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Big Ang From Mob Wives Has Throat Cancer

Mob Wives Big Ang as Marilyn Monroe!

That Sucks. But what also sucks is the choice of pictures people keep posting to share the news. I thought I’d put up one of her Marilyn pictures.

There is a lemon sized tumor on her voice box. Surgery is set for next week.


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Man Dies At Big Ang’s Drunken Monkey Bar

drunken monkey

According to multiple news outlets,  Drunken Monkey regular, Abdoul Cisse, was trying to help a bouncer break up a fight when he was punched in the face and knocked onto the concrete side walk outside the bar, cracking his skull.  Two are three young men were brawling and fled the scene according to police. It is believed that Cisse died instantly.  When the police responded a 3:40 am he was pronounced dead at the scene. He was either 46 or 47 depending on who is reporting.

Bin Ang released the following  statement on twitter, “A horrific tragedy occurred outside of the drunken monkey last night. My heart is broken by the tragic and senseless loss. He was not just a customer, but a gentle giant that I loved. I personally share my heartfelt condolences to his loved ones, and we too are feeling this loss in our drunken monkey family.”



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Mob Wives Recap: A Whole Lotta Ho Ho Ho(s)!

Mob Wives New Blood

It’s time once again for me to recap the Mob Wives.  It’s the penultimate episode and expectations for drama is high as the producers set up for the explosive season finale next week. Let’s get right to it!

Drita’s Dinner Party

Drita has all the girls over to dinner.  Drita has just finished her home renovations and she dares anyone to get out of line in her house now that she has it all done up. Let’s see how that works for her, because if renovations could stop Mob Wives from feuding, the whole clan should start their own home renovations.  Renee is the last to arrive and is seated next to Big Ang.  Natalie is already feeling bitchy toward Renee. Alicia is hopeful that Renee will stay in her seat and not put anyone in a choke hold.  Plus she is worried about her sentencing that is on the schedule for next week (yet still has not happened IRL).

Alicia basically tells Renee that she feels like their situation is very catty.  She says that Renee spreading rumors is harming her case.  Renee says that Alicia has it all wrong. She is not selling stories to the tabloids.  She may gossip with her friends from time to time but that is it. Big Ang asks Renee if she knows who the leak is. Renee says absolutely not. (heh) Renee says that she thinks that Alicia’s problem with her is really about Carla. Continue reading


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Mob Wives Recap Double Feature!

Mob Wives Halloween 2013

I have been so very busy with the blog lately I have totally gotten behind on Mob Wives. I am barely awake and making coffee so I can make it for the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics tonight, but first I am going to zip through the last two episodes and give some random thoughts rather than a full recap. I am dying to hear from my Mob Wives watchers, it’s been too long! Sorry for the delay.

The last I saw, Alicia had confronted Renee as her number one suspect as “THE LEAK.” Renee is pissed about it, but frankly, I think Alicia had plenty of reason for her suspicions. Side note: I’ve only been to Philly once and I stayed in a hotel right across from that big clock. It was straight out my window and you could see it from the bed I was sharing with someone I would just as soon forget. Thanks, Mob Wives for showing it every episode. #memories.

Anyway, it’s Halloween. I hate Halloween. Where the hell are these women? I’m forwarding. It looks like Renee and Alicia will be reuniting at a Halloween party in Natalie’s funeral home. How lovely it must have been to have your loved one’s body there while that was going on.

Drita’s scene with Method Man was genuine and adorable. The rap is actually pretty decent.

I am starting to think Big Ang is actually serious about having a baby with a surrogate. If you missed her on Bethenny, her menopause discussion was priceless. Also, Renee, Drita and Alicia were recently on Bethenny as well. Yep, Renee and ALICIA.  The fact that Big Ang was not on with them, coupled this post with (which Renee actually responded to, Hey Renee! Don’t whack me! Love ya!)  makes me wonder if Renee and Big Ang are on the outs, Continue reading


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Mob Wives’ Big Ang on Bethenny


Big Ang waltzes out on Bethenny’s stage in head to tow black with a black mobette sort of hat and knee high black plastic boots. Big Ang says she has had the name Big Ang since she was 12. She has a friend named Ang who was short and she was tall so it was Big Ang and Little Ang.  Bethenny asks about her sex life. Does she have a lot of sex? Big Ang says not lately. She is going through the change and she hates everybody. Sing it sister!  I live alone and still manage to bit the head off my perfect dog and my not quite perfect commenters. Patience is not my strong suit these days. Ang says she goes to bed with clothes and wakes up naked. Her boyfriend is practically suicidal over her hormonal changes.

