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Anthony Bourdain Tries to Kill Anderson Cooper With A Chicken Wing!

Imprisoned Journalists from Bourdain's Parts Unknown

Imprisoned Journalists from Bourdain’s Parts Unknown Iran, Jason Rezaian and his wife were imprisoned after this photo. Jason was held for 543 days and was released in January of 2016.

After recapping reality shows day after day, I have a few secret shows I watch to counteract all the stupidity and bitchy women. I watch them on the weekends or sometimes during the day if I have time for an hour break while grabbing a bite to eat. One of my favorites is Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown.  When he was on the Travel Channel he had a very similar show called No Reservations.  I love these shows!  Back when I had satellite I had a lot of storage space on my DVR and I used to save every episode of No Reservations.  It was very traumatic for me to go back to cable and lose all of those shows.  Parts Unknown goes to some places that No Reservations could not  because it’s on CNN and they have some pull when it comes to getting into difficult places.  I thought I knew everything there was to know about these shows.

I was wrong.

Apparently, when Parts Unknown began,  Anthony started doing little clips to promo the show with Anderson Cooper!  This is a hilarious combination because Anderson is a very picky eater. Like the kids who only eat chicken nuggets and fries their entire childhood picky. Anthony on the other hand will eat rat goat testicles in order to acknowledge the customs of the tribe he is visiting without hesitation.  Just today I found out about this great pairing Continue reading


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Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper Come to Cobb Energy Center

Andy and Wacha Enjoy the Hamptoms


Andy Squared, as I call the duo of Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper, blessed us in Atlanta with a “performance” at the Cobb Energy Center last night. Tickets were $75 for the nose bleeds. And seriously, you could get a nose bleed. Cobb Energy Center is beautiful and the seats are very vertical after a certain point. I went to an Opera once there an was given a free ticket from a gentleman whose date did not arrive. It was on the first row of the balcony  and it was super high up!  I am not particularly afraid of heights but I am tall and the wall to keep us from falling over was just around my knees. It wasn’t very reassuring to me, while excusing myself past 50 people to get to the center. The seats down front for hard core housewives fans were  $350 dollars and you got to meet Andy and suck his dick, or take a picture or something. I know, I know, some of you guys would pay that for the former option, but frankly it’s little steep to watch two guys chatting arrogantly about themselves on a stage. That said the did sell over 2000 seats in the joint that holds almost 2800.

So needless to say, I didn’t go.

And neither the folks at LaLate I assume, but they have spoken to someone who was there. I was wondering what Andy would do with the Teresa question.  LaLate is exclusively reporting that “Cohen said that Teresa’s lawyer told Andy that Teresa wants to return to RHONJ and that a written (deal memo) confirmation from Teresa Giudice via her lawyer is pending within days.” Continue reading


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What’s Going on With Andy Cohen & Kathy Griffin & Anderson Cooper & Teresa Giudice

WWHL Ellen and AC

On Ask Andy recently, he was asked what is going on with him and Kathy Griffin. Did they have a falling out? She is never on WWHL anymore and there have been no new specials.

Andy gives a weird sigh of disinterest and says, ” Yeah I know. (pause) Did we have a falling out? Not that I know of.  (dumb Andy face) Although you never know. /shrug

The chick says “It’s true you never know with her she could be hating on you right now…”

Andy, “I’m sure she is, maybe she hates me… you never know.”  He’s chewing gum. Why does he do that? What is with Americans and their gum?

On WWHL, with Ellen Barkin and Anderson Cooper,  Andy seems to announce that Cooper is a bottom, which I am not sure has ever been verified before. This is a show that Cohen called his besties in for because someone cancelled last minute.  It’s like three best friends getting drunk on TV. Anyway, this is not a show I would normally recap, although it is good, but I think the topic of Kathy Griffin is going to come up.  And I want to know what is going on with Andy  and Kathy, because it seems that AC still loves Kathy, but Cohen perhaps not so much.  LOL someone just checked Andy for only giving bathrobes to his favorites. It’s so true, I can’t believe he read that. Continue reading


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WWHL With Alexis Bellino

WWHLIt’s time for a quick recap of WWHL. I’m going to stick to the questions for Alexis, because I am not sure if you guys watched the documentary tonight that the other guest was on. It was kind of interesting. If you did watch she basically said they are rich again and back to building the ginormous house and making tons of money. Continue reading


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Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper Jet Off to Rio for Vacation

ANDYSINRIO2It’s no coincidence that Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper both have the week off this week. They jetted down to Rio last weekend for the tail end of the Carnival celebration.  On Saturday the pair (and possibly Anderson’s boyfriend Ben Maisani though some sources say he is not there just like last time) attended Sapucai (Culver City) 2013 a huge parade with spectacular floats and ginormous ornate carnival costumes.  There is a large grandstand for viewing and corporations reserve portions of prime seating for their invited guests who all wear their logos. The best seats are owned by Devassa, a local popular beer company. Humorously, the gay male posse was adorned in yellow t-shirts with a naked woman logo on the front.  But wait! There’s more… Continue reading


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Camille Grammer Talks Divorce on Anderson Cooper Live

grammer-scotto595Every time a housewife is on Watch What Happens Life, they seem to show up the next day on Anderson Live. So today, Camille is on Anderson talking about her divorce. Camille usually doesn’t have much interesting to say but I was shocked when Anderson asked her if the divorce was final. For some reason I thought Kelsey married his flight attendant when she got pregnant. Camille and Kelsey have been having a real estate fire sale for months trying to liquidate assets for division. I assumed they were divorced. Continue reading


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