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You Can Expect to See Kim Zolciak in a New Dream Home Soon

Wedding guests

NEW UPDATE: Kendra apparently went on TMZ live just now… And  did more than produce the documents. She slammed her!

New Update, apparently Kendra responsed to TMZ and their “source close to Kim” with a recent email from Kroy. It’s clear in the email Kroy wants to buy the house but Kendra is done.done.done. with the Biermanns and they are being shown the door. TMZ is using Kendra terms and calling Kim a squatter. ooooooooooh!

As y’all know, I’ve been slacking off on the blogging lately due to some personal issues that need dealing with, but I wanted to update the Kim Zolciak story one more time. First, today on Wendy Williams this morning, we got to see another example of her really bad reporting. I’m actually starting to think Wendy is using again. She can’t make it through a single sentence without interrupting herself to address what she looks like, and fidgeting in her chair. It’s very distracting. Anyway today she wants us to believe that Kim told her that she was moving out when she was on her show a month ago. This reminds me of the time that Sister2Sister conveniently remembered they knew Kenya Moore was going to be on RHOA because she had told them weeks before and that Straight From the A’s exclusive just seemed to jog their memory. Wendy’s job is to report the dirt. Yet we are supposed to believe that Kim moving, all on her own with no drama involved was some top secret thing she could not share? Since when is voluntarily moving out of your rented dream house into another house a big deal? I don’t believe a word of what I heard this morning, Wendy. And really, Kendra’s mugshot was the only picture of the landlady you could find? Does your hot topics crew have access to the Internet?

Kendra and Antonio at Strippergate Press Conference

Next issue. I believe Kim has been paying her rent. Kendra never alleged that Kim did not pay her rent. Kim tweeted that she thought Kendra was saying that but Kendra never said it. What Kendra said is that Kim did not pay her for her design work. These are two separate issues. I think Kim lies a lot. Kim wants us to think the problem is related to Kendra’s bill. It is not. The falling out happened back in November when Kim refused to notify Kendra about the huge wedding on the rental property. Antonio was there to inspect the massive construction on the site, not to collect on a bill for design work.

Why is this all coming out now? And on twitter of all places? After all the wedding happened in November. Simple. Kim pays her rent and had a lease through May 31. Kendra has been living for the day she could get Kim out of the house and that time is now. Kendra has a mouth on her. Always has. She had a falling out with Kim in November and now is the time she can finally kick her to the curb.

Is this some PR move to get ratings for “Kim’s failing show”? Hardly. Kim had really great ratings right out of the box. She pulled a 1.5 million on opening night and continued in that range until the episode that caused all this that pulled a 2.0.  She has higher ratings than Bethenny Ever After, Shahs of Sunset, and pretty much anything on bravo other than the housewives franchises. The idea that Bravo would somehow be pulling a PR stunt to drag readers in to the spin-off is absurd. They didn’t do anything to try to save It’s a Brad, Brad World when it was actually tanking. Kim’s show has gone beyond their wildest expectations. This is not a PR stunt, sorry @atlien. Love ya, but we’ll just have to agree to disagree on that.

Here’s more proof it’s not a publicity stunt. Ask yourself this question, why would Kendra Davis who clearly is unhappy with Kim agree to do the deed? How does this benefit Kendra in any way? Why would Kendra want to help Kim’s ratings for any amount of money? Also, if it were a PR stunt, Kim would be fueling the fires rather than trying to avoid the issue and tweeting furiously that nothing is wrong. And finally, Kim blocked me on twitter today.  Why, if you are playing a Bravo game with your twitter followers would you suddenly block someone giving the story legs?  You wouldn’t. In reality all blocking someone does is keep you from seeing that persons tweets to you in the Connect Timeline. I can still see her tweets she just can’t see mine. I’ve never mean tweeted her, or tweeted anything about this other than links to these posts.

This is not a publicity stunt. I actually kinda like Kim. I don’t see her as a role model or the best person ever, but I have often been accused here  by Nene fans of thinking she is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I watch her show, I like her show. But at the same time, she has pissed off the owners of her dream home. She has been saying rude things about  Kendra on national TV for quite some time. It’s not rocket science that Kendra is pissed.

