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Bethenny Frankel Survives Worst Divorce Ever, And A Fake Bomb Threat

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Bethenny Frankel’s Divorce Tour continues to rage on at any venue with a camera.  The most recent stop on the sanctimonious advice train was Tuesday night at  an anniversary event for Stanton Social, a restaurant on the lower east side of NYC.

In case you have forgotten, Tuesday was when the earth briefly paused rotation and Mercury fell a bit deeper into retrograde over the news that Brad and Angelina had split up. So many actual celebrities and some housewives were asked their thoughts on the split.

Apparently, E! News an affiliate of NBCu which also owns Bravo was instructed by someone to go to the restaurant party and ask Bethenny and Jules  Wainstein, who was also in attendance, their thoughts on the demise of Brangelina.

For whatever reason, Bethenny is really pushing her divorce story. I can only suppose that we will be seeing another book coming from her where she condescendingly counsels women everywhere on how to navigate divorce. What is it with this vile woman who sucks at relationships with her parents, her husband, her cast mates, and seemingly has no actual friends that are not paid employees writing a book on relationships?  What idiot buys these books? It appears there are people willing to do it so the “How Not To Guide To Divorce” has got to be coming soon.

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Wendy Williams Has Bethenny Frankel On Her Show; Is This A Talk Show Truce?



I have been waiting for this Bethenny Frankel interview since we found out she was coming on last week. Not because I care about any of the shit coming out of Bethenny’s mouth but because there has been a deep rift between Wendy and Bethenny ever since Bethenny stole a few key members from Wendy’s staff when she got ready to start her own show. This also is the reason she stopped covering the housewives and had a falling out with Andy Cohen.  You really do need to read that link to understand this post.

So Wendy comes out right away mentioning that Bethenny is going to be on the show. She says ” So Bethenny Frankel is here today. (Big applause from audience. HUGE. Like Bethenny bought the tickets and hired the audience loud.)  So I must say I was out of watching the OC housewives and I was also out of watching the New York housewives because  there was nothing that was really exciting to me. And then all the sudden the OC became exciting because you know, some of those casts of characters went off the rails (it’s obvious she has no idea who is even on the show) which is always fun to watch and then in New York,  Bethenny is back and she made for good TV! So I can’t wait to talk to her about the housewives, her divorce…he’s finally signed the papers!…and her new life with her new man, Dennis.”

Okay that is some happy horseshit right there. These two women hate each other. And the audience is really odd today. We can see the clapping every time she says “Bethenny” and they sound super loud, but when they show the audience their faces don’t match the enthusiasm of the large crowd. This is all so suspicious to me already. What is going on?

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Real Housewives of New York Reunion Finale Part 3! Did Ramona Have Something To Say? Or Nay?

RHONY Sonja walks out of Reunion

I am so weary.

So very weary.

Is this over yet? I just want it to be over. I don’t think I will ever watch this franchise again.

It’s time to talk about the Amish shunning that Bethenny orchestrated against Sonja this season. I never had a problem with Bethenny bitching out Sonja for her stupid business deal with the housewife clinging idiot. She knew exactly what she was doing and Bethenny was right to ream her out for it. What she did wrong was to threaten all the other castmates into excluding her from filming. Sonja needs the paycheck and she has a kid.  That was a bitch move by Bethenny.  Before you put this season behind you, you really need to read this tutorial on SkinnyGirl v Tipsy Girl.    Everyone applauds Sonja for quitting drinking.  Ramona hasn’t been asked about anything I can remember in a single segment. So she keeps trying to pipe in about issues that don’t concern her. Apparently, Ramona was in on the deal with Peter at first but for some reason backed out. Dorinda says that Bethenny did call and say she was coming whoever she decides to invite.  Everyone said they excluded her because of her drinking. Even Dorinda and Ramona who both drink like fishes.

Sonja has a crying meltdown because she wasn’t invited to the Berkshires. She blames Dorinda. Sonja tries to do a dramatic walkout but the cameras are not following so she doesn’t make it off the stage.

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WWHL With Bethenny Frankel: I Thought It Was In Poor Taste


When Andy Cohen is the kindest, most respectable person on the WWHL stage, you know he has two truly loathsome guests. I’m going to focus on Bethenny because I refuse to acknowledge the existence of the other guest. Should I need to refer to him, I’ll call him Cowpie.  I can’t believe I am going to endure another half an hour with Bethenny, but let’s get this over with quickly.

