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Real Housewives of New York Episode Discussion Forum

RHONY Ramona face

EDITED TO ADD: OOPS I AM SO UNPLUGGED I’VE FORGOTTEN MY SCHEDULE. IT’S RHOOC I won’t be recapping tonight. Hang on and I’ll put up a post for that show. THEN back to unplugged.

Hey guys, I am going to remain mostly unplugged again tonight and will not be recapping the RHONY  RHOOC live at 9. I may or may not feel like doing it at 11:30 in time for the morning crew tomorrow. Until then… you guys have a place to comment here. Meanwhile, let’s look back at last week’s episode through the bleary eyes of Ramona. Bethenny is a very strong woman. The things she has been going through have been very hard on her emotionally. At times Bethenny cries at a drop of the hat due to all the stress she’s under. I know the feeling as finalizing my divorce has been taking a toll on me emotionally. This is the reason I haven’t written a blog in a while. I appreciate everyone’s continued support and understanding. It means so much to me. I actually hadn’t noticed your absence. Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live With Bethenny Frankel

WWHL with Bethenny

I’m not sure I can take another half hour of this woman.  What is wrong with Bethenny’s face in this picture?

Ramona  is the drinking word. Andy and Isaac Mizrahi could not possibly be further up Bethenny’s asshole. How can they both breath up in there?

Andy asks her opinion on Kim and Kyle since she has known them both for years. Bethenny says that she has known them for 25 years. Bethenny says she can’t imagine having a sibling on the show.  Andy asks if it has always been like this between them. Bethenny doesn’t say anything that makes sense. She says she loves Kyle and Kim can be a bit dramatic.

This show is ridiculous. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York on Today Show

RHONY on Today

This morning on the Kathy Lee and Hoda part of TodayBethenny Frankel, Carole Radziwill, Ramona Singer and Luann De Lesseps  did some press for the Real Housewives of New York season premiere.

First let’s talk about their choices in outfits. Bethenny and Ramona both went with a little black dress. I think they both looked appropriate for the situation. Carole looks like a college sophomore doing the walk of shame in the leather pants and t-shirt she wore out to the bar the night before.  Luann?  Well she does seem “Eastery”  to say the least. I’m not fond of women of a certain age in shirts that tie at the waist no matter how in shape they are. I am not saying they all need to call each other and try to coordinate like a girl band. I’m just saying that there should be some standard of dress for a television appearance where it seems they are all dressing for the same event. Continue reading


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Bethenny Frankel’s One on One With Andy Cohen

Wow, Andy Cohen is not pussy footing around his BFF, Bethenny. I figured this whole show would be a waste of time (lol, like the other shit we watch isn’t) with Andy doing his usual genuflecting and sucking up but right off the bat he says that she is returning to the housewives on the heels of two big failures, her marriage and her talk show. That seems kind of unnecessary, but hopefully it means he will ask some good questions.

Bethenny says that she really can’t talk about the talk show being a negative experience because it would make her seem ungrateful for the experience and she is not. She says she didn’t enjoy being a talk show host. That seems like an odd statement I hope he follows up on. Bethenny says everyone wants a talk show, and everyone thinks it is so easy.  She says particularly “housewives” want a talk show and it’s not easy.

Wow. Bethenny and Jason are STILL not divorced. Bethenny doesn’t answer the question about where she lives because she can’t say she doesn’t live in the apartment with Jason because that would allow Jason to say that Bethenny has abandoned her residence. I had heard that Bethenny had purchased an apartment near to the one she technically shares with Jason just to have a place to go. However, it seems that she has to overnight in her place with Jason occasionally for legal reasons. Bethenny says we will see her living situation play out on the show. Continue reading


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File Under Very Strange Vacation Companions

RHONY Bethenny and Ramona in Aspen 32015

Isn’t filming over? Explanation anyone? Ramona and Bethenny are BFFs now?


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Wait, RHONY is Coming Back?


I gave up on RHONY for a multitude of reasons. Mostly because there is only so much hate I can take.  Once I no longer found anything redeeming about any of the women, on RHONY I reached my limit. I was done. But also because there was a person on the show with some mental health issues I could empathize with and most of y’all could not. But now with the return of Bethenny, and the removal of that person,  I will mostly likely be tuning back in.

It looks like RHONY is getting a much needed overhaul.  Which means I should be getting back to caring about who stays and who goes. Which has been the dead last thing on my mind.

But click through to find out who is currently being test filmed… Continue reading


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Bethenny Frankel Fans Continue to Worry About Her Alarming Weight Loss

RHONY BethennyIt was just last July when Bethenny Frankel was admonished by the judge in her custody case with Jason Hoppy for posting a picture of herself wearing her four-year-old daughter, Brynn’s Hello Kitty pajamas on twitter. The judge called the decision ridiculous. When her lawyer said that it was just a joke, the judge replied by saying, “It’s not a joke. Her child is not a joke.”

