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Everything You Need To Know Before Tonight’s Big Brother 18 Live Eviction

BB18 Paulie crying



3:12 a.m BBT Cam 1/2  Paulie climbs in bed with Corey and seems to be grasping at straws. Then he says  his only hope is the return ticket, but even if he gets back in it will still be 3 against 5. Fish for just over a minute and cameras come back and Paulie is crying and Corey is hugging him.  Paulie says, ” People are gonna wish they didn’t screw with them cause people will wanna be with them outside the house. Fuckin’ Marksmen.” ( I guess he named him and Corey the Marksmen at some point) Paulie was super restless and eventually gets up around 3:30 a.m. to go to the bathroom. On the way back he pushes the button for the DR.  We see Corey sit up and look around and go back to sleep. around 4 am Skippy took the feeds off the Tokyo room and put it on the Have Not room.

 Paulie could have returned to the Tokyo room off camera. However, the reason people are so suspicious is that he was not seen this morning at all. And after they played the wake up music, the feeds have not returned. Usually on eviction days we get a couple hours at least after they wake up before the feeds are cut. So now there is rampant speculation. Didi Paulie self evict this morning because he is too chicken shit to meet Julie and go to the jury house? I’m pretty sure the crowd for this eviction is all CBS employees so that he won’t be traumatized by being booed.  What a pussy this guy is. Has anyone ever been too  to walk out the front door before? I don’t think so. \

Never mind, Paulie was just shown in the kitchen begging for votes. The new theory is that Paulie was probably naked on top of the covers and the cameras turned off the room.

By Lime Brain

I’m not doing a recap of last night’s show, instead, this is a recap of events that happened since I last posted to get you up to speed on what’s going on behind the scenes leading up to tonight’s eviction. So let’s get this started!

We left off with Paulie finally baking his pies. I don’t know when this happened (or why) but at one point Paulie was making them naked except for the apron he was wearing. Hopefully, TT can find the picture going around the internet with his butt cheeks hanging out. ( I did but I put it after the fold)  I really hope nobody is eating those pies between that and his constant ball scratching/adjusting and nose picking.

Paulie and Corey discussed James. Paulie thinks that James got the America’s Care Package because America knew that they were talking about back dooring James.  Paulie tells Corey that he can still trust James because he told James to work with them and he thinks James would nominate Victor and Paul if he becomes HoH. James later told Paul about it and then Paul told Victor about it.  Paul told Victor not to worry because Natalie has turned James against Corey.  They want to stay loyal to James and Nat to final five and then get rid of Michelle if they get the chance. (I don’t believe it.)

Michelle is upset that Paulie is telling people that she is willing to vote Natalie out if she goes up as a replacement nom.

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#BB18 House Implodes! Aka: The Shit hits the Fan!

BB18 Paulie

By Lime Brain

I am so glad I was too lazy to cancel my feeds like I swore I would do. Some shit stirring finally happened starting yesterday morning.  You can read my live feed reporting in the comments section HERE around 10 am when Paulie’s game started being blown out of the water. And the house decides to flip.

The hamsters finally went to sleep around 9:45 their time. I will do my best to recap what happened after they woke up.

At some point (was it yesterday? Today?) James spoke to Paulie about Natalie telling him about how inappropriate Paulie has been to Natalie and hitting on her all summer. Paulie knows this is not good and starts Paulie on the offensive to start covering his tracks.

First, Paulie tells about his convo with James to Corey.  Corey sees no problem with a Bro hitting on his girlfriend because, well, it’s Corey. They start talking about who to put up next and Nichole joins them. She lets Paulie know that Natalie wants to speak to Z alone later.  Now Paulie goes into operation damage control. Thanks a lot Nichole!

Paulie gets to Z first and tells Z about Natalie’s accusations. But he tells her it’s really the other way around. That Natalie was flirting with him and Corey and how Natalie has been using James all summer for strategy. (Pot calling kettle black, Paulie?)  I think through all of Paulie’s tirades tonight, he is constantly insulting all Jersey girls, except for his sisters of course.)

Around 4 pm BB time, Bridgette talks with Victor and fills him in about the house flipping to keep Michelle. Victor is on board because he always wanted Z to go in the first place.

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Wil Heuser’s BB17 Saga Episode 1 & 2

I love Wil Heuser with all my pee pee.

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UPDATED! Big Brother 16 Houseguest Caleb Reynold’s Spool of Lies

This picture is from 8/2/14

This picture is from 8/2/14


Two seasons ago we were blessed with a self-absorbed pathological liar who never saw a mirror she didn’t like. He name was Danielle Murphree and I wrote her autobiography here based on stupid shit she said on the live feeds. It’s a good read even if you are not a big brother watcher. This season, we have Caleb Reynolds who is a pathological liar of Danielle Murphree proportions. I wonder if she is seeing anybody. Can you imagine a Caleb and Danielle showmance? Danielle’s imaginary cancer was something to behold. How do these people pass the psyche eval? I assume there is some one question test. Do you have mental health issues? No? Okay fine, welcome to the Big Brother house.

I’ve been keeping up with Caleb’s lies since the beginning of the season. This thread is a compilation of Caleb’s lies since the first day. I will update them as more arise. I figured it was time to finally group them together and get something up because, I think Caleb’s time on Big Brother 16 may be nearing an end.

So grab some popcorn and enjoy the many, many, lies of Caleb Reynolds. Continue reading


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Britney Hanyes Godwin’s Daughter Tilly Story Was a Hoax


It is with a heavy heart  that I must report that the story previously posted here was hoax. That is all I have to say for now because I am so stunned that someone would set up a story like  this that I am physically ill.  I apologize to Britney and her family as well as to all of you  for not thoroughly investigating the story. I did go to the Facebook page provided by the blogger, which has since been taken down.  Both the Facebook page and the blog I cited as the source were written by the same person.   Apparently, it was a bogus Facebook page used to set up an exclusive.

I am so sorry for spreading the story, and horrified to have had anything to do with anyone who would do such a thing, apparently to bring attention to their blog.  My God, at the evil in this world.



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Big Brother 15: 1/2 a Recap and Funny Youtube

Chop by the fabulous @ArchimedesChops

Chop by the fabulous @ArchimedesChops

Oh great. Apparently there was some sort of sporting event on tonight which screwed up the Big Brother taping. So I am missing the last 30 minutes or so of the show. Oh well, at least Archi sent me a good graphic. It really pretty much sums up the events immediately following HOH.

Gina Marie is a nutbag! She is 32 times more butch than Nick. It’s not a good look to be suicidal over someone you don’t even know. Jeremy congratulates Elissa on her game play and Helen is certain he is talking about her. Helen’s behavior since winning HOH has made me not a fan.  She has been running around for days saying this is “the people’s HOH” and “I am doing this for America” and we are “the alliance of the people.”  Is she from the People’s Republic of Condescension?”

Aaryn and Kaitlin think it is unfair that the majority alliance is just going to vote off people they don’t like, because they are jealous of the beautiful people. BWAHAAHAA! GM interrupts their conversation for more wailing. She wailed until the wee hours of the morning. She wiped he snot on his red Richard Simmons  shorts (talk about a red flag on the gaydar) and wore his stupid baby blue cap and carried around his lipstick chapstick for as long as I have seen the feeds this week. Continue reading


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