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Kandi Burruss on Bethenny

kANDI bURRUSThey are really publicizing the hell out of this RHOA reunion. Today, Kandi was on Bethenny  as part of the publicity tour. First of all, Kandi is rocking her wedding band with a new engagement ring. I know she caught a lot of flack for the nontraditional one she picked for herself in Vegas. She is still wearing the old one on her other hand. At first I was worried that she just succumbed to the pressure of a more traditional style but in reality the first one was not made to have a wedding band slide up against the band of the ring.  Her new set is very pretty, modest and has the pave diamonds that she likes and goes will with the previous ring.

When asked how married life is, Kandi says it is good but two days after they got married, one of Todd’s shows he produces got picked up and he had to leave to go film. Todd has his own production company now! Kandi says they don’t have time for a real honeymoon for the next five months  but they plan to take a weekend trip before then. Continue reading

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WWHL With Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer

bethenny and RamonaWell this should be good!  Please understand I am not discussing RHONY here this season, so I won’t be including certain parts and neither will your comments. That said, Andy is busting at the seams with happiness.  He wastes no time kissing Bethenny’s ass!  Ramona shares that Bethenny sends really nice floral arrangements to her guests.

Obvi, Bethenny gets first chair, as it should be.

Apparently Sonja needs 35 people to help her function. The interns live in her house!  The poll question is who do you miss the most of the dearly departed housewives?  Bethenny calls Andy a shit stirrer. Then Andy plays a Turtle Time! video. #goodtimes  The bartender is a zoo guy with a baby sloth named Mo short for Molasses. How adorbs!

Andy asks Ramona about her marital issues. She says she is taking it day by day and then asks Andy about his ring. This has been an issue since last summer when we though he might be engaged to recently booted DWTS cast member, Sean Avery.  Andy says he just bought it for himself. I don’t believe it, it’s a wedding band on his gay ring finger. Nice one, Ramoner!

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Porsha Stewart On Bethenny: I Film Myself During Sex !

Porsha RHOAI slept in this morning and am just now getting to this episode of Bethenny. Let’s see what happens. This should be good. Bethenny does not suffer fools well, she knows she was cancelled and she is just going through the motion for these last shows.

Porsha comes out in a fuchsia dress with a super low back and 16 pounds of some Asian women’s hair on her head. Porsha said life is wonderful and everything is good her new single Flatline is out and she is happy. Bethenny asks what made her want to do a single. She says she used to sing in her twenties and make demos and send them out. Porsha basically says she made the single to give herself an outlet for her emotions after the divorce.  She says that now that she is single she can return to music and express herself without any restrictions.

Bethenny mentions all the divorces that occur with housewives of every franchise and asks Porsha if the show contributes to the high numbers. Porsha basically says that with every marriage your first priority is to make the world think your marriage is great even when it isn’t. Do y’all agree with that? She says that the cameras magnify the situation. She says when she is filming she doesn’t really realize what is being put out into the world but when she watches it back, she realizes that all the flaws in the relationship are showing up. Porsha says she learned it was important to be able to decide what marital advice she should take in and what she should discard.

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Ramona Singer on Bethenny

Ramona on BethennySo what is Ramona on? Seriously, she comes out all hyper active and smiling and knocking shit over and talking a mile a minute. I’ll have what she is having please. I’m still working up to getting in the shower.  Anyway, Ramona seems way more excited to see Bethenny than Bethenny is to see Ramona. Ramona says that she is the voice of reason this year on RHONY and that is something that we will all have to see to believe.

Bethenny says she always thought Ramona was the biggest asset to the show because she is half nuts. Ramona says she is not nuts, she is fun. And I roll my eyes as grown folks want to waste time over word choices.

Ramona says that even though she and Luann have never really hit it off, Luann will be seen as more likeable this season. As for Aviva, Ramona says she hates Bethenny for getting Aviva involved with the show. Aviva and Ramona make up on the first episode as Ramona tries to be more of a peacemaker, but things get pretty terrible with Aviva as the show goes on. #LegRollsAcrossFloorInPublic Continue reading


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The New York City Talk Show Wars: Wendy Williams Knocks Out Bethenny Frankel


Watch What Happens Live - Season 9

Andy Cohen and Wendy Williams in Happier Times.

I’ve been so (good!) busy lately that I have not really told you guys everything there is to tell about a huge drama that has been going on in the Big Apple between Wendy Williams, Bethenny Frankel and Andy Cohen.  Well today, the battle has been won by Wendy Williams and I am ready to spill all the tea as Bethenny Frankel’s talk show has been cancelled after just one (kinda lousy) season.