Finally let’s talk about the value of the property. Kendra bought the house for $3.25 million back before the real estate market bubble popped. She listed it before Kim moved in for $3.75. That was a ridiculous amount based on the market at that time. It didn’t sell. My guess is she approached Kim with a rental deal that she now regrets. I don’t know where y’all are getting that  Kim made some lowball offer on the house. I don’t believe that happened. I think that Kim, once again tried to not pay Kendra for the design work. It’s her pattern. Kendra knows Kim loves that house. And Kendra is about to take it away from her.  The house is work around $2.5 -2.75  million based on current estimates. The Atlanta area is the hardest hit area in the country when it comes to declining home value. I know, I am a homeowner here, my house took a 40%  hit.  So it’s a bad time to sell if you don’t have to, and Kendra doesn’t have to. Kendra has money. Way more money than Kim does. She can afford to be as vindictive as she wants to be.

Would you let someone stay in a property you own that disparaged you on national TV? Two things will happen to prove that this is not manufactured Bravo drama. Kim will be moving out of her dream house, and she will also get a second season. Kim doesn’t need this to give her a “storyline.”  Her pregnancy will be the storyline. Her crazyassed parents are a storyline. Her pretending to be richer than she is it Bravo’s most favored storyline. She’s good on storylines.



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Kendra Davis is Threatening to Kick the Biermanns To the Curb. Literally.

The hostility between Kendra Davis and Kim Biermann on twitter continues to escalate. Kim and Sweetie have been BFFs again on twitter and seem to be hanging out. Kim also seems to be hinting that the inevitable second season of her spin-off is a go because ratings have been great. She also seemed to be ignoring Kendra’s tweets to and about her. But then she tweeted, “I think police mug shots speak for themselves!!!!” some folk took it to Kendra. So Kendra has a whole lot to say.  Here’s the story on Kendra’s prior arrests. I know she was found not guilty of at least one of them.

In addition to confirming what I have been reporting that Kim did not buy the house, she said they never even made an offer. Kendra says the main issue, and the reason that Antonio was there was concerns for the liability of the construction and holding such a large event on their property. She is tweeting about evicting them, and saying they have 48hours to get out. So I asked her when the lease was up, and she said May 31st.  I responded with  ut-oh, because now the Biermanns according to Kendra are month to month tenants. And Kendra is implying that she has or intends to file serve a 48 hour notice to vacate. I think legally Kendra can evict the Biermanns, particularly if she refused to accept rent for June.  Kendra is also saying that she doesn’t need the rent money and just wants Kim out. I don’t think she is playing. It won’t happen in 48hrs because it is a pain in the ass to evict a tenant in Georgia. Next, she will give a 30 day notice, even then, things drag out around here. But don’t be surprised to hear that Kimberleigh is moving soon. 

Also, if you are like me and wondering how one spends $54,000 on one room of “interior decorating”, Kendra cleared that up too. Kendra paid for the furniture that that was used in the room anticipating that Kim would reimburse her.  Kim still has not done that, and Kendra is headed to the courthouse.

Personally,  I think Kim was a moron for insulting the property owners of her “dream house” on national television.  I said that when she did it the first time on RHOA in this post. I also told y’all I thought it was about time for that lease to be up and it looks like I was right. Y’all know I have no problem with Kim, well not as many problems with Kim as the other ones, lol, but she is up the creek without a paddle in this situation.


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Kim Zolciak Receives Some Harsh Tweets From Kendra Davis

Based on Kendra Davis’ twitter timeline it appears Kim has not paid her for her interior design job.  Kendra also seems to have taken issue with Kim saying the house looks better than ever since she moved in. Read what Kendra has to say in her tweets here. The summary is that Kim and Kroy did not buy the house and don’t seem to be in negotiations to do so.  In fact, Kendra seems to be threatening to evict the Biermanns  in her response to one Kim fan  she was tweeting with.  There is a great comment on this post dated June 2 at 2:53 am that I think explains exactly how the problem likely started. 

Antonio was not there to ask Kim to pay the money she owes. Just like the security guy said he was there to inspect the property. We can’t really believe Kim’s version of anything, but I think the security guard was honestly relating what happened. The backyard of the property has lots of expensive features, the pool, the basketball courts, the Jacuzzi, and the nice landscaping. It doesn’t seem like the Biermanns cleared the construction with Antonio and Kendra and they didn’t find out until they received an invitation to the wedding. Antonio was not trying to stop the wedding because of the outstanding bill, he was in fact trying to inspect the massive construction occurring on his property.

