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Watch What Happens Live! With Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri

WWHL Kathy and Rosie


First of all, Andy tweeted tonight that we should be patient for Teresa’s WWHL appearance, so hopefully everyone has cooled down.  With Rosie on, there is always the possibility she will say something inappropriate!  As usual, I will ignore most everything the non-Bravolebrity has to say because no one cares.

First off, they discuss the ceramic shoe wine bottle holder gift that Nicole got for Christmas. No Bueno. OH, I just realized this person is not from Game of Thrones, but from that pageant show on Bravo, Game of Crowns that I have already forgotten about. Now I have my 9-10 time slot on Sunday to watch Unforgettable on CBS and Reckless right after at 10. Even though I DVR them to watch whenever I can after I recap Big Brother.  Anyway. I don’t care about her either.

Also, Andy has begun to implement the whole, “first timers to the show get the first chair” rule. I think this is utterly ridiculous and he just started it because we were all on to the original seating method of who is the biggest deal to Bravo, or whoever likes best. That will still be in effect on nights with no virgins. Continue reading

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WWHL With….Nene Leakes? This Feels Like A Bad Omen

WWHL Andy and Jeff

Last night was one of those Big Brother challenges that do not have a winner when the episode ends. I think someone in the house referred to it as mental endurance. So I was engrossed in a wine fueled evening of  watching the live feeds with the TV on mute. Unfortunately my TV was showing WWHL and I glanced over and noticed, Nene. I am sick to my stomach at the thought of watching this, but I have to know WTF is going on.

Is Andy drinking rosé ?He’s already a pussy. He’s so damned happy! Ugh. Andy and Jeff play the crotch game and he mentions Scott Baio. That is interesting because Scott has become a Jesus Warrior or something and was very offended and pretty much refused to play. This has made Scott Baio Andy’s least favorite guest. Then he says that Nene has been on the show the most. Is that true? A Nene montage of noses follows.  Andy says that Nene has been on a grand total of 20 times and “he loves that lady so much.”  Oh god. He totally spazzes out like Elvis has arrived in the clubhouse to admit that he really isn’t dead. It’s unbearable. He professes his undying love. They double kiss. It’s over the top fangirl time for Andy. Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live with Tamra Judge

This picture does not give an accurate account of what Tamra's face looks like.

This picture does not give an accurate account of what Tamra’s face looks like.

Well, Tamra has some splainin’ to do after what we just saw on the Real Housewives of Orange County Tonight. Let’s she how she spins her awful behavior. Andy says in his opening that gossip is spreading through Orange County like chlamydia and a lot of people believe that Tamra is patient zero.  I could not have said it better myself.  Andy says Tamra is getting roasted on Twitter tonight. Also Tamra has done something to her face again and it looks really, really bad. She’s starting to look a lot like Adrienne Maloof.  Both guests are in hot pants. I have no idea who that other girl is in seat one. Tamra takes a jab at Andy during a game for putting her in the second seat.

Andy compliments Vicki for staying out of the fray and Heather scoffs and looks insulted. Next, Andy goes after the white eyeliner in the Talking Heads. Tamra says her regular make-up artist was unavailable that day. It was a two-hour interview and it is just being used a lot. Continue reading


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Game of Crowns Premiere, And Finale. Dear Gawd.


I’m not sure I am in for this whole Game of Crowns but we shall see. I’m going to give it one show and see what y’all think. I am emotionally wrought by the premiere of RHONJ so I hope it is funny and not tedious.

First of all, I’m a southern girl. I’ve done a couple of pageants because we all do down here. I appreciate the work and dedication that goes into Miss America and Miss USA pageants and affiliates. But by the time, you are Mrs. Anyone it’s time to put away pageant rivalry. I am much more against aging women pageants than kids pageants. Kids can get a boost of self-confidence by being in pageants if they don’t have overbearing parents telling them winning is everything. Kids learning to command a stage and speak in public at an early age is really beneficial as long as they are not being exploited.  Grown women with families on the other hand, the are just proving that they can’t move on and enjoy the next facet of life. It’s sad and I am six minutes in and already appalled that these women who are married with children are so egotistical and teaching their kids that winning a beauty contest is something to important. Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live with Heather Dubrow and Caroline Stanbury

WWHL heather and caroline

It’s interesting that Caroline gets first chair since she is a season one Bravolebrity. I did not notice Tamra’s bangs until Andy pointed them out but I like them. Caroline hates them. Heather said her daughter got bangs and she got hers cut to match and it was a sweet gestured. Caroline says, “It’s sweet if you’re 12.”  And we are off to the races already.

Andy promises that next week’s Real Housewives of Orange County episode will be epic beyond anything we have ever seen.

Caroline says she and Caprice are not really speaking. Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live Guest Listings!

Sorry, I just sort of love this pic.... ShadeByAndy

Sorry, I just sort of love this pic…. ShadeByAndy

Once again we have some really interesting pairings! John Legend and Taye Diggs?  Nicole Richie and Rachel Maddow?  I must say, these guests look pretty interesting!

