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Former RHOA Porsha Williams Has An Outstanding Warrant for Battery?

RHOA Porsha

Who’s crying now?

I find myself once again reading reports about the RHOA in the tabloid media that make no sense. I think the problem is that they have one thing that is perhaps a “fact.” and that is that there is a warrant out for Porsha’s arrest and she is turning herself in tomorrow.  I’ve sent out a request for that information to be verified, but my sources may not even know that information.

The ROL story is riddled with so much bullshit I didn’t even believe the warrant part of their story when I read it. They are still talking about sex toys provoking the fight and people getting dragged even when we have all seen that there were no sex toys and Kenya wasn’t even speaking to Porsha when Porsha started going at her. Kenya was answering a question from Andy and Porsha became confrontational. Continue reading

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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: With Friends Like These

RHOA Nene Mexico

GIF BY RealityTVGIFs a GIF blog by T. Kyle MacMahon The best source for animated Real Housewives GIFs.

It is very telling that the title of this episode, With Friends Like These, refers to Cynthia realizing that her friends contract with Nene is essentially null and void. Nene gets the episode on disk the week it airs and this likely prompted her recent comments about “friends” and people “diminishing her character.” Nene cannot stand getting “the bad edit” and this season has been a doozy for her in that regard.

The show begins in Mexico where their last evening is coming to a close. Peter and Gregg are bumping heads a little bit when the women arrive. Nene sticks her nose smack in the middle of the men’s business and tells Peter that he needs to keep his nose out of women’s business. #hypocrite While I realize that Peter does tend to be a bit gossipy at times, in this instance, he is right. He is allowed to have an opinion about Nene’s behavior at Kenya’s charity ball. He kept it to himself until his wife met him in the parking lot. Nene is the one who got into a marital conversation and started puffing up her chest. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Don’t Nobody Want to Fuck Chuck Now

Gif Courtesy of: RealityTVGIFs a GIF blog by T. Kyle MacMahon | The best source for animated Real Housewives GIFs

Gif Courtesy of: RealityTVGIFs a GIF blog by T. Kyle MacMahon | The best source for animated Real Housewives GIFs

I already recapped the first ten minutes of this episode here.  The predominant theme was, “who hasn’t fucked Chuck?”  Oh and Mallory is back to stir up trouble for Peter and Cynthia as if they need more shit in their marriage. I’m taping seven hours worth of shows tonight. I am hoping to get through this recap, and the new Blood, Sweat & Heels, which sadly looks promising and then zoning out with JUAN CARLOS.  I loves me some Juan Carlos. Don’t judge.

Kenya’s giant gold hoops look real from where I am sitting.

Okay, on with the new stuff.  Porsha is shopping for dog crap she doesn’t need. Why do people feel the need to dress their dogs like they are actual children? Porsha is moving out from her mother’s house. Porsha gets her mama to pay the $43 for dog clothes, and for some reason places a couple folded benjamins on the counter as if to say, “See? I can afford this forty-three dollar dog dress.” Continue reading


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Kim Of Queens Recap

kimofqueens_30_spot_HD_768x432-16x9I  was intrigued by the commercials for Kim of Queens as I watched and recapped Dance Moms this week.  I immediately looked for a rerun to DVR and am excited to watch this show that takes place in Atlanta! (Yes, locals, I know her business is in Suwanee.) Kim Gravel is a former  Miss Georgia who runs The Pageant Place, which assists pageant hopefuls with pageant coaching and interviewing skills designed to put the in the finals in pageants and in their personal lives.

The season begins with Kim prepping her pageant girls for moving into the teen level of pageants. This means interviews!  Most of them have not done interviews before. In walks Addison, the ringer.  Kim freaks out over Addison trying to clog. By the way, when Kim won her title she sang opera. Kim struggles to find a talent for Addison for the pageant that is coming up that weekend. Addision says it is either clogging or a comedy routine.

This week is the Sweet Onion Blossom pageant. Clearly, Kim picked the pageant for Addison.  One of the pageant moms quickly points out the obvious.  Kim strikes right back at the mom saying she is taking them to a pageant they are ready for. It is their first time doing an interview and they need to practice. Continue reading


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Bravo Can’t Get Enough of Atlanta

atlanta_skylineOh Yay! Bravo has yet another reality series based in Atlanta. What is next? We already have fake wealthy women brawling, gay men in women’s high heels, and black lawyers who represent strippers proclaiming themselves as “southern belles.”  How much more can we take? What’s wrong with Nashville, or Houston, or Memphis? Sigh.