Seems reasonable enough. Sure he consented to RHOA filming the show in the house, but it seems he did not consent to all the port-a-potties and huge tents and major construction happening in the backyard. As of today, it appears that Kendra has not been paid, feels her friendship with Kim has been betrayed and to add insult to injury feels that Kim insulted her on national television. My guess is the Biermanns will be looking for a new dream home soon. If they are current on their rent, they can’t be evicted, but as I said in the previous post, when the lease ends, and I believe that will be soon, Kendra can decide not to rent to extend the lease. What a mess! In other news Kim’s spin-off drew over 2 million viewers. We could be looking at a sequel. Don’t Be Tardy for the Eviction maybe?


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Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding: Some Thoughts

Well, we got to see Kim Zolciak’s hair last night. I guess. Am I the only one that thought it still looked like a wig? I’m not saying it wasn’t her hair. I’m just one of those people that questions everything. Reality show editing especially. You know what I’m saying? So for me, showing what is under the wig means taking off the wig without taking it off in one room and then moving into another room for the big reveal. If Derek J and her wig person have seen her hair before, why couldn’t they just sit there when she took it off? Why make them leave the room? Why said, “I just need five minutes” and then come out with a hair style that looks professionally styled to show your two stylists in  the other room?Am I the only one who felt that way?

That said, I loved her “real hair.” It was sort of a cute soccer mom look. Appropriate for a mom of three with one on the way. I don’t know why she insists on wearing big ole hot heavy hooker hair every single day. It’s HOT in Atlanta. But enough about the hair. Let’s talk about the important stuff…her apparent falling out with Kendra.

Wait, first can we talk about the jewelry guy for a sec? My bullshit detector was having huge issues with that scene as well. I get that the little shopping bags all had the jeweler’s name on them and it was for advertising, but that is not how high-end jewelry arrives at the home of a prospective buyer. They come in with a secure briefcase without the fanfare and often with armed security. We are supposed to believe that dude just waltzed in with over a million dollars in diamonds, in little paper bags?

Which brings us to the “$400,000 bracelet.” Seriously? Do people actually believe that? That bracelet would not bring that unless Elizabeth Taylor once owned it. I was going to give you guys some comps on that piece in particular, but I’m thinking either you know something about diamonds, or you don’t and probably believe it. I just don’t see how anybody believes that in one scene Kim is talking about being over budget for the wedding, and in the next scene her husband has given her unlimited spending on jewelry. My take on that whole scene is this guy was willing to let Kim wear some of his jewelry, which sells well below the price range he stated, in exchange for him getting to advertise for free on TV. That whole scene was an advertisement and not to be taken seriously.

But it wasn’t the wig, or the ring that blew up my blog stats last night. It wasn’t the fact that Jen quit her matron of honor position at the last minute. To me Jen’s storyline was the only sincere thing on the show. It was Antonio Davis who drew everyone over to the blog.

This was also the thing that really caught my interest. I’ve posted a lot about Kendra Davis.  It was very interesting that we see Antonio at the end of the driveway last night demanding to see Kim. First of all, Kendra is not the type to send Antonio to fight her battles. But, Antonio is the type to jump in to defend Kendra. I’m not sure what really happened, but the important part is there is a problem between the Davis’ and the Biermanns. I find the fact that Kim of all people wants to challenge a bill kind of suspect. She doesn’t seem to be overly responsible with money and tends to want us to think “money is no object.”  Kroy has a contract for just under ten million over three years. She makes low six figures for RHOA. They do not have endless wealth. And they claim to be wanting to buy the house they are living in.

Remember when Kim said on the reunion they were in the process of buying the house?  Well I triple checked today and the house is still in Antonio and Kendra’s name.  If Kim and Kendra had a falling out, not only will that affect their contract negotiations to buy the house, it may make the deal impossible. Disinviting the homeowners of the house you live in and want to buy from your wedding could very likely insure that you will never be allowed to buy it. I found Kim calling some realtor instead of Kroy about the situation very staged. What is the realtor going to do?

So it makes me wonder how long the lease is on the house? If it was a  one year lease, it should be up any day now. Did they renew the lease? Are they really trying to make an offer? Will Antonio and Kendra decide not to rent to them when the lease expires? This should be interesting to follow. I’ll give you the tea when I get it. But I will warn you, of all the RHOA, Kim is most isolated from the rest and sources are much more scarce than on the other girls. Kim has become sort of a homebody. And I don’t see her wanting to change homes during a pregnancy. Stay tuned.