Ang says the night sweats are the worst. Bethenny asks how long this is supposed to last. It is amazing to me that nobody tells women about “the change.” When I started having mood swings and brain farts I diagnosed myself as crazy. I went to the shrink. They put me on crazy pills. They didn’t help.  I FINALLY figured out it was hormones and now I am awaiting test results to see what hormones need balancing. If we knew more about menopause, I probably would not have spent the last couple of years convinced I was crazy. I mean I am crazy, but I am hormonal crazy not brain crazy. Sorry TMI.  Ang says it lasts for ten years. Bethenny is incredulous. Continue reading


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Mob Wives Recap: The Point Where the Rubber Meets The Road


It’s billed as Las Vegas Part III but I swear  I feel like I just recapped part two yesterday.  Why do I have the feeling this episode is going to be like The Godfather III and not nearly as exciting as the first two? Hopefully, I am wrong.

We start with the girls still in Vegas.  All the girls are at a race track getting ready to drive race cars. Real race cars. When Big Ang and Renee join Drita, Alicia and Natalie at the track, things are tense but workable for a hot minute. Then Renee sees all the other girls laughing and getting along with Natalie and she is pissed off. She refuses to drive the cars with the other girls and says she will watch. It is interesting to note that Renee is the only one wearing shorts and open-toed shoes.  To me this is a clear indication that everyone knew Renee was not going to drive anyway.

Renee is getting furious with everyone. She feels like the girls are being two-faced by hanging with Natalie.  She confronts Big Ang and Alicia for not standing up for her. Renee tries to say that Natalie brought up Alicia’s husband; but, they point out it was Renee who brought up Alicia’s husband.  Both of them push back at Renee and tell her that she was at fault as well. Renee says that she sees where their loyalty lies. Big Ang is not too pleased with Renee questioning  her loyalty in talking heads.  Renee gets pissed at everyone and leaves. She probably has some plans with her sister in the casino and wanted the afternoon off. Continue reading


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Mob Mives Recap: Renee Went From Mentor to Mental

Mob Wives

Finally ready to recap Mob Wives and the second half of the Vegas trip.  I have a feeling this one is going to be long.  At least we know in advance nobody died.  Wait! They are picking this up on the next morning? I thought they literally left us hanging off the 34th floor last episode? Did we see some resolution?

At breakfast, Renee is already gunning for Natalie. As soon as Natalie arrives to breakfast, Renee goes in. She tries to drag Natalie from the breakfast table, she slings a metal cloche  ice bucket across the table send glass flying all over Alicia.  Natalie dares Renee to touch her. OMG. Natalie is standing her ground.  She tells Renee to stick her tacky Mob Candy up her ass. This is girl is going toe to toe with Renee and the other girls are just watching the show with their mouths hanging open.  Then Renee runs at Natalie sling an arm bar to her throat! And it’s awn like popcawn! Continue reading


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Ready For Some Renee Graziano Tea?

mobwivesreneeI moseyed over to Renee Graziano’s twitter feed to see if she has sobered up yet.  My personal assessment is that she is trying but not there yet.  And there was much strangeness to discover there, so I thought I would share some tea I’ve dug up. Deciding  where to begin is  the hard part. I think I want to start with December and then go back to September.  This may be a little confusing, made moreso by my raging case of Mongolian Lung Flu, but there is a lot of ground to cover.

Last Monday, was a big tweeting day for Renee. I am not sure if she fell off the wagon again, or what, but there were many tweets and  Instagrams. But first, he is what she posted today.

 From Instagram:
This should be on everyones resolution list 4 2014,  i wanna share alittle something with you guys..this year i learned the hard way some people will judge (when god knws they shld be begging 4 forgiveness or saying nothing at all) & some r quick 2 point fingers in hopes it’ll deflect the dirt they r doing or have done 2 some 1 else .. well I’m here 2 tell before u do either of the 2 stop & think because u can best believe that dirt your doing or did will come back 2 bite u in the ass so unless u got a big ol butt .. like the size of a horses ass and wont feel it.. I suggest u don’t judge or point a finger 4 something u once did or r doing … & I can say this cause I speak from experience so trust me when I say if u dont work 4 the court system don’t judge !!!!!!

She is really pissed at someone. And she is not interacting with the other wives on twitter. Alicia seems kind of chummy with Drita…. interesting? Continue reading


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Mini Mob Wives Catch Up Recap: It’s Delicious!

mob-wives-new-bloodI am two episodes behind on Mob Wives and looking forward to catching up now.  I really want to lay down and curl up with a hot water bottle to watch it, but I know I will be dying for feedback.