Captain Obvious is the bartender.  I am sure Minky will have a clever comment about this, but my mind has melted.

Bethenny loves Cowpie. He has her phone number. Then Cowpie and Andy both picked Jules as best dressed at the reunion.  I wonder if Andy will address the rumor that E! started today that Jules has decided not to return. I hope that is not true, I will miss her.

Andy asks Bethenny, now that she has has time to collect her thoughts, is there anything she would like to say that she didn’t get a chance to at the reunion about Luann. This is an opportunity to make amends of sorts it would seem. Bethenny has claimed she was very sick at the reunion and given other excuses for her behavior. She has seen the backlash for two episodes. And by the way I checked her Twitter before starting this and she was retweeting people who were praising her behavior. It’s clearly mental illness and I am not saying that lightly but with all seriousness.

Bethenny responds, “I think Luann’s despicable and tragic behavior speaks for itself. I think that coming in to sort of get the stench off of you and on to someone else was just a complete falsehood. I was sick that day, I had strep and a 102 degree fever and I felt like I was hit with a two by four, like I was crawling out of a hole that I don’t know why someone dumped me in. It was crazy. That was really crazy and you and I talked later and you said ‘we would have liked to have seen more of the fun and light Bethenny,’ and I said ‘That I’m cheating…or that I’m with someone who is cheating and it could affect their entire family and flush through an entire press cycle? Yeah, No, I’m not in that much of a good mood, I’m gonna SHUT IT DOWN. I needed,  I mean I was going to ask you for a lie detector test at that point.”

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Real Housewives of New York Reunion Part 2: You’re Going to Look Bad

RHONY Reunion left
Well, it’s time to get started and I was behind on Big Brother and off to a late start. If you missed Part 1 and all four thousand comments, well either count your blessings or click here. 

We start tonight with the love story that Bethenny hoped would be her married man storyline. We are reminded that he is in love with her and wants to marry her and she has changed her mind about never getting married again. Carole’s response was that was too much too fast. Not at all what she wanted her minion to say.  It seems if no one is going to be happy to hear Bethenny has found love then no damn body will be happy about anyone finding love this season! Both Carole and Ramona are beaming from ear to ear hearing that  Bethenny is in love.

We get to hear the sob story about Bethenny’s fibroids. Bethenny gets emotional because her mother never told her about any of this stuff. I don’t think I’ve ever cried about my mother not telling me about menopause. I did cry when the crazy came and it was a lot like what my mother was like at this age. I wish I would have been kinder to her. Then she tells the reaching out to her mother story and the apartment story.   I am unmoved by Bethenny’s multiple sob stories. Someone videoed her returning to the apartment. Bethenny says that basically that Dennis wants to get married so she wants to fulfill his desires. She says Dennis is amused by her bad behavior on the show.

Konichiwa and Shalom, it’s time for Jules. I admit I’ve been saying Konichiwa and Shalom since I watched this video.  Of course nothing is about anyone but Bethenny this season,  her whole montage is about Bethenny and Carole mocking her eating disorder. Jules is very embarrassed by the montage of Michael and his clear signs of an affair all season.  Countdown until someone says the wife is always the last to know.  Andy asks about her marriage and she can barely speak through her tears. She says there were problems this year and what we saw on the show doesn’t represent their ten year marriage. Andy asks about the allegation of his cheating and her somehow physically abusing him. She says you can’t believe everything you read and that she can’t talk about it.

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Before Tonight’s #RHONY Reunion, I Think It’s Time We All Just Have A Good Laugh About #TomGate



I am still a bit confused about why the Tom thing is such a big deal.  I get it. We’ve addressed it and tonight, we get to talk about this whole thing some more. On the bright side, Batshit Bethenny is good ratings, both for Bravo and for me, so YAY!   But I am not quite ready to do this all over again tonight.

Did I mention that Bethenny is going to be on WWHL with that shitbag misogynist guy? And I’m not talking about Andy this time. It’s a triumvirate of evil that I am not sure I can endure while on my new “no alcohol until you lose half your body weight lifestyle.” At least Andy didn’t add it on to the reunion and mess up my 10 pm recording block. (Tyrant, Masterchef)

So to prepare us all for this horsecrap Here is some comic relief by Amy Phillips. Who is a genius.

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