UPDATE! Just saw a commercial for this episode of WWHL and ANDY BRINGS UP THE INCIDENT AT THE REUNION!  Hopefully he lets the Porsha freaks understand she is no longer employed so I can stop getting hate tweets and such. :)

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Exclusive: Porsha Williams Fired From Real Housewives of Atlanta!

Kenya Talking Head 2014

Finally hearing  from sources about the melee at the Real Housewives Reunion yesterday. Before I tell you what I heard, let me tell you a few things about sources. My sources and other Atlanta bloggers sources are most likely not the same people. I don’t know for sure because I don’t reveal mine and they don’t reveal theirs.  So today you will probably hear more than one version of what went down.  Remember after Pajama Brawl 2013 none of people who were there, and who participated, told the same version of what happened. I say all this so you can save your breath when someone else with a good source comes out and says something different.  Remember none of the sources are supposed to be talking and they don’t spill the whole story all the time. More importantly, just like us, the person doing the telling is biased toward one housewife or the other.

So this is what my exclusive source is saying, which isn’t a whole lot. Frankly, I want to hear the play-by-play but my relationship to sources is a delicate balance of getting as much as I can for you guys without pissing off any sources by pestering them for information. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Luaus and Lies


Gif by T Kyle realtytvgifs

Welp, Boys and Squirrels,  I have some bad news about tonight’s episode. I completely fast forwarded through the whole first look.  It was all Brandi and Carlton pole dancing and leering at each other.  I’m just so not interested in hearing Carlton talk about how much she loves female bodies. We get it. We got it three episodes ago. These two need to either film some scenes “eating at the Y”  or STFU.  Seriously.  So my expectation for tonight’s show is very low. I just hope Joyce tosses her hair around a lot tonight because it seems to infuriate the haters.

Oh I forgot about the embarrassing waxing scene with the Richards family. I am upset I have been reminded of this again. Moving on.

Kim is throwing graduation party for Kimberly. It was supposed to be at Kathy’s and be outdoors with a Coachella theme, and the Kathy decided to go and visit the Queen of England instead. Or something similar to that.  So Kimberly is scrambling to throw a luau at her place.  Carlton and Brandi get burgers from a food truck and sit on Kim’s steps to chow down.  Kyle and Mauricio arrive to that situation and in her talking head Kyle calls it a Fat Burger. I suppose it could have been a Fat Burger truck, I was not paying attention. It probably was since Kim’s eldest daughter is marrying into the family that owns Fat Burger.  
Why don’t we ever see Brooke on this show? Continue reading


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Brandi Glanville Loses An Appearance Gig Over Reckless Comments

Gif by RealityTVGIFs a GIF blog by T. Kyle MacMahon | The best source for animated Real Housewives GIFs, Reaction GIFs, RHOA GIFs, RHOBH GIFs, and all other Reality TV GIFs!

Gif by RealityTVGIFs a GIF blog by T. Kyle MacMahon | The best source for animated Real Housewives GIFs, Reaction GIFs, RHOA GIFs, RHOBH GIFs, and all other Reality TV GIFs!

Well, Brenda’s reckless mouth has caused her to take a hit in the pocket book (maybe).  Brandi was supposed to host a party at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Tampa last Saturday. However, after her  comment  about black people and swimming, the Hard Rock cancelled her appearance.  Seriously?  Did these people not know who Brenda was when they hired her? She is always saying something stupid.  Her whole RHOBH persona is saying and doing stupid shit. Mentioning that black people don’t like to get their hair wet is so far down the list of her stupidest moments  as to be laughable. If you are looking for someone with integrity to host an event, you should not be fishing in the Bravolebrity pond.

Click through for the official PR.

Continue reading


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Brandi Glanville Is Already Attempting Damage Control in Recent Bravo Blog

RHOBHBrandi2Brandi Glanville’s Bravo blog has some interesting things in it this week. She begins by talking about her parents and how during the first part of filming she had not been on speaking terms with her Dad.  That whole part of the blog seems to be an excuse for some of her upcoming behavior (i.e. falling down drunkenness). It’s all because she was depressed over a fight with her dad you see. We know that Joyce suggests Brandi has a drinking problem during this season and that causes pretty much the same type of rift as she had with Kim when she said that Kim needed rehab.  Full circle. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Miami Reunion Part 2 Recap


We are back where we left off on Tuesday with Lisa pissed off and hiking up her fake boobies to prepare for round two with Joanna. Lisa is mad that Joanna’s make-up artist called her all kinds of names, including whore.  Joanna seems to be implying that the reason Lisa can’t get pregnant is because she “parties too much.” So I was thinking drinking. But Lisa herself seems to defending herself against something more serious, yet unspoken. Interesting.

Lisa and Joanna apparently spoke on the phone the night before the reunion and promised each other not to hit below the belt. In other words, don’t go there. Alexia points out how ridiculous it is to call each other and get your stories straight before the reunion. Then Lisa pops out with, “What happened to that necklace that Romain bought you last season?” Joanna says she traded it in for a smaller diamond. (huh? who does that?) Lisa says it’s B.S. that it was a loaner for the show. Lisa has taken issue in the past with all of Lea’s loaners saying that Lenny has actually bought all of hers.

