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Britney Hanyes Godwin’s Daughter Tilly Story Was a Hoax


It is with a heavy heart  that I must report that the story previously posted here was hoax. That is all I have to say for now because I am so stunned that someone would set up a story like  this that I am physically ill.  I apologize to Britney and her family as well as to all of you  for not thoroughly investigating the story. I did go to the Facebook page provided by the blogger, which has since been taken down.  Both the Facebook page and the blog I cited as the source were written by the same person.   Apparently, it was a bogus Facebook page used to set up an exclusive.

I am so sorry for spreading the story, and horrified to have had anything to do with anyone who would do such a thing, apparently to bring attention to their blog.  My God, at the evil in this world.


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Big Brother 15: 1/2 a Recap and Funny Youtube

Chop by the fabulous @ArchimedesChops

Chop by the fabulous @ArchimedesChops

Oh great. Apparently there was some sort of sporting event on tonight which screwed up the Big Brother taping. So I am missing the last 30 minutes or so of the show. Oh well, at least Archi sent me a good graphic. It really pretty much sums up the events immediately following HOH.

Gina Marie is a nutbag! She is 32 times more butch than Nick. It’s not a good look to be suicidal over someone you don’t even know. Jeremy congratulates Elissa on her game play and Helen is certain he is talking about her. Helen’s behavior since winning HOH has made me not a fan.  She has been running around for days saying this is “the people’s HOH” and “I am doing this for America” and we are “the alliance of the people.”  Is she from the People’s Republic of Condescension?”

Aaryn and Kaitlin think it is unfair that the majority alliance is just going to vote off people they don’t like, because they are jealous of the beautiful people. BWAHAAHAA! GM interrupts their conversation for more wailing. She wailed until the wee hours of the morning. She wiped he snot on his red Richard Simmons  shorts (talk about a red flag on the gaydar) and wore his stupid baby blue cap and carried around his lipstick chapstick for as long as I have seen the feeds this week. Continue reading


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Attention Houseguests Please Gather in the Living Room!

BritneypregnantOh my goodness! Big Brother’s Britney Hayes is pregnant and expecting a baby girl in July!  It you are a big Brother fanatic like me you know Britney got married in March of last year and was really wanting to have babies. She posted the adorable picture above on Instagram. Sadly, this means we will likely never see Brit back on Big Brother.

Speaking of Big Brother, Big Brother 15 will be a longer season with an earlier premiere date. Big Brother 15 premieres on June 26th and will air on Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  So only 122 days until Big Brother 15!!!


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Oh Look, It’s IAN!


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Caption This Pic of BB14 Shane During Interviews..


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OMG! I Can’t Breathe BEST Big Brother EVER!

OMG I look like such a dumbass for being the ONLY VOTE FOR DAN! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Guess who got NO MONEY for being Dan’s puppet?

It’s bad enough to lose. It’s worse to have been a puppet the whole game, but the CROWNING MOMENT OF GLORY? Being the only one to vote for Dan. Congrats on being first loser, Danielle!


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BB14 Final Three on The Talk

The Talk today is all about Survivor and Big Brother let’s see what the final 3 had to say to Julie. I can’t believe I have watched 24 seasons of Survivor.  I have had to mute the TV until Sheryl stops talking. Trust me you don’t want to know.  I can’t believe they are interviewing Lisa Whelchel. I didn’t think Survivor let any of the players do interviews until they were voted off.

Finally, it’s time for the Big Brother interviews. Danielle was asked how shocked she was to see Shane evicted and if she is nervous about seeing him tonight? She replied, “Yes, I am nervous about seeing him and I had no idea he was going to be evicted.” She was also asked about going to the gymnastics event. She gave some boring answer. Ian said playing the game is so much harder than watching at home. If he takes home the money he will be paying off some school loans. Dan doesn’t answer Sharon’s question about whether he felt he would be in the final two again this year. Sharon’s question seemed to indicate that he was already in the final 2. It’s funny to see Danielle in that pink dress since she had so much trouble getting it on. It was totally not worth watching that entire episode for such a nothing little thing of an interview.

Who do you think will be evicted in third place?


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Top Ten BB14 Danielle Comments of The Day

I’d like to present to you, the top ten idiotic things BB14 Danielle said on the live feeds today…thanks to the Danielle thread at SurvivorSucks for help.

  • #10 I was not wearing Shane’s sweat pants for three days because I miss him! I just couldn’t get out to do laundry. (And I am too fat for my own pants)
  • #9 If you give my phone number to JoJo I will tweet it to the world.
  • #8 I don’t want to want people on the live feeds to know I have fake boobs because they will judge me and think I am promiscuous!
  • #7 Anyone saying bad things is just a hater, and if you don’t have haters you are not doing something right.
  • #6 Ian, who has been in bed for hours and mostly leaves her alone has stopped “following her around.”
  • #5 Shane is going to be so mad at her for telling him she has fake boobs!
  • #4 I pack healthy food for my lunches at work because I am very health conscious .
  • #3 I could have saved the Zingbot! ( I am starting to wonder if the person in the Zingbot suit actually died as much as production refuses to let us hear about it and now this) (cut to fish)
  • #2  I made Ian cry last night, and I kind of feel bad about it but he is such a horrible person. He just sniffled and said he hoped we could all be friends in the end.  I feel bad, but he deserved it.
  • #1 I have to take two weeks off after the show for my (cancer that isn’t cancer) surgery.


