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WWHL With Kristen Doute and Some Lesser Mortals…

WWHL Kristen


Andy Cohen annoys the hell out of me by constantly changing his mind about what time he wants to do is live show. Tonight it’s a ten. Why? Did Kristen or Katie Maloney or Bobby Moynihan have better things to do at 11? Does he have a Grindr date at midnight on the night before Teresa’s interview? Or maybe he needs to get to bed early to be refreshed for his interview with Tre tomorrow at the regular 11 p.m. slot? What? Why do I try to find logic when it comes to Andy? OH WAIT! I BET HE IS GETTING UP EARLY TO WATCH GMA! That has to be it.

Oh and last night, a source LIVE FROM THE SCENE! :) reported that someone had ODed at PUMP. So I go to check all the Pumpkids TLs to check and see if any of them were around and knew what was happening. Amazingly, pretty much all of them were out of town or just returning from hosting events. But the interesting thing is that Katie Mahoney has me blocked on Twitter. Was it something I said? Seriously, I don’t remember ever saying bad things about her. Maybe back in the orange hair days. /shrugs  Scheana doesn’t have me blocked and we talk about her like a dog here. Ariana also has me blocked. I can sort of see that, as I am a huge Kristen fan.  But I should point out that I don’t follow most of the Vanderpump folks and the only one I’ve ever included on a tweet is Kristen, because, LOVE.  They have had to come here to read the site and then block me from tweeting them. Something I have never done. Weird. Yet validating that they all do show up here. Hey y’all!  Anyway, I never got any further deets on whatever the hullabaloo was at PUMP! last night. I assume everyone is okay.
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WWHL With Jax Taylor and Tom Schwartz

WWHL Jax Schwartz
For some reason the rumors about Andy Cohen and Jax Taylor blew up last night and my inbox was busy this morning. Many felt the nude shower scene of Jax last night on Vanderpump Rul was shot specifically at Andy’s request. That certainly should surprise no one. The casting couch rumors regarding Vanderpump Rules have been around since the shows inception. Even if true, I don’t think there is any reluctance on the part of the male cast. #Shrugs #ConsentingAdults.

The drinking word is an audio from Queen Kristen saying “suck a dick” let’s hope it gets played a lot. Even though my liver is still on vacay so I can’t participate. :(

Jax loves his latest nose.  But Andy and Schwatz like his original nose best.

They play a bit of the new Bravo show Apres Ski which I hope to recap later in the week if time allows. So far, I haven’t heard great things.

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WWHL With Iyanla Vanzant and Amber Rose

WWHL Iyanla Vanzant and Amber Rose

I know y’all wanted me to recap this show but I’m not sure why y’all think it will be such a big deal. Do you think Iyanla will try to fix Amber Rose’s life? I long, long time ago when Iyanla first started to appear on Oprah I thought she was wise and added her book, In The Meantime to my already extensive self-help book section of my library. I still think that is a fantastic name for a book about dealing with those times in life that seem to be, well, “mean.”  Now that I’m a lot older and a bit wiser, I’m not that jazzed by Iyanla anymore.  Just got the picture above up. Is Amber going to wear shades the whole interview? I think that would be a first.


Okay let’s do this! Wait! Did Iyanla just say she was a criminal defense attorney. Iyanla basically says (the truth) that Teresa doesn’t have it that hard at Camp Cupcake. Continue reading


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WWHL With Jill Zarin and Rebecca Romijn

WWHL Jill Zarin

Andy Cohen does himself no favors by changing the time of his show every other day. Especially on #TGIT! But I’ve put off HTGAWM because I desperately need a new and interesting post tonight and I’m counting on Jill Zarin to be ridiculous. Didn’t she just get in a car accident?

First of all, Jill looks AHH-MAZING. Seriously, this is the best I’ve ever seen her and she is really beautiful tonight. Andy of course starts by playing all the trash that Bethenny talked about her on the 100th episode of RHONY version of WWHL.

Jill says that she feels really bad that Bethenny feels the was she does about her. She did not have any intentions of doing anything to sabotage Bethenny. It hurts that Bethenny still seems angry. Jill says she misses Bethenny and wants to rekindle the friendship. Jesus, Jill, I am not missing out on HTGAWM for you to take the damn high road. Get in the mud! Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live With Shannon Beador and Gretchen Rossi

As many selfies as people take, when will they learn to turn the camera sideway for group shots?

Sorry to for the delay. I am still working with ad reps to bring you even more ads (sorry) and the spam folder keeps randomly filling up again and I am trying to get content up and dealing with a family crisis that may end up pulling me away for the day or longer. We shall see. I am going to try to get this up while I am waiting for a response from the ad folks. Bless their hearts. I know they are just as frustrated with me. Anyway.

Side note: As rich as Shannon is, it pains me that she doesn’t seem to be a jewelry person. I’d love to see what she is into but basically it doesn’t seem to appeal to her.

It sounds like production tested Gretchen to come back for at least an appearance this season because Shannon lets the cat out of the bag that Gretchen was at her charity event at the beginning of the season.  The bartender is a RHOBH producer there to plug a book. I say give her a chair, I’d love to ask her some questions!

Andy asks the most offensive questions. When introducing his guest, Gretchen, first compliments her on her hair, and then asks her what percentage of it is actually hers?  Who does that?

So they show a clip of next week. Tamra is telling Shannon and Meghan that she met with Brooks and Vicki and he showed her his most recent PET/CT scan.  Then we see a talking head of Meghan saying she called the place Brooks had the scan and they stopped doing them in 2008. Then we see a clip of Shannon going, “oh wow.”  The editing is ridiculous. How does Meghan know where Brooks got his scan? She didn’t see the report Tamra did. Why is no one asking about this? Continue reading


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Guess Who Crashed the WWHL After Party Last Week?

BRavo Group NYC


Remember when Vicki was on WWHL with Jeff Lewis and Tamra was in the audience?  I remember when Vicki was asked about Nene she gave a positive response that seemed sort of strained to me. Now I know why.

When WWHL guests are put up in NYC the often stay at the Gansevoort in the meatpacking district. For some reason, Nene stopped through NYC on her way back from her clothing line show being aired in Canada. So when the gang all went out before (and perhaps after) the show, Nene showed up for a bit!

The black guy in the middle is a former model who lives in NYC. He seems to spend a lot of time taking instagram photos (MsVictoriaHilton2) at all the celebrity hotspots.  His Instagram is full of shots with celebrities that seem very fanboy. I could be wrong. Maybe all y’all know who he is.  To me he looks like a coat tail rider.

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