Let’s start with Wendy Williams point of view. I’ve been harsh at times with Wendy (even though she has mentioned on her show before #ChateauSheree)  because for a while there she was reporting gossip from a site that shall not be named frequently that has a history of  making up outrageous stories for drama/page views.  But lately, I have found her show to be a really fun watch. Wendy is established in the NYC daytime talk circuit and pulls commendable ratings. She is humble, relates well to her audience and is extremely good at giving advice on the fly during her ask Wendy segments.  She also had a great relationship with Andy Cohen and frequently booked his WWHL guests when they were in town. Continue reading


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Towanda Braxton on Bethenny


Today Bethenny has all the Braxton girls, except Toni , on the show as she continues to ride the reality TV show wave to improve her less than stellar ratings. The important part for us is when Bethenny asks Towanda about dating Kordell. Stewart.  Towanda says he is a really nice guy. Tamar jumps in and says she would not consider him a catch.  Towanda asks Tamar if she knows him. Tamar says based on the show Porsha “could not go nowhere, she couldn’t do nothin’.” (Audience applauds loudly)  The other sisters say, “it’s a show.” Tamar says, “ya’ll sure on defensive of Mr. Kordell.”  Towanda says, “You’re sure on the defense of Porsha!”  Tamar says she doesn’t know Porsha. Continue reading


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Real House Husbands of Atlanta on Bethenny

housewives-of-atlanta-husbands2-570x408Holy crap! When was this filmed? Crap. I have no idea what is wrong with my TV but it keeps going out. It looks like a problem with my dish! UGH. I missed the walk out. Todd is not on the show, It’s just Apollo, Greg and Peter.  It looks like this was filmed on or around January 20th when the WWHL show was filmed.  Apollo Nida turned himself in on January 23rd.  So who knows who knew the arrest was coming in a couple of days.

Bethenny starts talking about Peter and Cynthia’s book.  Bethenny asks how often a couple should have sex. She is obsessed with this question and asks EVERYONE who comes on the show. Apollo says, “whenever the man wants it!” The audience boos Apollo! Bethenny says so how often is that? Apollo says he gets it whenever he wants it. Bethenny continues to press. Apollo says “I mean I’m kinda  busy with criminal activities and all so about 3….4 times a week. ” Gregg says he needs more than that. Bethenny asks how often Gregg wants it and he says, “I’m married to Nene Leakes!”

Bethenny clears up what I have been saying all along. THE HUSBANDS DO NOT GET PAID.  Thank you. Some of y’all refuse to believe that. Husbands and children do not get paid. Continue reading


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Mob Wives’ Big Ang on Bethenny


Big Ang waltzes out on Bethenny’s stage in head to tow black with a black mobette sort of hat and knee high black plastic boots. Big Ang says she has had the name Big Ang since she was 12. She has a friend named Ang who was short and she was tall so it was Big Ang and Little Ang.  Bethenny asks about her sex life. Does she have a lot of sex? Big Ang says not lately. She is going through the change and she hates everybody. Sing it sister!  I live alone and still manage to bit the head off my perfect dog and my not quite perfect commenters. Patience is not my strong suit these days. Ang says she goes to bed with clothes and wakes up naked. Her boyfriend is practically suicidal over her hormonal changes.

Ang says the night sweats are the worst. Bethenny asks how long this is supposed to last. It is amazing to me that nobody tells women about “the change.” When I started having mood swings and brain farts I diagnosed myself as crazy. I went to the shrink. They put me on crazy pills. They didn’t help.  I FINALLY figured out it was hormones and now I am awaiting test results to see what hormones need balancing. If we knew more about menopause, I probably would not have spent the last couple of years convinced I was crazy. I mean I am crazy, but I am hormonal crazy not brain crazy. Sorry TMI.  Ang says it lasts for ten years. Bethenny is incredulous. Continue reading


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The Cast of Blood, Sweat & Heels Were One Hot Mess on Bethenny


I know most of us are trying to disengage from the Bravo teat these days, and I was none too keen on getting hooked on yet another show, but I have to say, I am really fond of Blood, Sweat & Heels. Today the girls from the show, ,  , , and   landed on Bethenny’s couch for a Bethenny style interview. Where is ? I very odd that she is not there. Bethenny introduces them as the show that dethroned Bethenny Ever After as the most watched Bravo premiere of all time.

Bethenny asks how they came to be on such a huge hit. Demetria is sitting first chair, as I like to call it and takes the question. She says she they had no idea it would be such a huge success. She says production came calling and they were looking for a cast of black women who were very powerful and who were making moves in the city and their names like rang everybody’s bell.  Really? These girls already have the storyline down.