Lisa says she has heard that Joanna is a hooker. Andy says from who? I respond to Andy, “Um, the entire Internet? Including places that rate such services.” Joanna says she would love to meet whoever said that and Lisa says, “Oh you have met her, you are friends with her!” BOOM!  Adrianna pipes up to say that she had received a call from a Polish reporter… Joanna interjects, “Marta! Yes I know I am suing her right now!”….Adrianna continues that you (Joanna)  had been on several websites (I assume she is referring to porn sites) and that Joanna is an escort and a fraud in every way. The reporter says that Joanna’s home in L.A. is not owned by her but by a corporation. These houses and their homes owned by corporations. Continue reading


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WWHL With Brandi Glanville and Mark Consuelos

WWHLOkay, Let’s just see if Brandi hits on Mark Consuelos. Because excuse me Kelly Ripa, I TOTALLY WOULD. *pause* ANDY NEEDS A NEW HAIR STYLIST DESPERATELY. Wait  right here while I tell him. Sorry I am back. Someone needs a fag hag. JUST SAYING.

Brandi’s boobs are hanging out, and she has molested Andy’s dad many times in appropriately. He seems to be encouraging that. BUT he apologized to the Canookians for not calling them immigrants. Dear God. This is why the rest of the world thinks we are morons. Hang on, let me tweet him again. I still don’t think he gets what he did wrong. WHITE PEOPLE are not immigrants?  Come on Andrew. Continue reading


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HOT Miami Tea: New Show and Major RHOM Reunion Drama

untitled (3)

Okay, I woke up this afternoon morning to all sorts of Miami drama.  Where to begin? Well first of all, it’s not news to anyone that I am one of the half-dozen or so total viewers of Real Housewives of Miami. Their ratings suck. In fact pretty much every reality show they shoot in Miami gets lousy ratings. Big Ang’s new VH1 show, Miami Monkey has been tanking in the ratings.  I don’t understand this. It’s such a beautiful city.  The housewives in my opinion are a second only to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  But alas, no one agrees with me. But that is not stopping Bravo from trying to turn the beat around in Miami.   There is one more Bravo show coming and maybe this is one we can all agree on? Continue reading


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What Would YOUR Housewife Tagline Be?

favhouse1ZenJen suggested this topic and it sounded like it might be fun as a little game during intermission between posts.


I’m older than you, I’m smarter than you and my lawyer is better than yours. Don’t try me.


P.S. While choosing a graphic I found this one. Choose your favorite housewife, note the number and click through for your horoscope. It’s from a great site called ButYoureLikeReallyPretty.Com Continue reading


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Andy Cohen’s Interview With Teresa and Joe Giudice

The Real Housewives of Beverly HIlls - Season 3Andy begins by asking, “What has the last month been like for you?” Teresa says she is not happy about it. She’s sad. It feels like a dream. She has to be strong for her husband and her children. Joe says they were surprised by the charges. Teresa says she is not crawling under a rock and hiding. When we go to court everyone will see who and Joe and I really are.  Joe says they are not guilty.

Teresa said her castmates have all been supportive. Teresa says Gia knows there is something going on.  Gia doesn’t ask her any questions according to Teresa. It doesn’t sound like Teresa really tells Gia much. I have a feeling she is googling it. If she is, this is a very detailed yet easy to follow breakdown, if I do say so myself. Continue reading


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Andy Cohen Talks Teresa and Joe, Sean Avery, Housewives News on Wendy Williams


Andy Cohen was on Wendy Williams this morning  to promote the upcoming interview with Teresa and Joe Giudice.  Andy said, “As you see it’s no holds barred we really went there, and it’s interesting to hear. They are at a very serious point right now. ”  “They seem to be facing it with strength together.” Andy says  It’s interesting to him that Teresa maintains such a strong exterior. He asks her when does she allow herself to be scared and if she allows herself that. And do they think they are going to beat the charges. Continue reading


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WWHL With Danielle Staub Recap

WWHLandyTime to see what evil misogyny and humiliation Andrew has in store for us via the mouth of Danielle Staub. But first, WHAT THE FUCK HAS HE DONE TO HIS HAIR? Is his new husband of the Kayne West ilk that gives their partner a makeover? He’s been such a mess lately! Oh Lord, this is an AWFUL NIGHT for Andy’s mother to bartend! They must have had a cancellation at the last minute when someone went to jail. :) Also, Andy and Anderson usually go to the DVF Fashion Show together and he took his mother…interesting.

Why is Andy already acting like he is going easy on her? What is the point of this if not complete annihilation of Teresa?

Danielle says she was never friends with Danny, she was friends with his wife and he threatened someone (sounded like she was trying to say production) in order to film. She says it wasn’t a good look for her.  Andy is in dangerous unchartered waters without a life vest already. Danielle says she doesn’t hang out with people like that.

Then he plays her lesbian serenade on a previous club house visit. And the shade begins. Continue reading


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