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WWHL With Nene Leakes and Vivica Fox

Before we even begin I am confident of two things.  1) Nene is pissed that Vivica is on the show. (2) There will be Kenya Moore bashing.  Now I finally have a moment to check out Nene’s new face!

Andy starts right in at the introduction bringing up the time Sheree told Nene to “Fix that Face” ! Let the shade begin. I have a terrible memory, so I am probably wrong but wasn’t it Nene who said that to Sheree and Sheree told Nene to “Fix that Body!” ! That would make more sense anyway.

I blame my poor facial recognition skills for not seeing much difference in Nene’s face. I will say I am thrilled with her hair. I really need for hair to be symmetrical unless you are under 25 and club hopping or a lesbian. Otherwise, none of this ones side short and the other side long nonsense. At the very least you need hair on both sides of your head.

Nene says she talked to Cynthia this morning. They are back thick as thieves. Peter came to Nene’s “comedy show” in Charlotte, Nene says that she is still friends with Peter and texted him just yesterday and he is doing good.  Cynthia an Peter are the only ones who made it to Charlotte for her show.

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What is Andy Cohen Looking For in a Partner?


Andy and Wacha Enjoy the Hamptoms
Because Andy doesn’t get nearly as enough time to talk about himself on WWHL, his radio show, his tours with Anderson Cooper, his weekly “Ask Andy” online segments, His Then & Now shows, his Snap hat, Instagram, Twitter, constant periscoping or the aftershows,  he is now getting his WWHL guests to interview him from time to time.

The interesting thing about this brief segment with Lisa is not about his desire to be swept off his feet, because I don’t see that happening. I firmly believe that you could remove Andy’s date for any event or dinner and swap them out with someone completely different and he would never notice the difference.

What is interesting to me is the fact he is still renovating his apartment. I actually have a source who is very familiar with his building who told me a couple of years ago at least that Andy had purchased the apartment next door to his and was going to open it up to be one large apartment.

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Andy Cohen’s Latest Boytoy Causes Internet Stir!


Andy and Clifton

Andy and Clifton


Gay Media is all abuzz over a guy named Clifton who has been on a few vacations with Andy Cohen. Yesterday, Queerty went so far as to say that Andy Cohen is “off the market.”  Pish Tosh! Clifton was a bartender on WWHL which is probably not where they met. He was most likely a bartender because they had already met he wanted to be on the show.  That was the first public sighting of the two together and according to Queerty, that happened sometime last summer.  Clifton is a 28 year old doctoral student and a Fellow in Environmental Science and Engineering at Harvard. That makes him almost 20 years younger than Andy for those doing the math.

Click through for more details and photos.

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WWHL With Some RHOA THOTs Talking About Kenya Moore

This will be the Nida boys Easter Memory from 2016

This will be the Nida boys Easter Memory from 2016


I can’t with this. Game One is about… GUESS WHO? Kenya Moore. They play Hot Potitty with Tamra’s boob implant. Nothing pisses of Andy more than not being careful with Tamra’s boob implant.  Porsha throws it at Andy once. He tells her very sternly not to throw the titty. She  does it a second time. He screams at her. She does it a third time and I thought he might lose his mind.  The point of the game was to say something nice about Kenya. They all failed.

Game Two involves two CGIed versions of Chateau Sheree and Moore Manor. They ask the THOTS who they would date. If they say they would date him he goes to Sheree’s house if they would not they send him to ….GUESS WHO? Kenya Moore.  Oh please like all these whores would turn down anyone, even Bobby Brown.  The game bombs because they don’t know who half the people are. Because they are idiots.

Sheree says that she and Bob are in a good place.  Phaedra says her divorce is in progress. I predict it will be in progress longer than Chateau Sheree. By the way, my sources tell me there is real fence around the Chateau these days and they are trying to figure out how to landscape with all the drainage issues. So some exterior progress has happened. No news on the mold situation.

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WWHL With Phaedra Parks and Ta’Rhonda Jones : Phaedra Claims She Has Filed For Divorce and Taken The Boys To Visit Apollo!

WWHL with Phaedra and Ta'Rhonda Jones

I am not sure I can endure another half an hour of Phaedra Parks tonight. But I am dying to know if Andy has anything to say other about the accusations and attempted outing of Kim’s husband on tonight’s RHOA. I am sure he will either ignore it or blame it entirely on Kenya as his beloved Nene was a big part in the whole nasty storyline. I can’t imagine feeling like mocking someone for what you perceive to be their sexual orientation on camera is okay at all.  But even more horrifying is the fact that the large majority of guys holding the cameras are gay, the show runner is gay and the executive producer who hired you is gay.  Even if gay shaming is one’s thing, I’d think one would be embarrassed enough not to show that side of oneself to the world so gleefully.  But I would be wrong.

I forgot to mention in my very lengthy recap that on the beach during one of Kenya and Matt’s conversations he said to Kenya, “your titties look nice!” and so that is the drinking phase that Andy will play throughout the show tonight. Speaking of nice titties, Phaedra’s are nice tonight as well. Did she get ANOTHER lift and reduction? Because they look a lot smaller than what she was exposing on RHOA this evening.

Andy starts off being shady toward Kenya already asking Phaedra about her remarks on Dish Nation that Kenya was pregnant. Then he does his shady boot moment of the night and it is Kenya and Nene’s conversation about Chris being gay and Porsha’s talking head where she can’t keep a straight face while saying she never got a gay vibe from Chris.

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WWHL With Kristen Doute and Some Lesser Mortals…

WWHL Kristen


Andy Cohen annoys the hell out of me by constantly changing his mind about what time he wants to do is live show. Tonight it’s a ten. Why? Did Kristen or Katie Maloney or Bobby Moynihan have better things to do at 11? Does he have a Grindr date at midnight on the night before Teresa’s interview? Or maybe he needs to get to bed early to be refreshed for his interview with Tre tomorrow at the regular 11 p.m. slot? What? Why do I try to find logic when it comes to Andy? OH WAIT! I BET HE IS GETTING UP EARLY TO WATCH GMA! That has to be it.

Oh and last night, a source LIVE FROM THE SCENE! :) reported that someone had ODed at PUMP. So I go to check all the Pumpkids TLs to check and see if any of them were around and knew what was happening. Amazingly, pretty much all of them were out of town or just returning from hosting events. But the interesting thing is that Katie Mahoney has me blocked on Twitter. Was it something I said? Seriously, I don’t remember ever saying bad things about her. Maybe back in the orange hair days. /shrugs  Scheana doesn’t have me blocked and we talk about her like a dog here. Ariana also has me blocked. I can sort of see that, as I am a huge Kristen fan.  But I should point out that I don’t follow most of the Vanderpump folks and the only one I’ve ever included on a tweet is Kristen, because, LOVE.  They have had to come here to read the site and then block me from tweeting them. Something I have never done. Weird. Yet validating that they all do show up here. Hey y’all!  Anyway, I never got any further deets on whatever the hullabaloo was at PUMP! last night. I assume everyone is okay.
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