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Everything You Need To Know Before Tonight’s Big Brother 18 Live Eviction

BB18 Paulie crying



3:12 a.m BBT Cam 1/2  Paulie climbs in bed with Corey and seems to be grasping at straws. Then he says  his only hope is the return ticket, but even if he gets back in it will still be 3 against 5. Fish for just over a minute and cameras come back and Paulie is crying and Corey is hugging him.  Paulie says, ” People are gonna wish they didn’t screw with them cause people will wanna be with them outside the house. Fuckin’ Marksmen.” ( I guess he named him and Corey the Marksmen at some point) Paulie was super restless and eventually gets up around 3:30 a.m. to go to the bathroom. On the way back he pushes the button for the DR.  We see Corey sit up and look around and go back to sleep. around 4 am Skippy took the feeds off the Tokyo room and put it on the Have Not room.

 Paulie could have returned to the Tokyo room off camera. However, the reason people are so suspicious is that he was not seen this morning at all. And after they played the wake up music, the feeds have not returned. Usually on eviction days we get a couple hours at least after they wake up before the feeds are cut. So now there is rampant speculation. Didi Paulie self evict this morning because he is too chicken shit to meet Julie and go to the jury house? I’m pretty sure the crowd for this eviction is all CBS employees so that he won’t be traumatized by being booed.  What a pussy this guy is. Has anyone ever been too  to walk out the front door before? I don’t think so. \

Never mind, Paulie was just shown in the kitchen begging for votes. The new theory is that Paulie was probably naked on top of the covers and the cameras turned off the room.

By Lime Brain

I’m not doing a recap of last night’s show, instead, this is a recap of events that happened since I last posted to get you up to speed on what’s going on behind the scenes leading up to tonight’s eviction. So let’s get this started!

We left off with Paulie finally baking his pies. I don’t know when this happened (or why) but at one point Paulie was making them naked except for the apron he was wearing. Hopefully, TT can find the picture going around the internet with his butt cheeks hanging out. ( I did but I put it after the fold)  I really hope nobody is eating those pies between that and his constant ball scratching/adjusting and nose picking.

Paulie and Corey discussed James. Paulie thinks that James got the America’s Care Package because America knew that they were talking about back dooring James.  Paulie tells Corey that he can still trust James because he told James to work with them and he thinks James would nominate Victor and Paul if he becomes HoH. James later told Paul about it and then Paul told Victor about it.  Paul told Victor not to worry because Natalie has turned James against Corey.  They want to stay loyal to James and Nat to final five and then get rid of Michelle if they get the chance. (I don’t believe it.)

Michelle is upset that Paulie is telling people that she is willing to vote Natalie out if she goes up as a replacement nom.

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Big Brother 18 Update: I’m Like The Messiah!


BB18  Julie
Just a short Big Brother post to get you up to speed on tomorrow night’s eviction. As of this moment, Jozea still thinks he rules the house and tomorrow night will be a huge blindside. This almost never happens without the person getting evicted figuring things out, but the newbies are so stupid, we might have a shot at this.

Today, Victor, Jozea, Paul, Bronte and Natalie are all furious with James for a variety of stupid reason.  Victor got pissed at him first because James pranked Corey by putting crushed crackers in his bed. Corey just laughed and brushed them out. This caused them to land in Victor’s bed and sent Vic into an unnecessary rage. He exchanged words with James. Then later APPARENTLY  James told Natalie that Victor (who Natalie has a crush on) asked Nicole on a date. This info came from Bronte, who is an evil person playing a nasty game, so I’m not sure if this actually happened but she told Vic and Paul it did and started  a huge drama.

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Wondering Who the New HOH is on BB14? Here’s a Brief Recap

On last night’s Big Brother we had another great double eviction show. I sort of wish they did that every week. Frank and Joe both getting evicted was not a big shock. Hallelujah! Frank is finally gone. He left like a punk. He seemed to think that because he had devoted so much time to getting on the show that everyone should just let him win. His social game sucked. His only hope was to win all the challenges to keep himself safe. While he did a pretty good job of that, his domination of the challenges finally came to an end when he was outsmarted by Ian and his reverse induction strategy. The exciting part was Dan’s brief HOH where he nominated not only Ian (who he really wants out despite his bogus final two agreement) and Danielle.  I was shocked about the Dani nomination and she seemed to think she was going home. Ian and Jenn lost an opportunity to get rid of her there but both of them are currently playing Dan’s game.  Very late last night there was an HOH competition. Keep reading if you want the spoilers on the game and the outcome.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Update

A few people are asking for a live feed update from the Big Brother House. I was trying to avoid discussing it lest I jinx the current plan somehow, or get my hopes up too high, but if you keep reading, I’ll give you a short rundown of the latest activity behind the jump.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Recap: A Funeral, A Few Panic Attacks, And Some Bible Study

It always seems that the Big Brother Live Feeds are boring when you have the time to watch and when you get busy with life, some really insane stuff happens. That’s the way it has been this week.  In the last couple of days we’ve had an insane fast forward, a Pandora’s box, some big moves, a “funeral”, and perhaps the best hustle to get off the block in the history of Big Brother and all the while, Frank has been dressed like a carrot.  If you want some spoilers before tomorrow night’s show, click through for my attempt to explain the unexplainable.

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Is Big Brother 14’s Frank Eudy Faking the Funk?

Pictures of a much cleaner looking Frank are making the rounds on the Internet. Is it possible that the great unwashed carrot top houseguest is putting on an act in the house? With a famous father, even one who is estranged from him, is it possible that he really does have a good income from somewhere and all this nonsense about paying for his own braces in college is part of the character he developed? Bloggers that interviewed him before he entered the house noticed that he blinks a lot. That’s a sure tell of a liar. Is he pretending to be a douchebag that doesn’t bathe and farts all over people? Is that southern accent perhaps intensified a bit to make him seem less educated? If he just a little bit too “golly gee, I’m just a southern boy who ain’t real smart?” Will he will the half a million and turn out to be have more money and brains than any of the other players? Okay probably not. If this is all an act he needs an Oscar. He’s quite believable as a dirty beach bum with no girlfriend (or boyfriend?). But it is something to think about.



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