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Karen Gravano and Brittany Fogarty Banned from All Big Ang Memorials

Mob Wives Drita and big ang

While Neil is calling the shots on Big Ang’s memorial service and it seems her mob ties also have a hand in things. According to a New York Daily News source, “It’s a bigger story than just them not going to funeral, as it’s a higher-up mob order from the mafia code of a blood feud. Brit and Karen are being rejected because of the sins of their fathers that ratted out other mobsters.”  Allegedly. The article was brought on by the blond chick’s mom calling the news outlet to let us all know she was also uninvited. It all feels like a publicity grab  by the blond chick’s mother.

“Mob Wives” stars Brittany Fogarty and Karen Gravano were banned from Angela “Big Ang” Raiola’s visitation service on Saturday due to the past actions of their crime boss fathers. The two stars, along with Fogarty’s mother Andrea Giovino, were told not to come to any of Big Ang’s memorial events this week, including Monday’s funeral, because their fathers each infamously cooperated with authorities to turn in other mobsters more than 20 years ago, Giovino tells Confidenti@l.

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Big Ang Cancer Status Updated on Dr. Oz

Big Ang Dr Oz 2


Several people have asked me to recap Dr. Oz today because Big Ang is on the show. I really hate the way Dr. Oz seems to exploit these types of situations; however, I really do want to see for myself how Ang is doing.

Angela’s cancer diagnosis was first made in March of 2015. God, I already don’t want to watch this. After surgery for throat cancer, and cancer in her left lung, she was pronounced cancer free just last October.

Big Ang walks out to a very warm response from the audience. She immediately grins at Dr. Oz and tells him he is very handsome with a big smile on her face. Dr. Oz asks what he should call her, Big Ang or Angela. She said, “Angela” so Angela it is.

Angela has a much raspier voice that usual. She says she started to cry when she watched the introduction backstage. Dr. Oz asks his first dumb questions, “Why?”  Angela (I’m having to get used to that name) says because it is shocking what happened to her. First she thought she was cancer free and was going to have a big celebration and then a month later, I was stage four. Angela is teary-eyed and looks terrified.

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Big Ang From Mob Wives Has Throat Cancer

Mob Wives Big Ang as Marilyn Monroe!

That Sucks. But what also sucks is the choice of pictures people keep posting to share the news. I thought I’d put up one of her Marilyn pictures.

There is a lemon sized tumor on her voice box. Surgery is set for next week.


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Man Dies At Big Ang’s Drunken Monkey Bar

drunken monkey

According to multiple news outlets,  Drunken Monkey regular, Abdoul Cisse, was trying to help a bouncer break up a fight when he was punched in the face and knocked onto the concrete side walk outside the bar, cracking his skull.  Two are three young men were brawling and fled the scene according to police. It is believed that Cisse died instantly.  When the police responded a 3:40 am he was pronounced dead at the scene. He was either 46 or 47 depending on who is reporting.

Bin Ang released the following  statement on twitter, “A horrific tragedy occurred outside of the drunken monkey last night. My heart is broken by the tragic and senseless loss. He was not just a customer, but a gentle giant that I loved. I personally share my heartfelt condolences to his loved ones, and we too are feeling this loss in our drunken monkey family.”



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Mob Wives Recap: A Whole Lotta Ho Ho Ho(s)!

Mob Wives New Blood

It’s time once again for me to recap the Mob Wives.  It’s the penultimate episode and expectations for drama is high as the producers set up for the explosive season finale next week. Let’s get right to it!

Drita’s Dinner Party

Drita has all the girls over to dinner.  Drita has just finished her home renovations and she dares anyone to get out of line in her house now that she has it all done up. Let’s see how that works for her, because if renovations could stop Mob Wives from feuding, the whole clan should start their own home renovations.  Renee is the last to arrive and is seated next to Big Ang.  Natalie is already feeling bitchy toward Renee. Alicia is hopeful that Renee will stay in her seat and not put anyone in a choke hold.  Plus she is worried about her sentencing that is on the schedule for next week (yet still has not happened IRL).

Alicia basically tells Renee that she feels like their situation is very catty.  She says that Renee spreading rumors is harming her case.  Renee says that Alicia has it all wrong. She is not selling stories to the tabloids.  She may gossip with her friends from time to time but that is it. Big Ang asks Renee if she knows who the leak is. Renee says absolutely not. (heh) Renee says that she thinks that Alicia’s problem with her is really about Carla. Continue reading


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Mob Wives Recap Double Feature!

Mob Wives Halloween 2013

I have been so very busy with the blog lately I have totally gotten behind on Mob Wives. I am barely awake and making coffee so I can make it for the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics tonight, but first I am going to zip through the last two episodes and give some random thoughts rather than a full recap. I am dying to hear from my Mob Wives watchers, it’s been too long! Sorry for the delay.

The last I saw, Alicia had confronted Renee as her number one suspect as “THE LEAK.” Renee is pissed about it, but frankly, I think Alicia had plenty of reason for her suspicions. Side note: I’ve only been to Philly once and I stayed in a hotel right across from that big clock. It was straight out my window and you could see it from the bed I was sharing with someone I would just as soon forget. Thanks, Mob Wives for showing it every episode. #memories.

Anyway, it’s Halloween. I hate Halloween. Where the hell are these women? I’m forwarding. It looks like Renee and Alicia will be reuniting at a Halloween party in Natalie’s funeral home. How lovely it must have been to have your loved one’s body there while that was going on.

Drita’s scene with Method Man was genuine and adorable. The rap is actually pretty decent.

I am starting to think Big Ang is actually serious about having a baby with a surrogate. If you missed her on Bethenny, her menopause discussion was priceless. Also, Renee, Drita and Alicia were recently on Bethenny as well. Yep, Renee and ALICIA.  The fact that Big Ang was not on with them, coupled this post with (which Renee actually responded to, Hey Renee! Don’t whack me! Love ya!)  makes me wonder if Renee and Big Ang are on the outs, Continue reading


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