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Real Housewives of Atlanta Secrets Revealed: “Skate on Outta Here Tootie!”

I am gonna miss you, girl

I am gonna miss you, girl

Okay something tells me that there will be few secrets revealed and I am in a hurry to get to Shahs of Sunset that premieres tonight. So I am going to blow through this with a quickness.

Phaedra and Porsha want to give Kim a makeover. Who in the holy hell would want two THOTs to give you a makeover? I love Kim Fields looks. Except for that crappy silver dress for the opening scenes. Kim is way prettier than the Ps. I know the I am the only one, but I am going to miss Kim Fields. There. It feels good to admit it.

Cynthia and Mallory talk about Cynthia’s crappy marriage.  ICYMI, CDAN posted a crazy blind about Peter hooking up with Porsha so I am looking at any hints by production that it happened because surely they would have caught wind of something like that, right? I think if it did happen it was early on in the SportsOne process and that is why Kordell is gone from that venture.  Anyway, people are blowing me up on Twitter like this is my blind, and it is not. I am torn to pieces about whether to believe it or not so I just had to bring it to my people. It would explain some things. I’m just saying.  Peter and Noelle got for a manipedi? Why? Noelle saw the video of Peter and that girl.  Noelle says he looked sloppy.  It’s clear that Peter lived in Charlotte except for filming. This is actually a good episode. Lots of new footage. Worth a watch.

I forgot about Porsha’s speech to high school kids. So disgusting. That principal got a lot of backlash. Who brings a THOT to a high school? She breaks into her preacher mode. But she is giving a speech about I dunno what. The audience shots are hysterical. She tries to have three steps and she LITERALLY cannot count to three.

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Andy Cohen’s Latest Boytoy Causes Internet Stir!


Andy and Clifton

Andy and Clifton


Gay Media is all abuzz over a guy named Clifton who has been on a few vacations with Andy Cohen. Yesterday, Queerty went so far as to say that Andy Cohen is “off the market.”  Pish Tosh! Clifton was a bartender on WWHL which is probably not where they met. He was most likely a bartender because they had already met he wanted to be on the show.  That was the first public sighting of the two together and according to Queerty, that happened sometime last summer.  Clifton is a 28 year old doctoral student and a Fellow in Environmental Science and Engineering at Harvard. That makes him almost 20 years younger than Andy for those doing the math.

Click through for more details and photos.

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Bethenny Frankel On WWHL

WWHL Bethenny


Sorry for the delay but WWHL right after RHONY is just too much at once. I need that hour in between to pee and freshen my drink, and well, things got out of hand after that.

Bethenny gets bleeped for referring to Jules as “JAPPY”.  She is referring to the term Jewish American Princess (JAP) a pejorative term for Jewish women who marry rich men and life a life of leisure. Jules also happens to be part Japanese which makes it all even messier.

Andy ran a clip of Luann and Sonja talking about Luann’s bony mouth with references to Grey Gardens. I still don’t think Sonja got that shade when he said it directly to her face.

Next he plays the montage of Bethenny insulting everyone over a tower of seafood.

It looks like this season is going to be heavy on the storyline that Dorinda’s boyfriend John is kind of a dick.

Bethenny is asked why she would insult someone for being  skinny given her brand.  She says “watch what happens!”

Bethenny says that Carole and Adam are the unexpected couple of the century. It sounds like the real deal.

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Kyle Richards and Sonja Morgan on WWHL

WWHL with Kyle Richards and Sonja Morgan


Andy insists on filming his live show whenever the fuck he feels like it even when it interferes with the season finale of The People versus OJ Simpson.  And nothing on this earth takes longer to recap that an episode of WWHL with two interesting housewives on it.  Fun fact I heard recently, Sonja has been DESPERATELY hoping to land a spot on Celebrity Apprentice (I think she would be a great fit for the show. So much better than Porsha) and she will be green with envy when Andy asks Kyle how it went.

Kyle looks drop dead GORGEOUS.  The above picture doesn’t do her any justice.  The drinking word is Sonja shrieking “We always have the greatest time!” and each time we hear it we should, “Swallow like your drink has a black card.”  Oh Andy. I thought you liked, Sonja.

Andy totally bashes Dubai.  Then he asks Sonja if she has ever been and reminds him that she begged him to take RHONY there a couple seasons ago. Andy pretends like he doesn’t remember this. He must be really pissed at Sonja. Perhaps over her annual contract negotiation drama?  Maybe she did something stupid at the NBC Summer Press Event?   Or maybe he has just always mocked her because she doesn’t get it.

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WWHL With Kathryn Dennis and Carson Kressley

WWHL Kathryn and Carson


Oh Dear God. Andy has a beard.  Today was a huge NBCu event in NYC and Andy went in that beard? From his Instagram it looks like Bruce Bozzi rented a huge boat for his 50th birthday and piled a lot of hot gay guys on it and sailed around the Caribbean with stops at Dominica and St Lucia to name a couple.  He really does have the life.

Let’s see how shady Andy is toward Kathryn.  Kathryn’s outfit is a shimmery copper jumpsuit.  Perfect color for her. Perfect everything. Andy and Carson both love it.

First up, Andy shows LVP telling him that she doesn’t lick Ken’s ass. That’s all. Because, Andy. Andy says he was so pissed at James. It was the end of a very long day of shooting and James is pouting about his album as he calls it or the “Pump CD” as Andrew refers to it.

Next up is Thomas’ black eye.  Everyone agrees that is just another day of the T-Rav.


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Vanderpump Rules Reunion Part 3 Recap: Damn They All Go HAM on Me, Man!

Vanderpump rules pump rules


I was shocked to see this show in my DVR tonight. I honestly thought we already did this. I even checked my last post about this reunion and it was indeed part two. So, Here we go again.  I’m really more excited about the premiere of Southern Charm, so I apologize in advance for rushing and not going into a transcription of the fights. I am obsessed with James’ shady mother though. If you missed the details on that go here.

Stassi versus Lisa Vanderpump

These two argue over the sex tape.  Lisa says that she was doing Stassi a huge favor by paying of the guy with the tape and she expected some asskissing and gratitude for the $900 she gave the guy. Well, we all know money is tight for LVP so, I can see that.  She still suing her lawyers after that loss of millions of dollars.

On the other hand Stassi says she said not to pay the guy anything if they didn’t get the tape. Um, DUH!  So LVP just gave the guy $900 to keep him quiet and let him run off with the tape? She’s really not very good at this.  Stassi tries to speak and LVP turns to her and sharply says, “Shut up.”  If you missed this post about how LVP treats “the help” it’s a must read for smart people.   There is nothing in writing with the guy, and LVP did the whole transaction without discussing it with Stassi.

There was a ridiculous discussion going on about how James treats women and how it affected Lala’s life and other relationships going on that no one cares about. While that raucous discussion was going on. Pinky grabs the back of Andy’s chair and leans in and says, “I don’t lick Ken’s ass. Am I missing something?”   Andy looks EXTREMELY uncomfortable and says no.  Is Pinky plastered?  Last episode Andy was practically begging for some alcohol. I mean they are in a bar. I’m sure he could use a shot.

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