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BB14 Live Feed Update and Drunken Rambling

It’s been a long night of RHONJ and Oprah interviewing Usher and now Iyania interviewing Evelyn Lozada… I don’t have much time to update y’all on the live feeds. But Dani has been losing her mind all day. Is she mad at Dan? Well not so much. She is mostly pissed at Ian for winning. When she talks to Ian she pretends like she is mad at Dan but when she is with Dan she threatens Ian. Dan had to talk her down after she said she “would snap Ian’s neck” if he talked to her today.

Shortly thereafter Dani was in the DR for a long time and came out heavily medicated. Whatever they gave her wore off and she just a bit ago went all in on Ian again while Dan was in the DR (ALLEDGEDLY). Dan has been in the DR for quite a long time. Like long enought to be shown the feeds and have a swedish massage and a couple margaritas. WTF is going on in there?  Meanwhile, Dani went after Ian again because he meds have worn off. (Not kidding, she admits she is being medicated and it’s obvious). She was a ginormous cuntbag and Ian sort of turtled and said something about them all being friends when the game was over.

I can’t BELIEVE the edit this deranged girl gets on the broadcast show. As I leave you for now, Ian is stimming on the hammock saying essentially he doesn’t negotiate with terrorists and “she tried to blackmail me.” and oh wait he is going in now where she is losing her mind begging for a DR… I will stay with it for a few.  I can’t imagine what Dan is doing in DR that would take this long. They must be keeping him in there for the drama but both of them are at their breaking points and need DR or Dan or something. This will not go well.

(off topic but y’all need to watch this Iyania Show on OWN, she’s cray cray…but she makes sense…talking to Evelyn she says, essentially it was okay he was hurting you until he did it in a way everyone could see it. You had to protect your ego/image but would not protect your self/soul.  Deep. Personal. Important TV)

Sorry got caught up in an email. Am drinking. And Danielle is TOTALLY psycho.  I want to go drunk book a Christmas trip to Paris and I need you to follow the crazy for me. Meanwhile, Dan just said to Dani… it was four years ago today I won. She is clueless.

OMG Now she is saying… I have to go home and have surgery to find out if I have cancer….


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BB14 LiveFeed Update: Someone’s Cryin’ Lord, Kumbayah…

So last night in the Big Brother house, it was Ian versus Danielle in part two of the HOH competition. Let’s take a look at some pictures from inside the house and see if we can determine what happened, shall we? Ian looks happy. He is convinced it will be a “Renegade” final two. But will it? Ian is definately taking Dan. But Dan has been giving mixed signals to the cameras since he got pissy with production for telling him to put his mic on. Is he going to try to take Danielle or has he decided his best bet is with Ian?

Continue reading


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Photo Leak of the BB14 Jury Filming Last Night

Left to Right: Joe, Brittney, Shane, Ashley, Frank and Jenn

Last night the current members of the jury for Big Brother 14 filmed the requisite footage where they argue about who should win. Today the second part of the HOH will be played. It is usually a puzzle of some sort based on the season’s HOH or POV winners.  Here’s the scoop on part one if you missed it. The winner of that HOH will take on Dan in part three of the HOH. Part three is usually sort of a crapshoot. They tape some comments made by the jury and you have to guess what they said. The answer is generally the opposite of what you would think.  It seems most likely (but never a sure thing) that Dan will be in the final two against either Ian or Danielle. There is much debate about who any of the three would take to the final two but I would be most surprised to wee an Ian and Danielle pairing.

Who else is obsesssing about this with me? Tell me what you think will happen? Who would win if it were Dan v Dani? Dan v Ian?  Ian v Dani? Who do you want to win America’s favorite?


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Chenbot Calls Shane a Knucklehead!

Julie Chen shared her thoughts on the some of the houseguests in her weekly interview with Entertainment Weekly. She was not holding back anything. Let’s look at some highlights.


EW: Did Shane burst into tears when you went to commercial? Chenbot: No, but I could tell he wanted to. It was all so surreal for him. Luckily our houseguest relations handler came up immediately with her friendly, nurturing, smiling face and I think he was relieved to see a familiar face. I thought he was going to nuzzle up to her bosom and start saying mamma while sucking his thumb.

EW: Shane didn’t even try to talk Danielle out of putting him up! Was he overly confident about his safety or just being a colossal knucklehead? Chenbot: Uh, I’m going to go with ‘knucklehead of the season’ award. He was right to trust Danielle but he didn’t think it through far enough to realize it doesn’t matter what Danielle promises him. What matters is what Dan is thinking and will most likely do to help Dan’s game. Continue reading

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