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WWHL Listing For November 30 Thru December 4th

Jax hanging in the old office

Jax hanging in the old office

Andy has gone a bit nutty again with his WWHL pairings. Click through and tell me what you think! Continue reading


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Andy Cohen’s NPR Appearance Was Kind of Awesome

Andy Cohen at The Palm Atlanta

Andy Cohen is pretty much everywhere these days while out pimping his new book, The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Deep Look at a Shallow Life.  Apparently that includes NPR! Here is an excerpt of his time on the show, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me!  Click this link to listen to the ten minute interview or read the entire transcript. The have Andy play their own game in which it is revealed is not just an expert on house wives, but house flies as well.  The excerpt begins below. I’ve bolded the most amusing parts. :)


And now the game where we take somebody who is fabulous and expose him to the opposite. It is called Not My Job. Any Cohen started out as a producer with CBS News doing tough stories from tough places, but his secret dream was to choreograph elaborate catfights between wealthy underemployed women. He is the Bravo TV producer responsible for the “Real Housewives” franchise and he is the host of the nightly live talk show on Bravo “Watch What Happens Live.” Andy Cohen, welcome to WAIT WAIT …DON’T TELL ME.

ANDY COHEN: I am so happy to be here.

(APPLAUSE) Continue reading

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Andy Cohen Makes People’s Sexiest Man Alive List

Andy sexy

People magazine announced their Sexiest Man Alive for 2014 yesterday and the tiara went to Chris Hemsworth. But never fear, Andy Cohen made the list and it’s an honor just to be nominated or something!

Andy tells Bravo’s The Dish, “I am shocked and amazed they asked me to be in the mag, but then I realized it was because of my hot dog—and it made sense. I’m OK with that! Wacha deserves to be in there! “  Andy said the shoot was done in his apartment and it involved a crew of 15 people packing into the bedroom he shares with Wacha. He admits, “Despite what you may have heard, that was a record. It felt very not-hot trying to look hot in bed, but when Wacha fell asleep in my arms I knew they were getting something good.”

Andy was asked who would be on his sexiest man list of Bravo men. I found his choices quite interesting. Andy chose, “Derek (Fredrik Eklund’s husband), Hugh Acheson, Apollo Nida, Mauricio Umansky, and Kelley from Below Deck!”  He must be going by dick size or something. If Hugh Acheson showed up in a public space where I was, I’d leave. In fact that holds true for all of them except Derek. How the hell did Derek get lumped in with these sleazeballs?

Who would your top three sexiest men on Bravo be? (excluding Andy if he were an option). Continue reading


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WWHL With Camille Grammer, Adrienne Maloof & Taylor Armstrong

WWHL Adrienne, Camille, Taylor

Really? Has it come to this? The thirst is real y’all. Y’all know I am obsessed with the seating order. For the record, Camille got first chair followed by Adrienne and then Taylor. The drinking word is Brandi. Let’s hope they say it zero times. The game was Hot Po-Titties where they had to try to say something nice about Brandi. It did not go well. Someone commented today in a post simply, “Ho Po-titties”  I was reading via email and was like, WTF? Now I get it. Brandi tweeted assuming we all care about her situation with these three. She said she is great with Camille, she’s working on it with Adrienne and she is indifferent to Taylor.

Click through for my assessment of the three. Continue reading


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WWHL Guest List For Remainder of November


I cannot believe this year is over. It seems like it just flew by! It seems like just last week I was setting my blogging goals for 2014! It’s been a record setting year for ! I’m not sure if there will be a sow on November 30th, but if not, there are only four more episodes and then the next shows are in December!

Click through for the final four show listings for this month. Lisa Wu is coming on WWHL! Continue reading


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WWHL With Kenya Moore and Sherri Shepherd

WWHL Kenya Sherri

I am pissed that Andy tacked this on to the show AGAIN so that Good Wife won’t record when I already had it recording in its normal timeslot. So annoying. I decided to go ahead and watch it now because I love Kenya and Sherri and I hope the throw some shade at Nene because I don’t think Sherri likes her either.

OMG Kenya’s dress is very dramatic! That is BEYOND a plunging neckline. For some reason, Zach and Cody from Big Brother 16 are the bartenders tonight. I would point out why but I already have the Jews in an uproar in another comment section. So let’s go with they just got lucky, shall we? Zach says he a Frankie are best friends.