I’m so happy that things are going well for Drita and Lee. Hopefully, they had to make up the bullying story for the show. In the second episode, Drita realizes that Lee is not going to help with the renovations. Lee gives Drita a ton of shit for the Vegas trip. Which must be scripted because she is getting paid to go and frankly has to go.

As for the new one, Alicia, her sentencing is currently scheduled for January 2014. The Feds postponed it once already to reevaluate her income after she took the gig with Mob Wives. She will be paying some hefty fines and likely be serving so jail time.  Maybe she will go to Danbury in CT.  I just finished listening to Orange is The New Black on audio book and it was really interesting. Someone should get her a copy.  Meanwhile we are five minutes in and she has already referred to “Eddie’s Betrayl” ten times, some were even unnecessary Frankenbites. Meanwhile, Renee is talking to a new friend, Nicole about Alicia.

Oh, it’s time for a dinner. Alicia wants to talk about the wire tap. And Eddie’s betrayal. Big Ang and Drita seem to think Renee was somehow shady about the situation. I don’t get that. If I have a guy friend who is cheating on his wife that I don’t even know, it’s not my job to assume she doesn’t know and tell her.

Big Ang’s son has knocked up his girlfriend. Big Ang is thrilled. She has not told her son she wants a baby with her man. lololol Continue reading


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Mob Wives New Blood Recap– Caught on Tape

mob-wives-new-bloodI really miss the opening music from the old Mob Wives intro.  Renee  goes to Philly to put some of her Mob Candy in Alicia’s  “boutique.”  Let’s just say this is a retail match made in heaven. #LeopardPrintWalls  The two ladies  banter about their tattoos and their men in the pen. You know, perfectly civilized stuff.  Renee says that despite Eddie’s racketeering, conspiracies to commit murder and stuff, Eddie is a good man.  Alicia talks about getting arrested for embezzlement. She has pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing.  Alicia does several talking heads about how tragic the experience was.  Renee tells Alicia that she “didn’t do nuthin, so she has nuthin to worry about it will be fine.”  Well except for that whole part about pleading guilty and awaiting sentencing.

Drita and Big Ang go for a pedicure. They take the opportunity to talk to about Natalie and how close Renee has gotten to her. Drita is worried about Renee maintaining her sobriety around the constantly drunken Natalie.  It’s actually a serious concern. They are also worried about the pressure of running your own company getting to Renee. Drita says she is having a lot of problems at her store. She has a “stooker” at her store “stooking” the fuck out of her and her employees.  Big Ang says she doesn’t like the sound of that. Lee just got out of prison and sometimes enemies try to take things out on the family.

Renee texts an invitation to lunch to Drita and Big Ang. Natalie is also invited. Big Ang doesn’t want any part of another drunken luncheon with Natalie. Big Ang says she sees nothing but trouble coming out of that. Continue reading


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Mob Wives New Blood Recap: Mob Candy and Mob Hits


Okay last season there were less than a dozen people who cared about this show. But I kind of like it because all of these women are in the news for mobster crimes when the show is on hiatus and their mob ties are real. So I’m going to give it the good ole college try again this season.

Renee’s father and rat of an ex-husband are still in jail. Mob Candy has gone from just a shoe line to a complete fashion line. Because apparently anyone at all can just start a fashion line.  AJ’s job in Miami did not work out so he is back home with Renee which is exactly where she wants him.  Renee sells both fuck me pumps and fuck you pumps, literally.

Big Ang opened a bar in Miami called the Miami Monkey but she is back in Staten Island. Last I heard her daughter was running the bar down there. She has Drunken Monkey in Staten Island. Continue reading


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HOT Miami Tea: New Show and Major RHOM Reunion Drama

untitled (3)

Okay, I woke up this afternoon morning to all sorts of Miami drama.  Where to begin? Well first of all, it’s not news to anyone that I am one of the half-dozen or so total viewers of Real Housewives of Miami. Their ratings suck. In fact pretty much every reality show they shoot in Miami gets lousy ratings. Big Ang’s new VH1 show, Miami Monkey has been tanking in the ratings.  I don’t understand this. It’s such a beautiful city.  The housewives in my opinion are a second only to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  But alas, no one agrees with me. But that is not stopping Bravo from trying to turn the beat around in Miami.   There is one more Bravo show coming and maybe this is one we can all agree on? Continue reading


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