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And The Next (and Last) American Idol Is… Mackenzie Bourg

I’ve been watching enough competitions to know a ringer when I see one. I’m not sure who this kid is, but he smells like money. He’s 23 trying to look 17.  He did an original song during his audition  TWICE (click though for that YouTube) that’s two times it was played on TV and all over Youtube the kid has already won. American Idol loves a white guy with a guitar and this kid is so well rehearsed he can’t fail. Noticed how perfectly he hits his minute and a half mark on this song. During The Voice last season people were talking to me about Jordan Smith.  I didn’t have the heart to tell them he was a recruit. I knew the moment I saw his college. That place has been recruiting grounds for all the shows and in fact I think his choir was on another voice competition show. Continue reading


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American Idol: We Are Down to Two

American Idol

So a white guy with a guitar will win American Idol again. And I am okay with that. Quentin pissed me off with his bad attitude.  I really liked Quentin, Quasiim and Rayvon this season.  I also really liked Jax and Joey. But I am okay with these two.

Clark is technically the best singer out of everyone. He’s fantastic, and if he wins, I will be very happy for him.  Tonight I thought he kicked ass with Georgia.  I love a man at the piano. I thought for sure he was kicking Nick’s ass in the first two rounds.

But I love Nick. I want him to win for his dad.  I want Nick to win for sentimental reasons. And then in round three, when Nick was singing his first single if he wins… HE BLEW CLARK OUT OF THE WATER.   It was amazing.

Clark had a strong start and Nick had a strong finish. What is interesting to me, is that JLo so favors Nick and will not admit it. In round two, Clark does a fantastic rendition of  Ain’t No Sunshine (when SHE’S gone) and JLo asks Clark who is the “she” he is singing about. It’s obvious to those of us with gaydar that  Clark’s boyfriend has been in the audience this whole time and the decision has been made for him not to let the voting 15 year old girls know he is gay. JLo has to know this. Very shady Jennifer. Continue reading


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Tamara’s Top Three American Idol Picks for Tonight

Boy George better not lay a hand on my baby boy.

Click through for the rest of my American Idol picks for this week … Continue reading


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Qaasim Middleton Was on The BOTTOM?

WTF? I  was pushing people to vote for Quentin Alexander, who I LOVE LOVE LOVE and he sailed through and QAASIM is THE BOTTOM? OH HAIL NOE.

You people better get up and go vote. Continue reading


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American Idol’s All Female Top Four: Who Will Win?

americanidoljudgesI think this is the best top four in American Idol for quite a few seasons. I can honestly see any of these girls win.  Candace is very versatile and has a powerhouse voice. She was fabulous this week. Amber is  very pretty and sings very well and has a big fan base on twitter. I really, really like Angie. I think she is spectacular when she sings and plays the piano. I loved her tribute to Boston. Kree has been a huge favorite of the judges all season. I like her too. She is sort of a 70’s throwback to me. A Janice Joplin just stand there and sing type. She’s fabulous but doesn’t usually go for the huge belting songs. I don’t think we could go wrong with any of these four as the next Idol and overall the females were MILES above the males. It seems AI may have stacked the deck to insure a female winner. Continue reading


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American Idol: You Be the Blogger…

nicki_minajWhile I am Internet Handicapped (sometimes I have service at night) I wanted to put up an Idol post where y’all can talk to me about last night’s Idol (and tonight’s too!).  I am dying to hear what you guys thought about THE BIG FIGHT last night. I went through a Mariah stage back in the day like everyone else, but sort of got over here. I have never been a Nicki Minaj fan and really don’t even listen to that much music (because of my TV addiction!) So I feel unbiased in the conflict. That said, I totally think Nicki has done nothing wrong other than reacting a bit strongly and immaturely to Mariah and Randy (!) acting like her opinion is not important.  Plus, she seems to be running the panel telling people when to start and stop and her interactions with the singers are the most interesting. Continue reading


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