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Inside Source Sets the Record Straight on Kendra Davis (EXCLUSIVE)

Kendra Davis living room when she lived in house Kim rents

All this talk and gossip has someone who works closely with Kendra coming forward to discuss some of the issues posted here and set the record straight regarding this foolery and this foolery and especially this foolery.  This source claims to work with Kendra and has knowledge of lots of events over the past few years so I am going to just post it here unedited. Here is the exclusive tea:

I work for Kendra. So Chil’ when I was made aware of all this foolery. I HAD to comment. I KNOW I shouldn’t be..but when has that ever stopped me. Antonio & Kendra are not divorced. All I’m going to say is Baby don’t play when it come to her kids. She will find a way or make one. Don’t ever be the fool to get that twisted.

Daughter Kaela’s room (she is a great basketball player)

Kendra was approached to be on the show by the producers a couple of times. I suppose to avoid all this. Who’s renting who drama. I guess they wanted someone where the coins were NEVA gonna be in question. Cuz that has seemed to be an issue with this current crop.You know.someone really rich..not just playing rich on TV. Moving on..So there was no “reduced rent” in exchange for being on the show.
The Davis’ bought a new house closer to the children’s school.So when they were approached about having the house rented..they are savvy business people. They made sure that they covered themselves.

Son A.J.’s room.

As far as furnishings. Kim & Kroy purchased some of the existing furniture that was custom made for those spaces. That is why you see some of the same things that were in the home previously. I know the project is essentially completed now..I don’t know how much of the completed project ended up filmed. When they moved in I do know that project was only roughly 55-60% done.

As far as your “anger management” comment. Like I said before…Mama does not play games when it comes to those babies.” And a jury of 12 people told her she was right and should have thrown coffee on that trollop for what she said. You can’t call people niggas then want to sue them because they threw coffee on the tire of your 1983 Ford Astro Van. OK. Call if life lessons of the opportunists. And we have all read the stories of the drunken fans pouring beer, cursing & spitting on the opposing teams wives & families. Uh..Ms.Ken is clearly not the one especially when she had the kids with her too. Ahhh no Ma’am. He was looking for problems. And again..we could plenty to gossip about it..but no one could ever say did anything wrong. So I salute her. Hold it down Boo. 

Well I hope this clears some of this up and Fiction will be replaced with fact.

Oh,oh…why didn’t we use the business name etc. Because Chil’ we could see the writing on the wall. She takes 3-4 big projects a year. Fortunately her advertising is referrals. So there was no need in Sally Mae from Slopjar,Lousiana calling & emailing saying how she wanted a new couch when she got her income tax check. Ken can’t say no..but I can. So we took the website down and all. I’m sorry. Things round here are crazy enough.


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How did Kendra Davis Become Kim Zolciak’s Landlady?

Okay, so I really have no idea how Kim Zolciak came to know Kendra and/or Antonio Davis. They probably met at a book club or church social, you know, the usual places where a former stripper and a former athlete intersect.  I did find lots of interesting reads while double checking my research for the Kendra article though, so I will share one or two of them with you here just for humor’s sake. Because fifty million dollar lawsuits involving strippers and professional athlete’s reputations are always funny.

From a 2001 Time magazine article about the infamous Atlanta strip club, The Gold Club:

Two athletes challenge the veracity of Ziggy’s testimony. Ziggy told the jury that in 1997, the Indiana Pacers stayed at the Swissotel in Atlanta. He says he and Kaplan took three entertainers — Yolanda, Kat, and Nikko — to the hotel. At Kaplan’s direction, Ziggy knocked on doors and asked players if they wanted the women to come in. Mark Jackson said, “No, thank you. I’m married,” Ziggy recalls. But he claims Reggie Miller took Nikko into his room and Antonio Davis requested two women. Both Miller and Davis deny this. A team spokesman says the team didn’t even stay at Swissotel in 1997, but a Swissotel spokeswoman found no hotel records to support either claim. “No one really seems to know,” the hotel spokeswoman says.

Antonio Davis, now a forward on the Toronto Raptors, does not deny that he once went to the Gold Club. But it was too loud, too dark and too packed. He says he left. “All these allegations are false. I love my wife dearly and it’s very hurtful for her,” Davis told TIME. “I’ve understood kids are looking up to me.” When the father of six-year-old twins heard the allegations, he called his mother, mother-in-law and his lawyer, then, on Wednesday, filed a $50 million lawsuit against Cicignano. Still, he worries that his name will be tarnished.

Okay, okay so Kim allegedly worked at the Cheetah , not the Gold Club. Word on the street is her stripper name was Barbi, not Kat. But am I the only one that remembers when Kim spelled cat K-A-T?
Coincidence? Probably, but still fun to talk about. :)


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