The new show is called The New Atlanta.  Everybody knows how much we need Yankees coming down here and telling us all about “the new Atlanta.” It follows Nene’s new Wedding show on Tuesday starting in September. And Speaking of Nene, it looks like she has learned a thing or two from Kandi Burruss because she is a producer on her show!  Click through for all the details. Continue reading


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Big Rich Atlanta: Khadijiha Proves She’s No Cupcake

I’m back in for another episode of Big Rich Atlanta. Mostly because it seems this episode Ashlee gets a beat down from Khadijiha. Allegedly, I imagine it is all hype. But we start with Meagan and her mother.  This is a particularly shady family and it appears we are going to meet her father on this episode. He has quite the colorful past both with the medical board and for punching some woman in the face in a moment of road rage. There are websites dedicated to nothing but having the guy’s medical license revoked. Mostly it seems because he is an OB/GYN accused by some of providing late term abortions. I used to think that these shows just slacked on the background investigations; but now, I think they must actually seek out people with questionable backgrounds. Anyway, Meagan and her mom want to have a food truck for clothes. Or something. This of course involves buying a brand new truck. Allegedly. For the cameras. One would think they would rent something first and see if…. oh nevermind. Continue reading


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Kim Zolciak Explains Why She Quit Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kim Zolciak has given an Interview to Bravo’s The Dish about her upcoming departure episode from Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA). Looks like we had the whole thing figured out pretty much correctly. First, let’s look at the Bravo writer’s intro:

By now, you may have heard that Kim Zolciak will handing in her Real Housewives of Atlanta peach and reprising her spin-off show Don’t Be Tardy… for a second season. There’s plenty of accusations being thrown around regarding Kim’s exit, so The Dish went straight to Kim to find out what really went down when it came to her dramatic Housewives departure, her future show, those nasty rumors and who she plans on staying in touch with on the RHOA cast (her answer might surprise you).

Looks to me like Bravo is confirming that she quit. They did not do this with Sheree. They go on to interview Kim who repeatedly says she quit. From here on out, the purple text is my comments. Continue reading


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Buckle Up Atlanta, There Are More TV Cameras Coming!

What has Atlanta done to suddenly become the Reality TV City? We already have at least half a dozen shows filming here. Do we really need three more? Well two more. We already knew about Don’t Be Tardy for the Eviction. Let’s take a look at it a bit closer since Bravo officially admitted to making it today as well as the fresh hell Bravo has in store for us. Continue reading


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Kim Zolciak Says Moving Back to the Condo Big Poppa Bought Was Ideal

Gif by RealityTVGifs

Ever so often I love to interpret an official housewife blog. While none will ever be as fun as Heather Maclean’s blogs and the hysterical Tre fans who somehow thought Heather herself wrote that blog entry, this week’s blog by Kim Zolciak has some promise. Mostly because she seems agitated that people are still talking about her “eviction.”  Despite Kim herself talking about being evicted on the show, she still wants to pretend like moving out of her dream house into a her old condo was all her idea. I know it is a touchy subject for her because despite all my positive blogs about her, when I blogged about her dispute with Kendra, she blocked me on twitter. Let’s look at what Kim has to say on her blog. Continue reading


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Kim Zolciak Talks Real Housewives on Wendy Williams

Kim Zolciak was on Wendy Williams this morning. She looks fabulous I must say. She told Wendy she is having her easiest pregnancy and has sugar cravings and jalapeno cravings. No real tea was spilled but Kim made a few interesting comments. She politely pretended not to know whose decision it was for Sheree not to return. The thing is that Wendy didn’t really ask that. Wendy was talking as if Sheree quit and Kim’s comment sort of corrected Wendy. She could have easily said nothing. Wendy asked her about the house and she said “we should be closing sometime soon.”  Didn’t she say on the reunion they were closing next week?  Sounds to me like they haven’t had an offer accepted yet. That house is the second most expensive one on that street. The should be able to get a good deal on it.  Kendra and Antonio paid 3.25 million for it back in 2007 when it was built. That was just before the big real estate bust. Home prices in Atlanta have fallen more than anywhere in the country. She should be able to pick it up in the range of 2.2 to 2.4. Then she said something weird…

The really weird thing Kim said was in response to whether she would be back for season five. Kim said yes, IF…and Wendy talked over her. Kim finally got her sentence out saying she would be back IF Bravo picked up the show for season five. Kim claims the housewives have not received a pick-up notice for another season.  That makes no sense. Although the main producer Carlos King, has left RHOA to work on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, the new, female producer has come to Atlanta in just the last couple of days. Though filming doesn’t seem to have started yet, production seems to be falling into place. Bravo has said Sheree won’t be back for season five. Which means there is a season five for her not to come back to.  There is no reason for Bravo not to pick up the show because the ratings are through the roof. So why would Kim make the comment that essentially said, if there is a season five, I’ll be on it? The only thing that comes to my mind that might shake up the show is Nene thinking she doesn’t need the Bravo check anymore and leaving. Or maybe they haven’t cast the new housewife yet. There are so many rumors about who that will be that nothing is clear. Or maybe Bravo just hasn’t officially picked up the show yet and Kim is just not counting her chickens before they hatch. At the WWHL fiasco, Andy specifically told everyone on the stage that they were back for another season… Interesting.


