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Andy Cohen’s Thoughts on RHONJ And Criminal Behavior

RHONJ teresa table flip gif

This is old news that I just discovered going through my draft folder  It is, if I recall correctly some quotes from an Ask Andy episode where Andy was asked about something Jim Marchese was mouthing off about.  I started to post on Halloween and apparently got distracted by candy or something.

I just thought I would throw it up for comment rather than delete it completely.

“First of all, he wasn’t involved in the original show. He characterizes it as ‘tongue and cheek fun, a guilty pleasure,’ but it was pretty intense from the get-go,” Andy said. “Teresa [Giudice] flipped a table in the finale of the first season, so if he calls that ‘tongue and cheek fun [and] a guilty pleasure,’ that’s fine. I don’t think it was that fun for Danielle Staub, actually. I got pushed like a rag doll in the Season 2 reunion, that didn’t seem like ‘tongue and cheek fun.'” Continue reading


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Andy Cohen Gets Primetime NBC New Year’s Eve Slot & New Bravo Show

Have you ever watched that show hosted by Jane Lynch called Hollywood Game Night?  Well there will be a special version of that show airing on NBC on New Year’s Eve at 10 p.m.  Andy Cohen will be hosting this special along with eight celebrity guests.  I’ve not heard who the guests are, or if the show is live but that’s a decent get for Andy.  But wait, there’s more! He’s also horning in on Carson Daly’s Live Countdown and will be joining him at 11:30 for that.  Frankly, the only gay man who will be ringing in the new year with me is Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin.  Because, not.even.close.

But wait there is even more. Remember  I told you I heard Andy was shopping another show (or three) featuring him to Bravo? Well they selected one called  Then and Now.  It’s basically a look back in history. And you know, they answering the burning question, “What was Andy Cohen up to when (insert major news story) happened?  Because I don’t see how we have lived without this information for this long! Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live With Porsha Williams and Ja Rule

WWHL With Porsha Williams and Ja Rule


Porsha Williams is on WWHL with Andy Cohen and I can’t wait to hear what she has to say tonight when Andy shows the clip from Lake Lanier.  I like Porsha’s dress but it does look just like the athletic top she wore on tonight’s show at the track meet. She has a really nice waist cincher on underneath there. You can only see it in the buttock region. Check out the tattoos on her wrists are those new?

Andy asks if it was really water in the Moore Hair Care bottles. Porsha said yes and the other products were cocoa butter. Porsha throws some shade about that, and y’all I can’t even stick up for my girl launching a product with no product.


Is Porsha completely ball headed? Did she run out of weave before she got to the front or is there just nothing left to attach it to?  Sheree has had that issue for years, but it looked like tonight Sheree may have enough to stop just gluing a hair bagel on top.

Andy asked them to guess how many times they showed people fanning at Kenya’s launch party. Ja Rule guessed 22. Porsha with her retard mental strength screams no! 100!  It was 25.  Poor Porsha.

Andy is still trying to milk his viral episode where Vivica Fox suggested 50 cent was a bit light in his loafers. Continue reading


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WWHL With Kenya Moore

WWHL With Kenya Moore


It’s time for Watch What Happens Live With Kenya Moore!   Oh and T-Pain is the other guy. Which is kind of awesome. But I will ignore him like more than others that show up with a housewife.

Andrew starts with TRASHING Phaedra who likes to show up at his place of work with here churren (ALLEGEDLY) tryna keep her spot by showing Kenya throwing shade at her and her felon husband.  Because TELL IT KENYA. Some of us aint going out like that.  We may or may not ever get married but we aint laying up on an air mattress with some fly dude with an ankle bracelet to get knocked up.  ALLEGEDLY.  Because don’t nobody need a man that bad, Phaedra

Kenya blames the producers for catching her in the middle of a makeup touch up for that. Oh Kenya, own that shit, it’s so true.

They show the clip of Kenya and Sheree arguing with autotune. Is that shade at T-Pain? Continue reading


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WWHL With Iyanla Vanzant and Amber Rose

WWHL Iyanla Vanzant and Amber Rose

I know y’all wanted me to recap this show but I’m not sure why y’all think it will be such a big deal. Do you think Iyanla will try to fix Amber Rose’s life? I long, long time ago when Iyanla first started to appear on Oprah I thought she was wise and added her book, In The Meantime to my already extensive self-help book section of my library. I still think that is a fantastic name for a book about dealing with those times in life that seem to be, well, “mean.”  Now that I’m a lot older and a bit wiser, I’m not that jazzed by Iyanla anymore.  Just got the picture above up. Is Amber going to wear shades the whole interview? I think that would be a first.


Okay let’s do this! Wait! Did Iyanla just say she was a criminal defense attorney. Iyanla basically says (the truth) that Teresa doesn’t have it that hard at Camp Cupcake. Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live Listings 10/18 – 10/29




This month’s Watch What Happens Live guest list is filled with former housewives as well as some pretty A list stars. You have to hand it to Andy, he is finally pulling in quite an impressive collection of stars into his tiny shoebox of a studio. Do you think he will ever move to a bigger studio? Would that ruin the whole show?

Click through to see this month’s listings and then let me know which ones you will be watching. Continue reading


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