JULY 2014

Monday, July 7, 2014 – HEATHER DUBROW and CAROLINE STANBURY Show 11109**

Tuesday, July 8, 2014 – NICOLE RICHIE and RACHEL MADDOW Show 11110**

Wednesday, July 9, 2014 – LEAH REMINI and STEVE GUTTENBERG Show 11111**

Thursday, July 10, 2014 – TAYE DIGGS and JOHN LEGEND Show 11112** Continue reading


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Andy Cohen’s Diminished Role At Bravo Becomes More Evident


Kim Biermann Handing in Andy’s Office

There was an interesting story in the NY Daily News today about the Bravo offices at 30 Rock moving from the 46th floor to the 14th floor to merge with the Oxygen offices. Sounds like a pretty boring story, right? Well it would be if it were not for what the sources had to say when pointing out that Andy’s office was downsized since he is no longer an executive at Bravo. The article quotes two sources that sound an awful lot like more source from Bravo. If you recall, my source for the post on Nene and Porsha’s limited contracts for the upcoming season made references to Andy tending to change his mind a lot. At first, Andy has decided not to have Nene or Porsha return at all and then he decided to phase them out rather than drop them completely, perhaps because of Nene’s porn circus storyline, and Porsha’s criminal trial spurring from the reunion.  So there were a few things that stuck me about todays, fairly mundane story about some offices relocating. Continue reading


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Bravo Real Estate Update!

Andy and Wacha Enjoy the Hamptoms

Andy and Wacha Enjoy the Hamptoms Photo: Twitter

I’ve got bits and pieces of real estate information I have been meaning to do something with for a while. I suppose the time has come. Let’s start with exclusive tea on Andy Cohen!

Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen seems very happy lately. Sure, Andy Cohen always seems happy but lately there have been a lot of interesting things going on in his life. He got a dog named Wacha and he sure is a proud parent. He’s going to the Hamptons. He is writing his next book; life is good.

Life is so good that Andy is moving on up in the real estate arena as well. Andy is in love with his  two-bedroom apartment in one of the Bing & Bing buildings in the West Village that he bought in 2003. He loves the neighborhood, and his apartment has great views.  So why would he move?  Well, he isn’t moving. What he is doing is buying an adjacent apartment and doubling the size of his current abode!  I guess those book deals are paying some major coin!  Congrats, Andy. This is the only real estate report of have with no shadiness involved. Click here for more info on Andy’s apartment! Continue reading


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Here is Nene Leakes’ Take on the NBCU Cable Upfronts

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

Ha! This new post on Nene’s blog is making me feel better about what lies ahead for Nene Leakes.  Someone doth protest to much.  She is smart! She has notified the paps when she will be exiting the hotel! She is rubbing shoulders with other super important people like the Fashion Queens and Kim Kardashian! She can say queen in her post unnecessarily multiple times!  This is getting more humorous by the hour! Click through for the ghost written, literate version of what she was trying to say! Continue reading


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Here is an Interesting Picture From Upfronts (UPDATED WITH MORE PICTURES!)

BRavo Upfronts


It’s very interesting that Nene is there. Perhaps due to her I Dream of Nene show? I had heard that was not going anywhere since she no longer had the Hollywood actress storyline. Is that Marysol Patton I see on the far left? Word on the curb is that Real Housewives of Miami was not picked up … So many things about this picture do not make sense.

What we can always count on is Nene acting like a ass.

Click through for more pictures as I find them.. Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live With Kenya Moore Recap

Photo Credit: Kenya Moore Twitter

Photo Credit: Kenya Moore Twitter

Wow! Andy starts off saying that social media seems to be taking Porsha’s side over the attack.  I told you guys, Andy is all about the social media opinion. He asks her if she is surprised. She says that it is sad that people would take the side of someone who attacked someone. She says that saying that Kenya made her do it or that Kenya deserved it is sad. I agree. Andy asks if Kenya was being a bully. Andy says something about the props, that he thought were so hysterical but now that people whined on twitter… I just can’t.

Kenya says there was a plan in place to attack her at the reunion, Andy counters saying the other side says she had a plan in place to attack Porsha with her bullhorn and scepter. Dear God, who is this man interviewing Kenya? His position changes every time the social media wind blows.

Kenya says that Porsha came at her with lies from the beginning and that Kenya was not expecting to have much of an issue with Porsha because her issues at that time were with Nene and Phaedra. Kenya says that Porsha has attacked her over her relationships for two seasons and to blame the attack on Kenya somehow bullying her is insane. Andy says that when Porsha was there last week he asked her if she felt she owed Kenya an apology. He plays the clip. Kenya says that Porsha is incapable of showing contrition and she is incapable of remorse. Continue reading


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WWHL Guest List for Upcoming Week


We all know that Kenya Moore is on with Andy for a one on one on Sunday.  I for one and REALLY looking forward to that interview. Just like Porsha and Nene’s interview, it will be packaged with RHOA to inflate the ratings and we won’t have to wait until 11 p.m. to watch it. I think the show was already filmed before all the Porsha videos hit the Internet trying to save the souls of sinful gay people. Pity. That would have been a good conversation starter.

Click through for the full week’s line-up! Continue reading


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