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Bravo Posts Statement about Sheree Whitfield’s Departure…

Because some of you need apparently need to see it directly on the Bravo site, here is the “official comment” from the Bravo blog, The Dish. They are politely ignoring her claims that she quit.

After four seasons with The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree Whitfield is officially ready to leave the smalls behind.

“Yes it is official I’m leaving Real Housewives of Atlanta. I enjoyed my time working with everyone affiliated with the show,” Atlanta’s most fit momma announced on her Twitter page. Bravo confirmed the news, stating, “We have enjoyed working with Sheree as part of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. We wish her all the best in the future.”

Sheree then used her Twitter page to thank fans for their continued support and discuss future plans (including a workout DVD?). “God has granted me the wisdom and courage to move forward to act on opportunities,” she writes. “I am not going anywhere from here but up.”

Sorry, Sheree fans, you should have believed me when I tried to ease you into this news.


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FInally, We Can Put Season Four of Real Housewives of Atlanta to Bed!

It’s the day we thought would never come. The final episode of the reunion marks the end of RHOA season four. Thank the chocolate baby Jesus! Speaking of the chocolate baby Jesus, do y’all reckon the guests at the bizarro church thing for Ayden got to eat Jesus at the post-investiture luncheon? After the blasphemy of the whole ordeal wore off, I wondered about those sorts of things. I want to know if baby Jesus was hollow like a cheap chocolate Easter Bunny or if Phaedra spared no expense. He was probably a solid baby Jesus don’t you think? If so, that’s enough chocolate to give everyone in attendance diabetes. I’m just saying.  Anyway, this is the season that would never end. I’d like to think Bravo executives somewhere are sitting down in a room evaluating what worked and what didn’t. I have a few things I’d like to share with them…

Your cast of drama queens on every iteration of the franchise tweet. a lot. This is your fault. Half of these women didn’t even know how to use a computer before you told them all to get a twitter account. When you give random nobodies their own TV show, it has its benefits to you. You don’t have to pay them much, especially at first. This is because they are willing to expose the crazy, imbalanced people that they are, on national television, for a paycheck.  This double edged sword is also the reason they get drunk and tweet things about each other on the same day they film it. Even if they don’t blatantly violate their contracts, they give us more than enough information to know exactly what is going to happen and when on the upcoming season. So you really need to learn to write the scripts better so that you can make an entire season without pulling things out of order. Enough of us know the true order for it to be very frustrating.

Twenty episodes in the same season is probably at least five too many. I get that this is a way for Bravo to pay the housewives more with subsequent seasons, but be honest. you didn’t have enough interesting stuff for twenty episodes. Which left you tossing in a bunch of stuff haphazardly at the end. This season should have either ended in South Africa or had  a one episode wrap-up. perhaps with a staged dinner event where the whole cast sits down together and acts civilized.

The cast needs to be able to all shoot together. This of course is why we couldn’t end with a big fake dinner event.You guys are great at making these women fight for our enjoyment. It’s gotten to the point that fighting is the only interesting thing that happens.But that is because you all encourage it. We notice that when a particular housewife becomes “boring” they tend to cause a big commotion in order to hold on to their paycheck.When you put a bunch of women in the same room and force them to interact as part of a job, they will fight and gossip and backstab. It’s not necessary to disrupt this natural process by firing the ones who don’t become combative. The way actual women who share an workplace is interesting enough without turning it into an MMA event. We need less over the top screaming and physical attacks and more reality which is nuanced insults, backstabbing and manipulations. Especially in the south, we don’t brawl.We can cause way more damage in a much more civilized way. Bless your hearts.
Stop forcing the cast into ridiculous misogynist stereotypes.  The white trash whore with a heart of gold, the black neck-rolling buffoon, the child  R&B star with a sex drive in overtime, the NFL groupie wife still digging for gold after the divorce, the brainless model, the “black southern belle,” all of these a harsh caricatures. Only a Jewish gay man from New York could even conceptualize a black southern belle. Someone should have at least researched that one. The manner in which you encourage each of the housewives to use these labels against each other and yet wear their own as if it truly represents any of them is cruel. It also suggests that actual women who were not being encouraged to degrade themselves would be somehow less interesting. Your producer tweeting after the finale that is was his best work ever, speaks volumes.

Select some women with educations, interesting lives and personal integrity. Felons, strippers, prostitutes, and gold diggers are not what we want to see. I suppose you will never care or understand that until we stop watching. The blame lies with us for accepting your image of us.

Now if y’all will excuse me, I need to have a come to chocolate baby Jesus moment with myself about why I watch this show.


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