Bethenny asks what the baseline?  Daisy gives more of the very successful women speech. Really? Demetria is a published blogger with a nice book deal that she got on her own merits without previous help from Bravo.  Mica seems to be running a modeling agency which I find suspect given her drinking problem. One is a washed up video vixen. I’m no sure what most of the others do. Come on now. I like this show, can’t we just keep it real and say it’s a show about six women grindin’ in NYC to support themselves?  I need Bethenny to call them out on this. Continue reading


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Porsha Stewart, I Mean Porsha Williams, Moves Back in With Mommy

Porsha+Williams+Porsha+Williams+Chats+Bethenny+kAiEiAOTDnWlWell we all saw this one coming.  Porsha Stewart, ummm Porsha Williams has moved back in with her mother, according to a story on TMZ.  We all know that Porsha could not afford and did not need that huge house out in St. Marlo Country Club.  The whole situation was Shady by Bravo from the start. Why would Porsha move into Nene’s neighborhood, who she was friendly with and not tell her? The whole “surprise” ploy never floated well with me. I firmly believe that Bravo rented that house so she could have an “I can’t manage my finances” storyline.  Which also doesn’t make sense because she can’t manage her own finances so all Bravo would have had to do roll some film as she imploded.

Bethenny  Frankel, who has a direct line to Andy Cohen,  already seemed to know that Porsha was tossed out of the big house regardless of the specific circumstances when Porsha appeared on her show last week talking about how God is so good to her to provide such a huge house.  Bethenny literally scoffed at her.  So however it happened, Porsha did what we all thought she should have done in the first place and found a condo in Atlanta. Apparently, the condo she chose was outrageously expensive and part of a Home Owners Association.  She can’t possibly have been in the condo for more than three months before the HOA filed a claim for approximately $18,000. Continue reading


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Porsha Stewart On Bethenny


After a busy day yesterday out in THE WORLD, I am narcoleptic today and slept right through this show this morning after attempting to get up and watch it. I am still half asleep at 3 p.m., yet valiantly, I will try to recap the important parts. As if we expect there to be any important parts.

Porsha says she feels brand new in 2014. She feels like she has a fresh new start as Porsha Williams. Bethenny asks, “So who is Porsha Williams?”  Bethenny say that she felt like Porsha Stewart was Kordell’s plus one and that she was his meek little doll. I am going to try to write down EXACTLY what Porsha says because it’s usually just word salad.  Porsha says, “You know when you are married are one with someone else. (um, noe, Bethenny did not know that, that was part of her whole problem) For me, I am getting back to being independent, I’m getting back to business, um, you know, I had been a child care center back before I was married. People don’t know that. Ima had two successful child care centers and I’m just getting back to what I know, and that builds me up and it fulfills me and it’s that sense of accomplishment. And for me that’s what I need. I need to be focused on business right now, romance  a little, /giggles  but focused on business.”/giggles

Bethenny says she wants to hear about the romance. But she wants to hear about the show, how is it going through something like that on the show? Porsha says, ” Well, I’ll tell you this, filming it wasn’t , um, I didn’t think about filming when I was filming it. I was just living my life. That was a very traumatic time, the cameras were there and they were capturing everything, so I mean, it was very, very real.  So as the season progresses it actually shows all of that, romantically, financially, um,just, independence wise, it shows that growth so I can watch it when it gets to that but, in the beginning it’s like, oh, am I crying every episode? I’m like, oh my God!” Continue reading


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Couples Therapy Interview Round-Up With Wendy Williams and Bethenny

Taylor on Bethenny

Today we have two interviews with cast from this seasons Couple Therapy. First John Gosselin on Wendy Williams and then,  Taylor and John on Bethenny. This should be good.

John comes out without Liz. Oh. She’s sick. Wendy doesn’t seem to know enough about what is going on with Couples Therapy to ask the right questions. They are rambling on about living in the woods. They talk about Jon firing a weapon when the paparazzi  refused to leave his property. Lots of Kate stuff.  In the first segment we get nary a word about Couples Therapy which is what we need to tea on, Wendy. /sigh

John says he did Couples Therapy for the free therapy and for a chance for him and Liz to get away from everything have some time for themselves.  John reveals that Ghost Face Killah’s name is Dennis. Not a single question about Farrah or Taylor or why he was the last to arrive. Very disappointed in this interview. Bethenny on the other hand goes balls to the wall with Taylor and John. Click through for the tea. Continue reading


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