Wow I was wrong about Sherri and Kenya having common ground. Andy brings up the assault on Kenya at the reunion. He talks about Kandi’s comments on the show. Then Sherri says that all of the women on The View, she lists herself and Whoopi and all of them as a collection. She says they are all black women. I imagine Jenni McCarthy and whoever else was on the show at that time will be shocked to know they are black. Kenya says that Sherri’s position is that if someone is irritating you it is okay for you to assault them. She will never agree with that thought process. Sherri says, “How about don’t be irritating?” And Kenya kindly points out that is what happens at the reunion. She was irritated that Phaedra kept calling her a whore. She was irritated when groups of them ganged up on her. But she did not assault anyone. By the way, Kenya is trained in one of the martial arts and could quite easily defend herself if she had chosen to do so.

Andy plays a long clip of Nene’s odd antics from last week’s WWHL. I totally missed the part where she said that half the girls went to see Sherri in her Broadway performance instead of waiting to see Nene. That’s hysterical. Kenya came for opening night and Phaedra came another night. She probably took Ayden when she was in New York right after the Ellen Show. Continue reading


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Andy Cohen’s Atlanta Book Tour Tea!

Andy Cohen at The Palm Atlanta

Andy Cohen was in Atlanta for two appearances yesterday to promote his new book. The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Deep Look At A Shallow Year.  And a Tamara Tattles Spy was sitting front and center taking copious notes! According to my spy, let’s call her “Queenie,” Andy looks a lot smaller and thinner and better looking in person. She said he was very nice to everyone and quite entertaining.

Queenie and I discussed questions before she went and she was hoping to get some tea who his most disappointing guest was. I told her it was Scott Baio. She decided to double-check. Queenie says, “I was seated in the third row so very close. I asked him who was his most disappointing interview and why. He said ” ugh.. I don’t know” he acted like he hadn’t been “disappointed” but I think he may just always put a positive spin on things. So I said “Scott Baio?” And he said ” yeah ya know I always really liked him. Then I ended up getting in a twitter war with his wife and …” This is the part where I point out I am always right.
Continue reading


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Andy Cohen Is In Atlanta Tomorrow! Here Is The Tea!


Ready or not Atlanta, Andy Cohen will be here tomorrow doing at least two SOLD OUT appearances promoting his book, The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Deep Look At A Shallow Year. I actually looked into the one on his website. It’s held and a Jewish Community Center as part of their two week Books by Jews! festival or whatever it is called. They have a statement online that basically says they will tolerate the occasional gentile if they really feel they must attend. But, TOO LATE! Because, sold out. I’m pretty sure that if any gentiles get in they will be marked with a giant “G” on their forehead in black sharpie at the door or something. Which reminds me of this one time when I went to Fraternity Row at UGA and went to a big party that I quickly realized was the Jewish Fraternity. They were all very nice to me in that whole “this poor girl is clearly lost and friendless and POOR” sort of way. But anyway, Mazel to everyone who got tickets! Report back to me!

But never fear, I actually got a super secret invite to Andy’s unadvertised appearance at The Palm for tomorrow afternoon. I’m not going but I will have a super secret Tamara Tattles spy in attendance. And there is supposed to be a question and answer segment where my spy will ask a question. I have no idea what question she should ask! So I need your help. Right now my top question is to ask about the projects his new production company is pitching. That’s something he has not shared yet. I read an AMA on Redditt that Andy did and he really knows how to duck and dive the direct questions like, “How annoying is Nene’s attitude, really?” So we need to be creative. BTW, Andy will be making appearances at all of his “buddy” Bruce Bozzi’s restaurants in the cities he is visiting. Check your local listings.  Also, Phaedra and Porsha filmed a dinner scene at The Palm about a month ago. Just the two of them, to discuss the Apollo situation and/or recap the Puerto Rico trip. This further confirms my theory that Kandi has put some distance between Phaedra and herself. Continue reading


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Bravo News: RHOA Got Huge Ratings For Premier, RHOA Preview and WWHL Listings

Sorry, I just sort of love this pic.... ShadeByAndy

Sorry, I just sort of love this pic…. ShadeByAndy

It looks like we are going to keep making RHOA a success. I blame you people for this news.