Yesterday, Bethenny’s fans were appalled after she posted the above picture on Twitter pimping her new book of cocktail recipes. Several comments were left on Twitter and Instagram by fans who were deeply concerned about her health. Continue reading


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Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy Reach A Child Custody Agreement!


Well, well, well, it seems Bethenny Frankel changed her tune and decided to come to a fair agreement with Jason Hoppy over custody of their four year old daughter, Bryn.  Here is what happened. Last Wednesday, Bethenny went to court and testified that Jason was a horrible person and called him “white trash” and it was very, very, ugly. There was a lot of media coverage and a lot of public backlash.  TV talk show hosts and social media were all questioning why neither parent had the records sealed to keep Bryn from being able to later read about the horrible things Bethenny said about the father of her child.  New York based Internet media have been constantly referring to Bethenny as a “failed talk show host” rather than a successful business woman. Bethenny was presented in a very negative way. Continue reading


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Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy’s Divorce Trial Begins

bethennyNow that Bethenny has finished her talk show, it seems she finally has time to begin the formal divorce proceedings. According to the New York Daily News, yesterday was the first day of testimony and Bethenny took the stand. She wasted no time in going all in on her soon to be ex-husband Jason Hoppy. Bethenny testified that she wrote Jason a letter telling him that she wanted a divorce and that once he read it he  She said her life became “brutal, horrendous, and  excruciating.” Um, who writes a letter to the husband that you live with asking for a divorce rather than just talking to him face to face?

Bethenny cried on the stand as she recounted numerous mistreatments by Jason during the separation. Bethenny testified that Jason told her, “If you don’t want to be with me and you’re ending this marriage, I want nothing to do with you ever again. I’m going to destroy you. You’re already losing fans. I’m going to ruin you.” Continue reading


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Kandi Burruss on Bethenny

kANDI bURRUSThey are really publicizing the hell out of this RHOA reunion. Today, Kandi was on Bethenny  as part of the publicity tour. First of all, Kandi is rocking her wedding band with a new engagement ring. I know she caught a lot of flack for the nontraditional one she picked for herself in Vegas. She is still wearing the old one on her other hand. At first I was worried that she just succumbed to the pressure of a more traditional style but in reality the first one was not made to have a wedding band slide up against the band of the ring.  Her new set is very pretty, modest and has the pave diamonds that she likes and goes will with the previous ring.

When asked how married life is, Kandi says it is good but two days after they got married, one of Todd’s shows he produces got picked up and he had to leave to go film. Todd has his own production company now! Kandi says they don’t have time for a real honeymoon for the next five months  but they plan to take a weekend trip before then. Continue reading


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WWHL With Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer

bethenny and RamonaWell this should be good!  Please understand I am not discussing RHONY here this season, so I won’t be including certain parts and neither will your comments. That said, Andy is busting at the seams with happiness.  He wastes no time kissing Bethenny’s ass!  Ramona shares that Bethenny sends really nice floral arrangements to her guests.

Obvi, Bethenny gets first chair, as it should be.

Apparently Sonja needs 35 people to help her function. The interns live in her house!  The poll question is who do you miss the most of the dearly departed housewives?  Bethenny calls Andy a shit stirrer. Then Andy plays a Turtle Time! video. #goodtimes  The bartender is a zoo guy with a baby sloth named Mo short for Molasses. How adorbs!

Andy asks Ramona about her marital issues. She says she is taking it day by day and then asks Andy about his ring. This has been an issue since last summer when we though he might be engaged to recently booted DWTS cast member, Sean Avery.  Andy says he just bought it for himself. I don’t believe it, it’s a wedding band on his gay ring finger. Nice one, Ramoner!

Continue reading


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Porsha Stewart On Bethenny: I Film Myself During Sex !

Porsha RHOAI slept in this morning and am just now getting to this episode of Bethenny. Let’s see what happens. This should be good. Bethenny does not suffer fools well, she knows she was cancelled and she is just going through the motion for these last shows.

Porsha comes out in a fuchsia dress with a super low back and 16 pounds of some Asian women’s hair on her head. Porsha said life is wonderful and everything is good her new single Flatline is out and she is happy. Bethenny asks what made her want to do a single. She says she used to sing in her twenties and make demos and send them out. Porsha basically says she made the single to give herself an outlet for her emotions after the divorce.  She says that now that she is single she can return to music and express herself without any restrictions.

Bethenny mentions all the divorces that occur with housewives of every franchise and asks Porsha if the show contributes to the high numbers. Porsha basically says that with every marriage your first priority is to make the world think your marriage is great even when it isn’t. Do y’all agree with that? She says that the cameras magnify the situation. She says when she is filming she doesn’t really realize what is being put out into the world but when she watches it back, she realizes that all the flaws in the relationship are showing up. Porsha says she learned it was important to be able to decide what marital advice she should take in and what she should discard.

Continue reading


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