NEW YORK – November 11, 2014 – Bravo Media delivers record ratings as “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” earned the network’s highest-rated season premiere ever with over 3.8 million total viewers and over 2.2 million P18-49, according to Nielsen.  Additionally, the episode marked double-digit growth, up 23 percent among total viewers and 24 percent among P18-49 from the prior season premiere (11/3/13). Driven by Sunday night’s season seven premiere, Bravo was the #1 cable network during the 8pm hour among all key demos. Immediately following at 9pm, “Watch What Happens Live,” hosted by Andy Cohen with guest NeNe Leakes, delivered 2.6 million total viewers and 1.4 million P18-49.  (Because they piggy backed it onto RHOA! FAKE NUMBERS!)

Bravo was the #1 most social reality network in prime with “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” being the #1 most social reality program of the night with 171,000 tweets. This marked Bravo’s most social season premiere since Nielsen SocialGuide began tracking social activity in October 2011.

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Andy Cohen Discusses His Book “The Andy Cohen Diaries” on Kelly & Michael


For those who do not know Kelly and Andy Cohen are very, very close friends. They frequently schedule vacation time together and travel together. Michael pointed out that when Mark comes he has his own dressing room but when Andy comes he gets dressed in Kelly’s dressing room with her.  Kelly says that Andy punched Michael in the abs a couple of times really hard before the show. Michael didn’t seem particularly thrilled by that. I read a rumor yesterday that Kelly and Michael don’t actually get along. I looked for signs of that today but could not make a call either way. I’ll keep watching and let you know.

Andy’s book actually sounds really interesting. He talked a lot about his trip to Montana to write at John Mayer’s place. You can read my post on that trip here. They hung out in bars and had a great time. People mistook him for Carson Daily.   Even with my poor facial recognition they look nothing alike. John Mayer said he thought they meant Carson Kressley now I am really confused.  He also went to Brazil with Anderson Cooper. Kelly was very jealous of that trip.  You can read my posts on the trip to Brazil here. And Here. She and Andy went to Croatia with Anderson Cooper I wonder if they will mention that. They did not mention that trip but you can read all the tea on that here. I actually had someone IN CROATIA giving me info. I KNOW! Andy says he managed to cause Anderson Cooper to lose his luggage (and his) by mishandling it in an airport and they were without luggage for the first night. In Brazil they did something to figure out which Sex in the City character they were. Andy was slutty Samantha and Anderson was finicky Miranda. Both are spot on but Anderson was unhappy to be Miranda. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes on WWHL

WWHL Nene big wig


Okay, is Andy throwing shade already with this picture? Could it be any more unflattering? Let’s see how much ass he kisses in this half hour. I’m hoping for lots of stupid games I don’t have to recap because the RHOA recap took over two hours tonight! Why does Nene wear black on WWHL every time lately? Is she trying to make a statement or is it just a coincidence. I noticed this when hurriedly trying to find a link for the recap tonight. It may mean nothing. We will see.

Actually Nene looks good (not that you could tell in that picture) I think this wig is one of her better choices. Of course she is talking like a fool saying in her fake voice that since she is on Broadway, she thought she would bring a different character. I’d settle for some character. Any modicum of character at all, but let’s move on. Andy has a drag queen as the bartender. More shade?

Andy asks what she thought about Phaedra not going to court for the sentencing. Nene gives a fairly articulate answer and says it’s a tough call and she can see the pros and cons of each side, basically. She says if it was Gregg she would be there. Nene really does look good tonight. Her hair and makeup and dress are all good. Continue reading


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WWHL Guest List Updates…


Nene is in NYC so obviously she is going to swing by and see her BFF, Andrew. We have to look forward to that interaction on Sunday!  There will be some actual celebrities on this week as well. Tonight, we have Martin Short and Lisa Kudrow. That should be funny. Megan Mullally is coming up. I saw her on a talk show recently and did not recognize her at all. Even after being told who she was, I just could not see Karen (? Was that her name?) from Will and Grace anywhere at all. Not even a trace in her voice. I’ll probably tune in for that.  Angelica Huston might be worth a watch.

Click through and tell me what interests you, and what doesn’t Continue reading


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